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Diogenes Searching for a Real Human Being

The Authentic Human

The solar bodies have to be generated. Because ordinary human beings do not have those bodies, they have to create them. This is why they are “humanoids,” and humanoids are not humans. So, it is a mistake to believe that all humanoids are humans. They are not. They are humanoids, but not humans.

That anecdote of Diogenes with his lantern, who went everywhere in search for a man and did not find one, is very true, right? Well, it is very difficult to find a human being, since what are abundant are humanoids...

What do the humanoids carry inside? Well, the ego, a plurality of different entities that personify our errors. 

And what is bottled up within their ego? It is the psyche, the Essence, the consciousness, which is the most decent thing they carry inside.   

What happens when a person dies? Death is a subtraction of fractions; what is left when the operation is finished? What continues are the values. These values are the “I”s, bad and good “I”s, because there is diversity among them: good and bad, useful and useless. So, that is what continues, that is what persists in (Limbo) the astral world: the values. Thereafter, they return, that is very true. They return into a new organism, it is true. But beyond those “I”s what does the humanoid have within? The Essence, as we said, but it is bottled, asleep, and processing by its bottled condition. Then where are the inner bodies of the intellectual animal mistakenly called human? Humanoids do not have those bodies!

The assertion that people already have the astral, mental, and causal bodies is not accurate. Those are human bodies that must be generated, created, formed, and they have to be generated by the mercury of the secret philosophy.

tree of life twelve bodies

What is mercury? It is the metallic soul of the sperm — that is, the creative energy of the Third Logos. Only with that wonderful energy can we create, form, the human bodies. Therefore, above all, the brothers and sisters must understand that they still do not have the solar bodies, they have to generate them.

Now, those who do not have the human bodies, what name do they qualify for? They qualify for the name intellectual animal or intellectual mammal, since that is what humanoids are and nothing more. Humanoids are mammals that reason, rational mammals, right? But they are not humans. 

In order to be a human being, one must have created the superior existential bodies of the Being and be endowed with the ethical principles within. Only then is one a true human. Thus, the capability to create the human being is needed above all, since one needs to create the human being within oneself. Thus, the capability to generate the human being within must be part of oneself, since if there is no such capability to generate the human within, how is one going to generate it? Fortunately, the human-germs [seeds] are within the sexual endocrine glands.   

It is in the sexual organs where those human-germs can develop, if we cooperate with the Sun [Christ].  

The Sun [Christ] is making a grand experiment. The Sun wants to generate humans, and has placed the human-germs for the generation of humans within the sexual glands of the humanoids. Thus, if we cooperate with the Sun, these human-germs will develop and the human will appear within. But, we have to cooperate with the Sun; if we do not cooperate with the Sun, the experiment that the Sun is doing fails.

At the time of Abraham (during the eighteen or nineteen centuries of Abraham), many human beings were created. In the time of Jesus of Nazareth (during the first eight centuries of Christianity), there was a good creation of humans. In the Middle Ages (to my knowledge), some few humans were created. And now, thanks to the Gnostic movement, we are creating some others. We are teaching humanoids how to generate the astral body, how the Mental Body is made, how the Causal Body is made, so that they can be endowed with the superlative principles of the Being and thus become legitimate humans.

Our specific mission is to create humans. That is the specific mission that we have: to create humans.

Therefore, that the humanoids believe themselves to be human, that they feel to be human, that they boast of themselves as being human, that they arrogate that title, that they usurp it, is indeed absurd, because they still are not human. They are like cocoons. Butterflies can be formed, developed, within cocoons, so that they may go out and fly. Thus, the humanoid is like a chrysalis. Within it there is the possibility for a human being to be formed, but it is merely a possibility that can be developed or lost, and to be lost is what is most common.

It can be said that the Sun is performing an experiment and that there is an experiment in each root race (this is why the sun creates a root race, to make such an experiment). The experiment with this Aryan root race has been very poor. Very few humans could the Sun create, very few...

Audience: Master, regarding the root races, in the books appear references about the first five root races and a little about the last, but about the sixth root race nothing has been said.

root races terrestrial

Samael Aun Weor: The sixth root race is the future root race that will arrive after the catastrophe that we are expecting, which will unexpectedly arrive from one moment to another.  

Audience: Nothing has been written about the sixth root race. Now it has been said how it is formed, but the sixth root race is not described because such race has not yet arrived...

Samael Aun Weor: Let me tell you, the great catastrophe is approaching. A frightful cataclysm is at the doors. The revolution of the axis of the Earth cannot be stopped by anybody. A great bonfire is going to start by the North Pole. The fire will spread from the north to the south. In a short time, the seas will leave their beds; then this root race will perish. But we are forming an army, not a small school, not a sect, but an army: a world salvation army.

Those who work and become worthy of being taken to an exodus will be taken, because there will be a new biblical exodus, and it will be our task to lead those people to a certain specific place (a secret place) in the Pacific Ocean. From there, unharmed, we will contemplate the great catastrophe, and in those days the Earth will be wrapped in steam, smoke, and fire.

And, when a double rainbow appears in the clouds, a sign of a new covenant of God with the humans, there then will be a new Earth in which a new people, the sixth root race will live. This will be the golden age. In the sixth root race, in the golden age, anyone who has ego will not be born. They will not be admitted to the sixth root race (in the golden age). It will be prohibited. Thus, anyone who did not restore innocence will be rejected, they will not be given a physical body, because one who is not innocent will corrupt everyone else and will end the golden age.

Audience: Master, but you have said that those that could achieve killing 50% of their ego would be taken to the exodus.

Samael Aun Weor: Oh, yes! While the golden age approaches, those who have achieved eliminating the 50% of their ego are entitled to the exodus. In the two centuries before the sixth root race starts they will be isolated, and they will have the opportunity to completely eliminate the totality of their ego. If they do not, then they shall be excluded, even if they were part of the exodus.

Audience: In two centuries?

Samael Aun Weor: In two centuries...

Audience: In other words, master, the sixth root race will developed throughout the age of Aquarius?

Samael Aun Weor: That is right, after the great cataclysm that is approaching…  

Audience: […] The cosmocreators did not measure the consequences of Kundabuffer organ… […] that we, for example, right now we are paying the consequences because of the fault of those higher beings. What can you tell us about that?     

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the culprits are not the cosmocreators. The culprits were the Archangel Sakaki (who came with flesh and bone in a cosmic ship), he and his high commission. They gave humanity the abominable Kundabuffer organ for the purpose of stabilizing the geological crust of the Earth, but they were wrong in their calculations, they miscalculated.

Audience: Even being gods?

Samael Aun Weor: Even being gods, there was a mistake in their mathematics. Then, Archangel Looisos came and took that organ from humanity, but the terrible consequences remained in the five cylinders of the physical body, and those bad consequences constitute the animal ego, which is what caused the failure of this humanity.

Of course, even though he is one of the four All-Quarters Maintainers of the universe, the Archangel Sakaki brought on himself a dreadful karma. Thus, in the future mahamanvantara he will have to pay that karma. 

That organ was given to humanity because every humanoid is a little energy transforming machine who relays that energy to the inner layers of the Earth. Thus, when that organ was given to humanity, that energy was transformed in such a way that the geological crust of the Earth became stabilized, but at what a price! ... at what a price! ...

Audience: Was it necessary?

Samael Aun Weor: It was necessary, since the geological crust of the Earth needed to be stabilized. 

That organ is lunar. Certainly, when humanity received that organ, the energies it incessantly attracted were transformed in such a way that those who were provided with that organ helped to stabilize the geological crust of the Earth with lunar forces, but at what a price! …  

Thereafter, when the Archangel Looisos, the Arch-Chemist-Physicist Seraph Looisos, took that organ away from humanity, the planetary situation had changed, but the bad consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ were left with humanity. The crystallizations of the abominable Kundabuffer organ were left within the five cylinders of the humanoid machine.

These crystallizations are the ego, the “I”s, which together constitute the myself, the self-willed, the ego. It was a very serious damage that was done to humanity. I would have preferred that everyone perished, so as to not give that abominable organ to humanity.

Now, if only they had not been wrong in the math, but they miscalculated the time: there were errors in the mathematical calculations. The error was with the Archangel Sakaki and his high commission. They came in a cosmic ship in bodies of flesh and bone. They studied the problem of the lack of stability in the geological crust, and considered it necessary to give humanity that organ. It so happens that every humanoid is a machine that captures certain energies; it transforms them and retransmits them to the interior layers of the Earth. If a variation is made to that machine, the energies that it transforms also suffer a variation. Thus, the variation that those energies suffered was lunar, which stabilized the geological crust of the world; but when the Arch-Chemist-Physicist Seraph Looisos eliminated the Kundabuffer organ, there were consequences in the five cylinders of the humanoid machine.

centers male 2015

Obviously, the consciousness (which previously could fully manifest itself in the ordinary life of human beings), the Essence, our consciousness, frankly was relegated to the background, and a kind of double consciousness was formed in humans and humanoids, because the personality with all of its intellect, functions, reactions, culture, and whatever, formed an artificial kind of consciousness, while the legitimate and true essential consciousness, remained archived in the deeper background.

So we were provided with a double consciousness: one artificial and the other which is the reality. The artificial one is the personality. The real one is the Essence. Thus, the Essence was relegated to “oblivion,” unfortunately.

And take note of this: in the Essence is found the data needed for the self-realization of the Being. In the Essence are the particles of pain of our Father who is in secret, which properly exploited can allow the awakening of our consciousness; within it also are the true religion, wisdom, the Buddha — all of that is within it. But disgracefully, it is bottled up within the crystallization of the abominable Kundabuffer organ, therefore in that condition they cannot serve us as guidance for the secret path. The data that the consciousness can provide can only guide us if the consciousness is released, taken, extracted from within the “I”s, and that is what we have to do: we have to remove the consciousness from the “I”s so we can be properly guided.

Audience: Master, in regard to the catastrophe that will occur, many say that another moon will be born...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, those are concepts, theories, opinions, but there will not be another moon, absolutely. Rather, it is expected that the Moon that illuminates us now will one day fall here on Earth... So, there will be not another moon for now. What I want to say is that the [future] sixth root race will be born on new lands, because all this will change, all of these lands where we are standing, all of this will be submerged in the ocean, in the sea.

So, the revolution of the axes of the earth is approaching. It is a matter, to some extent, of celestial mechanics. The solar system travels around the zodiacal belt in about 25,968 years, with fractions of minutes and seconds. From point A it returns to a point A. Along the way, of course, the axes of the Earth are diverting, they become vertical; the poles are being diverted along the way. When they conclude the voyage, what were the poles will be the equator, and what was the equator will be the poles. It is a matter of mechanics. It can be demonstrated with a mechanical device.

Audience: Would the cataclysm have been the same if the Aryan race had been spiritually elevated, say with many humans?

Samael Aun Weor: The cataclysm would have been the same, yet if the Aryan root race had awakened, if it would have been a Self-realized race, then no one would perish in the cataclysm and all would be brought to safety.

Audience: Is that place in the fourth dimension?

Samael Aun Weor: No, it is in the physical world, in a secret place. I keep it secret for now so that the profane and profaners will not go over there, "And go out there and start speaking in my name, preaching messages that come from their own fantasy and deceiving people with their false messages"; and that would be very serious, right? So, we have to keep silent about the place.

But it is a matter of celestial mechanics... Now, there is one thing that will help, another factor that will help the revolution of the axis of the Earth: and this will be the arrival of Hercolubus. Hercolubus is a world six times bigger than Jupiter, and it is on its way; within a very short time it will pass at an angle through our solar system. It is before the sight of astronomers; they are already observing it.

So, Hercolubus will pass at an angle through the solar system and there will be a clash — not a physical clash, but an electromagnetic clash — which will help to promote the revolution of the axis of the Earth; it will contribute in this matter, and that will be catastrophic.

Since Hercolubus is a very strong, attracting force, it will pull the fire from inside the Earth, and volcanoes will appear everywhere; thus the fire inside the Earth will explode everywhere, so we speak of a great bonfire, so it is written: 

“Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? “ —2 Peter 3:12 

So, all of this will be reduced to ashes, and, of course, when the water changes its bed, it will engulf the continents; that is clear.


This new catastrophe is not the only catastrophe. Before, there were disasters and catastrophes, and in the future there will be more; that is normal. The first root race had its catastrophe, as did the second, third, fourth, and fifth. The sixth will also have its disaster in its day and in its time, and finally the seventh root race will also have its catastrophe. It is normal. That is within normal limits. So, extraordinary events are awaited in the world, and in the universe, in the cosmos.

Now, the worst thing is for the humanoids to be incapable of disintegrating the crystallizations of the abominable Kundabuffer organ; that is serious. Because of being incapable, Nature will come to their aid: the entrance into the infernal worlds, in general, has no other objective but to disintegrate the elements that are imprisoning the Essence, which will be disintegrated by centrifugal force. Thus, after some time, when the crystallizations of the abominable Kundabuffer organ have been disintegrated within the interior of the Earth, the Essence will resurface again, free. When the essence is free, it can start a new evolving process, which always begins with the mineral, continue with vegetable, animal and continues to reconquer the lost once humanoid state.

Conclusion: true human beings are very difficult to find, because in order to be a human being one needs to have created the superior existential bodies of the Being and have completely removed the animal ego from within. If one has not done that, one is not a human but a rational mammal, an intellectual humanoid, an intellective homunculus, but not a human being.

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