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The Master Key

To achieve Self-realization, more than effort is necessary. Efforts, of course, are useful and marvelous, but they are not enough; we need inner super-efforts, here and now.

Let us take an example: suppose that you walk to the top of a high mountain and when you are on the top of it, it starts raining. You come back and it is already night when you reach home; in your home they are waiting for you with supper, bread, and a comfortable bed to rest in, etc. But if you decide, for example, to go back to the top of the mountain, there is the super effort. If in the first case there were efforts, to return once again to the top of the mountain means a super effort. Therefore, it is not just efforts that we need in order to achieve the Inner Self-realization of the Being, but tremendous, internal super efforts, in one's self, here and now.

Let us analyze this human species, or better said, this species of humanoids; these humanoids are just rational mammals; this looks incredible, but it is the truth!

What do we mean by mammals? Well, any creature that nurses, right? The cows: we see the male calf feeding, they drink the precious liquid milk; and all the quadrupeds, anything that is a mammal. The three-brained bipeds, mistakenly called men, are only intellectual mammals, or rational mammals. It is a crude truth. Is it not? However, it is the truth. If we deny that we are intellectual mammals, we could make a grave mistake, because as a matter of fact, all of us were formed inside of the maternal womb and we have fed from the breasts of our mother, did we not? That is to say, we needed to suck. We are mammals, and to deny it would be absurd.

The Real Man and Woman

To become Men and Women is something else altogether. Unfortunately, and this is the worst part, people are convinced that they belong to the human kingdom, that they are already Men, real Men and Women, and that is a big mistake. "To be a Man" are strong words, because in order to be a Man it is necessary to have the existential bodies of the Being. Everybody thinks that they have them, but that is not the truth.

If, for example, we examine the state of humanoids, we will see that first of all they have a planetary body, (I understand this to be the physical body, the body that we use to live on the planet Earth). That body, obviously, has a Vital base, the Hindustani Linga-Sarira. Much deeper than the physical body and its Vital base, what do we find? A group of psychic aggregates controlling the organic machine.

Psychic Aggregates

What do we mean by psychic aggregates? They are the psychic "I's"! People believe that we have a unique "I," and many theosophists and pseudo-rosicrucians and yogis believe that they have a unique, total "I," and they even divinise it. What we have is a legion of small, bawling and quarrelsome "I's." They are by themselves, and each one of them is a psychic error. Some of them are anger, others can be greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., etc. The crude reality is that those "I's" (bawling and quarrelsome, that control the organic machine) are the psychic aggregates mentioned by the Tibetans. These aggregates or "I's" are in reality diabolic creatures, demons; they are created by our own errors. The worst part is that inside of those aggregates the Consciousness is trapped. Obviously, this Consciousness is asleep, conditioned by its own tenebrous functionalism (each one of those aggregates has a different psychic functionalism, and the trapped Consciousness is conditioned by that type of functionalism).

When death comes, what remains? A group of devils, that is all! Does that group of diabolic creatures return later? Yes: they return in order to re-incorporate themselves in a new organism! However, not all those psychological aggregates return. Some get lost: they adhere to some place or fall into devolution in the submerged mineral kingdom, or re-incorporate themselves into inferior animal organisms, etc. Therefore, one part of the group returns with the intention of projecting themselves into the future, through the alley of the present. That is the crude reality of what humanoids have inside themselves.

It is sad to say, but the worst is that they return to repeat their same mistakes, their same tragedies, their same dramas, everything is in the same form, with the corresponding consequences of their acts! It is not pleasant to return. Is it not? Unfortunately this is what happens!

Well, that is exactly the state which we are in, and it is not very pleasant. Now, the important thing is to get out of that state. This is what we have to know and to study.

The Great Arcanum

tree-of-life-bodiesObviously, there exists a key (a master key, of course): it is the key of science's ark. How did it come to us? Through the mysteries. What is that key? The Great Arcanum, the magnus secret of Alchemy and Kabbalah.

With that Key we can open the box of Pandora, the Ark of Great Secrets, and make prodigies and wonders. Fortunately, we have it: the Maithuna, the Great Arcanum. It is necessary to know that in the sacred sperm there is a marvelous Hydrogen that is useful for the Great Work: it is the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12. That sperm is extraordinary.

In ancient times, in the beginning of Lemuria, people did not like to expel the holy sperm from the organism. Unfortunately, in unison with the degeneration of humanity, people began to feel pleasure expelling the sacred sperm from their organism, and in unison with the propagation of this vice, humanity became more and more perverse.

Now, it is necessary to create the existential superior bodies of the Being in order to have sacred individuality. Through the transmutation of that sacred sperm, we can create the astral body; not everybody has it, but we can attain one. Through the transmutation of the sacred sperm, the moment comes that the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 crystallizes in the form of an astral body. Through the transformation of that sperm into energy, the moment comes when the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 crystallizes into the form of the body of the mind. Through the transmutation of that sacred sperm, the time comes when the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 crystallizes in the form of the body of the conscious will.

When one already has those bodies, then the incarnation of the soul and becoming a real Man or Woman, an authentic Man, legitimate, is possible. A Man like that, when he disembodies, can be found in the astral world. One can also find him in the mental world with the mental body, or in the causal; this is a real Man, an immortal Man.

But, and this is the problem, if one creates those bodies and becomes a real Man, and does not eliminate the psychic aggregates that I was speaking of, that is to say, if one does not have the patience to eliminate his own psychic defects, his own errors, if one does not want to disintegrate those inhuman aggregates, that make of us simple rational mammals, then one fails in the Great Work of the Father, then one becomes a hasnamuss1 with a double center of gravity, an abortion of the Cosmic Mother.

Therefore, the elimination of those psychic aggregates is indispensable. We not only have to create the existential superior bodies of the Being, we also have to eliminate the psychic aggregates, our own defects, our own errors.

The Elimination of Psychic Aggregates

How is the elimination of those psychic aggregates possible? Using the same creative energy. As the sexual energy is useful to form a creation, it is also useful to destroy. With that energy we can destroy, disintegrate, the psychic aggregates.

How can we do it or how would we do it? What would be the didactic, the technique? When one discovers that one has a determined error, it is necessary to meditate profoundly on the defect, to the point of understanding it completely, to the point of becoming conscious of its origin, where it comes from, how that defect was created, etc.; and once one has understood that defect, then one can eliminate it. During the Maithuna, one begs the Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate the psychic error that one has already understood completely (of course, first one has to understand the defect before one can eliminate it).

I repeat: the elimination can be done in the forge of the Cyclops. During the Sahaja Maithuna one begs the Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate, to disintegrate the error that we have understood, and she will do it. In accordance with the passing of time, one eliminates one's own errors; but this is something that has to be done voluntarily; this is possible only with conscious works and voluntary efforts.

In practical life, in the fight for the daily bread, in relation with our parents, at home, with our relatives, etc., the moment comes when we discover a determined error, that is to say, a person's hidden defects appear while confronting others. If we are as alert and vigilant as the watchman in time of war, then we can see them. The discovered defect has to be studied profoundly in all the levels of the mind; that is clear. Once it has been discovered, one has to work on it: to meditate in order to understand it, to comprehend it. Later comes what is best: the elimination. First, comprehend, and then eliminate. In this way one is dying from moment to moment.

The Three Factors

There are three works that we have to do: on one side, the existential superior bodies of the Being have to be created, to become a Man, to be part of the kingdom of human beings, to no longer be an intellectual mammal. Second, the animal part in us has to be eliminated: all our errors, all our defects, all our barbarisms. Third, we have to raise up the torch and show the path to others, to sacrifice for others. We have to learn to love our fellow men, because if we are just concerned about ourselves and we do not do anything for them, we would be egotistic, and the egotist advances in a exaggeratedly slow way. If we want to go forward, we must not be egotists, we have to go and fight for the good of our fellow men, in the social, economic fields, etc. To work is basic, indispensable, urgent, undeferable. That is why the Christ said:

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

To deny oneself means the death of the ego; to take up the cross is to work in the forge of the Cyclops, in order to achieve Inner Self-Realization, to create the existential superior vehicles of the Being, etc., and to sacrifice for humanity (to follow the Christ) is love. Those are the three factors for the revolution of consciousness.

Therefore, in order to enjoy total illumination, to have absolute illumination, all the inhuman elements that we carry inside (in our intimate nature) and that belong to the rational mammal, have to be eliminated. While one has those inhuman defects, it is not possible to be an authentic illuminate.


Through the path that I am indicating it is possible to achieve mastery, but it is one thing to achieve mastery and another to achieve perfection in mastery; that is different.

It is not possible to expect that an imperfect master could have the perfection of a perfect master. That is to say, when one becomes a Man (when one has created the existential superior bodies of the Being), of course one also becomes a master, but on the way to perfection in mastery there are nine grades, very hard and more bitter than bile.

Now, to become a great elected and perfect master is the maximum aspiration. The perfect master by himself is something extraordinary, but the great elected is the only one that has totally crystallized the three basic forces of nature within himself. That is the great elected.

Question: Venerable master, could you explain what a hasnamuss is?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, obviously a person that has created the existential bodies of the Being has to eliminate what does not belong to Man. If one does not eliminate those inhuman elements, those elements that belong to the rational mammal, it is clear that one becomes an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity. There are four types of hasnamussen, they are divided into four families. The first, we would call the mortal hasnamussen: people that only have the planetary body, the physical one; they have not created the existential superior bodies of the Being, but they have worked in black magic, and finally they crystallize (within their organism) that "something fatal and tenebrous" that makes them authentic hasnamussen. Fortunately, with the death of the physical body, that "something fatal" disappears, and there only remains the inhuman psychic aggregates that can return later into a new organism or that have to fall into devolution in the infernal worlds.

There also exists a second type of hasnamuss: They are those who have created the astral body, that have that vehicle, but that did not eliminate the inhuman elements, and because of this, they then became hasnamussen. The ego inside of the astral creates that "something fatal" that characterizes the hasnamussen.

That second class of hasnamussen can eliminate that "something fatal" voluntarily if they want, but if they do not do so, then the Great Law can cause them to return, to come back, or re-incorporate themselves in animal organisms (not only two brained, but even one brained) and through this system of re-incorporations in inferior animal organisms, they can eliminate what they have of hasnamussen.

There is a third type of hasnamuss: people that created the existential superior bodies of the Being, and that became men, that have an astral body (authentic, legitimate), a real mental vehicle and also the causal body or body of the conscious will.

Well, if they do not eliminate the inhuman elements, not only do they not achieve the perfect illumination, the real wisdom, but what is worst, they become hasnamussen; it is because the ego, the inhuman elements, create within themselves that "something fatal" that characterizes the hasnamussen. There is no other way for these kind of people but the work on themselves, and through conscious work and voluntary suffering they must eliminate what they have of hasnamussen. Otherwise, there will be no other path but the submerged devolution in the infernal worlds: to descend through the animal, vegetal and mineral states, to finally attain the Second Death. After this, the Essence will be set free, to the surface of the planet, to re-initiate a new evolution that will have to begin from the mineral kingdom. Well, that is, unfortunately, the case of the third type of hasnamuss.

There is a fourth case: hasnamussen that not only had become Men, but people that had achieved the state of angels, of archangels, of gods, but that have fallen. The ego formed in their vehicles, that "something fatal," and- if they do not take the decision to eliminate that something of hasnamussen, the Law will also punish them: they will be precipitated in the submerged devolution of the infernal worlds, to finally attain the Second Death. Then the consciousness, the fraction of soul, the Essence, we would say, will come back once again to evolve from the mineral, passing through the vegetable, the animal state, to reconquer the human state that they had lost; that is the case of the fourth type of hasnamuss.

Therefore, one or the other: either we eliminate the inhuman elements that we have within ourselves or we become hasnamussen. Not only do we need to create the existential superior bodies of the Being; we have to eliminate what we have of the inhuman.

Q: Venerable master, I would like you to clarify an idea that appears in Venezuela. We have always thought that the seal is made from left to the right, but now someone has come with a new idea of seal, and since then it is not done as it used to be, but inverted. As I saw you doing the seal in our past meeting as we have always done it, I would like an explanation.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, my dear brother, I do not know why the Gnostic brothers and sisters gave the name of seal to it, this is not a seal, nobody can seal himself with this. The symbol of the cross within the circle is an esoteric symbol that does not have anything to do with the seal. The cross with its two beams: one vertical and the other horizontal, express something absolutely sexual. We already know that the vertical is masculine and that the horizontal is feminine, and that their intersection is the key of any power: the Maithuna.

The circle around the cross indicates that those two eternal beams come from the Universal Spirit of Life, from eternity, and that any creation is based in those two powers: masculine-feminine. Now you will understand, for example, why in any theology there always appears the masculine deity and the feminine deity: Joseph and Mary, Isis and Osiris, etc. Both symbolize the lingam-yoni, phallus-uterus.

Does the Third Logos create? Yes, he creates combining his masculine and feminine elements, and the creatures reproduce themselves through sex (even flowers have to use the masculine and feminine powers for reproduction).

We, through the Holy Cross, that is to say, through the lingam-yoni, can achieve the creation of our existential superior bodies of the Being. That is the power of the cross, and all of this within the circle of the eternity. But that is not a seal, it is a symbol, and it is the same if you move the hand from right to left or from left to right. I do not know why the brothers and sisters pay so much attention on how to move the hand, if from right to left or from left to right. Everybody can do it as they want, because it is not a seal, it is a symbol and nothing else! O.K.?

Q: Yes, we got it. It happens that the word seal comes from your book Logos Mantra Theurgy, in which you recommended that a kind of seal that has to be done from left to right, and was ended leaving an open space to let the forces come to the person.

Samael Aun Weor: Then you did not understand correctly what I wrote. I never said seal (to say it specifically), in the form that all the brothers and sisters understood, or as a magical seal, or something like that. I never wanted to say that. When I say seal, I am talking about how to seal the circle; that is all. I understand for a real seal, for example, when one makes a circle on the floor to invoke any being, any master of the astral. Then one makes a complete circle, only interrupted by the Seal of Solomon. That is an extraordinary seal to avoid being attacked by negative entities; but only in those cases. I did not want to call the cross inside of the circle a "seal" because that would be absurd, that is just a symbol. I only wanted to say seal because one makes a circle with the hand and closes it. So, the brothers and sisters have not understood it. Have they not? They have given to this a meaning that it does not have. Everyone can do the cross inside of the circle as he wants: moving the hand from right to left or from left to right! That does not have any importance; what really counts is the cross in the circle as a sacred symbol of the sexual masculine-feminine intersection that will let us achieve Inner Self-Realization.

Q: Related to this, venerable master, there is another problem. It happens that we learned that we have to gyrate the chakras from left to right, using the imagination. Now it seems that we have to move them from right to left. Then, in this case, would the problem of the chakras be same as the cross inside of the circle?

Samael Aun Weor: There is no relation between the chakras and the symbol of the cross inside of the circle of eternity. Do not connect one thing with the other. The chakras have to be gyrated in a positive form: from left to right, as the hands of a clock observed in front of you.

Q: For example, master: the clock is over there; I am observing it in front of me. Then how do I have to gyrate the chakras?

Samael Aun Weor: In the same way as you see that the hand is moving. You are observing the clock on the wall: how do you observe that its hands are moving? In the same way you have to gyrate the chakras. Observe with attention the hands of the clock... Unfortunately, some brothers and sisters have been complicating themselves with small details and that is unfortunate, very unfortunate.

What I want you to know is that it is necessary to work with the sacred fire; the Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti will take care of the development of the chakras in a positive way, as it has to be. We have to leave those chakras to the Divine Mother, she knows what she is doing. You just vocalize and be like the gardener that sprinkles his garden every day, to the point that the flowers are born by themselves (because the Divine Mother makes them to be born, the Mother Nature opens the petals of the roses, etc.). In the same way, water your garden every day, cultivate the rose, transmute the creative energies, and she (the blessed God-Mother) will know how to gyrate the chakras. It is obvious that it is from left to right, but this is her work, not yours. All that you have to do is to transmute, to vocalize, to pray and to meditate (with intensity) on the Divine Mother.

Q: About plants, Master, there is also some confusion. Does the circle have to be done from left to right? Is it necessary to make the circle, or just to bless the plant?

Samael Aun Weor: The circle has to be done around the plant and then bless it. Everyone can do it as he wants, from left to right or from right to left. Make the circle, and do not to complicate it with small details. I do not know why the brothers and sisters, especially from South America, get confused with this. What really counts is to work with the fire, and she will take care of putting the whole organism in order, and the chakras. That is what really counts!

Q: It has also been said in South America, now that they have studied your book The Three Mountains, that the work with the fire, that is to say, the five great initiations, are "Minor Mysteries" and the other grades of mastery are the "Major Mysteries." What do you think about that?

Samael Aun Weor: In my book The Three Mountains, I did not speak about the Minor Mysteries; I only spoke about the three mountains (the First Mountain belongs to that of initiation). I spoke about the initiations of Major Mysteries, because the nine initiations of the Minor Mysteries are the kindergarten, belonging to the conditional disciples, and because the three mountains are basic fundamentals, I spoke about the accepted disciples.

The Second Mountain belongs to the resurrection; there we find the nine grades that go to perfection in mastery. It is obvious that in the First Mountain one achieves mastery, when one get to the top of it, the goal. In the Second Mountain one achieves perfection in mastery, and in the Third Mountain one achieves the grade of great elected. The great elected and perfect master is the maximum aspiration of every adept... What else were you going to say?

Q: That point was well clarified, master, and we have understood it as you explained. You talk about nine great initiations of Major Mysteries and then about all the special processes. Is this it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in that you are mistaken, because the initiations of Major Mysteries are not nine, they are eight. Therefore, there are eight great initiations of Major Mysteries.

In the Second Mountain one has to pass through nine grades, to achieve perfection in mastery. I repeat: in the Third Mountain one achieves the grade of the great elected and perfect master.

Q: Venerable master, we read in your books that there are five initiations of Major Mysteries, plus two that are the Father's crown. Now you say that there are eight.

Samael Aun Weor: In the time when we began writing the books, by mistake we said that there were nine initiations of Major Mysteries, but now we have rectified that mistake in our book entitled The Three Mountains.

This makes me remember a celebration that was done here, in the Nahuatl and Aztec Mexico. It was a marvelous celebration every eight years in honor of Venus (let us remember the Venustic Initiation and the eight grades). It happens that those tribes knew the esotericism of all of this.

It is clear that the five initiations that I was talking about are the fire initiations. After that comes the Venustic Initiation that has eight grades. The first Venustic Initiation is just the superior octave of the first initiation of fire. The second Venustic Initiation is the superior octave of the second initiation of fire. The third Venustic Initiation is the superior octave of the third initiation of fire. The fourth Venustic Initiation is the fourth superior octave of the fourth initiation of fire. The fifth Venustic Initiation is the fifth superior octave of the fifth initiation of fire; after this come the three initiations (the total is eight) that are related with the First Mountain (that is the First Mountain). In the Second Mountain one has to begin the work with the Moon, with Mercury, with Venus, with the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, to then achieve Perfection in Mastery (it is the Mountain of the Resurrection), and the Third Mountain is the Ascension, to finally crystallize (in oneself) the Second and First Logos, and to receive the Inner Atomic Star.

The person who attains the top of the Third Mountain is not just a perfect master, but a great elected.

Q: Venerable master, you had said that it was necessary to eliminate the three traitors of Hiram Abiff. Now you say in your book The Three Mountains that we have to eliminate the three Furies, and this is only for masters. My question is: the work of elimination of the three Furies, or the three traitors, is it just for masters, or are you also making allusion to the Gnostic students in general?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the three Furies, or the three traitors, it is the same. They are just different words that express the same thing: the Demon of Desire, the Demon of the Mind and the Demon of Ill Will. The Demon of Desire is the inner Judas that each one of us has. The Demon of the Mind is the particular Pilate in everybody who always washes his hands, who always has a justification, who is never guilty, who always tries to find excuses, who feels itself "correct," etc. And the third traitor is obviously Ill Will (Caiaphas). These three traitors (Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas) are represented in the three Furies of the ancient mythology. We have to destroy these three traitors of Hiram Abiff in the lunar sphere. Those who want to achieve the angelic state have to disintegrate them in the infernal worlds of the lunar sphere.

I think that the disciples, the beginners, are still very far from the disintegration of these three traitors. This is for those who have already achieved Mastery; that is how I have always understood it. At least, in this form I have lived it, and I cannot affirm something that I have not lived. I affirm what I have experienced myself; that is all.