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Questions about the Great Work

Regarding the great work, we are not the ones who do the work, but the Father. We are nothing but the laborers of the Father. Better said, we are his instruments, right? The instruments by means of which he works.

This is why when we work in the Gnostic movement as well as in POSCLA [a political action group], we must do it with great sincerity and much humility, because what do we do? Nothing! The one who does it is the Father with his power!  Strictly speaking in, we might say, philosophical, psychological and esoteric terms, we cannot do anything; everything happens to us as when it thunders, or as when it rains, or as when the earth quakes. Only the Father can do. Only the Being can do, and nobody else but the Being. Indeed, the Being is the only one who can do.

And if you say “no,” then examine your own life. When you were a child (remember when you were a kid), when you went to school, all the things from your life... and if you examine your own life, you will see that everything was simply happening to you. It so happened that you went to school, and before that it so happened that you were born. Later, it so happened that by your own efforts, by your own struggles, you had to open up to work on the road of life, but all of that came to happen to you… And with much difficulty your steps opened the road of life, because your life has been a constant fight, with hardship and suffering. Finally, your steps opened the road of life, but for all of those struggles that were happening and happening to you, you did not do anything for that to happen. What can you do if everything just happened to you?

Student: Nothing.

Samael Aun Weor: Yet, finally, you became an adult, grew up, and all of that which relates to it. And right now you are laboring for the Gnostic movement, working for POSCLA. That is good! But remember that in life everything simply happened to you... We cannot do anything. Only the Being can do.

Something as huge as the Gnostic movement or POSCLA, which is already growing, how can we proudly believe that we are doing it? We are not doing it. The one who is doing it is God, the Being, the Father who is in secret. He is the one who does the great work. He is the Lord, who truly has the power to do it. So, we are nothing but, we would say, the laborers.

Thus, based on this principle that we are nothing but just simple laborers, we must then work efficiently in the great work, both in the Gnostic movement as well as in POSCLA. We must be efficient as laborers, but humble, since we are nothing but the laborers of the Father, the Lord.

We should not be filled up with pride. Leadership should not, we would say, go to our head, and make us arrogant, right? 

Indeed, we must understand that we cannot create anything, that the Father is the one who does the work, that we are nothing but simple workers; that is what we are. The more efficient and humble we are, the better for the great work of the Lord. That is the harsh reality of the facts.

So, this is how we must comprehend this: only the Being can do. We can do nothing. Everything happens to us. Everything happens to us, like when it rains, like when it thunders, like when lightning and thunder comes... So, if one examines one’s life, one discovers that everything has happened to us, one has done nothing, everything has happened to us. That is the crude reality of these things... 

Well, what were you telling me?… 

Student: ...Then Master Jesus, with harsh words put Peter in place, right? He asked, "Well, Master, and what does Judas has to do with you?" And he answered, more words, less words (right?): "What do you know about him? I know what I'm doing. Are you with me?" How is it that they were initiates and they did not know the role that Judas had to develop? because they were initiates. I imagine, the wretched Judas. Why was Peter surprised to see Judas coming towards the master, if Peter knew everything?

Another Student: Jealousy, there was jealousy!

Student: I think, master, that besides all of that, they were initiates! But because of the preference that they believed Jesus had towards Judas, right? Because it cannot be explained otherwise. So why, not once but several times (because there were one or two more occasions), in which Peter complained to Master Jesus? And Jesus put Peter in his place, we already know that. But, why, if all of them were initiates?

Samael Aun Weor: All that is symbolic. None of that can be taken literally. 

What is certain is that Judas Iscariot, above all, is not what people pretend, namely that he is a traitor. That is completely false.

He learned his role, and he learned it from Jesus. Jesus taught Judas his role, as well as the roles of Peter, John, and James: all of them had their roles, and Judas had his role too, a role that Judas had to represent in practical life, in the cosmic drama of initiation.


Judas did not want to perform that role. Peter offered to perform that act, the role of Judas, but Jesus did not accept Peter’s offer to perform the role of Judas. Jesus had already chosen each one for their respective roles.

Judas represents the dissolution of the ego, the “I”, the myself, the self. The gospel of Judas is the death of “myself.” And behold how great is his role: without Judas there can be no cosmic drama!

As for Peter, his gospel is that of sex. This is why his name is "Petrus, Peter, Stone, Patar…” John is the Word, the Word. Paul represents philosophy, gnosis, wisdom. Philip has a very precious gospel, which is concerned with astral travel, the awakening of the consciousness, the travels in Jinn state, the high practical magic, and so on and so forth...

Therefore, Judas has his gospel, the gospel of the dissolution of the ego. Thus, without Judas there can be no cosmic drama, no! How could the cosmic drama be developed if there is no Judas? It was necessary for the cosmic drama to be developed, so it was necessary for someone to initiate that drama, and that is Judas.

This is why in the Middle Ages there was a Gnostic group called the group of the “Iscariots.” That group was dedicated to study the esotericism of the gospel of Judas... The Iscariots...

Therefore, justice has not been done to Judas, because people interpreted the gospels to the dead letter, literally...

Judas is the most exalted among the twelve. Judas is the most exalted apostle, the one who is most “dead,” the highest of all of them (after Jesus is Judas), to such an extent that it is said that the day the Great Kabir, Jeshua Ben Pandira, Jesus the Christ, enters into Ain, the unmanifested Absolute, Judas will enter with him. Judas is sufficiently prepared in order to enter into Ain, the Absolute.

And this cannot be understood by the secular people, because they interpret the gospels to the dead letter, unfortunately...

They say that in England there are the apocryphal gospels, but in England. I do not know if they are in the United States, but it would be good if the apocryphal gospels were translated, like the "Gospel of Valentine", and others like The Pistis Sophia, the Gnostic Bible...

Student: The Gnostic Bible?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is called Bible, but the Gnostic Bible... ...much has been said about the Pistis Sophia, but the Pistis Sophia in itself is a very ancient Gnostic Bible... 


Ordóñez said in his book, the Popol Vuh, the following about Votan, "I was allowed to enter the interior of the Earth through a subterranean passage, a serpent’s hole to the root of Heaven; and I did enter that passage, because I am a snake, a Hivite… " So says Votan... 

Indeed, there is no doubt that here in America there were many things, precious woods and many precious elements for the Temple of Jerusalem.

Student: Like the sacred serpent?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, that is right... ...and developed in the esoteric anatomy, right? Developed in the dorsal spine, is not it? But that is not all. The awakening and development of the Kundalini is not everything, it is only the first part of the program. One needs to be swallowed by the serpent, so this is how the Mayans of Yucatan textually say, and Votan was a snake...

Student: That is the symbol of the Mexican coat of arms, right master?

Samael Aun Weor: That is obvious! First one needs to be "swallowed" by the serpent, and after one has been "devoured" by the serpent, then the serpent needs to be eaten by the eagle. The eagle is the Third Logos, who needs to eat her, thus after that "lunch" then one becomes a feathered serpent. One becomes a Quetzalcóatl.

Coat of arms of Mexico.svg

This is why the Quetzalcoatl from Tula is endowed with transcendental characteristics. Much has been said about the King of Tula, Quetzalcoatl, but we must take into account that all the Kings of Tula were named “Quetzalcoatl.” When reviewing old chronicles in a retrospective manner, one always finds “Quetzalcoatl” and “Quetzalcoatl,” becoming more and more distant, because all the kings of Tula, ancient Tula, were all “Quetzalcoatl." All of them took the name of Quetzalcoatl. Why? Because all of them were feathered serpents...

With this, I do not want to state that there was no personage named "Quetzalcoatl" who was a Christ. Indeed, Quetzalcoatl existed...

Student: 5,000 years before Christ, Jesus?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, a Mexican Christ. Yes, Quetzalcoatl existed, and still exists, because he loaded his body, he is immortal...


Student: Master, when I saw those giant idols of Tula, I saw that they have a... I do not know what that ornament would be called... that motif full of spheres that they have over their forehead. I figured out that it resembles the cap, or whatever it is called, that cap with the beads that the Buddha has, which indicates the lotus with 1000 petals, right? Then, perhaps the Atlanteans of Tula were therefore images or representations, we would say, of gods, or very high initiates of Tula, right? Because they have those little beads also on the forehead and eyes, above the eyes, and perhaps they wanted to represent that. For from Atlantis, the name “Tula” is sacred, right, master? Since the capital of Atlantis was Tula. Am I right?...

Samael Aun Weor: These are the same emanation of the Logos... As I have always said, the emanation of interior Logoi, the divine Quetzalcoatl. In other words, let us think of the Christ-Logos, the Solar Logos. When unfolding in itself, it becomes Xolotl, the shadow or reflection of the Logos, of the interior Sun, of Quetzalcoatl ...

Student: But if Christ descended into hell, why did Quetzalcoatl not? 

Master: Everything, everything, is in the infernos, from the starry space, from the infinite, from the Logos, because the infernos are the womb of heaven. So, what we all need is to go down with Xolotl, Lucifer, in order to work within the bowels of the Earth, right? Because by rectifying our mistakes in there we shall find the hidden stone, we will find all the treasures, and we shall find the treasury of treasuries, which is the Philosophical Stone.

Do you think that the angels acquired, got their powers in heaven? Even if this seems incredible, the powers that angels have, they got them in the infernos. So by rectifying we will find them...

And about the Logos, do you think that you will discover your interior Logoi up there? No such thing; it is not like that! He is the Treasury, the Golden Fleece of the ancients, who you will find within the womb of the earth, by rectifying and rectifying (rectificator and rectificator), there then you will find him.

In other words, hell is the matrix of heaven. Paracelsus said, ”Hell is the matrix of the macrocosm.” I say, "Hell is the matrix of heaven.” We are stating more or less the same thing. Rather, not more or less, but exactly the same thing! 

So, it is down there to where you have to go! Because, "Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem.” Then, when sinking within yourself in order to rectify, in order to comply with the maxim, "Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem," obviously, you also sink into the infernos of the Earth, and you immerse yourself within the infernal worlds. Obviously, you have to face there the tenebrous ones, as Xolotl faced them. Obviously, you have to face the tenebrous as Quetzalcoatl faced them. And, by rectifying your mistakes there, you will find the hidden stone; that is, you will find your intimate Logoi with all of his divine powers... 

What were you asking me? 

Student: Is that represented in that attitude of Aristotle gazing towards heaven and pointing down with his finger?

Samael Aun Weor: Maybe yes, certainly yes. 

"Each exaltation is always preceded by a humiliation."

"If one wants to go up, one needs to go down first,” in order to have the right to rise.

Student: It may want to say, the matrix of Heaven...

Samael Aun Weor: The matrix is down there. Hell is the matrix of heaven!...

Student: So then the tomb of Hiram Abiff is in the same Ninth Sphere?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the tomb of Hiram Abiff must be sought in our own animal depths; there is were the tomb is...

Student: Hiram is our Christ, right, master?

Samael Aun Weor: Hiram Abiff is our real Being, he is the lord, is the secret master, right? He is in the “grave," and the "grave" is us, ourselves, it is our own animal depths. He is very dead there, and we have to resuscitate him...

Student: In the texts of the philosophical masonry, these people still say they will find Hiram Abiff, and we know that Hiram Abiff are resurrected masters. They say that when they find Hiram Abiff, Freemasonry will resurrect again. And if Hiram is already resurrected in us, because there are already masters in Gnosis, and these resurrected masters are precisely Hiram Abiff. So are they still waiting for that resurrection?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, "The king is dead! Long live the king!” The king, Hiram Abiff, must be sought within us, and we must resurrect him within us. So, as long as Hiram Abiff is not resurrected, we are dead. So, what is important is to resuscitate him.

It is necessary to look of the Golden Fleece down there in the infernal worlds. If we do not look down for him, we are lost…

I remember many years ago, many years indeed, when so far in my present existence I had begun, I had returned again to the path, the path of the razor's edge. I arrived to a place in my astral body (in the “eidolon,” as I say in the book "The Mystery of the Golden Blossom”). It was necessary to perform an excavation in order to find a treasure, but the place was guarded by an elemental, by a deva. I faced the guardian with my sword at my waist and forced him to withdraw. I looked very well for the place where I had to find the treasure.

In the beginning, I made the mistake of believing that the "treasure" was possibly a physical treasure that I would provably find later, right? Yet, it turned out that over time I came to realize, to evidence that the "treasure" I was looking for (better said: that I should look for), would be in the bowels of the world: that it was the Golden Fleece of the ancients.

And certainly, when I again returned to the path (the one which I had left), I had to dig into the earth, to delve, to descend into the infernal worlds, again and again, in order to fulfill the maximum of Hermes Trismegistus that says: 

“It ascends from the earth up to heaven and again descends from the heavens down to the earth, and thus you will receive the power and glory of all... Whatever is below is similar to that which is above, and whatever is above is similar to that which is below, forming a whole.”

In other words, those maxims from Hermes Trismegistus, recorded in his Emerald Tablet — which served as a foundation for the medieval alchemists (those who devoted themselves to the great work) — are precisely definitive, because they indicate to us that it is necessary to descend! 

“Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando…” In the entrails of the earth we have to rectify all of our errors that we have there.

“…Invenies Occultum Lapidem.” "By rectifying we will find the hidden stone" ...the Philosophical Stone.

The Philosophical Stone is none other than our real Self.

For example, in synthesis, it is said that the Philosophical Stone is sex, right? This is what is stated, and it is a truth. But to affirm this in this way is simply kindergarten. 

If we speak now, we would say, with mastery, and delve even more into this subject-matter about the Philosophical Stone of the medieval alchemists, we need to know all of the elaborations of that stone; we have to elaborate it with the “matter” of sex, with that "substance" that is produced by sex with that sacred sperm, with that energy that emanates from the sperm, and little by little, achieve the crystallization of the Third Logos in ourselves. Once one has absolutely crystallized the Third Logos in oneself, then the Philosophical Stone is already done; then one has it in one’s possession.

Therefore, there are two ways of speaking about this. In kindergarten we would say, "The Philosophical Stone is sex.” In superior science we say, "The Philosophical Stone is the Third Logos (Binah) crystallized in ourselves and within ourselves, by means of the work in the forge of the Cyclops…”

Student: Master, is this purification done within the seven ovens?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I am not talking about the seven ovens. I am talking about how to condense the “matter," that which is called Sexual Hydrogen SI-12. Thus, by means of the Sahaja Maithuna one is elaborating, crystallizing, until the Third Logos, meaning, all of the sexual force is completely crystallized in oneself, then we will have the Philosophical Stone. With that stone one can make wonders and prodigies; that is the basis in order to perform prodigies.

Student: It is the Kundalini processed in all seven dimensions, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the Kundalini is the basic element in order to achieve that; it is the fire of the stove, indeed. But this goes even further.

Student: This is the medulla, right?

Samael Aun Weor: This goes even further, the philosophical stone is the Third Logos already crystallized within you.

Student: This means that the philosophical stone, sex, is one point, and the Absolute another, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, these are two different points. 

In any case, let me tell you: if you work in the Laboratorium Oratorium of the Third Logos, it is obvious that you are crystallizing the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 in your life, whether in the form of the superior existential bodies of the Being, etc., yet, the maximum crystallization of the Third Logos within you is when Binah in its entirety definitely remains within you. That is the Philosophical Stone made flawless, properly prepared, with which you can make all the portents of high magic.

Student: We must complete the three mountains for this, or no?

Samael Aun Weor: No! For the philosophical stone we must perform only two mountains [Initiation and Resurrection]. The Mountain of Ascension [Third Mountain] is something different.

In any case, you need to crystallize all the energy of the sperm within you, only thus you can elaborate the stone within you. In other words, that stone is elaborated with the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 and high voltage energy.

Student: Is this the perpetuum mobile or perpetual motion?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, yes, indeed it is the perpetuum mobile. This is within perpetual motion. 

In any case, in each one of us vibrate the three forces, because we are all provided with three brains. First the intellectual brain, then emotional brain, and motor brain. Since we have these three brains, the three primary forces of nature express themselves in us and through us. Unfortunately, we have not crystallized them within us. The sacred solar Absolute wants to crystallize them within each of us.

The first force we should crystallize, in each of us, is the sexual force, the third energy, the third force, the sexual power. Later, we will crystallize the Second Logos, the Christ, and finally the First Logos, the Father. So, what the sacred solar Absolute wants is to crystallize within each of us these three primary forces of nature and the cosmos.

That is what the sacred solar Absolute longs for, that is what the sacred solar Absolute wants! And we must collaborate with the sacred solar Absolute so that these three marvelous forces crystallize in each of us.

With the crystallization of the third force — that is to say, Binah, the sexual force — we as a fact come to possess the Philosophical Stone of the alchemists, with which all portents and wonders of the gods are made.

In order to crystallize the Second Logos, we need to learn how to receive with gladness the unpleasant manifestations of our fellowmen. 

And in order to crystallize the First Logos, we need to learn how to obey the Father, in heaven as on Earth; that is the objective.

Once the three forces have crystallized in each of us, we become what we should really be, the Adam Kadmon of kabbalists, the solar human, or the solar Adam, meaning human gods.

Now, what we have to do is to produce the Philosophical Stone in the Laboratorium Oratorium of the Third Logos. That is our immediate task: to develop the Philosophical Stone, a stone with which we can perform wonders... ...make gold...

I think simply in the name of the truth, that the one who does not know how to make gold knows nothing. Although he believes himself to be a great sage in esotericism, Theosophy, pseudo-Rosicrucianism, in yoga, in astrology, etc., if he cannot make gold, he cannot do anything, he knows nothing. The most important thing is to learn how to make gold, that is what is the most important, and that is the Great Work, the Magnus Opus, the Great Work.

In the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris in various sculptures, Nicolas Flamel symbolized or allegorized the Great Work. The different phases of the great work are perfectly allegorized by Nicolas Flamel in the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris.

france paris notre dame cathedral

It is very interesting that the doors of the Cathedral of Notre Dame are all covered with salamanders. He chiseled salamanders on those doors; began there. Can you see how interesting! As if he said, "Gentlemen, you have to begin to work with the fire first of all!"...

And the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris has very precious sculptures, lovely! There is one, for example, where the figure of a crow appears, it is a crow, symbol of putrefaction...

We the alchemists say that we can draw the most beautiful things from putrefaction... Putrefaction… ...we talked about the salamander, the fire. He has a salamander there, a cherished figure, as if saying: "From the fire is everything done; without the fire nothing is possible…"

Another figure appears with the athanor of the alchemists, etc.  

To that end, the interesting thing is that in the middle of Notre Dame of Paris, for years... by the time of 1,500 and older, the alchemists met on Saturdays in full cathedral. They gathered there. And there they had their meetings, all the alchemists of the country, in the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris, to study the figures of Nicolas Flamel, to study the Hermetic symbolism and all of that. The cathedral is airtight, made by initiates, by great initiates.

Student: The beheading of innocents…

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, "the beheading of innocents" and all of that stuff. The "decapitation of the innocents” is symbolic, is not it? It is very similar to the beheaded angel of Samothrace.

Victoire de Samothrace1

Student: The angel of victory…

Samael: Yes, the angel of victory. We must pass through the decapitation. As you remember in the Third Chamber, when we bestowed the Master G. K. with certain power that he needed (the power of the invocation of his interior Prometheus), and it appeared beheaded in the mirror. You may remember. He did not feel terror, but he said that if it had happened a few years ago, he would have felt terrible terror, he would have fled, would have fled in terror, right? But since he is a master, he remained serene, and yet he could think despite having appeared beheaded, right? He was amazed because of that.

Well then, yes, sir, we must decapitate the ego, disintegrate it, turn it to cosmic dust! That was precisely what was indicated to G. K. in the mirror... ...the work that has to be done, the work that he has to do now. He must pass through decapitation.        

That is the "decapitation of the innocents,” which is also very intriguingly represented by Nicolas Flamel in the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. Excuse me! It is not in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, but on the gate of a cemetery in Paris. You see: in a cemetery, a pantheon of Paris! An old cemetery, and at the door, he put the "beheading of the innocents,” as if saying, "We must eliminate the ego. See here what to do: you have to die…!"

Student: We must die! ...

Samael: Nicolas Flamel is a tremendous alchemist, and he is still alive with the same body that he had at that time! Nicolas Flamel lives in India with his wife Perenelle. They live there and in good health. He achieved the perfect transmutation of lead into gold. He performed the Magnus Opus, and since he elaborated the Philosophical Stone, he got the Elixir of Long Life; with the Philosophical Stone one achieves that. “Whosoever has understanding let them understand because there is wisdom within…"

You have all of that in front of you. If you want it, it is ready. Work! And you can accomplish the same as Nicholas Flamel...

I think that Nicolas Flamel went much further than Raymond Lully. Although Raymond Lully was an illuminated doctor, Nicolas Flamel was the most tremendous in the great work that one has seen. He achieved the complete transmutation of lead into gold.

Now, if you want to know what type of gold I am referring to, I will explain it to you, not in a vague manner like all texts out there, or in an incoherent, vague, manner; no! I can explain it to you clearly and precisely. Before the resurrection, each one of our vehicles must become pure gold.

The astral body, for example, must be transformed into pure gold before being "devoured" by the serpent. It must become a vehicle of solid gold, gold, vehicle of gold, gold of the best quality! The mental body, the same thing must become a vehicle of gold, that is to say, we must have a mind of gold before it can be "swallowed" by the serpent. The causal body must become a vehicle of pure gold before being "swallowed" by the serpent. Likewise the Buddhic body and the Atmic body, the same.

Quetzalcoatl telleriano

When all of these vehicles have already been swallowed up by the serpent, then comes the maximum of the maximum: the eagle swallows the serpent and then the great work is done: the Golden Fleece of the ancients, within oneself, here and now. That is to say, the Logos living already as a human among us. The work done, the Magnus Opus done... Nicolas Flamel performed the great work...

Now, in order for those vehicles to become pure gold, we need to eliminate from each of them even the most insignificant inhuman element. When the Divine Mother is going to swallow it, we cannot have not even an atom of "dust" in any vehicle.

For example, if the astral body will be devoured by the Divine Mother but we have even an atom of dust, then it is not worthy yet. It has to become of pure gold, without an atom, without a spot, without an atom of dust, without a stain. You think about what that signifies...

Nicolas Flamel did it. He was lucky, a book got in his hands... ...a Jewish book. Someone sold it to him, and the one who sold it to him had stolen it from the Jews (somewhere you can read the story). And it turned out that he travelled over there, to San Juan de Compostela...

Student: By the way they thought that...

Samael: Well, a rabbi gave it to him, and he went in search of the rabbi in San Juan de Compostela. That saint is very interesting, that San Juan, right? He holds a staff in his hand, and around the staff there are two snakes, forming the Caduceus of Mercury…

Then, of course, he got in touch with that master, with that rabbi, and because he came to the rabbi, then the rabbi handed him the maximum key. The rabbi explained the book to him and handed the maximum key, which is the Great Arcanum, which now we are disclosing publicly for the good of humanity. And he received it, and what is interesting is that rabbi taught him the secret from lip to ear to Nicolas Flamel, and thereafter the rabbi died. Thus, Nicolas Flamel, with the key in his hands, started to work and performed the great work totally, completely. And his wife Perenelle collaborated very well with him.

Today, Nicholas Flamel lives with the same body in India, he is an immortal...