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Seriousness in the Esoteric Work

First of all my dear brothers and sisters, it is necessary to truthfully know if what we are looking for is the realization of the Being.

On a certain occasion I was speaking with a school principal (whose name I will not mention) and I asked him a question. The principal (who is physically dead now) answered my question; his answer was very disappointing: "No, we are not in search of the realization of the Being, we are not interested in that; what we want is the force of the mind, we want to reach the unity of life, etc., etc., etc." In conclusion, he gave me innumerable unfortunate excuses. Thus, I ask myself: Why should we be in these studies if we are not in search of the realization of the Being? What could our objective be? Could our objective be to amuse ourselves? Could our objective be to have fun?

Because, in the profane world there are so many ways in where one can have fun (i.e. in the theatre, in the bullfighting arena, etc., etc., etc)!

Therefore, before anything else, we have to be serious.

Schools of cheap pseudo-occultism and pseudo-esotericism exist everywhere, but indeed it is hard to find serious people among them... If we were to call to the Path the five million people in Mexico (and the world) who are dedicated to cheap pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism, if indeed we were to call them to come to the Path, if we were to put on the table, in front of them, the postulates of Gnosis, if they were taught what the path of Self-realization is, I am sure that most of them would run away.

Many of them are erudite in Theosophy, in pseudo-Rosicrucianism, etc., etc., etc.; unfortunately, it is hard to find serious people among them; all of them are looking for a form of amusement, almost all of those pseudo-know-it-alls of cheap-pseudo esotericism really just want to pass the time, to have fun, but when indeed we place on the table the postulates of Self-realization and invite them to work, then they run away.

Therefore, it is not Self-realization that they are looking for, but a form of amusement. That is all.

First of all, we have to be serious. I could not call "serious" someone who does not care for the self-exploration of himself, somebody who is not concerned with the self-knowledge of himself.

The ancients stated: "Homo Noscete Ipsum." "Man, know yourself... and you shall know the universe and the Gods." But, how could we know the Astral World if we do not know ourselves? How indeed could we know the Universal Mind if we do not know our own mind? How could we know the world of the Natural Causes if we do not know the causes of our own psychological errors?

So much has been written about the Inner Worlds, but if we do not know our own inner worlds, how could we know the inner worlds of the planet Earth, the solar system, the galaxy and the infinite?

We have to be serious! In the world of cheap pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism there exists so much inferior mentalism...

In Venezuela, for instance, there is a [Gnostic] sanctuary where a lady fell in state of trance and began "giving initiations." She said, "This person has the Fourth Initiation," "This other one reached the Fifth Initiation," "This other one is already an Hierophant," and incredible things like that. We, indeed, need to be serious, very serious. Obviously, those that accepted such things in that Lumisial were not serious people; it seems impossible to me that a serious person could accept that kind of nonsense.

Many covet initiations. A medium said, "That person is already in the Fifth Initiation, and is a Mahatma." To somebody else (the medium said) that he was already in the Sixth Initiation and that tomorrow he would attain the Seventh Initiation..." All of this nonsense is lack of seriousness! How could someone know the inner worlds if this one does not know his own inner worlds?

Within the inferior mentalism there exists a great amount of incredible nonsense (i.e. people who dream and who believe they are awakened... the gravest of all things is that they daydream, they dream and are convinced they are awakened). Those negative kind of dreamers, those mediumistic type of dreamers, we could say, those hallucinated dreamers, project their dreams over the people and see in the people their own negative, incoherent and absurd dreams. That is the crude reality of the facts!

We want objective realities, not absurd and incoherent dreams. I could not accept dreams; I want objective realities and this is what I wish for all of you. All those objective realities are possible when indeed the consciousness has been objectified. But it is not possible to objectify the consciousness if before one has not passed through the Buddhist Annihilation (this term "Buddhist Annihilation" scares the members of many schools).

Indeed, the "annihilation," is something that bothers the schools of cheap pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism. This happens because the ego does not want to pass through any annihilation; the ego wants to live, at any cost; it does not desire such annihilation.

Obviously, my dear brethren, we have to comprehend the Doctrine of the Many. Some people have stated that I took the Doctrine of the Pluralized "I" from Gurdjieff, and "How can that be possible that I, the Avatar of Aquarius, took it from him..." Well, they are mistaken, because, I have not taken this doctrine from Gurdjieff, nor is Gurdjieff the author of this doctrine. Gurdjieff took this doctrine from Tibet; it is a Tibetan doctrine. I took this doctrine from the Egypt of the Pharaohs. I knew it in Egypt. I also knew this doctrine in many other ancient schools. However, the first ones who taught this doctrine were the Avatars of Lemuria. So, Gurdjieff took it from Tibet and I took it from Egypt.

Thus, I do not think that it is wrong, the fact that I took it from Egypt. In ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, the "I" was not known as "ego" ("ego" is a Latin word); the pluralized "I" was called Seth, and the psychic aggregates, cited by the Tibetans (not exclusively by Mr. Gurdjieff), were known as "the Red Demons of Seth."

We, the Egyptians, knew - and I say "we, the Egyptians" because I am an Egyptian, because this brain that I presently am using in order to think and to speak has been 4,000 years under the earth... [Editor: this lecture was given after he had absorbed the ancient mummy he had left in Egypt many centuries ago.]

We state that Horus was captured by the Red Demons of Seth. When we were speaking in this manner, we wanted to state or to explain to our devotees that the Red Demons of Seth had trapped the human Consciousness.

The devotees of the Higher and Lower Nile understood it, and in general all of us were in a fight against the Red Demons of Seth. Obviously, what I mean is that we were fighting against the "I's" that personify a determined error; and speaking in strict Tibetan language, we were fighting against the psychic aggregates that personify our errors.

In Tibet, the Doctrine of the Many is the foundation of "Lamaism." [Editor: This term was used in the previous century to describe Tibetan Buddhism.] There is no doubt that Mr. Gurdjieff, who lived as a Lama in Tibet, extracted the doctrine in order to teach it in the western world.

The Doctrine of the Many is very well known in Tibet, and when they say "it is necessary to destroy the psychic aggregates that personify our errors," the Tibetans express this concept in the following manner: "The Inner Buddha must destroy the doctrine of the many within himself," that is to say, "to destroy the inhuman elements that we carry within ourselves."

There also are some fallen Bodhisattvas in Tibet, in the Himalayas. Many times their lanoos, that is to say, their disciples, have to accept patiently, the entire day, the Bodhisattva's different psychic aggregates that pass or control in successive order the body of those Lamas, the fallen Lamas, the fallen Bodhisattvas.

These lanoos have to patiently tolerate the fallen Bodhisattva's stupidities, waiting until the moment when the procession of aggregates will end and finally the real Being of any of these Instructors-Lamas will show up, even for a moment; then they receive the teaching that they were waiting to receive from the Being. Afterwards, the Being goes away and the "I's" continue tormenting the poor disciples.

To that end, "the Doctrine of the Many within oneself," is not easy; in that manner we, the ancient Egyptians, used to think, and I continue doing so. It is necessary to kill the Red Demons of Seth; the Essence is trapped within them...

Among the devotees of Chan and Zen, the Essence receives another name: it is called Buddhata, so you can see that this doctrine is not exclusive property of Mr. Gurdjieff or somebody else; it is widespread.

That Buddhata, or psychic material that we carry within ourselves, is important; it is the Essence that is trapped within the Red Demons of Seth, within the psychic aggregates.

It is necessary to break each one of those undesirable elements that we carry inside in order to liberate the Essence; only in this form we will attain our integration and become sacred individuals.

We well know that in order to disintegrate the psychic aggregates, we have to direct the Lance against them, and this is taught clearly by Richard Wagner, great Master who is underrated by the know-it-alls of cheap pseudo-occultism. Richard Wagner, with his Parsifal, gives an extraordinary lesson of Tantric esotericism. His Parsifal represents the Inner Christ or the Christ-Jesus; Parsifal certainly can represent the Adeptus who is not an Exemptus yet; however, I would say that he represents the Adeptus-Exemptus.

Obviously Parsifal also has his Divine Mother, represented by Herzeleide...

Amfortas, the King of the Grail, had a wound in his side, a terrible injury which sheds blood and water; his disciples always wash it in a nearby lake but his wound does not heal...

One day, the King of the Grail, in the presence of Kundri (a kind of Magdalene), fell in her sensual arms. While falling in her arms, Klingsor snatches the Lance away from him and with it he wounds the King Amfortas...

Brothers and sisters, you have to know that the Lance is a sexual Tantric symbol. This means that he had fallen; however, Parsifal did not. Parsifal almost became a victim of Kundri, Gundrigia, Salome, but in the supreme moment he remembered the King Amfortas and his wound. He cried out for help from his Mother Herzeleide and the Saviour Christ and obviously, he is assisted.

She (Kundri), singing in the Opera of Wagner with her delicious voice, cries, asks for help to the terrible Klingsor, who used her for his perverse purposes and thus appearing threw the Lance against Parsifal, but Parsifal is in ecstasy: he catches the Lance and with it makes the sign of the cross; afterwards the Castle of Klingsor falls over the horrible precipice.

Parsifal passes the test successfully. Later, he returns to the castle of Monsalvat where after touching with the Lance the side of the King Amfortas, his wound is miraculously healed... It comes to my memory the principle of Hamlet: "Similiam Similius Curando," the same is cured with the same. If the Lance, symbol of the male sexual electric force, can make the Gods fall, it is also truth that with the same Lance it is possible to cure the side, it is possible to return to the path, it is possible to attain the final liberation.

Parsifal makes the sign of the cross with the Lance (you now very well that the connection of the vertical Phallus inside of the formal Cteis forms the cross). So, Parsifal forms the cross. Certainly, there is the clue of Richard Wagner, precisely in the moment of the chemical or metaphysical copulation, when one has the power to destroy the castle of Klingsor; that castle is carried by everyone. Within the castle of Klingsor are the Red Demons of Seth: anger, greed, lust, envy, laziness, gluttony, pride, etc., etc., etc.

Precisely, it is during the supreme moment of the copulation when we can use the Lance to destroy the Red Demons of Seth. This is taught by Krumm-Heller, but in a more incipient form, when he says "male and female, in the supreme moment of the chemical copulation are surrounded by the forces that created the universe," and "retaining those forces we can purify ourselves..." So, the teachings of Krumm-Heller are incipient, but exist.

The Tantric Tibetans who teach the use of the lance to destroy the Red Demons go much further.

There is a Master who wrote a book about sexual magic, a very wise German who comprehends the clue and explains it.

So, there is much documentation, but everything is in code and it is necessary to know how to extract it from the different Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese books, etc.

Well, you have the key; you know how to use it, so it is necessary to use it in order to destroy the psychic aggregates. However, any aggregate has to be previously comprehended in all the levels of the mind before it can be eliminated directly in the ninth Dantesque circle.

I was telling you in the lecture that we had in Chapultepec that the psyche of the "human beings" is altered, is abnormal. This misfortune came after the elimination of the abominable Kundabuffer organ by the Arch-Physicist-Chemist-Common, Angel Looisos.

The Archangel Sakaki and his high delegation gave to humanity the abominable Kundabuffer organ with the purpose of stabilizing the geological crust of the planet: the stabilization the geological crust was attained, but there was a mistake in the trans-infinite mathematic calculations... The abominable Kundabuffer organ was taken off in Lemuria, but too late; the bad results, the negative consequences, the inhuman psychic aggregates, were firmly established in the five cylinders of the human machine as a consequence of this cosmic delay.

Since then, as a result of this concrete mistake, the Essence was trapped among the undesirable elements that we carry in our psyche; the Consciousness, the Essence, the Buddhata, the most pure element we have, was altered.

Ever since, an abnormal psychic state was established within us, because when the psychic material, that is to say, the Buddhata, the Essence, become trapped within the different inhuman psychic elements, the outcome could not be different. Obviously, since then the human psyche is altered and the three-brained beings that live over the face of Earth are abnormal, I repeat this word slowly A-B-N-O-R-M-A-L.

However, I was stating to you in our lecture in Chapultepec, that one cannot realize that one is abnormal, that one is unbalanced, until one eliminates the psychic aggregates. When one has attained the radical disintegration of the undesirable elements, the Essence becomes normal within oneself, the psyche becomes normal, and once the normality is established, obviously one perceives the abnormality of our fellow men.

This is hard to understand. Even if you accept this intellectually, you do not have cognizance of what you are listening to; it is not possible, because you do not even remotely know how the normal Consciousness works.

Obviously, you believe that you are humans, and I do not blame you; however, I see you as abnormal beings. Why? Because the one that is within myself disintegrated the undesirable psychic elements, disintegrated what I had of abnormality. When I attained that and not before, I could verify for myself in a direct manner the crude reality of the abnormality of our fellow men's psyche. Since then, I saw my fellow men as unbalanced people; I felt that I was sleeping in an insane asylum called the planet Earth.

Now you can explain to yourselves the origin of wars, etc. Many times, it is just enough for a cosmic catastrophe, which produces cosmic waves, [to radiate to the Earth and those waves] touch the brains of the organic machine (called humans by mistake) and they, being abnormal, go to war.

If they were normal, they would not do that, but they are abnormal, they hoist different flags, justify their battles with different excuses, they think they are normal, but as a matter of fact, they do all of that because they are abnormal. A bad planetary conjunction is enough to provoke a war: millions of humanoid beings against millions of humanoid beings.

Existing in such abnormal conditions, how can they love each other? It seems very difficult to me... the existence of marriages that will last until old age... Men are abnormal, women are abnormal; I do not understand how they can coexist together.

When they are happy, with harmony, peace and beauty, a word appears that the other misunderstands, interprets in his way, in a negative form, and he gets angry. So, he says something that hurts the other and finally they end up, as we used to say in my house, "changing the plates..." [Editor: getting a new marriage] However, why do the couples have to "change plates?" Poor plates, poor cups, poor glasses...! Well, just abnormalities!

Friends feel affection, they appreciate each other. However, for any reason, they have an argument and the friendship ends... When we analyze the reason, we see that it was something unimportant, without value...

People that seem to be very respectable and serious end up doing silliness, stupidities... all of that is the result of abnormality, and are just abnormal things.

Obviously, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth do not have a perfect relationship with the three-brained beings of other inhabited worlds.

Undoubtedly, there are other planetary humanities, that (as I stated to you as a fact) are very interested in studying these abnormalities.

Every once in a while, the extraterrestrials "steal" somebody; they take them in a cosmic spaceship, of course; and as I stated to you, please forgive our extraterrestrial brothers when they take somebody. They always bring him back, but they take them for two reasons: first, to cross them with people of other planets, because the Sixth Root Race is being created; second, in order to study the abnormality of the terrestrial psyche.

They (the extraterrestrials) profoundly study the abnormal humanoids in the laboratory of their cosmic spaceship. Since the terrestrials behave in a very weird way, they catch the attention of the entire cosmos: earthlings do not have harmony, do not have control of their words, of their verb; they discuss any silliness, fight when there is no reason and so on.

Earthlings are so unusual that they produce astonishment in all the cosmos, so extraterrestrials have "stolen" many of them, and they will keep doing so to study them in the laboratories. They take them as " laboratory rabbits;" they take the terrestrials to study them with lenses, etc. Well, they are observed in order to see, to understand and I would say, to know all those psychic-physiological processes, the abnormalities. Later, they are taken back and left where they had been taken from.

But one cannot see these abnormal states when one has psychic aggregates within oneself.

You can be here reading these statements. Yes, I know that you are reading, but I am absolutely sure that you are not cognizant of what I am stating, and even though you are reading, you believe within yourselves (there, in the depths of your psyche) that you are normal and I cannot condemn or criticize you for that.

You do not know the psychological state in which you are; but if you destroy your ego, if you reduce it to cosmic dust, then you will attain normality. Then, only in that day, you will realize that you were abnormal; only in that day. Before that, it is impossible.

So my dear brethren, in this lecture I want to invite you to re-attain the normality of your psyche. I want you to comprehend the necessity of passing through the Buddhist Annihilation.

I stated that the ego of each one of you in no way wants to die.

I am even astonished of realizing that you were patiently reading my affirmations; I even become surprised, because the ego of each one of you usually looks at me as a terrible demon. It is obvious: My name for you is death, my true name is "death" for the ego of each one of you; and your ego does not like that.

Obviously you read these words and say, "Well, this is not the time to die; it will be another time. It is necessary to be patient. Maybe the Master is right or maybe he is exaggerating..." So, the ego tries to find different excuses in order to avoid what he deserves: Death... The ego does not like this psychological death, in no way he will accept his death.

So my dear Gnostic brethren, because I know your actual conditions, I invite you to study.

As [you are] Imitatus, I am training you, so you can work on yourselves. You have to have continuity of purpose, because the ego does not want to die. In this situation, how can you want to die, if you are the very ego?

The only thing that can save you is to study and immediately practice [what you read]; it would be worthwhile to you to study my books The Great Rebellion and Revolutionary Psychology.

I have asked the brethren, "Well brethren, have you studied my book The Great Rebellion?"

"Yes," they say, "We have read it..."

"Well, but did you study it?"

"Well, in reality, no; we read it at five hundred kilometers per hour..."

Then I become astonished: I passed too many years in order to be able to write such book as The Great Rebellion or Revolutionary Psychology, and they have read it in a couple of hours!

They constantly come to me saying, "Well, I would like to work on myself, to dissolve my Ego, but I wonder if you can teach me how..." But, what an abnormal psyche these terrestrial people have: they ask me to teach them to dissolve their ego, after they have read my book Revolutionary Psychology But, what is happening? In that book I have given all the indications and now they ask me to teach them! What is happening? They have completely destroyed the intellectual center!

For example, in Atlantis or in Lemuria, no one used to study in that way. A Lemurian considered the letters as something sacred; they utilized an alphabet of 300 consonants and 51 vowels; in Lemuria the letters were sacred and no one accepted a paragraph of a sacred book, if before they had not become cognizant of that paragraph, and in order to become cognizant of that paragraph, they used to pass entire days meditating on it; so they were cognizant of what they studied.

However, when one reads at "five hundred kilometers per hour" and later states, "I already read the book," "I know that book," the intellectual center has been ruined. That is not a correct way of studying; one must not pass to the next paragraph, if beforehand one does not become cognizant of it. We need to know what we are going to bring to the intellectual center.

On a certain occasion, when I traveled through the countries of South America, I knew an Indian that lived near the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium. He was a "Mama," a kind of Mahatma. He was a small man of about one meter; he did not have more than one meter [in height] and some centimeters. His hair was long, his chin black and long, wearing a tunic, he looked like a small thin Christ.

He started talking about themes that I had written in The Revolution of Beelzebub. I said to him, "How is this, Brother Bernardino Alfaro Torres?" (He was baptized with that Latin name by a missionary) "How is this," I said, "that you know about my book The Revolution of Beelzebub, if you do not know how to write, neither to read... if you are illiterate?"

"Sir, we the members of the tribe of Mamas, do not need to read a book. We examine it in the Astral World. The book The Revolution of Beelzebub is a book of the Goddess Nature and we have it on the altars of our temple sanctuaries..."

He was an astonishing man: he knew the entire book; he spoke about Nirvana, of a Golden City in the Nirvanic world...

We knew two powerful enlightened beings that were totally illiterate. One was a primitive Indian (Brother Bernardino Alfaro Torres) of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia). The other was the powerful guru Litelantes, a great Master of Cosmic Justice. Those two powerful initiates enjoy the privilege of possessing continuous consciousness. In similar privileged conditions, these two initiates possess teachings that could never be written down, because they would be profaned if they were written down. - The Major Mysteries by Samael Aun Weor

On another occasion I was with the "Arhuacos." They were talking about Karma, but they did not do it as the Theosophist or pseudo-Rosicrucians do. No; to see two Arhuacos talking in a café was something really curious; they were speaking about businesses: "I owe some money that my godfather lent me, and I will see how I can pay it to him."

"I have already paid some drafts, I will see if I can get a credit, because I need it for my business..."

"Last time I paid 500 pesos of the credit and because of that I think I will not have problems: I will get the credit..."

Well, everything was business. Any profane person would believe that they were talking about business; no: they were talking about the business with the Law, about Karma and Dharma, and they did so better than any pseudo-esotericist, than any modern pseudo-occultist or any erudite, better than Annie Besant and her followers.

They are one hundred percent practical, and their way of studying my books was through meditation. As they did not know how to read and write, they did it through meditation, yet, those who knew how to read and write, read them and later meditated on them; but most of them did not know to read and to write. They did not have their intellectual center ruined, as the civilized people do, the so-called "civilized," or "bonachis," as are known in the Sierra Nevada.

Bernardino, the Arhuaco, stated to me, "Those bonachis think that are very cultured, very civilized, because they have small inventions like cars, airplanes, ships, and toys that are worthless, and they do not know anything about the Mysteries of Life and Death..." What do they know about such a native sage, about that truly illuminated one?

So my dear brethren, do not destroy the intellectual center, nor the emotional center.

An emotion has to pass first through the filter of comprehension before the emotional center can react. We have to become cognizant of all our perceptions, of everything we study, of everything we receive.

If you study carefully my books Revolutionary Psychology and The Great Rebellion and bring that knowledge to the practical field, in the name of the truth I tell you that you will attain the Buddhist Annihilation; then you will establish in your psyche the psychological normality; you will be as the three-brained beings of the cosmos. You will be able to experience in a direct way that which does not belong to time, that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind.

These are my final words. If one of you has something to ask in relation with the theme, he can do it with entire freedom.

Question: Master, you have talked about the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Does the abnormality of our psyche comes from it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, indeed, the abnormality of the psyche comes from the Kundabuffer organ, because that organ crystallized in our psyche all the bad consequences that it originated.

That is to say, the psychic aggregates exist because of the abominable Kundabuffer organ, otherwise they would not exist, and unfortunately, within those aggregates, the Consciousness is trapped; because of that, the Consciousness is abnormal. The Consciousness [in us now] is the psyche that functions in an abnormal way.

The terrestrial people are abnormal; there are clinical cases that presently are being studied by all the brothers of the solar system. That is the cause, the principal reason why many times the extraterrestrials take a person to be studied in their cosmic laboratory.

The abnormal state of the terrestrial people has caught the attention of the cosmos: their strange psyche, their strange behavior, does not have any relation with the cosmic culture of the infinite space. But all of this was produced, unfortunately, because of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Question: One question Master: Did the entire humanity fall or there still are human beings that preserve their primitive hierarchy?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there are some real humans that did not fall and that still preserve their normality.

Question: From that epoch?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes. Not all the inhabitants are visible to the inhabitants of the three-dimensional world of Euclid. In the fourth vertical of our planet Earth, there exist other humanities of flesh and bones that are normal; they did not develop the abominable Kundabuffer organ and they continue reproducing themselves by the power of Kriya-Shakti. So the abnormal ones are those who live in the tridimensional world of Euclid, the ones that commonly are called "terrestrials."

Question: Venerable Master, in the Gnostic Ritual of the Third Degree, which as we know comes from the Egyptian wisdom (The Book of the Dead), we read the following: "I, deceased, I pronounce the same words four times," and "I wish my enemies could be thrown down and destroyed," and "the Red Demons of Seth will be delivered to the great destruction of the abyss and the nothingness..." What is the meaning of "I pronounce the same words four times"?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, we have to pronounce the words so the physical body can walk correctly; words originate the Astral verb; words originate the birth of the Mental body; words originate the body of the Conscious Will. So, the verb expresses itself in four forms, in order to originate that birth four times (physical, astral, mental and causal).

And about "the enemies," the Red Demons of Seth that have to be destroyed in the abyss and the nothingness, obviously it has to be in that way: we have to destroy them. Now, if we are unable, if we do not commit ourselves to the destruction of our ego, the evil and its undesirable elements, then Nature, in the underground world, will destroy them, in the world where we just hear wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

I do not recommend that you descend to those regions [in this manner] because one suffers too much. Yes, you will attain the disintegration of the ego in the infernal worlds; you will be able to get out of the abyss and free of your ego after some thousands of years of suffering, but I do not recommend it, because over there one suffers so much. In the submerged world, there exists a frightful materialism; everything is denser. It is better for you to do the work here and now, but if you do not want to do it now, well, Nature will do it for you in those regions...


Samael Aun Weor