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Moses, the Great Kabbalist and Alchemist Magi

We need to learn how to be aligned on the path that leads all of us to the final liberation.

Since very ancient times, in the Bible we have seen esotericism, alchemy, magic, astrology, philosophy, mathematics, etc. I.e. if we carefully study the book by Moses called Exodus — and in the rest of the Old Testament — we discover esoteric prodigies: exorcisms, resurrection of the dead, sortileges, bewitchments, transfigurations, levitations, healings by mean of concentration in the magnetic field of the root of the nose or by means of magnetic passes, or by means of water, or by means of consecrated oil, or by means of a small portions of magical saliva placed over the affected area, etc. Thus, by carefully studying the book Exodus by Moses, one discovers in it — as in ancient times — the practical magic of the Egyptians.

Moses himself was a great magician. Obviously, Moses was born in order to fulfill a gigantic mission. No one ignores that he was a cousin of the Pharaoh, and that he was a descendent of a great ancient magician, that is, a Chaldean magician — I am talking about Abraham. He also was a descendent of Isaac, whose name bears the syllable "Is." Isaac remind us of the “Isiac” [Isaac or Isis] mysteries of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, of the sunny country of Kem.

moses-kills-the-egyptianMoses’ mission began with an unusual event: he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew. Moses defended the Hebrew, and indeed, as we say, “he overestimated his fighting strength” since everyone knows that he killed the Egyptian. This is what the sacred scriptures state.

When an Egyptian initiate killed somebody, he was not judged by a terrestrial judge or taken to any court of this subjective human justice, rather he was directly judged by the great priests of the sunny country of Kem.

So the Sacred College of Egyptian Hierophants judged the initiate. This type of judgment was more severe than going to jail, since they represented heavenly justice, objective justice, which indeed is very different from the subjective terrestrial justice. The subjective justice can be bought and sold, yet the objective justice, the courts of cosmic justice, can never be bought or sold.

Moses ran away before being judged. He fled to Midian, the land of Midian. There he met Jethro, who later became his father-in-law. Jethro gave him hospitality in a great temple where Moses remained within an underground crypt. Later, Moses took Zipporah as his wife and contentedly dwelled there.

Nevertheless, it is certain that previous to that, he had to consciously astral project from his physical body, and once in the Astral World, naturally he contacted the deceased Egyptian, his victim. Moses’ soul suffered for a long time in the astral world while his physical body remained within the underground crypt. In the Astral World he was trying to obtain the pardon of the defunct — his victim — to convince him to absolve him from his crime. Finally, after many sufferings he got the defunct one’s pardon. It is evident that the victim pardoned him in the courts of Karmic justice. Thus, once pardoned, Moses returned into his physical body.

Before that event, he had another name; yet, after having returned into his physical body, he adopted the name of Moses [משה Moshe], which means "saved from the waters." [Study the Hebrew letters to understand why].

Many initiates did not achieve getting the pardon, so they did not return into their physical bodies. So, in similar cases when the priests were coming to check them — within their crypts — they found their bodies already dead; however, Moses was triumphant.

Moses married the daughter of Jethro, the great priest of Midian. Therefore, he dedicated himself to the Great Work. The clue of the Great Work — that is already known by all of you — is the Sahaja Maithuna, the Arcanum A.Z.F. So, Moses became an Alchemist and a Kabbalist.

Did Moses attain Self-realization? Indeed, he did!

moses-and-the-burning-bush-treeDid he attain resurrection? Indeed, he did! Moses attained resurrection in the cave of Horeb. In that cave, he saw a flame of fire burning out of the midst of a bush, and that flame said to him:

Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob... – Exodus 3: 5, 6

Thus, dear brethren of mine, in those precise moments, Moses attained the initiatic, esoteric resurrection. Then, he was already dead within himself. Then, a ray of AElohim entered within him, which means, his Father who is in secret, and he resurrected from among the dead in order to fulfill the gigantic missions described in the book of Exodus.

AElohim is the cosmic, common, eternal Father. The whole Army of the Voice, all the Elohim, are nothing but rays of AElohim.

AElohim is the unknowable and unmanifested unity, the Omni-merciful, the Uni-existent, the cosmic, common, eternal Father. Our Father who is in secret is nothing but a ray of AElohim.

All the Masters of the universal White Brotherhood reverently prostrate before AElohim, before the cosmic, common, eternal Father, before the Only-existent; all the Gods (the Elohim) bow down before AElohim, the Only-existent, the Omni-merciful, the infinitude that sustain all: the Seity that is, the unmanifested deity.

So, dear brothers and sisters of mine, Moses fulfilled a precious mission.

Undoubtedly, the Ark of the Covenant is an instrument of High Magic: it was charged with electric force, thus any profane ones that dared to come close to the Ark died instantly.

In that Ark was the staff of Aaron, the tablets of the law, and the cup or Gomer. There is no doubt that the staff is phallic. There is no doubt that the cup symbolizes the yoni. So, dear brethren of mine, the Ark was powerful. It is stated that two cherubim were touching each other with their wings, and they were in the attitude of the man and the woman in copulation.

During his pilgrimage, Moses always carried the wand of real power, and it is stated that he transformed this wand into a serpent. Moses also used the pontifical staff, the mace of Hercules, etc.


When one reads Exodus, one cannot do anything but be amazed by Moses’s formidable powers.

It is written that when Moses wanted to liberate the Hebrew people, the Pharaoh opposed it. The sacred scriptures state that Moses then manifested his power before the Pharaoh. Thus by raising his staff (the י Iod of the Rabbis, the Tau of the prophets) the waters were transformed into blood, so they were no longer useful, and evidently, the fish died. With another movement of his staff, the waters became clear.

However, since the Pharaoh insisted in not letting the people go from the land of Egypt, then Moses raised his scepter and then all the houses of the Egyptians were filled with monstrous and gigantic frogs. However, the Pharaoh was not convinced yet. Moses made the frogs disappear, and thereafter Exodus explains that Moses provoked a hailstorm upon the land of Egypt. When arriving at this part of the narration, I remember Milarepa, who also provoked hailstorms.

Exodus states that Moses then made swarms of flies and other plagues appear over the land of Egypt, yet the Pharaoh did not want the Hebrew people to go; notwithstanding, brothers and sisters, in all of this, there are many things that we need to reflect upon.

It is also said that Moses took the soot of an oven and through it produced ulcers and pustules on the bodies of the Egyptians.

Finally, it is affirmed that Jehovah intervened and made all the first-born of the families die. Understand, this is what Exodus in the Old Testament states. I am not the one who is affirming this, but the book of Exodus. So, it is evident that Moses had formidable powers. Thus, when the first-born of the families started to die, the Pharaoh was convinced and let the Hebrew people go.

Thereafter, the narration about passing over the Red Sea occurs.


There, Moses stretched his staff over the sea and caused the waters of the sea to be separated so that the people could cross the midst of the sea upon the dry ground. When their persecutors went after them through the midst of the sea and tried to do the same (since the heart of Pharaoh and of his army was turned against the people, and the Egyptians pursued them), upon a command of Moses’ hand over the sea, the waters answered to his strength and returned, devouring the Egyptians.

So, there is power in all these passages about Moses. There is a lot of alchemical and kabbalistic symbolism that is worth scrutiny, i. e., when he smites the rock with his staff, and water springs out of it.

It is evident that Moses was a tremendously divine man. When he came down from the Mount Sinai, his face shone, and when the multitudes beheld the shining skin of his face they were frightened. Unfortunately, during Moses’ absence Aaron had established the cult of the golden calf. When Moses saw this, he gathered his own near him and with their swords they slayed all of those who were not his own.  As Exodus states:

Thus saith Iod-Havah the Elohim of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbor. - Exodus 32: 27

Notwithstanding, I say unto you: these verses must not be taken literally, because Moses was not a black magician, nor an assassin; all of this (in Exodus) is completely symbolic.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Moses possessed remarkable powers.

The Power of the Mercury

moses-and-hornsWhen Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the law in his hands, beams of light resembling horns shone upon his head, two beams of light resembling horns. For such reason he has always been represented with two horns.

Notwithstanding, what do the horns of the male goat represent? Why did Michaelangelo chisel Moses in that form? This has to have a symbolic meaning, is it not true? It is evident that this cannot be taken at the dead letter; this must not be taken literally.

Well then, why did Moses have those two horns? I will tell you why: the male goat represents the devil; this is why Moses had that pair of horns.

Alas, does that mean that Moses was the devil? So, we have to analyze this subject-matter; since we cannot sit and think that Moses was "satanic." Thus, this is worth reflecting upon.

If we think about the male goat, we can then discover the sexual potency; the male goat of Mendez (in the caves of the illuminated ones from the Middle Ages) precisely represents Lucifer. Lucifer is the Dawn Star. It is the reflection of the Logos within ourselves, here and now.

Just as the physical sun has its shadow (the night is the shadow of the day), likewise the inner Logos of each one of us projects his shadow within our own inner and particular universe, and this is astoundingly remarkable.

In the beginning, Lucifer shone within the depth of our consciousness. Lucifer was an excellent Archangel filled with magnificent powers. But, when we fell into animal generation, when we ate the fruit from the tree that was said unto us, “Thou shalt not eat of it” [Gen 2:17], then Lucifer was precipitated into the depth of the abyss. Then, he was transformed into the devil, into the male goat.

Listen: Lucifer represents the sexual potency. Who could deny that a male goat possesses a great sexual potency?

Sexually impotence is due to weakness. There exist different types of sexual impotence: i.e. sexual impotence because a damage to the nervous system, or because a damage to the creative organs. However, when the sexual impotence is totally due to weakness in the physical organs, this can be cured with the sexual hormones of that animal.

The testicles of the male goat must be boiled in milk and thereafter sweetened with sugar or honey. This milk charged with testosterone must be drank by the sexually impotent one. This will cure his impotence, because the sexual hormones of the male goat have the power to cure those who suffer sexual impotence.

So, the male goat represents the creative power. This is why the male goat has always represented Lucifer. It is necessary to know how to understand this.

moses-and-the-hebrew-commandmentsTherefore, since Moses knew how to take advantage of the sexual potency, since Moses transmuted the sacred sperm into creative energy, this energy appeared upon his head as two rays, allegorizing, symbolizing, Lucifer.

Now then, from where did Moses get his power? With what forces could Moses produce all the plagues in Egypt, as Exodus states? What was that marvelous agent that allowed him to demonstrate his power before the Pharaoh? It was indeed his sexual potency. Behold the strength of all powers!

Now you will understand why the Ark of the Covenant had four male goat horns on its corners. To that end, the four men that transported it did it by holding one horn on each corner.

The Ark represented the lingam-yoni, the law. In it is the power, the strength, the divine. The Tau of the prophets would be useless, the Iod (the staff) of the great rabbi initiates would be useless — again, the pontifical staff, the staff of the pilgrims, the mace of Hercules, the scepter of the King Azuero would be useless — if we do not possess sexual strength within ourselves.

All the power that accompanied Moses in the wilderness was in the reed that was transformed into a serpent, and the serpent that was transformed into the reed.

Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When any man hath a flux of semen [orgasm] out of his flesh, because of his flux he is unclean. - Moses, Leviticus 15

If a man knew what he will lose when he goes after a woman in order to fornicate and vice versa, instead of laughing they would cry.

The key of all powers, the key of all mysteries, is in the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy. The sperm itself is the Metallic Chaos of the Alchemists of the Middle Ages.

We fabricate the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy by means of sexual transmutation.

There are three types of Mercury:

  1. The Brute Azoth (Mercury) that is to say, the sperm.
  2. The Metallic Soul of the sperm.
  3. The Mercury already fecundated by Sulfur, that is to say, by the fire.

BaphometTherefore, we must comprehend the necessity of elaborating the Mercury. All the Alchemists from the Middle Ages kept silent about the elaboration of the Mercury. Such a secret is in the male goat of Mendez.

In the Middle Ages, when the initiates or neophytes were taken at midnight to the caves of initiation, to the secret sanctuaries, they were blindfolded. When the blindfold was taken from the neophyte, he found himself before the male goat of Mendez, the terrifying devil. However, the Pentagram, the flaming star, was shining upon the male goat’s forehead. The Pentagram was not upside down as it is used by the black tantrics, but with the superior ray pointing upward and the two inferior angles pointing downward.

Then the neophyte was commanded to kiss the devil’s behind. If he refused to do it, his eyes were blindfolded again and was taken out through an hidden door, through which he could never return.  This is how the brethren defended themselves from the dangers of the “Holy Inquisition.”

However, if the neophyte obeyed and went, a door was opened behind the cubic stone upon which the Devil was seated, and an Isis (a priestess) of the temple — who exited from inside of it — welcomed the neophyte with a holy kiss. Thus, if the neophyte was intelligent enough to realize the deep significance of such a ceremony, as a fact he was delivering himself to the labor in the Great Work.

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, what is fundamental is to do the Great Work. What use would it be for us to become erudite, if we do not do the Great Work?

It is obvious that at the beginning we have to elaborate the Mercury. No one knew the secret of the elaboration of the Mercury, yet now you know it. It is the Arcanum A.Z.F. That is the key.

What is the objective for us to prepare the Mercury? It is for many things, since in the Mercury we have what we need in order to do the Great Work.

It is evident that first the sperm has to be transmuted into energy by means of the Sahaja Maithuna. Thus, that energy itself is already the Mercury, the Metallic Soul of the Azoth, the Brute Mercury; that is to say, the fire.

That afterwards such energy has to ascend through Ida and Pingala to the brain? That is obvious!

That in the end the fecundating fire is born from the union of the solar and lunar atoms? It is true!

Thus, finally, such a fire fecundates all. That fire is the Sulfur. Thus, the Mercury fecundated by Sulfur is marvelous. With this type of Mercury we will do the entire work.

The Great Work

tree-of-life-bodiesBut, what is the work? We need to comprehend the work that we will perform; we have to terminate the many mistaken concepts of those different types of organizations of pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism.

I.e. “They say” the man has seven bodies: the Physical, Vital, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic. In Theosophy those bodies receive Sanskrit names. The physical body is called Sthula-Sarira. The Vital body is called Linga-sarira. The Astral body is called Kamas or Kama Rupa, “body of desire.” The Mental is named Inferior Manas. The Causal is called Superior Manas or Arupic body. The intuitional or intuitive body is known as the Buddhic body. And, the most elevated principle or seventh, is called Atman.

The curious aspect of this matter is that all of those pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists believe that all human beings — or better said "all humanoids" — who live over the face of Earth already have those seven bodies. Indeed, such a concept is completely false.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called “human” only has the physical body and his Vital organic base, and nothing else. Intellectual animals do not have Astral or Mental bodies and more less a Causal body.

What the intellectual animal has after the physical and Vital bodies is the ego, the "I," the myself, which passes as an Astral body, that is taken as a Mental body, but that is neither the Astral or the Mental bodies.

I easily evidenced the former statements in the internal worlds. Thus, in the name of the truth and with great emphasis I tell you that when I travel in the Astral World I can perfectly and with completely dazzling clarity see who has an Astral body and who does not have such a body.

Multitudes of disembodied people who wander everywhere in that region and who do not have an Astral body are seen as phantoms, and nothing else. Yes, what they are is nothing but miserable shadows, unconscious phantoms; they look like true somnambulists within the region of Amente.

However, those who have an Astral body are different. They are seen there as humans; they are different. There, any one of them can evidence the difference between someone who has an Astral body and someone who does not have it. I.e. we could put here a dressed person and an undressed together. Thus, by simple sight we know who has clothes and who does not, and that is obvious. Likewise, those who do not have an Astral body are seen there as wretched phantoms and nothing else.

Therefore, if we are going to create the Mercury, it is with one purpose, which is the creation of the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being, and to perfect them, etc. But we go degree by degree; thus, I want you to understand what is what we are going to do with the Mercury.

First of all, the Mercury fecundated by Sulfur takes the shape of the Astral body. Thus, when one already has an Astral body, one knows that one has it because one can use it. We know that we have feet because we can walk with them. We know that we have hands, because we can use them. We know that we have eyes, because we can see with them. Likewise, we know that we have an Astral body when we can use it, when we can consciously and positively move ourselves with it throughout the suprasensible worlds.

And, of what type of matter is the Astral body made? It is made of Mercury. Why did the Mercury take the shape of the Astral body? This is, I say, because the Mercury has been fecundated by Sulfur. Thus, the Mercury fecundated by Sulfur takes the shape of the Astral body.

Once we gave unto us the luxury of having created an Astral body by means of the Mercury, we will no longer be miserable phantoms, abysmal shadows in the world of the dead. Into my memory in these moments comes Homer, when he said:

It is better to be a beggar on the Earth than a King in the empire of the shadows.

Whosoever has an Astral body is no longer a phantom. He stands out in the region of Amente. He is different. He is known there by his sacred name. There, every one of us has his name. I.e., the name that I use is Samael Aun Weor, which is not a capricious name that I took by chance, no. I did not take that name by chance. Samael Aun Weor has always been my name. Through the entire eternity, from age to age, from Mahamanvantara to Mahamanvantara, I have always been Samael Aun Weor. Well, that is the name of my Being, of my Divine Monad; it is a name that represents the King of Fire, the King of Volcanoes. Undoubtedly, He is He, and I am just his Dhyani Bodhisattva. As Mohammed said,

Allah is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.

He is perfect, I am not. I do not want boast of being perfect because perfect is only one, and He is the Father that is in secret. Thus, not one of us is perfect.

Therefore, brothers and sisters of mine, in the world of Amente, he that has an Astral body knows his name and is a living one. After death, he continues there living with his Astral personality. He is no longer a mortal creature, he is immortal.

Nevertheless, for instance, if somebody creates an Astral body and becomes stagnant, if he does not continue working with the Mercury and if in new existences would degenerate, then he would have no alternative but to be sent to be reincorporated into inferior animal organisms, so that he could eliminate from himself what he may have of the hasnamuss. This is very important.

Brothers and sisters of mine, as we have different kingdoms here in the physical world, likewise there are different kingdoms in the Astral World. Those kingdoms are governed by Devas or divine hierarchies.

So, once one has attained the creation of the Astral body by means of the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy, one can then start working in the creation of the Mental Body.

Everybody believes that they have an individual, personal Mental Body, and that is false. You must realize that the "I" is multiple, that the "I" is a conjunction of persons that one carries inside, and that the physical body is a machine. Thus, through that machine, an "I," that is to say, a person, suddenly expresses itself. Later, that person leaves and another person enters within our body. Thereafter that person leaves and another comes, and likewise successively. To that end, the intellectual animal does not have a defined individuality. He is a machine controlled by many "I's."

Understand: each one of those persons called "I" has a different mind. Thus, since the "I's" are so many, the minds are also many, because each "I" has his mind and ideas and moreover his own criteria. Then, brothers and sisters of mine, where is the individual mind of the wretched intellectual animal mistakenly called human? Where is the mind of that wretched rational mammal? Where is it? Therefore, we have to realize what we unfortunately are, if what we want is a radical transformation.

Once one has achieved the creation of the Astral body, then it is necessary to create a Mental Body. Can we? Yes, we can! With what element do we create it? With the Mercury. Thus, finally the Mercury will crystallize as the Body of the Mind. When do we know that we have an individual mind? When know it we can use it, when we are able to travel with the Mental body throughout the entire universe, from planet to planet. Then, and only then, we know that we have a Mental body of flesh and bones, but it is flesh that does not come from Adam, because there are two types of flesh: one that comes from Adam, which is this terrestrial flesh, and another that does not come from Adam.

Thus, when we truly have the Mental body, then we go into a more advanced work: we then walk towards the creation of the body of the conscious will, the Causal body. We will attain it, yes, by means of the Mercury, always fecundated by sulfur.

Thus, the work follows an order:

  1. first the Astral body is made, the Kedsjano body
  2. then the Body of Objective Reasoning, or Mental body
  3. and then the Body of Conscious Will or Causal body

Each one of those bodies has its laws. The physical body is governed by 48 laws. The Astral body is governed by 24 laws. The Mental body is governed by 12 laws. The Causal body is governed by 6 laws.

Behold for yourselves the marvels of those bodies! Whosoever has created the Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies, as a fact, receives his psychic principle, his Human Soul, and becomes a whole, real, and true human being, thanks to the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy fecundated by sulfur. He becomes a real human, in the most complete sense of the word. So, to believe that we are humans before that moment is a falsity.

It is evident that if we place a human being and an intellectual animal face to face, they are similar. In other words, they look alike. Yet, if we observe their customs, they are different.

The customs of the true human being are as different from those of the intellectual animal, as the customs of a cultured person are different - completely different - from the customs of a cannibal from the jungle.

Observe carefully a human being and an intellectual animal; observe their behavior, their customs: they are radically different. Intimately, they are not the same, even though the physical appearance is the same.

That the intellectual animal possesses the possibility of becoming a human being, that is another thing, yet they are very different!

god-gives-tablets-to-mosesWithin the intellectual animal are the seed-germs for the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being, seed-germs that the emanations of the Sacred Absolute Sun can vivify by means of the work with Sexual Alchemy, and this is important.

Now then, after having converted ourselves into true human beings because of the fact of having incarnated within ourselves the psychic principles, that which in Gnosis is called Pneuma or Spirit, then comes the second aspect of this work, which is very profound. Here we have to refine more the Mercury by means of the alchemist coction and to intensify the elimination of the dry mercury and the red salt.

What is the dry mercury? I have said this, yet I will say it again: the dry mercury is formed or represented in all those “I”s that we carry inside.

What is the red salt or arsenic sulfur? It is the infrasexual fire, the fire that emanates from the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Obviously, elimination of the ego is needed in order to create the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being, yet this elimination is even more intensified in the second part of the work with the elimination of the undesirable elements, in other words, the elimination of the dry mercury and of the red salt or arsenic sulfur.

My beloved brothers and sisters, the third work goes even further. In the third work, that is to say, in the third coction —because there are three coctions or three purifications by means of iron and fire) — in the third coction there is the need to transform the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being into vehicles of pure gold.

So, from where is this gold coming? It is carried by Mercury. Thus, as Saint Christopher carried the child, as the sheep carries its fleece, likewise the Mercury carries the gold in itself.

However, an artifice capable of uniting the atoms of gold with the Mercury is needed. All of us have such an artifice within ourselves. It is one of the parts of our Being. It is the particular alchemist of each one of us that is alchemically named Antimony. What can we do without that part of the Being, without that small alchemist?  Fortunately, this part of our Being knows the art. He is a great artist, and he is the one who is going to achieve the union of the atoms of gold with the Mercury.

Therefore, in the third part of the work it is necessary to transform the Astral body into pure gold. Only thus can it be recovered by the most elevated parts of the Being or by the distinct parts of the Being. The Mental body has to be converted into a vehicle of pure gold. Only thus,can it be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being. Likewise, the Causal body has to be recovered, but it has to first be converted into pure gold so that it can be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being.

Thereafter, the Soul-Spirit has to be transformed into a Soul of Gold, and finally the most precious element that we have inside, which is Atman about whom the Hindustanis talk, has to be transformed into pure gold.

Thus, when one has achieved all of this, when all of the vehicles have been recovered by the distinct parts of the Being, when perfection has been achieved, when the totality of dry mercury and red salt have been eliminated, then comes our Being, who rises from his sepulcher. He enters into his covering. Then he resurrects within us and we resurrect within Him. Then, one has reached perfection in mastery. Whosever reaches these heights receives the Elixir of Long Life and can preserve his physical body for millions of years.  Whosever reaches these heights receives the universal medicine and all sicknesses will be eradicated from his organism. Whosever reaches these heights can transform physical lead into pure gold as was performed by the Count of Saint Germaine, as was performed by Cagliostro, as was performed by Raymond Lully, Nicolas Flamel, and others.

Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? —1 Corinthians15: 54, 55.

These words of the Apostle Paul invite us to reflection.

moses-horns-and-commandmentsBut what is the role of Lucifer in all of this? What does Lucifer have to do with the male goat of Mendez in all of this matter? Why does Moses carry on his forehead two rays of light like the two horns of the male goat? Because, brothers and sisters of mine, Lucifer is, we might say, the mine where we extract the Mercury.  Many times we stated that the knight has to confront the dragon. Many times we have repeated here in this chamber that Michael must fight against the dragon, like Saint George against the red dragon.

Many times we have emphasized that the knight absorbs something from the dragon, and the dragon absorbs something from the knight, in order for a strange creature to be born from such a mixture. Simultaneously, in sequence, the outcome, as a synthesis, is the Mercury that is symbolized by the fish [the Hebrew letter נ Nun] that the fisherman catches from the lake with his nets.

Therefore, from Lucifer we extract all the Mercury and —accordingly, as the time passes — Lucifer becomes (all of him) Mercury, so that in the end the only thing that remains within us is Mercury.

What is a Resurrected Master? He is already purified Mercury, transformed into gold. For such a reason he is represented with the cup of alabaster, and the very alabaster with the hermetic mace, etc. There are some resurrected Knights of the Superior Order, who do not have any physical visible organization in any place…

Inverential peace,

Samael Aun Weor