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The Moon
The Moon

Sex, Children, Overpopulation, and Gnostic Fanatics

Audience: Master, how, or in what way could an instructor explain to humanity that the Moon is older the Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: That is a scientific matter, my dear brother, that has been already demonstrated.

Today, science has very fine devices with which time can be measured. The rocks brought by the astronauts have already been properly measured with them, and it has been verified, satisfied to the full, that the Moon is older than the Earth.

Scientists say that the Moon comes from ancient times, perhaps from the very origins of the cosmos. We go further, my dear brother; we know very well from direct, esoteric experience that the Moon is the mother of the Earth, that the Moon comes from the past mahamanvantara, that is, from the mahamanvantara of Padma, or golden lotus.

The Moon was a rich world. It had immense seas, full of water, volcanoes in incessant eruption, rich plant life, animals of all kinds, flourishing vegetation, powerful human civilizations, etc.

However, as it is known, it is clear that everything is born, grows, ages and dies. So, today the Moon is a corpse, my dear brother, it is already dead; that is all...

teotihuacan 2


Audience: Samael. Master, it is said that the pyramids of Mexico (the pyramids that are in Teotihuacán) are older than those of Egypt, how can you explain that the pyramids of Mexico are older than those of Egypt? How did the pyramids get to Egypt?

Samael Aun Weor: The pyramids of Teotihuacán, my dear brother, were built by the Atlanteans and not by the Aztecs, as many suppose. Undoubtedly, they are older than the Egyptian pyramids; there are chronologies on the subject.

In any case, I want to tell you something important: I remember my previous lives exactly. I lived in Atlantis, and it is not irrelevant to say that we, in Atlantis, made incessant pilgrimages. Sometimes those pilgrimages went to Egypt, other times they went to Teotihuacán ...

Based on such an experience, I can tell you, then, that the pyramids of Egypt were built after those of Teotihuacán. That is, the pyramids of Mexico are older than those of Egypt. There are religious chronologies that affirm it, and those of us who have direct esoteric experiences, those of us who remember our past lives, those of us who lived in ancient Atlantis, know that this is true...

Audience: Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, please tell me: The problem humanity is facing in these times, meaning, this subject-matter about birth control; when giving a lecture in El Salvador, I was asked the following, "Does the Gnostic Movement understand that in Heaven, that is, in the superior worlds, the quota for the souls is already full, and this is why Gnosis was dedicated to teach how to control reproduction?" How can we clarify this problem for people?

Samael Aun Weor: There has been too much talk about birth control, my dear brother; all scientists are concerned about that. Undoubtedly, humanity has high and low tides, times, let's say, of demographic plus [overpopulation] and times of demographic minus [underpopulation]. In everything there is an ebb and flow, an incessant rhythm. So, in these moments there is, let's say, a population explosion, a high human tide. It is obvious to understand that this plus, this high tide, is followed by a descent, a minus. Thus, the day is not far off when tremendous wars and cataclysms will produce the descent, the minus, the low tide, a decrease of the human population.

Nonetheless, since scientists know nothing about this, they do not understand about the ebb and flow of humanity, they know nothing about the laws of the pendulum, the rhythm, etc. They worry too much and try to control birth with artificial procedures: contraceptive pills and innumerable systems that cause cancers and many other diseases, very serious for the human species.

We Gnostics have practical, simple, basic methods. We know how to control that subject-matter about overpopulation plus not about birth control, because that would be criminal, but about control of fertilization. Birth control is a crime. Fertilization control is a duty...

Thus, fertilization can be controlled. For that objective we have the Sahaja Maithuna, Sex Yoga. The key is simple and basic, all of our brothers and sisters already know it; it consists of the connection of the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the ens seminis, because as Paracelsus well stated, "within the ens seminis is found the entire ens virtutis of fire"...

However, I do not want to affirm that by means of the Sahaja Maithuna human reproduction is eliminated; it is obvious that as long as there is sexual connection, it is clear that there will be fertility, fertilization. But we can decrease the number of births, and if that is what we want, nothing is better than Sahaja Maithuna, Sex Yoga. That is all, my dear brother.

Audience: Venerable Master Samael, but there is another problem: they have been told me, or asked me, if it is not dangerous to retain that energy in the sacrum.

Samael Aun Weor: What is it about "retaining that energy," brother? Let us talk, this time, about the sperm or the ens seminis. Let us be clear in our questions and in our answers...

Have you seen, my dear brother, how the puddles on the roads dry up in the sunlight? Those waters evaporate and become clouds with lightning and thunder… Well, that is what needs to be done within our body. With the Maithuna, with the heat, with the fire of creative sex, those seminal waters, that spermatic liquor that resides in our sexual endocrine glands, is transmuted into what we call "vapors," or "humors," to speak clinically. Finally, these vapors are converted into positive-negative energies; such energies ascend through the sympathetic channels called "Ida" and "Pingala" in the East. Those channels depart from our same sexual glands to the brain, and that has already been proven. They are certainly not entirely physical, we would say; rather they are semi-physical, semi-ethereal, but they exist, they twist beautifully around the spine, forming the Holy Eight, until they reach precisely the brain.

What goes up, my dear brother, is not semen, because if the semen went to the brain, one would go insane.

So, we are not withholding semen, we are transmuting it into energy, which is a completely different thing, we are turning it into energy, and that is not a crime.

This is how we cerebrate the semen; this is how we seminize the brain.

Matter is transformed into energy! My dear brother, that has already been demonstrated by Einstein. So why debate about it?

If we want to transmute seminal matter into energy, that is not a crime. We can bring that creative energy up to the brain so that the brain is fortified, and the pineal gland develops. How can it be harmful for the sexual energy to vitalize us? Why? Based on what?

What happens is one thing, my dear brother: all the fornicators, those who enjoy sexual pleasure, those who feel joy when pouring out the ens seminis, want to justify their fornication, their lewdness; that is all, my dear brother.

Audience: Well, master, following the same topic as it is quite interesting... About the solar bodies... There are brothers who often say "children of God," and we already know what the answer is that you have given us on other occasions. But I want, on this occasion, that you directly answer this question: who are the "children of God" and who are the "children of the devil"?

Samael Aun Weor: This question is very interesting, my dear brother. In any case, I want to tell you the following: Jesus said, and he spoke it clearly to all the Pharisees, and to all the Sadducees, and to those multitudes who said, when listening to him:

“We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.”

“Jesus said unto them,  If you were Abraham's children, that is, if God were your Father, you would do the works of Abraham. But, you are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do....” 

It is clear that when people feel lust, they procreate and reproduce. How can they say, then, that they, their children, are born of the Holy Spirit, of divinity? Now, do we not all descend from Original Sin? Is it not written that Adam and Eve fornicated, is it not said that they disobeyed the Eternal? So we, who are children of Adam and Eve, will we be children of God? It is obvious that we are children of the original sin, that is, of the devil. 

Or do you believe that God is capable of committing the original sin? Now, if God is not capable of committing the original sin, who commits it? Clearly it stands out that the one who commits it is the devil. This is what happened there, in the times of that Edenic Paradise, between Adam and Eve, and is what is repeated at every moment, my dear brother.

People sexually unite and reproduce their species because of lust; thus, children are born who are of the devil, because God is not lustful or lewd, God has no lust. Why, then, attribute to God the children of the devil?

We all are children of the devil; thus whosoever wants to become a child of God has to earn it. That one has to eliminate the ‘I,’ to reduce it to dust; and the solar bodies must be manufactured in the forge of the Cyclops, that one has to sacrifice himself for humanity. Only thus, my dear brothers and sisters, only thus, can we become children of God; there is no other way, there is no other way.

It is logical that all human beings, without exception, are children of the devil, this is what our Lord, the Christ, told us. Jesus is not a liar, he never lied, he told the truth...

Thus, we must always firmly march and tell the truth, as it is and nothing more than what it is, whatever the cost might be...

Audience: Venerable Master Samael, how can we, then, who are practicing the Maithuna, have children who are not of the Devil?

Samael Aun Weor: Alas! How much you struggle trying to have children who are not of the devil! Is not it? When indeed you still continue being devils, nonetheless, you want to have children who are not of the devil. Is it possible to have children who are not of the devil when one is a devil?

Thus, the best thing is for you to stop being a devil so that you can have children of God, because the devil cannot have children of God. The devil is a devil and what he generates are little devils, whether we like it or not.

Audience: Master, I want to ask you another very interesting question, in regard to what I have told you about fanaticism, for example: a certain brother was going to greet another and before that he places his left hand on his solar plexus, and crossing his legs, so that the negative energy of the other does not enter into him, and now that I arrived here to Mexico, I saw (during this conversation in the living room) that you indistinctly crossed the right on the left, and the left on the right, and that you do not follow such protocol. Thus, I want you to be the one to speak directly about this, about what fanaticism is, about what you said to me: "The devil performing mass"…?

Samael Aun Weor: Let us be frank, brother, let us be clear! We must see things as they are. What is the use of putting your left hand there, over the navel, and extending the right hand, while crossing one leg over the other (that is, the positive over the negative, the right over the left), if inside we are full of demons, of ‘I’s? This reminds me of those phrases of Jesus, terrible indeed, against the Pharisees: 

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also. For ye are like unto whited sepulchres.....”

This is a great truth. What does it serve us to take care of, or be careful of the outside, if inside we are rotten, full of devils? What use is so much prudishness and so much absurd pietism?

I have seen a number of individuals who sit at the table, bless, assume terrible, frightful, pious postures: what prudishness, what puritanism! And yet, they behave like true perverts: they beat their children, hit their women, offend to the left and to the right, hurt everyone, kill, steal, etc. What use are all these pruderies to them? We have to be severe, yes, but towards ourselves; put aside so many self-considerations, start from zero, because in truth, we really worth nothing. Only in this way, my dear brothers and sisters, by making a dissection of ourselves, only in this way, truly, starting from zero, can we reach the Innermost realization of our Self...

Audience: Master, about the same question: on one occasion I told the brothers and sisters that such behavior was not what we should do, and they answered me the following, “That was taught by the master; that is taught by Master Samael...” I want you to answer me now, since they say that it was taught by you, why do you now say that we should take care of ourselves inside and not outside?

Samael Aun Weor: What happens is that people “confuse chalk with cheese,” my dear brother. I once said in the book "The Revolution of Beelzebub" that "the devils had to be fought in the Inner Worlds.” That is clear. Any theurgist, any magi who knows how to consciously function in the astral body, when he invokes the cavern entities, either to combat them, etc., or for whatever reason, to dominate them, to overcome them, well, he puts his left hand on the solar plexus and directs the right hand towards the dark entity in order to conjure it. But people abuse everything, and they took that to excess, to such an extent that today there are people who cannot speak to other people, without having put their left hand on the navel, and the right, directed in a certain way towards the interlocutor, and the right leg crossed over the left, etc .; all of this is nothing but abuse, abuse, abuse...

Audience: Master, what is the best way for the awakening of the consciousness, what should we do for the awakening of our consciousness, and what percentage of awakened consciousness does humanity currently have?

Samael Aun Weor: Oh my dear brother, humanity has only 3% of awakened consciousness and 97% of asleep consciousness! So, this is a serious thing. Do you understand me?

Audience: ... in the superior worlds?

Samael Aun Weor: With pleasure, my dear brother, we are going to give you an answer, then. People, all of them, want to see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the internal worlds; people want to remember their past lives, etc., etc., to converse with the gods. However, unfortunately, as I already told you, people have only 3% of awakened consciousness and 97% of asleep consciousness.

Whosoever wants to verify the great realities of the inner worlds, whosoever wants to reach the awakening of the consciousness, must resolve to die from moment to moment; that's indispensable, whatever the cost might be...

Above all, it is urgent to know that we have a pluralized “I” within ourselves. That ‘I’ is ‘Seth’ of Egyptian mythology: a conjunction of "Red Devils", as the ancient Priests of the land of the Pharaohs said. Those submerged entities, which come to personify our ego, or ‘Seth,’ as we were saying, constitute our errors, they are the semblance of our own defects.

Within each of these entities, our consciousness is embedded, stuffed, bottled, asleep...

So, then, our consciousness, we would say, acts according to its own embedding, it definitely goes down the path of error; it is egoic, unfortunately.

If we want to wake up, to be able to see, hear, touch and feel the superior worlds, to be able to speak with the masters of the White Brotherhood, then, it is necessary to totally destroy Seth, the ego, the Red Devils, the ‘I’s. Only in this way, the consciousness manages to emancipate itself, to liberate itself and awaken radically.

When consciousness awakens, we can see the path; when consciousness awakens, we can get in touch with the divine humanity that lives in the lands of the jinns. When consciousness awakens, we can remember our past lives, we can visit other inhabited worlds, we can talk face to face with the gods of the mahamanvantara, etc.

Only in this way, being truly awake, is how we can have direct knowledge.

As long as one does not come to direct knowledge, my dear brothers and sisters, one is only a theoretician: One who repeats like a parrot what others say, and that is all.

We need to be cognizant of what we study, we need to drink from the direct source of the hidden wisdom. For example, I can teach you, and I am teaching you, what I know, what I know, what I have lived, not only in this reincarnation, but my past reincarnations.

And even more: I can speak to you, frankly and sincerely, about events of past mahamanvantaras, because I acted in other mahamanvantaras. Therefore, I can give testimony of what I know, what I have seen, what I have heard, and that is not a crime.

However, I do tell you, and let us speak frankly, the awakening of the consciousness requires an intense esoteric discipline...

Audience: Master, then, how can I dissolve the I?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, do you want to dissolve your ego? I congratulate you, my dear brother. You want to dissolve your ego, right? Well, interesting, I find it interesting that you dissolve the ego. Only in that way could you become awake, my dear brother. Sure, but it is not only necessary to know how to understand every error, it is necessary to know how to remove it.

For example, Krishnamurti speaks to us, about "comprehension." Very well, very well... one needs to comprehend every defect. Let us say, for example, that you want to eliminate the I of anger. Well, you have to understand that I; and for this you must use meditation, reflection, you must know your innermost springs, because many times, one is angry for one reason or another; sometimes because someone touches your self-esteem, or because of jealousy, or because of an emotional frustration, or because of a reaction towards a hurtful word, one has so many facets! ...

But once one comprehended the secret spring that triggered an explosion of anger at any given moment, one must then appeal to a higher force, my dear brother ...

Audience: Master, what is that superior force, where is it, how do we get it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, well, well, wait for me a little, wait for me a little, brother, you are in a hurry; however I give you the answer: that higher force is within yourself; it is the igneous serpent of our magical powers, locked, as the Hindus say, within the Muladhara Chakra, located in the coccyx. I am emphatically referring to Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

To her, yes, to her you must appeal. You have to ask her, beg her, beseech her to eliminate the I of anger, the one that you understood in depth, that you studied through meditation and in-depth reflection...

Audience: Master, this is very interesting. I would like to ask you: jealousy, hatred, rancor, etc., all that? ...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, those are different I's, my dear brother, and the procedure is the same. It is not enough to comprehend, for example, the secret motive for an explosion of jealousy, or the origin of hatred; we must go deeper: We must appeal, whether we like it or not, but this is what it is, to a higher power. One alone cannot do anything. The mind cannot, it is not capable of eliminating defects. Your  mind can move them from one department to another, your mind can label them with different names, etc., but cannot disintegrate them, cannot reduce them to dust.

If we want to reduce to dust this or that defect, personified in this or that I, then, in addition to comprehension, elimination is needed, and Devi Kundalini the one who must be appealed.

I repeat: appeal to Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, the brazen serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness. Understood?

Audience: Thank you very much, master, for your response. Master, I want to ask you another question: I insist again on this matter of awakening. Why do the lords of the "left hand", who do not practice any of the three factors, nevertheless hear and see and are even awake in the superior worlds?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer your question, my dear brother. That which you ask is quite interesting, as the question that our brother has asked before, and I, naturally, must give an answer to it, since, indeed you seriously request an answer, thus my duty is to answer it ...

I am going to tell you something very interesting, my dear brother, listen to me. A few days ago, it occurred to me to invoke in the superior worlds the Angel Adonai (the son of light and joy, the Master of Count Zanoni, so wisely described by Bulwer Lytton in his novel “Zanoni.”) Well, it is clear that the angel attended my call, thus we sat down and had a delectable talk...

Then, the angel said something very interesting to me. He cited to me a certain philosopher who, at one time, was with us in the Gnostic movement, and who is now a detractor of the Great Cause. The angel said, “That gentleman has awakened in evil and for evil...” Days later I had to confirm or verify the affirmations of the Angel Adonai, the son of light and joy. Certainly, I found the mentioned gentleman in the inner worlds; the man was fully awake, but in evil and for evil ...

When in my esoteric studies I have had to visit the Black Moon, for example, there I meet all of those Red Devils, of whom the "Book of the Dead" of the ancient Egyptians talks about to us, fully awake! ...

And when we enter the infernal worlds, within those nine Dantesque circles described by Dante in his "Divine Comedy", and located within the heart of the Earth, we find all of those people of darkness, fully awakened in evil, indeed, and for evil ...

And it is because by means of technical and scientific procedures, one can also awaken, but in evil and for evil.

The Red Devils, for example, know very much the fate that awaits them; they do not ignore that devolving in time, within the underground world, through the nine Dantesque circles, one day they will have to be disintegrated, reduced to cosmic dust in the heart of the Earth. They do not ignore that the Essence will escape from the ego when the ego has died within the heart of the Earth. And they like it, since when they are warned, they do not show any remorse for the Second Death, they know that their Essence, one day, after escaping, then, from the heart of the Earth, will enter a new evolution on the surface and under the sunlight; they know that their soul will return to being a gnome playing around among the rocks, later among the plants, then among animals, and finally they will re-enter the human state in any age, in any eternity; they do not ignore that ...

They do not ignore that when one comes into this physical world, 108 physical lives are given to the soul. I can say that every human being has the right to have 108 existences on the stage of life, and once such 108 lives are fulfilled, if the person does not achieve self-realization, then it descends into the infernal worlds, it devolves in time, its ego is reduced to dust, in order for the soul to restart a new march, a new inward and upward journey. Thus, they do not ignore that, since they are awake, but in evil and for evil.

So, what is important is to awaken in the light. But this is not possible through techniques, only through sanctity, only by dissolving the ego, reducing it to cosmic dust, to matter what the cost might be.

Audience: When they debate us, they ask us, "How can we verify that 108 lives are assigned to each soul?" So, I want you to explain that to me how can we verify the 108 lives?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, with pleasure, my dear brother, we are going to give you the answer, so that you will understand and tell your friends. This about verifying is very beautiful, but how can a sleeping person verify? Let the awakened ones verify, because the sleepy ones are asleep.

If you want to prove it, as you said it, or better said, ve-ri-fy-it, wake up! What are you doing asleep, my dear brother? Wake up, wake up, get out from that dream in which you are in! The day you wake your consciousness, then you will verify, for yourself, the exactitude of my words.

Nevertheless, what I am telling you has documentation. Remember the 108 beads of the Buddha's necklace; remember also, brother, the 108 rotations that the Brahmins, in India, make around the holy cow, praying, yes, with a rosary or necklace of 108 beads.

They then vocalize those sacred mantras, which are known as OM MANI PADME HUM.

In Tibet, there, before the Chinese communists invaded that sacred land, there were extraordinary religious festivals, and the women arranged their loops splendidly; the great ladies were cared for as always by their courtesans or by their slaves, or by their servants, and they were to arrange their hair in the form of 108 loops. Meditate on that, my dear brother, meditate ...

Audience: Thanks, master. Now, master, please, as a special help to the brothers and sisters who manage to listen to this recording, to speak something about the Luciferian fire?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, with pleasure, my dear brother. So, do you want me to talk about fire? Clearly! And with great pleasure I will ...

This theme about fire is indeed extraordinary. In past Christmas Messages I have spoken about the Luciferian fire in its negative aspect; because it so happens that we have to give the teachings in a didactic and dialectical, pedagogical, progressive manner.

Thus, we have not yet spoken about the creative fire in its positive aspect. We have spoken only about the Luciferian fire in its purely sinister, fatal aspect. However, I tell you that in the next Christmas Message, 1970-71, which is going to be titled "Parsifal Unveiled", I will speak about the Luciferian fire in its transcendental, positive aspect...

It is obvious that the Luciferian fire is, let's say, a divine boon, it is cataloged as if it were an archangel. It is clear that, from the allegorical point of view, it detached itself from the nimbus of the Sun and fixed itself on the Earth by the force of gravity and the weight of the atmosphere.

Lucifer [Latin: “bearer of light”] is the Azoe and the Magnesia of ancient alchemists; it is the Flying Dragon of Medea, the INRI of Christians, the Tarot of the Bohemians. Lucifer is an extraordinary, wonderful fire. Without Lucifer it would be impossible, truly impossible, to be able to carry out the work in the forge of the Cyclops.

Think about this, my dear brother: The connection of the lingam-yoni could not be made without the Luciferean phosphorus. So, based on that principle, it is obvious that the work in the Ninth Sphere would be more than impossible without the Luciferian agent.

Fire, in itself, is neither good nor bad; everything depends on the use we make of it. If it is used for good, it is good, and if it is used for evil, it is bad. It is like electricity. You know that electricity is used, for example, to light houses, for industry, etc., but in the United States it is used for the electric chair, to kill. Then it has a double use. It is good or it is bad; it depends on the use that people make of it. This is the Luciferian fire, my dear brother. 

Lucifer, in himself, is the same Prometheus of ancient Greeks, he is the shadow of the Solar Logos, the Lord of the Seven Mansions, the Guardian of the Temple, who only allows the passage to those who are anointed by wisdom, who know the secret of Hermes, who carry in their right hand the Gnostic lamp. Only those, really, have the right to enter the sanctuary ...

Lucifer is, therefore, the foundation of the Inner Self-realization of the Being. 

Without fire it is impossible, my dear brothers, to work in alchemy. Who, for example, could transmute lead into gold without the Luciferian agent? Could the crucible, by itself, do the work? Beneath the crucible must be the flaming fire. Without fire Self-realization is not possible.

The Solar Logos, wanting to help us, in the dawn of the mahamanvantara emanated from itself its own reflection: a powerful archangel who became Lord of the Seven Mansions; I speak in an allegorical sense, I do not mean an individual, I speak of fire ...

It is with that fire, truly, how we can transmute the lead into gold, how we can become something different, in we can become terribly divine gods.

Prometheus Lucifer is the same Maha-Asura of the Hindus, he is the one who has come down from the Sun to crucify himself in our world. The terrible vultures of reasoning gnaw at his entrails and the flames of human passions burn him terribly ...

The Logos, wanting to manifest itself in every world, on every planet, emanated from itself its shadow, its minister, its Luciferian fire.

From that point of view, I can tell you that the throne of Lucifer is the footstool of the Lord and that the upper semblance of Lucifer is the face of the Solar Logos. "Demonius est Deus Inversus", meaning, "The Demon is God in Reverse", as the ancients used to say ...

I believe that with this you are already understanding, my dear brother, what the Luciferean fire is: Prometheus, chained, no less than to the hard rock of sex. Prometheus suffering for humanity.

Within this great fire that we can call "Lucifer", there are angels and there are devils, columns of gods and demons.

Let us remember the Agnishvattas, for example, the Lords of the Flame, who live on the positive side of the Luciferian, divine force.

It is also worth remembering the dark Luciferians, the failures of the ancient Earth-Moon, the Hasnamussen-Luciferians, gloomy and horrible. So, among everything there is everything: angels and devils. Fire is fire, my dear brother ...

Audience: Could you tell me, master, if after so many years that I have sought the path, the path of light, still, at this age of 60 and so many years can I find it?

Samael Aun Weor: It is obvious, my dear brother, that you are already on the path, you have found it. Now, what you have to do is to travel on it firmly; that is all.

Naturally, you have to work with the three factors of the revolution of consciousness.

Jesus himself said:

"Whosoever wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross and follow me" ...

This "denying of oneself", my dear brother, is a matter of dissolving the Ego, the I, the myself ", the self-willed."

"Taking the cross" is something else: Remember that the vertical beam of the cross is masculine and that the horizontal beam is feminine; in the crossing of these two "stems" is the key of all power.

The cross is eminently sexual, phallic (penis, clitoris); it means nothing less than the work in the Ninth Sphere.

You have to go down to the forge of the Cyclops in order to make the solar bodies and attain the Second Birth.

To follow the Christ is the third factor; it means sacrifice for humanity, to be willing to do what he did: To give every last drop of blood for all human beings that populate the world.

Thus, to die, to be born and to sacrifice oneself for humanity are the three factors of the revolution of consciousness. You have reached the path, you are on the path. Follow it firmly, my dear brother, follow it! ...

Audience: Thank you, Master, for this wise teachings ... Yes, it is true that I am already on the path, but I remember that you have always told us that it is so difficult to walk on that path, on the "razor's edge", that we have to kill the ego, those multiple I's that we carry inside, which are the Red Demons, of which you have told us so much. That is why I say, master: Will I be able to reach, even at my age, that divine light that I have longed to attain?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, indeed, brother, it is clear! First of all, we must take into account the power of the sacred lance; remember what that great power is. The spear, itself, is the emblem of the male, manly sexual force. You have to learn how to use that wonderful energy of the Third Logos, and you can work with the spear ...

At these moments, the memory of Wagner's “Parsifal” comes to mind, at the very moment that Kundry, the seductress, tries to make him fall. Extraordinary moment! She, looking unsuccessful, calls, invokes Klingsor. The dark man throws the spear against the young man, the lance with which Longinus wounded the Lord's side, but that spear could not cause him harm. He catches it with his right hand and then makes the sign of the cross. Klingsor Castle collapses, turns into cosmic dust, rolls to the bottom of the horrifying and terrible precipice ...

So, this is interesting about the spear: nothing less than the sexual force, the famous IT, extraordinary particle, formed by the letter "i", and by the letter "t", magnificent Atlantean key.

If in the supreme moment of voluptuousness, that is, during the sexual act, we focus on the Divine Mother Kundalini, and ask her to wield the spear, to use the power of the creative energy to destroy the Red Demons, then she thus indeed will do it. If we ask her to launch the lance with force, to throw it with power against this or that ‘I,’ she will do so, and will reduce to dust, one by one, each one of those I's.

But in this there is a didactic. Of course, first it is necessary to comprehend the ‘I’ that we want to eliminate, and to comprehend it fully, thoroughly, in any of the 49 regions of the subconsciousness, and then to beg Mother Kundalini, yes, at the supreme moment, at the moment of voluptuousness, to ask her to wield the spear, that it may reduce that ego to cosmic dust.

Thus, little by little, with the power of the spear, we can disintegrate the ego and thereafter o end with the three traitors, and finally put an end to the dragon of darkness, and end each of the beasts of the underground world, within which our consciousness is trapped ...

I am giving you an extraordinary, formidable, wonderful key. I know, my dear brother, that you are advanced in years, but the power of the creative energy has not yet disappeared within you, the sexual cycle lasts until 84 years and you are not 84 years old. Take advantage of that wonderful energy. That's what I tell you, my friend, my brother …

Audience: Thank you very much, master, thank you very much. At this moment, a ray of hope reaches my whole Being, coupled with the faith that I have always had not only in his words, not only in his example, but in each and every one of the advice you have always given us in the Lodge, thank you very much, master.

Now, I have to withdraw, with the satisfaction of having heard, in this his honorable house, one of the greatest councils that I have received in my life.

May all of you remain content, happy, next to master’s family, and the brothers who accompany him at the end of this year, and that next year, he will smile at us, and have us, especially me, within that infinite halo, that I want to always be by your side; thank you.

Audience: Well, we listened to Brother R., a little late at night, and therefore, with a pain in his heart, he has withdrawn from the Master's house, hoping that he will return...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is essential to reproduce all our books, my esteemed brothers and sisters, millions of volumes must be brought to the street; all humanity is required to know our books. Furthermore, it is essential to know that we need to do global work; not only in Latin America, but in the whole world.

We have also contemplated the need to initiate an intensive work in the United States, but a stumbling block has arisen and is serious, it is that we do not have English literature; nor do we have, at this time (1970), enough people in the United States to embark on the issue of printing books.

So, in order to start the teachings in the United States, we need to put our books in that country. We have to put them in English, which is the language of that nation. So, in the future we have to see how some editions in English will be produced, to export them to the United States; Only in this way can we truly form a powerful movement in that country. Such editions can be made not only in English, but later even in French and German and etc ...

We have to sacrifice ourselves for humanity; be willing, truly, to give every drop of blood for all the millions of human beings that populate the world...

Audience: Venerable Master Samael, returning to the practical-esoteric theme of Gnosis, I would therefore like you to make a clarification on the sexual issue. Because people, in many places, have criticized us saying that we Gnostics speak only of sex ...

Samael Aun Weor: There are, my dear brother, speaking by the way, in synthesis, three great religions in the world. The first is that of THE VICTORIOUS: that of those who worked with the Philosopher's Stone, that is, with sex; those who preserve the doctrine of the Jinns, or Janus (the doctrine of sex, the primitive doctrine of humanity). I am referring emphatically to the Knights of Montsalvat…