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the great red dragon and the woman clothed with the sun

The End Times Have Arrived

Distinguished brothers and sisters of our Gnostic movement, I am addressing you.

The time has come to work intensively for the great work of the father. Remember, my esteemed brothers and sisters, that the times of the end have arrived...

In the causal world, I was investigating the future that awaits our planet Earth. Unquestionably, the outlook is bleak. I want to tell you clearly that the whole of humanity will have to go through a great cataclysm...

When I was observing in the world of natural causes, I could see our planet surrounded by twelve tremendous giants. Undoubtedly, these represented the twelve constellations of the zodiac. They looked like twelve black titans, a vivid physiognomy of the hatred that currently reigns over the face of our afflicted planet...

Obviously, the zodiacal karma that we have is terrible. And as I looked into the pure Akasha, I could also understand that there will be an extraordinary event, a horrifying event, a cosmic catastrophe...

People from other worlds will come with their ships to take pictures of the great tragedy. They will want to preserve in their museums, in their libraries, the living memories of a perverse humanity that was punished.

Observing, in space, delicious music, a tragic symphony communicated to me in detail all that must happen before the final cataclysm. That music, that symphony, although beautiful, contained, in itself, a tragic content: it told me that before the cataclysm and for all these times, there will be wars and rumors of wars; unknown diseases, never seen before; revolutions of blood and liquor, human beings will rise up against each other and everyone against everyone; barbarism will multiply everywhere, there will be unspeakable crimes and evil (from these very moments in which we are speaking), will go from bad to worse, from worse to worse...

On the day of the great catastrophe, my dear brothers and sisters, everything will really be devastated...

A gigantic world has been sailing through infinite space; scientists believe that it is a crazy world, dislocated from any other planetary system, that planet will make a strong magnetic collision with ours by the year 2400 or so. The venerable great White Lodge has told me that this magnetic collision will be exactly in the year 2500. But before that date, everything will be pain, bitterness; We cannot expect anything good now.

As that planet gets closer and closer, raging waves, never seen before, will hit the beaches; the radiations will burn everything that has life. There will be an instant (and all the best prophets know this) when that planet will be between the sun and the Earth. So, there will be a night, yes, produced by an eclipse that will last several days; night of fright and horror like no one has ever seen before.

The increasing magnetic approach of that gigantic mass will attract the liquid fire from the interior of the Earth towards the surface, and volcanoes will erupt wherever they want. This will be accompanied by terrible earthquakes and large tidal waves.

The most powerful cities will fall in ruins like houses of cards and there will be no remedy; atomic radiation will infect the entire planet Earth. And finally, the closest approach of that mass will cause the planetary hydrogen deposit to explode and, as in an igneous holocaust, our world will burn.

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the Earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” – 2 Peter 3: 10

When finally the two planetary masses magnetically collide, there will be no one alive.

We are, then, my dear brothers and sisters, at the beginning of the end. Everything that was written about the "apocalypse" of Saint John is for these times, do not forget it.

On a certain occasion, my Divine Mother Kundalini, proceeded to speak and told me, "Everything is already lost. The evil in the world is so great that it has already reached heaven. Babylon, the great, the mother of all fornications and abominations of the Earth will be destroyed, and of all this perverse civilization of vipers not one stone will remain upon another..."

Amazed, I questioned her, saying, "So, we are facing a dead-end alley, mother of mine?"

She replied, "Do you want to make a deal with me?"

"Yes, mother of mine!" I answered in the affirmative manner.

So, she told me, "You open the dead end, and I will kill them..."

Reflect on what I am saying, my dear brothers and sisters. For the Divine Mother kundalini (in her third aspect, as terror of love and law), in order to speak in this way, there must be something very terrible, something terrifying, and evil must have reached the height of heights.

I remember that, after having talked with the beloved in that way, some initiated ladies who had reached the second birth passed by us (it is clear that they had manufactured the superior existential bodies of the Being and radiated light), but they did not even bow before the Divine Mother, much less greet me, who is worth nothing. My mother said, "I will have to examine these carefully," these twice-born from this day and age.

I told her, "Yes, these ladies still preserve within themselves remains of the great whore whose number is 666." They have not completely dissolved the ego...

Later, some masters near us bowed reverently. After they continued their march, my mother told me, "These are children of the sun!"

"That is how it is!" I replied.

After those days, my dear brothers and sisters, I saw confirmed the words of devi kundalini shakti: Pakistan gave a million dead at that time. Terrible cyclones and earthquakes produced such a great catastrophe. In those days, Peru gave 70 thousand deaths with the earthquakes that occurred, and a black and pestilential water gushed from the interior of the Earth.

As time has gone by, I have also been verifying the words of devi kundalini shakti: earthquakes multiply; at this moment, Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, has been destroyed. It is impossible to know how many deaths there have been. The press has said that 5,000 and other times that 20,000. The corpses are under the ruins, and they stink; it has been decided to burn the corpses. The government has ordered all the inhabitants to evacuate the city.

That's the way things are, my dear brothers and sisters...

The war in Vietnam intensifies; the United States of America has wiped out entire villages in the Viet Cong; the Middle East is burning: no settlement has been possible between the Jews and the Arabs; everywhere, difficulties increase and hatred multiplies incessantly.

Time goes by and we are also confirming, one by one, all the prophecies: those that were made in ancient times and those that have been made by me in the present. Given all these things, my dear brothers and sisters, we have launched ourselves to form the world salvation army with the purpose of opening the dead-end alley.

Do you want to take advantage of it? Do you want to be part of this army? Are you willing to take advantage of the step that we are going to open in that dead-end alley? There is no other remedy: either you take advantage of it or you don't take advantage of it. If you take advantage of it, better for you. If you do not take advantage of it, you will have to go through the great calamity. You will have to solve it, my dear brothers and sisters.

Many of you will say to yourself: "Well, if the event is to happen in the year 2,500, what matters to science and what matters to us?" This is how those whose consciousness is asleep think. Wake up please. Wake up! Those who now live will live in the year 2,500; and the bodies you currently have will perish but in the year 2,500 you will have new bodies. And you will witness the great catastrophe and perish in it.

You could also object to me: "we must somehow die, so what?" No, it is not just about physical death, my dear brothers and sisters. It is obvious that all those who perish in the great calamity that is coming, in the magnetic collision of planets that will come, will enter to devolve within the infradimensions of nature and the cosmos.

I want you to know that the infernal worlds exist under the epidermis of the Earth, and that terrible descending devolutional processes also exist there; those who enter the infernal worlds have to devolve in time, passing through animalic, vegetaloid and finally mineraloid states.

It is not pleasant at all to live in these infernal regions. Normally, humanoids dwell there, or live there for the space of 8,000 to 10,000 years. Only the perverse, too perverse, that is, the Hitlers, the Mussolinis, the black tantrics, the magicians of the left hand, etc., etc., can live entire mahamanvantaras in the infernal worlds before their final disintegration.

The time there is terribly painful and extremely long. In those regions the laws multiply and life becomes frighteningly complicated and bitter. Tedium, pain, materiality, rudeness, the most frightening suffering, reigns there...

Reflect, brothers and sisters! It is true that those who dwell there finally come to the second death. Yes, we do not ignore it. It is also true that from there they escape through the second death, because there the ego disintegrate, and the essence, that is, the soul (the best, the most worthy, the most decent that we carry inside), emerges, comes to the surface, under the light of the sun, to restart the day, to return to a new evolution, to start a new march that has to begin with the mineral, continue with the vegetable, continue with the animal and then, finally, reconquer the humanoid state that was once lost.

But I tell you, brothers and sisters, it is not at all pleasant to live 8,000 or 10,000 years devolving in the outer darkness where you can only hear crying and gnashing of teeth. think about this, my dear brothers and sisters!...

It is better that we form the world salvation army, that we cooperate for the common good. It seems to me that all united we can work in the great work of the father. It seems to me that all of us united can take advantage of this dead-end alley that I am currently opening.

Those who do not perish in the great tragedy, in the great catastrophe, will be saved. I am not referring to merely physical salvation, but also spiritual salvation (they will avoid entering such dark regions after death). Those who do not perish, those who know how to take advantage of the dead-end alley that we are now opening, will be taken to another world, to another planet in space, before the final catastrophe.

What I am telling you, my dear brothers and sisters, I know from direct information from the venerable great White Lodge. Blessed are those who know how to take advantage of the opportunity offered to them. Those, after some time, after a more or less long period of time has passed, which may last a few eons of years, will be brought back to this planet, but to a planet already transformed. To a planet where only love and wisdom will exist. To a planet that will have changed completely, with a new physiognomy, new seas, new mountains; that is, they will be brought to the "future Jerusalem" of which the "apocalypse" of Saint John tells us…

“And I saw a new heaven and a new Earth: for the first heaven and the first Earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” – Revelation 21: 1

Remember that Peter also spoke to us about:

“Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” – 2 Peter 3: 13

Those who are saved will live the future sixth root race. Yes, and I want you to understand it.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, choose the path.

Brothers and sisters, help us and help yourselves! Let's go among all of us to form the world salvation army! Let's all go through towns and mountains, through cities and villages, advocating the verb of the Aquarian Era, broadcasting the gospel of this new age to the four winds!

The more you work for your fellowmen, the more people you bring into our ranks, the better for you, because you will be rewarded.

Remember that the one who gives receives, and the more one gives the more one receives; that is the law. But the one who gives nothing, receives nothing...

Sacrifice yourselves for humanity, offer your lives on the altar of the supreme sacrifice for all living beings. Thus, my dear brothers and sisters, you will walk along the path, along the rocky path that will lead you to authentic, legitimate happiness.

So far, my words, my dear gnostic brothers and sisters.

Questions and Answers

Student: Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor: We are going to take advantage of the opportunity of your presence to ask you to clarify the matter of meat. Initially, in your first books, you said that it was totally forbidden to eat meat, and now, in your latest book, entitled The Mystery of the Golden Flower, you advise us to eat meat. So, which system do we have to follow?

Samael Aun Weor: With the greatest pleasure I will give an answer to our brother and to all Gnostic movement. Undoubtedly, my dear brothers and sisters, I have experimented with the vegetarian system...

The specific case of a poor emaciated dog comes to mind right now...

On a certain occasion, being totally fanaticized by the vegetarian system, I also wanted to turn this poor and unfortunate animal into a vegetarian. Undoubtedly, yes, he learned his lesson and, when he learned it, he died. I observed in detail all the symptoms of the disease, just as it happened. So, I started my experiments...

Later, being in the republic of El Salvador, when I wanted to go up a rather steep, perpendicular street, I sweated terribly. I was in a state of frightful weakness. My body began to show the same symptoms as the dog of my experiment.

Here, in the capital city of Mexico, I met the director of an ashram, a German, an unbearable vegetarian fanatic. He showed the symptoms of the dog, too, and, little by little, I watched him fade until he died.

I also met another gentleman named Lavagni, who was dedicated to yoga and astrology, an unbearable fanatic vegetarian. He weakened his body just like the dog; he presented the same symptoms of that poor emaciated dog, who always sat at the dusty door by the side of the road, to contemplate the people who passed by... The astrologer of whom I have spoken to you died and that was unfortunate... I heard of another gentleman as well who exhibited the same symptoms as the dog and died...

Someone called me later to do a magnetic healing. It was a very important person: a lady of some prestige, another fanatic vegetarian. Bedridden, she fainted the unhappy one. And when I told her about the vegetarian system and about the symptoms of the dog, and when I told her that all the fanatical vegetarians I had ever met were gradually weakening until they died, she asked me what were those symptoms, that she wanted to know them. My answer was, "The same ones that you are presenting at the moment..."

The lady, possibly, had already understood her question and always separated herself, therefore, from her “kitchen co-religionists” (I say that, in quotation marks, because many have made vegetarianism a kitchen religion). And she went on to tell me that, then, secretly, where her religious companions in the kitchen would not notice, the unfortunate woman did not stop eating, now, her good little piece of fish meat, etc., etc., hiding, yes, the dishes immediately when one of her dining companions showed up. She verified, therefore, ad nauseam that the few vegetarians who lived here, in the capital city of Mexico, and had sustained themselves for years with their regimen, were not radically vegetarian. In secret, where no one would see them, they ate their little bits of meat or fish, etc., etc. Reflect on this, brothers and sisters, because this is quite interesting...

Obviously, we know that there is a law called "the eternal common-cosmic trogoautoegocrat law". This law comes from the eternal omnipresent and omnipenetrating Okidanock.

I want you to know that the law of the eternal common-cosmic trogoautoegocrat law has two factors: to swallow and to be swallowed; mutual reciprocal feeding of all organisms. “The big fish will always swallow the small one”, and all organisms live on all organisms. And no matter how vegetarian we are, the day when we pass away, our physical body will be swallowed by worms, according to the eternal common-cosmic trogoautoegocrat law.

Thus, vegetarianism in fact contradicts that great law of the eternal common-cosmic trogoautoegocrat. That law unfolds according to the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock, that is, according to the law of seven, and also according to the law of the holy Triamatzikamno, that is, according to the law of three. We are, therefore, clarifying laws...

The inhabitants of Venus, who are very advanced, much more advanced than earthlings, who are in tune with the infinite cosmos, eat fish meat and fruits. So, they are not vegetarian.

Why do earthlings now want to correct the law, to correct the design of the demiurge architect of the universe?

Reflect, brothers and sisters! I don't want to tell you to become fanatical carnivores, because that would be going to the other extreme...

Student: We are going to take advantage, so that it is a little clearer, of what you tell us about the law of Enoch, that in the springtime we should not eat meat, because it is highly influenced, highly charged with the sexual forces of animals. However, in the south, spring is at a different time. So, what will be the right time, in spring or after Easter, on Good Friday?

Samael Aun Weor: With the greatest pleasure I will give an answer here, to our brother and, through him, to all our Gnostic brothers and sisters in the south hemisphere. Undoubtedly, in the spring life is vigorous and active, and the animal impulse is very powerful. Animal passions, for this reason, are unleashed and, obviously, meat is also highly charged with the inferior animal psychic principle. 

In South America, the seasons are reversed. This does not invalidate our claims.

In the spring of South America, similar phenomena occur to those that occur in the spring of the northern hemisphere.

This is not means to say, definitely, that you cannot taste some of the meat in the spring. I said, in a very marked way, that what happens is that, at that time, the bestial animalic principles are intensified. So, it is convenient to consume meat a little less, that's all; eat less, that's all.

Student: Only for the time of spring?

Samael Aun Weor: Only for the time of spring, of course! This clarifies what we have affirmed in some books. I have said it!

Student: Taking advantage of this opportunity, we are going to ask our venerable master Samael Aun Weor a question that many gnostic sisters have asked us. Master, why do women have to take a male body in order to reach the Venustic initiation?

Samael Aun Weor: With the greatest pleasure, I will answer the question. Certainly, the Venustic initiation is the superior octave of the initiation of fire. Normally, the initiate who has reached the fifth initiation of fire can, from that moment, enter the Venustic initiation. So, one would begin with the first Venustic initiation, the upper eighth of the first initiation of fire; would follow, second Venustic initiation, upper eighth of the second initiation of fire; third Venustic initiation, upper eighth of the third initiation of fire; fourth Venustic initiation, upper eighth of the fourth of initiation fire; fifth Venustic initiation, upper octave of the fifth initiation of fire; then to continue with the sixth Venustic initiation, seventh Venustic initiation and eighth Venustic initiation. Upon reaching the eighth Venustic initiation, one enters the temple of the twice-born, one reaches the summit, so to speak, of the first mountain, which is the mountain of initiation.

As for the women, my dear brothers and sisters, I will give an explanation: the woman can also go through, with complete clarity, all the five initiations of fire. When the woman (and this is something that I am going to fully clarify), if her body is too worn out, heavy, old, when she can no longer carry out the great work and needs to enter the Venustic initiations, then she is given a new body more favorable for her work, a body of masculine order. Already with that vehicle, loaded with virility, she can, in fact, get into the work of the Venustic initiations; that is all.

lallegro Venus

But if the woman is still strong, young, if she has truly managed to reach the heights of adepthood in a single reincarnation, she, too, can enter Venustic initiations with that feminine body. She would not be forced, in this case, to change vehicles, with the same one she has she could enter the Venustic initiations. This is not contradictory to what I am saying. What happens is that many ladies reach the fifth initiation of fire when they are already very old, when they already have to disincarnate. So the great law gives them a masculine vehicle to continue their work. The case of Blavatsky is a concrete fact: she disincarnated when she was very old. So, she will now be given a male body so that she can enter the Venustic initiations with energy.

But I repeat: if the body is young, if the body can withstand the ordeals of initiation, if it can still transmute its creative energies, well, it can also achieve the Venustic initiations in its present existence and with the body she has; that is all.

Student: Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, we are going to take advantage, once again, of our stay in Mexico so that we can be clarified as much as possible. So, we ask the master: what is the real constitution of the human being? What is it that we should manufacture, what do we already have? What is the innermost, what is the Being?

Samael Aun Weor: I understand your concern, brother, and I also understand the concerns of all our Gnostic brothers and sisters in South America.

I consider it necessary that our works be reproduced, The Mystery of the Golden Flower and, very especially, our last work entitled The Three Mountains. There we have clearly explained what should be manufactured. Obviously, it is not Being that we must manufacture, because “the Being is the Being and the reason for the Being to be is to be the Being himself”. The Being, in himself, has no beginning of days or end of days. It is what it is, what it always has been and what it always will be.

So, what do we have to make? The various schools of thought emphasize the idea that we all possess the higher existential bodies of the Being. All the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult organizations affirm that we possess an astral body, that we have an individualized mental body and that we also possess the causal body or body of the conscious will.

Arturo Powell has written beauties about the internal bodies of the human being; Mr. Leadbeater has studied in detail the astral, the mental, the causal, bodies, etc.; Helena Petronvna Blavatsky cites such vehicles in her various works; Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel, Krumm Heller, etc., also mention such suprasensible vehicles.

The time has come for us to judge such affirmations, that (with the scalpel of constructive criticism), we undress those values ​​to see what they really have. I conceive, I clearly, I affirm, that the aforementioned authors (some of them competent researchers) have not given the complete teaching in this sense.

Mr. Leadbeater, for example, saw the astral body and affirmed it; he saw the mental and affirmed it; the causal and affirmed it. But Mr. Leadbeater saw the astral, mental and causal bodies of those people who possess them. He never stopped to judiciously analyze whether all people possess such bodies. In what work do I wonder, and I ask you, ever Mr. Leadbeater approached that problem? When did he make a discrimination, or a complete differentiation between those who have and those who do not have such vehicles? He saw that some have the vehicles, and he thought all have them. Here is his mistake. That is the same error of all occult and esoteric investigators, or better to say, pseudo-occultists and pseudo-esotericists.

Excuse me Mr. Leadbeater, but I am stating what is true. I do not mean to imply that Mr. Leadbeater was not a true clairvoyant. Nor am I denying that he was a master. Obviously he is, and I know very well Mr. Leadbeater in the superior worlds: he is quite a master! ...  

Nor am I denying the powers of the various investigators. I'm just clarifying something that hasn't been clarified. I am judiciously studying this question from a new angle, in detail, minutely. I am seeing facets that they did not see; and to affirm this, to say it, is not a destructive criticism. Rather, I want to complement my teachings with those authors.

Not all human beings, or better to say, I speak clearly, I correct the word "humans", I say, rather: not all "humanoids" possess such vehicles, by the very fact of being "humanoids" they cannot possess such vehicles.

Those vehicles belong to humans, not to "humanoids". What I am saying may hurt some suspicious ears. But you have to speak clearly. Distinguish between humans and "humanoids." Distinguish between authentic humans and "rational homunculi."

To be a legitimate human, in the fullest sense of the word, to be a real and true human, it is necessary to possess the superior existential bodies of the Being. Whoever does not possess such bodies is not a human being either. He will be a "humanoid", but not a human being; he will be a “homunculus”, but not a human.

Let us expand this concept and look at the whole of humanity. This present humanity is made up of “intellectual animals”. It's hard to find a human being...


Remember the fable of Diogenes with his lantern. He walked through all the streets of Athens looking for a human being and he did not find one...

Here, my friend Alejandro Salas says that he did find one, and that he discovered him in France: he was Marat! There is no doubt that Marat was a great initiate, that is so. That whole French Revolution group is quite interesting...

But really, it's hard to find a human. Nobody is born with an astral body, except humans. The astral body must be manufactured in the forge of the Cyclopes.

It is good to know that the sexual hydrogen Si-12 exists in the semen, in the ens seminis, in the sacred sperm. Learning to transmute the ens seminis into creative energy is essential. Knowing how to transmute, let's say, that sexual hydrogen Si-12 is urgent. When we transmute the semen entity, we then manufacture the astral body. The sexual hydrogen Si-12 first comes to saturate the organic cells and then takes concrete and definitive form in the astral body.

Once we have made such a precious vehicle, it becomes essential to have an individual mind. The "intellectual humanoid" has no individual mind. He has "minds" and that is different.

Speaking like this, I want you to reflect, many have considered the ego as something divine, subliminal, ineffable. There is a talk about the subliminal “I” of Miers, the ego is placed on all altars, it is divinized, it is deified. But in truth, brothers and sisters, I tell you that the ego is a sum of psychic aggregates, a set of devil-I’s that personify our desires, our emotions, our passions, etc. Each of these egos, each of these psychic aggregates, have their own particular "mind".

So, obviously, we do not have an individual mind, but a set of "minds", and that is different.

When the ego of anger predominates at a certain moment, the individual thinks in an angry way. Everything he conceives he believes to be the last and the last word. When he covets, he makes plans and projects, etc., etc., and he thinks he is the only one. When he is full of jealousy, he says: “I am jealous”, and he believes, he feels that it is the last word. Each ego that manifests itself at a given moment in our organism, believes to be the last, the ultimate, the definitive, but there is no such...

Each one of these egos has its "mind" and, for this reason, we all are full of contradictions. As soon as we affirm a thing, we deny it. As soon as we swear allegiance before the altar of gnosis, we violate that loyalty. As soon as we swear love to another person, we withdraw. Conclusion: where is the individuality of the mind?

Each “I” has its own “mind”, its own ideas, its own criteria; and all these egos, within the body, fight incessantly against each other and all against all. All these egos want each to control the organic machine. So where is the individuality of the mind? There is no mind but "minds".

We need to manufacture a mental body, and this is possible through the transmutation of the sacred sperm into energy. When we transmute the sexual hydrogen Si- 12 then we manage to manufacture that mental body. Thus, and only thus, we come to have an individual mind.

Much later, it becomes necessary to have a causal body, a body of the cognizant will. All "humanoid" beings do nothing but suffer. Really people are victims of circumstances, no one knows how to determine circumstances, they all are victims of circumstances. When one develops the body of the cognizant will, one can determine the circumstances, one can originate a new order of things, one is the responsible owner of one’s actions, not before; before one is irresponsible.

Thus, my dear brothers and sisters, once one has manufactured the existential bodies of the Being, then yes, one can afford to incarnate that subtle principle called "human soul"; and only in this way do we really come to become human beings with soul, true individuals, legitimate individuals, authentic humans, real human beings.

Observe the panorama of all things: the only thing we see in the world are irresponsible creatures, "intellectual animals", "rational humanoids". It is rare to find a real human, an authentic human.

In the internal worlds we can realize who possesses the superior existential bodies of the Being and who does not. So, again, it is not the Being that we need to manufacture. The Being is the Being and he is eternal, there is no need to manufacture him. What we need is to create the superior existential bodies for the Being, and that is different. Understood?

Student: Master, what about the process of embodying or receiving or connecting with the three superior principles Atman, Buddhi Manas? What is the human soul and what is the divine soul?

Samael Aun Weor: I am going to answer this question. The Hindustani trimurti is a tremendous reality. Atman is the innermost, the Being. Buddhi is the spirit soul and is fematyd The first is the spiritual soul which is feminine (I repeat). The second is the human soul, which is masculine (I repeat). When we have created the superior existential bodies of the Being, through the fulfillment of the Being-Partkdolg-Duty, that is, of the cosmic duty, then, the human soul incarnates in us and we become legitimate and true humans. Well, and if she is an adept lady the who is doing the work, obviously she embodies her human soul and thus becomes an authentic, legitimate and true human being. What I am saying applies to both sexes, male or female.

But buddhi is different; buddhi, the spiritual soul, is something different: to incarnate the spiritual soul, the buddhi, it is necessary to have passed beyond the Venustic initiations. One can only incarnate the buddhi, after one has done the work in the lunar sphere. It is a higher order work that is beyond initiations, which corresponds to the second mountain. (We already know that there are three mountains, in parentheses; the first is the mountain of initiations, the second is the mountain of resurrection and the third is the mountain of ascension.

To be able to manufacture, I say, to be able to incarnate (I clarify) the spiritual soul, the buddhi, one must have worked in the lunar sphere. Only those who have completed the complete work of the lunar sphere (work that corresponds to the second mountain, that is the mountain of the resurrection), can incarnate their spiritual soul.

Inside the spiritual soul, which is like an alabaster vase, white and transparent; within there burns a steady golden fire, the flame of Prajñâ that radiates from Âtman, that is, the flame of the Being, of the Innermost.

Whoever embodies his Buddhi, spiritual soul obviously embodies the innermost; because he is inside the spiritual soul, in the same way that a very pure flame is inside the receptacle that contains it, inside a lamp, let's say. For this reason, in the “Voice of the Silence”, Madam Blavatsky speaks clearly saying:

“The Dhyâna gate is like an alabaster vase, white and transparent; within there burns a steady golden fire, the flame of Prajñâ that radiates from Âtman." - The Voice of the Silence

That flame is Âtman, the Innermost. Therefore, when one incarnates the buddhi (within which is the flame of Prajñâ, the innermost), one becomes an angel, rises to the angelic state, even though one has a human body. It doesn't matter what body you have, whether it's a male or a female body.

Women have the same rights as men! And that must be pointed out, made clear. And, if we can rise to the angelic state, the woman has the same rights, she can also do it in this very existence, here and now.

So, embodying the buddhi is quite interesting. But we must begin by creating the superior existential bodies of the Being, to incarnate first the human soul and, later, the buddhi (spiritual soul). So, we become angels; and it is indispensable that we become angels.

"I intensively worked within the super-obscurity of silence and the august secret of the wise...

I had to wait for a time, times and the half of a time...However, I was sighing for Guinevere, the queen of the “Jinn” knights (my Spiritual Soul).

One certain night, the shining stars in the infinite space appeared as if they had a new aspect...

I was in ecstasy, far away from all mundane clamour; the door of my room was kept hermetically closed...

Certainly, this was the moment when I celebrated the wedding with my beloved (Buddhi). She penetrated within me and I became lost within her...

The Sun of Midnight (Solar Logos) intensely shone in those blessed instants.

I felt transformed in an integral way. The famous chakra Sahasrara, the lotus of one thousand petals, the crown of the saints, victoriously shone in my pineal gland, and I entered into that state known among the Hindu race as “Paramananda” (a Sanskrit term denoting supreme spiritual happiness)." - Excerpts from Guinevere The Three Mountains

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” - Revelation 12: 17

That is all...

Inverential Peace

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

The Good and Evil Angels 1795-?c. 1805 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by W. Graham Robertson 1939

The generations of Noah signify the present human race in Satya Yuga or golden age, the offspring and work of the Holy One (Binah בינה, the Holy Spirit), because:

“And Noah נח walked with Ath HaElah-Yam את־האלה-ים (the sea goddess Ath, the Schekinah). And Noah (through scientific chastity) begat (in Ath HaShamayim את השמים Ve (in the Vav ו of) Ath HaAretz ואת הארץ) three sons, Ath-Shem (astral solar body), Ath-Ham (mental solar body), and (in the Vav ו of Tiphereth) Ath-Japheth (causal solar body) את־שם את־חם ואת־יפת.” - Genesis 6:9,10

Zohar states:

Rabbi Simeon said: "When the Holy One arrays himself, it is in the (solar) ornaments from both the celestial and terrestrial worlds, from the former with that heavenly light on high that no human being can approach unto; from the latter with the souls of the righteous who the more they approximate themselves to this divine light the more receptive and filled with it do they become, so that through them it expands in all directions and the world like a cistern or ocean (Yam ים) is filled with it. It is written:

“Drink waters out of thine own cistern (meborecha מבורך), and running waters out of thine own well (beareche בארך)” – Proverbs 5: 15 

Why does scripture use these two terms cistern and well, beginning with bor (בור cistern) and ending with bear (באר well or fount). Because the one contains; the other produces or sends forth water, and scripture wishes to teach us that the cistern will eventually become a well. Like a poverty stricken and poor man, the souls of the righteous or just are possessed of nothing in themselves and are as a cistern into which water is poured.

Every worldly minded and unjust soul bears on him the mark of the letter D (daleth meaning poor, dal דַל) and is like a cistern without water.

But the souls of the just (as king David) become founts or wells sending forth water in all directions.

Who (Mi מי) operates and produces this change? It is (Who, Mi מי, that is, Yam ים backwards), the source and origin of celestial light, who causes it to now into human souls on the Earth plane as we have stated before. (This is why) another signification of these words is, that they apply to king David, whom scripture makes to say:

“And David longed and said: Who (Mi מי) will give me to drink water of the cistern in Bethlehem. Who (Asher אשר) is by the gate!” 2 Samuel 23:15

The term ‘running water (שתה־מים) out of thine own well (bear באר)’ also designates Abraham (Chesed, right pillar). 'Out of' ('bethokh בתוך' which also means 'from the midst,' or 'out of the center') to Jacob (who is in Tiphereth, the center pillar). And 'thine own well' מתוך בארך, to Isaac (Geburah, the left pillar) who is called a 'fount of springing or living water (in Malkuth)' as it is written:

“And Isaac's servant (Obd עבד) dinged in the valley and found there a well of springing of living waters באר מים חיים.” - Genesis 26: 19


"And running waters out (and up, through transmutation) of thine own well" are related to:

"And Noah begot three sons, Ath-Shem (astral solar body), Ath-Ham (mental solar body), and (in the Vav ו of Tiphereth) Ath-Japheth (causal solar body) את־שם את־חם ואת־יפת.." - Genesis 6:10

If you ask why:

It is because, “And Noah נח walked with Ath HaElah-Yam את־האלה-ים (the sea goddess Ath, the Schekinah)” - Genesis 6:9

In these same verses is contained the holy and profound mystery of the patriarchs, amongst whom King David is included. Why?


Alchemical meaning of the ascension of the creative fire of Samaech ס, the Auroboros אורוברוס. Samaech סמך the carrier of the power and light (Samaech Aun VeAur סמך און ואור) from the Ain Soph Aur אין סוף אור, along the letter Vav ו, the spinal medulla, which is the house of David דויד. This is the birth from the Virgin, the Schekinah שכינה or the annoiment of fire of the Holy Spirit, from Yesod יסוד to the Iod יוד (the two letters Daleth ד of the name David דויד),  The Iod י is the crown of David דויד, Iod יוד correpond to Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. 

The Gematria of the name דויד David: 4+6+10+4 = 15. Fifteen corresponds to the letter ס Samaech of יסוד Yesod. Fifteen 1+5 = 6; six corresponds to the letter Vav ו, which is the House of David, the house of Samaech ס, the Auroboros אורוברוס, Samaech סמך the carrier of the power and light (Samaech Aun VaAur סמך און ואור) from the Ain Soph Aur אין סוף אור.

Malkuth מלכות correspond to the kingdom of King (מלך Melek) David דויד, this is why the tenth letter is Iod יוד, which corresponds to Malkuth מלכות, the tenth Sephirah, which is Malkah מלכה, which correspond to the (Shabat שבת) seventh day of creation, the Queen Bet-Sheba בת שבע.


The lovers performing sexual alchemy

The first Daleth ד corresponds to Binah, the Father and Mother, the Iod י and Hei ה of יהוה sexually united in Daath דעת. And the Daleth at the end of the name David דויד corresponds to husband and wife, the Vav ו and the Hei ה of יהוה sexually united in Yesod יסוד.

The Vav ו is the house of David דויד which corresponds to Yesod and Tiphereth and Daath, united with the Son, Ben בן, the Beth ב of Ben בן coreesponds to Beresheet בראשית, or Bet  בית Rosh ראש, the head-house of Chokmah חכמה wisdom, the Son of Adam Kadmon, the son of David דויד. And the final Nun of Ben בן, corresponds to the Messiah, Ieshua, Jesus, the son of Nun יהושע בן־נון, INRI, the fire, the Christ, the son of Adam and Eve, who are Jah-Chavah יה-חוה.

"Fear not of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold the devil shall cast some of you into prison (of pain), that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: (meaning, you shall have tribulation as long as you are submitted to the wheel of reincarnation and karma) be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” —Revelation 2: 10

"Whosoever receives the crown of life is free of the wheel of reincarnation and karma.

The crown of life is threefold. It has three aspects: the Ancient of Days, the beloved Son, and thirdly, the very wise Holy Spirit.

The crown of life is the man-sun, the king-sun, who was greatly worshipped by the Emperor Julian.

The crown of life is our incessant eternal breath profoundly unknown to himself. It is the particular ray of each human being. It is the Christ.

The crown of life is Kether, Chokmah, and Binah." - Samael Aun Weor


Zohar continues:

"The desire of union between the opposite sexes is only excited when the female becomes receptive and filled with Ath את, the female spirit or principle (left Iod י of Aleph א) which, becoming conjoined with the male principle (the upper Iod י) from on high (of Aleph א), causes fertility (in the Vav ו or spine of Aleph א). So is it with the (Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים) living souls or congregation of Israel (or the pure and initiated in the secret doctrine of scientific chastity). It experiences a desire after the Holy One (Binah בינה) only when it becomes filled with the spirit of righteousness and then is made fruitful in goodness and then union with the Divine is a source of the greatest joy and delight, that has been thus expressed by a writer.

'The Holy One then comes forth and takes delight in the company of the souls of the righteous humans made perfect.'

Observe that the children of the garden of Eden, or the Edenic race of beings, became human only after Noah נח, the Just One, had entered the ark (of the covenant), or in other words had become incorporated. Until that happened, they were invisible and unmanifested as humanity which would never have been able to exist as at present on the Earth plane unless Noah had entered the ark (of the covenant) and given birth and origin to offspring, subjected to the laws of (the revolution of the consciousness) and development that generate alike both in the celestial and terrestrial worlds by which it was rendered competent to multiply and replenish the Earth.

Noah נח represents the ark of the covenant in Malkuth (or male and female physicalities), because the name Noah נח is written with a letter נ Nun 50 and a letter ח Chet 8 = 13. So, Noah נח has the 13 attributes of mercy, the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים, living souls of Ath HaElah-Yam את־האלה-ים on Malkuth and of Jehovah Elohim יהוה אלהים, Binah בינה in potentiality. Likewise, 13 relates to Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles, who will be born in us from Mary מרים, Ath HaElah-Yam את־האלה-ים, Stella Maris, the virgin of the sea) in Mitzrayim מצרים Egypt, Malkuth, our physicality. This is how we, Gnostics, see it kabbalistically and alchemically.

Observe the spelling of the name Noah נח Nun נון and Chet חת. Nun נון is: nun-vav-final nun. The common Nun נ is bent and the final Nun ן is straight. Why? Because the bent Nun נ represents both male and female semen or brute mercury, and the straight Nun ן represents both male and female souls of mercury, which most rise along the Vav ו. The shape of the letter Chet ח is form by a Vav ו and a Zain ז, the spine of both, husband and wife respectively; the spelling of the letter Cheth חת has also a Tav ת or sexual cross. Therefore, נח Noah’s generations are 'Eleh' אֵלֶּה (these), the generations of 'Elah' אֵלֶּה (goddess), the generations of Cheth חת, husband and wife performing the sexual cross.

The shape of the letter Tav ת is formed by the letter Resh ר at its left and letter Nun נ at it right. Tav spells תו; this alchemically indicates that we, in the sexual act, have to transmute the two Nun נון (fish, male and female sperm) into energy and to rise it along the Vav ו, our spine, towards our head, Rosh ר, of Kether, in the pineal gland ruled by Neptune, Binah בינה, El-Ha-Yam אל-הים (the sea God of Yesod).

Let us continue with the Zohar:

"Such is the occult meaning of the oracular words 'Drink waters out of thy cistern and running waters or streams out of thy well.'"

"And the Earth also was corrupt before HaElohim האלהים.” - Genesis 6: 11

Rabbi Jehudah said: "Scripture states that the Earth was also corrupt and then adds, 'before HaElohim האלהים.' Why so? It was in order to show the men (better said, humanoids) of that generation then existent on the Earth lived in violation both of natural and moral law,--that their wickedness was flagrant and open before humans and the Elohim האלהים."

Rabbi Joseph said: "I think otherwise. The words (before HaElohim לפני האלהים) signify (my face פני הא), that people committed crimes secretly and known only to (the Hei הא of יהוה אלהים, the את, the Schekinah) the (sea goddess) Elah-Yam האלה-ים, and that only by their enormity and heinousness did they manifest to everyone. The words 'these are the generations of Noah' apply equally to mankind who before the advent of Noah lived in open wickedness and to his posterity whose (sexual) sin was in secret."

This is why it is written: 

William Blake Joseph making himself known to his brethren 1785 1

"Lo (Hei הא), here is semen (zera זרע) for you, and ye shall sow Ath את, HaAdamah האדמה, the ground (meaning, sow Ath-the ground את־האדמה, or Mitzrayimah מצרימה, Egypt, the last Hei הא of  יהוה, your physicality)." - Genesis 47: 23

Zohar continues:

Rabbi Abba said: "From the time of Adam's transgression of the divine commands all his descendants were called sons or children of Adam, not as a term of honor, but as a characteristic of birth from an ancestor who by his disobedience had broken the divine law.

When Noah appeared in the world (in Satya yuga), people were termed the sons of Noah, an honorable distinction, as being the offspring of him who preserved the human race from extinction and not of Adam whose sin caused it to disappear by bringing death into the world to every soul."

Rabbi Jose said: in objection to this statement: "If this were really true, wherefore is it written:

“And יהוה came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of HaAdam builded.” Genesis 11: 5

The sons or children of HaAdam and not of Noah and who were living after the time of the deluge.

Rabbi Abba said: in reply: "Through his disobedience it would have been better for Adam had he not been created, as all who like him become transgressors of the law are denominated 'sons of Adam,' not because deriving their birth from him but as being transgressors as he was, and such were the builders of the tower of Babel.

Now may we gather why scripture uses the word Eleh (these are the generations) to distinguish the difference existing between the Adamic and Noachic races of mankind. The generations of Noah were now no longer termed the sons of Adam, but the sons of Noah who introduced into and brought them forth out of the ark in order to re-people the world.

Adam did not bring forth children or sons out of the garden of Eden, for had he done so they would have been immortal or extra human. Then also would not the light of the moon have become diminished, and the work of creation would have endured everlastingly. Even the highest angels themselves would not have equaled Adam in the endowment of celestial light, beauty of form and wisdom as it is written:

“And Elohim created Ath HaAdam את־האדם in his own image, in the image of Elohim created he him; male and female created he them.” – Genesis 1: 27

Thus, the children of Adam, begotten after his expulsion from the garden of Eden, were both mortal and unworthy.

Rabbi Hezekiah said: "How was it possible for Adam to beget offspring (through animal orgasm) in the garden of Eden, as it is certain, the tempter would have had no power over him and he would have remained childless in the world (of Assiah), even as Israel if they had not sinned by worshipping the golden calf, would have remained unique as a race and would not have given birth to another generation (through animal orgasm)?"

Rabbi Abba said in reply: "My contention is this. If Adam had not (reached orgasm, that is) sinned, he would not have engendered and begotten offspring under the influence of the tempter (animal sexual desire), but of the Holy Spirit (Chaiah חיה Binah בינה, the Higher Self or superior monad). After the fall, his offspring begotten under the influence of animal sexual propensities, were mortal, not being pure and unalloyed in their origin and constitution but compounded of the animal and spiritual. If, however he had not fallen (through the animal orgasm) and remained in the garden of Eden, he would have begot offspring entirely spiritual and who in their constitution would have been as pure and immortal as the angels and other celestial beings. The children born after his expulsion from Eden enjoyed only a temporary and ephemeral existence up to the appearance of Noah who, after entering the ark (of the covenant) and by his righteous living becoming united with his Higher Self (Binah בינה), was then able to produce offspring that eventually spread themselves throughout all parts of the Earth, leaving behind a posterity that will survive to the end of the world.

Rabbi Hiya said: It is written:

“And Elohim saw their works, that they turned from their evil way” - Jonah 3: 10

Observe, when people become upright and obey the dictates of the good law, the Earth itself changes and acquires a virtue to administer to the enjoyment and happiness of mankind, as then the Schekinah or that divine (female divine priciple) termed life that operates in all organic and inorganic creatures and by its attractive power binds together the mundane and heavenly sphere, the harmony between which, results in peace and joy.

On the contrary, when sin and wrongdoing prevail, this divine life and influence is banished from the Earth, which becomes itself infected and desolate and infertile through the evil influence that then pervades it.

But if Israel sins (meaning, if the human soul, Tiphereth, reaches the animal orgasm in Yesod), which Elohim אלהים forbid, scripture states that then Elohim אלהים (better said, Ath HaElah-Yam את־האלה-ים, the Schekinah) quits the Earth and ascends into heaven:

“He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defense; I shall not be moved.” - Psalm 62: 6

And also gives the reason thereof:

“They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah.” – Psalm 57: 6

Which words are expressive of a degree of wickedness similar to that of the antediluvians.

If it be asked, do they apply equally to Jerusalem? Does the Schekinah forsake it when people become corrupted? for we have been taught that it is under the special care and protection of the Holy One who has chosen it for his habitation, so that no other spirit or celestial chief reigns and rules in the land (Malkuth or physicalities) of Israel.

Notwithstanding this, we affirm that it comes to pass that an evil spirit or influence visits it and corrupts the dwellers therein. How know we this? From King David of whom it is written:

David saw the Angel

“And David (דויד) lifted up his Ath eyes (את־עיניו) and saw the angel (Chesed חסד) of יהוה (Binah בינה) standing (in Daath דעת) between (left and rigth pillars of) the Earth (בין הארץ) and between (left and rigth pillars of) the heavens (ובין השמים), having a drawn sword (from Geburah גבורה) in his hand (ידו) stretched out over Jerusalem (meaning, stretched out in the central pillar from Yesod יסוד to the Iod יוד in the pineal gland).” – 1st Chronicles 21: 16

Owing that the land (Malkuth or physicalities) of Israel having become corrupted by evil (due to orgasm)." - Zohar