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Sexual Alchemy and the Seven Bodies of the Solar Human Being

First of all, my dear brothers and sisters, it is necessary for us to become more and more aware of the mysteries of life and death; it is indispensable to comprehend what we are, in order to be able to attain, one day, a radical transformation within ourselves; this is what is fundamental.

Thus, indeed, I want all the brothers and sisters here present to pay full attention.

The Seven Bodies

The different pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult schools emphatically affirm that the human being possesses seven bodies:

  1. The first one is called the physical body, it is the famous stula-sarira of the eastern theosophists.
  2. In the east, the second one is denominated linga-sarira or vital body because it is the base of organic life, in other words, we would say, it is the tetra-dimensional part of the physical body.
  3. The third body is kamas, the principle of desire, the famous astral body cited by the medieval alchemists.
  4. According to the Hindustani, the fourth body is the mental body. They also denominate it inferior manas in Sanskrit.
  5. The fifth vehicle is the causal body or arupic body as it is called among the theosophists.
  6. The sixth body is the buddhic or intuitional, the superlative consciousness of the Being.
  7. The seventh is called Atman the ineffable by the Hindustani... The Innermost.

Certainly, the ancient wisdom says:

"Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn." [Read The Dayspring of Youth]

We have to love the Innermost, adore the Innermost, worship the Innermost...

I have spoken, better said, I have drawn a sketch for you, the schematic of the theosophists, the schematic of eastern wisdom, nonetheless if we really want to have a full knowledge of ourselves, all of this must be analyzed a bit.

The harsh reality of the facts is that developed clairvoyance allows one to know something more. Notwithstanding that the theosophists, yogis, pseudo-rosicrucians, and similar types of schools, are perfectly convinced about the theosophical septenary, they would in no way accept the concrete fact that still they do not possess those bodies. This subject-matter therefore deserves to be duly analyzed.

In Max Heindel's school, the seven bodies are also mentioned.

  1. the physical is called simply "physical body"
  2. the seat of organic life is called the "vital body"
  3. the principle of desire, "astral body"
  4. the concrete mind, "mental body"
  5. the fifth body, "causal body"
  6. the sixth, "body of consciousness"
  7. the seventh principle they name it the "virginal spark"

So, any school from this Kalkian epoch firmly believes in the theosophical septenary. Yet, I repeat, clairvoyance goes much further. Thus, personally, I am going to communicate to you the result of my investigations, without taking into account at all these theosophistic, pseudo-rosicrucian, etc. types of affirmations. As a parentheses, you know very well, that there are multiple schools and each school has the right to support its thesis; this is obvious. I will, therefore withdraw myself for a moment from those schools, in order to mention to you the results of my investigations...

The Astral Body

I have seen for myself that the disembodied ones who have an astral body, they also obviously have a defined personality (astral personality, indeed), a personality that continues after their physical death. But I also realize that not all human beings possess an astral body.

Those who possess it, own it, have it; that astral body, in the astral world, looks like a real vehicle made of flesh and blood, it is a defined body, with its organs, with its physiology, with its pathology, with its ultrabiology, etc.

But in the astral world one knows those who do not have an astral body, those who do not possess it, since they do not have it; such creatures look like mere somnambulic ghosts moving in the fifth dimension, that is, in eternity, in the astral world.

Of course, what I am saying could in no way be verified by the senses of external perception. I am talking about something that does not fit within the world of the five senses, something that can only be evidenced, verified, in the astral world and with different senses.

On another occasion, I asked the audience, “What continues after death?” Obviously, I said: if the disembodied person possesses an astral body, such a body will continue; but, allow me to repeat, even if I become annoying with so much repetition, not all people have this vehicle. So that which continues after death in most people is the ego.

Therefore, a clear differentiation must be made between the ego and the superior existential bodies of the Being. Specifying this time from the "astral" point of view, I would say, let us make a clear differentiation between the ego and the astral body, since they are different.

Nonetheless, I am afraid that even though I am explaining this issue as I am explaining it, perhaps I have not succeeded, or have not yet succeeded in making you fully understand me.

Therefore, we will need to illustrate this subject-matter with some lived experience...

I knew a magnificent case: a man who led a Gnostic lumisial (as a parentheses, here we are in a lumisial, this is obvious). That man X looked very devoted and really loved Gnosis, we cannot deny it, we have a certain recollection of him...

Once he had disincarnated, I decided to investigate him with my supranormal faculties in the fifth coordinate, that is, in the fifth vertical. These terms and statements may bother the learned ignoramuses, but you are sincere and are here in order to listen to me, and of course, I am here in order to explain, to speak unto you. I want, therefore, that we agree with all these terms, with the goal to attain comprehension.

There are systems that allow one to leave the physical body at will; this is also achieved through hypnology. If we put someone in a hypnotic state, already in a trance, by means of willpower it is possible to extract the consciousness from him from within his physical body; then the hypnotized person will be able to see, hear, touch and feel realities that do not belong to this three-dimensional world of Euclid.

But frankly, I do not use the system of hypnology because I consider it to be too residual, incipient, a science like those for toddlers.

We go further; we can, I repeat, either by catalepsy or by specific synthetic, scientific procedures, leave the physical body in order to explore the life of the superior worlds.

If I tell you that I can do it, do not be surprised, because I am the president-founder of the universal Christian Gnostic movement and I have already taught that science to many, and I will continue teaching it to the many in the future...

So at any moment I left my physical body in order to investigate my friend, the director of a Gnostic group, the esotericist priest of a lumisial. With pain, I have to say, that very soon I found him in a state, let us say, somnambulic; that man seemed like a somnambulic ghost (because the word "man" seems exaggerated to me; if I said "ghost", perhaps it would be more accurate). He walked, yes, through the streets of a great city. Which? The city where he lived before he disincarnated...

His appearance was not very beautiful: he revealed the state of decomposition of his corpse. I touched him and found him extremely cold, too cold. Certainly that man (and I repeat, this time I use the word "man" in a conventional way) had never worked with the sacred fire.

Alas! This is serious, he had a priestess-wife; this means that he made people believe that he was working in the forge of the cyclops, but indeed he was a fornicator like any other run-of-the-mill person...

"You are disincarnated," I told him, "your physical body has already died, it is in a tomb; become cognizant of your reality!"

He said, “No, I'm not dead, I'm alive.”

I told him his physical body has already died...

"Impossible,” he said, “since I feel myself the same!”

"Well, let us do an experiment: look at yourself in a mirror." We, at that moment, were passing by a place where there was a mirror, I was in my astral body and he looked like a ghost, thus we entered. “Look at yourself, see your face!”

He looked at himself in that mirror, and saw himself in that astral mirror, of course, he looked like a spectrum reflected in the crystal... We left that place and I told him, “You still don't believe it, despite having looked at yourself in the mirror? Do you want to convince yourself that you are dead?"

"Impossible,” he said, "I can't believe I am dead!”

"Well, let us do another thing: take a long jump with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment and you will see that you can float; do that and you will be convinced that you are dead," because in the physical world the law of gravity reigns, there one jumps and falls to the ground, but in the astral world bodies float because the law of levitation reigns.

He said: “Well, I'm going to do it, let's see if that's true that I'm dead, because I don't think so.”

“Well, take the leap...”

The man took a long, prolonged leap with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment (a floating ghost!); But soon the idea that he might go headlong, in moments of floating, came to his feverish and clumsy mind, and turned that idea into a reality. Yes, such an idea became a fact, thus, headlong he went; then he stuck himself headlong on the ground, with his head down and his legs up, forming the sign of the inverted pentalpha. In those moments I told him: “You are the one who in your own mind forged the idea that you could go headlong…”

Yet, every effort was to no avail! Then, abruptly, different animal forms emerged from that ghost, one looked like an angry bull. I said to myself, that is his demon of anger; another was an angry dog, that is his lasciviousness; another was an irate horse that trotted (that his lust), etc... Different inhuman beasts arose from him, from that ghost (those were his various "I's” that we previously talked about so much, in our lectures, thus here they were a reality).

Well, not all of those present here were at our previous lecture, but I think they have heard about the pluralized "I” and the various "I's” which, between parentheses, must be dissolved.

To that end, then, I had to get away from that wretched multiple ghost, because it was time to return to my physical body... So, he was a ghost and nothing else than a ghost; yet, those who have astral body are different!

So a differentiation must be made between the one who has an astral body and the one who does not. So, indeed, we are already seeing that not all people have the theosophical septenary; it is absurd to suppose that everyone is a septenary already made. There is an exaggeration in this, there is a lack, let us say, of analysis in these pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type of statements.

We must be more profound, more analytic...

The Mental Body

Let us continue with the body of the mind, which is another kind of Heindelian, Steinerian, Blatvaskian dogma, etc. and many others) "Lower manas", "concrete mind!" But what are they talking about? Whoa, whoa! From where are all of the "humanoids” going to get that mind or mental body? Well, they also are exaggerating this subject-matter.

I do not deny that the masters of the fraternity of the inner light possess an individual mental body, to deny it would be an absurd; yet, neither do I affirm that all the "humanoids" that populate the face of the Earth already possess the mental body. Please, do not exaggerate things!

The Kalkian personalities from the pseudo-esoteric schools of this epoch not only ignore, but they also, and this is the most grave of the matter, they ignore that they ignore; not only do they not know, but also, they do not even know that they do not know, and that is painful.

Individual mind? That is a luxury; a luxury that very few can find, that very few can have. If we make indepth reconsiderations, we can show, by ourselves, that the mind we all have is like a weather vane, it rotates according to the “wind.” Right now one thought, then another; as soon we affirm something, we deny it; we are full of terrible contradictions. If we had an individual mind, it would be impossible for us to be so paradoxical, that is, to contradict ourselves so much from moment to moment.

We know that we contradict ourselves too much, but we get along by deceiving ourselves in order not to seem crazy to ourselves. We always find an apology or an evasion for our “dear justifications,” namely, “yes, it is because I had not matured this idea well, that is why I thought, like that; yet, today I think differently. ” Or "it is because I have already analyzed the thing better and the business that I was thinking of doing I will not longer do it", etc. We always do some juggling with our understanding in order to deceive ourselves, because we do not feel like thinking that we are mad, since to be insane disgusts us horribly.

The reality is that the individual mind is very difficult to find. We have to make it, and people have not yet made it; instead, what we have are "minds" and this is different.

Many psychological people live within our human person (which, between parentheses, I question, if it can be called "human"). Let us observe our psychological contradictions: when we are going to eat, we say: "I am going to eat”; but all of a sudden, another idea assails us, an idea that comes from the "I” of movement and we say: "no, I am not going to eat yet, I am going to go to this or that place"... That idea can also be sabotaged by another "I” from the intellect and we say: “But hey, why am I going to such a place? I'd better sit down to read the newspaper”… As we see, three kinds of people are fighting within us: the one in the stomach, who wants to eat; the one of the movement, who does not want to eat yet but to go to this or that place; and the third in conflict comes the one from the intellect (who wants to read the newspaper).

So this means that within our psychological person there are many "psychological people", this is obvious; but moreover, these are not merely insubstantial people or things of the sort; they are psychological people with reality who exist within our psychological space.

If we accept that a three dimensional space exists, we must also accept that also a psychological space exists; this is unquestionable … as it is written:

“Jesus went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God: and the twelve were with him, and certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils.” - Luke 8: 1, 2

These seven devils are undoubtedly the seven deadly sins: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

If we multiply those seven by another seven and seven more, we will come to the conclusion that a legion exists within us. Likewise, in the gospel it is written:

“A man with an unclean spirit, who had his dwelling among the tombs... when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him, and cried with a loud voice, and said, “What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.” For Jesus said unto him, “Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.” And Jesus asked him, what is thy name? And he answered, saying, “My name is legion: for we are many.” - Mark 5: 2, 3, 6-9

Listen, the name of each one of us is also "legion", because we are legion. This is what the gospel says; and I repeat it, because this is what it is.

Yes, we are legion, but legion of what? Legions of demons, indeed. Obviously yes, since we are not "little saints"...

Who could deny that within us exist the seven deadly sins and many others more? Virgil, the poet of mantua, said in the "Aeneid" (his extraordinary work of Latin Classicism):

“Not though I had a hundred tongues, a hundred mouths and a voice of steel, all the horrid forms and names of crime entirely describe...”

So we are not exactly tame sheep, or are we?

For each one of those demons that we carry within, has its own mind; then we have many "minds," that is indubitable.

But an individual mind or a mental body, as eastern theosophism teaches or as it is enumerated by Max Heindel, the founder of the "ocean saint" in san francisco, california; no! Present humanity does not have it.

But, on what I base myself in order to make these emphatic statements to such a respectable audience here? I do not think that you believe that I am making up, let us say, dogmatic statements, because there is sincerity in many of you and in no way would I like dogmatism, because dogmatism is one hundred percent absurd.

So, on what I base myself, then, in order to make these kinds of statements? With what authority do I refute these pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type of diagrams? With what power do I do it? In the name of the truth I tell you that one must bear witness to what one knows, and here I am, before you all, in order to bear witness of the truth.

Listen, outside of the physical body I have thoroughly investigated this subject-matter of the mind; yes, I have studied it carefully.

At one time, precisely, being with Mr. Leadbeater (who was one of the most excellent theosophists of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, author of many books, among them, "The Inner Life", "The Chakras", etc. ), I had a formidable experience. Then Mr. Leadbeater said to me, “We here, in the internal worlds, try to help you, so that you can deliver the message that is going to be given to you here; so that you can deliver it to humanity, there in the physical world. ”

"Yes, Mr. Leadbeater," I said, "and what can you tell me about the books you wrote?"

He said, “Ah, that does not matter at all!...”

He said this with a smile. With that he gave me to understand, frankly, that he had only wrote incipient, literary books; he had only given the first letters as if to arouse longings, but that he had not written indepth esoteric books.

Mr. Leadbeater is the author of "The Chakras" and many other theosophist books. He is a respectable gentleman. Obviously, in the superior worlds, Mr. Leadbeater is a master of the venerable White Lodge, therefore, he is not just anybody. In theosophism, his books are carefully studied.

So, thereafter, Mr. Leadbeater gave me some specific, definite help. In those moments, the profound inner Being of Mr. Leadbeater separated my mental body from my astral body and took me to Egypt, the land of the pharaohs.

I entered a temple; there I found some ancient initiates, friends of mine. I chatted with them in a friendly way, venerable ancients from the time of Pharaoh Khafre.

I returned again to my astral body, but I did the trip in the mental world, then with my mental body I returned again to get inside my astral body... And I said, “This is wonderful, formidable!”

I thanked Mr. Leadbeater, and said goodbye. He moved away from me, he went into those streets of London, given that he was British. I greeted him still from afar... A cognizant man, an awakened man, a true master...

Then, I said to myself: “Why do people think they have a mental body?" I have it, yes I have it, because I made it in ancient ages, but in the world not everyone has dedicated themselves to these studies. From where do they get the evidence that they have an individual mental body? Why do all the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist texts exaggerate the note? What people have are multiple "I's,” and each "I” has its own mind; in other words, what people have is many conflictive minds, but not a single mind or mental body, as they suppose...

The Causal Body

Let us now turn this subject-matter to the causal body. The causal body is the body of conscious will; in the world of conscious will, one finds the causes of one's mistakes, the causes of one's misapprehensions, the "I's causes,” since each "I” has the cause that produces it.

In the causal world one finds the law of the balance, the law of cosmic justice. In the causal world, one discovers that every cause has an effect and that every effect, in turn, becomes a cause.

Once, finding myself in the world of natural causes inside a magnificent temple and in the causal body, I had to approach a speaker (he was giving explanations to his disciples in the world of natural causes). I told him something with the purpose of studying the chain of causes and effects; I made a small refutation of a concept, with which I did not agree very much. He, in turn, felt a bit uncomfortable with my rebuttal and made another statement; that other affirmation became another, and that other and that in another, to that end, my small refutation awoke a whole series of causes and effects which were put into motion; then I understood what the causal world is. There one meets the masters of karma who live in the world of natural causes.

But not everybody has a causal body. In the world of natural causes, one discovers millions of children. Yes, these children are, let us say, the human souls of millions of people, because each person has their own human, psychic part in the world of natural causes. But those “little souls” - forgive me for the badge, which I do intentionally, with a definite purpose - have not yet developed themselves, since they do not have, properly speaking, the body of natural causes, the causal body; they have not acquired yet the stature of the causal human. If I said that these children or "little souls" are "causal ghosts", I would give a pale idea, a very distant idea, indeed, of what they really are, because we could not, in any way, call "ghosts" the causal souls, since they are very real creatures; but neither have such children reached the state of causal humans.

The causal human is the causal human; the causal human is the one who possesses a causal body, who has manufactured it; a causal human lives there as a real human, not as a simple elemental, but as a human; he has a completely defined personality, the causal personality...

Without wanting to boast about myself in any way before this group of select friends, I must emphatically affirm that I am a causal human and that I know my world. I have my center of gravity established in the causal world. From that region I have projected myself here, before you, in order to talk, to teach. From that region I project myself to the astral world, in order to work, or to the world of the mind, when it is necessary. So I bear witness to what it is, regardless of whether people believe me or not.

The Solar Human Being

The theosophist septenary, really, is not for everyone. One has to build those bodies: astral, mental, and causal, in order to be able to become a real human, a causal human. Only a real human can receive the soul and spiritual or ethical principles (the Pneuma of the gnostics, the spirit), in order to become a human being; but those who have not manufactured such bodies are not humans.

I am making a rather thorny claim; you tolerate me because you are nice people; yet if I speak in the public square and told the people this truth, I could be stoned like St. Stephen, or stoned there, in the land of the Moors, like Raymund Lully, the great medieval alchemist...

In order to be a human, I repeat, it is a basic condition to create the superior existential bodies of the Being. You do not have such bodies, but you do have the seed-germs for them. Those seed germs are deposited in your sexual endocrine glands, which are not closed capsules as many believe; listen, the sexual endocrine glands release and absorb hormones.

Moving along this path, we will say that the Sun [Christ] is doing a gigantic experiment in the laboratory of nature itself; the experiment of the Sun consists, precisely, in creating solar humans, a difficult experiment!

In the time of Abraham the prophet, there were quite a few creations. During the first eight centuries of Christianity, many creations were achieved. In the middle ages, a few. Currently great efforts are being made so that the Sun can achieve a good harvest of solar humans.

It is not an easy thing to become a solar human, since, first of all, it is necessary to cooperate with the solar experiment; yes, it requires the availability to become a human being; only then could such seed germs develop.

We do not guarantee that these seed germs will develop in all cases. The normal thing is that they are lost. But if we cooperate with the Sun, we can achieve that development. There, in the endocrine glands of sex, is the seed germ for the astral body, likewise, the seed germ of the mental body and the seed germ of the causal body; yet, in order for these seed germs to develop, "fertile soil" is necessary. Obviously, if the soil is fertile, the seed germs will germinate, but if it is not, they will be lost.

If we make experiments with those glands, we damage the soil for the development of the seed germs. Thus, glandular transplants, experiments with various hormones, tests with thyroxine, etc. undoubtedly alter the human terrain, the organic body, preventing the germination of those seed germs, and this is very serious.

However, scientists are convinced of their science, they believe that transplants, hormone tests, changes of glands by monkey glands, etc. are great advancements, which in the end is laughable and very false.

We know very well what ants are. One is amazed when looking at an anthill, a palace of ants, what a perfect organization! But the only thing one feels is a little pain, knowing that everything is done automatically. There is no doubt that in a very ancient past, which goes back to the primary and secondary epochs, the ants were a human race; they established that social order based on tremendous bloody dictatorships; they eliminated the religious principles, considering that they sabotaged their dictatorial order. At first, the iron glove of a Stalin was necessary - I speak in a simile way, because I do not want to specify Stalin as a personality), and over time, their movements became automatic. Since their intelligence was atrophied, all movements were inherited from parents to children; glandular tests of all species were made, which altered their physical human morphology; going through different devolving processes, that race became smaller and smaller, and its morphology was increasingly devolving altering, so, today they are what they are. So therefore, what? These creatures devolved in time, they marched according to the law of universal entropy.

Those who see things superficially, those with hollow and sterile minds, those with shallow water wells, can fully laugh at this such an unusual statement; but the truth is the truth and the truth has to be uttered, not matter what the cost might be.

It is not possible for the seed germs of the human to develop in non-fertile lands; the organism must be kept in good condition, so that these seed germs for the human being can harmoniously develop.


Creating such bodies is possible when one knows sexual alchemy thoroughly. The ancient medieval alchemists tell us about salt, sulfur and mercury, the archeus of the greeks. The worlds emerge from the archeus.

The archeus of the greeks or, arché as it is also called, is formed by those three universal substances, namely, salt, sulfur and mercury.

Salt, sulfur and mercury exist in all substances. If we decompose iron, for example, we discover there salt, sulfur (fire), and mercury, which are its fundamental substances; we could do the same with any other metal.

Thus, for example, we find that the arché or archeus of the greeks, has salt, sulfur and mercury.

Any cosmic unit that arises into life, any world that is born from the great universal womb, emerges from salt, sulfur and mercury, that is to say, the archeus, that is obvious.

Thus, if we take into account that "as above, so below," that the microcosmic is similar to the macrocosmic, then we say the following: if we want to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being within each one of us, we also need to manufacture another archeus, but a proper, individual archeus, formed with salt, sulfur, mercury; because as above, so below; as it is below so it is above.

So, do we want to have the astral, mental and causal bodies? Let us then manufacture the arché within ourselves. Does the universal intelligence want to create a new solar system? Then it has to make the arché up there, in interplanetary space, "as above, so below"...

But all this requires a certain careful didactic analysis, a certain indepth dialectical explanation, so that there is no confusion in the understanding.

Obviously, we must explain, we must explain the way, the manner to manufacture the arché, because from there we are going to get the existential bodies of the Being, the bodies that are going to turn us into true human beings. I would gain nothing from giving you all these explanations if I did not teach you how to make the archeus. You have to know how it is made; otherwise, this talk would be very illustrative but without practical application.

Salt, sulfur and mercury are the fundamentals of the arché. What is salt? Jesus the great kabir more or less said if the salt were to degenerate, with what would the food be marinated?

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” - Matthew 5: 13

You are the salt of the earth, he says, but if the salt have lost his savour, that is, if it degenerates, will only serve to be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth....

Thus, each one of us is “the salt of the earth.” Yes, homeopathically and even more: from the biochemical point of view, we know that there are twelve salts within us. I understand that these twelve salts are related to the twelve zodiac signs. In biochemistry the twelve salts are used a lot...

Well, then our human body, deep down, is based on salt, as a fundamental substance. As for sulfur, this in itself is fire, sacred fire; and mercury is the metallic soul of the sperm, or the exiohehari; it is the transmuted azoth. There is mercury in everything, it is the basic matter of the great work.

If we transmute, for example, the sexual libido, we will obtain mercury; if we manage, through sexual transmutation, to transform the sperm into energy, that energy is mercury, the mercury of the sages.

Undoubtedly, the preparation of the mercury in alchemy was always very exacting; the sages never said how the mercury was prepared, but today we must have the courage to say it.

To obtain the philosophical mercury would be impossible if we did not know the science of the transmutation of the sexual libido.

The foundation of the transmutation of the sexual libido is in the Arcanum A.Z.F. That arcanum is deposited among the very treasures of the Aryabarta Ashram. Much has been said about the Aryabarta Ashram in the Tibetan lands; obviously, that is where that treasure is; the Arcanum A.Z.F. is always kept secret.

I know how to clearly teach such an arcanum here, without scandalizing anyone. I will only say that the basic thing would be to achieve the connection of the lingam-yoni without ejaculation of the ens-seminis, within which the entire ens-virtutis of fire is found, this, according to Philip Teofrastus Bombastus of Hohenheim, Aureolus Paracelsus.

The lingam, as the generating organ, is the greek phallus; as for the yoni or female organ, it is always represented by the sacred urn of the great mysteries, by the holy grail, by the silver cup of Benjamin, by the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, etc.

In India, Shiva as the Third Logos has beautiful attributes; we well know what are the attributes of Shiva or his fundamental symbols: the black lingam embedded within the metallic yoni. The Shivaitas (tantric esotericists) know these mysteries.

In any case, through the transmutation of the exiohehari or sacred sperm is how the metallic soul of the latter emerges, which is the mercury or that energy that ascends through certain nerve channels to the brain.

When such energy receives the fire, when it is fed by the sulfur, the arché is inevitably created. So the mercury must be fertilized by the sulfur or the sacred fire of the holy spirit in us; and the operations of the fire or the sulfur and of the mercury over the salt, are splendid, it remains forming the exiohehari.

New combinations, new operations, always progressive, in a dialectical manner, make the salt, animated by the sulfur and the mercury, assume extraordinary forms and become the astral body. Much later, in a higher octave, the salt fertilized by sulfur and mercury becomes the mental body and posteriorly the causal body.

Thus, this is how one comes to possess the superior existential bodies of the Being; but we must first of all form the arché in us, based on salt, sulfur and mercury; from there, from that arché, the superior existential bodies of the Being sprout.

Up there, from that arché, sprout the stars, the worlds that shine and palpitate in the infinite space, because “as above, so below;” what happens up there in the macrocosm is repeated down here in the microcosm...

Brothers and sisters, the time has come to profoundly comprehend all of this deeply and in all of the levels of the mind. Only by creating the astral, mental and causal bodies is how we become true human beings; when one creates such bodies, one receives the soul and spiritual principles, one becomes a human, a true human being.

A complete differentiation between what the real human is and what the "intellectual animal" is, must be made. If we place a true human and an "intellectual animal" face to face, they physically resemble each other and even the "intellectual animal" may appear to have more of an intellectual spark than the authentic human. Since they are very similar; it may be that a "scoundrel of the intellect" would totally eclipse a real human, a simple human; but observe the behavior of the "intellectual animal", compare it with that of a human and it will be seen that they are different.

Humans have a very high sense of moral responsibility, whereas "intellectual animals" do not. Humans are not a fornicators, they would never dare to spill the cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the three times great god ibis of Thoth); whereas "intellectual animals" reproduces themselves as beasts, act as beasts, and live as beasts, even if they dress elegantly.

So, we have to be profound in the analysis; do not forget that I am mathematical when investigating and very demanding in expression. We are talking about something very serious, which is about creating humans; it is about emphatically affirming that the "intellectual animal" is not human.

These statements are unusual, but they are terribly real. I am not forcing you to accept, today, the thesis that I emphasize; you are free to accept or to reject the teachings. I also give you full freedom to refute. So I only limit myself to the exposition and I do it in a dialectical and didactic manner, so that you can understand it...

The pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult type of schools are obviously making false affirmations. They are saying that “everyone has the theosophical septenary,” that is, they are affirming that “everybody is a human being,” which is not true.

It is better to tell the truth and not lead others down the path of lies, of falsehood. The truth hurts, yes, it hurts a lot, but you have to say it. That is why the popular saying affirms, "The truth does not sin, but it is uncomfortable"…

Are you sure that you are already human beings? On what would you base yourselves for such a belief? What would be the bases on which you could support your thesis?

It is better that we analyze these things so that we can become more aware of who we are, by making a real inventory of what we have and what we lack, so that we can work on ourselves and change radically.

But I also say that it would not be enough to create only the superior existential bodies of the Being in order to become human beings, there is a need for something more. It is said in alchemy that "these astral, mental and causal bodies must be turned into pure gold;" this is how it is.

In order for these vehicles to become bodies pure gold after they have been created, it is necessary to remove the dry mercury and arsenicated sulfur.

The dry mercury are precisely all those inhuman "I's” that we carry within our interior, in other words, our psychological type of defects.

And as for the arsenic sulfur, this, in itself, is the infernal and inhuman fire that we carry within our animal under-depths.

If we proceed by eliminating our psychological defects from within ourselves, if we create the existential vehicles, these, in the last synthesis, will become bodies of gold, spiritual gold, real atomic gold.

The Serpent

These bodies of pure gold are "always devoured by the serpent." But what is the serpent? I have already said that the serpent shines in the mysteries of Anahuac, that the serpent shines in the mysteries of Egypt and Babylon, of Samothrace and Troy, of Rome and Carthage. Moses transformed the rod into a serpent. The serpent is the sacred fire that we must awaken within us. It is a part of our own Being, but derived. If we manage to develop it in our hidden anatomy, we will have achieved a great triumph.

The Mayans say that it is not enough to awaken the serpent; they affirm that it is necessary to be devoured by the serpent in order to become serpents. I was recently in Yucatan, and you can see those Mayan statements written in stone. There I saw a great temple; the intriguing thing about that temple is that there was a serpent in stone, huge, gigantic, and within it, within its jaws, a human appeared, the head of a human being, the serpent had devoured it.

The Hindustani speak to us about the "kundalini shakti" (the igneous serpent of our magical powers). Developing it is essential in order to enjoy the transcendental and transcendent faculties of the Being, but that is not all, we need to be devoured by the serpent, only then can we enjoy the powers of the serpent.

Votan, a great initiate of ancient Mexico, said, "I entered a path which is the path of the serpents, and I was able to enter through there to the interior of the earth because I am also a serpent"... Votan was a serpent!

As long as we are not converted into a serpent, we are nothing; we are miserable creatures blown by the wind, we are worth nothing. We need to be transformed, and this is only possible by becoming serpents.

Much later the serpent must be devoured by the eagle, the eagle of the spirit (the Logos). Thereafter we must be transformed even more: we become feathered serpents like our Lord Quetzalcoatl.

The feathered serpent is not only found here in our beloved Mexico, it also exists in eastern Tibet and in India.

The one who becomes a human being must unite, integrate himself with the divinity. In an Anahuac codex I found an extraordinary symbolic statement, it says:

The gods created humans of wood, and after having created them they fused them with the divinity... Not all humans managed to merge with the divine.

So, first, the human being must be created (the human being does not exist yet, he must be created), and after having created him there is the necessity to integrate him, “to merge him with the divine." But not all humans manage to merge with the divine...

If one does not succeed, one will become a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, an abortion of the cosmic mother, a failure...

Integration with the divine is not achieved when the dry mercury of the sages is not eliminated, this means, when one does not destroy his psychological defects.

A hasnamuss with a double center of gravity has two completely defined personalities, namely, one angelic and another diabolic. Such a creature will inevitably have to enter the mictlán of Anáhuac, that is, the infernal worlds, to devolve in hell until he becomes cosmic dust. Only through the doors of the Second Death can such a creature be saved, because the Essence in similar conditions, after the Second Death, will be released to enter the elemental paradises of nature and initiate new evolving processes.

Thus, we are faced with the dilemma of "to be or not to be" of philosophy; either we transform ourselves or we do not transform ourselves. If we want to transform ourselves we have to learn to transmute the sperm into sacred energy in order to become human beings, and if we do not proceed like this, then we will devolve in the mictlán.

We are facing the dilemma of "to be or not to be" of philosophy and we cannot take one step back.

One step back and we will be lost!

The schools of the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult type, which place so much emphasis on that dogma of evolution, are useless. Neither evolution nor its twin sister devolution will lead us to the final liberation.

Evolution exists in the grain that germinates, in the plant that grows, in the tree that gives us its fruits. Devolution exists in everything that decreases, degenerates, and dies.

There is evolution in the fetus that develops within the womb; there is evolution in the creature that comes into existence; there is evolution in the vibrant and active youth. There is devolution in the old one who enters the state of decrepitude and finally dies.

The laws of evolution and devolution are completely mechanical laws, which have nothing to do with the final liberation.

We need to enter the path of the revolution of consciousness, along the path of the super-human, along the path of the revolution on march, along the path of the red Christ.

This is the path that can lead us to the intimate self-realization of the Being.

The great master Jesus said:

"...because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.."

Thus, the path of the revolution of consciousness sets itself apart from the fatal wheel of evolution and devolution. It is the way of alchemy, it is the way of the dissolution of the ego, it is the way of the sacrifice for humanity.

Instead of getting into the quite confusing and richly content topics related to the dogma of evolution, it is better that we transmute the sperm into creative energy; only thus, one day, we will be able to develop in ourselves the germs to become human beings. This is what is fundamental.

So far my words for this lecture. If there are any of you who have something to ask, well ask it with the most sincere freedom. You have the floor...

Questions and Answers

Student: I would like you to be kind enough to explain to me about the red Christ.

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly give the explanation about the red Christ; yet, before I will talk about the white Christ.

The various religious sects want to make of the cosmic Christ an effeminate and silly personage, a personage of paintings, a sanctimonius personage and other nonsensical mannerisms of the sort, they want to introduce us to an eunuch, a sexless man, half effeminate, which is one hundred percent absurd. Because if they want to attribute this nonsensicality to the historical Christ, Jesus the great kabir, they are perfectly wrong. Because Jesus the great kabir, had his wife, they traveled the Mediterranean, he was in India; there are documents that testify today, that he lived twelve years in eastern Tibet. He was a human being, a true human being and a god at the same time; a human being in the fullest sense of the word.

After many trips he returned to the holy land to fulfill the mission that was entrusted unto him, which was to open the path of initiation, publicly, for all human beings.

Thus, the statements of ultramodern people do not coincide with the reality of the historical Christ.

But let us not think exclusively of the historical Christ; let us now think of the intimate Christ, the Christ of perfection that must be sought within ourselves here and now.

The intimate Christ is what counts, he has to be born within us when we deserve it, when we have created the superior existential bodies of the Being by means of sexual alchemy.

The gospel says that he was “born in Bethlehem,” indeed, the village of Bethlehem did not exist at that time.

If we examine under the light of etymology the word "Bethlehem", we will discover the following: Bethlehem is belen, and "bel" is a chaldean term that reminds us of the tower of fire. Thus, the village of Bethlehem or belen did not exist at the time of the great kabir, as the oldest chronologies attest.

Thus, that about that he was born in Bethlehem or belen is symbolic." Bel is the tower of fire; the tower is here, it is the human head, and the temple is the whole body.

The intimate Christ, the inner Jesus Christ, must be born in the tower of Bethlehem, that is, within our belen (tower of fire), here and now and this is what counts; because as a certain poet used to say:

“Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born and not within thyself, thy soul will be forlorn; and the cross on Golgotha thou lookest to in vain unless within thyself it be set up again..."

Thus, even if Christ was born in Bethlehem, that would be useless if he is not born in our hearts as well; and even if he had died and risen in the holy land, that would be useless if he does not die and rise again within us.

Going deeper, the intimate Christ will help us in the elimination of the undesirable elements that we carry within. The crowds those who in the holy land will shout: "crucifixia, crucifica, crucifixia!", They are within ourselves, here and now, they are that multiplicity of undesirable elements that personify our errors.

As for the three traitors who led the martyr to Calvary, they also live in each one of us.

Judas is the demon of desire, who exchanges the secret master for all the pleasures of the earth, who sells him for 30 silver coins (symbol of passions).

Pilate is the demon of the mind, who always finds a justification, an evasion for all errors.

Caiaphas is the demon of evil will, the priest who prostitutes the altar, who sells the sacraments that fornicates with the devotees.

Priests like that existed in many times: there were in Babylon, there were in Rome, etc. When speaking of priests I do not refer exclusively and in an emphatic manner to this or that religious sect. I know how to respect all sects, no; I speak of the worldwide priesthood, since there are many forms of priesthood.

In any case, the intimate Christ puts the priest as shepherd to pasture his sheep, if he sells the sacraments or prostitutes the altar, he becomes a Caiaphas. The three traitors crucify the intimate Christ.

And the lord of perfections must live all the cosmic drama, as stipulated in the four gospels, within ourselves, here and now. In the end, the lord is intimately crucified and that any enlightened clairvoyant knows; later he is placed in his crystal tomb, within himself, in the very depths of our heart. Thus, the alchemist, working feverishly in the great work eliminating his psychological defects, achieves that the lord is resurrected in him and he in the lord.

Thus, the resurrection must be done here and now and in life, not after so many millions of years from now, no! Resurrection must be done right now! Right here! Now!

When the lord dresses himself with the purple of kings, it is because he has triumphed, because he has conquered the darkness within himself, because with his own death he has killed death... It is said that he is the red Christ, because he is fire and light.

Thus, we must think of the red Christ who lives within the super-human; this is what counts. Are there any other questions?

Student: Master, does that intimate Christ that is within us, despite the misery of all the carrion that covers him, recognize at a time that it is the effect of a cause?

Samael Aun Weor: The red Christ, when he incarnates in us not only knows the effects, but also the causes; the Christ, in himself, knows that each one of our "I's,” or our psychological defects, comes from original causes of mistaken causes; he works on the causes of the error, and by altering these causes he alters the error, he eliminates it. If he did not work on the cause, the defect would not disappear; he works on the causes in order to eliminate the mistaken effects. This is how the red Christ liberates us.

But let us not think that the Christ is an effect; we very well know that the Christ in himself is beyond causes and effects; he is what he is, what he has always been and what he will always be. Let us clearly distinguish between the causative order, between the harmony of causes and effects, between the concatenation or linkage, and what the Christ is; we cannot consider Christ as the effect of a cause.

The Christ is the Christ, he is the INRI, he is the abraxas of the ancient gnostics, he is the consuming fire of the universe, he is the astral signature of fire, he is the fire of the fire, he is the flame of the flame; he is not the effect of any cause; he is what he is, what has always been and what will always be; he is the life that beats in each atom as it beats in each sun. Do any of you have another question?

Student: Master, would you please tell us what is the difference between the existential body and the solar body?

Samael Aun Weor: The superior existential bodies of the Being are the same solar bodies, there is no difference, they are the same; we can either call them solar bodies or we can call them existential bodies; but they are the same, there is no difference.

Any other question? Those who do not agree with these unusual statements also have the right to refute, as long as they do not make of it a dialectic.

Student: Master, is the spark that exists in each one of us an emanation of the great whole?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the virginal spark in itself, unquestionably comes from the great fire, from the great flame, it is an emanation, let us say, of the eternal common cosmic Father.

Let us make a full discrimination or differentiation between Aelohim and Elohim. Elohim is formed by the army of the voice, by the great word, by the Osehaohoore (Oeaohoo, Oeaihu, or Oeaihwu). Elohim is a divine androgyne, or divine androgynes, because "Elohim", itself, is a word that means "gods and goddesses."

We well know that the Elohim are ineffable androgynes, they form the army of the voice. Elohim is the word of Saint John. Elohim is the virginal spark within each one of us.

The entire set of the army of the word is the creator demiurge, or manifested Logos, but we must also understand that this manifested Logos, this army of the word, this divinal spark that dwells in the depths of our consciousness, originally comes from Aelohim, that is to say, from the unknowable and unmanifested divinity, or the eternal common cosmic Father.

Thus, Elohim emerges from Aelohim. Aelohim is the all-powerful seity, the cosmic seity that is beyond the cosmos, the unknowable and unmanifested seity that no one could carve, chisel, allegorize in any way.

We can allegorize Elohim, we have the right to symbolize Elohim, but we could not carve, or chisel, or allegorize, or symbolize in any way Aelohim, that is to say, the unmanifested and unknowable seity. That is all. Any other question? Well, if there are no more questions for now, we will close this lecture and invite you all for tomorrow, at the same time. Everyone is invited for tomorrow. Inverential peace!...


Oeaohoo, the Voice of the Silence

5. THE ROOT REMAINS, THE LIGHT REMAINS, THE CURDS REMAIN, AND STILL OEAOHOO (a) IS ONE (b). (a) OEAOHOO is rendered "Father-Mother of the Gods" in the Commentaries, or the SIX IN ONE, or the septenary root from which all proceeds. All depends upon the accent given to these seven vowels, which may be pronounced as one, three, or even seven syllables by adding an e after the letter "o." This mystic name is given out, because without a thorough mastery of the triple pronunciation it remains for ever ineffectual. (b) This refers to the Non-Separateness of all that lives and has its being, whether in active or passive state. In one sense, Oeaohoo is the "Rootless Root of All"; hence, one with Parabrahmam; in another sense it is a name for the manifested ONE LIFE, the Eternal living Unity. The "Root" means, as already explained, pure knowledge (Sattva)...

“Osehaohoore” is literally how the master Samael pronounced that word in the audio lecture. Let us remember that the “S” is also a vowel...