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The Holy Inquisition
The Holy Inquisition

The Inquisition, Alchemists, Astral Projection, and Jinn Science

We are in a time when, fortunately, one can publicly talk about esoteric issues, in the light of day or in the darkness of the night. However, it has not always been this way. For example, consider the Middle Ages with its famous Inquisition, which some attribute to Gregory IX and others to Saint Dominic. In any case, the Inquisition was awful. This does not mean that in the Middle Ages there was no esotericism; indeed, there was, and it was extraordinary. Let us recall Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Phillippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Aureolus Paracelsus) and also, not the least, the famous Dr. Faust (enchanter and magician). These three men were disciples of the very respectable and venerable great Master Abbot Trithemius. Said Abbot or Abbod openly taught esotericism in a medieval monastery; miraculously, he was not burned at the stake. Thus, parallel to the horrible Inquisition and the fires lit by the Church of Rome, that is, by the Catholic Church,within the same monasteries there was also esotericism. In those times, one could not speak in the public manner that we speak today; whosoever proceeded to do so was judged as a "heretic" or "sorcerer" and was burned alive in the public square.

Much has been spoken about the Inquisition and it is well worth reviewing all these things a little, for the purpose of illustration...

It is stated with firmness that the daughter of a Count was kidnapped on a nightly basis by a coven, and taken precisely to a Witches' Sabbath. This happened during the fifteenth century; it was then that the Catholic Church lit its fires with a frightful rage, and thousands of people accused of witchcraft were burned alive... an unfortunate thing, right?

It is not lost on us the many who wrote about the Inquisition and the "Holy Office", who with thorough details exposed the inquisitorial torture. Let us recall a certain author who said:

“Since the witches being thrown into the water did not sink—they floated because the devil helped them—they then had to be subjected to other tortures. Some of those inquisitors advised that any woman or man accused of witchcraft and heresy be tied up with a cable to the pulpit, their hands would be tied behind and they would be released so that they would hang from the rope…"

Think about what that martyrdom means: hands tied behind their back, and besides that, held or attached to the pulpit by a cable. What frightful pains that victim would have felt!

Thus, the inquisitor affirmed, “that was a magnificent system because the sorcerer or the witch, finding himself in those circumstances, would return by himself (through his witchcraft and with the help of the devil) to place himself on the pulpit and then “sing,” that is, to confess the crime”…

The Inquisition also arrived in Turkey, since the Turks are mostly Mohammedans; and there, some of those inquisitorial writers said, “to lift the nails of the witches and sorcerers, and to nail them so that they may feel great pain; to take them to the tower of martyrdom or to the well; to burn their feet, etc., that all of that was part of the divine and human justice”… Think for yourselves on that criminality, on that awful sadism of the Inquisition.

At that time, they accused a wretched priest who had the mistake of confessing that 40 years previously he had sexual intercourse with a demon-woman. The good old man was already 90 years old, nonetheless, even at his age, he ended up with bones and flesh at the stake.

Regarding another monk, somebody said that he, "was always accompanied by an invisible female-demon and he copulated with that demon for many years." Just that statement was enough in order for him to be burned alive in one of those tremendous bonfires of the Inquisition.

Among all of those "acts of faith" of the inquisition, there is one in which it is stated that there was an individual in Germany walking through a forest meadow, where he found a group of people at a Witches’ Sabbath. When those people felt they were discovered, they obviously plunged themselves completely into the fourth vertical and disappeared, but they left a cup on the ground that had names of well-known people upon it. As might be expected—indeed, it could not be otherwise—the cup ended up in the hands of the inquisition, and the people who were engraved in that cup were burned at the stake!

They said Pope Sylvester and Leo the Great were sorcerers, etc., and many things of the sort. In any case, the fires of the inquisition, in full rage, were terrible...

We do not deny that covens existed, but many innocent people were burned alive for "heresy." Many Gnostics were burned alive. We have for instance the Albigenses who were killed at the stake, and other esoteric communities. The Templars were also judged and persecuted for "heresy" and “witchcraft,” but the Templar Knights continued in secret.

Among the tales that were told in the Middle Ages, there is one that stands out: it is said that the devil appeared in the shape of a male goat or a black cat, or a ghost to the people of the coven, to the "harpies" and the crones; those who worshiped him, then, had the right to participate in these "covens."

Today, in this twentieth century (which is considered the "century of lights," although of the light it has naught), when talking openly about these matters of witches and covens it may seem a bit extemporaneous, or "out of date" as they say—especially in times when we talk about the atom, the alpha, beta and gamma rays, and the laser beam that, in a couple of seconds, reaches the moon, etc. Nevertheless, indeed, witchcraft exists.

During that time, there was a pope who thundered and flashed: he was Gregory IX. He threw his anathemas against the sorcerers. He said that the high clergy was full of witchcraft, and the sorcerers threw lightning, rained hail, damaging the crops, etc. To that end: to the stake with all of them! Whenever there was a very strong storm, they suspected witchcraft, and if any person was suspected, they decided without further ado to burn them at the stake! Thus, this is how thousands of people died annually; all of Europe mourned. It turned out that everyone were sorcerers, even the famous Dr. Bacon was judged as a sorcerer; if it is true that they did not burn him alive, they did at least take away his freedom: he went with his bones and flesh to jail, where, in a dungeon of the inquisition, he died.


I still cannot explain how Dr. Faust did not fall for that raid, being as famous as he was. But, he laughed at the inquisition; obviously, Dr. Faust possessed extraordinary powers ...

And as for Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, he seemed to look like a wanderer, wandering from city to city; always wandering and being accused of being a "sorcerer" and a "warlock" and I know not what else. Agrippa could not be caught by the clerics of the "holy office."

At that time, in Germany, there was a sorcerer of whom it was said that in the middle of the day he would rise from the ground, floating; he would enter into the fourth vertical before all of the people, before the solemn verdict of the public conscience. His wife tried to apprehend him, even by his feet, and the people were enraged and unsheathed their swords, but neither his wife nor the swords managed to harm him. What happened to that sorcerer? Nobody knows!…

There were alchemists, indeed very famous ones. Let us recall the very famous Nicolás Flamel, the magnificent, who wrote magnificent works, through which he did so much for humanity. Nicolás Flamel taught, in detail, all the steps of the great work. He did not fall into hands the inquisition, and that is a miracle...

Raimond lully

Sendivogius did not fall to the inquisition; nor did the very famous Raymund Lully. Raymund Lully died because he was stoned to death in the Arab world. He went to teach to the Moors, in his eagerness to spread esoteric Christianity; if he had gone to the Sufis, nothing would have happened to him, but, he unfortunately went to a town of fanatics that knew nothing about esotericism and they stoned him to death.

About Nicolás Flamel, the famous medieval alchemist, I will tell you that he still lives and enjoys perfect health, and long life. I will repeat here, so that what I am saying is recorded: Nicolás Flamel, the famous medieval alchemist, still lives, and is in perfect health. I will state that he resides in Hindustan, with his wife Perenelle; he has the elixir of long life, the universal medicine and the philosophical stone. He performed the whole Great Work, he is an immortal... So, although what I say seems strange, through the dust of the centuries, beyond all the sepulchral graves of the inquisitorial period, there are masters who still live with the same physical body that they had back then.

The Count of St. German is a great immortal Mahatma. He once attended the dance of a coven, not because he went there to dance, no: he went with the purpose of investigating, observing, studying, which is different ...

Regarding witchcraft, there were so many persecutions that it is not surprising that even Jesus of Nazareth himself has been accused of being a “sorcerer” and that they had him crucified; not the least because Jesus was taken by Lucifer to the top of the temple, indeed Lucifer also took him to the top of a mountain..., as it is written:

“Then the devil took him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple...... Again, the devil took him up into an exceeding high mountain...” - Matthew 4: 5, 8

It is thus demonstrated that this Lucifer (which is nothing but the reflection of the Logos in each one of us) has tremendous powers.

So Jesus could not avoid being accused of "sorcery," as it is written:

“The Pharisees said, Jesus cast out devils by the prince of the devils” - Matthew 9: 34


Thus, this is why, they sent him to Golgotha. This is how humanity has always been, is, and always will be.

This is why I tell you that today—in spite of the era of darkness in which we are in, and all of the ultramodern and subjective scientific or pseudo-scientificism—one, however, can speak publicly about esoteric matters, and that, in itself, is progress, since in the past we could not...

How to Study Esotericism: Astral Projection

Continuing with this dissertation, I will tell you that it is important to become a researcher of life in the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos. When one learns to leave the physical body at will, then one can see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the super-sensible worlds. When one learns to leave the dense body intentionally, one can move in the unknown region, in the fifth dimension, and know, directly, the mysteries of life and death. The important thing is to do it.

Indeed, every ordinary person leaves their physical body during normal sleep hours. It is known that the moment we fall asleep, the different I's that we possess break their connections with the five centers of the organic machine, they then have the luxury of traveling outside of the dense body.

Obviously, if one paid attention to that psychological process between wakefulness and sleep, one could then, by oneself, directly and by will, leave the physical body and travel through the suprasensible worlds.

The key is simple: it consists of taking advantage of the transition state between wakefulness and sleep. In the moments when one is sleeping, one can escape from the physical body at will. If one proceeds in this manner, one then enters into the suprasensible regions.

It is not an intellectual process: what I am saying must be translated into practical reality. When we affirm that we have to get out of bed at the moment of being asleep, we do not want it done mentally, but instead it is to be done as naturally as when one gets up in the morning (already after having slept), to go to work or to have breakfast.

To get up in the transition state between wakefulness and sleep is important. If this is done, the connections with the physical body, connections with the cylinders of the machine, are in fact loose. Then, proceeding in this way, the dense body remains in bed, but outside it is the essence (although bottled between the ego), liable to travel through time and space.

In other times, when people were taught this secret, they immediately succeeded. Unfortunately, in this descending doom of Kali Yuga [the "black age," our current era], human devolution has entered its most destructive cycle, thus the bodies and psyches of people are very degenerated. For that reason and due to psychological deterioration, this esoteric work, that is, to leave the dense body at will, has now become harder for those who listen to this doctrine.

If we reflect on this a little, that is, on the projection from the dense body at will, we discover that it is only a matter of attention; because, I repeat, everyone when falling asleep breaks the connections with the cylinders of the human machine and thus remains out of the dense body, but involuntarily. If one pays attention and faithfully imitates Nature, doing the same as she does, then the problem is solved, because then one does it volitionally. What one had previously always done in an inattentive state, one now performs in an attentive state. What one had done involuntarily, one makes it voluntarily; thus, it is the same process. I do not see difficulties in this matter. So, in order to leave the physical body one does not need to be hypnotized.

Therefore, those who say that "the projection of the human astral personality is dangerous," that "one can, while absent, lose one’s body, because another comes and invades it," etc., are very wrong. Those who speak like that also leave their body every night; as soon as they fall asleep they are already out of the body. Thus, to intentionally project oneself out of the body is to realize one's own natural functions.

I do not see how it could be dangerous to be aware of one's own natural functions and to cooperate with nature. Astral projection cannot be dangerous, ever.

One of the advantages of voluntarily astral projecting oneself is that one can, by oneself, know the mysteries of life and death directly, and that, in itself, is quite interesting.

There are people who believe they know a lot because they have read much, but in practice they don't know anything. You can put a library in your head, put all of that information in your memory, yet you can be absolutely sure that if you do not become consciously aware of what you stored in your memory, you have achieved nothing, because at the time of death you lose that kind of merely intellectual knowledge. Do you want proof of what I am saying? Note very well that when you come back into the world, you have to go back to school, to start learning to read and write again; you again have to go through elementary school, high school etc. etc. And, if in a past existence one was, for example, a lawyer, as is the case here of our brother Alejandro Salas Linares who in the past existence was the lawyer Honorato Rayon, in his present existence he again had to study and to pass through university, until being graduated as "professional." This then, means that what one has only deposited in memory is lost; indeed, what remains in oneself is only what one deposited in the consciousness, right? This is what is born with us when we returns to the world. When one speaks of "innate knowledge" this refers exclusively to those principles that have been deposited in one’s consciousness.

There are people who speak wonders about the doctrine of reincarnation, there are those who are experts in being able to explain, in depth, the laws of the eternal return of all things; thus, these people believe that just because they are intellectually well informed that they are already the mother goose, or the bee’s knees, but that is not so... Regarding karma and the law of return, etc., they know nothing. Why? Because at the time of death, if we only have that kind of knowledge that is stored in our memory, and we have nothing endowed in the consciousness, we have thus wasted our time miserably.

One must become cognizant of knowledge. If one learns how to leave the physical body at will, one can afford to review his previous lives in the fifth dimension; that is something that remains in the consciousness. If one learns how to leave the physical body at will, then once in the superior worlds one can talk with the Elohim and learn sublime truths from them.

Some believe that because they have studied all of the doctrine related with karma, that they are already knowledgeable in this type of teaching; yet, never in their life have they consciously penetrated into the palace of Anubis [heirarch of the law of karma]. If you have never intentionally negotiated your own karma within that temple, if you have not reviewed your own books [that record your karma], what do you really know about the law of karma? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So, to be practical is vital, fundamental.

Fortunately, we are in this current age. A lecture of this type given in the middle of the Middle Ages, at a time when the catholic church had stoked its furious, terrible fires, would be more than enough for all of us here, in this place, to be taken before the tribunals of the "Holy Office". So, while it is true that presently we are in a time of obscurantism, at least we can speak publicly about esoteric things without anyone accusing us of being sorcerers; thus, we must take advantage of this brilliant opportunity that we have in order to awaken our consciousness.

Here is a basic tenet: so long as a person does not awaken their consciousness, they really know nothing. What could a sleeper know?

Leaving the physical body at will is very interesting, because it implies an impulse toward the awakening of the consciousness.

In ancient medieval times there were people who put their body in the fourth vertical (as Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated when walking on the Sea of Galilee); this is not strange. If Jesus had performed such a prodigy in the Middle Ages, they would have taken him to the court of the "Holy Office."


Jinn Science

It is also true that, after one has learned to leave the physical body at will, one can afford to move to a more advanced level of this knowledge. Although it might seem difficult or strange to many, if someone who is projecting outside their physical body asks their Guardian Angel to bring before them their physical body that lies asleep within the bed, you can be completely sure that you would be assisted, since the Guardian Angel can bring your material vehicle to the place where you are.

Then, by bringing that vehicle into the soul and the soul within it, one then can move with one’s dense body in the fifth dimension, to return a little later to his house and to his bed [this is called jinn science].

So, there is no danger today like there was in a certain inquisitorial time, when an offended husband had no problem in denouncing his wife... It was said that a good husband, when he fell asleep, did not suspect anything about his wife, but when he woke up he looked for her and he did not find her. At first he thought, frankly, that she was cheating on him, and of course, the man was angry. Then the woman, seeing that her spouse was aware of her nightly escapades, and that, worst of all, he was mistakenly judging her, naturally confessed that she was attending the Witches’ Sabbath and taught him some formulas in order to project with the body. The man, as a good sorcerer's apprentice, did so: he learned to project with his body (it so happens that at that epoch people had more faith, that cannot be denied, and faith is fundamental); and so he attended—so say the inquisitorial chroniclers—with his wife, the Witches’ Sabbath; There is no doubt that the man was very happy at the feast with the witches, who could deny it? The serious thing was later: when he returned home, frightened, horrified, he filed a formal complaint before the tribunals of the "Holy Office," and the poor woman, was burned at the stake ...

So, brothers and sisters, I have talked about all of this, in order to make you see how, in other times, esotericism was taught amidst so much difficulty and so much secrecy; today, however, we can speak publicly.

Of course, there are two types of Jinns. There are those of the "left hand" who are the tenebrous, the harpies (cited by Virgil, the poet of Mantua, in his Aeneid). Yet, there is also another type of Jinn. I am referring, emphatically and objectively, to those luminous Jinns (as explained by Don Mario Roso de Luna, the distinguished Spanish writer), the Tuatha de Danann for example, who brought to Ireland (among their precious things) four extraordinary symbols: the one was the Steel Lance, or the Lance of Longinus, or the Asta of Minerva, an extraordinary phallic symbol; the other, a great cup symbolizing the yoni; the wonderful Stone of Truth; and the Flaming Sword. This type of Jinns are said to have founded four magical cities in Europe. No one can deny that they fled Ireland, but when they returned to that island they did battle with wizards of darkness and triumphed. After the submergence of Atlantis nothing has been known about these white Jinns. I understand that they remain with their physical bodies within the fourth vertical.

Scene from A Midsummer Nights Dream John Simmons Oil Painting 1

I personally know a beautiful race of Jinns who live with physical bodies within the fourth vertical. The men and women of that race who have great beauty, form beautiful homes, have children, etc. It is a human race that lives very close to us. They are everywhere; just as we live here, in this world of three dimensions, that race lives in the fourth vertical, and they have bodies of flesh and blood. I repeat: they eat, they drink, they reproduce, they are happy, they have not left "Paradise." They live in a paradisiacal state. They are what we could call "White Jinns."

Thus, if one learns how to leave the physical body at will, one is doing well. In this manner, such a person is able to study, directly, the mysteries of the universe, or "the Ritual of Life and Death, while the Officiant arrives."

If one learns how to carry his physical body into the Jinn state, so the much better, because the physical body has many faculties, which when developed, make of that vehicle something wonderful. With the physical body one can get in touch with races of people who live in the unknown dimension.

But if we are only going to bottle ourselves up within theories upon more theories, if we do nothing practical, if we do not become cognizant of what we are studying, if we leave it exclusively in our memory, it will undoubtedly be lost.

Memory is the formative principle of the Intellectual Center. When one aspires to something else, when one longs, through meditation, to become cognizant of that which one has deposited in one’s memory—of this lecture that we have given, of the last esoteric book we wrote, etc—then those “values” pass to the emotional phase of the same Intellectual Center. When one wants to know the deep significance of such knowledge, and one delivers oneself fully to meditation with deep emotion and great yearning, obviously such knowledge goes to the Emotional Center itself, which is in the heart; then, one comes to feel them in the depth of one’s soul.

And, if one really wants to delve deeper, if one’s longing is too deep, and one gets, we would say, to live them intimately, finally they are deposited—those cognitive values—within the Essence; that is to say, within the consciousness. Then they are never lost, never ever. The essence comes to be enriched with such knowledge. That is the way, then, to become cognizant of our own Gnostic knowledge that we are acquiring.

Meditation, then, is formidable in order to become cognizant of our own knowledge.

Again, I repeat, let us not make the mistake of leaving this knowledge deposited exclusively in our memory, because if we proceed like that, then at the time of death we shall lose it ... This is unthinkable. Meditate, understand, reflect...

Well brothers and sisters, let us now move onto our healing chain. First however, I will give you all an opportunity for some questions. You can talk, brother.

Audience: In what you have just stated, I think that it constitutes the process of integration of the knowledge of Gnosticism… does this have some relation with the perception that Emmanuel Kant refers to in his "Critique of Pure Reasoning"?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, Emmanuel Kant, in his work “The Critique of Pure Reasoning,” makes a full differentiation between what are, properly speaking, the concepts of content (elaborated directly with the information collected by the five senses) and those which are call intuitions. Obviously, these intuitions descend, we would say, from “above”, from the heaven of Urania, in order to become the springs upon which Pure Reasoning is directly based.

It is clear that Pure Reasoning, in itself, is Objective Reasoning, and is thus different from the Subjective Rationalism; with Subjective Rationalism, we cannot know the "thing in itself," spoken by Don Emmanuel Kant, the philosopher of Königsberg, but through Intuition and with Pure Reasoning, it is possible to know, of course, the "thing in itself."

If we analyze from that point of view, we see that, when any knowledge becomes cognizant, it obviously becomes, we say, in an Intuition, which comes to serve as the basis for Pure Reasoning. That Pure Reasoning gives us the extraordinary perception of the "thing itself." This is how Objective Reasoning should be understood, then, in the light of Kantian Philosophy.

With this I have said everything. Is there any other brother or sister who has something to ask? Well, I don't hear any more questions.