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Nativity by William Blake

Practices to Develop Clairvoyance and Experiences in the Internal Worlds

Dear brothers and sisters, if we remain only theorizing, then we are going the wrong way. We need to be one hundred percent practical, because the very intimate self-realization of the Being is a very practical matter.

Clairvoyance, Positive and Negative

We know well that between the two eyebrows, in the region between the eyebrows, there is a very important gland. I refer to the pituitary gland. It excretes a certain class of hormones. In medicine, the "pituitrin" is used, in the matter of obstetrics, to speed up child deliverance or to help child deliverance. That pituitary gland is unquestionably governed by Venus, and Venus is associated with copper.

From the psychic point of view, in that gland we find a chakra or magnetic center. This chakra has two petals and 96 radiations. When this chakra rotates, clairvoyance is acquired.

But that chakra can rotate in two directions: if it rotates from left to right, you have positive clairvoyance; you see when you want to see, and if you don't want to see, you simply don't use it, you don't see; but if you want to see, you see).  But when that chakra turns negatively (from right to left), then people see against their will; they simply become “psychic-mediums”, as taught by spiritualism.

A clairvoyant-medium does not control his faculties. That thing to see against your will, when you don't want to... think about how serious it is. It is good that one concentrates and can see, but by one’s own will. But seeing against one’s own will… for instance one is calm and suddenly a monster from the astral appears and attacks you, and if one is in the middle of a meeting with very decent people and such, and seeing that monster one is surprised, screams a few times, shouts a few times, and runs off, people stare... you see? What happened? At best, they will take him to the psychiatrist and from there to the asylum (this is the case of the psychic-mediums)...

So, we have to rotate that chakra from left to right, positively. To give you a better idea, that chakra should be rotated in the same direction as the hands of a clock when we see the clock face to face, not from the side, but from the front. If we look at it face to face, we see how it rotates. This is how that chakra should rotate: from left to right.

It's easy to develop. Simply, one places a glass with water on a table, and sits comfortably. At the bottom of the glass one puts a small mirror, and also puts in the water a few drops of quicksilver or mercury (we well know, in occult science, the value of mercury). Put a few drops in that water, so that it is charged with mercury. Then, sitting comfortably, at a certain distance, one concentrates in such a way that the gaze passes through the glass, that it falls exactly in the center of the glass, in the exact center of the circumference.

There is a mantra that must be pronounced; It is the mantra of the Isiac mysteries, pronounced ISIS, divided into two syllables: iiiiisssss, iiiiisssss... ...the “s” is like a sweet and affable whistle. When you do it, when you sing it properly, it is clear that it rotates the frontal chakra from left to right. So, ten minutes a day... Now, if someone could practice that exercise for 30 minutes a day, progress would be faster.

The interesting thing about this exercise is that it can be practiced for three years in a row, without missing a single day of practicing it. It can be practiced, either during the day, at night, at the time you want, but practice it; and if one goes on a trip, well, one will have to practice it wherever one arrives; in the hotel, wherever, but do not let a day go by without the exercise. If someone had that tenacity in life, not to miss a single day, they would acquire clairvoyance.

After around 15 or 20 days, in the water one begins to see colors of the astral light. Around three or four months, or six months (it all depends on the psychic development of each person), if a car passes by on the street, one sees a strip of light and also sees the car, moving on that strip of light. That strip of light is the street and the car can be clearly seen moving on that strip.

After a certain time (a little more or less a year), it will no longer be necessary to see exclusively the glass of water. However, you will still practice your exercise. After about three years, you will no longer need the glass at all: you will be able to see directly in the astral light; it will be enough for one to want to see and one will see. Then you will have clairvoyance.

Obviously, when you reach that level, with surprising ease you already see the aura of people. Blue, for example, indicates spirituality. A green aura, very green, indicates distrust, or jealousy... ...bright green, skepticism. Leaden gray, selfishness. A brown gray, but not leaden, melancholy, sadness. Flashing red, anger. The red color of blood, very dirty, lust. Black, hate. Yellow, intelligence. Orange, pride. Violet, transcendental, elevated mysticism, etc. So, the day comes when one sees the aura of people.

One has to always be using that organ for it to work, because an organ that is not used atrophies.  How is it used? You have to close your eyes and try to see with the frontal chakra, break through the darkness (so to speak) to see the astral light, or to see the auras of people.

In principle, the clairvoyant apprentice is, let's say, very meddlesome in the lives of others, and this bad habit must be abandoned, He has a tendency to see the aura of so-and-so, to see if it is true that he is with so-and-so, or to see the so-and-so aura to see if she is playing dirty...

That is very serious, because that is not how the faculties develop! No. In order for powers to develop, it is necessary, then, to learn to respect others, not to interfere in people's private lives. Even if he sees the aura of people with the naked eye, he must know how to hide it, that is, know how to be silent about it; see the thing and keep quiet. If one proceeds like this, the chakra that (splendid chakra) of clairvoyance develops harmoniously.

Meditation will also develop that chakra: lie down in one’s bed, calm, with your head to the north; relax one’s body well, that no muscle remains tense. One will choose to imagine fertile ground, ready to be sown; imagine that you are depositing the seed of a rose bush (in that ground); imagine that this seed is germinating, that it is growing, that it is developing, that it is putting out thorns and leaves, until one day the flower appears (the rose, living symbol of the solar logos). Then, go a little further: imagine how the petals of the rose are falling, how the leaves themselves are withering, how the plant is aging until it becomes a pile of sticks.

This exercise is great! That kind of meditation, based on the birth and death of all things, will develop clairvoyance; it will develop it, it will help, it will assist in the development of that wonderful sixth sense.

That step is essential. Much later comes another step, which is even more momentous. Do not forget that imagination, inspiration and intuition are the three obligatory paths of initiation.


Once one is able to see the astral light, once one is able to see the aura of people, once one is able to see the elementals of plants, one will have to pass to the next state, which is called "inspiration".

Continuing with the exercises on the birth and death of all things, we can also reach the step of inspiration. If we imagine that we have sown the seed and that the rose bush is growing little by little, that it is putting out thorns, leaves, and that it finally puts out roses, we can also think of the death of that rose bush, until it becomes a pile of sticks, and then feel inspired. The rose bush has disappeared, but we must feel the inspiration in our hearts; that inspiration that leaves the process of birth and death in all hearts; that inspiration that is born from comprehension: one comes to know that everything that is born dies. It becomes, then, a "something" there, which is called "inspiration"...

One must try to enter a state of ecstasy, of love, of love for everything created, of love for the divine, so that inspiration arises in one. The day will come when one will not only be able to see, but at the same time feel inspiration.

Through inspiration one reaches even deeper, because not only can one see a distant tree, or the elemental of a tree, but through inspiration one comes to feel with that elemental, one comes to feel the life of that creature in the heart.


Imagination, inspiration and intuition (the third rung is intuition). When one is capable of imagining something, when one is capable of feeling inspired and shedding tears when contemplating that “something”, then one also feels something deeper, deeper: the voice of the silence, intuition, of which Helena Petrovna Blavatsky spoke... Intuition is wonderful...

Through imagination one can see the astral world; through inspiration one can reach the mental world, but intuition takes one much further, intuition takes one to the world of pure spirit; then one can contemplate, there, the spectacle of nature, of the universe; see nature, the universe, as it is; move in the world of pure spirit, converse with the devas, with the Elohim or Prajapatis, with that creative host of the demiurge; to be able to speak directly with them, to receive from them the teaching, the wisdom. This is "intuition"...

Do not forget, then, that imagination, inspiration and intuition are the three obligatory paths of initiation.

At first the work is hard. It is convenient to start with the exercise of the glass of water: close your eyes to try to break the darkness and see the astral world (don't forget the mantra Isis); practice meditation, imagining what you want to imagine. That is the first step: imagination.

The second is to be able to feel inspired, to go beyond reasoning, words, to the point of feeling the palpitation of all the hearts of the universe in oneself; to feel like a brother or sister of the rivers, brother or sister of the birds that fly, brother or sister of the tree; to come to comprehend that the whole universe, in general, has been created by the word. If one reaches such a degree of inspiration, knowledge is greater. And finally, through this path of inspirations, prayers, exaltations, it is possible to penetrate the realm of intuition (this is the realm of pure spirit).

It would not be possible to really understand the strictly spiritual beings who live there, in the region of the Elohim, if one has not have developed intuition one would understand nothing, because they speak in a certain way, in a certain manner, and if one is not intuitive, one does not understand them (you have to know how to understand them).

An Experience with the Angel Baruch

Agony in the Garden by Frans Schwartz 1898

"And he was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast, and kneeled down, and prayed, Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be done.

And there appeared (Baruch ברוך) an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.” – Luke 22: 42, 43

I still remember, many, many years ago, perhaps 40 or 45 years ago (at that time, I was still in that state called “crestfallen”, as they say, a fallen bodhisattva; however, it is obvious that I had not lost my faculties) , and in the astral world it occurred to me to invoke nothing less than the angel Baruch ברוך, who was the master-instructor of Jesus of Nazareth.

You will say: "But how, if Jesus is the master of masters?" I do not deny that to you, but you cannot deny that he was in Egypt and that there he sat on the benches to receive classes, as you are receiving here. He also had to, let's say, review the entire teaching course, before starting to fulfill the great mission that he accomplished, and his guru at that time was the angel Baruch ברוך.

But see what occurred to me, to call none other than the angel Baruch ברוך, the master of Jesus of Nazareth (I was quite daring, in times when I was in that state called “crestfallen”, as they say). Well, and the angel Baruch ברוך came to me. Yes, he came to me (he is a very ancient Elohim; he has a unique wisdom). Sure, he came out of the interior of the Earth (yes sir!). where did he come from? From the heart of the Earth: he opened a floodgate and together with his disciples, he approached me...

“I am the angel Baruch ברוך," he replied; "why did you call me?"

“I need to talk to you”, was my answer.

I was quite daring at that time, wasn't I? Yes, that's how it is, when one is in that state called “crestfallen”, and one considers everything so easy, and it was not difficult for me to be able to talk to him. Well, he sat down on a comfortable sofa and told me: “you can talk” in that language they have, which is not a dry language like ours down here, but sweet, “you can talk”...

At that moment, the angel Baruch ברוך seemed a beautiful maiden; for it is well known that every divine being has two souls: the spiritual soul, which is feminine and the human soul, which is masculine. From himself he withdrew his feminine soul (that is, his Valkyrie) in order to talk to me. The first thing I told him was the following, “I need a key to instantly awaken clairvoyance in any human being”.

The master, or that little lady (master lady), looked at me and answered, "I cannot give you that key"...

“Okay, then I need another key”...


“I need a key so that every human being can instantly leave the physical body and astral project themselves, whenever he or she feels the whim to do so.”

The phrases I was using were not, by the way, very beautiful, were they? They were certainly not the phrases an initiate should use. Alas, I had a very fat ego! What else could you expect from me? Then the master answered, "I cannot give you that key either"...

I was wicked at that time (about 45 years ago), again, in that state called “crestfallen”, because I had come to this world as a fallen bodhisattva. So, I told her, "Okay, at least, give me a key to raise money, because I am in a terrible situation"...

...the master answers again, "I cannot give you that key either"...

But then, of course, I kept looking at that ineffable lady, lying on a comfortable divan, with a beautiful headband, right? Well, frankly, someone who is a man, of the male sex, right? He even seemed "pretty" to me, very gracious; She seemed more and more likeable to me, the only thing I did not tell her was that she was beautiful, but I did feel like she was very attractive, right?.

Well, finally, as I was contemplating her and she seemed more and more beautiful (and indeed, she looked very beautiful), but very soon I had to be surprised by something terrible (I did not expect that): it turns out that I was seeing the Valkyrie, the spiritual soul (which is feminine), but the master withdrew the spiritual soul of his superlative consciousness, and projected instead his human soul (which is masculine). By putting it forward, the change was verified, naturally. Then I found myself facing a terrible old man who threw lightning and thunder everywhere, with the scepter of command in his right hand...

I was, therefore, scared, because contemplating an ineffable beautiful lady (who seemed pretty to me) and suddenly she transformed into a terrible male who shoots lightning and sparks, that was a terrible surprise. Then I comprehended that I was “putting my foot in my mouth”, that I had already “put it deep in my mouth”.

Then I had no choice but to ask for forgiveness... humiliated, I prostrated myself on the ground, biting the dust and asking for fifty thousand pardons... “Forgive me," I said, "I will never have those kinds of thoughts again”.

The venerable wrapped himself in his purple cloak (an ineffable Elohim) and then blessed me with the Gnostic blessing, and after blessing me he spoke with unique perfection. He told me, “You are in bad company.” He was referring to the egos I carried inside, which were not meek doves. And then he told me something else, “There was a bit of disrespect, but as long as love persists, everything is fine.” Of course, love forgives everything. I, then, bowed, prostrated, recognized my blunder. To that end, I had no choice but to humble myself. Well, he blessed me and left.

And I kept looking at that perfection of that creature: his body, his hands, his purple cloak... His disciples, the other angels (angels have as their disciples other angels), immediately... ...they opened a gate, and they descended through there, towards the heart of the Earth (and there... ...I was perplexed).

Well, I had to correct myself! I had no other choice but to correct myself, to correct the word! That's where I started. I had the tendency to be talking about "my buddy and everybody ", and from that moment on I tried to look for perfection in the word... ...I began to correct myself: to speak more carefully, not to murmur about anyone, to "tie" my tongue, even though inside I was "thundering", but shut up, shut up; speak strictly the truths.

Well, from then on, I felt that this example was frightening for me... ...I resolved to change, but to really change. I comprehended that I was in the mud of the Earth, that I was really in "bad company", as he told me: a multitude of perverse I's was loaded inside me and it is obvious that I had to dedicate myself to dissolve those I's. But how can one not do it, after having seen such an example?

Now, when talking to the angel Baruch ברוך, if I had not had a spark of intuition, I wouldn't have understood. Why did he tell me "you are in bad company"? Why did not he want to give me those keys that I asked for? That cannot be understood except with intuition. Why did not he want to give me the key to awaken anyone's clairvoyance instantly? Why didn't he want to give me the key to be able to astral project someone, or to teach humanity how to astral project whenever they wanted? His silence, I only came to understand it with intuition...

So that imagination, inspiration, intuition, are the three obligatory paths of initiation. If one meets the Elohim, face to face, one can only understand them if one is intuitive; if one is not intuitive, how could one understand them? How? One needs to be intuitive to be able to understand them.

An Experience with Minerva

Many years ago, I had another extraordinary scene: in a wonderful sanctuary, I made an invocation. Exactly in the very center of the sanctuary there was a triangular stone supported on a column. Then I called Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. Suddenly, that triangular stone seemed to come alive, it shone, and in the center of that stone, Minerva's face appeared. Her response was concrete. She told me:


"I am Minerva, , the goddess of wisdom; what do you want from me?"

“Wisdom!” I told her.

“What do you want wisdom for?”

“To help humanity!”

Minerva was silent and disappeared and only his blue eyes remained suspended in the environment; all that was left was the triangular stone supported on that post, on that stone column...

Had Minerva given me the answer, yes or no? What do you think? Had she given it to me or not?

Of course yes! Remember that "silence is the eloquence of wisdom". Of course, the answer was in the stone; in that triangular stone, supported on a stone column (the living column), there was the answer.

What does that triangular stone represent? It represents the three forces: the holy affirmation, the holy denying, the holy conciliation; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; the positive force, the negative force, the neutral force; the father, the logos and the holy spirit.

And that column, what does it represent? It represents that original ray, from where those three divine forces emanated; what Gurdjieff would call “the active Okidanock”, omnipresent, omnipenetrating. From that active Okidanock, or great breath (as the master Blavatsky says), these three original forces come into being; but that active Okidanock, in turn, comes from the sacred absolute sun.

The active Okidanock could not create the universe by itself; it needs to unfold into the three primary forces, so that they make a creation. But the interesting thing about all this is that the sacred absolute sun wants to crystallize within us the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos. If we cooperate with the sacred absolute sun, these three forces will come to crystallize in us. Then we will radically transform ourselves, we will have acquired wisdom.

That was how Minerva answered me, and she answered me with silence, because "silence is the eloquence of wisdom"...

That we really need to crystallize the three cosmic forces within ourselves? It is true! You know that the holy spirit, crystallizing within oneself, becomes the astral body, the mental body and the causal body.

The holy spirit, crystallizing in us, makes us the gentle human: an intelligent, capable human. The holy spirit, crystallizing in us, made a Saint German, that wonderful man who astonished all of Europe during the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. The holy spirit, crystallized, is a Cagliostro, the man who transmuted lead into gold and made diamonds of the best quality. The holy spirit makes the gentle human, the wise human, intelligent.

The Christ, crystallizing in us, makes a Jesus of Nazareth, makes a Hermes Trismegistus, makes a Gautama (the Buddha), makes a Quetzalcoatl, makes a Krishna, makes a Zoroaster or Zarathustra.

And the father, crystallizing in us, makes a real elder. In occult wisdom, understand by "elder in knowledge", or "real elder", the one who has managed to crystallize in oneself not only the holy spirit and the logos, but also the father who is in secret.

So, if a human crystallizes the three primary forces within oneself, one has attained wisdom. What more can we want?

So, brothers and sisters, Minerva's response was really extraordinary, wonderful, formidable; but if I did not have intuition, how could I have interpreted it? How could I have understood the voice of the silence? Minerva's response would have gone unnoticed by me. Fortunately, intuition helped me.


Thus, this is a precious faculty that must be developed in us; but let's start with the roughest scale, the lower scale, that of imagination; Let's continue later with the inspiration, before entering the realm of intuition.

The exercise that I have given you for the imagination is simple. I have also given a mantra, I have also explained meditation: how to use the imagination, how to develop it.

There are two types of imagination: there is mechanical imagination and there is cognizant imagination. Mechanical imagination is useless, it is fantasy, and fantasy is made up of the debris of memory; therefore, it is useless.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

It takes cognizant imagination, active imagination, intentional imagination. That kind of imagination, developed, is great, sublime. This type of imagination, developed, allowed Leonardo de Vinci to capture on canvas the Mona Lisa.

By the way, much has been said about the Mona Lisa; some suppose that she was the girlfriend of Leonardo de Vinci. Those who think so are wrong. When one looks at “la Gioconda” ["the joyful one," another name for the Mona Lisa]  - and I invite you to reflect on this, to observe the picture of “la Gioconda” - one sees that it has nothing of “courtship”; nothing like that appears in it. It is a sublime painting. One looks at it, and feels an ecstasy, an ecstasy, a "something" in the heart, very different from the lower emotions; one feels a sublime “something”, as if one were face to face with a deity or an angel. In “la Gioconda” there is nothing of voluptuousness, or eroticism, or coquetry, or anything that could resemble something human. There is none of that in “la Gioconda”. You need to be intuitive to understand what "the Gioconda" is.

Leonardo de Vinci, in his translucence, captured the image of "La Gioconda"; what he captured is not a fantastic image, He captured his own divine mother kundalini. She is the one he painted on the canvas (she is his divine mother). What am I basing myself on, to tell you that "La Gioconda" is the divine mother Kundalini of Leonardo de Vinci? What am I basing it on? I base myself on the fact that I am an alchemist and a kabbalist.

If you look at the painting of "the Mona Lisa", you will see two paths (on either side of the central figure). One of those paths is spiral-shaped (the one on the left) and goes to the water; the other is a longer path: instead of going to the water, it goes into a forest. There is the key. He who understands what the two paths are knows very well that Leonardo de Vinci painted the divine mother of his kundalini.

The spiral path that goes to the water is the wet path of alchemy. Some initiates, when they reach the legitimate state of real, true humans, in the fullest sense of the word, define themselves by the nirvanic spiral path (the wet path). They submerge themselves into nirvana, and there, in eternities of eternities, they take body sometimes, and they can take body on any planet of the infinite space, to take a step forward. So, they live, above all, in happiness, they are blissful. The others, those who choose the dry path (that is, the direct way), go into the forest of alchemy.

And Leonardo da Vinci paints his divine mother kundalini, between the two paths: that of the spiral, that is, the wet path, and that of the other, the direct path, which goes into the forest of alchemy. Obviously, only with the help of the divine mother kundalini, one can advance in any of the two paths, be it the wet path or the dry path.

The alchemists, speaking in symbolic or allegorical language, say that in the wet path the work can be done in 18 months, and that the work in the direct way, that is, in the dry path, can be done in eight days. Naturally, we are speaking in symbolic numbers, but it turns out that, fortunately, we are alchemists, and we know the language of alchemists. Because of this we can emphatically affirm that Leonardo da Vinci's "La Gioconda" is his own divine mother Kundalini.

And did he see her? He saw her... So, if he hadn't developed translucence [conscious imagination], how could he have seen her? But he had developed translucence, and even more: he had climbed the scale of inspiration and had also reached the third scale, which is that of intuition.

Imagination, inspiration and intuition are the three mandatory paths of initiation. It is necessary that all of you, therefore, begin to comprehend the need to start by going up, even if it is the first step: that of imagination.

Even start there, because if you begin to take the first step along the path of imagination, later you will take the step towards inspiration and much later towards intuition. But don't get bottled up in the intellect and nothing more, because the intellect is only a very low step. It is necessary that you take a step up; because there is another step which is to enter the level of imagination, and much later another step is taken that takes one to the level of inspiration, and much later another step that takes one to the realm of intuition.

One must not remain bottled up in the intellect. That is the error of many who fail in these studies, because they remain trapped in nothing more than in the intellect, and the intellect can never lead us to enlightenment. When? Do you perhaps believe that the intellect can lead someone to enlightenment? Those pseudo-esotericists or pseudo-occultists who have remained bottled up in their intellect reach old age without having done anything, completely unsuccessful in these studies.

So, let us not remain in the intellect. No, let's start once and for all by taking the step into the realm of imagination. As you understand this, practically, you will advance more and more and more...

A Practice to Develop Clairvoyance

There are some practices, which are the ones I told you about, that I only tell you. And I'm going to give you a daring one, to see if you also become daring and do it... Let's see...

The one I am going to give you is the following: place a large mirror in front of you. On the right side, a candle is lit, but in such a way that the flame is not reflected in the glass. Magnetize the mirror, strongly. Next, concentrate on the heart (yes, on the heart, deeply), pronouncing the mantras Om-Hum, to open the heart chakra. Beg mother kundalini to do it.

Imagine (and this is a strong work of imagination) that in the heart there is a deep cavern, a cavern on fire, a cavern where there is a lot of fire. Imagine that the divine mother appears there, in the form of a serpent. Ask her to appear, also ask her to appear, but pronouncing the mantras Om-Hum...

Close your eyes, enter deep meditation. Bring a little drowsiness, just a little, and combine that with meditation, and so, between dreams, asleep, and awake, you manage to see the snake there. Then, when you can see it, ask the snake to show you in the mirror the images of your past incarnation, your past return, your past existence, to be more clear.

And having said this, concentrate on the mirror, staring, without blinking, until the mirror (as a mirror) disappears. If we manage to make it disappear (looking without blinking), then another figure will appear in its place: the figure of our person, of our personality in the past existence.

It takes a lot of courage; that's clear. And if we keep begging the divine mother, if we beg her to make us see that past existence, just as it happened, if the concentration is good, we can really see the past existence just as it happened.

That is another wonderful way to get to know your previous existence, and those before that. By this procedure, not only the previous life can be reviewed, but all previous lives can be reviewed.

You have to be practical. If one remains bottled up in nothing more than the intellect, nothing more, one does not get anything, because the intellect is not good for that. The intellect is useful, yes, very useful, we all need it, but within its orbit.

A planet also has existence and is useful within its orbit; the atom, within its orbit, is correct. But if any planet were to fall out of its orbit, it would cause a catastrophe, it would be useless. Likewise, any faculty out of its orbit is useless.

The intellect is useful within its orbit; out of its orbit, it is useless. But our mistake is to believe that it is for everything, and that with the intellect we have see the mysteries of life and death, etc., and that is false.

I don't want to tell you to destroy the intellect, no, that's not what I'm telling you. What I am telling you is that we leave it within its orbit and that we truly go up the paths of imagination, inspiration and intuition; that we need other faculties, that only in this way can we become enlightened.

The intellect cannot lead us to individuality. The most it can do is sow in us the desire, the longing to get to know something, to check, to verify what we have studied, but it doesn't go from there. Therefore, to want it to go beyond that is absurd (it doesn't go beyond that), as absurd as wanting to remove a planet from its orbit.

Any faculty is useful within its orbit; out of its orbit, it is useless. Let's leave the intellect in its orbit and appeal to the imagination; we are going to develop it, and when we have already developed it, then we will go up the scales of inspiration and intuition.

Reflect on all this, my dear brothers and sisters, reflect...

Unquestionably, with patience, one can go very far, really, very far in these studies. But we have to work, because if we turn everything into theory, then we stay in pure theories...

Questions and Answers

Let's see...

Disciple: Venerable master, I have a question: how we magnetize the mirror?

Samael Aun Weor: Concentration is needed to magnetize the mirror... ...simply, to magnetize it, it would be enough to extend your hand over the glass, or rather, fight for your magnetic fluids to permeate the mirror. Just by wanting to do that, the mirror becomes impregnated with that magnetic fluid.

Now, the Om-Hum mantras are to open the heart chakra. And the memories of past lives, where are they? In the heart. If we open that chakra, it is obvious that we will be able to have access to our memories of our previous existences.

So, you see that this practice that I am giving you is from Tibet, from the Himalayas. I do not deny that in AMORC [organization] of California there is a similar exercise. Those who have received the "first initiation" of AMORC know well that they put a couple of candles in front of a mirror, that the guardian of the threshold is invoked, and that finally, then, the figure of the guardian of the threshold appears. They know well the words that are said, etc. Behold, this exercise is different. It may be somewhat similar to that exercise, but this exercise, or the practice that they give in AMORC is nothing but a deviation from the Tibetan practice. I am teaching it to you as the Tibetans teach it in Tibet. Two candles are not used, but only one candle, on the right side, but in such a manner that the flame does not reflect on the mirror; that illuminates it, but that it is not reflected.

It takes a bit of courage (I don't deny that). Seeing the mirror disappear, and another person finally appears there, instead of the mirror, if you don't have your nerves well-tempered, then collapse comes, you get the "job", that is to say... [laughs ], in short, you need to have courage, courage; only in this way is it possible to remember previous existences.

Well, I have already explained all these things to you and now, well, I would like you to ask. Let's see, talk there...

Disciple: Related to today's practices... ...the day or the hour, at what time should you do them?

Samael Aun Weor: These practices are better to do at night. It's much better, it's more advisable... Let's see, sister, ask...

Disciple: What time is better?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the best thing would be at midnight, well... ...yes, yes, midnight is very favorable for esoteric or spiritual matters.

Disciple: Is it done sitting or standing?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, one can sit comfortably, in front of the mirror...

Disciple: And the candle?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, the “candle” should be on the right side, but in such a way that the flame is not reflected on the glass.

Disciple: And the electric light?...

Samael Aun Weor: No, you have to turn off the lights, even if you feel there are scary things out there... Let's see brother.

Disciple: Master, regarding the exercise of the glass, when you concentrate on the glass and during the next 10 or 30 minutes, should it be with your eyes closed or with your eyes on the center of the glass?

Samael Aun Weor: With the eyes on the center of the glass. Nor with the eyes wide open, like the eyes of a toad, absolutely. Thus, with the eyes half closed, not totally closed but slightly but still able to see the water... Yes brother, ask the question.

Disciple: Master, excuse me, I was not able to capture in my memory what should the glass have inside?

Samael Aun Weor: A few drops of quicksilver or mercury (which is the same thing) are thrown into the water, and a small mirror is placed at the bottom of the container, at the bottom of the water.

Disciple: And if one does not have that, does it give the same result?

Samael Aun Weor: It does work, but the better the clariteleidoscope is, as it is called, so much the better... Yes, brother?...

Is Samael a Pseudonym?

Disciple: Master, I understand that your pseudonym is Samael and your real name is another. What is it, according to the consideration that you have made, that you have found your true personality?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I am going to tell you the truth: it turns out that Samael is not a pseudonym that we say. Many believe that it is a pseudonym, but it is not. I indeed am Samael!

You will have heard or read in Kabbalah that they speak of Samael and he is depicted as the regent of the planet Mars, as an angel or an archangel, whatever you want to call him, and he is also depicted as  a demon of black magic...

Well, the harsh reality of the facts is that I am Samael; and I say it frankly: I am! And if I had to go to a firing squad for saying who I am, I would go with great pleasure, but I have the courage to say it. So, I have not given myself any pseudonym.

Why is it said that he was first an angel and then a devil? What does that mean? Well, simply, that in the central Asian plateau, when the Aryan race began to exist on the face of the Earth, then I made the same mistake as Count Zanoni.


I had an immortal body, a lemurian body, that is, from Lemuria. I saw Lemuria sink through ten thousand years in the Pacific Ocean. I knew Atlantis with the same Lemurian body; I saw Atlantis sink and I accompanied the Vaivasvata Manu in his exodus. So, we fled from Atlantis with the "select people" heading to the central Asian plateau and I kept the same body...


It happened that a revolution of the axes of the Earth came, the seas changed their beds and swallowed Atlantis. Of course, the Vaivasvata Manu had already warned the populaces of what would have to come. The Vaivasvata Manu was the true Biblical Noah and he warned them, he told them a great catastrophe is going to come but they laughed at him, nobody believed him.

Unfortunately, I repeat, I made a mistake on the ancient continent of Assiah (now Asia), in the Himalayas. There were different kingdoms there, I lived in one of those kingdoms along with all those who had managed to save themselves from the Atlantean catastrophe.

I had been forbidden to take a wife, because the "sons of the gods" were forbidden to have a wife; we no longer needed it. But I did not obey. I fell in love and that was it, I failed on that side. I took a wife. As a result, my divine mother kundalini called me to a deep cavern, she showed me the fate that awaited me: I saw rain... Tears... Mud... Diseases... Misery...

I saw myself as a wandering Jew through all the countries of the Earth. I asked her for forgiveness, I promised her that I would leave that woman now, even though I loved her, I would gladly leave her to serve her. But it was not possiblr, I had already messed up and after messed it up, no way. As they say out there: "after gouging an eye out of its socket not even a prayer to Santa Lucia can help you."

Conclusion: already fallen, then they took away from me that splendid immortal body of Lemuria, and I was subjected to the wheel of births and deaths, like any "neighbor's son", like anyone else.

That is why I say: my real inner being is, certainly, the ruling monad of the planet Mars. As for me, I am his bodhisattva, but since I had become a fallen bodhisattva... ...they, all the egos had resurrected in me, so I had become a true devil. I was doing very badly, I was in that state called “crestfallen.”

But in this existence, I comprehended the need to eliminate all the psychic aggregates and to carry out the great work, and to return to the father...

So, I am speaking to you with my heart on my hand: I am Samael! Aun Weor is my name as a bodhisattva, Samael is the name of my inner spark, of my monad...

I am aware of the dawn of life, I attended the dawn of creation. I have been here with this humanity since the dawn of creation began, since the heart of the solar system began to beat after the deep night of the great pralaya...

And I came here, because my deep inner god sent me here, my father who is in secret, with the purpose of serving humanity and I believe that I am serving it, I am working for humanity. I remained a few centuries fallen, of course! But thank God I have risen from the mud of the Earth and I am dedicated to work, to doing the great work of the father.

So, I say what I have experienced: I am inside this body to help humanity; but in the name of truth I tell you: I am the archangel Samael!

If people don't believe, I don't care. And if they laugh at me, I don't care either. I comply with saying what I am when asked, regardless of whether they believe, if they don't believe, if they laugh, if they doubt... There they are. The only thing that touches me is to say what I am when I am questioned and to teach the doctrine for which I have come, the one that I have come to give by order of the father, of my father who is in secret. And that's all... Let's see...

The End of Our Civilization

Disciple: Master, how much time do we have left? I'm talking about conventional years, for the next big change.

Samael Aun Weor: For the next catastrophe you will say. That is quite serious. What is it that the holy scriptures have said?

"That the day or the hour nobody knows, not even the son, nor the angels of heaven, but the father, only the father knows it"...

But I have to say one thing, that the Gospel of Matthew is not wrong, Matthew according to science speaks clearly:

"when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies"... It also says: "when you hear rumors of wars everywhere". Anyway, Matthew narrates all the things that are happening now, it's because the time is getting closer.

So, then, it is clear that Jerusalem (that represents the whole humanity) is surrounded by armies, famines and pestilences everywhere, earthquakes of all kinds. This is clear. So the times of the end have arrived, I consider that soon there is the catastrophe... Speak brother.

Disciple: I will insist: is there any relationship between our period of life and the plan of probable realization in order to achieve initiation...?

Samael Aun Weor: Well yes. Precisely, one of those many days I talked with my divine mother Kundalini and she told me:

“All is already lost: the evil of the world is so great that it has already reached heaven. And of Babylon the great, the mother of all fornications on Earth, not even a stone will be left upon a stone... Everything will be destroyed”...

Then I, somewhat astonished, said to her, “Well, then mother of mine, we are in a dead-end alley”.

“Do you want to make a deal with me?” These were her words.

“Yes, mother of mine, I do want to do it”…

"Well, you open the dead-end alley and I'll kill them"...

And she is speaking in that language, in that language the divine mother.

So there is no remedy, but there is another thing: "we are opening the dead-end alley". Meanwhile, the cosmic mother eliminates them: there are the earthquakes, there are the catastrophes, there is everything talking; and finally, the great catastrophe will come...

We are opening the dead-end alley, if you take advantage of it, then welcome, in good time. If you don't take advantage of it, there you go. I agree to open it. what are we opening it with? Well, with the teachings.


Iod-Havah El-HaYam - יהוה אל-הים - Poseidon the Sea God 

And what did Vaivasvata Manu do in his time, in his epoch? What did Vaivasvata Manu do?... Well, he did what I'm doing right now. He also made an army, which was the army of the yellow face or glowing face as they called it at that time, to differentiate it from the army of the tenebrous face.

People of good will came to the teachings, people of good will dedicated themselves to destroying the ego, dedicated themselves to work on themselves, and at the right time, when the great catastrophe was approaching, the Vaivasvata Manu brought out his people. .

As I told you, I witnessed that. So, with his people, we went out and found a way wherever we wanted, we fled and finally we ended up on the central Asian plateau, that's how it was done...

When the lords of the tenebrous face woke up and saw what was happening: the earthquakes and the water that was invading everywhere, they went to look for their planes and... well, they just couldn't find them, why? Because our people had already destroyed them, otherwise they would have followed us with their planes. However, they tried, despite everything, to pursue us and even killed some of the masters, but they perished in the waters...

That is being done now, a "selected people" is being made; and if today everyone does not believe, at that time they did not believe either; and if they laugh today, at that time, they also laughed; And if today they say that we are crazy... that time they also said the same thing. That is the same, it is the law of recurrence. But in the end the catastrophe will come...

Hercolubus is already approaching. They say that this planet “belongs to the Tylo solar system”; I say that it belongs to that system. It is a planet about six times bigger than Jupiter; it will pass through an angle of our solar system. It will pass too close to the Earth, and obviously, well, it will produce a revolution of its axes, so what was the equator will become the poles, what was the poles will become the equator.

But the mere approach of Hercolubus is more than definitive because it will pull the fire from the interior of the Earth and volcanoes will appear everywhere, earthquakes will intensify...

And remember what the secret doctrine of Anahuac says: "that the children of the fifth sun will perish by fire and earthquakes"; and we are the children of the fifth sun. And if we have already seen Hercolubus, if it is within sight of the telescopes, what can we deduce by simple common sense? That the catastrophe is at the gates, right?

Now, I am going to tell you something extraordinary: when in my present existence I reconquered (I say "reconquered" because I already told you that I was a fallen bodhisattva, and I had to fight a lot to get up again, "I reconquered", I clarify), the degree of “qualified adept” obviously I was received in the causal world, because the causal world is the temple of the great white lodge, and it was there where they had to receive one.

Inside the temple, the followers made completely militarized parades. Everyone greeted me with this greeting: the Gnostic greeting. The movements inside the temple were completely military; paraded before my worthless insignificant person, only to welcome me, to receive me, as they do with any adept  received in that region.

The transmission was made entirely telepathic, I did not see a single smile on all the followers. There were followers from China, Germany, England, France, and from all over the world; followers who were working on the great work of the father, but there was not a single smile on anyone. There was in them all a tremendous seriousness.

Telepathically the entire transmission was made to me. Without words, I was told about the great event that is going to take place and that it is already at the gates; of the millions of human beings who are going to perish by fire and water, and earthquakes; of the wars that will come before, of the famines that await us, of the epidemics, of the terrible desolation... Totally, in them there was nothing of joy, nor smiles; there was no time to smile. There was a terrible, horrible seriousness. I was made to understand the great responsibility that weighs on my shoulders, which is to guide the world salvation army. That's how I understood it, the transmission was telepathic...

I was also told that "a ship that did not work would be cut off", that is, if a Gnostic group suddenly gave themselves up, let's say, to negligence, for not disseminating the teachings, for laxing, in a word, that group would be cut off, the psychic force would no longer be given to that group (the force from "above", from the superior worlds), that group would fail. That's right, because the work is profuse...

It is about making an “army”, and before the tremendous catastrophe comes, the army has to be secretly taken out and taken to a place. I know where it is, but if I say it, I would harm the father's work.

Nothing bad will happen in that place; there the brothers and sisters of that army will be taken, but only the brothers and sisters who really show that they are working on themselves will be taken to that place.

At their time, on their day, in due time they will receive the warning: "brother, the time has come"... And we will meet to go to that place from where we will contemplate the duel of fire and water, for centuries ...

And from parents to children, all of us, we will be contemplating that terrifying duel between the elements. And after two centuries, then, when new lands come out from the bottom of the seas, then that select people will go to live in those new lands. They will become the nucleus of the future sixth root race.

Obviously, in that interval the Earth will be engulfed in fire and water vapor. During that interval, the ego will have to finish dissolving, because in the new age, in the golden age, no one who has an ego will be given a physical body; It is forbidden to give a physical body to someone who has an ego. Because only one person who had a physical body having an ego, that alone would end, in fact, with the golden age, it would corrupt all humans, it would harm them, that is the harsh reality...

In the golden age there will be no borders. It will be a transformed land, a regenerated land. What I am telling you is symbolized by the winged bull. That winged bull, symbol of a regenerated Earth, is also the symbol of the Gospel of Luke. The gospel according to Saint Luke is the gospel according to light, it is the solar gospel, the gospel for the future golden age.

The golden age is not in a few million years, no; It is at the gates, it is now in Aquarius, and we are already in Aquarius.

Nostradamus says "it is under Aquarius that the golden age comes", and Nostradamus was never wrong...

Furthermore, facts are facts: Hercolubus is within the sight of telescopes, so what else do we want?

Thus, the objective of these studies is precisely that: to prepare a group of people who will serve as the nucleus for the future sixth root race. That's the bottom line.

If you cooperate with the Sun [Christ], if you work on yourselves, you will be able to form part of that nucleus. It would be wonderful if you become part of such a nucleus.

Why is that future Earth called “the golden age”? I am going to tell you: because just as we have the terrestrial year with its four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, so we also have the great sidereal year. Our solar system has to move around the entire zodiacal belt, go around the entire zodiacal belt, and when it returns to the original point of departure, the sidereal year has ended. The sidereal year also has four seasons: spring, the golden age; summer, the silver age; autumn, the copper age; winter, the iron age...

Now the sun, with its solar system, returned again to the age of Aquarius; It was Aquarius where it began its journey around the zodiac, but it has since returned to Aquarius. So, the catastrophe is now in Aquarius...

During the trip itself, the axes of the Earth are revolutionizing, they are going backwards. Today the magnetic pole no longer coincides with the geographic pole: if we leave in a plane heading for the north pole, when we arrive exactly at the pole the needle will be crazy. But if we then go down vertically, to our surprise, we will find that the pole is not there, why? Because the geographic pole no longer coincides with the magnetic pole, the poles have shifted. That is the reality of the facts.

With the arrival of Hercolubus, the revolution has just taken place and the catastrophe comes. The catastrophe is at the gates!, but "people hearing do not hear and seeing do not see"...

Many years ago, when I was very young, what I am telling you here was revealed to me in the superior worlds. Then I knew that I had to fulfill this mission, and I saw myself here, before you, before the groups, telling you what I am saying now; and with my clairvoyant faculty I also saw Hercolubus; and I saw myself through time, how later it would be my turn to speak to you, to tell you this. And I saw that many believed me and that many others paid attention to me but did not believe me, they doubted me, they laughed... I also saw myself in the streets, talking to people and they did not believe me, but finally, the catastrophe came and finished them all.

So what I am telling you will come to pass. That's how I told the Atlanteans and they laughed; and the day they found themselves “in the thick of it”, as they say out there, in the catastrophe, ah!, they wanted to follow us to see if they were saved; "It's late", we told them, and we left before they woke up...

Disciple: Master, I am from a small town called Santiago del Mar, and there are some caves that are found all the way out; and there are some paintings of the Atlanteans, but wonderful paintings, master...

Samael Aun Weor: Formidable, extraordinary! Impressive!...

So, the Atlanteans reached a degree of civilization even higher than the one that currently exists. Now USA and Russia are very proud with those rockets they shoot to the moon. So much effort to be able to go just on the Moon! They look like real circuses... "space circuses"...

The Atlantean rockets..., I myself knew the Atlantis rockets, I myself would arrive at a restaurant that was then called “caravansin”, and from there, through the windows, I could see the field where those rockets were launched. . And the Atlanteans who were taller than the Aryans... what a racket they made when the rockets that went out to the Moon were launched!

And those rockets went out to the Moon. And they were not simple rockets to the moon, but atomic rockets that did not need to be moved by liquid fuel, but atomic, and others moved by solar energy; and crews left for the Moon, or for Mercury, for Venus or Mars, etc., etc.

They had a superior civilization, better automobiles (they could sail or they could fly powered by nuclear energy); They achieved atomic lighting. That is, they reached a very high level of civilization. And what came of all of that?...

Today the wise feel that they are the only ones: there has been no one greater than them; "they feel to be mother goose or Tarzan’s daddy"; To that end, they are "grounded". The harsh reality of the facts is that nothing was left of Atlantis... Let's see...

Disciple: Master, what of those who don't save themselves, or those that are not saved, will they have to continue evolving... ...the Earth, where are they going to go, or where are we going to go?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, this dogma of evolution doesn't work in these cases, you know? The harsh reality of the facts is that if one does not dissolve the ego, then there is no other choice but to dissolve it, and it is dissolved down there precisely, in the infernal worlds.

Do not believe that evolution is the only thing, no. Although it is true that above the three-dimensional zone of Euclid are the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos, below the three-dimensional zone of Euclid are also the natural infra-dimensions, the nine Dantesque circles within the interior of the Earth are not fancy. Dante stated something very serious.

There are those nine circles; there are nine infradimensions. They come from within the bowels of the Earth, within the natural infra dimensions. Those who have already lost all opportunity devolve. They do not evolve but devolve.

There, in the infra dimensions the ego disintegrates and turns to dust...

Inverential Peace.

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.


The anointment of Iod-Havah יהוה is done by the Iod י of Havah הוה or Chava חוה, Eve, which is the Iod (יוד) of sex, the Iod (יוד) of Yesod יסוד, the Iod י and Samech of Isis יסיס, Malkuth מלכות, Assiah עשה. The Iod י of Isis יסיס rises through her throne, her kes כס, the spinal medulla, which is her womb, the womb of Isis יסיס.  Yes the two Iod י and the two Samech ס of Isis יסיס, rise as the rotating Auroboros in the spinal medulla of both, husband and wife.

The Iod י of Havah הוה is the tenth letter Iod י of the burning bush, which is the last letter Hei ה of Iod-Havah יהוה, which is the tenth sephirah Malkuth מלכות, Assiah עשה, the fourth kabbalistic world, which is feminine.  Chava חוה, Eve, symbolizes the sexual organ, either as the Vav ו, Adam’s sexual organ, or as the Hei ה, Eve’s sexual organ. Adam is the brain and Eve is the sexual organ (the burning bush) in both sexes. This is why it is written:


“(The Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה reigns, he is clothed with majesty; “(the Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה is clothed with strength, wherewith she hath girded herself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.

Thy throne (kes כס) is established of old: thou art from everlasting.

The floods (the cerebralspinal fluids and genital fluids) have lifted up “(the Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה, the floods (the cerebralspinal fluids and genital fluids) have lifted up their voice; the floods (the cerebralspinal fluids and genital fluids) lift up their waves.

“(The Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה on high is mightier than the noise of (the lower Iod י of) many waters (Mayim מים), yea, than the mighty waves of the (Iod י of the) sea (Yam ים).

Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, “(O Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה, for ever.” – Psalm 93


"The Donkey Driver

Rabbi Abba said: “As the time and opportunity are favorable, let us discourse and search a little into the secret doctrine (of kabbalah and alchemy)."

The seven days of creation relate to the seven lower sephiroth of the tree of life, namely, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth.

So, the Shabbath שבת, the seventh day, is Malkuth מלכות. The sephirah Malkuth מלכות relates to Malkah מלכה, the Queen Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה), the Serpent of Bronze, the Sanskrit Kundalini, that heal the Israelites or the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים in the wilderness (Bemidbar במדבר - Netzach).

Let us also remember that Malkuth מלכות is the tenth sephirah of the tree of life, when counting the sephiroth from Kether. Therefore, Malkuth מלכות relates to the tenth letter, the Iod י of the kabbalistic alphabet.

The Zohar continues:

Then Rabbi Eleazar, spoke and said: "It is written:

“Ye shall keep my Ath Shabbatoth (את־שבתת), and reverence my sanctuary: I am Iod-Havah (אני יהוה).” – Leviticus 19: 30

‘Ye shall keep my Ath Shabbatoth (את־שבתת). Shabbatoth (שבתת feminine plural for Shabbath שבת).’ Observe that in six days the Holy One created the world that each day was distinguished by a special production.

“And (in the seventh day) Iod-Havah (the Sea God) El-HaYam יהוה אל-הים  said, It is not good that HaAdam האדם should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” – Genesis 2: 18

So, scripture states that in the seventh day, Binah בינה, intelligence, or Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים, took one of the sides or parts (of the androgynous form of Adam, which he created in the sixth day) and filled up the place with flesh in its stead.  So, on the seventh day, Chavah חוה, Eve, the sexual organs, as we know them now, were created.

The Zohar continues:

"But on what day appeared the production that was fruitful?

On the fourth (Netzach); for those of the three first days (Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth) were unmanifested and hidden, viz.: fire (Geburah), water (Chesed), and air (Tiphereth). If you say that the Earth was clothed with vegetation on the third day. It was truly so. It was, however, really on the fourth day (Netzach, the mental body) that the results became manifest and distinctive in themselves, and thus it became the fourth pedestal of the heavenly throne (kes כס, of Binah בינה (intelligence), or the Vav ו of the mental body, or the firmament of the heavens of Zeir Anpin to give light upon the Earth, Malkuth מלכות, our physicality).

All the works of creation were finished certainly on the Shabbath שבת, Malkuth מלכות, the tenth sephirah, as it is written:

“And on the seventh day (the Shabbath שבת, which is Malkuth מלכות, Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, the Iod י of Yam ים, which is the Iod י in) Elah-Yam (אלה-ים, the Sea-Goddess) ended (or completed), her work which she (through the Iod י of Malkuth מלכות) had (Assiah עשה) done.” – Genesis 2: 2

Behold, Netzach is the fourth sephirah from Malkuth מלכות; therefore, the Vav ו, or the firmament of the heavens of Netzach, the mind, is the Earth's (Malkuth מלכות)’s fruitful production.

But what meant 'Ye shall keep my Ath Shabbatoth (את־שבתת). Shabbatoth ' as though there were two or more sabbaths? The scripture, by this plural word, designates the eve of the Shabbath שבת and the day of the Shabbath שבת, distinct yet not separate."

Then the donkey driver who had followed them, spoke and said: "But what is the signification of the following words: 'Ye shall reverence my sanctuary.'"

Rabbi Eleazar replied: "They refer to the holiness of the Shabbath שבת."

"What do you mean by the holiness of the Shabbath שבת?" asked the donkey driver.

"It is the heavenly holiness which comes down upon the Earth on that day," replied Rabbi Eleazar.

"If so, then you make not the Shabbath שבת holy, but that something which is from above."

Rabbi Abba said: "That truly is so," "what Rabbi Eleazar has said, for it is written:

“If thou turn away thy foot (רגל also כף) from the Shabbath שבת, from doing thy pleasure (orgasm) on my holy day; and call the Shabbath שבת a delight, the holy (Iod י) of (Havah הוה) יהוה, honorable; and shalt honor her, not doing thine own (lustful) ways, nor finding thine own pleasure (orgasm), nor speaking thine own words. Then shalt thou delight thyself in the (Iod י) of (Havah) יהוה; and I will cause thee to ride upon (Netzach, the donkey, symbol of the mind or) the high places of the Earth (your physicality), and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob (Tiphereth) thy father: for the mouth of the (Iod י of Havah) יהוה hath spoken it.” – Isaiah 58: 13, 14

Therefore, there is a distinction between the Shabbath שבת day and the Holy of the (Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה."

"What, then, meant the Holy of the (Iod י of Havah הוה) יהוה?" asked the donkey driver again.

"It is," replied Rabbi Abba, "as has been just said, a heavenly holiness coming from above on that day."

"Then," answered the donkey driver, " If holiness, which descends from above, is called "honorable, glorious and hallowed, it may seem as though the Shabbath שבת is not honorable, glorious and hallowed; and yet the scripture says, "Glorify the Shabbath שבת day."

"Alas," said Rabbi Eleazar to Rabbi Abba, "let this donkey driver speak on, for he seems to be endowed with a wisdom and knowledge we do not possess."

"They turned toward the donkey driver and said: "Give us your opinion on the subject."

It is written:

Burning Bush

"And (in the Vav ו) the angel (or the Iod י) appeared unto him (Eliu אליו, better said, Eliao אליהו) in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with (the Iod י of Mary מרים, the Schekinah שכינה, the) fire (of Havah הוה - passion), and the bush was not consumed."

“And (in the Vav ו, the spinal medulla, the Sanctuary of) the Iod י of Havah הוה, 'Ath את Shabbatoth את־שבתת,’ the Schekinah שכינה, said: (During the sexual act) Draw not nigh hither (with lust): put off thy shoes (your lustful egos) from off thy feet, for the place (the spinal medulla) whereon thou stands is holy ground.” – Exodus 3: 2, 5

 Remember: Chava חוה, Eve, symbolizes the sexual organ, either as the Vav ו, Adam’s sexual organ, or as the Hei ה, Eve’s sexual organ. Adam is the brain and Eve is the sexual organ (the burning bush) in both sexes.

The Zohar continues:

"It is written," he said to them, "'Keep my Ath Shabbatoth (את־שבתת), 'Leviticus 19:30 words which show plainly that the particle ‘Ath את’ is before Shabbatoth (שבתת), two sabbaths--one heavenly (Aleph א) and one earthly (Tav ת), yet are they but one, both alike in their esoteric meaning.

However, there is another Shabbath שבת, a third one, not mentioned in scripture, and which was unhonored. This Shabbath שבת said to the Holy One: 'Thou art my maker, and I am called Shabbath שבת. Now, there is no day without a night. Let there a Shabbath שבת night or eve, as well as a Shabbath שבת day, be kept.' To which the Holy One replied: 'My daughter (bath sheli בת שלי), Shabbath שבת art thou, and Shabbath שבת thou shalt be called. I will yet adorn three with great honor and beauty.'

central nervous system

The Passion of the Iod

Then made he proclamation, and said: 'Reverence my sanctuary.' That is to say, the Shabbath שבת eve (Chavah חוה, Eve, the genital fluids of Yesod, which is the Iod י of Malkuth מלכות), which is also to be reverenced and kept; for the (tenth letter Iod י) of the Holy One יהוה is found in the word (‘Ath את’, which is the left Iod י of Aleph א, related to the tenth sephirah Malkuth מלכות, Malkah מלכה, the Queen, the Schekinah שכינה).

And I heard this from my father, who emphasized that the word ‘Ath את’ symbolizes (the daughter בת of the Shin ש) the Shabbath שבת limits (which are 2,000 cubits in every direction). 


I will now inform you how my father explained this to me. 'Imagine,' said he, 'a square (better said, the letter Tav ת, the cross X) within a circle (the Samech ס or Auroboros), symbolizing two divine forms, which, though distinct, are not separate; for there is not division or separation in the divine essence. An earthly resemblance to this divine union is that between Jacob and Joseph. There is also a resemblance in the repetition of the word peace, in that verse of scripture:

“I create the fruit of the lips; peace (shalom שלום) to him that is far off, and peace (shalom שלום) to him that is near, saith the (Iod י of Havah הוה, Malkuth מלכות) יהוה; and I will heal him.” Isaiah 57:19

Those that are far off referring to Jacob (in Tiphereth, the heart) and those that are near to Joseph (in Yesod, the genitalia), symbolical of the Shabbath שבת day and the Sabbath eve, distinguished by:

“Keep the Shabbath שבת day to sanctify it, as יהוה thy El-HaYam אל-הים (the Sea-God) hath commanded thee.” - Deuteronomy 5:12

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” - Exodus 20: 8


Reverence my Sanctuary

But the words, 'Reverence my sanctuary,' designate a point (the sexual alchemical act) in the middle of the square (better said, in the middle of the letter Tav ת, the cross X) within a circle (the Samech ס) which is the most sacred of all--the one who violates and breaks this commandment is punishable with (the second) death, as it is written:

“Ye shall keep the Shabbath שבת; therefore, for it is holy unto you: any one that defiles it (with the orgasm of the beasts) shall surely be put to (the second) death: for whosoever does any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people.” - Exodus 31:14

That is, whosoever enters into the circle and square (better said, of the letter Tav ת, the cross X) to the middle point and profanes 'Ath את’ (Aleph א, which represent the two letter Iod י, or waters of creation joint in the spinal medulla, the Vav ו). Therefore, is it said, 'Reverence ye,' for that middle point (of the Tav ת, the cross X) is called Ani אני (Me). which is but another term or name of the Great Unknowable, Ain אין, the Divine Being (Divine Seity)."

After hearing these words from the unknown stranger, they embraced him, and said:
"You possess such knowledge of the secret doctrine, you must not follow behind, but go before us. What is thy name?"

"Ask me not," he replied. "But let us go forward discoursing on occult mysteries, each of us giving utterance to words of hidden wisdom which shall lighten the way."

They said: "How came you to follow us'?"

"The Iod י (of Malkuth מלכות)," he replied, "made war against two other letters, Caph and Samech (כ and ס), in order that they might become attached to me (lee לי). Caph כ was unwilling to be joined to me, because Caph כ without rest (in the throne – kes כס) could not subsist a single moment, and Samech ס was equally unwilling to become bound to me (lee לי), and thus being unable to help those who stumble and fall (from their throne – kes כס).

Then the Iod י (of Malkuth מלכות), coming to me (lee לי), embraced me, caressed me, wept with me, and said: 'My child, what can I do for you? I am about to ascend (to יהוה, Binah בינה, intelligence) on high and shall acquire amongst many good things secret letters. all capitals, and valuable. I will then (as Mary מרים, the Schekinah שכינה) come back to thee and help thee and give thee other two letters, better and stronger than those who have forsaken and left thee. These are Yesh יש (substantia), the superior Iod י together with superior Shin ש, who will give to thee (real existence and) treasures filled with good things. Go, therefore, my child, and mount thy ass.' And this is why I am here (driving my mind, the donkey)."

Blake, William; Christ's Entry into Jerusalem; Glasgow Museums;

“Rejoice greatly, O (Iod י of Havah הוה, Iod י of Malkuth מלכות, Iod י of Mary מרים, Iod י of the Schekinah שכינה, Iod י and Samech ס of Isis יסיס) daughter of Zion; shout, O (Iod י of Havah הוה, Iod י of Malkuth מלכות, Iod י of Mary מרים, Iod י of the Schekinah שכינה, Iod י and Samech ס of Isis יסיס) daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.” – Zachariah 9: 9