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The Maps of the Complete Path to Liberation

I hope everyone pays full attention.

Regarding the three mountains:

  1. the first: Mountain of Initiation
  2. the second: Mountain of Resurrection
  3. the third: Mountain of Ascension

After carefully reviewing these maps, one of the guardians of the holy sepulcher approached me and said: "Follow me."

I followed him. We climbed the Mountain of Resurrection. He went ahead of me. He carried the three maps in his right hand and I told him, "I want to take everything which is internal; I will not leave even the traces of the stigmata in the physical world."

Upon reaching the summit of the mountain, he told me, "We know that you are leaving, but before you leave it is necessary that you leave these three maps and your words for humanity."

I replied: "I will do so."

The fact is that the entire path is drawn on those three maps. The first map corresponds exactly to the initiatory path. Unquestionably, we have to climb the path of initiation, to the summit.

The second mountain corresponds exactly to the work related to the resurrection. We have to achieve at the top of that mountain, the resurrection of the secret master within ourselves here and now.

The third mountain is that of the ascension, then we merge with the intimate Christ to ascend to the Father and we radically liberate ourselves.

1. The Mountain of Initiation

Unquestionably, in order to climb the Mountain of Resurrection (2), we need to have intensively prepared ourselves on the Mountain of Initiation (1).

The various schools of the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult type, believe that initiation is everything, They dare to say: “the master so-and-so received the fifth initiation”, “the mahatma so-and-so is of the third initiation”, “the guru so-and-so, he has the seventh initiation ”and they believe that with the initiation everything has already been achieved, which is absurd.

In the physical world we see that every school has its initiation. When one wants to enter Freemasonry, one must go through initiation. Initiation means "beginning, commencement," but it is not everything, only the beginning, the commencement of something, so it also happens with cosmic initiations, in them we have to live all the cosmic drama, the life, passion, death and resurrection of Christ, but in a symbolic manner. Through such drama and the infinite esoteric tests, we are instructed about the work that we must do later, but initiation is not all. At initiation we are instructed nothing more, but to perform what is instructed is different.

Realization is only possible in the second and third mountains. In initiation we are made to see that we have killed Hiram Abiff, that is, the Inner Christ. In initiation we come to know that we must later resurrect him and it is verified in the various initiations, symbolic resurrections, but that's not all, symbolism is one thing and crude realism is another. In  initiation we have to live the drama of the Christ but in a symbolic manner, we certainly become the central personage of the drama, but symbolically, not factually.

In the second mountain, everything is different, there is no more symbolism. There we have to develop in ourselves what we learned in initiation. At initiation, even the stigmata are given to us in a symbolic manner, we are crucified, we are pierced with nails, we are pierced with the spear, etc., but all that is symbolic, it is another thing to really develop those stigmata, that is only possible on the second mountain, on that Mountain of Resurrection.

It is clear that such stigmas can only be formed in ourselves through that subtle energy of the Third Logos, through that wonderful force of the Being, but already in a refined, quintessential, deeply divine form, without a mixture of animal passion or morbidity. The development of such stigmata is painful, that the stigmata of the hand appear in all the great masters is true. They represent the Buddha with the luminous chakras of the palms of the hands, which are nothing but the stigmata, the same in the feet of Gautama there are two chakras that are two stigmas. The crown of thorns is certainly formed in our temples, when we know how to use that energy and the work is usually very painful. The scourging has to be done also in the astral body of the initiate, but that takes many months, years of work, each of those stigmas to develop, implies a lot of work time, but in symbolic initiation one is given symbolic stigmas. and if the initiate does not have enough enlightenment, he supposes that he really already has them, when in fact he really does not yet have them. One thing is to live the cosmic drama, the drama of the Christ symbolically and another thing is to really live it, one thing is, for example, to achieve the resurrection of the Christ in symbolic form and another thing is to crudely realize the Christ, to resurrect him within ourselves.


That there are five initiations of fire? It's true. The first is in relation to the physical body. The second with the vital body or lingam sarira. The third with the astral. The fourth with the mental. The fifth with the body of conscious will.

With the third initiation, we come to acquire the powers of the astral body, we come to realize that we have manufactured the astral body. With the fourth initiation, the body of the mind is born in us. With the fifth initiation, we acquire the body of the conscious will, that is, the causal body.


The Venustic Initiation is something more trascendental. In the First Venustic Initiation, we know the secret of the Abyss, but that first Venustic Initiation is nothing more than a higher octave of the First Initiation of Fire, it is a repetition of the same initiation in an octave of a higher order.

With the Second Venustic Initiation, we came to receive the baptism of John, we came to understand what it really is to transmute water into wine, from a transcendental point of view.

With the Third Venustic Initiation we transfigure the astral body. When Jesus went through the Third Venustic Initiation, he shone on "Tabor." When Moses went through the Third Venustic Initiation, his face shone on Mount Nebo and it is then that the inner Christ appears through the astral. That Third Initiation is no more than a repetition of the Third Initiation of Fire, but in an octave of a higher order.

With the Fourth Venustic Initiation, we enter the Celestial Jerusalem, this is nothing more than a repetition of the Fourth Initiation of Fire in an octave of a higher order.

With the Fifth, we come to experience what the will of Christ is, then we penetrate the Oliveti, Mount Oliveti or Mount of Olives, we really learn to obey the Father and yet that fifth Venustic Initiation is nothing more than a repetition of the Fifth Initiation of Fire, up to that point, up to the Fifth Venustic Initiation, we have done nothing but repeat the five basic Initiations, but in an octave of a higher order, however, the initiatory processes do not end there.

There is a Sixth Initiation, which is Venustic and corresponds to the Buddhi, to the cognizant soul, then we come to know what consciousness really is, we come to experience what awakened consciousness is, we come to live, to understand certain dramas, certain parts of the evangelical drama that did not get to be written in any Bible and that are related to scenes and events from other planets of the solar system.

The Seventh Venustic Initiation belongs to Atman, to the Innermost, it corresponds to the crucification of the master.

And there is an Eighth Venustic Initiation, which corresponds to the Child, Horus, Cupid that the Divine Mother Kundalini carries in her arms.

Thus, brothers and sisters, these are the eight initiations, they are not more, they are not less, they are eight; this is as far as initiations goes. These eight initiations correspond to the Mountain of Initiation.

When one has gone through these eight initiations, one knows that one has to carry out the drama in its entirety, one knows that one has learned symbolism, one knows that one has manufactured one’s solar bodies, but one also understands that one now needs to develop all that one learned in the initiation and that, it is only possible on the Second Mountain.

2. The Mountain of Resurrection

The second mountain has very difficult works.

The first corresponds to the Moon, to the lunar heaven, that is, to the astral world, before being able to ascend to the superior section of the astral world, that is, to the lunar heaven, it is necessary to disintegrate the three traitors of Hiram Abiff, it is necessary to reduce them to cosmic dust, we must eliminate the dragon. Then one earns the right to enter into the work of Mercury. Before ascending to the heaven of Mercury, which is nothing other than the superior mental world, one must descend to the hells of Mercury, in order to destroy so many heavy forms of the mind, many brutal, animal creatures that we possess within.

Before ascending to the heaven of Venus, which is the world of natural causes or causal world or world of conscious will, we need to descend to the hells of Venus, there we are shown the germs of evil, as they have remained and what we must disintegrate them, there we know what those hells of Venus are, there we see that the Earth with all its inhabitants has been devoured by the Venusian hells, there we know what the violent and brutal animal passions are, whose causes have remained there. There we come to show the need to remove all the causal roots of evil. Only in this way can we enter the heaven of Venus, which is the causal world, then we come to know that the masters of karma work in the world of natural causes, that is a world of duality, where every action causes an inevitable reaction. All harsh words become facts, whatever we do provokes their reaction, there we see the future that awaits this planet Earth and this humanity.

Before going up to the heaven of the Sun, which is quite difficult, we have to descend to the solar infernos, then we come to show something interesting: the Sun has those completely clean infernos, but there are demons in its infernos. Inferno comes from the word "infernus", which means inferior region, the inferior region of any planet, is the submerged mineral kingdom. In the submerged mineral kingdom of the Sun there are no more demons, the solar vibration is so powerful that demons have no place there, the Sun would disintegrate any demon, it would reduce it to cosmic dust. In the solar heaven we come to really know, to really comprehend what it is, let's say, the buddhic or intuitional world, there in that solar heaven we are all one, there we all feel one, the variety is unity.

Far beyond the solar heaven is the heaven of Mars. No one could enter the heaven of Mars, absolutely no one, without first having descended into the Martian hells. The heaven of Mars, my dear brothers and sisters, is the world of Atman the Ineffable, he is a fighter who never surrenders: he fights. He has to fight against the dragon, he has to fight against the three traitors, against the animal ego, this is why he is Martian. In the hells of Mars we find the Martian black magic, the terrible witchcraft of Mars, which is frightening, there we come to show that there are many people in the physical world who are even well on the path of light and yet they have within them the "I of witchcraft" and one is amazed to see there even brothers, some of you I have found there in full witchcraft meetings. "Impossible! –You would say–, I have not dedicated myself to witchcraft ”, but that's the way it is. Every human being in the past could have had some error, could have liked witchcraft at some age or have sympathized with it in some existence and then such an "I" was formed and that continues to exist inside; He does evils without the human person knowing it and attends those witchcraft halls, those temples of black magic without the person here in the physical world knowing about it. I was amazed to see some brothers and sisters there, quite distinguished by the way, among the witchcraft festivals, I understood, of course, that they were not there in their entirety, but some of their “I's”, “witchcraft I's” that they themselves did not they know, that they ignore that they have them, terrible reality! But it is like this. In the sphere of Mars, where one has to free oneself from the mind, while the consciousness is embedded in the mind, engulfed, imprisoned, it suffers the unspeakable and does not enjoy authentic enlightenment. I freed myself from the mind in the sphere of Mars, but that is a painful job, well, yes, because you have to eliminate the subjective elements of the mind, many evil elements that one carries within and that one does not know that one has them. Here one can think of oneself as a saint, a virtuous person, but the reality is that there are pernicious, terribly evil elements inside, and the most serious thing is that they ignore that they have them, not only ignore, but also ignore that they ignore, as Socrates said.

In the world of Jupiter, a very hard work awaits us, no one could enter, for example, the heaven of Jupiter, which is Nirvana itself, without having descended into the hells of Jupiter, there you have to grab the bull by the horns and that is a very hard work, it brings us to that bull, terrible, of the brutal instinct, within themselves, the Bull of Crete, which must be defeated, terribly, and destroyed, disintegrated, there you have to defeat the evil beasts that they prevent him from entering Nirvana and that he carries them inside, very submerged.

In the sphere of Saturn, we find a very different job. No one could, for example, enter the world of paranirvana, which is the heaven of Saturn, without first having been tried in the temple of Saturn, which is located precisely in the sacred land of the north, there in the distant Thule, on the Holy Island. When one truly wants to enter the heaven of Saturn, that is, paranirvana, one is judged in the temple of Saturn, in such a temple there is darkness and there we are taught that Saturn and the Sun, light and darkness are constantly exchanged in his job, that's right. There, in the temple of Saturn, a great angel of death, a great funeral angel, weighs the heart of the deceased, that is, there we go through the trial of Osiris Numen. Said judgment is clearly written in the Egyptian book of "The Hidden Abode", but it is one thing to read it in such a book and another thing to actually live it in the temple of Saturn. The heart of the deceased, that is, of the one who has died in himself, although he has his physical body alive, is put on the balance, it is weighed and if the balance is tipped in his favor, then he is considered dead, he is considered one who has already died, is very dead and is declared thus: "dead", enjoying for this reason the right to enter paranirvana, which is the heaven of Saturn.

I am speaking to you this in a grosso modo, in broad strokes, because I really have to write a whole book to talk about this, so I am synthesizing as much as possible.

Much later, you have to work on Uranus, in order to enter the heaven of Uranus. In the heaven of Uranus, we discover wonderful things, we see the future that awaits humanity in the age of Aquarius, we see that the Gnostic movement will become powerful and will form a great people, the Gnostic people of Aquarius. We see other tantric movements that will also fulfill a great mission in Aquarius, but we realize exactly that the strongest and most popular movement, completely general, is going to be the Gnostic movement in the age of Aquarius. Flags are seen there, crowds, peoples and languages. There in the sphere of Uranus, we still have to destroy something that remains inside, I mean the evil thief.

It is said that Jesus the Christ died between two thieves, the good and the bad. The good thief is the one who steals the creative energy to transmute it, to create the solar bodies, etc., etc. But there is an evil thief in each and every one of us, there is an evil center within, the creative energy is stolen for evil, for the satisfaction of animal passions, for fornication, for adultery, etc. There, in the sphere of Uranus, one comes to meet the evil thief and there he has to disintegrate him, reduce him to dust. He is presented as he is, and there is a symbolic ceremony in which he must be tied up, beheaded and disintegrated.

So it is symbolic that the Christ died between two thieves, they are the two powers in one: the one who steals sexual energy for good, but the other, who steals for evil, is the bad thief. So, observe that these two thieves died crucified on the cross. The cross is completely sexual, because the vertical pole is male and the horizontal one is female, at the intersection of both is the key to all power and the two thieves die crucified. That is to say, with that we are being told that these two thieves were not ordinary people, we are being told about two thieves that everyone carries within sex, and that they steal the creative energy, the one for good, the other steals it for evil, the one to manufacture the solar bodies and develop the intimate faculties of the Being, etc., the other steals it for evil, to fornicate, to adulterate, to commit all kinds of crimes. In the sphere of Uranus, we have to finish off the evil thief, destroy him.

Then we enter the sphere of Neptune, there, obviously, there is a very deep, very concrete work, that is where you come to acquire or achieve the seraphic state, there you reach the degree of Seraphim. In the lunar sphere, we reach the angelic state. In the sphere of Mercury, we become Archangels. In the sphere of Venus, we become Principalities. In the sphere of the Sun, Powers. In the sphere of Mars, Virtues. In the sphere of Jupiter, Dominions. In the sphere of Saturn, Thrones. In the sphere of Uranus, Cherubim, and finally we become Seraphim, when we enter the sphere of Neptune. So, in each of these angelic scales, we have to ascend, ascend, but even though we have risen to the seraphic state, that is not why we are still Resurrected Masters.

When I got to work on the Neptune sphere, I realized all that had to be done. It would take a long time to talk to you tonight about the work in the Neptune sphere, all that is too extensive, I plan to write it in "The Three Mountains" (72-73). I will limit myself only to saying in summary, that after having carried out all the works in the sphere of Neptune, I really addressed Lord Shiva, that is, the Third Logos, my own Monad or God, to speak more clearly, Samael himself, who is my God, my Real “Yes” or Being.

I said: “Well, now, what else do I have to do? I have already done all the works that correspond to the last celestial sphere and now where do I continue? What is the way? "

Then my “Yes” spoke to me clearly: “You have to wait eight years, but what is eight years? They are nothing, they pass very soon and then how about the triumph that awaits you? It will be great, eight years are nothing, I will come back in eight years to pay you what I owe you”.

"Okay sir," I just said, "I'll wait."

Obviously, during these eight years, I have to go through, live the book of Job, trials and pain, during these eight years, I must qualify initiations. Each of the initiations received must now be qualified. They are the eight years of Job, they are the eight years or the eight wheels in which that wonderful bow of the gods was transported in Hindustan, until it was delivered to Rama, who could have it with great force. These are the eight years that Tobias, the great patriarch, lived, the same eight years of Saint Job, only then, my dear brothers and sisters, does the mystical resurrection come. It is beyond the seraphic state, so one becomes a Kumará, obviously, that's right.

I am repeating this for the second, for the third time, to be clearer, because in the past mahamanvantara, I had already done it, in this I did it in Lemuria, but since I made a mistake when starting the Aryan root race, obviously, I had a fall and a death, the death of Hiram Abiff, but in these very moments, I am preparing for the resurrection of Hiram Abiff within myself, here and now.

About this, like this, publicly, in the light of day, nothing was spoken, I have to speak it to show others the way, because if one does not speak it, how are the brothers and sisters going to know what the way is? You could tell me not to speak it out of modesty, well, that's fine, but when you shut it up, then how would you know, how could you see the path? If you put a curtain in front of them so they don't see it, you have to speak clearly, now you have to write, and this is why I have this physical body, in order to write about it.

I hope that Arthur, our brother, then, continues as always, cooperating with us. Now we are going to need to draw the three maps, for now, the time is coming to draw the first map, initiation, the Mountain of Initiation, then we will follow it with the second mountain and then with the third.

In the ascension, one has to reach the union with Vishnu, that is, the inner Christ, the incarnation of the intimate Christ, of the Cosmic Christ, and of course, achieving the incarnation of the Christ, the union with the Father is achieved, because the Son is one with the Father and the Father, one with the Son. This I had already achieved in the past, but because a mistake, I went down, now I am going up again with great difficulty and much bitterness.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, it is good that you are understanding what the three mountains are. That is the objective then, of the book that I am writing for the good of humanity, but you need to study these works. Then, it is not enough that you buy the books, that you have them in your possession, but, there is a need for you to study these books.

In "Parsifal Unveiled", for example, I prepare the ground for the book: "The Mystery of the Golden Flower" (71-72) and in turn, this book that has just come out, "The Mystery of the Golden Flower", prepares the way for "The Three Mountains" (72-73), but it is necessary to study, so that the three mountains are properly understood.

Here I am speaking to you in a grosso modo, synthesizing the work. In detail, it is very meticulous, detailed, it rigorously marks each step that is taken and the object is to tear all the veils so that the path is visible to all, so that each one can tread it firmly, until truly reaching the liberation.