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The Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law

In name of the truth I must state that a great law exists, which can be called the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat law. This law has two fundamental, basic factors: to swallow and to be swallowed—or, the reciprocal nourishment of all organisms. Unquestionably, the bigger fish will always swallow the smaller fish, and in the depths of the jungle the weaker will succumb before the stronger; thus, this is the law of life.

It does not matter how vegetarian we may be, the truth is that in the black sepulcher our body will be devoured by maggots, since the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law must be fulfilled.

Unquestionably, all organisms live on other organisms; i.e., if we descend into the interior of the Earth, we will discover a metal that serves as a gravitational mediator for the evolving and devolving forces of nature; I am emphatically referring to copper (Cu). For example, if we apply the positive factor of the electricity to this metal, we can then evidence—with the sixth sense—wonderful evolving processes in molecules and atoms. If we apply the negative force, we then see the inverse process, that is, we see very similar devolving processes to those of this declining humanity of our times. Naturally, the neutral force would then maintain such a metal in a static or neutral state.

Obviously, the radiation of copper is also transmitted to other metals that are found inside the Earth and vice versa; the emanations of those metals are received by the copper, thus this is how the metals, inside the Earth, are reciprocally nourished; behold here the law of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat.

It is astonishing to know that the radiation of all the metals within the entrails of the Earth—where they develop—is transmitted to other planets of the infinite space. Yes, the emanations of the Earth arrive to their interior; that is to say, Earth’s vibrations arrive at the living entrails of neighboring planets of our solar system. Earth’s radiations are captured by the metals located in their interior, and likewise the planets also radiate, so their irradiations are energetic undulations that arrive at the interior of our world, in order to nourish the metals of our planet on which we live, move, and have our Being.

All the worlds are sustained by all the other worlds; this is obvious, unquestionable, evident, and manifest. Thus, the cosmic balance is based upon this law of reciprocal planetary nourishment. This is fascinating, right? Yes, it is fascinating to know that by this reciprocal nourishment amongst the worlds, by one sustaining the others, a wonderful and perfect planetary balance is adjusted.

The water on all the worlds is, indeed, the basic nourishment for the crystallization of this great law of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat. Let us think for a moment: what would become of our planet Earth, what would become of all the plants and animals, all the creatures, if the water were to evaporate, disappear, vanish, finish? Obviously, our world would become a great moon, a cosmic corpse, and the great law of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat could not crystallize, since all the creatures would perish by starvation.

Indeed, this great law is processed in accordance with the laws of the Holy Triamazikamno, or Triamenzano (Holy Three) and of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh (the Law of Seven). Let us observe well the process of the law of the Holy Triamazikamno: for example, an active principle approaches a passive principle, or to be more precise, the victim (passive principle) is swallowed by the active principle; this is how this law is, right? The active principle is the positive pole, the passive principle is the negative pole, and the principle that conciliates both is the third force, the neutral force. The Law of Three is formed then by the three principles: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation. The latter is of course the force that conciliates the affirming force with the negating force, thus, this is how the victim is devoured by the predator, that is, the victim is devoured by the predator to which it corresponds, in accordance with the law, understood?

Another example: the tiger swallows the humble rabbit; here the tiger would be the Holy Affirmation, the rabbit the Holy Negation, and the force that conciliates both of them is the Holy Conciliation; thus, this is how the law of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat is processed. 

Again: the eagle is the Holy Affirmation, the wretched chick is the Holy Negation, and when the eagle swallows the chick, the third force, the Holy Conciliation, conciliates them and make them a unique whole. Is this law cruel? Yes, so it appears. What can we do: this is how the law of the worlds is; this law has always existed, it exists, and will always exist. Law is law, and this law is fulfilled in spite of opinions, concepts, customs, etc...  

Nevertheless, let us continue, because it is necessary to delve a little more, to penetrate to the bottom of this subject. From where in fact comes this law of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat? I say that this law comes from the omni-penetrating, omniscient, omni-merciful, active Okidanokh.

Likewise, from where does this active Okidanokh emanate? What is its causa causarum? Unquestionably, its origin or cause is none other than the Sacred Solar Absolute. Therefore, the Holy Okidanokh emanates from the sacred Absolute Sun; yet, notwithstanding that this active Okidanokh is, we might say, within the worlds, it does not remain completely involved within them, since it cannot be imprisoned, even though for its creative manifestation it needs to divide itself asunder into the three forces known as positive, negative, and neutral. 

During the cosmic manifestation, each one of the three forces works independently, but always united to its origin that is the Holy Okidanokh. After any manifestation, these three factors or ingredients—positive, negative, and neutral—become fused again, are united again with the Holy Okidanokh; thus, at the end of the Mahamanvantara, the complete, total, and integrated Holy Okidanokh is reabsorbed within the sacred Solar Absolute.

See then, by yourselves, dear brethren, the origin of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat. Thus, when we start from this principle, vegetarianism remains without a foundation. Obviously, the fanatics of vegetarianism have made a kitchen-religion out of vegetarianism, and this is indeed lamentable.

The great Tibetan Masters are not vegetarian. Those who doubt my words can read the book entitled Beasts, Men, and Gods,written by a great Polish explorer who was in Tibet and who was welcomed by the Masters. The intriguing aspect of his case is that he wrote that beef appeared as a basic food in all the banquets and festivities that he attended. My words might seem absurd unto the fanatics of vegetarianism, nevertheless, Ferdinand Ossendowski, the author of the mentioned book, will be glad because he will see that I have comprehended this important aspect.

It is therefore absurd to affirm that the great Masters of Tibet are vegetarian. When the great initiate Saint Germain, Prince Rakoczy—a great Master of the White Lodge who directs the ray of world-wide politics—to be more precise, Saint Germain, the one who worked during the time of Louis XV—never manifested himself as vegetarian; people saw him eating everything at festivities; for example, some even commented how he savored chicken meat. 

From where, therefore, come these matters about vegetarianism, since, unquestionably, the vegetarian school is against the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat; this is obvious. On the other hand, animal proteins must not be despised in any way, for these are indispensable for our nourishment.

I was a vegetarian fanatic and in the name of the truth I tell you that I became disappointed with that system. Still I remember that time in La Sierra Nevada when I wanted to make a wretched dog become one hundred percent vegetarian. That animal learned; it became accustomed to the vegetarian system, but it died immediately after learning it. Nevertheless, I observed the symptoms of that creature, the weakness that it demonstrated before dying. So, later in time, in the neighboring Republic of El Salvador, one given day when I was returning to my home, the same symptoms appeared in me when I was walking up a long street that tended to be more vertical than horizontal, since it was very steep. I was sweating frightfully and as my weakness increased horribly with each step, I thought that I was going to die. I did not have any alternative than to call my spouse, the Master Litelantes, and to ask her to cook beef for me; she did so, and I ate it. Then the energies returned into my body, and I felt that I returned to life... Since then, I have been disillusioned with the vegetarian system.

Here in Mexico I knew precisely the director of a vegetarian school; I knew him in a vegetarian restaurant. He was a German; his body became terribly, frightfully weak, until it displayed the same symptoms of that dog of my experiment. The unfortunate gentleman, terribly weak, finally died.

I also knew Lavahniny, a Yogi, gastrologer, and who knows what other things—an unbearable vegetarian fanatic—he represented the Round Table University here in Mexico. His organism became terribly weak with vegetarianism; it displayed the same symptoms of that wretched dog of my experiment, and died.

Therefore, dear friends and brethren that read this book, you must know that the great law of the eternal common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat exists and that it is useless for us to try to evade such a holy law, which emanates, as I already stated, from the active Okidanokh, and it is not possible to alter it.

I do not mean with this that we must become carnivorous in an exaggerated manner, no: it is better that we become equilibrated. Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller stated that we need to eat about 25% meat in our foods, and in this I agree with the Master Huiracocha.

I repeat: it does not matter how vegetarian we become, the law will be fulfilled; thus, when we go into the burial grave the maggots will swallow our body, whether we like it or not, because the law is the law; this is obvious, right? 

The cows are vegetarian one hundred percent, and nevertheless, as a great initiate stated, we have never seen an initiated cow. 

If by avoiding the eating of meat we could become thoroughly Self-realized, I can assure you that even if I died because of it, I would stop eating meat and would advise others to stop eating meat. But nobody will become more perfect because he does not eat meat. 

Some even state that how are they going to put animal elements within their organism if they are already on the path of perfection, etc.? Those who state such things ignore their own internal constitution; indeed, it is better for them to eat a piece of meat than to continue with those bestial aggregates that they carry within their psyche.

The human body has as its foundation a vital body, the linga-sarira of which the theosophists speak; beyond this vital depth, what exists within the organisms of these living and intellectual humanoids? The animalish aggregates, those psychic aggregates that personify our errors, those beastly monsters of our passions are what exist.

Well then, it is better to eliminate those beastly monsters than to worry about that small piece of meat served at the table at the time of our meals. When we eat beef or chicken, we do not harm ourselves whatsoever, nevertheless, we harm ourselves with all those beastly aggregates that we carry within—moreover, we also harm our fellowmen with them, and this is worse. 

Is not anger a beastly monster? What about greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, and gluttony? And what can we say about all of those beasts that we carry inside that represent defamation, slander, and gossip, etc?

It is better for us to not wash our hands like hypocrites and to not boast of being saints; the hour has arrived in which we must become more comprehensive. What is important is to die within ourselves, here and now. Nevertheless, with these statements I do not want to deny the selection of our food. In no way would I advise, for instance, pork; it is already known that pigs are leprous and that they have a very brutal psyche that harms our organism.

Healthy food is convenient—cattle meat, chicken—but without reaching excesses, because excesses are harmful and damaging.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, I believe that with what I have said about vegetarianism you have enough guidance in order to know how to nourish your body without deficiency or excess, within a perfect equilibrium; that is all.

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