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“Sexuality is the key to the problem of the psychoneuroses and of the neuroses in general. No one who disdains the key will ever be able to unlock the door.” — Sigmund Freud, Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (1905) 

“In matters of sexuality we are at present, every one of us, ill or well, nothing but hypocrites.” — Sigmund Freud, Sexuality in the Aetiology of the Neuroses (1898)

Certainly, we can study sexology from two different angles, namely from the merely official point of view as taught in the universities, in the faculty of medicine, etc., and from the gnostic point of view.

Allow me to explain sexology in the light of universal Gnosticism. 

First of all, gnosis means “knowledge.” The word gnosis is used by the official science. For example, you can see the word gnosis in the etymology of diagnosis, diagnostic....  

The well-established gnostic currents know sexology in depth. In the name of the truth, I have to tell you that Sigmund Freud started an epoch of extraordinary transformations with his psychoanalysis. In the field of sexology, Sigmund Freud innovated the field of medicine, and this is known by all of those who have studied Freud. Alfred Adler was certainly one of his best disciples. Carl Gustav Jung was also his disciple, and many other psychologists, psychoanalysts, and parapsychologists. 

Sex itself is the center of gravity of all human activities. All the aspects of social life gravitate around sex. For instance, let us observe a dance club, a party: the entire party gravitates around sex. The same in a café: everything gravitates around sex. 

Today, sex has begun to be studied by some wise people with transcendental purposes. 

Unfortunately, however, sex is indeed very popular through pornography, where sex is deviated to merely sensual activities. 

There are different types of sex, namely:

  • ordinary, common, normal sexuality
  • infrasexuality
  • suprasexuality

What do we understand as normal sexuality? Let us understand that normal sexuality is the sexual activity oriented towards the reproduction of the species.     

Yet, infrasexuality is different. There are two types of infrasexuality that in the field of Kabbalah are described as the two wives of Adam, namely Lilith and Nahemah. Lilith is represented as one of these two spheres of infrasexuality. In Lilith’s sphere we find pederasts, homosexuals, lesbians, etc., In the sphere of Nahemah we find the abusers of sex, the pornography addicts, those who deliver themselves completely to lust without restrictions or conditions of any kind. So these are the two spheres of infrasexuality.     

Normal sex, therefore, I repeat, is concerned with the reproduction of the species. 

In regard to sexual pleasure, this in itself is a legitimate human joy. Therefore, those who consider sexual pleasure as a sin, those who qualify it as taboo, or those who have the tendency to consider it as reason for shame or concealment are absolutely mistaken. I repeat, sexual pleasure is a legitimate human joy, and must not be despised, undermined, or qualified as taboo. By nature, humans have the right to sexual enjoyment.  

But let us now study suprasexuality or superior sex. Undoubtedly, supra-sexuality is for geniuses, for transcendental men, for ineffable women, etc. For instance, supra-sexual humans include Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Hermes Trismegistus, Mohammed, Lao Tze in China, Quetzalcoatl among the Mexicans, Pythagoras, etc. 

All of us can enter into the kingdom of suprasexuality. Nonetheless and first of all, normal sex is necessary first in order to enter into the sphere of suprasexuality. 


Infrasexuals like lesbians, homosexuals, pederasts, and masturbators are not prepared in order to enter into the kingdom of supra-sexuality. If an infrasexual wants to be regenerated, they must first begin to attain normal sexuality. Once it has been attained, then they can enter wholly into the path of suprasexuality. 

For homosexuals and lesbians — who belong to the sphere of infrasexuality — regeneration is something very difficult. Not long ago an homosexual came to visit me; he travelled from Honduras. That man has a very high intellectual culture and liked the revolutionary ideas of sexology as they are divulged by universal Gnosticism, thus he told me with honesty his tragic history as an homosexual. However, he told me about his desire to regenerate so he could enter into the field of normal sexuality and afterwards into the path of suprasexuality. I said to him, “My friend, you have no alternative but to attain normal sexuality. In this moment you are an effeminate, so you have to begin by getting a woman. First of all, get a woman, get married, regenerate yourself, become a normal man. Thus, the day you become a normal male, the day that you truly like females, then you will be prepared to enter the field of suprasexuality. Before that, it is not possible. Since presently you are walking on the path of degeneration, you are a degenerated one…" Well, the man did not get offended. He frankly understood that common sense was on my side. He said to me, "I will get a woman and I will get married, and I will indeed try to become of the normal sex,” because he wanted to enter one day into the transcendental spheres of suprasexuality. I hope my friend will regenerate himself. I hope.      

On another occasion, a lesbian came to me and said that she needed my counsel, because frankly, women captivated her very much, and therefore she was facing a very serious problem because she was spending a lot of money courting a certain lady, but that lady was, as people say, "fooling around." Well, certainly the lady of her dreams had been seen with other ladies in the street, and of course that situation made her very jealous. That wretched lesbian suffered exactly like a man; she cried, begged, and asked me for counsel as if she was a man. (Between parentheses, she was a horrible, old woman. I do not deny that. It was difficult for me to physically transform the feeling of an extreme repugnance towards her.). Well, I gave her some advice. I told her that the best thing for her was to regenerate herself, to get a man, to enter into the path of normal sexuality, etc. I do not know if that wretched old woman regenerated herself, since she did not seem to have desires of regeneration because she was extremely jealous, feeling jealousy about her lady, jealous of the other ladies who were courting her lady. She felt herself drawn to be nothing more, nothing less, than a hell of a man.  

Behold how horrible is the path of degeneration, the infrasexual path. Nevertheless, infrasexuals are not only lesbians, homosexuals, masturbators, etc. No! Infrasexuals are also those who abuse sex, those males who at any moment, at any opportunity, are switching their partner, those males who copulate even 10 to 15 times a day (yes, there are males like that; I know them). Undoubtedly, males like that are degenerate, they are infrasexuals, even if they believe they are very manly. But indeed, they are degenerated.

Normal Sexuality

Let us enter now the path of normal sexuality. In itself, normal sexuality is something beautiful: the man and the woman get together, love each other, reproduce their species, live a moderate life, etc. Nonetheless, they live according to the interests of nature, according to the economy of nature. 

Each of us is a little machine – and we cannot deny this — that captures different types and subtypes of comic energy. Each little machine — meaning, each of us — after capturing those types of cosmic or universal energy, transforms those energies automatically, subconsciously, and thereafter transmits them to the inner layers of the Earth. So, the Earth is a living organism that is nourished through us. 

Likewise, plants fulfill the same function. It is clear that each plant according to its own kind captures particular types of cosmic vibrations that it then transforms and transmits to the inner layers of the Earth. Regarding animal organisms, it happens likewise: they capture specific types of energy to transform and transmit to the inner layers of the planetary organism. So, the Earth is a living organism.

We incessantly reproduce ourselves by means of normal sexuality because it is necessary for the economy of nature. Sexual pleasure is therefore a legitimate human joy, it is not a crime, an unlawful act as many sanctimonious, self-righteous, pietistic hypocrites suppose. Nonetheless, day by day though our normal sexuality we are just living according to the economical interests of nature. 

So, suprasexuality is another subject-matter; this is definitive. To enter into the suprasexual field means to enter into the path of extraordinary transformations. Friedrich Nietzsche in his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra speaks frankly about the superhuman [Übermensch]. He said: 

“Behold, the hour of the superhuman is here. The human is a rope tied between beast and superhuman — a rope over an abyss. A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous shuddering and stopping. What is great in the human is that it is a bridge and not an end.... Behold, I am a herald of the lightning and a heavy drop from the cloud; but this lightning is called the superhuman... the hour of the superhuman is here…”

Well, Hitler interpreted Nietzsche in his own way. During the Second World War even the most insignificant German police was a “superhuman”; none of them felt small. Yes, in the times of Hitler in Germany, everybody believed they were superhuman. It seems that Hitler, even with very good intentions, did not know how to interpret Nietzsche. I frankly manifest to you that I believe in the superhuman, yet it seems to me that Hitler interpreted Nietzsche in the wrong way.     

To attain the heights of the superhuman is possible, yet it is only possible by means of the transmutation of the sexual energies, since alchemy belongs to the field of suprasexuality. 

Compatibility Between Man and Woman

centers male 2015There are five fundamental centers in the human organism, namely:

  • the intellectual center, which is in the brain, and the most utilized by people for studies. 
  • second, the emotional center related with the heart
  • third, the motor center, which is located at the superior part of the dorsal spine
  • fourth, the instinctual center, located at the inferior part of the dorsal spine
  • and the fifth is properly said: the sexual center

Again, I repeat, so you can record it well: intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual, and sexual. Five centers in total. These centers are fundamental for all human activities. 

About the sexual center, I want to properly say to you that it is the center around which all human activities gravitate.

Thought [the intellectual center] appears to be very fast but unfortunately is not; it is very slow. For example, if we are driving a car and suddenly in a moment of danger we start to analyze if we have to do this or that, if we have to move forward or backward, to turn to the right or to the left, we will crash and get involved in a catastrophe. The motor center is faster. When one is driving a car, one does not have time to think: one acts quickly and continues on. Yet, if in that moment one gets entangled in a thought, the outcome will be a crash. How many times does it happen that while driving a car, in a determined moment one is undecided if to turn towards the right or towards the left, and ends in a failure? So, the thought center is very slow; the movement center or motor center is faster. 

The emotional center is also a fast center, but there is no center faster than the sexual center. When a man sees a woman, he knows in a thousandth of a second if she is sexually compatible with him or not. Amazingly, all of this happens in a thousandth of a second. Young men know this; when a young man is in front of a girl he instinctively, automatically knows if she matches his own “waves." This is done very fast. Therefore, the sexual center is a center that allows us to register the other sexual pole with an extraordinary speed. The sexual center is therefore, the fastest center that we have.

But let us enter in detail into some other factors. Oftentimes a man lives happily with his wife, he loves her, however he feels that he lacks something. Certainly, it can happen that one does not feel complete with the woman with which one lives. It may be that she fills the activities of the emotional center but perhaps she is not compatible intellectually or maybe she is not compatible sexually; thus, when that man finds another lady that is compatible with him in other centers, the outcome is that which is called adultery. 

Notwithstanding, I did not come here to praise adultery. On a certain occasion, there was a hall where some adulterous ladies were drinking heavily; suddenly one of them, a very beautiful woman inebriated with wine, sadly said, "Hail to adultery!" No! We must not praise adultery, because that would be absurd. But, let us study the causes of adultery. 

Oftentimes, one of the couple is not totally compatible with all five centers of their consort, thus since it is possible to find compatibility with another person, from this derives this which is known as adultery. 

Let us consider the case of a man that is emotionally compatible with a woman, but sexually is not; thus, he could find a lady that is compatible with him sexually. Let us suppose that a man is mentally compatible with a woman but emotionally is not; thus, it could happen that he finds a woman that is emotionally compatible with him. It could also be that in the range of habits a man is not compatible with his wife; thus it could happen that he may find in the sphere of habits (related with the motor center) another woman with whom he will really be compatible, with whom he will find affinity. So, this is the intrinsic cause of so many adulteries that result in divorces.  

Again, as I already stated, I am not here to praise adultery, because that would be absurd, since I disagree with that lady who in that drunken revelry, orgy, screamed, "Hail to adultery!" No, my friends, I disagree with that. I am just here with you in partnership studying this sexual subject-matter, thus we cannot omit the problem of adultery. 

I think that the best for a man is to find a woman compatible in the intellect, in emotion, in the motor center or range of habits, in the center of instincts, and in the sexual center — that is to say, the ideal couple, the perfect couple. And I believe that the ideal for a woman would be to find a man with whom she is compatible; this is how true happiness will emerge.   

Sexual Temperaments

Sexual temperaments are another grave hinderance to happiness. 

The Four Temperaments (from Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Galen)
  1. Earth / Melancholic / Bilious: cold and dry
  2. Water / Phlegmatic: cold and moist
  3. Fire / Choleric: hot and dry
  4. Air / Sanguine: hot and moist

It is impossible for a man of ardent temperament to be happy with a woman that is a block of ice; it simply cannot be. The very fact of wanting to kiss her and in the moment of the kiss he finds that she does not want be kissed, that indeed is detrimental. Now, what could we say if during copulation, during the moment for copulation, the woman is cold? Let us remember the book entitled "Sinuhe the Egyptian.” It was also filmed. It so happens that in Egypt there were places for mummification. As there were many places, filthy places where cadavers were mummified, those who worked in those places for mummification smelled awfully, thus wherever they went they left their stench. So women did not like that class of men who smelled so horribly, since indeed, being among decomposing bodies, they smelled like putrefaction. So, do you know what those mummifiers did? Being around the putrefaction, do you know what that class of mummifiers used to do? They copulated with female cadavers that were brought to those places. Do you think that it is very pleasant, to copulate with the dead? Well, that happened in Egypt. Well then, what would we say about a man with an ardent temperament that has to copulate with a "woman of ice," with a cadaver? That is frightfully horrible. 

Likewise, it is verily true, completely true, that there is also a temperament that is called bilious: lethargic and slow people. For example, for a woman of melancholic temperament that by nature is torpid in her movements, it is impossible for her to match a man with an nervous temperament. Impossible! Another impossible relationship is that of a man of a nervous temperament could match a woman with a completely ardent temperament. 

So, this subject matter of temperaments is very important. Not only is it necessary to have affinity between the different centers of the organic machine — intellect, emotion, movement, instinct and sex — but moreover, affinity of temperaments is also necessary. Only by the affinity of temperaments and by a perfect interrelation between the different centers of the human machine can there be authentic affinity that will bring happiness. 

Nevertheless, I am at this moment only addressing normal sexuality. My friends, suprasexuality is different.  


In order to enter into the field of suprasexuality, first of all it is required to know how to transmute the creative energy. We must know that sex is not only something physiological. We must know what type of energy is within sex. To that end, Einstein said: 

"Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared." 

He also said: 

"Energy transforms into mass and mass transforms into energy." 

Is it possible to transform mass into energy? Indeed, it is possible! Observe what happens with a puddle of water on the road: with the heat of the sun the water evaporates, and finally becomes clouds, which eventually will become energy, namely from the clouds emerges lightning and thunder. All the waters from oceans and rivers become clouds and finally lightning and thunder, that is to say: energy.  

The same happens with the ens seminis. What does ens seminis mean? It means “the entity of semen,” that is to say, the sacred sperm. In this day and age, there is a tendency of considering the sperm just a substance excreted by our sexual endocrine glands. When the word "sacred" is applied to the sperm, it looks "topsy-turvy." However, if we carefully study the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud we will see that he says the following: 

"In the last synthesis, all religions are sexual in their origin." 

I agree with Freud in that sense. If you agree with him, good, yet you can disagree, too. Yet, I indeed agree with him.

For example, when one observes the aboriginal religions, that is, the religions of the different tribes of Indo-America or Africa or Asia, one can directly evidence that in all those religions, in all those cults, there is a mixture of sexuality with mysticism, that is to say, of what is religious with what is erotic.

One is amazed when seeing in India that type of temples or pagodas where gods and goddesses are found in erotic postures, copulating. What is the most intriguing is that those postures were sacred in the land of the Vedas. These carvings are dully classified and contribute marvelously in one or another form to eros, to eroticism in the Freudian manner or merely, we might say, lustful manner, but nonetheless they contribute to Freud’s statement.  


Another example is Crete, where great processions were celebrated where the priestesses walked with enormous phalluses made from sacred wood. In those times the phallus was not considered something vulgar like we do in this day and age, rather they rendered it true reverence. They also rendered reverence to the yoni, that is to say, to the sexual feminine organ. 

There is no doubt that the lance — with which it is stated that Longinus wounded the side of Christ — is nothing else than a living representation of the phallus. There is no doubt also that the cup, chalice or Holy Grail — by whom the knights of the Middle Ages fought when they went to the Holy Land during the time of the eucharistic crusades — represents the feminine yoni, the eternal feminine. Indeed, the knights of the Middle Ages were seeking that chalice (symbol of the yoni) from which Christ drank in the last supper. Obviously, they never found it. Yet as a memory of that epoch and of the search of the Holy Grail and of the fight against the Moors, the olympic cup has remained, a cup that is delivered to the winners in the Olympic Games. It has its origins in that chalice. Do not forget that cup represents the yoni, that is to say the feminine sexual organ.

So, in the field of suprasexuality, the chalice and the lance are sacred. 

The sperm is sacred because our personality is contained in the sperm.  The sperm is sacred, because our divine personality is contained in the sperm.

In the sperm the medieval alchemists saw the Vitriol, that is to say: 

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem

"Visit the interior of the Earth, which by rectifying you will find the hidden stone." 

But to what kind of stone were the medieval alchemists referring? It was the famous Philosophical Stone. That stone has to be fabricated, and there is no doubt that there are formulas for its fabrication. I believe in the Philosophical Stone, but it has to be made. By means of the sacred sperm and its transmutations it is possible to attain the Philosophical Stone. 

The transmutation of the sexual libido (to transform the sperm into energy) is possible when one knows the clue. What is important is to know the clue. 

Regeneration of the Brain

If with the ens seminis [seed, whether male or female] we can procreate a child, if with the ens seminis we can reproduce the species, if with the ens seminis we can fill the world with millions of people, then it is true and the whole truth that with the ens seminis — that is to say, with the entity of the semen — we can give life to ourselves and become true superhumans in the most complete sense of the word. Now, what is important is to achieve the transmutation of the sexual libido, because by means of the transmutation of the libido we cerebrate the semen and seminize the brain. 

It is necessary to seminize the brain, ladies and gentlemen, because it is very well known by current scientists that not all the areas of the brain are presently exercising their functions. Today it is well known in medicine that only a minimal part of our brain is fulfilling its functions. Unquestionably, we have many areas, many parts of the brain that are inactive. If with this small amount of active brain we have reached the creation of atomic spaceships that travel to the Moon, if we have reached the creation of the atomic bomb with which the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, if we have created supersonic planes that travel at an extraordinary speed, what if we could regenerate our brain, what if we could place in activity all the parts of our brain, what if the totality of the encephalic mass worked? Then, we could transform this world and to make of it something marvelous. Therefore, it is necessary to regenerate the brain, to seminize it: to cerebrate the semen and to seminize the brain. Behold the clue. 

To seminize the brain is possible, like the great musicians of the past, such as Beethoven, Chopin, or Liszt who were men who had their brains very well seminized, men who gave to their brains extraordinary capacities and who utilized the major percentage of their cerebral areas. Nevertheless, in this day and age things are very different: the human brain has degenerated a lot, and sadly we do not realize it.  

If we are happy in the middle of a party, if we agree with the latest trends, if we are happily dancing and suddenly somebody takes off the popular music and plays the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, how would you feel? We are sure that you would not continue enjoying the party. What would you do? Of course, you would not go to insult the host of the party, but you would leave the party, right? Why? 

In earlier times, when the brain was not as degenerated as now, things were different; people used to dance waltzes, they rhythmically danced to classical music. The musicians were in the midst of dinner playing the most delicious symphonies. At that time, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt were very popular. But, ladies and gentlemen, those were the times of the previous ages, but now we are not in those ages. If somebody plays that type of music now we just say good-bye and leave the party! Why? Because we get bored. And why do we get bored? Let us be analytical, since we are here in order to analyze. We get bored because our brain is degenerated. There are certain areas of the brain that no can longer appreciate good music. 

Why did the brain degenerate? It simply degenerated because for many centuries we have been extracting the entity of the semen from our organism. We have extracted the semen from our organism not only for procreation, to create life, to create new creatures, no! We have extracted the semen because we like to do so, because it gives us a great pleasure and that is all. We have been indulging in lechery on beds of pleasure, enjoying lust in an unrestrained way, and the one that had paid the consequences has been the brain. Now it so happens that many areas of the brain are not working.           

Is it possible to regenerate the brain? Yes, it is, but in order to regenerate the brain it is necessary to transmute the entity of the semen, to transform it into energy. Only thus can we cerebrate the semen. 

The Method of Sexual Transmutation

What is missing in this lecture thus far is to say how the brain can be seminized. Well, I have the pleasure to explain unto you a very singular artifice that the medieval alchemists taught to their disciples. The artifice that I am going to teach you was also taught by men of modern science like Brown-Séquard in the United States. It was also taught by Krumm-Heller, Doctor Colonel of our glorious Mexican Army. It was also taught by Karl Jung, and by the Asian schools of eastern Tantra. This is not my invention. I learned it from those wise men, and I transmit it to you, not like an article of faith or an unbreakable dogma, no. If you want to accept it, do it. If you do not want to accept it, then do not do it. Many schools have accepted it, many schools have rejected it. Each one of us is free to think whatever they please. I am just giving you my modest opinion. 

The artifice is formulated as follows: connection of the lingam-yoni. Lingam: we already know that the lingam is the phallus. Yoni: we already know that the yoni is the uterus, the eternal feminine, the sexual organ of the woman. So, connection of the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the entity of the semen. Dr. Krumm-Heller used to teach the clue in Latin, so he said: 

"Immissum Membrum Virile In Vaginam Feminae Sine Eiaculatione Seminis."

Some modern scientists have accepted this clue. The Oneida Community in United States experimented with this formula. Observe what they did in the Oneida Community: about twenty-five couples (man and woman) began experimenting with sex. During a certain period of time they were ordered to copulate but without the ejaculation of the entity of the semen. Thereafter they were submitted to clinical studies. 

oneida Mansion House 1871

The Oneida Community Mansion House, New York (1871)

At that time in the United States, they achieved the observation of the complete seminizing of the brain, the increase of hormones in the blood, the complete improvement of the organism, the fortification of sexual potency and the disappearance of many illnesses. When the scientists decided that it was necessary for the couples to procreate children, then they allowed the couples to copulate with seminal ejaculation. Then, reproduction was easily attained. And, many similar experiments were done within the Oneida Community.

Anyway, the interesting point of this ancient artifice that constitute the secret secretorum of the medieval alchemists is that the sexual glands never degenerate. 

We know very well that when the sexual glands are degenerated, then the hypophysis and other glands of internal secretion also degenerate. Then, the entire nervous system enters into processes of degeneration, and the final outcome is decrepitude and death. If we wonder why the body grows old, it is simply because the sexual glands enter into decrepitude. When the sexual glands become decrepit, all the endocrine glands also become decrepit, and thereafter the process of decrepitude and age appears. 

However, if there was a system that avoided the degeneration and decrepitude of the sexual glands, then the entire nervous system could be preserved in perfect activity. Then there would be neither decrepitude nor aging; that is obvious. 

Therefore, by means of this fine artifice — namely, the connection of the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the ens seminis as the famous doctors Arnold Krumm-Heller and Brown-Séquard stated — it is possible then to conserve the sexual glands actively for our entire life. This means that anyone who practices this system would reach the ages of 90 and 100 and still have the capacity to perform copulation, and freely enjoy sexual pleasure, which is a legitimate human joy, not a sin or a taboo, and that should not be a cause of shame or concealment, etc., since, again I repeat, it is a legitimate human joy. 

Now then, extraordinary physiological changes are processed by means of the transmutation of the entity of the semen into energy, namely the pineal gland is developed. That gland was active in times of yore, in very ancient times of history. Back then the human being possessed the eye of which Homer wrote in his “Odyssey," the eye of the Lacertidae, the eye of that terrible giant that threatened to devour Odysseus and his companions. The eye of the Lacertidae is not a mere legend without a foundation. By means of sexual transmutation, that gland is developed and becomes active again. The eye that allow us to perceive the ultra of everything is in the pineal gland. 

Diagram showing the position of the pineal gland in the brain CRUK 418.svg

Our world does not only have three dimensions as the learned ignoramuses believe; our world exists in a fourth dimension, and we can even affirm emphatically that it exists also in fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions. This signifies that we have never seen our world as it truly is, and we have not seen it as it really is because our five senses are degenerated and because our pineal gland is atrophied.  

Tree of Life 2.0 plain

Dimensions in Relation with the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). Available as a poster.

There are other senses in us, but which are completely degenerated. We can perceive the other dimensions with those senses, yet they are degenerated. However, if we regenerate our human organism, we will then be able to perceive the world as it is with its seven dimensions.  

Thus, the crude reality of the facts is that by means of sexual transmutation it is possible to regenerate the pineal gland and the other senses that are atrophied. This is how we could perceive and have access to a world of extraordinary knowledge and to the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos. This is how we could see, hear, and touch the great realities of life and death. We could then apprehend through our senses the entire cosmic phenomena as they really are and not as they appear to be.  

Transmutation of the sperm is the key, to change the sperm, to modify it into energy; lo and behold the fundamental. Therefore, the time has come to comprehend all of this in depth, integrally. 

A Revolutionary Change

If man and woman commit themselves to fulfill that simple formula, the method taught by Brown-Séquard and Krumm-Heller and the medieval alchemists, I could emphatically say unto you with absolute certainty that in the long run the couple would transform themselves into superhumans. 

All of us need and feel the necessity to change, of becoming something different. Indeed, this occurs in those who are not conformists, because those who are conservative, the retarded ones, do not want to change. Nonetheless, when one is truly revolutionary, one wants to be different, one wants to change fundamentally and to be transformed into something distinct, to be transformed into a superhuman, to make Nietzsche's doctrine a reality. This radical change is possible by means of sexual transmutation. 

The sexual force placed us into the field of life, and you cannot deny it. We exist, live, because of the sexual energy of our father and mother. In the last synthesis, the root of our life is found in the copulation of a man and a woman. If the sexual force, the energy of sex, had the power to place us into the field of existence, obviously it is the only energy that has the power to transform us radically. 

There are many ideologies and beliefs in the world, and everybody is free to believe whatever they wish to believe, but the only force that has the power to transform us is the energy that created us, the energy that placed us in the field of life. I am emphatically addressing the sexual force. So, to learn how to handle the marvelous energy of sex signifies to transform ourselves into lords of creation.     

When the sacred sperm is transformed into energy, extraordinary psychosomatic changes arise. We very well know what those hormonal vessels of our gonads are, how they work and how the hormones pass through from one vessel to another vessel, how finally they reach the prostate along the spermatic canals. We very well know how valuable the prostate is, since within it occurs the great transformation of the entity of the semen, and the hormones are produced to finally enter into the blood stream. 

The word hormone comes from a Greek root that means "that which sets in motion," "impelling force." The hormones have been studied by scientists. They are marvelous! For instance, when the sexual hormones enter into the blood system, they generate wonders. When the sexual hormones touch the endocrine glands, namely the thyroids, the parathyroids, the suprarenal glands, thymus, etc., they stimulate them and impel those tiny micro-laboratories to produce more and more hormones, and all of those hormones produced by the glands in general enrich the sanguineous torrent extraordinarily; then pains and illnesses disappear. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the sperm that is duly prepared by the gonads and that ascends to the prostate is lecherously squandered, thus the priceless spermatozoids are not even allowed to metamorphosize into hormones, since they are always ejected from our organism [through the orgasm]. Often times the entity of the semen cannot even ascend from the testicles to the prostate since it is eliminated before it can ascend.      

Now, what could we say in regard to masturbators? You very well know what the vice of masturbation is. Those who masturbate undoubtedly commit a crime against their own nature. After the ejaculation of the entity of the semen [through orgasm, whether male or female], there is a peristaltic movement in the sexual organ, and this is known by anyone. In copulation, the energy that the brain needs in order to be nourished is always absorbed from the sexual organ of the opposite sex by means of the peristaltic movement. However, during masturbation everything is different; the only thing that the sexual organ absorbs during masturbation through its peristaltic movement is “cold air” that rises to the brain, and this is how many faculties have vanished from our brains. Innumerable are those individuals that have ended in asylums because of the abominable vice of masturbation. A brain filled with “air” is a one hundred percent stupid brain. Therefore, we totally condemn the vice of masturbation.

To transmute the sacred sperm into energy is different, yet this is only is possible during copulation and by avoiding at any cost the ejaculation of the ens seminis, because as it was stated by the best medieval wise men, within the ens seminis is found the ens virtutis of the fire, that is to say, the igneous entity of the fire.  

To enrich the blood with hormones does not seem like a crime to me. To transmute the sperm into energy is very well documented by men like Sigmund Freud and many others. Then, what is important is to totally take advantage of the sexual potency in order to seminize the brain and to develop the pineal gland, and even the hypophysis and other endocrine glands. Thus, this is how a marvelous organic transformation can be achieved. 

That which is sexual is intimately related with that which is psychosomatic. Thus, suprasexuality also implies, as a fact, something suprasexual within the psychosomatic. For this reason I say unto you with complete clarity that Hermes Trismegistus, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Yeshuah Ben Pandira (that is to say, the great Kabir Jesus) were suprasexual. These messengers were suprasexual. The suprasexual human is the superhuman of Nietzsche. 

Man and woman can reach the heights of the superhuman by entering into the field of suprasexuality, by knowing how to enjoy love, by knowing how to enjoy sex, by knowing how to live with happiness, with more emotion and with less useless reasoning. Emotion is what counts, and is more valuable than anything. 

So, from a revolutionary point of view, men can transform themselves into true god-men and women into true goddess-women, if that is what they want. For this, it would be enough to regenerate all the areas of our brain, and to place all of them to work; thus, this is how, indeed, we would make of this world something better. 

Notwithstanding, I believe that it is indispensable to know that the clue for transmutation is also the clue for regeneration. 

The Solar Fire

The wise of ancient times spoke to us about the solar fire that exists in a latent manner within all organic and inorganic matter. Naturally, that fire is inclosed within the seminal system of the human body. Naturally, this fire is not merely a physical fire, rather, we would say it is a type of supra-dimensional, psychological, and metaphysical kind of fire. That Fohat (a word that means fire) is a strictly sexual kind of fire that all of us feel during copulation. Men can unfold and develop that fire and make it ascend from their seminal system along the spinal medullar canal. When that fire ascends along the spinal medullar canal, powers awaken that we presently ignore, extraordinary powers of perception or, better said, extrasensory powers of perception, power that divinize. But these fires awaken only by means of the transmutation of the libido, by knowing how to enjoy love. Women can also awaken those fires, by knowing how to enjoy their husband. 

Many prodigies are performed with that fire. That divine and marvelous fire is called Kundalini by Asian people. 

The sages of ancient Mexico used to call that fire coatl, meaning “serpent,” because they said it has the shape of a sacred serpent that rises through the spinal medullar canal.

In the east they talk about the existence of seven centers located in the dorsal spine, seven magnetic centers that can be perfectly studied with the help of very special films and magnetized needles and other methods of investigation. The first one is in the coccyx, and when it become active it grants us particular powers over the element earth. The second is at the level of the prostate and uterus, and grants us powers over the aqueous elements of our organism. The third is at the level of the navel, and once awakened allow us to control our ardent temperament and even to act over the universal fire. The fourth is at the level of the heart, and it is obvious it grants us certain extraordinary faculties such as telepathy, intuition, and many others. The fifth is at the level of the thyroid gland (that secretes biological iodine) and grants us certain extraordinary psychic powers, namely clairaudience, that is, the power to hear the sounds of the ultra. The sixth is at the level of the eyebrows, and grants us the power to perceive the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos. The seventh is at the level of the pineal gland, and grants us the power to see for ourselves the mysteries of life and death. 

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So, all these faculties are in a latent state within our human organism and can be awakened with that extraordinary fire the Hindustani call “Kundalini,” which that ascends through the medullar canal by means of sexual transmutation. 

However, in order to reach those heights it is necessary to work with the secret secretorum for one’s entire life. Those who do so will transform themselves into superhumans and will be able to enter the amphitheater of cosmic science, into the university of pure science, and will resolve problems that present science still is not able to resolve. 

Question: As you stated, copulation is done while trying to not ejaculate the entity of the semen, so what do you want to attain with the retention of the semen?  

Samael Aun Weor: All one wants with this simple artifice taught by Brown-Séquard and the Oneida Community is to copulate without the ejaculation of the entity of the semen, because the wise men say that through this artifice one attains the transformation of the sacred sperm into energy. So, what ascends to the brain is not the sperm — otherwise we would become crazy — but the energy within the sperm. That is called transmutation. One can enjoy the sexual pleasure without debilitating oneself. Normally after copulation, one feels a bit of repugnance, but if one does not ejaculate, and transmutes the entity of the semen, after copulation one feels desire to repeat it millions of times and happily enjoys it always, without ever debilitating oneself. This is what the Oneida Community was teaching in the United States, and that is what Karl Jung taught. This is what the best wise people of the Earth are teaching in all the corners of the world. That is all! 

Question: What is the entity of the semen? 

Samael Aun Weor: Well, when we speak about the entity of the semen, we are talking about the sacred sperm, the semen itself [the seed, whether male or female]. However, using a most delicate language it is called entity of the semen, and even in a most delicate form (so, people do not get scared) is called ens seminis. 

Question: Those individuals who are called masochists, in what kind of sexuality would they be classified? 

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the masochist is somewhat similar to the sadist, but instead of abusing others like the sadistic — as the Marquis de Sade so happily spread it — the masochist feels pleasure by mortifying himself horribly. Certainly, speaking in the language of the ancient sages, the masochist is an infrasexual that belongs to the sphere of Lilith.

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