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Hercolobus, also called Bernard's Star
Hercolobus, also called Bernard's Star

The Approaching Catastrophe, Extraterrestrials, Resurrection, Alchemy

Let all of you help us to form the world salvation army with people of all nationalities, populations and languages, because we have to take them out, in order to make the nucleus for the future sixth root race, and we all will all have to come out from the smoke and the flames... ...since we will go to a certain place in the Pacific...

I hope I will have the pleasure of seeing you among the selected ones; that's what we expect. I would very much like to go out with you on boats, in planes, in whatever, heading to the place where we have to go.

It is a place that I am keeping a little secret for now, because if the profane get to know about it, they will go there, and the day we were to disembark, there would be no room. So, then, you have to keep in mind that we will keep that a secret.

As for the catastrophe, as I have told you, it is at the door. I myself have been studying that planet (Hercolubus). It is a giant world that will cause to swing the planet Earth. It has gigantic mountains, huge and deep seas, deep jungles; it is a monster of the heavens, a colossus; it belongs to a solar system that is also close to ours.

Approximations of the orbit of that world vary. Some think that it has an orbit of 6,666 years. I know that its orbit is much larger. When that giant world returned to Earth in times of the Lemurian continent -which once existed in the Pacific Ocean- it caused great earthquakes and frightening tidal waves, horrible geological convulsions, and that is how, little by little, Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean. Remnants of Lemuria include Oceania, Australia and all the adjacent islands.

When in times of Atlantis that colossus approached the terrestrial orbit, then a revolution of the Earth's axes took place: the poles became the equator, the equator the poles; the seas changed beds; the Atlantean continent was submerged in the raging waves of the ocean that bears its name. That is the famous "universal flood", recorded by the sacred writings of different traditions.

Now Hercolubus is returning again, now it is called "Barnard’s star"; it approaches again and, as a consequence or corollary, it will naturally bring about a great catastrophe... I have already told you that as it approaches it will attract the liquid fire to the surface of the world, the magma will flow by magnetic induction, volcanoes will erupt everywhere. It is possible that part of the geological crust will explode. It will also form immense waves in the ocean never seen before; by the enormous magnetic power it will attract even the waters and enormous waves will be formed...

But an explosion by fire follows; at the maximum of the approach, the revolution of the Earth's axes will occurs: the seas will change their bed and the current continents will be at the bottom of the oceans. Everything that has life will perish, therefore, the Aryan root race [modern humanity], which is the fifth root race, will end. And subsequently new lands will emerge from the bottom of the seas for the [future] sixth root race.

It is up to us, then, to organize the world salvation army with people from all nations, populaces and languages; for from that army, from those millions of people who will form part of the universal Gnostic movement, a new genesis will emerge, and they will deserve to be selected; since, with them the new exodus will take place.

Such exodus will go to a secret place on the planet; from there the catastrophe will be contemplated without receiving any damage. When new lands emerge from the bottom of the oceans, new continents, then that nucleus will populate those new continents; it will be the root of the future sixth root race. That is the harsh reality of the facts. On those continents of tomorrow, which will serve as the stage for the sixth root race, a new civilization and a new culture will be created...

Thus, the basic condition to be selected, the fundamental basic condition to be part of the new exodus will be to have dissolved the ego. But totally and completely... it is enough, at least, yes, even if it is half. With people who have 50% destroyed the ego, there is hope, because if they are capable of destroying 50% of the ego, they are also capable of destroying the other 50%. But with people who have not worked on themselves, even if they are very well versed in the doctrine, but who have not worked, they are not counted; people like that will not be able to be selected.

So, we are talking about the facts.

As far as I am concerned, my insignificant person who is worth nothing, I am only the instrument of the great work, that is all, the instrument of the father...

So now, this movement is already underway in the Americas and throughout the Western Hemisphere. It will have to develop a lot in the future; it will have to grow extraordinarily.

We will continue in Europe and we will have to put on a wonderful performance through some scientific impacts that are essential and, later, we will complete our work in Asia, on the Asian continent...

Student: Are those scientific impacts that you speak about related to the technology that the extraterrestrials are going to bring?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in the name of truth we will have to say that the technical-scientific equipment that allows communication with cosmic ships and with other inhabited worlds will be delivered to the planet Earth. And the extraterrestrials –when such equipment will be available, when all of humanity has it– they will be able to spread the knowledge massively, or to collaborate with us in a massive manner, illustrating it to all of humanity.

This will bring about a great cultural revolution, because the current scientific principles will be demolished, reduced to cosmic dust, worldwide. All that is now scientific dogma will be broken. The communications equipment, let's say, telecommunications equipment that is going to be used, is going to put an end to television and radio, right? Thus, the vested interests will turn against us, and we will be terribly combated and hated to death by the powerful; vested interests will threaten us with death...

Student: Will all that be processed in this 20th century?

Samael Aun Weor: All of this will be processed in this 20th century and part of the 21st century. So that when you see all this, when scientific communications begin with people from other worlds, and those people from other worlds, in turn, begin to massively instruct humanity, you will remember what I am telling to you.

Student: Will we be old when that comes?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I think that won't take long; I think that it is rather very close...

Student: Venerable master, we have been told by the reports, very respectable, from the different masters, that the war, the third atomic war, could be unleashed between the year 1981 and 1982, but we have not been told how long that war will last. What can you tell us about that?

Samael Aun Weor: I don't think that the atomic war can break out yet, it may take a little longer. I don't agree that it's because during '81 or '82; it still takes a little longer. However, the atomic catastrophe will be frightening, and all this will precede the catastrophe. Before the catastrophe there will not only be a third world war, but other secondary wars that will be terrifying...

Student: Will these wars be the prelude to catastrophe?

Samael Aun Weor: Wars will be the prelude; there will be many. And there will be new diseases; and in fact new diseases are already appearing, completely unknown, that science has no medicine for them. Cancer will multiply greatly, there will be plagues all over the face of the Earth, famines, desolation, and finally the catastrophe will come, the final catastrophe...

Earthquakes will also become very frequent, they will be more terrible, terrifying every day, they will end all this false civilization...

Student: Master, extraterrestrial beings are known to be taking people out of here to take them to other worlds. Will it be in order to self-realize them there or to exchange sexual seed?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the harsh reality of the facts is that some terrestrials are being taken to space to be studied in the laboratories of certain cosmic ships. They are being studied, because these earthlings are very rare beings, which have caused curiosity throughout the cosmos due to the strangeness of their psyche.

Earthlings are sleeping people, sleeping... because they are in a state of collective hypnosis. They do not have a normal dream of consciousness, but abnormal, they are people who are hypnotized: hypnotized by certain forces, hypnotized by the tempting serpent of Eden. And since they live in such a strange somnambulistic state and react in such a strange way, they have attracted attention within the cosmos.

The same earthlings are taken from the cities, from the fields, and taken to the spaceships of the cosmos; there in laboratories they have been studied, and then they are brought back as objects of curiosity, again, and deposited in the place where they were taken. Earthlings are very rare, the inhabitants of the Earth, too strange for the entire cosmos, abnormal a thousand percent.

Student: Master, about two weeks ago some people got lost in the Bermuda triangle. Where are these people going?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, many in Bermuda triangle get lost... in the famous Bermuda triangle, because there is an open door to the fourth coordinate, they stay in the fourth coordinate, and that is all.

Student: But they don't have, let's say...

Samael Aun Weor: No, it's a “hole” that swallows them, puts them inside the fourth terrestrial dimension, and that is all.

Student: But there is another world there, master, similar to ours?

Samael Aun Weor: Sure, the fourth dimension of our world; they don't have a bad time there, you know? Wouldn't you like to be there?

Student: And what happens in the fourth, what happens there?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is even better, there are other humanities that live better (in the fourth dimension), humanities of flesh and blood that live better. Usually, these subjects that are lost in the Bermuda triangle are passed to the fourth vertical. In the fourth dimension, they receive the opportunity of a great help, so that they work on the elimination of the ego...

Student: Venerable master, do you think that scientists would be better oriented to search for life on Hercolubus than on other planets, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, Hercolubus has life. If scientists dedicated themselves to looking for life in Hercolubus, they would find it; that's clear. Hercolubus is alive. It is a world that is densely populated, with a humanity as perverse as this one of the Earth. If we were to compare the earthlings with the inhabitants of Hercolubus, we would find both in perversity: one is perverse and the other perverse, the same... The inhabitants of Hercolubus are also now in the Kali Yuga, they are in their Kali Yuga... And they are terribly evil, they are specimens very similar to earthlings...

Student: So, they went through the same process that we have?

Samael Aun Weor: They are in that process...

Student: Are they tempting people?

Samael Aun Weor: All of them are as perverse as the earthlings. They have a terribly developed ego.

Student: Is it understood that we then move within the same dimension?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, yes. A very interesting thing is that Hercolubus plays a wonderful game with all the celestial mechanics, because our solar system travels around the zodiacal belt, around there in about 25,000, or maybe also about 27,968 years, a little more or less, because it has not been possible to do the exact calculation. Our solar system makes a trip around the zodiacal belt. And a root race lasts no longer than a journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt. Finish the trip, finish the root race with a great catastrophe. But the interesting thing about this is that at the end of the trip Hercolubus arrives. That's why I don't believe in the 6,666 year orbits that many have put on Hercolubus, I don't accept it. Because I have seen that Hercolubus is only nearing the end of the journey. So, then, it matches our voyage: it arrives, exactly, to mark the end of the root race...

Sometimes, the element that initiates the catastrophe is fire, other times it is the water. In Atlantis it was the water that initiated the catastrophe, the one that produced the catastrophe, although the fire made its duet. Now the fire will be the first to enter into activity, then the water. Between fire and water the destinies of humanity are defined.

Student: Venerable master, the humanity that exists in Hercolubus, being like our way of living so depraved, do the scientific-intellectual processes that we are experimenting here also happen there?

Samael Aun Weor: The same, because these scientific-intellectual processes of our current humanity which are manifestly anti-Christian occur on any perverse planet.

Student: So, they also went through the same process that was experienced here with the archangel Sakaki?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they had a similar process, although the archangel Sakaki was not the culprit over there... But they also have their culprits. Those are very difficult calculations, the ones that have to be made, when you want to give humanity the abominable Kundabuffer organ; any failure, no matter how insignificant, in the transfinite calculations, is more than enough reason for a failure to occur; the abominable Kundabuffer organ is given to humanity, but the error is in the calculations. The archangel Sakaki made a mistake in his mathematical calculations...

Student: Venerable master, can we deduce that the archangel Sakaki (without condemning him, because it is not up to us), well, he simply acted on his behalf and not on his father's and mother's?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they work under the direction of the father, but he had, as a person, his human miscalculations. They are very special calculations in transfinite mathematics, but he lacked a little more mathematics there, he made a mistake in his calculations; he didn't do it with bad intentions, but he made wrong calculations...

Student: Despite the poor calculations, it also, however, helped us tremendously?

Samael Aun Weor: He worked for humanity, he always sought the good of humanity, but he had a mistake, he had it; Of course, when they wanted to remove the abominable Kundabuffer organ from humanity, it was too late, it went beyond normal time, and the outcome was this: that by removing the abominable Kundabuffer organ from humanity, the bad consequences remained in the five cylinders of the organic machine, and those bad consequences are the psychic aggregates, living personification of our errors; and the consciousness, naturally, was embedded within those aggregates; since then humanity has been submerged in unconsciousness, in error...

Student: Venerable master, if the Archangel Sakaki had given, exactly at the precise moment of cutting the Kundabuffer organ from humanity, how would humanity have been left?

Samael Aun Weor: It would have been balanced and without the ego, but he made a mistake in his calculations, that is the problem... It was a very serious problem...

Student: To what extent are we responsible for this problem?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, we are nothing but the wretched victims of the mistakes of the gods. This is how I, myself, manifested it to the gods, when they were here, in the  (a forest named) “desert of the lions”, I managed to have physical contact with them. It will seem a bit strange what I am telling you, but it should not seem strange, because something about it was published in a magazine...

Student: “Abraxas”?...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, Abraxas magazine... Here in the "desert of the lions" I had the good fortune to have a direct contact with a group of extraterrestrials. They descended with their ship, in the forest, and it occurred to me to approach that place: a clearing in the forest... So, a door opened, the captain of his ship came down, and after him, then, a group of extraterrestrial people. He was a thin man, medium height, coppery skin, blue eyes, wide forehead, straight nose, thin mouth, very long and fine hands, very intelligent, genial..., genial, a genius, who is more than a human, is a superhuman; the rest of the crew descended after him...

We talked. I asked him to take me to the planet Mars.

"Mars?" he told me," that is just there!”

I mean, for him Mars was like going from here to the corner store, like going to the store... ...or things like that. I couldn't help but be quite perplexed; I understood intuitively that this ship in which they had descended came from the belly of a mother ship that had remained in orbit around the Earth. That's how I understood it.

Afterward, I begged a little to be taken to other inhabited worlds. I was ready to go. The captain kept silence. All the crew members sat around, in a "u", on some logs that were on the ground; there they sat... And there were two ladies also among them, very old... The one, who seemed to be the oldest, of an indecipherable age, stood up and spoke on behalf of the entire crew, she said, “If we place a plant that is not aromatic next to another that is, it is clear that the one that is not aromatic will be impregnated with the aroma of the one that is, right?”

Then I replied, “That's right”...

She continued, “The same thing happens with the inhabited worlds of infinite space: worlds that in the past were doing badly, they were influenced, little by little, with the radiations of the neighboring worlds, and now they are doing very well. But we see that here, on planet Earth, the same thing does not happen. What is happening?”

That was the question they asked me. They were alarmed. They are used to traveling through the infinite and have never seen such a phenomenon. They encountered an evil humanity that left them completely confused. They encountered a very strange phenomenon, and they asked me in surprise what was happening on this planet, on which they had just landed.

What was happening? Well, I had to reflect a bit and then I answered, “This is nothing more than the outcome of a mistake of the gods. This Earth is nothing more than a result of the mistake of the gods." And then I rounded off my concept a little better; I concluded by telling them, "This is how the karma of the worlds is..."

When I finished, that lady nodded, without saying a word; the other made a respectful bow, without saying a word; all, in turn, nodded with a great bow.

Then, the meeting ended, they stood up, they said goodbye to me cordially; and at a time when I said goodbye to the captain, I reiterated my request, asking, then, to be taken to other galaxies, to other inhabited worlds.

The captain...

Student: So, you wanted to leave us, master?

Samael Aun Weor: Well yes, I wanted to leave, and as I told them, “Well, I am human, inside me is the Kalki Avatar who is delivering the message for this terrestrial humanity, the humanity of this planet Earth. I am not making the request for myself, but for humanity, in order to bring here, to these earthlings, evidence about life on other planets, news about other cultures, etc.” Of course, the reasons that I explained were heavy, right? Since I said it's not about me, it's about humanity...

Student: Can those gods do anything for this humanity?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I didn't talk about that. I'm just telling you what I talked about. Then...

Student: Was that experience a short time ago?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, in flesh and blood, physically, in the “desert of the lions”! It was a personal interview, person to person.

Student: How long ago master?

Samael Aun Weor: It's been... I estimate about 3 years... In any case, after all, I told the captain, I reiterated my request; the captain speaks little, and the crew also little, but in that little they says a lot; the captain answered me in the following way, “On the path we will see”...

“Okay, captain, thank you very much”.

And I shook hands gratefully...

Student: We also are thankful, as he is saying it for all of us...

Samael Aun Weor: Sure, do you know which path were he referring to?

Student: To the path of initiation...

Samael Aun Weor: To the secret path, to the esoteric path; this means that after the esoteric or mystical resurrection, which I have to go through (or the one inside my heart has to pass through), then I will win that right: to join an intergalactic crew; thus, for times I will remain in the cosmos and for times here on the planet Earth.

Student: Venerable master, is this mystical resurrection going to happen on the physical plane as well?

Samael Aun Weor: In all the worlds, in all the regions of the universe...

Student: I am referring, specifically, to the resurrection that we know, as the resurrection of the Lord the Christ.

Samael Aun Weor: That resurrection is repeated in every initiate, every time they have gone through the processes of the Via Crucis; so that, then, it is of a general order, it is not for a single individual.

In the Middle Ages several sacred individuals achieved it...

Student: Will it be our turn to witness it on the physical plane?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the resurrection is something rather intimate, it is esoteric. It is not something merely spectacular, physical, but it is something intimate and esoteric. In any case, then, all human beings must reach the resurrection, here and now.

Student: Master, are you close to that resurrection?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, indeed, after many years of work, we are getting closer; we are already getting closer to the peak of the mystical or Christic resurrection, which is so indispensable, for the great work.

Student: What exactly is meant by "mystical resurrection"?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it means that the intimate Christ has to incarnate in the heart of a human being; he must develop in the heart of a human being, he must develop in the heart of a human being, he must grow inside us, and once he has achieved resurrection, he must preach the word, for the good of mankind.

But it is clear that whenever he comes into the world, three kinds of people hate him: the elders, the priests, and the scribes.

The elders, the very judicious people, full of experience, very serious, hate him because he does not fit into their traditions and their way of being.

The scribes also hate him, that is, the intellectuals, because he does not fit within their ferulas, within their dogmatism, within their theories, thus, they reject him.

Likewise, the priests of the temple hate him, the members of all religions, the very religious people, the priests of all cults, because he always comes to speak, to always say revolutionary things that go against the created interests of the official religion; he comes to crumble, to destroy dogmas, and the religious cannot accept that.

So, these are the three kinds of people who reject the Lord...

As a sequence or corollary, it happens then that it is up to the Lord to live the entire cosmic drama within the heart of a human being, just as it is written in the four gospels. The "crowds" call for his crucifixion. It is not about merely external crowds, but internal crowds, and each of us has those “crowds” within themselves; I refer to the psychic aggregates, to the egos; they ask for his crucifixion.

There are three traitors who lend themselves to take him to crucifixion, these are Judas, the demon of desire; Pilate, the demon of the mind, and Caiaphas, the demon of evil-will. Those are the three traitors; those make the lord suffer a lot. So, the Lord has to live, within the human soul, all the cosmic drama.

Finally, the Lord is crucified and then deposited in his inner holy sepulcher, in his crystal tomb...

It is necessary for the Lord to rise from his tomb, and he rises on the third day, that is, after the third purification by iron and fire. After a human being has gone through these three purifications, based on iron and fire, then, the Lord resurrects, our king rises from his crystal sepulcher, clothed with To Soma Heliakon, the golden body of the solar human , and comes to the mystical-sensorial world; he penetrates deeply into our organic nature in order to be able to speak to humanity, to be able to work, to be able to become, let us say, the servant of all.

Obviously, it is fundamental to incarnate the Intimate Christ, and it is possible to incarnate him on the condition of receiving the Venustic initiation. It is then, in the Venustic initiation, when the cosmic Christus is born in the heart of a human being.

When Christ incarnates, certainly, the only thing that the initiate has in order to receive him are the superior existential bodies of the Being...

That “Belen” that is spoken of in the gospel is within ourselves; because at the time when the hierophant Jeshua ben Pander taught the doctrine of Christ, Belen did not exist, the village of Belen did not exist.

“Belen” comes from a Chaldean term: “bel”, which reminds us of the “tower of bel”, the “tower of fire”. Every human must, first, possess the tower of bel within himself, that is, he must have developed the fire within himself, have raised the fire to the "tower", to the top of the head, in order to receive the lord.

He is born –it is also said– in a “stable”, because when the master arrives, we still have not destroyed the ego, the psychic aggregates are alive, but the Lord works, helping us. He has to take charge of our processes of thinking, feeling and acting; and being he truly perfect, he has to clothe himself with imperfection; being he an absolutely holy creature he has to clothe himself with the creature of sin and become owner of our processes of thinking, feeling and acting; he has to destroy the inhuman elements that we carry within us. As he eliminates them, he grows, he develops. So, when he becomes a human and can preach the word, he has done it based on great sacrifices.

And finally, he has to live –within the heart of the human being– all the cosmic drama, as it is written in the four gospels; he has to be killed, because with his death he kills death; he has to resurrect in us, and once resurrected he gives us immortality; already resurrected in us, he becomes, in truth, a master of resurrections, a true efficient worker of this gigantic great work of the father. So, you see...

Student: Venerable master, is that when he is called the "Cosmic Christ"?

Samael Aun Weor: The cosmic Christ is always the cosmic Christ. Christ is not, properly speaking, an individual, nor human... The Christ, in itself, is a force, it is a cosmic, universal force, that seethes and throbs in every atom, in every electron, in every ion; it is latent in all that is, has been, and will be, but can manifest through any human who is duly prepared.

Thus, if we think that Jesus of Nazareth is the only expression of the Chrestos, we are very wrong. Just as the Christ at that time expressed itself through Jeshua ben Pander, so he also expressed itself –at that time– through John the Baptist, and is the same one who expressed itself through Moses and shone on his face in the mount Nebo, and it is the same one that taught the hermetic wisdom with the name of Hermes Trismegistus, and it is the same lord Quetzalcoatl. Thus, the Chrestos is a force that expresses itself through any human who is properly prepared, and when I say “human”, I also include the feminine element, since it can be expressed through any woman who is properly prepared.

Student: Master, and the second Logos is something else?

Samael Aun Weor: I am talking about the Christ, who is the second Logos... That is to say, it is already understood that the first Logos is the father, it is understood that the second Logos is the Son, and it is understood that the third Logos is the Holy Spirit.

"In the beginning was the λόγος Logos, and the Logos was with Theos, and the Logos was Theos. He was with Theos in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it." - John 1

Student: Venerable Master, I have understood that the only process of realization is through the three factors of the revolution of consciousness, here and now. But someone proposes that he could work in the maithuna: a man in his physical body (in any circumstance), and a lady in the astral state. Can you give us a concrete lesson in this regard?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in Tibet there is a lot of talk about Dakinis, and some monks who in the physical world do not have a priestess-wife, have married Dakinis: ladies who walk through the clouds, invisible (strange ladies, by the way), which fly through the clouds; tangible people; those are very special creatures.

Student: But they live in the astral, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they live in the astral, in the mental and in the causal, and everywhere. Obviously, those monks have married them and have done all their esoteric work with them, they have worked in the ninth sphere with them. In turn, women of a certain spiritual category have been able to marry devas [Dakas] and work in the ninth sphere with devas without having a man of flesh and blood.

Student: Is that the case of Saint Francis of Assisi?

Samael Aun Weor: Francis? It is possible... Well, he had already worked in previous lives, and in his new existence he had to have worked with some Dakini; that's obvious. They are very strange cases that are not common, they are not common...

Student: Venerable master, the difference between living the cosmic drama in the internal worlds and living the cosmic drama publicly, as Master Jesus lived it, is there greater merit in performing the drama on the public plane?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I'm going to tell you: Gautama, Sakyamuni Buddha taught the doctrine of the Buddha, of the intimate Buddha of all human beings; the doctrine that the intimate buddha of each one –of mine and of the one that each one has– Gautama expounded publicly.

Jesus of Nazareth taught the doctrine of the Intimate Christ, just as the initiates of Lemuria, Atlantis, the Celtic era, and of all ages and centuries have experienced it. That cosmic drama, lived by Jesus, has always been lived secretly. All the initiates lived it before Jesus, and all the initiates continue to live it after Jesus.

As for the master Jeshua ben Pander, he took it, let's say, from up there, he took it out of the causal world and lived it, personified it in the physical world. In order to live that drama he had to prepare his disciples and teach each one his role, so that each one played his role, and each one really played it. He exhibited a drama, taught it publicly, to serve as a guide for humanity in the future, to serve as a signpost, but the drama is not his property, nor mine, nor anyone's property. That drama is absolutely cosmic.

Student: Judas Iscariot, then, is he one of the great initiates?

Samael Aun Weor: Judas Iscariot really didn't want the role of Judas; he wanted the role of Peter. But Jesus prepared Judas for the drama that he had to enact, and Judas enacted it marvelously. Judas Iscariot never betrayed Jesus. He had to memorize everything that corresponds to the Gospel of Judas.

In order to understand the Gospel of Judas, you have to study Zechariah. There are mentioned the 30 silver coins with which he was despised, etc., the money that was used to buy a plot for the deceased, etc. All of that (the type of currency and all that) is written in Zechariah.

So, Judas had to learn all that, to review the sacred scriptures in order to play his role well. Thus, he has nothing of a traitor! A role that Jesus taught him, and that, he didn't want it either...

So, the master Judas has a gospel: the dissolution of the ego. He renounced all happiness and currently lives in the infernal worlds, working for the lost, for those who have no remedy.

So, he is the only one who has not received honors, who has been hated, insulted, and yet loves humanity, since he sacrificed himself for humanity, and gave even his very life and happiness for humanity. There is, after Jesus, the greatest man called Judas Iscariot.

He is the most despised and is the most hated of all, and no one has understood his sacrifice, because even for Jesus of Nazareth there are tears, appreciation, gratitude, but for the one who gave his life for all humanity and who taught us the way of the dissolution of the ego, there has not been a word of praise; there has been nothing but insults from the time he fulfilled his drama till the age in which we live.

Student: Master, and then why is John considered the “beloved disciple”?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes he is: John is the verb, the word. And in the end, each one has his John, and each one has his Judas, and each one has his James, and each one has his Peter and his Paul... why I tell you this? I am going to tell you: because within each living being, or within each person, is the being, beyond the ego..., the Being, and the Being has many parts. The Being has the twelve parts, the powers that enter the womb of the Divine Mother and come into existence. Those twelve powers are the twelve apostles.

So that each one, if there is an official Peter, each one also has his own Peter, inside there. If there is a John (the word, the verb), each one also has his John. And if there is also a Thomas (skeptic, incredulous), each one has his own. And if there is a James (the blessed patron of the great work), each one has his own.

By the way, I tell you one thing: of all those apostles, the one I appreciate the most is James. James or Jacobus Major is the mercury of the wise (no less than that), the one who teaches us the great work, the regent of the great work that we have to carry out within ourselves, here and now; the blessed patron of the great work. Therefore, I tell you in the name of truth, James is worth taking into account, because thanks to him we can be instructed in the great work. Our father who is in secret, the ancient of the centuries, teaches us the great mysteries of the great work through Jacobus.

Student: Venerable master, how can we contact him? Is there a process? For one to communicate, or ask him, or how can one approach him, or what method is there to ask him?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, Jacobus can be asked when one is working on the great work of the sages; let him guide one in the great work.

Much has been written about alchemy, for example, but no one can give a judicious explanation about the great work, because they are not living the great work. In order to understand the great work, it is necessary to receive the donum dei, that is, to have received that “gift” from the ancient of the centuries, which allows one to understand the mysteries of the great work.

In any case, I want to tell you the following: those twelve are within us; the twelve powers... ...twelve parts of our own being, autonomous, self-cognizant and independent.

Student: Is The Being fractioned, master?

Samael Aun Weor: It is not fractioned. No, what happens is that during the manifestation the Being expresses himself as a plurality.

The twelve faculties, or twelve powers, enter the womb of the Divine Mother Kundalini to come into existence in the world of form, and exactly personify the twelve (and that is quite interesting)...

Thus, we are very interested in appealing to Philip, for astral projections. which Philip? To the historical Philip? There is no need; but to the intimate Philip (for Jinn states, for astral projections). It is necessary to appeal to Jacobus to know the mysteries of the great work; it is necessary to appeal to Peter, so that he indicates to us –literally– the path of Vulcan; It is necessary to appeal to John, who teaches us the science of the logos, the verb, the word, etc., etc. I think you are understanding...

And Christ? He is inside; you have to look inside. He who does not find Christ within himself, does not find him in any corner of the world.

As for the Father, each one has his Father. “There are as many fathers in heaven as there are humans on Earth” says Blavatsky, and it is true. Each one has his own father who is in secret, the ancient of the centuries. As for the Holy Spirit, he expresses his self as the "metallic soul of the sperm", it is the mercury of the secret philosophy, who makes us the "Gentilis man", wise and truly worthy..., the Holy Spirit...

Whoever truly wants to arrive to where he has to arrive, the one has to crystallize the three forces within himself. There are three forces: the holy affirming, the holy denying and the holy reconciling. The sacred absolute sun wants to crystallize, within ourselves, the three forces of nature and of the cosmos, the three primary forces...

Student: How?

Samael Aun Weor: If the ego is not eliminated, the three forces cannot be crystallized. How will the third force, the holy spirit, crystallize? Well, by working intensively on the transmutation of the brute azoth, changing it, by means of the transmutation, into the metallic soul of the sperm. That "soul" is the mercury of the wise.

Each “metallic soul” must undoubtedly crystallize or take form in the astral body, in the mental body, and in the causal body, in order to receive the psychic principles and become a human.

Thus, this is how, the mercury of the wise, comes to crystallize in oneself.

How could one crystallize the Christ in oneself, to crystallize in one? It is not simply about incarnating him, but about achieving the crystallization of the cosmic Chrestos in one. How? This would only be possible by denying oneself, and it is not so easy to deny oneself in everything, destroying the ego, breaking it, turning it into dust.

And how would one crystallize, in oneself, the ancient of the centuries, the father? By doing his will, both in the superior worlds and in the physical world.

Thus, by making the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos to crystallize or manifest in us, we will become solar humans, and that is what is important.

Because one thing is to become a human and another thing is to become a solar human. One becomes a human when one manufactures the superior existential bodies of the Being and receives his psychic, buddhic principles, and another thing is to become a superhuman or a solar human, which is the same thing, right? It would only be possible only by crystallizing the totality of the three forces within oneself, here and now.

Student: Why is Master Jesus called “the son of man”?

Samael Aun Weor: You have to find the Master Jesus within yourself. Each one of us –within himself– must embody the master; because that thing about Master Jesus that is a man who existed 1,976 years ago is a bit wrong. Because it turns out that “Jesus”, itself, comes from the word Jeshua in Hebrew, and Jeshua in Hebrew is “savior”.

When the Chrestos resolves to come to the cosmic manifestation, in any human (whether in you, or in me, or in Peter, or in Paul, or in "any parrot on the telegraph hill"), then as a savior he has to descend, from its highest Christic sphere (Chokmah), to the world of the human soul (Tiphereth). Unquestionably, he will have to be born in a human as a savior, and his name will always be “Jeshua” (Jesus-Christ, or Christ-Jesus), because he will always be the savior within you.

This is how it should be understood, because Jeshua ben Pander, the one who taught this doctrine, did not take it out of his own harvest; this doctrine is cosmic, it is universal, it exists in every creature that lives; what you have to do is to find it within yourself. But Jeshua has the advantage of having taught it allegorically or symbolically in the physical world, so that people would understand it; but it is a doctrine that existed before the great Kabir Jesus, and that continued to exist after the great Kabir Jesus.

Student: Master, why did they call him Emmanuel? Because it is said that he was going to be born of the Virgin Mary [and they said to her]: “You will call him Emmanuel”.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, Emmanuel עמנואל means “God with us”; and the virgin Mary is inside you, and inside me, and inside Peter, and inside Paul and inside John; she is the kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

When the Chrestos wants to come to manifestation, he descends from his highest region and penetrates like a ray of light, let us say, into the womb of the Divine Mother Kundalini. From there it is born, to take possession of the physical body of any human who is duly prepared.

Therefore, even the cosmic mother is also being dogmatized... ...the cosmic mother not only existed at that time in Jerusalem; the cosmic mother is within each one of us.

Student: Venerable master, that energy known as Nous, could it well be the Christic force?

Samael Aun Weor: Nous is an atom that exists in the left ventricle of the heart; this is a word that really does not define very clearly the Christic force. The Christic force always has its own name. It is the force of Christus or Vishnu; it is an enormous force that is found in everything that is, has been and will be; Christ expresses himself through any human who is duly prepared.

In the Middle Ages, several people who were prepared received that Christic force. Then the cosmic Christ expressed itself through several duly prepared humans in the Middle Ages; and that's it.

Little by little one has to understand the Christic mysteries...

Student: Venerable master, I have a question, did this being Saint Cyprian really exist as a saint or was he a black magician who wrote that book of black magic called "the infernal book"?

Samael Aun Weor: Well..., it is said that Saint Cyprian was a black magician and then he turned white, that doesn't matter. Let's think about the Chrestos, which is more important, about the Logos. Up there is the father, the logos and the holy spirit. Down here is the breath, the blood and the water.

So, the triangle above and the triangle below, like this, form the seal of Solomon. Solomon's seal has twelve radiations, because the six points it has are masculine; the six entrance angles, between point and point, are feminine. The seal of Solomon represents, then, the logos, and through alchemy it is transformed into the twelve constellations of the zodiac, both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm-human. So, in the seal of Solomon the mysteries of alchemy are contained.

The first thing our students have to do is to learn how to prepare the mercury of the sages. Without that mercury the great work cannot be done.

What is that mercury? Where are we going to get it? Well, it is the “metallic soul” of the sacred sperm, which must be transmuted; when it is transmuted in the ninth sphere, the best comes.

Then the brute azoth (which is nothing other than the sperm itself), is converted into energy; That's why I said, the great work is done... But the preparation of the mercury requires great care, because the mercurial waters have to go through many processes; that's obvious.

In principle those waters are black. When you are working with those waters, you say you are working with Saturn. They are unclean, in principle; later those waters turn white.

When they are black, they are allegorized with the black crow of alchemy, the black crow of putrefaction and death. But if the work is sublimated, if it becomes more spiritual, if it is refined, then the waters turn white...

Student: And in how much time?

Samael Aun Weor: There, it depends. The time depends on the effort of the couple. Because if the couple does not refine sex, but let it act clumsily and brutally, in an animalistic way, then the waters will remain black (until they leave them black) and it will delay, it will delay for this reason the advent of fire; that's clear.

But if the couple resolves to refine the sacrament of the church of Romae (amore), what will happen? That the waters will turn white. And if they go on refining more, and more, and more, and if they make chemical or metaphysical copulation a truly sacred worship, the waters will turn yellow.

Upon reaching that level, such waters will be ready to receive the sulfur of the sages. and what is sulfur? The fire! The fire! The fire!...

That sulfur is quite interesting. It is not that it is purely chemical sulfur, the sulfur that can be bought in the pharmacy, crude, "sulfur flower" (which by the way, in parentheses, should be carried between the shoes, when you have "larvae", because they are helps to disintegrate)...

Student: Is sulfur medicinal?

Samael Aun Weor: It is medicinal too; it cannot be denied that sulfur is medicinal. But hey, we are talking about the sulfur of the wise; we are saying that when the mercury is properly prepared (with the yellow color), the sulfur of the sages can be received. That sulfur makes mercury fertile.

But what is this sulfur of the wise? The sacred fire, which is normally coiled three and a half times within a certain chakra or magnetic center that exists in the coccyx.

When the mercury is already prepared, then it receives the sulfur, it mixes with the sulfur, it becomes a sulfur-containing mercury.

In turn, salt, which also exists in sexual secretions, goes through sublimations, and together with sulfur and mercury form a single trio: salt, sulfur and mercury.

This salt, sulfur and mercury take the form of a snake that climbs up the spine, along the medullary-spinal canal. It is usually called "kundalini", and it goes up the spinal cord to the brain, opening the chakras that exist in the spine. The surplus of such salt, such sulfur and such mercury, fulfills beautiful purposes.

There is no doubt that salt, sulfur and mercury (mixed), receive a new name: they are called "vitriol". “Vitriol” is a word that breaks down like this: visita interiore terrae, rectificatum invenies occultum lapidem (“visit the interior of our Earth, that by rectifying you will find the hidden stone”). What stone are we referring to? To the philosopher's stone, which must be elaborated, which must be manufactured: The red carbuncle of the wise.

Well, but I was telling you that the excess of salt, sulfur and mercury, the excess of vitriol (which is nothing but sulfurized mercury, with a little sublimated salt), comes to crystallize inside the cells, inside the interior of the organism, in the extraordinary and marvelous form of the sidereal or astral body. Whoever has an astral body knows that he has it because he can travel with it through the cosmos.

In a higher octave, such surplus (surplus from the fabrication of the astral), comes, then, to crystallize in the mental, a magnificent body with which we can travel through the infinite and to absorb the universal wisdom.

And in a third octave, such a surplus of vitriol serves to manufacture the causal body. Whoever possesses the causal body, or body of the conscious will, becomes a causal human. The causal human is the true human, in the strictest sense of the word.

In the causal world is the temple of the great white lodge (it is the great universal temple). The followers live there.

I myself, as an adept, have the causal world as my center of gravity. From that region I can project towards the mental, towards the astral and here, towards the physical. Thus, in order to speak with you, here in the physical, I have projected myself from the causal, but my center of gravity is in the causal.

Whoever possesses the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies becomes a true human, because one can receive the psychic and spiritual principles and become a human.

So, you have to prepare the mercury of the sages to make the bodies, but that's not all. If one really wants to go the direct path, receive the Venustic initiation, become Christified, become a solar human, then one necessarily has to eliminate the ego.

In alchemy it is said that in order to make gold, one must eliminate the dry mercury and arsenical sulfur, or poisonous sulfur.

The dry mercury is constituted by all the psychic aggregates that together form the ego. The psychic aggregates personify our psychological defects. You have to disintegrate them, to be able to make gold...

Our Being has many parts. One of the autonomous and self-cognizant parts of our own Being is the antimony, which is not merely a chemical substance, but an artificer of our own Being; he is the one who will fix the gold in the mercury.

Our bodies will be made up of sulfurous mercury, but the one who really fixes the gold in the sulfurous mercury is the antimony.

The gold will be fixed in the superior existential bodies of the Being as we eliminate the psychic aggregates, that is, the dry mercury and the arsenical sulfur, or poisonous sulfur, or infernal fire. Thus, this is how the bodies become vehicles of gold.

When the astral body, for example, has become a vehicle made entirely of pure gold, of the highest quality, the serpent devours it, the kundalini swallows it. When the mental body has been converted into a vehicle of precious gold, it is swallowed by the serpent. When the causal has been converted into a golden vehicle, it is swallowed by the serpent.

It is necessary that the vehicles be devoured by the serpent, even buddhi must be swallowed by the serpent, and atman. As the Mayans say in the famous book called the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, they say: "We need to be swallowed by the serpent"...

In Yucatan I found (in one of the Yucatan temples), two very beautiful stone serpents. I also found a stone snake (in a temple), huge, gigantic, inside whose jaws appeared a man who was being swallowed by the snake. This confirms what is said in "The Chilam Balam of Chumayel".

Theosophists tell us about the kundalini-shakti, and Mr. Leadbeater wrote a book about the kundalini, chakras and all that.

But it is not enough just to awaken the kundalini, that is, the serpent; that's not enough. Do not think that because the snake has awakened, a human has the right to enjoy the power of the chakras, no! In order to enjoy the power of the chakras, one must have been devoured by the serpent. It is one thing to awaken the kundalini and develop it, and another thing to be devoured by it.

Wotan, for example (a great ancient initiate)... we read in a narration that he says that he was in the mansion of the serpents; that he entered through a hole in the Earth, which was towards the center of the Earth. And he says "and I was able to enter through the passage of the serpents, because I am a serpent"... The ancient Egyptian initiates also called themselves "serpents", the same as the Druids...

One needs to become a serpent. Count San Germain, once, left a piece of paper, abandoned. Someone came and read. He said: “So many thousands of years ago (I don't remember at this moment how many he wrote), I am established in Isis”. Then it is understood that he had been devoured by the serpent, which he was a serpent.

Student: Master, when the pharaohs are represented with a snake here on their forehead, what symbol does it have? Were they swallowed by the serpent?

Samael Aun Weor: It's a symbol... Once one has become a serpent, who is a serpent, one in turn becomes devoured by the eagle and becomes the fettered serpent, a Quetzalcoatl.

Well, let's concretize this in the Christ... Once the golden vehicles have been devoured by the serpent, we then have an extraordinary metallic envelope: To Soma Heliakon is made up by all the golden vehicles (Greek το σώμα ἡλιακόν) literally, “The Golden Body of the Solar Human.”

Upon reaching these heights, the Christ resurrects in us. After having lived the entire cosmic drama within us, he wraps himself with to soma heliakon, he revested himself with it, he revested himself with that sacred formula, and he emerges into manifestation, he comes, he enters the organism, he expresses himself. as a human among us, but as a resurrected human.

That, then, is the causa-causorum that gives strength to the resurrected masters. That is why the resurrected masters are resurrected: those are Kout Humi, those are Saint Germain, Cagliostro, Hermes Trismegistus, etc. And that is what is sought: the creation of the solar human.

In any case, I want to tell you, in the name of truth, that it is necessary for the Christ to be born in the heart of the human being; to live the cosmic drama live in the heart of the human being; so that he die in us and resurrects again in us, because:

"Uselessly Christ would have been born in Belen if he is not born within our hearts again; uselessly he will have been dead and would have resurrected in the holy land, if he does not die and resurrects within our hearts again.”

That is why it is necessary for us to achieve the resurrection. As long as we have not achieved the resurrection, we have to fight hard to achieve it; that is essential...

Of what use would the descent of the Christ to Earth be, if he does not achieve the resurrection? The Christ descends and dies to resurrect, and with his death he kills death. It is the last thing he does: eliminate death with his very death.

Student: Does he defeats it?

Samael Aun Weor: Sure. But all this is a matter of alchemy. If a human being does not eliminate the dry mercury, which are the psychic aggregates, which are the living personification of our errors, then he would not be able to manufacture gold, the gold that is needed for the superior existential bodies of the Being. He couldn't make it. How would he make it?

So, it is necessary, precisely, to manufacture gold. The one who does not know how to make gold, he does not know anything, because the one who rules is gold. A human can be very wise, very learned, all you want, but if he does not make gold he is wasting his time miserably.

So, you have to make gold, because gold rules...

Student: Well, master, and in alchemy, what does the lion of justice mean?

Samael Aun Weor: The sun, in turn, is the lion of justice. They are one.

Student: Are they one?

Samael Aun Weor: Sure...

Student: Venerable master, what achievement does a bachelor reach with transmutation, within his self-realization?

Samael Aun Weor: All transmutation systems for singles are relative: they are useful up to a certain point, and beyond that, they are useless. Not even the Vajroli mudra works forever. It can serve for a little while, while the man seeks a woman; it could help the woman, while she seeks a man; but that the Vajroli mudra serves definitively and forever, not true, it should not be exaggerated.

For a time it allows one to transmute the sexual secretions, through breathing and pranayama, etc., converting them into energy that can be used, let's say, for health, but that someone can, for example, manufacture those superior existential bodies of the being through pranayama, of transmutation for singles, that is not possible. For a very concrete fact: the man represents the holy affirming, the woman the holy denying (receiving), and the holy spirit the holy reconciling.

If a man, for example, believes that he can manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being through transmutations for singles, he is wrong, he is handling only a single force, it is the masculine: the holy affirmation, nothing more.

If a woman believes that alone, with the Vajroli or transmutation of pranayamas, etc., she can create the superior existential bodies of the Being, neither; she is managing a single force that is hers: the feminine, the negative.

For there to be a creation, three forces are always needed: holy affirming, holy denying, holy reconciling, that is, positive, negative, equalizing.

And if these three forces do not unite at a given point, they cannot carry out a creation either. If the three forces in the cosmos, for example, in the chaos (the positive, the negative and the neutral), are directed towards different places, they cannot make a creation.

For there to be a creation, it is necessary that the three forces unite at a given point; then comes the creation, either of a world or of the superior existential bodies of the Being. So, there is a need for the three forces to be able to create the superior existential bodies of the being, and that is only possible by working in the ninth sphere, in the "forge of the cyclops", between man and woman.

The holy affirming and holy denying come together, and the holy reconciling balances them, harmonizing the opposing forces, and thus the creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being is performed.

Student: Venerable master, practicing pranayama while in the practice of maithuna, how does it help you?

Samael Aun Weor: Pranayama is always used for transmutations. Whoever wants to perfectly control sex must practice pranayama, but one must not practice it outside the ninth sphere, one must practice it in the ninth sphere, during chemical or metaphysical copulation.

In this way one will achieve that the energies ascend to the brain; one will help oneself this way and in that way, and one will avoid – through breathing – the sexual fall, one will avoid spilling the glass of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great ibis god of Thoth.

So that is why in the Middle Ages alchemists were called "blowers". All the alchemists in the Middle Ages were called "blowers", because during the practice of the maithuna they were using the nostrils to transmute; they practiced pranayama, precisely during metaphysical copulation, and thus they controlled sex, they avoided falling, the "blowers" avoided it...

Student: Did they blow toward inside?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes... why do large bellows always appear in alchemical laboratories? There are always the bellows. The laymen thought that it was physical bellows, really, to be blowing the burning embers, right? There is no such! The bellows are the nostrils, these are the ones that are used a lot during the maithuna, to control sex.

Pranayama should be used in full metaphysical intercourse, to raise the energy to the brain...

Student: Now if there is a surplus, master, when you are done with alchemy, can you continue to do pranayama?

Samael Aun Weor: What for, if what is interesting is during the practice! It's like wanting to take the bellows out of the kitchen to go blow into the air. It has no case anymore! The "bellows" are for when they are needed; that's clear. Or like wanting to milk the cow after having milked it; it will like wanting to do something like that. So, then, the "bellows" are for the place where they were needed. that's it!

Student: Yes, I meant, master, when there is a danger of falling and one withdraws, and then there is some energy still accumulated.

Samael Aun Weor: That indicates that the work is poorly done. The work must be done correctly... And the pranayama is done, precisely, during the metaphysical intercourse, and thus the danger of "falling" is avoid; It is controlled by breathing. This is how all blowers proceed.

We, the alchemists, do not stop calling ourselves "blowers". This is how we were called throughout the Middle Ages, and we continue to be called “blowers”, because we use the “bellows” in the “laboratory”.

Student: Master, if a person fails to get married, let's say, probably for karmic reasons, does he have to stay waiting for the next existence?...

Samael Aun Weor: What else can he do?

Student: Or can you make a request, or something to achieve it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if the request is made, it is done. What remains is to know if it is granted to us. If the father considers that the request should be granted to the son, he grants it. If he considers that it should not be granted, then he does not grant it. And if he does not grant it, then you have to be patient, you have to dedicate yourself to working on yourself as much as possible, and in a future existence, then, continue with the work. But not for that he should be filled with pessimism but dedicate himself to work on himself as far as possible, to the maximum of possibilities, and continue in the future existence.

Student: Yes, venerable master. If some person corresponds to another to marry karmically, and being within the gnosis, with a more or less in-depth knowledge, can that karma be changed? How is that possible?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, karmas can be forgiven and they can also be negotiated; that's obvious. But there is a type of karma that never admits business or forgiveness, and it is the one that corresponds to sins against the holy spirit, that is, against sex. They don't have forgiveness, or business, or anything; those must be paid in full, as they are, unfortunately... all kinds of sins will be forgiven, said the Christ, except the sin against the holy spirit. So those who have crimes against the holy spirit have no forgiveness; they have to pay them in all their rigor, with all the pain. Because there is no other choice...

Student: Venerable master, is that karma per se fornication?

Samael Aun Weor: Fornication, or adultery, infrasexual degeneration: lesbians, homosexuals, etc. Those have to pay that kind of karma in all its rigor. They have no choice.

What they are hard karmas? We do not deny it; very painful, but they have no choice but to pay for them. The others can be negotiated and forgiven. So it is...

Student: Venerable master, at what age, within the esoteric work, or to what state of consciousness does the culmination of the work in the flaming forge of Vulcan correspond? Or do you have to work all your life in the flaming forge?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, one has to become familiar with the work in the ninth sphere, because it will always be necessary in the cosmos, while living in the cosmos, or in the different firmaments.

Take into account, for example, that in order to free ourselves from those mechanistic forces of the moon, which torment us so much in existence and that have made us true little machines, we must create, in turn, a moon within us, a psychological moon.

One creates that psychological moon, for example, when one destroys those psychic aggregates that dominate the human personality, such as pride, conceit, arrogance, selfishness, anger, hatred, jealousy, vanity, self-importance, self-sentimentalism, etc. Then one creates the permanent center of gravity within. Such a permanent center of gravity is, in fact, the psychological moon, the moon that must be manufactured within ourselves. After having made a creation of a psychological moon within ourselves...

Inverential peace!