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The Esoteric Path

Pay utmost attention, since, obviously, the time has arrived for the esoteric path to be truly comprehended. First of all, it is not irrelevant to state that, indeed, what we Gnostics are looking for is nothing other than to be transformed into true, Self-realized, perfect beings.  What we are asseverating here might seem a little exaggerated, but indeed, I do not see any basic objective for these Gnostic teachings other than to study the esoteric path.  Indeed, the path is what is fundamental: the path that distinct messengers came to explain in their messages to this humanity.

Life was different in the past, in ancient times, when humanity still had not developed the abominable Kundabuffer organ within their inner nature, since the Essence was not bottled up within the ego; in other words, the ego did not exist. The different centers of the organic machine looked like true resounding boxes where the harmonies of the universe vibrated; this was the Golden Age, where neither “this is mine” nor “this is yours” existed, because everything belonged to everybody: yes, anybody could eat from the orchard of the neighbor without any fear. Then, those who knew how to play the lyre were shaking nature with its melodies.

The children of the Dawn, the children of the Aurora of the Mahamanvantara, were worshiped in that ancient age that some call Arcadia; then the lyre of Orpheus had not yet fallen upon the floor of the temple and broken into pieces.  The entire nature was an organism that served as a vehicle for the Gods; yes, this was the Edenic Humanity, where the fire of volcanoes, the boisterous ocean that cast its waves over the beaches, the chanting of the rivers within their bed of rocks, and the flight of gigantic birds that existed in those times of yore were felt within the depths of the Being in the most insightful manner.  The entire earth looked like a living organism, and although it is in fact a living organism, yet, in those times of yore, this was a more living reality for all human beings.  The golden language was the only spoken language; the many, many present-day languages of the Tower of Babel had not yet appeared.

Therefore, in the name of truth, I tell you that it is worthwhile for us to try to return to that innocent, primeval state, because then the Essence, the soul or the consciousness, was not yet bottled up within the ego. The Essence became bottled up within the ego when the abominable Kundabuffer organ emerged within the human anatomy.

Therefore, in that Lemurian Epoch the earth was trembling incessantly; the geologic crust of the world was not yet truly stable. This is why the leaders of humanity had to take serious actions.  Being acquainted with the fact that the human organism is a machine that receives a determined type of energies and automatically transmits them to the interior layers of the planetary organism, they implanted an alteration within the physical organism. Their purpose: to modify those forces in a certain way so that they would eventually permit the stabilization of the geologic crust.  Thus, this is how, by means of certain stimuli, they allowed or gave freedom for the origination of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ.

Unquestionably, if it not for the abuse of sex (symbolized in the myth of Adam and Eve in the terrestrial paradise), the development of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ would have been something more than impossible; yes, sexual abuse allowed the development of such an organ.

Now then, in the name of the truth and talking judiciously before all of those who are dedicated to these esoteric studies, I have to be boldly honest with you in order to courageously tell you what I verified, what I lived, what I have experienced: listen, I had a physical body in that epoch. I was a Lemurian, another inhabitant of “Mu,” as were many others.  I still remember clearly the distinct tribes that lived in what we can call in this day and age “farmhouses,” however these had the form of enormous huts whose roofs descended until touching the ground, and which scarcely had a door through which the members of the whole tribe entered.  There were also forted cities in Lemuria; these were built with the lava of volcanoes. Cultured people lived in those cities, yet in the country, as usual, lived people who were not dedicated to the culture.

Life was very different in Lemuria. There occurred then the case of the existence of a rank of individuals who were priests and warriors at the same time; among these individuals I knew Javhe, the evil genie, a fallen angel, as stated by Saturninus of Antioch. Javhe had physical body in Lemuria; he was a Master of ancient Mahamanvantaras. He officiated as a priest, and many people venerated him. As a warrior, he was magnificent; he always wore a sword of gold, and what is more, his shield, helmet, mesh, and his entire military garb in general were made of pure gold. Everybody knew that he was an angel, thus everyone venerated him. Nevertheless, he was one among the first who betrayed the Sanctuary of Vulcan.  The traitors of the Sanctuary of Vulcan taught him Black Tantrism, in other worlds, sexual rites within which such an initiate committed the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes Trismesgistus (I am speaking here in a very special, esoteric language, and I hope that you understand, since I am not supportive of using vulgar language for these matters related with sex, due to the fact that sex is sacred).

Thus, indubitably, Javhe became enthusiastic with Black Tantrism; he tried to convince his wife that the Black Tantric system (sexual magic with the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis) was the most significant one for liberation; however his wife did not accept it.  His wife was also an incarnated Elohim, who preferred to divorce him than to accept Black Tantrism.

Well then, as a consequence, Javhe developed the abominable Kundabuffer Organ. His wife did not fall and still has not fallen; she is a primordial Elohim from the aurora of the Mahamanvantara.  I disclose the case of Javhe in order to illustrate the sexual aspect of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ. Obviously, fornication is what originated the treason to the Mysteries of Vulcan and the fall in that ancient age.

Previous to the fall and after the division into opposite sexes, the tribes, in order to procreate, were reunited in special temples and under the guidance of the Kumaras. Then, the sexual act was a sacrament and no one dare to perform the chemical copulation out of the temple.  The king and queen of any Lemurian country performed such a sacred act before the sacred altar.

I lived in the continent of Mu, and I was witness of all of these events. When I lived in the Lemurian continent, I was member of a tribe and I lived in a great hut with all the members of my clan. Close to us there was what in this day and age we would call a military base: people, soldiers, dedicated to affairs of war. The cities were further away.  We attended the temples always, as something normal, sometimes for rites, sometimes in order to receive esoteric instruction from the hierophants; however, from moment to moment the environment was becoming charged with the luciferian power, from which everything was to come: this impelled all of us to perform the chemical copulation out of the temple.

Before that fatal moment, reproduction was performed by means of Kriya Shakti, in other words, by means of the power of Yoga and Willpower.  At that time, no one committed the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes Trismesgistus. Any zoosperm can easily escape the sexual endocrine glands and fecundate the womb; however, couples from the tribes started to break the law.  I still remember one morning, after having fornicated, all of us presented ourselves in the temple. Yet, from the profundities of the sanctuary, a Hierophant with his unshielded sword cast all of us out while uttering: “Get out, you unworthy ones!” Thus all of us left, fleeing.

So, the same event occurred in all of the corners of that gigantic continent named Lemuria, which was a continent that occupied almost the entire Pacific Ocean.  Obviously, such an anthropological event belongs rightly to Anthropogenesis, since it is symbolically described in different religious scriptures of the world. This is the departure of Adam and Eve from the Terrestrial Paradise (Hebraic Myth). Understand that we were cast out because of having eaten of the forbidden fruit, of which we were warned: “You must not eat of it.”  Thus, due to this anomaly, the outcome was the development of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ.

Since we were accustomed to perform the sexual act during the religious rites of the temple, in other words, to perform the sexual act according with the Sacraments of the Church of Romae (Amore) during reproduction, when we fornicated the outcome was the development (in the occult anatomy) of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ.  Thus, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers (the Kundalini) that was previously lifted up victoriously throughout the spinal medulla, descended, and remained entwined three times and a half within the Muladhara Chakra (such as it is perfectly described by Kundalini Yoga). The abominable Kundabuffer Organ, the descending serpent, the horrible Python with seven heads that the irritated Apollo hurt with his darts, was projected from the coccyx downwards, towards the atomic infernos of the human being, and became the famous “tail” of the Biblical Satan.

Thus, this is how, what the leaders of humanity wanted was attained, that is, the stabilization of the geological crust of the Earth. It is not, therefore, an exaggeration to emphatically affirm that in that ancient age, human beings had a tail similar to that of the apes.  When passing through the human organisms, the cosmic, planetary energies permutated and became lunar, thus stabilizing the geological layers of the world. When this happened, then the leaders of humanity resolved to eliminate the abominable Kundabuffer organ from the human species, and they achieved it.  Notwithstanding, they had errors when performing their mathematical calculations. As an outcome of such errors, they delayed more than they should have, and the experiment ended up being detrimental, since, unfortunately, the evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ remained within the five cylinders (intellect, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex) of the organic human machine. In other words, the Pluralized “I,” the Ego, the Myself, the Self-willed, remained.  If not for the mistake of those sacred individuals, this humanity would not have ego at this time.    Obviously, those who committed such a mistake have a terrible cosmic karma, which they unfortunately will have to pay in the future Mahamanvantara.

Of course, much later in time, different messengers or Avatars (the word Avatar means messenger) came from the superior worlds and all of them pronounced themselves against the abominable Kundabuffer organ and against its evil consequences, yet everything was for no avail.  The very saintly Ashiata Shiemash worked intensely in the continent of Asia, yet it was useless.  Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni brought the teachings to India and, as a fact, pronounced himself against the abominable Kundabuffer organ; unfortunately, throughout the centuries, the original Buddhist teaching has been lost. In this day and age, very little remains of the authentic teachings of our Lord the Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni. Regarding Jeshua Ben Pandira, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, in fact, he pronounced himself against the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Of course, his teachings have appeared in the texts of alchemy and other texts, and those who comprehend them can indeed perform the entire Great Work.

Unquestionably, the two greatest leaders of all time are the Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni and Jesus Christ. On a certain occasion, I had to present myself in a Buddhist monastery in Japan; I had the occasion of speaking on behalf of Christ. Since it was a Buddhist and not a Christian temple, and due to my approach, a certain scandal arose amongst the Buddhist brethren, and therefore a complaint was presented to the Master, who approached me and interrogated me as follows:

Q. “Why did you speak on behalf of Christ, knowing that this is a Buddhist Monastery?”

A. “With the most profound respect to this sacred institution, I have to emphatically affirm that Buddha and Christ complement each other.”

I was expecting a response from the Master’s point of view, yet with great amazement, I witnessed his agreement; he said:

“Indeed, Buddha and Christ complement each other; this is how it is…”

Then, he asked for a thread or cord, and when they brought it to him, he told me:

“Show me your right hand.”

When I showed him my right hand, he tied the thread on my thumb. Thereafter, he tied the same thread on the thumb on my left hand, and ended by saying in a Zen way: “Buddha and Christ complement each other…”

Then, I left that monastery, having perfectly understood the Koan. In the name of the truth, we have to recognize that this is a very wise Koan: Buddha and Christ are joined within us, because the right thumb represents the Christ and the left represents the Buddha: the two of them are two factors within us.

Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Sakyamuni brought the doctrine of the Inner Buddha to the world. Who is our Inner Buddha?  The Innermost is the Buddha; in a rigorously theosophical, Sanskrit language the Inner Buddha of each one of us is Atman-Buddhi. So, Siddhartha Gautama Sakyamuni brought to us the doctrine of the Innermost.  This is why it is written in the Testament of Learning: “Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn.”

So, the Innermost is the Inner Buddha within each one of us. Nonetheless, it is true that the Innermost is not incarnated within the humanoids, because, certainly, we understand that the Innermost dwells in the Milky Way; yet, to each one of us is related an Inner Buddha, who dwells up there in the Galaxy.

In regards to Christ, this is a different matter. Jesus of Nazareth, the great Kabir, the great Gnostic Initiate, one of the most exalted members of the Essenian Order, who lived among them at the shores of the Dead Sea many centuries ago, brought to us the doctrine of the Inner Christ.

Notwithstanding, the great mistake of modern people consists in believing that Christ was exclusively the great Master Jeshua Ben Pandira (this is his birth name, it is only a local name).

Understand that Christ is a cosmic force, the Second Logos, a Perfect Multiple Unity: as the electricity is energy, Christ is also energy; as the Universal Gravity is a force, Christ is also a force, a force as the force of fire, or as the force of water, or as the force of air, etc.  Christ is a force, and can express itself through any man or woman (since women have the same rights of men) who is duly prepared, and that is all.

If it is true that Christ expressed itself and continues expressing itself through the great Kabir Jesus, it is also true that Christ also expressed itself through our Lord Quetzalcoatl.  Therefore it is worthwhile to read the life, passion, death, and resurrection of the blessed Quetzalcoatl.

Moreover, if it is true that Christ resplendently shone in Quetzalcoatl, it is also true that Christ shone resplendently on mount Nebo upon the face of Moses, and it is also true that Christ sang the sacred “Song of God” (Bhagavad-Gita) in India when incarnated within the Avatar named Krishna.

Comprehend that the Cosmic Christ expresses itself wherever there is a human being (a Buddha) who is duly prepared.

Christ is not an individual, Christ is not a person, Christ is not an “I”; Christ is a cosmic force that is latent within every atom of the universe. Christ is the universal fire of life, and this is very important to understand, because Christ is Fire.

I witnessed the aurora of the Mahamanvantara (cosmic day); yes, I was a witness of the dawning of life, when the Army of the Word started to make the chaotic matter fecund so that life could emerge. I saw the great Cosmic Christ. I saw his human shape. I saw him entering into the temple and how he signed a pact. I saw him crucifying himself on his cross in order to save humans and Gods.

Christ is therefore the Universal Fire of Life.  Much can be said about Christ, and I will tell you the following: Christ is defined with the four letters that are written on the top of the cross of the Martyr of Calvary, namely INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra): The fire renews nature incessantly.

Listen, the fire is crucified here in the Earth; proof? Well, see how the fire leaps when we strike a rock against another? Where is the deposit it jumped from? It is hidden within the same rock: it is the petrous fire.  Within water, we find liquid fire; within air, gaseous fire.  Therefore, fire is within everything that is, has been, and will be; the fire has neither a beginning nor an end.

If we strike a match, we will see with astonishment how the flame sprouts from it.  You will state that the flame that sprouted from the match is the outcome of chemical combustion, yet such a concept is false. We Gnostics asseverate that combustion exists due to the fire, and that without the fire, there could be no combustion.  The fire is enclosed there within that thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with phosphorus, thus when we strike it what we have accomplished is the liberation of the flame so that the match can be completely ignited. Notwithstanding, the fire is what makes the hand move in order to strike the match; yes, without fire, without life, the hand does not move.  So, fire is latent within wood, cardboard, or phosphorus, otherwise, the fire would not appear, because fire cannot emerge from something that does not contain it. Through its processes, fire preserves all of the existing organisms, namely, all the human species, all the animal species, and everything that is, has been, and will be.

Fire in itself is sacred.  Who is the one who knows the nature of fire? No one, is it not the truth? Life exists because of fire: even the Essence is living fire.  When that Essence, which is fire, comes into existence, then the creature is formed and is born; then, when that fire (the Essence) abandons the physical body, the body dies.  Therefore, we come into the world thanks to fire, and we leave the world when the fire abandons us.

Now then, what we the Gnostics are interested in is not the merely physical fire, but the fire of the fire, the flame of the flame, that is, the astral signature of the fire, which in itself is the Inner Christ. Only this Inner Fire, from within ourselves, can save us, by performing the final annihilation of the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior.

Now you understand how Christ and Buddha complement each other within our own selves.  Yet, there are some students that believe that Gautama the Buddha Sakyamuni is more elevated than Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, and others think that Christ is superior to Buddha.  Well, everybody is free to think whatever they please, however, I place the occultists and esotericists within the living field of these esoteric studies.

We know very well that Atman-Buddhi is the Inner Buddha, the Buddha, the Innermost; this is how it is written in the Sanskrit books. Now then, we know that Christ is the Second Logos; since the First Logos is Brahma, the Second is Vishnu (the Son) and Shiva is the Third Logos (the Holy Spirit).  Therefore, the Inner Christ, evidently and within the levels of the Being, or better said, within the levels of our Superlative and Transcendental Being, is beyond our Inner Buddha, yet they complement each other.

So, when the Solar Logos want to incarnate within the body of any human being, obviously it has to descend from its elevated sphere and penetrate within the maternal womb of our Divine Mother Kundalini (the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers) who is the Virgin of the Sea (Stella Maris), the astral signature of the sperm as it is said in Alchemy.  She is a Virgin before and after delivering, and from Her the Logos is born, and becomes humanized.

Behold for yourselves such a miracle: how from Her emerges the abstract fire and becomes humanized, and how it finally enters within the Initiate by means of the Initiation of Tiphereth, which is the Venustic Initiation.

Afterwards, Christ grows and develops within us; Christ is born amongst the animals of desire, because the initiate still has not completely reached the elimination of his “I’s.” Therefore, Christ has to develop itself within the initiate.  In the beginning, the initiate does not feel any change, yet, over time, he feels the change.  The Inner Christ is born weak, small, yet he has to grow, he has to become a grown man.  It is by means of the elimination of the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior that he grows up.

Lo and behold, how Christ, not being a sinner, is transformed into something like a sinner, since without being a sinner, as a fact, he becomes responsible for all of our mental, sexual, emotional, volitional, etc., activities.  Then, he lives as a human amongst humans, even when people do not recognize him. Thus, Christ, having conquered, has to conquer again; Christ has to live the entire Cosmic Drama within the heart of the human being, such as it is written in the Four Gospels.

So, the three traitors condemn him to death, since the multitudes of “I’s” that we carry with our interior are the ones who scream, “Crucifixia! Crucifixia! Crucifixia!”  Yes, Judas, the demon of desire is the one who exchanges the Inner Christ for all the pleasures of the world (represented by the famous thirty silver coins).  Pilate, the demon of the mind, who at any time washes his hands (as if saying with such an attitude, “I am not guilty of anything”), in other words, he betrays the Christ by always find evasiveness and justifications, and thus commands the whipping of Christ before the council, and the placement of a crown of thorns on his temples, and the flagellation of the Lord five thousand and more times.  Moreover, Caiaphas, the demon of evil will who sells the sacraments, who prostitutes the altar, who fornicates with the devotees, etc., also betrays the Inner Christ.  The whole of this is fulfilled within the internal worlds of any human being that is duly prepared.

Finally, in the Causal World, the World of Natural Causes, the Lord has to climb the Golgotha of supreme sacrifice.  Thereafter, he descends to the sepulcher, and with his death he kills death.

As he resurrects within us, we also resurrect within him, and he make us immortal. As a fact, Christ convert us into glorified Masters; Christ converts us into Masters of the degree of Morya or Kout Humi or Serapis or Hermes Trismesgistus, or Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the crude reality of the facts is that just as Buddha lives within us, likewise the Lord Christ lives within, yet beyond, within the profound interior of each one of us.

Thus, just as Gautama brought the message of Buddha, the Inner Buddha, likewise the great Kabir Jesus brought the message of the Cosmic Christ, and both complement each other, as was recognized in that Buddhist Monastery of Japan.

Therefore, it is worthwhile that we reflect upon these matters; we must be insightful, by delving within all of these issues.

Two types of Buddhas exist; yes, we know this. There exist the Transitory Buddhas and the Permanent Buddhas.

A Transitory Buddha is a Buddha who still has not achieved within himself the incarnation of the Inner Christ.

A Permanent Buddha or Buddha of Contemplation is a Buddha who has already Christified himself, a Buddha that has already received the Inner Christ within his own internal nature.  This type of Buddha is a Buddha Maitreya, since it is a Buddha who incarnated the Inner Christ (this is how the term “Maitreya” should be understood). So, Buddha Maitreya is not a person: Buddha Maitreya is a title, a degree, which indicates any given Buddha who already achieved Christification.

A long time ago, a very long time ago, I lived in China; this was during the second subrace of this great Aryan Root Race.  At that time, my name was Chou Li, and as Chou Li I entered into the “Order of the Yellow Dragon.”  While within this order, I learned their “Seven Unutterable Secrets.” Yes, I knew “The Seven Jewels of the Yellow Dragon.”

Within the Order of the Yellow Dragon, we dedicated ourselves especially to in depth meditation. A Chinese brother played a marvelous musical instrument: he made it vibrate in order to resonate the forty-nine notes. The synthesis of such a strange instrument was the Nirioosnisian Sound of the Universe. When the first note vibrated, we tried to have our mind quiet and in silence. Then, when the second note resounded, we entered into the second level of the subconsciousness.  We also confronted our “I’s” with the purpose of recriminating them and to force them to keep silence, however, if our mind did not achieve quietude, we would then recriminate our ego even more … When the third note resounded, we would then delve a little bit deeper: we directed ourselves into the third subconscious zone in order to fight against the “I’s,” in order to force them to keep silence. Thus, with each note of that mysterious instrument (the Aya Ataphan), we submerged ourselves successively within each one of the forty-nine levels of our subconsciousness, thereby fighting against the diverse psychic aggregates that we carried within our interior. Conclusion: the one who achieved to work with the forty-ninth note and had correctly worked with all of the previous ones, achieved the absolute quietude of the mind within all of the forty-nine levels of the subconsciousness: and here was when the Essence, the Buddhata, momentarily escaped from within the ego in order to precipitate itself into the Illuminated Void; thus experiencing, in this way, the Truth, Reality.

During that time, my friend Li Chang excelled in the profound science of meditation. My friend Li Chang does not live upon the face of the Earth anymore. He lives on one of the planets of Christ; this is a planet from a distant universe of this Galaxy.  There, he lives (from moment to moment) within ecstasy; there, he is happy, due to the fact that Li Chang successfully attained the Tao. But, what is the Tao? The Tao is the Being, the Tao is INRI, the Tao is the Inner Christ, and so, Li Chang received the Tao.

Within Zen Buddhist esotericism, the dialectics of mere reasoning are not in use, but instead the dialectics of the consciousness, which are different: i.e. a monk addresses his Master and interrogates him as follows: “Why did Bodhidharma come from the West?”

The Master utters the following immediate, instantaneous answer, “The cypress is in the middle of the garden…”

We might say, “Well, the answer does not coincide with the question,” since we are accustomed to the dialectics of reasoning, or formal dialectics. However, such an answer actually corresponds wisely to the dialectics of the consciousness. Listen: it does not matter where Bodhidharma came from; the truth is that Bodhidharma is everywhere.

On another occasion, the Abbot, the Master of a monastery, said to his disciples, “Ask whatever you want to ask.” Thus one disciple said, “I want to ask something.”

Then, unexpectedly, before the student could utter his question, the Master, with his reed, struck the disciple on the mouth. It is not pleasant to receive a strike on the mouth, right? Yet, this is how they act in Zen and Ch’an Buddhism. Listen: the question the disciple was going to ask was not correct.

One day a Master arrived and presented himself in the chamber of meditation. The disciples bowed before him, and rendered unto him a lot of worship and honor. Then the Master addressed them and said, “Why did you delay in doing all of this?”

Then the disciples, without foundation, answered him with all kinds of foolishness, thus the Master disqualified all of them and said, “Foolish, stubborn, get out of here, you are worthless!”

Yet, if one addresses “Gnostics” with strong words, the younger brethren’s psychological “I” reacts terribly.  This is discouraging indeed.

All of you need to learn what the cross of the esoteric discipline is. In Zen, discipline is a cross, yet this discipline that exists in Zen goes to the depths: it goes to the Inner Buddha of each one of us.

Here, another example: Having the longing to know something about Satori, with the longing to experience Satori, to attain, at least once, an experience of the Illuminated Void, a student asked the Master inside the temple, “Master, what is the Illuminated Void?”

The answer of the Master was nothing else than a very fast and terrible kick to the disciple’s abdomen! Thus, the wretched disciple fell and passed out on the floor: yet he experienced the Illuminated Void.  Thus, when the disciple returned from that state and got up, instead of losing his time with reactions, he hugged the Master, and filled with happiness, said to him, “Finally, I experienced the Illuminated Void!”

Fortunately, the Master did not finish his teaching there: he fulfilled his duty by strongly slapping the face of his disciple. When a disciple attains the experience of Satori and filled with joy (still imbibed within that state of ecstasy) presents himself before the Master, then the Master has to take him out of that state with a slap. Indeed, otherwise (as they say) the student could get “the sickness of Satori,” in other words, the disciple might remain ill for the rest of his life. Thus, in order for this not to happen, the Master returns the disciple to his sensual senses with a strong slap.

So, behold for yourselves how Zen Buddhism goes directly to the Essence, to the Consciousness, to the Inner Buddha of each one of us, and this is transcendental in its depths.

How can I explain to you this matter about the dialectic of the consciousness? In which way? Well, let us observe a chick when it still is within the eggshell. When the chick is ready to come out of the egg, as usual the hen helps the chick. The hen assists her chick with her beak: she strikes the eggshell a few times with her beak, and this is how the hen helps the chick to come out. Likewise, when the disciple is mature enough for the experience of Satori, the Master helps him (even with a kick, as we illustrated clearly).  This might seem very harsh, yet in Zen this is a reality; this is how sometimes the Master assists the chick (disciple) that is ready to come out of the eggshell.

Anyhow, this is the unique Zen and Ch’an language that goes directly to the consciousness and this is what is transcendental; that is their dialectic.  It is not formal dialectics: no it is not such a type of dialectic, but rather, the dialectics of the consciousness. This is very clear.

We must learn how to see within our own selves; we need to learn to see inside our own interior nature; thus when we achieve it, we will become Buddhas.

How are we going to learn to see into our interior nature, in which way? Well, first of all, by developing the capacity of psychological observation. As one is psychologically self-observing his self, one is seeing his own “I’s,” his inhuman psychological aggregates; thereafter, one can eliminate, disintegrate, and pulverize them with the help of our Devi Kundalini Shakti, because without the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers, it is impossible to disintegrate our “I’s.”

Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to see into our own interior nature in order to become Buddhas; this is obvious when we talk about something important and transcendental.

Now then, on another occasion, a Zen Master was invited to give a sermon at the Buddhist Pagoda; thus, all the monks were waiting. Finally, the Master arrived. He looked at all of them, turned his back to them, and withdrew to his cell. Then, the monks who were the most interested in listening to his sermon and who invited the whole brotherhood to attend went to him to complain. The Master’s answer was: “An expert on Shastras can teach you Shastras, and an expert on any other religious scripture can perhaps teach you; yet, I am a Zen Master.”

That was his unique answer, in which he said everything. Yet, you do not understand this type of language, because you are accustomed to formal logic or dialectical logic, and Zen is a different language.

What did this Zen Master tell them? What did he say? Listen, he said: “Gentlemen, you must learn to listen to yourselves. Search for your Innermost; search within your own selves, since within yourselves is everything.” This is what the Zen Master meant.

Here, I am giving you these explanations because you are accustomed to formal logic, yet, if I was in Japan, any given Zen Master would strongly yank my ear and I would endure a small reprimand with the yanking of my ear; why? Because it would be said that I am “castrating the teachings.” Yes, this is what they call “the castration of the teachings,” since it is necessary to capture or apprehend the meaning with the dialectics of the consciousness.

Therefore, continuing ahead with this subject, we see that it is impossible to reach the degree of Buddha if one has not eliminated the undesirable elements from within one’s self. Thus, the Transitory Buddha is still fighting, because he or she has not yet dissolved the ego; this one is a Buddha with egotistical residues, while the Permanent Buddha is the one who already christified his Self.

Hence, Buddha and Christ are intimately related: these are two factors within our own selves.

In the future, I will have to go to Asia in order to accomplish a great mission; at that time, I will have to teach unto humanity the necessity to fuse the Buddhist and Christic teachings, because the future religious facet of humanity will be a mixture of the best of Buddhist esotericism with the best of Christic esotericism. After all, Gnosis is Christic and Buddhist esotericism integrated.  This is why the Gnostic Movement it is called to perform a crucial revolution.

Of course, what we need is to liberate ourselves, to finish with the evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Likewise, it is obvious that a Buddha cannot exist without having previously created the existential superior bodies of the Being, and in order to create them, we need to be Alchemists. A Buddha who does not possess the existential superior bodies of the Being is inconceivable. Just to consider it is an absurdity.

But, how do we create those bodies?  First of all, it is convenient that you put due attention to this doctrine, because this teaching is precious.

We need, therefore, to know the mysteries of the Great Work: we need to know how to elaborate the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy; yes, this is something imperative.

What is the Mercury? Do you know? Why is it said that the Initiate has to wear the Boots of Mercury?  To clarify this, I tell you that the Mercury is the metallic soul of the sperm, and that the Mercury in itself is very sacred.  But, how is the Mercury elaborated? Well, this is the unutterable secret that all of the Medieval Alchemists kept silence about.

Is it urgent to elaborate it? Yes, it is, and here I am going to give to you the clue: obviously, the clue is precisely the Arcanum A.Z.F.  Here is where the clue is hidden; within those three letters is the clue of the Great Arcanum, namely, the “A” (Aqua, water) refers to that Metallic Water, to that “Metallic Radical Number” or Exiohehari, in other words, the glandular sexual secretions, the sacred sperm. The “F” is Fire, Fohat, because without fire, the “A,” the pure waters of life, the Mercury of the Great Work, cannot be elaborated.

The water in itself is the Mercury, the “Metallic Radical Number” that we need to learn to sublimate.  Yet, first of all, it is necessary to know the secret of how the existential superior bodies of the Being are created. Unquestionably, the secret is an artifice that is very easy: very simple, yet grandiose.

The living secret for the preparation of the Mercury is called, when speaking in Latin language, “secretum secretorum.”  Here, I will not use vulgar terminology for this theme; now I will justly say that the connection of the Lingam-Yoni within the Perfect Matrimony is necessary, and the cup of Hermes Trismesgistus (the three times great God Ibis of Thoth) must never in life be spilled; to be exact, so that you can understand me, the Mercury is elaborated by avoiding the physiological orgasm.

The Mercury is the metallic soul of the sperm; understand, it is the metallic soul. Allow me to illustrate this better: there are three types of Mercury. The “First Mercury” is called the Brute Azoth or the Sperm, the “Second Mercury” is called the Metallic Soul of the Sperm, and the “Third Mercury” is called Mercury plus Sulfur (Mercury fecundated by Fire). To conclude, the Mercury is the Metallic Soul of the Sperm and the Sulfur is the Sacred Fire.

However, something is missing. In organic physiology, we find that Salt also exists and that this must also be sublimated by means of all the Tantric operations within the laboratory.

So, it is necessary to carefully study this subject matter. Unquestionably, when the sacred sperm is transmuted into creative energy, this rises to the brain through a pair of sympathetic cords that exist in our organic anatomy.

Understand that what must rise through these ganglionic cords towards the cerebral mass are the permutated energetic currents and that this is the Mercury.  Moreover, we know that such energetic sexual currents must polarize themselves into positive and negative, into solar and lunar. Thus, when these are already polarized, they make contact in the Triveni, close to the coccyx, and here is where the Sacred Fire appears, which rises throughout the dorsal spine in the form of Sulfur.

Therefore, the Fire united with the solar and lunar currents of the Mercury ascends throughout the dorsal spine, along the Sushumna Canal (medullar canal) until reaching the brain.  As this fire ascends, it opens within our spine our own particular spiritual centers. Unquestionably, the surplus of this Third Mercury is what comes to crystallize as the existential superior bodies of the Being, and this is how the permutation of our selves into Buddhas happens.

Let us now focus our attention on the Third Mercury. Sulfur and Salt exist within the Third Mercury.

What is the nebula within the infinite space?  It is a mixture of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury.  If we dissolve any metal of the Earth, it is reduced to Salt, Sulfur and Mercury.  Everything that exists in any creation has it source in the Salt, Sulfur and Mercury; this is obvious.

Therefore, any nebula has Salt, Sulfur and Mercury.  The nebula is the Archeus of the Greeks; from this Archeus emerge the worlds that afterwards rotate around their gravitational centers.  Thus, if in starry space an Archeus is necessary for the universe so that the worlds can sprout into existence, likewise it is the same here below in the microcosmos; here, within our organism, it is necessary to create an Archeus, a very special nebula with Salt, Sulfur and Mercury.

Thus, precisely, we extract these substances from our endocrine sexual glands, so that the Archeus from below (within the microcosmic human being) can be formed, so that the existential superior bodies of the Being can be born from it.

Normally, the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Si vibrate in the sex, however, if we pass them to another superior octave, then the Archeus comes to crystallize into the Astral Body; and in another superior octave the Archeus crystallizes into the Mental Body; and in another even more superior octave the Archeus crystallizes into the Body of Conscious Will.  Again, this is how the permutation of our selves into Buddhas happens.

Do you have questions?

Q. Master, what consequences can we generate if we fake that we possess virtues?

A. To fake virtues?  Well, when we fake that we possess virtues, the consequences that we generate are those that you see in the hypocritical Pharisees:  those who bless their food when their sit at the table; those who make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess, those who are like unto whitened sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness; those who feel that they are pure, even when from within they are rotten. They are those who believe they are righteous when indeed they have nothing that can be called virtues; they only possess false jewels, and that is all. The Pharisee “I” is born by means of the putting a lot of strength into the simulation of virtues.

Q. When we achieve the perception of an “I”, i.e. the “I” of lust, yet we are afraid to confront this lust, what then can we do?

A. Then, we have to terminate the “I” of fear.  Yes, when one feels fear towards anything, then such a fear, such a fright, must be dissolved, since this is another “I.”  There are people who are afraid of consciously projecting themselves at will out of their physical bodies. What happens to them?   Their “I” of fear does not allow them to do it.  What must they do in order for that fear to leave them?  Well, they must terminate such an “I” of fear, obviously. So, as we are working upon our self, as we are self-observing determined elements, we are being informed. We perceive the “I’s” through the sense of psychological self-observation that is developed in this way; yet if one is afraid, then one has to dissolve the “I” of fear.

Q. Can Gnosis be considered a religion?

A. Gnosis is the flame from where all religions sprouted, because in its depth Gnosis is religion. The word “religion” comes from the Latin word “religare,” which implies “to link the Soul to God”; so Gnosis is the very pure flame from where all religions sprout, because Gnosis is Knowledge, Gnosis is Wisdom.  This is how Gnosis must be understood.

Q. Master, regarding the ego that each one of us possesses, do we bring this ego at the very moment when we come into the world? I ask this because I have noticed that we like to be egocentrics even since childhood.

A. Unquestionably, we bring many “I’s” when we come into the world, yet we always create new “I’s”: some “I’s” die and some “I’s” are born.  Indeed, within us, new “I’s” are always being born while other “I’s” are dying.  Many times, even a tempest, rain, or strong sunshine can produce enough contrariety in us so that a new “I” can be born, and this is the crude reality of facts.  Thus, we have within the depth of ourselves “I’s” that we do not even remotely suspect that we have. For example, how could an honest person, who has never stolen even a single cent from anyone, accept that he or she has in their depth many “I’s” of thievery?  Or how could a person who has never assassinated anyone, who has never hurt anyone, not even with their finger, admit that in their depth have some homicidal “I’s”? Or how could a righteous woman, a good spouse, a magnificent citizen, against whom no one can say anything wrong about her conduct, about her rectitude, admit that within her depths she has a crowd of “I’s” related with prostitution?  Nevertheless, this how it is.  It is lamentable to tell you that in the depths of each one of us is profound darkness, which we are living in the most frightful, unconscious state of the universe, thus living like miserable robots.

Q. Master, since we are limited to the Ego and the personality, can you give us a clue by means of which we can know, by our own selves, what is the true path?

A. We have already precisely talked about this, we have already indicated it. I told you that we must have an order in our psychological work and that such a precise order or method must be established by our own particular inner profound Being.

First of all, we must begin by self-observing our own self, this way, we self-discover our own selves and thus, we comprehend and fight for the dissolution of the “I”s that we are discovering.  Thus, as time passes, we become more aware that all of those “I”s that we are discovering, form a part of a program that has been established within our own self by our Inner Being; yes, our Being is the one who directs such an order and from the beginning to the end, it is our Inner Being who programs the entire psychological work extraordinarily. When we become aware of all of this, then that which we might call Work Memory is formed within our mind.  Therefore, the one who has dissolved his “I”s completely can write a book perfectly (with its chapters very well-structured) related to each of the parts of the psychological work.  So, the Work Memory that is formed as we work upon ourselves is very interesting.

Q. How do we nourish our will?

A. Which will are you referring to, because we have many wills. Each “I” has its own will, since each “I” is a complete person with its three brains: namely, intellectual, emotional, and motor-instinctual-sexual brains.  Each “I” has its own mind, criterion, ideas, emotions, and will.  Therefore, if each “I” has its own will, then these wills clash amongst themselves, originating terrible inner conflicts within ourselves. Thus, in order to acquire an authentic will, here and now, we solely need to destroy the ego.  So, the day in which your Essence becomes liberated, then you will have a liberated consciousness endowed with a sovereign will in order to command the fire, air, waters and earth.  Moses could command the elements of nature because he had eliminated his ego and liberated his will, a sovereign will capable of unleashing plagues over the land of Egypt, and of liberating his people.  However, when a person has not yet liberated his own will, he has not yet taken possession of himself. To that end, the authentic will emerges from within only when the ego has died.

Q. Master, in what psychological state must we find a person who longs for Self-realization?

A. He or she must be found precisely in the state of self-observation, which is the case of a person that has already realized that he or she has a particular psychology; since, normally, people do not acknowledge it. They acknowledge that they have a physical body because they perceive it with their sensual mind, yet they do not acknowledge that they have a particular psychology, and therefore they do not observe themselves.  So, when someone acknowledges that he or she has a particular psychology, then as matter of fact, this person begins to self-observe him or herself, and therefore, the state in which they are is always the state of alert perception, alert novelty, since, if they are not in such a state, they cannot self-observe themselves.

Q. On the esoteric path, can we receive any other help besides the help that our real Innermost grants to us?

A. Yes, of course; the Divine Mother Kundalini will help you to disintegrate errors.  Besides the particular, individual Divine Mother, the Father who is in secret will guide you in the work, and many of the other parts of your Being will do something for you, i.e. your own particular Minerva, the individual Minerva, that part of the Being that cultivates sapience, will give you the necessary wisdom that you need, if you persevere.

Q. Master, when Christ was asked “What is the truth?” he turned his back and walked away, yet he also said that he was “the way, the truth and the life.” Is there any contradiction in this?

A. First of all, Christ did not turn his back and walk away; he just kept silence before Pilate.  The one who turned his back and walked away was the Buddha Shakyamuni.

Undoubtedly, when Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” it was not the human person who said it, but the Inner Christ. Unquestionably, the one who works upon his own self and advances in that way, will on some day among many be assisted by the Inner Christ. The Christ in itself is the truth and the way, yet Christ is not a human or divine individual.  Christ is a force just as the force of gravity or electric energy or universal cohesion.

Christ emerges from within, not from without.  Therefore, those who await the second coming of Christ from without are very mistaken.  Christ will come from within, from the Spirit, from the Consciousness, from within the depths of our own Soul. When we incarnate Christ, he then enters within our temple (which is the physical body) in order to help us in our psychological work.  He then takes possession of our mental, volitional, sexual, etc., processes. Christ becomes a human among humans and fights in order to disintegrate all of the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior; yes, he fights against our own egos as if these were part of his own self. In other words, not being a sinner, he will look like a sinner; not being an indweller of darkness, he will look as if he is one; he will become a person of bones and flesh in order to liberate us.  Then, one day among many, he will have to climb to the Golgotha of supreme sacrifice in order to give his life so that other can live.  Finally, within the heart of the one who has him incarnated, Christ must die, because with his death he kills the death.  Thereafter, Christ resurrects within that human being and the human being resurrects within him and glorification arrives.

However, no one can receive the Inner Christ if he or she does not work upon themselves, therefore:

Uselessly Christ in Bethlehem was born

If within our heart his birth is forlorn.

His crucifixion, death, and resurrection on the third day from among the dead were in vain,

Unless his crucifixion, death, and resurrection, be set up within each one of us again.

Resurrection must be attained, now, in bones and flesh, alive, here and now.  Those who think that the Resurrection is in a remote future are mistaken; those who think that the Resurrection is for all the human beings are very far from the truth, since Resurrection is not for everybody, and can only be attained if we truly decide to psychologically die within ourselves here and now. Again, Christ comes to us from within and when we are very much ahead in this very difficult psychological work.

Q. Master, much has been spoken about the coming of the antichrist, yet indeed, who is the antichrist?

A. The antichrist is now here living amongst humanity, and is making a gigantic crusade in all of the countries of the world. Namely, the antichrist speaks through millions of people, invents rockets that even reach the moon, invents ultrasonic airplanes, drugs that as “medicine” produce portentousness, etc.  Understand that the antichrist is precisely the contrary of the Inner Christ: in other words, the antichrist is the animal ego, which, with its sparkling and terrible mind, victoriously develops. Behold, how the entire world kneels before the antichrist and says, “There is no one like unto the antichrist.” The antichrist of false science performs marvels and the entire world reverently kneels before him.  Millions of people say, “Who is like the antichrist?  Who is capable of doing what he does?” The scientists of the antichrist hate the Eternal One.

Q. How can the poor conciliate the two polarities, I mean, to conciliate the economical situation with the matters related with the consciousness?

A. Well, this matter about the psychological work is completely different.  It is convenient to know how to educate so that the poor can be liberated. If we observe the poor, we will see indubitably that the poor are living in an infrahuman state. Some time ago I was observing a group of “Parachutists” (a Mexican term for those who invade private estate properties) who in the capital of Mexico had unexpectedly expropriated some private land. The place they expropriated was close to my home, thus, I decided to observe them from the balcony of my home. They had an infrahuman life. They lived always inebriated. In the colony where I lived, we very seldom saw a police patrol, yet since those “Parachutists” invaded the place, the police patrols started to circulate very often in the neighborhood.  Previously, we never witnessed any blood incident, yet with them around, these became frequent. They always lived fighting amongst themselves, treating each other very badly instead of sharing, in the midst of their own suffering, as good neighbors, instead of treating each other as brothers and sisters. I thought that if one of these people changed their Level of Being, how different this person could become.  However, in order for them to make a step ahead in their Level of Being, unquestionably, they would have to receive the information from someone who would have the amiability of descending to them to explain the way they could change their Level of Being, the way in which they could pass to a higher Level of Being.

A person can pass into a higher Level of Being if, already aware of this psychological work, he will decide to eliminate his or her inhuman defects, to eliminate his or her psychological errors. Yet, unquestionably, if his or her errors are eliminated, he or she will move out of the level with respect to those who live with them; yet, by means of the law of affinities, they would become in contact with other types of people with the same Level of their Being. They would be in contact with another type of human who would bring new opportunities to them, and then help them to abandon that level of poverty and therefore live better.

Thus, the poor can stop being miserable by changing their Level of Being and thus entering into another - better - economical situation. This demands years of psychological work within our own selves. Thus, what we need is to educate those people who live in disgrace.

Q. Besides the economical necessities of those people, there also exist ignorance, thus, in order for them to acquire the Gnostic teachings, it is necessary that the one who will instruct them has a great deal of patience, right?

A. Yes, a great deal of patience is necessary, and indeed, I would like you to have such patience and to instruct those poor people, so that they can start working upon themselves psychologically and thus pass to a higher Level of Being.

Understand that the Level of Being of each one of us brings the type of life that we have, i.e. we find a cow in a stable, since its Level of Being brings that to her life as a cow; yet, if we take that cow and bring her to a luxurious apartment and we perfume her, and dress her with satin, even in that luxurious apartment that animal will continue to be a cow, because the Level of Being of every creature brings its own particular type of life.  We can take a person of an inferior inhuman Level of Being, who lives in disgrace, and we dress this person as best we can and afterwards we take them to Buckingham Palace, so that they can live next to Queen Elizabeth, yet unquestionably, according to his or her Level of Being, this person will bring their own type of life into Buckingham Palace, and we can be absolutely sure that in very few days this person will be in conflict, having problems with the butlers, etc.

Therefore, the Level of Being of each person brings his or her own type of life. So, if we pass to another higher Level of Being, we will bring to our life different circumstances, new ways of life, and therefore we will have a most edifying and essentially dignifying life; this is obvious.

Q. Master, what part of the Being are we?

A. Are you asking me, what part of the Being are we? Well, this is a crucial question, because as we presently are, we are not any part of the Being, we are nothing but miserable robots, programmed for this or that type of job, according with what we have studied from kindergarten, in school, etc., which have developed a false personality and a false consciousness.  Thus, the true Superlative Consciousness of our Being has been displaced, the wretched has been cornered there, within the depths, in oblivion.

Therefore, we are robots, machines, which are controlled by unknown forces, by the “I’s” - and our inner, profound Being, with all of its sublime parts, are beyond, very much beyond the unconscious machine, much, much beyond the miserable robot.  What can a robot know about its Being?  What can the sensual mind know about the diverse parts of the Being and its functionalisms? Nothing!

Therefore, let us begin to self-explore ourselves in order to evidence by ourselves the crude reality of what we are; thus, only like this, indeed, can we reach the most pure parts of the Being.