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Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Tomb (1505-1545)
Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Tomb (1505-1545)

Mysteries of Time, Life Span, Egyptian Mummies, and Living Statues

An informal dicussion in 1976 in his living room.

Samael Aun Weor: ...As we vocalize, we develop that magical power of which we speak. Well, certainly there are schools of oratory where we are taught vocalization.

Student: Am I going to write this for the courses for Gnostic instructors, master?

Samael Aun Weor: For the whole world, yes. What is certain is that if they are also taught vocalization, they will all acquire great power in speech.

Student: Master, but there is one thing, which is, I do not know to what extent. When one enrolls in a school of Karate, Judo or any of these martial arts, one of the things that instructors are supposed to take into account, is more or less, to whom are they going to give these teachings, master; because a karate fighter can disincarnate a person, since he has power in his hand. To what extent can you give clues to everyone so that they acquire power in their speech if they do not know how they are going to use it? That is the question.

Samael Aun Weor: "So, do not play with fire if you do not want to get burnt.”

Student: To the Gnostic brothers and sisters, yes, because they are supposed to be better?

Samael Aun Weor: At least if they are fighting for the elimination of their defects, but they really will gain power in their word. In regards to public speaking, it is tremendous...

Student: You, master, have taught us to use the seven vowels, but many people wonder why the "M" and the "S" are included; that is, they are surprised when we tell them that "M" and "S" are also vowels. What could you tell us about it?

Samael Aun Weor: The "M" and "S" are also vowels. But if we start arguing about whether there are seven or five, we would get nowhere. The harsh reality of the facts is that the Lemurians, for example, used an alphabet of 300 consonants and 51 vowels, and they knew how to articulate them.

Unfortunately, the word degenerated. As human beings degenerated, the speaking capacity degenerated. Nowadays only a few consonants and vowels are used. Hence, some archaeologists have been hard-pressed to articulate consonants and vowels found in certain ancient archaeological pieces. They cannot articulate them, and they have made English combinations with those consonants (like the English "th"), but those are not combinations made by the Lemurians. Thus, the speaking capacity has been lost, regrettably.

The Chinese language, however, still preserves many ancient sounds; the Chinese language is the richest there is. So it is worth reflecting on that a little bit.

Many claim that the most difficult languages to learn are Chinese and Spanish. We speak Spanish because it is our language and Chinese speak Chinese because it is their language, but for those who do not speak Chinese or Spanish, it is still a bit difficult to learn these languages.

So the ability to speak has degenerated horribly. Certainly, the vocabulary that is being used, collectively, is too poor, too poor. Still, modern writers no longer have a very rich vocabulary, but poor.

Today you could use seven vowels; the "M" and the "S" are also vowels. The "M" is pronounced mmmmmmm and the “S” sssssssssss… so they are vowels… People ignore so many things!… It is like, for example, currently, of all the phenomena of nature that happen around us, only one millionth part is perceived. It is incredible. I am not referring to metaphysical, but physical phenomena, and only a millionth part is what is perceived. This indicates the sleeping state of the consciousness in which humanity is found.

Student: You do not have it…

Samael Aun Weor: I have noticed, for example, among the phenomena of nature, things that I have occasionally commented on with some of you. I have resolved not to comment on them again, since you do not understand them...

For example, when I was young, I personally knew Marshal de Gaulle (General de Gaulle, the French general 1890 – 1970), during the Second World War (1939-1945). He was young when he rose up against Hitler. He disagreed with Marshal Petain. Marshal Petain played Hitler's game. And yes, Marshal Petain was able to prevent the Führer from invading the whole of France. Marshal Petain, simply not having the capacity to resist, as to be able to defeat the German forces, decided to play a little game there, right? A little political game there, right?

Student: So that they would not bomb Paris?

Samael Aun Weor: To prevent Paris from being bombed and just destroying all of France. By the way, they paid Marshal Petain badly: in the end, they sentenced him to life imprisonment.

But, well, at first I was going to say that I met him young, as young as I could be, and we were the same age. Between parentheses, I am going to tell you something that no one has ever understood, ever. And I do not expect you to understand. He disincarnated at the age of 80 (in 1970)! [Editor’s Note: Samael Aun Weor would have been around 54 years old in 1970].

Student: General de Gaulle?

Samael Aun Weor: De Gaulle… When I met him we were the same age, yet he disincarnated at the age of 80! I don't expect you to understand this, because it is impossible that the areas of the brain made to register that are working in you, they are not working. Being my same age, how did he disincarnate at the age of 80?

Student: Allow me a clarification. [laughs] It is possible that it is half understood, right? [Laughs] Or maybe we get more confused. I am confused, but I would like to clarify something. You knew him at the time of the world war, when he was, what do you say how old he is today?

Another Student: Could it be that he is not...… of the same age?

Samael Aun Weor: That was over there, around 1939, a while ago, right? Young…

Student: And did he come to disincarnate when he was 80 years old?

Samael Aun Weor: And he came to disincarnate when he was 80 years old, and I met him young, young... Mathematically we would say...

Student: There is no way!

Samael Aun Weor: There is no way, absurd! And I say to you: The areas to register this phenomenon are not working in the human brain.

Student: But did you know him physically, master?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, around that time... And he died at the age of 80!...

Student: If his life passed normally, how was it happening?

Samael Aun Weor: His curriculum vite (experience of life), was normal...

Student: Did he carry the "horizontal" life, perfectly equal to any human being?

Samael Aun Weor: Like any…

Student: With the only difference, that you have not led the same horizontal life, as other human beings do?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you can look for a lot of escapes, but that has no logical explanation. [Laughs].

Student:... Of ego... it does not have anything?

Samael Aun Weor: Now, let's not go to Marshal de Gaulle, let's now look for, let's look at ourselves. For example, there is no one on the path of life who has not had schoolmates, and there is no one on the path of life who has not seen their companions die old and without ever thinking of what happened, and much less have we reflected on that.

Let us investigate, let us reflect, and you will see. I met relatives, friends, schoolmates, I saw them die old and I am still alive, how is that explained? I am going to tell you. I really don't think you can understand it, because there are brain areas that you are not working on; in order to understand they would have to have certain brain areas that they are not currently working on...

One's explanations come, "Of course, so and so exhausted his life because he was a womanizer, he dedicated himself to liquor, but the truth was that he died as an old man, appearing older than one is, and being about the same age, a similar age in school or college….

Student: If that person died at age 50 and one is 50, did that person die at 80?

Samael Aun Weor: He died at 80. You have always interpreted that that person devoted himself to vices, alcohol, drugs, degenerated and died sooner than ordered, or aged sooner than ordered, that has always been our explanation. But the harsh reality is that so-and-so friend has died older than us, having led a similar life, and died an old man. We excuse many things; we say its alcohol, drugs, etc. They were born around our time, but they apparently aged faster than we do. We say: "So-and-so is so old, but he already looks like an old man." We say that because we met him, but his grandchildren don't say that, they say: "That's my so-and-so grandfather." There is a fault there that does not fit within the intellect, the intellect does not grasp it; and even more, that there are no areas of the brain for this problem. It is one of the phenomena of Nature that occur around us, which are not currently captured with the existing human faculties. What really happened? That this person reached the age of 80. If he was our friend, he played with us, how is it possible?

Student: Master, does the man generate sperm of different types, and through the woman also produce different children?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course. There are sperm that are not complete, hence what emerges is a human degeneration. When born, he is paralyzed, or in some other way. If the father of the man we are talking about always generates the same sperm, but in different types A, B and C, the children are all the same. Could the child have lived another 30 years? It is possible. Here is a phenomenon that I could not draw a parallel to, it could not be schematized in any way, I could not, because there are simply no faculties to be able to perceive it, it is a gap of the mind.

I am going to tell you something else, another gap, so that you can see. I am talking about phenomena that occur around us and are not perceptible. If you enter the churches, sometimes you will find women or men in such a way... many times one finds a saint who is praying. And that blessed one resembles some saint of marble, wood or whatever, very similar, so similar that it is astonishing. That may have been observed by anyone who enters the church, I have observed it, you see a person there praying dressed in the habit of the Virgin of Carmel, but it does not look like a statue that should be in a church. Well, one comes to believe that person there in the temple is flesh and blood; but it is not, because there is a well-known phenomenon since the Middle Ages and since ancient times, which is that of living statues, because in reality, the statues are being charged with the vital fluids of the devotees, of the fanatics. And they become so loaded that they become impregnated with the vital potency of the devotees, they even become mobile and even physically escape from the place where they are, and they can occupy a place, for example, among the devotees, and sit and kneel, and pray, and all that stuff; and then the statue turns, returns to that figure again, to take its place, and people see that person there, crying and all that stuff, and it turns out that he is not a real person, he is a statue.

What I'm saying, that's common, that's why there are many traditions that say that the Virgin of Lourdes, well, sometimes she escapes...

Student: And the Virgin of Chiquinquirá who walked...

Samael Aun Weor: She walks!... The Jews of Prague knew how to do that at will: They made a stone statuette, magically prepared it, and even managed to handle it or send it to do such and such things to other places, they even sent it to steal. This is the phenomenon of the Prague statuettes from the Jewish neighborhoods...

When statues are loaded with vital fluids, they become mobile, and magical moments arrive in which they escape and take a place among the faithful and say: "This person has a resemblance to a statue, to a saint"... Yes sir, it is the statue of the saint! But no one thinks that it is the statue of the saint, no one thinks of it. Why don't you think of it? Because you are profoundly asleep in your consciousness.

I have discovered them, they do not harm me, but I have seen that all the members of the church before a statue, kneeling, the place of the statue has been empty, and none of the members of that church has realized that.

I am not talking about a phenomenon from another dimension, but something physical. If I had had a camera at that time, I could have photographed the event; but there are also those who would not have allowed me, or, rather, it would have been dangerous for me as well.

Those types of germs have elementary guardians, and if they realize you are giving that secret away, they can strike you down. This cannot be delivered.

It has happened to me when being in the church, there is a person similar to a statue, praying, praying, and it was the same statue that had escaped for a moment, and that was there. That normally happens in the third dimension.

I'm afraid I have said too much, because suddenly you are going to discover one of those things in a church and when you discover it, well...

These phenomena are only perceived in a millionth part by the human being; one millionth of the physical phenomena that happen around...

An unusual case happened to me. It turns out that one day, in the astral, a lady adept came to visit me at home in the astral world. I started talking to her about esoteric matters, and finally I ended up saying, “I want to tell you that I want to disincarnate. I want to die.”

"I wish you could die, but neither you nor I can die." I was stunned...

"Why, what are you saying?"

"This is something such as you are hearing it. In what year were you born?"

I told her, "I was born on March 6, 1917." I was convinced that I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, South America.

So I told her and she replied, “But don't you remember that two years later, in 1919, you were living in the North of Mexico? Don't you remember those bills of exchange that I used to sell you when I was working in that Los Angeles warehouse, and that you traveled from the North of Mexico to Los Angeles to buy those bills of exchange from me?”

I was astounded… 

What are scientists going to know about all the phenomena of life and death! For example: How fascinated they are with their ultramodern science, right? Which by itself is ludicrous.

They think that they live better now. They say that by the year 2001 or by the year 2100, it will be possible to live 120 or 130 years; that at the beginning of the nineteenth century, at most it was 40 or 50 years. So I heard them say on television, a few nights ago, yes, braying in the most frightening manner, that is ridiculous. We all know very well that our ancestors lived longer. For example: I know of some of my relatives who lasted over a hundred years, and I think that among you they must have had relatives who lived quite long ages. In the Middle Ages you normally lived longer than now; that is easy to compute. Simply with the statistics, simply with the notaries, the old files, it is not difficult, for that there are no problems, right? It is proven. That they come to tell me that people lived 40 years at the beginning of the nineteenth century and that now you are living around 80 thanks to antibiotics and the wonders of the men of science, this is nothing more than ridiculous!

From an esoteric point of view we initiates know very well that in Lemuria they normally lived from 12 to 15 centuries, but then the human being was governed by the Fulasnitamnian principle, that which governs humans. Unfortunately, however it was, let us say that the abominable Kundabuffer Organ was implanted in the human organism, the crystallizations of the bad consequences of said organ was a real disaster; the consciousness was englobed, bottled up within those bad crystallizations, and logically they deteriorated the vital body and life began to be shortened, and all human faculties rushed down the path of entropy (a degenerative principle that - in the long run - tends to equalize everything). Thus, by the time of Atlantis less than the half amount were lived, already in Egypt only 140 years were lived as an average of human life, and in the Middle Ages at most, 110 or 120 more or less. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was normal to reach the 80s, but at this time, here in Mexico, “life insurance” has given the average of human life, from 50 to 65, that is to say, you hardly live anymore...

Student: The average in Venezuela is 61 years.

Samael Aun Weor: 61? Well, you hardly live. So, then, do not come to say that now is when you live the most.

There you can see the state of unconsciousness in which they are, it is so terrible! Now, we have procedures, in the name of truth we have them, in order to live beyond the “normal.” I am sincere to you, I am a man who is living beyond the normal. You will say: "how is it possible?" Yes, I will point it out: the brain that I am using to think was 4,000 years in a sarcophagus in Egypt. I left that body alive when I lived in the pharaoh's dynasty. I was born in Egypt but I did not die in Egypt. My body went into a sarcophagus. I left that body there alive, I put it in a state of catalepsy. I say "catalepsy" so that you can understand me, but it is rather an older science than that of catalepsy.

For example, hypnotists use hypnotism to put anyone in a hypnotic trance to put them to sleep. I did not use hypnotism because it is too poor, too incipient, like for small children's games. What did I use? I used another science superior to that of hypnotism, which is what I put into practice; I drove anyone out of the body, and I drove him into the body again, I took him out in the astral, indeed, this really is a science that I know and that predates catalepsy; it is more powerful...

Student: Were you an initiate at that time?

Samael Aun Weor: I have been an initiate for several mahamanvantaras.

Student: Did you contribute to the creation of the planet Earth together with the cosmocrators?

Samael Aun Weor: I have been with the cosmocratores since the dawn of life, from the moment that the planet Earth emerged from the chaos...

Well, I am telling you about Egypt. My body was left there in catalepsy. It is in an underground crypt, about 4,000 years ago, since the time of Pharaoh Khafre.

But around this time, in this 20th century, I am wearing on this body through an atomic exchange. The atoms of my South American body are transferring into my Egyptian body, the atoms of my Egyptian body are being transferred unto it. Already part of the body that I have is Egyptian, and in about three to seven years the entire Egyptian body will be here.

So, when I leave for the Canary Islands (literally "islands of dogs" - from Latin canis "dog"), I will go with my Egyptian body, totally. I will no longer carry anything from this South American body, nothing from around here. Through the atomic exchange in the fourth vertical, the atoms are being accommodated to the vibratory archetype, and that will allow me to perform the Great Work, otherwise, how would I do it? Such a long job!...

Student: And what happens after you possess the Egyptian body?

Samael Aun Weor: I already have part of it, at least you can be sure that this head that you see is already an Egyptian head, it is already part of the mummy.

The other day I was giving a lecture and there were people who distinguished me as an Egyptian; already the head is the same head that was within the sarcophagus, the rest of the body is changing, the viscera, everything. At this moment "I am death." Why? Because the South American body that I had, that body, is already in the process of disintegration, its atoms are being transferred into a tomb, and the atoms of the mummy are being transferred here.

Student: And could you revive that South American body again?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that South American body is not dead yet, it remains alive but with the organic functions in suspense. So if you look carefully, here, my body remains with a certain South American body appearance, otherwise it would keep people from approaching me, but really "I am death."

The ancient Egyptians cultivated a science that the moderns do not even remotely suspect. This science has allowed us to conserve our physical bodies, to be able to exist and to go out with our body from the grave to the outside, to live among mortals in the middle of this 20th century. I do not want to say that all the companions of that time did the same, but there is a group of people who left our bodies alive in the grave, very well sealed.

Student: What does that have to do with the tragedies that are being talked about and the terrible things that have happened to archaeologists who have dug in the pyramids of Egypt, in the tombs where perfectly preserved bodies have been found?

Samael Aun Weor: They are people who have come to desecrate our tombs and then they have died, they have come to desecrate our tombs, and they have received what they deserved, their punishment, they have believed that it is mockery.

For example, the curse was placed on Tutankhamun's tomb; the archaeologists did not believe, they took the thing to competition (as are the modern ones, who take everything as competition). Well, not one is left alive, they all died...

In Lemuria you could live 12 to 15 centuries, and then it was decreasing, until today you hardly live. By what principle was already degenerated humanity ruled by? After its degenerative process began, it was no longer governed under the Fulasnitamnian Principle, it was governed under another principle, the Itoklanoz principle, which is the principle that now governs humanoid life, as it governs dogs, horses and all animals.

Formerly there was time to create; those who had not created the superior existential bodies of the Being had more than enough time to be able to create them. Today there is almost no time, it is almost impossible to live, because since the human beings have become governed by the Itoklanoz principle, they die when they least expect. Formerly they were dying consciously…

See how sad it is! Currently the human being depends on the same Itoklanoz principle that governs the beasts. Humanity is no longer governed by the Fulasnitamnian Principle. That is very sad, really regrettable.

However, when one manufactures the superior existential bodies of the Being and reaches the state of true human being and eliminates the ego, one again remains under the Fulasnitamnian Principle, on condition of integrating first of all with the Logos, because there is a codex out there that says: "The Gods created humans of wood, and after having created them, they fused them with the divinity", but then the codex adds: "Not all humans managed to fuse with the divinity."

It is clear that humans who do not achieve integral fusion with the Logos, regrettably, in the end, devolve within the bowels of the Earth and disintegrate; they are creations that are called to disintegration.

Not all humans manage to integrate with the divinity, and to depend on the Fulasnitamnian Principle, the fusion of the human with the Logos is required first of all. Having achieved that, then it depends on the Fulasnitamnian Principle, and as a point of departure, it is given unto them a thousand years of existence.

If upon reaching a thousand years they wish to extend their life, they ask for another lengthening, another thousand, and if they want to lengthen it more, they come and ask for another thousand; thus, there are masters who have existed for millions of years...

One thousand is the exact number of years of life that a human has who is governed by the Fulasnitamnian Principle. Count Saint Germain said that during the first thousand years that they gave him life, he still found new things on Earth, novelties that caught his attention; after the thousand years he no longer found anything new on Earth; so said Count Saint Germain.

Now, speaking about the horns, in that there is also the positive and the negative. The Egyptian hierophants used the silver horns. In my astral body, I have attended the silver dance of the hierophants where the hierophants attend the sacred dance wearing silver horns. The horns are symbolic, they represent the constellation of Taurus, the Verb, the Word, so we have to think of the horns, the silver horns of the hierophants...

I do not deny that in the fall that I had in the central Asian plateau, I lost the horns, but I have already regained them. I only hope now to have in my power, in my fist, the Philosopher's Stone, to later see how many tridents will appear in those horns.

If I can manage the six tridents to appear, I'll be more than satisfied. Do you know what it is to have six tridents? It is a lot to aspire, they only are possessed by those who have developed Objective Reasoning in its highest degree, the degree of the infinity, better said, three steps from the degree of the infinity that sustains all, in its highest form of being; each trident indicates the degree of strength.

Those horns, to whom do they belong? They belong to Lucifer. But who is Lucifer? He is the reflection of the Logos within ourselves (you have seen that one produces shadows), the shadow of the Christ; So could the shadow of the Christ be evil, or tenebrous? It would be even absurd to suppose it.



If we exorcised, anathematized the shadow of the Lord, it would be as much as anathematizing the Lord, then the Lucifer-Nahua, Lucifer-Xolotl, or Lucifer-Prometheus, because, simply put, it is in synthesis the shadow of the Logos among us, for our own good; "Ladder to go up, ladder to go down"; Nobody can go up except by that "ladder", nobody can go down except by that "ladder".

Read the "Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri" and there you will confirm it...

As one progresses in the development of Objective Reasoning, then, the horns are recovered and the tridents of the horns of Lucifer appear on them, it is clear; the number of Tridents that correspond to your progress; To have six tridents is to have reached the highest Objective Reasoning of the Being.

What is meant by Objective Reasoning? To understand the value of the horns, we will say that the Objective Reasoning is that function of the Inner Mind in relation to the consciousness. In us, as we have already explained, there are three minds: the Outer Mind or Sensual Mind; the Intermediate Mind, and the Inner Mind...

If a human being possesses the six tridents on the horns, that human being is completely enlightened, he is only three spaces from the infinity that sustains all, that one has objective and complete knowledge, transcendental and true (that one knows the mysteries of life and death, not because someone told him or stopped telling him, or because he read it or stopped reading it, but by direct experience), the superlative and transcendental knowledge of objective reasoning, has the right to use the horns in ceremonies of silver of the hierophants, as part of their religious attire.

I am sure that the horns of Moses had the six tridents, I am sure; that he possessed the six tridents, there is no doubt that Michelangelo, who was an initiate, when he chiselled Moses with those horns, he saw them, that is clear; many do not explain themselves, "but how, Moses is chiseled with horns ?!".

Also the Ark of the Covenant had four horns, horns of a goat. The etymology of the word "trident" speaks clearly: "trident" equals three.

A trident looks like a three-pointed fork; of course, the tridents of the mind! Thus, whosoever manages to have the six tridents of the mind, what more does he want?

So let us look at the horns more reflectively. Of course, I am not telling you that the tenebrous ones do not have horns, yes they do, but those are already the horns in their sinister or negative way, they are the antithesis of the silver horns of the hierophants. The horns of the majority are dark. They are demons. 

Lucifer is a labyrinthian problem, because the catholic priests disfigured him so much, they put him sitting on the world with a trident and black bat wings, ruling the universe; Well, all that is absurd, because indeed Lucifer is nothing more than the reflection of the Logos within ourselves. The love of Christ is so great that he has projected his shadow within us in order to help us...