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quetzalcoatl cross Quetzalcoatl: "precious feathered serpent" from quetzalli, “precious feather,” and coatl, “snake”

Unquestionably, the theme of Quetzalcoatl is transcendental and deserves to be reflected upon profoundly. 

First of all, I have to emphatically state with complete clarity that Quetzalcoatl is not a myth.  Unquestionably Quetzalcoatl is the great Word, the Platonic Logos, the Demiurge Architect of the Universe, the Creator.

When we study Quetzalcoatl, we then discover that within it there exists the same Cosmic Drama of Yeshua Ben Pandira (Jesus Christ).  Quetzalcoatl carrying his cross on his shoulders reminds us precisely of the Martyr of Calvary.

Thus, indeed, Quetzalcoatl is the Logos; he is what is, what was, and what will always be; he is the life that palpitates within every sun.  So before the Universe came into existence, Quetzalcoatl already existed.

It would be impossible to accept, in any sense, a mechanism without a mechanic, as the materialist anthropologists believe.  We must never stop comprehending that behind any mechanism there most always exists intelligent principles. Quetzalcoatl is the Multiple Perfect Unity, the Cosmic Christ.

Thus, we must not only study Quetzalcoatl from the literal point of view, but rather we must analyze him judiciously in light of the most diverse theologies.  Quetzalcoatl, as fire that inhabits within every universal nucleus, expresses itself in everything that is, that has been and that shall be.

Therefore, the Quetzalcoatls, the Deukalions, the Hermes Trismegistus, the Buddhas, can never be comprehended without previously having known the Christic Mysteries.  Indeed, beyond a doubt, Quetzalcoatl is a seed of remote places... a force of unknowable destinies for this present humanity; it is the “living germ of the Super-man.”

quetzalcoatl cross This is what Quetzalcoatl is; and as an intelligent principle he can unite the Macrocosm to the Microcosm within the heart of any human being.

Unquestionably, Quetzalcoatl as the Universal Tree is highly symbolic.  Let us remember the “Greek eroticism;” there is no doubt that the horizontal ectais (feminine uterus) rightly connected with the vertical phallus (masculine sexual organ) form a cross.  The four points of the cross are Science, Philosophy, Art, and Mysticism.

To connect the soul with the Spirit, the Microcosmic with the Macrocosmic, is only possible through the mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni and Pudenda.

Indeed, if we ignore the mysteries of the Aztecs, Zapotecs, Toltecs, etc., it will be impossible to achieve within ourselves the integral fusion of the Spirit with the soul.  The mysteries of sex are transcendental and are exposed in the cross; I repeat: the intersection of the vertical lingam with the horizontal ectais form a cross, and the mysteries of sex were taught by our Lord Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl was indeed incarnated. He was converted into a living man and was not merely a historical personage.

Quetzalcoatl, the Cosmic Christ, the Platonic Logos, the Greek Demiurge, is a Multiple Perfect Unity.

Unquestionably, Quetzalcoatl, the Christ, is I-N-R-I; let us analyze this word: I = Ignis,    N = natura, R = renovatur, I = integra.  This means: fire renews nature incessantly. 

The Quetzalcoatlian fire is found within the center of any Cosmic Unity that comes to life.  The Quetzalcoatlian fire is in the center of any living constellation, in the center of every planet and all of the suns; this is why Quetzalcoatl has not perished and will never perish.  The Quetzalcoatlian fire existed before the Universe came into existence and will continue to exist throughout eternity.




The mystery of the twin souls is extraordinary and this is pointed out by the twin of Quetzalcoatl.  Unquestionably, the very pure essence of our own soul can manifest herself within any other organism apart from our personal one.  Lo and behold here, the mystery of the twin souls, one of the most great and sublime mysteries of Love.

Unquestionably, when a human being finds his other complementary half he has found happiness...  Joyful be the man who finds his beloved woman.  Lets us remember that love starts with a spark of sympathy; then it substantializes with the force of affection and synthesizes into adoration.

A perfect matrimony is the union of two beings: one man and one woman,  one who loves more and the other who loves better.  Love is the best religion.

Indeed, the stars do not preoccupy Quetzalcoatl; rather, the human beings are what preoccupy Quetzalcoatl.  Obviously, human beings are submitted to the Law of the Pendulum; indeed, when today we desire something, tomorrow we despise it.

Our mind, our heart is submitted to the Law of the Pendulum.  The nations themselves move in accordance with the Law of the Pendulum. Nations which in other epochs were profoundly religious, when the pendulum moved, when the pendulum situated itself to the opposite side, they became materialists.  When the pendulum returned to its primeval original state, then they became very religious once again.  This is the case of present Russia. The major production of parapsychology according to calculations comes from Russia; this indicates that spirituality is starting to emerge from within Russia. Likewise, this shall occur again in China, then the words of Quetzalcoatl will be fulfilled. When the pendulum returns to its original primeval point, a new spirituality will appear amongst the Chinese, and then their history will change.

It is stated that Quetzalcoatl in vespers of his judgment, when condemned to death, fell into the temptation of becoming immortal.  This deserves profound reflection: it is by means of the love between a man and a woman, by means of sex, that we can transform and convert ourselves into immortal and powerful beings. 

When Quetzalcoatl is judged, when he is unjustly criticized by saying that he does not love Tula, that he does not love the Toltecs, he is slandered. It is emphatically stated that Quetzalcoatl loves human beings, but human beings still do not exist; this is something that deserves to be reflected upon indeed.  Obviously, we need to create the human being within ourselves.  Unquestionably, we carry within our endocrine glands the germs of the true human being.

The hour has arrived in which the Quetzalcoatlian mysteries have to be known; the hour in which the mysteries of the Tree of the Universe have to be known; the hour in which the mysteries of sex have to be known and profoundly studied in order to radically transform ourselves and convert ourselves into true humans and later into super-humans.

It is stated that the Toltecs said:  Quetzalcoatl, Tula succumbs, Tula is wrecked!

Yes, it is finished, the lost Eden is finished, the distant Tula turned into ashes, the Garden of Eden, and the Garden of Hesperides became cosmic dust.  The human being lost his transcendental faculties and converted himself into a beggar, he abandoned ancient wisdom, he degenerated completely; yet now, only the glory of Quetzalcoatl in this Universe can radically transform us and convert us into super-humans.

The fallen Gods became demons!  Who could deny it?  What happened with the great Hierophants of the past: such as the biblical Moses, and Hermes Trismegistus, those who governed the entire Nature?  Where are they?  It is stated that Quetzalcoatl declared that the fallen Gods transformed themselves into demons, Kings into vassals and the slaves into nothing!

We are in a terribly Dark Age!  We need to regenerate ourselves; we need to study in depth the Quetzalcoatlian mysteries.  We need to carry this message of our Lord Quetzalcoatl throughout all of America, so that America can burn with the marvelous blazing glory of Quetzalcoatl.

quetzalcoatl-tail The cycle is closed; the serpent bit its own tail!  The Edens of ancient times are lost, and now the human being with a hunchback is suffering and marching on his painful path, faraway, very faraway from the Quetzalcoatlian wisdom.  So, we need to return to the ancient wisdom and to make resplendent the mysteries of Anahuac over the face of the entire Earth.

Quetzalcoatl has gone through his cross! Yes, because in the cross, the mysteries of Lingam Yoni and Pudenda are found; because the cross is an instrument of redemption and transformation.  Quetzalcoatl has gone; however, Quetzalcoatl should live within our hearts.  Quetzalcoatl must be born within each one of us.  Quetzalcoatl has gone; yes, he has gone as the souls of the defunct ones in ancient Egypt have gone, navigating on the boat of RA towards the ineffable sun.  Quetzalcoatl has gone, but we must call him with all of our heart; we must invoke him so that we can eliminate from ourselves all of those defects that we carry within which separate us from our Lord Quetzalcoatl.

The marvelous work of our Lord Quetzalcoatl should be chiseled with gold upon divine marble...

Friends, the hour in which we must revolt against ourselves has arrived.  The hour in which we must transform ourselves has arrived.  The moment in which we must open ancient codices of Anahuac and know the serpentine wisdom of our Lord Quetzalcoatl has arrived. 

Hail to the Lord Quetzalcoatl!  Hail to the Lord Quetzalcoatl!  Hail to the Lord Quetzalcoatl!

Indeed the drama of Quetzalcoatl sparkles within the terrifying night of all ages.  It is the same drama that was publicly represented in the mysteries of Eleusis, the Mistos, the Initiates; it is the same drama that was publicly represented by the great Kabir Jesus on the streets of Jerusalem.

This Cosmic Drama that has been sketched in an extraordinary manner by Quetzalcoatl could not be missed in the sacred land of ancient times in Mexico.  Obviously, Quetzalcoatl shines in the ineffable cosmos because he is the Logos, a Multiple Perfect Unity.

Quetzalcoatl is also Mithra and Hermes Trismegistus, the three times great God Ibis of Thoth. Quetzalcoatl is indeed the Spiritual Sun. Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent, the mystic serpent of the Orphic mysteries, the mysteries of Egypt, the mysteries of the Kabirim, the mysteries of the glorious, ancient, and archaic Mexico.

So, Quetzalcoatl is not a mere mythological personage, as the learned ignoramuses suppose, no!  Quetzalcoatl is the same cosmic principle that put the Universe into existence; Quetzalcoatl is the great Word.  Quetzalcoatl is the Word of John; this is why John rightly stated:  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Quetzalcoatl is that same Word, the enchanted Word. So before the Universe came into existence, Quetzalcoatl already existed. Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent that was writhing within the cosmic dust in the Omeyocan, when life was hardly dawning in this solar system.  Therefore, Quetzalcoatl is in itself the same Platonic Logos, the Hebraic Chrestos, and the Hindustani Vishnu.

Indeed, those who do not know Hermetic Wisdom, those who have never performed a profound study of cosmogenesis, those who have never studied Gnostic anthropology, those who believe that they know so much, when indeed, they ignore the religious wisdom of archaic times, all of them think that Quetzalcoatl is a myth, an idol, and even look at Quetzalcoatl with disdain.


The moment in which we must pass through a great revolution of principles has arrived.  The moment in which we must clearly understand that Quetzalcoatl is showing us what must be done has arrived.  Indeed, if we want an extraordinary prototype in order to transform ourselves, then we have Quetzalcoatl!


Quetzalcoatl as Logos is what is, what has always been and what will always be. Quetzalcoatl is the life that palpitates in every atom as it palpitates in every sun. Quetzalcoatl is the Word.

Unquestionably, Quetzalcoatl as the Nahua-Mexica Christ is the fundamental center of the Cosmic Drama. 

Indeed, beloved reader, the most glorious moment for us has arrived in which the first flame in our comprehension has been lit within our intelligence.

Let us start to comprehend that the Logos can be seen in different ways:  now, from the Hebraic angle, or from the Egyptian angle, and we can also study it in light of Archaic Mexico. Quetzalcoatl as Chrestos, as Vishnu, as Logos, is the Verb, the Word.

The Word is what gave life onto this Universe; the Word sustains this Universe. The Logos sounds, the Logos is music, and the music is also spherical and flows within this entire cosmic panorama.   Quetzalcoatl is dormant within each one of us.  Therefore, the possibility of incarnating Quetzalcoatl within each one of us exists.

In the distant Tula the human being who falls into temptation, who inebriates himself with wine, who fornicates and thus loses all of his powers, the human being who abandons all of his marvelous palaces, who walks towards the Red Land, towards the Land of his Forefathers, the human being who looks in the mirror and says:  “I am very old,” the Initiate who weeps and walks on those roads of the world with the cross on his shoulders, that one is Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl is the one who resuscitates among the dead, the one who gloriously shines within the incommensurable infinite space; he is glory, light and sapience.

One past day, we also, as Quetzalcoatl, lost that marvelous Eden to which the Hebraic Genesis refers; we left the Jordan of the Hesperides, and we abandoned the Elysian Meadows when we fell into animal fornication.  However, before our sight there is a guide, an extraordinary and marvelous guide, who indicates to us the way of liberation: that guide is Quetzalcoatl!

Beloved reader, the cross that Quetzalcoatl carries is formidable; that formidable cross is the Tree of the Universe. It contains the very secret of the doctrine of Quetzalcoatl.  Let us think again for a moment on the vertical Lingam and the horizontal Yoni. Unquestionably, the insertion of the vertical phallus inside the horizontal Cteis form a cross, and that is the cross that Quetzalcoatl carries over his shoulders, the same cross that the great Kabir Jesus carries towards Calvary; that is the splendid cross of all ages.

Beloved reader, unquestionably, if the cross is an instrument of torture and martyrdom, indeed it is also the instrument of liberation.

In the ancient times of Lemuria, the key of the Ark of Science was known. At that time those men and women who still had not lost their Edenic innocence were uniting in the temples of mysteries in order to reproduce their species. However, they did not reproduce as the true human beings do, but rather, they reproduced as supermen.  Then, the power of Kriya-Shakti was openly accepted.  Men and women were reunited in order to create and to create anew.  But, they never spilled the Cup of Hermes Trismegistus, the three times Great God Ibis of Thoth. Thus, as a consequence or corollary, the Sacred Serpent (Quetzalcoatl) ascended through the dorsal spine of those sacred human beings.  Those creatures had power over the fire, over the air, over the waters and over the perfumed earth.

Later on in time, human beings fell into animal generation and as a sequence or corollary, they spilled the Cup of Hermes; they lost all of their powers.

Quetzalcoatl (their Feathered Serpent) fell; yes, Quetzalcoatl fell; however, all of us can walk towards the Red Land, towards the Land of our Ancestors, towards the land of our Forefathers, so that we may once more attain the light of  splendor.  Only if we arrive at this blessed land will we attain the Resurrection; this is how the figure of Quetzalcoatl will appear again within each one of us, here and now.  This is how we will shroud ourselves with glory.  This is how we will cloak ourselves with splendors and once again have the powers that dominate the air, the fire, the water, the earth and all of the elements of Nature in general.

The day will arrive in which those who follow the doctrine of Gnosis will provoke changes in Nature; the day will arrive in which those who follow the doctrine of Gnosis will attain the resurrection of Quetzalcoatl within themselves here and now.

We, the Gnostics, have the clue of all empires and the key of all powers. We can make the earth tremble and the hurricanes move, because we know the secret of Quetzalcoatl. This secret is ignored by the swine of materialism; this secret is the Great Arcanum!