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The Inhabitants of the Sun Sirius

We understand that Sirius is the capital of this entire galaxy in which we live. This galaxy, the Milky Way, the Macrocosmos, has many millions of solar systems and all of those suns and planets rotate around the central sun Sirius, which is a sun millions of times bigger than the sun that shines upon us. Sirius has its twin brother, which is a moon 5,000 times more dense than lead. Such a moon rotates around Sirius incessantly; Sirius is therefore a double star.

It is very intriguing to know that the nucleus of this great galaxy is properly polarized. Thus, from Sirius come irradiations that govern the superior dimensional heavens of the different worlds that form this galaxy, and from its twin brother, which is that very heavy moon 5,000 times more dense than lead, come all of those negative, tenebrous influences that characterize each one of the moon-satellites that rotate around their respective worlds; these are fatal, sinister radiations that govern the infra-hells. There is a third force that we would call neutral, which allows a certain balance between these positive and negative powers. Observe how this galaxy is properly equilibrated between light and darkness, between positive and negative.

Sirius in itself is a gigantic world with rich mineral, plant, animal, and human life. Its inhabitants are very small in stature: they do not even reach one meter in height. I understand that they average a half a meter in height, are thin in their bodies’ composition, and have a beautiful presence, since they are true Adepts of the White Brotherhood.

One cannot reincarnate on the sun Sirius if they have not have reached the Kumara stage, since those human beings are true Gods. They live humbly in the woodlands; none of them have the detrimental idea of building cities, since the habit of building cities belongs to unintelligent people; therefore the inhabitants of Sirius would never fall into such a mistaken inclination.

So, they have humble houses. They use tunics that are woven simply. Each house has its own orchard where the Siriuseans harvests their goods, and gardens where they cultivate their flowers. They live in peace and harmony with each other.

None of them would have the unwise idea of making wars or something of the sort, since all of that is barbarism and savagery. Siriuseans are a very cultural people, true enlightened humans in the most transcendental sense of the word.

The Transcended Church is there. One is astounded when entering into that temple of marvels. The great initiates of this galaxy officiate there; I have attended its ceremonies many times.

The Cosmic Drama, which is the life, passion, and death of Christ, is constantly celebrated or lived in this temple. We find the God Sirius and all of his initiates, his disciples, within the heart-temple of that gigantic world, of that extraordinary sun. Indeed, Sirius is the capital of this great galaxy within which we live.