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The Archeus

In order to create the internal bodies, some artifice is necessary. This artifice is the secret secretorum of ancient Alchemists.

This secret secretorum is the Arcanum A.Z.F., which can be synthesized as follows: “Sexual connection without spilling the semen (without orgasm), without the ejaculation of the Ens  Seminis.”  This is how the creative energy is transmuted.

Firstly, let us know that Mercury is nothing more than the metallic soul of the sperm. [Editor: In Alchemy, sperm is the sexual fluid in both males and females].

However, in Alchemy, the physical sperm is brute Mercury.

It is stated that when this sperm or brute Mercury is transmuted, then we can elaborate Mercury, which is the metallic soul of the sperm.

Consequently, there are three types of Mercury.

Firstly, there is brute Mercury, which means the Exiohehari, or sacred sperm.

Second, there is the metallic soul of the sperm, which is the result of the transmutation of the sexual libido (the sperm).  Therefore, this metallic soul is creative energy that ascends through the ganglionic spinal cords to the brain.

The third Mercury is the most elevated. It is the Mercury that has been fertilized by Sulfur. In Alchemy, Sulfur is the sacred fire.

The oriental esotericists know that when the positive and negative currents of Mercury come into contact in the Triveni, close to the coccygeal bone, then a third force awakens by an electric induction.  This force is the Kundalini.

When the Kundalini awakens in the body, it is designed as a spiral, serpentine fire that is developed in the body of the ascetic, near the coccygeal bone.  Thus, the Mercury that has been fertilized by Sulfur is the result of the mixture of this sacred fire, or Sulfur, with the metallic soul of the Mercury.

This mixture of Mercury and Sulfur ascends through the medullar spinal canal to the brain, awakening the superior centers of the brain.  The surplus of this Mercury fertilized by Sulfur must cause the virtual creation of the existential superior bodies of the Being.

tree of life twelve bodies s

When the Mercury fertilized by Sulfur crystallizes within our psyche and within our organism with the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, then the Astral Body is formed.  Therefore, the Astral Body is nothing more than Mercury fertilized by Sulfur.

When the Mercury fertilized by the Sulfur crystallizes by means of a second octave of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, then it assumes the figure of the Mental Body.  Therefore, the Mental Body is also Mercury fertilized by Sulfur, but in a second octave.

When the Mercury fertilized by Sulfur crystallizes in a third octave of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, then the Causal Body is formed.

Once the physical, Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies have been created, a true Human Being exists, a Human Being with psychic and spiritual principles, an authentic Human.

Therefore, without Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies, the true Human cannot exist. Instead, only an intellectual animal exists.

The Mercury fertilized by Sulfur is the third Mercury.  This Mercury is the most refined and the most important.  Why is this third Mercury so important?  It is such because it is what we call the Archeus (ἀρχαῖος)... the Greek Archeus... the famous Archeus.

The existential bodies of the Being emerge from this third Mercury, which is the Archeus.

We also find the Archaeus in the Macrocosm, as the Macrocosmic Archeus.

This Macrocosmic Archaeus is the nebula from which the worlds emerge.  What is a nebula?  It is the Macrocosmic Archeus.  It is a mixture of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury.

Salt is the Spirit. Salt is contained within the sacred sperm and it is sublimated with transmutation. Therefore, there is also Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury within the Microcosmic Archeus.

What is Salt? Salt is contained within the sexual secretions.  However, this Salt needs to be sublimated.  Therefore, when transmutation is performed, this Salt is also transmuted.

Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury exist within the Microcosmic Archeus, from which the existential superior bodies of the Being emerge.

Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury also exist within the Macrocosmic Archeus. The cosmic units, the worlds, emerge from this Archeus, from this nebula, which is the Macrocosmic Archeus.

As above, so below.  Above, the nebula is needed in order for the worlds to emerge, and in order for this to happen crude matter is needed.  The crude matter is the Archeus, a mixture of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury.

Here below, within the Microcosm (the human being), it is also necessary to elaborate the nebula with Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. Thus, the existential superior bodies of the Being emerge below, just as the worlds emerge above.

We must make here in minature, within the Microcosm (human being), what the Great Architect of the universe made large in the Macrocosm, because as above, so below.  This is how the existential superior bodies of the Being come to emerge.

Hence, it is necessary to create the Archaeous in ourselves, within ourselves. The Archaeous is Salt plus Sulfur and Mercury.  As above, so below.

The physical body, as well as the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, crystallize within the Microcosm by creating the Archeus. The solar bodies are made with the third Mercury, which is the Archeus.

We study it from the Alchemist’s point of view, under the light of occultism or esotericism, in order to reach a better comprehension.

Whosoever has created the bodies must then perfect them.  In order for the bodies to be perfected, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate the Dry Mercury, which is nothing more than the pluralized “I” (ego).

If one does not eliminate the pluralized “I,” then the existential bodies cannot be perfected and they cannot be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being.

In order for the bodies to be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being, they must be perfected.  They must be converted into vehicles of pure Gold.  However, these vehicles cannot be converted into instruments of pure Gold unless the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulfur are eliminated.

What is Dry Mercury?  It is the “I” (ego).  What is Arsenic Sulfur?  It is the carnal, bestial fire of the atomic infernos of the human being. This fire corresponds to the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Thus, it is necessary to eliminate the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulfur in order for the existential superior bodies, which are created by the Archaeous of Alchemy, to be converted into the finest quality vehicles of pure Gold.

Only thus can these vehicles of pure Gold be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being.  Lo and behold how in the end all these vehicles penetrate and co-penetrate each other without interference.  They then serve as a covering for our King, our Intimate Christ.  Christ rises from His sepulcher in the instant in which this type of covering exists.  He covers himself anew with it so that He may manifest Himself here, through the senses, in order to work for this suffering humanity.  This is how the Lord comes to life.  This is how the Cosmic Christ emerges into existence.  Christ, in other words, is the Interior Magnes of Alchemy.

Question: What is the Philosophical Stone?

Answer: The Philosophical Stone is the Intimate Christ dressed with his bodies of Gold.

This Gold covering, formed by the bodies, is “To Soma Heliakon,” the body of Gold of the Solar Human.  Whosoever possesses the Philosophical Stone has complete power over all of Nature.  Nature knows how to obey such a being.  This person possesses the Elixir of Long Life and can keep the physical body for millions of years.

Lo and behold the path.  The path is in the (sexual) seed.  There is no other way.

Interesting things take place within the human organism. The existential superior bodies of the Being are nothing more than Mercury fertilized by Sulfur.  Gold must then appear in these bodies of Mercury.

But who can settle the atoms of Gold in the Mercury?  They can be settled with only one artifice.  This artifice is none other than the famous Antimony, the Antimony of Alchemy. In reality, Antimony is a metal that is well-known in chemistry.  However, in Alchemy, Antimony is one of the parts of our Being.  This part of our Being knows how to settle the Gold in our bodies of Mercury.  This is how these bodies of Mercury can be converted into the finest quality bodies of pure Gold.

Whosoever possesses bodies of pure Gold receives the sword of Gold. He or she becomes an Archangel with the finest quality sword of pure Gold, which threateningly turns in every way, throwing strong flames.  Such is the sword of the Archangels (Archeus-Angels).

It is then worthwhile to settle the atoms of Gold in the Mercury.  The whole of this can be achieved with the condition of eliminating the Dry Mercury (ego) and the Arsenic Sulfur (passional fire).  If one does not eliminate the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulfur, one simply does not achieve the perfection of the bodies, nor does one make them of the finest quality Gold.

The entire secret of the Great Work then consists of knowing how to make Mercury, how to create the Archeus, which is the intimate and particular nebula from where our distinct bodies must emerge.

Question: What are the three calcinations that we must perform through iron and fire?

Answer: The three calcinations that we must perform through iron and fire correspond to the First and Second Mountains and part of the Third.  The three calcinations of Mercury are the three purifications that we must perform through iron and fire.

One reaches the resurrection of Christ by means of three purifications, which are based on iron and fire. This is represented on the Cross by the three nails.  These three nails symbolize the three purifications which must be performed by iron and fire.  Thus, these are the three purifications, the three calcinations of Mercury.

The first calcination corresponds to the Mountain of Initiation.

The second corresponds to the Mountain of Resurrection.

The third corresponds to the final eight years of the Great Work.

Therefore, the whole work of the Great Work consists of the preparation of the Mercury.   The sage says: “Grant us Mercury and we shall obtain everything.”  In synthesis, everything refers to the whole work of the Great Work.  It is so.

Well now, how is Resurrection achieved?  Resurrection is achieved by converting oneself into a true human (human being) before entering the kingdom of the superhuman.

Reference is made to Man in an Anahuac codex, which states:

The Gods created men from wood and after having created them, they fused them with the Divinity.

However, not all humans achieve fusion with Divinity.

Obviously, the human (the Human Being) who is fused with Divinity is the super-human.

The majority of initiates succeed in converting themselves into true humans, but they do not reach the state of superhumans.

In order for oneself to become a true human, the creation of the solar bodies is necessary.  Many initiates succeed in creating the bodies and they naturally receive their superior, animated, spiritual principles, that is to say, they have transformed themselves into legitimate humans, into authentic humans.

However, we must emphasize that despite being authentic humans, they have not eliminated the Dry Mercury (ego), nor their Arsenic Sulfur (passional fire).

What then happens?  These initiates do not always perfect their bodies. They do not succeed in making their bodies of pure Gold.  They only succeed in creating them; however, they do not succeed in transmuting their bodies into Gold of the finest quality.

Therefore, these initiates remain as hasnamussen. They are hasnamussen because in reality they have not eliminated the ego. Such human examples are failures.

These hasnamussen remain with a double center of gravity.   One part of their consciousness is the interior profound human, which is the Being dressed with the bodies. The other part is the consciousness dressed or bottled up within the various “I’s” that form the ego.  These individuals are converted into white magicians and black magicians at the same time.

hasnamussen with a double center of gravity are abortions of the Cosmic Mother, and are failures.

Andrameleck is an example of a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity. When one invokes Andrameleck in the superior worlds, one finds that Andrameleck is a Throne.  But in other invocations, the ancient black magician Andrameleck (who is very ancient) appears instead.  Andrameleck has a double center of gravity; he is a hasnamuss.

A hasnamuss is a failure in the Great Work, an abortion of the Cosmic Mother.

The Cosmic Mother is the astral signature of the sacred sperm.  She is the shiny star that emerges from the bottom of the sea, from the metallic Chaos of the sperm.  She is Stella Maris, the igneous part of Mercury.  She guides and directs us in the Great Work.  She is the one who helps us in the whole work of the Great Work.

Stella Maris is the Virgin of the Sea, of the interior spermatic sea that one carries within.  It is from this sea that this generous star emerges, which is the igneous part of the sperm.

Stella Maris is the symbolic star that guides every magician.  She is the one who directs the Great Work. She is the astral signature of the sacred sperm. She is the Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti.

The Great Work is performed with Her. However, if one does not eliminate the Dry Mercury (ego) and the Arsenic Sulfur (passional fire), one does not achieve the fusion with Divinity. If there is no psychological death, then one is transformed into an abortion, into a failure. Therefore, the work must be performed correctly.

The Antimony is willing to settle the atoms of Gold in Mercury with the condition that the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulfur are eliminated with the help of Stella Maris.  If we perform this, then the Antimony works in settling the Gold.

Question: Is it true that one passes the first Initiations unconsciously?

Answer: Well, these are the Initiations of Minor Mysteries which are related with the probationary path.  However, what is fundamental to attain in ourselves is the great Initiations of Major Mysteries, which are the work in the Great Work.

In order to comprehend the Mysteries of the Great Work, it is necessary to receive the Donum Dei, which means “the power of God.” If one has not received the power of God in order to penetrate into the science of the Great Work, then regardless if one studies it, one does not understand it. This is because that science does not reach the intellect. It reaches the consciousness.

The whole science of the Great Work penetrates the consciousness.  It belongs to the functions of the consciousness.  Behold then for yourselves how we can speak about the whole Great Work in Alchemy.

Question: What are the white and red colors that often appear in the texts of Alchemy?

Answer: These are the colors which the Mercury displays when one is purifying the bodies in the crucible.  What crucible are we referring to?  The sexual crucible, of course.

In the beginning, this crucible emits a black color, then later, a white color.  Subsequently, a yellow color is emitted, until finally reaching a red color.

This is the symbolism of the three Wise Kings: One white, one black, and the other yellow.  However, the red is missing.  The red is missing because the Kings can only elevate themselves through the red color.

The star that guides them is precisely Stella Maris.  She guides them in the work.  She is the one who performs the whole work.

Obviously, if someone wishes to convert the Astral Body into a vehicle of pure Gold, he must then dedicate himself to eliminating the Dry Mercury.

It is clear that all the pluralized “I” (egos), which are submerged within the Astral plane, emerge with a terrible, horrifying, and frightful force.  They process themselves within their own corruption.  Despite the fact that the demons attack violently, they must be disintegrated.

When this occurs, it is said that one enters into the kingdom of Saturn and has begun to work with the dark fire, the black fire that corresponds to Saturn.

When all of these elements begin to be disintegrated and destroyed, then the Mercury of the Astral Body begins to whiten. However, despite the fact that the majority of undesirable elements have been destroyed, the white color only covers the Astral Body superficially.

Therefore, it is necessary to continue the work with the same Astral Body, working with the Astral Mercury, eliminating the Dry Mercury.  This is how we achieve the possession of the yellow color.  This is the yellow color of the Great Mysteries.

By continuing with this psychological work, the moment is reached in which one does not possess any undesirable elements in the Astral Body.  When the Astral Body has been purified, and it finally shines, the Antimony settles the atoms of Gold in the Mercury and then the Astral Body remains of pure Gold.

When it is of pure Gold, the Divine Mother Kundalini swallows it and then the purple, the tunic of purple, the purple of the Kings is received.

Let us then see the colors:  Black, white, yellow, and then purple, which is equivalent to the red.

The same process takes place in the Mental body and the Causal body.

The Resurrection of Christ within the heart of the human being cannot be verified until these bodies are converted into vehicles of pure Gold that penetrate and co-penetrate without confusion. This forms the famous To Soma Heliakon, the body of Gold of the Solar Human.

To Soma Heliakon serves as a covering for the Lord, for the Interior Christ who rises from His crystal sepulcher and returns here to manifest.

He covers himself with the body of Gold and He expresses himself in the physical world as a Mahatma.

Why does the Lord come to this world?  He does so in order to work for humanity, which is His goal.

As we can observe, we are now seeing the significance of the three Wise Kings and the Star.

Regarding the Child, the Child is the Intimate Christ, the Child that the three Wise Kings adore, the Intimate Christ who must pass through all of this work.

During this process of Alchemy, the interior, profound Lord works terrifically.  In the depth, He is the Director of the Great Work.  Even Stella Maris works under his direction.  He is the Chief of the Work.

When the interior, profound Lord has completed the entirety of the Great Work within the crystal sepulcher, He is then born as a child within the heart of the human being.

He must develop himself during the esoteric work.  He must live the Cosmic Drama within the human being and He is responsible for all of our mental, volitive, and emotional processes.  In a few words, he makes himself a human among humans and suffers all the temptations of the flesh, like everyone.

He must defeat and be triumphant.  Now all of His bodies are of pure Gold and one can dress with these bodies and live in the world of the flesh as a completely resurrected Adept, triumphant in the Universe.

So, it is good to know that the interior, profound Lord is the stimulus of the world, of the entire Majesty of God, because He is our true Savior.

This is the essence of the salvator salvandus of whom the universal Gnosticism speaks of.

He is the Savior of the Adept.  He is the Interior Savior, the Chief of the Great Work in the interior of the laboratory, the interior Magnes of Alchemy which is the Philosophical Stone, the precious Gem, the red Carbuncle, dressed with His bodies of Gold.

Whosoever possesses this Stone has the power to transmute Lead into Gold.  Such a one possesses the projection powders, etc., etc., etc.   This Stone is very ductile, elastic, and perfect.  Let it be clear that it can be placed in the fire like lard, without it being wasted.

One can place lard into a pan over the fire and it will not be wasted.  Likewise, this occurs with the Philosophical Stone if it is thrown into the fire.

However, the metallic Spirit of the Stone, which is the Intimate Christ, can be lost. The metallic Spirit can evaporate.  When can this occur?  When a metal is melted.

When is it melted?  When the Hermes Glass is spilled, then the metallic Spirit is melted.  It is the metallic reaction of the Gold.  Thus, it is indubitable that the interior Magnes escapes.

When this occurs, alchemically it is known that the Philosophical Stone is lost, that it has dissolved in the water.   Speaking in other words, out of the terms of the Great Work, I will say that this is when the Bodhisattva falls (fornicates).

In Alchemy, it is said clearly that the Stone is thrown into the water, that it dissolves in the water on Saturday.  We must understand that Saturday is Saturn, in other words, the kingdom of death.

Whosoever dissolves his Stone in water loses his Stone.

The book of Genesis is related with the Great Work.

The first day of Genesis corresponds to the work in the Abyss and to the first seal of the Apocalypse.

The second day of Genesis corresponds to the work with the water, the Vital body.

The third day of Genesis corresponds to the Astral Body.

The fourth day of Genesis corresponds to the Mental body.

The fifth day corresponds to the Causal body.

The sixth day of Genesis corresponds to the sixth seal of the Apocalypse, to the Buddhic or intuitional body.

Next, the seventh seal, the seventh day of creation is the day of rest.

The work is performed in six days or periods of time. On the seventh day there is rest and on the eighth day the resurrection of the Lord is achieved.

Therefore, the books of Genesis and Apocalypse compliment each other.

To synthesize, the Great Work is performed in eight years.  The superior part of the Great Work is eight years, although, the period of preparation and work are much more.

But, the final synthesis, the last period in which the Great Work is built is of eight years.

This is what is signified by the eight years of Job, the eight marvelous years.

The work is then performed in periods of time, but all of this can be performed in one entire existence, an existence that has been successfully taken advantage of.

The books of Genesis and Apocalypse are texts of Alchemy.  The book of Genesis has to be lived in this precise moment while performing our intimate work.  The same must occur with the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse (Revelation) is a book of Alchemy.

Question: Has the Apocalypse (Revelation) been adulterated in the various translations?

Answer: No, this book is the only one that has not been changed, for no one has entered into its wisdom.  No one understands it, no one enters into it, it has been saved from disgrace.

However, the whole of the Great Work is written in the Apocalypse.  It is the Book of Wisdom, the book in which is found the laws of Nature.

Nevertheless, each one of us has our own interior Apocalypse.

There exists the Apocalypse of Peter, also the Apocalypse of John as well as the Apocalypse of Paul.  Thus the Apocalypse also exists within each one of us.

Each one of us has our own Apocalypse and there are two ways of living it.

We live it within ourselves, performing the Great Work, or we live it with Nature, with humanity in general.

For example, this present humanity has already broken the sixth seal and it is surely expecting to break the seventh seal. When this happens, a great earthquake will take place.  The final cataclysm will appear, which will be the total destruction of this Root Race.

It is dreadful if this is lived within oneself, but it culminates with the resurrected Master.

The seven seals represent the seven bodies:  Physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic and Atmic.

Thus, the Apocalypse is interior, profound, and it is for living within ourselves.  The same occurs with the Four Gospels.  The Four Gospels of Christ are alchemical and are for living within ourselves, because Christ is within us.   One must find Him within oneself.

Christ is the director of the entire Work of the laboratory.

Question: Did the historic Jesus really exist?

Answer: The Interior Jesus Christ exists and the historic Jesus Christ existed.  His merit was that he made the doctrine of the intimate, particular Jesus Christ of each one of us to be known.  Therefore, behold his merit.  He propagated the doctrine of the Intimate Christ.

For example, Buddha’s merit is the teaching of the doctrine of the intimate Buddha.

Jesus of Nazareth made the doctrine of the intimate Jesus Christ of each one of us to be known.  So, this is what Jeshuah [Yeshua] is and Jeshuah means Savior.

The Divine Mother Kundalini, before becoming fertilized, is the black virgin who is in the basement of all the Gothic Monasteries.  She is worshiped with candles, with green candles, with the hope that one day the Green Lion, the Fire, will awake.

However, when she is fertilized by the Logos (the Holy Spirit) she is the Divine Mother, the Divine Conception with the Child in her arms.  This Child who descends makes himself a Son of the Divine Mother of oneself.   He waits for the moment of entering into the body in order to begin the process of the Great Work.

The Savior of each one of us, the Interior Jesus Christ, is who matters.  He is our intimate Jeshuah, our own Savior.   Each one of us must find our own Savior.

Question: Did Jesus incarnate the Christ?

Answer: Yes, Jesus of Nazareth, the great Kabir Jesus performed the Great Work and he spoke of the intimate Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of the Great Work.

The Cosmic Drama is the drama that our interior Lord must live within ourselves, here and now in the work of the Great Work.

For example, the three traitors: Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas are three demons.

Judas is the demon of desire and each one of us carries him within our interior.

Pilate is the demon of the mind who always finds justification and evasiveness for his worst crimes.

As for Caiaphas, he is the demon of evil will within each one of us.  Caiaphas is the traitor who exchanged the Christ, or it is better to say, who prostituted religion.  Caiaphas is a priest.  What does he do?  He converts the altar into a bed of pleasure and he copulates with the lady devotees and sells their dresses.

Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas are definitely three traitors who betray the Intimate Christ.

They are the ones who deliver him to death, and all the millions of people who ask for his death are the psychological “I” of each one of us who scream, “Crucifixia! Crucifixia! Crucifixia!”  Yes, our interior, profound Lord is crowned with the crown of thorns and whipped.  Every mystic can see this.

At last, He is crucified, taken from the Cross and placed in His sepulcher.  He then kills death with His death and resurrects there, dressed with His body of Gold.  Thus, He possesses a special earthly body.

Behold the mystery of the Philosophical Stone.  Fortunate is the one who has it, because such a one is a resurrected Master.

These are the mysteries of the Gospels that must be lived here and now, within ourselves.

The life, passion, and death of our Lord Jesus Christ is not something that is strictly historic as people believe.   It is something of immediate actuality that each one must perform in his or her laboratory.

This is what the crude reality of Christ is. It is not something from the history of the past that occurred two thousand years ago, it is something to be lived here and now.

I give testimony of this because I am living all of this.  In these precise instances (1977), my interior, profound Lord is in his holy sepulcher; and in the year 1978, my interior, profound Lord will resurrect in me and I in him, in order to perform the gigantic work that must be made for humanity.

Christ will be the one to perform it, not my insignificant person who is nothing but an instrument.

Christ himself is perfect and he performs it because he is perfect.  Therefore, I give testimony of what is evident to me and of what I have lived.

Genesis is the Book of the Gnostics.  This is the crude reality.

I incarnated Christ a long time ago.  He was born in me like a small child when I received the Initiation of Tiphereth.

He (Christ) then had to grow and develop.  He had to pass through all of His dramas within me.  Therefore, when I speak in this way, it is because I know.

Now, in this moment, after having passed through the way of the Cross, He is in His holy sepulcher.  I go there once in awhile to kiss the gravestone of His sepulcher; yes, expecting His resurrection.  In 1978, He will resurrect for the third time.

Yes, I said for the third time because I have performed the Great Work three times.

I performed it in the past Mahamanvantara, which means, in the Earth-Moon, before this terrestrial chain emerged into existence.

Then, I performed it in Lemuria.   As a Dhyani Bodhisattva, I committed the error of falling into animal generation during the revolt of the Angels who fell into animal generation, which of course was in Lemuria, the continent Mu.  I lost the Philosophical Stone, but I made it reemerge in the same Lemuria.

Then, in the central plateau of Asia, I committed the error, as did the Count Zanoni.  It was the error of taking a wife when it was forbidden for me.  I once again threw the Philosophical Stone into the water.  Now in this new existence, I performed the Great Work.  The resurrection of the Lord will culminate for the third time...for the third time.  Thus, I have now performed the work three times.  So, this is why I have experience, I know the way...I know the way.

What I wish to say is a great truth. When I elaborated the Philosophical Stone for the first time, on the Moon, the Stone was powerful.

When I elaborated it the second time, it was much stronger.  Now that I am elaborating it for the third time, it will be even stronger.  This is due to acquired experience.

Within this experience there is an intelligent principle that we must understand.  A human can fight a great deal for his transformation in order to reach the union with God.  This human progresses until there.  However, after a human being reaches the union with God, when God manifests himself in this human, we can say that from here on there is no progress.

If this human being wishes to progress, he must then retrograde, which means to throw the Stone into the water.

What happens to the Stone?

When the Stone reemerges into life, it emerges much more powerful, more penetrative.  It is something extraordinary.

There are Initiates who perform the work seven times.  Beyond seven times it is very dangerous because one can fall into damnation.

I have performed it three times, but frankly, I will not make it a fourth.  I do not want to expose myself to losing a great amount.  However, the three times that I have performed it, the situation has come to me as it must be, extremely painful.

For example, in the central plateau of Asia, when I threw the Stone into the water for the third time, I said to myself,  “How I have fought over the centuries in order to raise myself again.  What frightful weights, such terrible bitterness!”  And only now, after having suffered terribly, tremendously, this Philosophical Stone is again being reborn. In 1978 it will be reborn.

I carried all the history of the Aryan Race in order to raise it again. Therefore, it is extremely painful; it is a very painful process.

There are Adepts who, wanting to make the Stone more penetrative and powerful, intentionally descend.  They do not fall, they descend.

How do they descend?

They take a spouse when it is not permitted to them.  But they do not ejaculate the seminal liquor (they do not reach the orgasm) and under the direction of a Guru, they work with all the rules of the Arcanum A. Z. F.  They then lose the Stone.

After a certain period of time, they give life to the Stone.  They perform the great Work so that the Stone will remain much stronger.

It is necessary to establish the difference that exists between falling and descending.

I did not descend.  I intentionally fell.  My three cases were falls, not descends.

In the central plateau of Asia, I committed the same error as the Count Zanoni.  I took a wife. This is the forbidden act which I did.  I tell you that after the experience of the centuries, I know that this is how the Great Work is performed.

Let us remember the Phoenix Bird.  It is marvelous with its crown of Gold and with its feet and legs of a beautiful pure Gold. Nature surrounded and worshiped it.  Tired of living for millions of years, it decided to make a nest with the branches of incense, myrrh, spikenard and other beautiful branches, and the truth is that she burned herself there.

Nature is always like that.  But then the Phoenix Bird was reborn from her own ashes, much more powerful.

Likewise, it is necessary to perform the Great Work because when the Stone is thrown into the water, it remains drowned.

What is the Reed of Moses, the one that is transformed into a serpent?

As Moses converted the Reed into a Serpent, so must one also convert the reed into a serpent.

As Moses raised the serpent on the reed, and it converted itself into the same reed, we also need to raise the reed within ourselves.

The Son of the reed is the Intimate Christ.  It is necessary to raise Him within ourselves.

To raise Him is to create the existential superior bodies of the Being.

We must live everything here.  By incarnating the Intimate Christ, he comes to live in this world.  He is persecuted, and grows among the humans as a human.  He suffers all the temptations.

It is very difficult.  He must be responsible for all our mental, volitive, emotional, and sexual processes and every type of function.

He converts Himself into a human because He succeeds in defeating all the darkness, eliminating the pluralized “I” and triumphing over Himself.  He is worthy of all glory.  The Lord is the Savior.

This is why He is worthy of all honor.  Before Him, the twenty-four Elders (the twenty-four parts of our interior, profound Being), and the four Saints (the four superior parts of our Being related with the four elements), throw their crowns to the feet of the Lamb, because only He is worthy of worship and glory.

Christ’s blood is the fire.  He is the immolated Lamb who immolates Himself by living within oneself.  This is how Christ completely immolates Himself.

Christ makes himself a common and current human being and fights against temptations, desires, thoughts, against everything.

No one recognizes Him until He is triumphant.  This is why it is said:  “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

This is the esoteric Gnostic Christianity, but very well understood.

Therefore, Christ is the Savior.  Christ is the one who saves us.  Christ redeems us by the fire, because Christ Himself is the Spirit of the fire, who needs a glass of alabaster as a receptacle in order to manifest Himself.

This receptacle is the bodies of pure Gold that one must create.

To understand this is formidable, because one arrives and reaches the place that one must reach.  This refers to the converting of oneself into a Solar Human, into a Christ Man.

Therefore, it is necessary to fight everything and everyone to death, against oneself, against Nature, against everything that opposes us.  This must be done until triumphing, until triumphing and converting oneself into a Solar Human, into a Christ Man.

This is not a matter of evolution or a matter of devolution; this is a matter of interior, profound revolution.

This is not related with the dogma of evolution and devolution.  This belongs to the Great Work and for this reason it is revolutionary.

Does this work depend on willpower?

Of course it depends on willpower.  In order to be born again one needs willpower.  It is necessary to dedicate one’s entire life to the Great Work, until achieving it, until being converted into a Solar Human.

This is what the Sun wants, it wants a harvest of Solar Humans.   This is what the Sun is interested in.

Therefore, we must cooperate with the Sun until we convert ourselves into Solar Humans.  What it wants is a harvest of Solar Humans.  This is what it is interested in.