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Tame Your Mind

Meditation: A Better Way to Live, the Mind, Plans, Dissolving Problems

Once again I am addressing you, brothers and sisters of the Gnostic movement. I want you to pay full attention to this lecture, which relates to the mind.

The Mind and Reasoning

The time has come, my dear brothers and sisters, to understand the need to free ourselves from the mind. Out there, in the different corners of this, our afflicted world, there really are many organizations of a pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type, dedicated to teaching about the mind. The curious and interesting thing about all this is that they do a lot of propaganda in favor of the mind, and that is, naturally, very serious. All mentalist-type schools, let's say, want their students to develop mental strength, to fortify mentalist power, etc.; and that, naturally, should invite us to reflect.

If one carefully studies many modern writers, one can clearly see that these, and forgive me the frankness, have almost no ideas of their own, they limit themselves to transcribing, commenting, etc.

There are authors who practically feel as if they broke one's mind. There, in some chapters, they defend terrible things, certain theories, and in subsequent pages they vehemently destroy what they previously defended, and write very well-documented antitheses, so that when one reads such a work, what they do is put to work the intellect, without really drawing the spiritual concept of any author. Basically, what one achieves is to increase the battle of the antitheses in the intellect; that's it.

However, what do they know, what have they evidenced? What have those scholars of intellectualism experienced? Nothing, my dear brothers and sisters, nothing. Their minds are stuffed with immense information, but they are not aware of anything, they know nothing, that is what is serious: ignorance, ignorance, and more ignorance! There are not only illiterate ignorant people, there are also learned ignoramus people and they are doubly ignorant, because, not only do they ignore, but they also ignore that they ignore. Not knowing is not a crime, but there are people who not only do not know, but also do not know that they do not know; that is exactly the situation of the learned ignoramuses, the great "lights" of the intellect.

What is the use of having your mind cluttered, filled with theories that you are not aware of, that you have never experienced? The important thing, brothers and sisters, is to experience the reality; this is only possible in the absence of the mind. I want you all to reflect, one by one, on each and every one of my words...

I see that no one has been happy with the mind. There are millions of people in the world, our planet really has billions of human beings who reason, analyze, etc., so what? Has the mind made any of them happy?

Brothers and sisters, put your right hand on your heart, be honest with yourselves and ask yourselves the following question: “Has my reasoning made me happy? Has the mind made me happy?"

If any of you has been happy with the mind, well, I would like to have the high honor of meeting him.

I have never in my life seen anyone who has achieved happiness through reasoning or intellect, or the process of thinking.

I understand that we must exhaust, precisely, the process of thinking. It seems to me that thought solves nothing, absolutely nothing.


In practice I have been able to prove, over and over again, that those who have distinguished themselves in the Gnostic movement by their plans, are the ones who have done the least, the ones who have done the least. In practice I have been able to fully verify that those who live from moment to moment are the ones who do the most.

If I, for example, had waited to have a few dollars to be able to make the Gnostic movement. I'm sure we never would have. Everyone knows very well that I have never been a rich man. I started the movement with a few friends, and yet, you see, the movement has grown and now encompasses the entire Western Hemisphere.

Presently we will be able to introduce our works in the United States, and our movement will expand worldwide. But for that I have not needed plans, my dear brothers and sisters, I have lived from moment to moment; and that's it.

Our missionaries have left without money to visit the different countries of America; they have knocked on different doors and thus have formed groups, and each day this great work expands. There have been no plans, but facts.

I believe that one should always be ahead of the process of thinking. I am in favor of the philosophy of the momentary. I sincerely believe in spontaneity.

If someone questions you, he must be ahead of the thought process and answer spontaneously, instantly, with what comes from his sincere heart; thus, little by little, one is freed from the whole process of thinking.

Dissolving Problems

One is presented with a problem in life. One should not try to solve it. It is better to dissolve it.

A problem, really, is a mental form with two poles: the positive and the negative. Such a form floats in the understanding with its battle of polar antitheses, and it is obvious that it comes to constitute in us concerns and sufferings.

Trying to solve them is as absurd as wanting to live locked up inside a bottle... well, a problem really in a bottle, an intellectual bottle. The one who is bottled up in a problem, acts and lives, and thinks according to his bottle. That is to say, he encloses himself, lives inside a vicious, absurd circle and does not solve anything.

Thought solves nothing. It is better to forget the problem. If we forget it, it dissolves. That's better, right?

Many will tell me, well, it dissolves, so what? Experiment, my dear brothers and sisters.

Usually, things do not turn out as one thinks, but as they really are. Events happen because they have to happen, and what has to be done is done.

I am going to give you concrete examples, because it seems that this way you understand better what I am saying.

Here, for example, my priestess-wife, at home, worried too much the other day about having to pay the rent, because if you don't pay, they run you out of the house. She worried about having to pay the bills (of course since we are not rich, we have to get things, well, in an easy way, paying in more or less comfortable monthly installments), all this caused her suffering because she was approaching already the time of such payments, and there was no money. She even tormented herself because I didn't torment myself (see that contradiction of common sense); she got distressed because I didn't get distressed, she got upset because I didn't get upset. The poor woman suffered. I think she even had headaches, seeing the date of the terrible payments approaching, and I was so calm, without worrying in the least about those payments (I love to live from instant to instant, from moment to moment, since I know that the mind solves nothing). Finally, the dreaded date arrived (usually the first or fifteenth of each month), and then the money for the payments came. Once this was done, once our debts had been settled, I would turn to her saying: “Well, what do you gain by worrying? The payments are done, what good were your worries? It seems to me that even some pennies were left over”... It is obvious that she could not refute that, it was so exact, she had to admit that she had foolishly lost energy.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, I did not try to solve problems, I rather liked to dissolve them, or to be more honest, I like to dissolve them (they dissolve by forgetting them).

Nonetheless, you could object to me, and that is clear, telling me: "Well, if the money for such payments had not come to you, what would your philosophy have been?" That would be a tremendous question, right? However, those who asked me that way would not be able to destroy, even for an instant, the philosophy of momentariness. When the money does not come for such payments, what? At the most I would have sold the furniture in the house, or I would have moved to a humble and simple little room somewhere, so what? Was that why I would have died, or would the order of the universe have been changed, or would I have succumbed to hunger or misery? No, my dear brothers and sisters, none of that would have happened; I would simply have changed my address, that's all. Maybe the creditors would take the things they gave me, so what? Since I don't get attached to those objects, because the attachment is formed by other types of egos... ...that's all.

It seems to me that... ...doesn't it?

Why should we fear life? Why should we fear the humble life, the simple life? Fear is something that must be abandoned, my dear brothers and sisters, if you really want to live according to the philosophy of momentariness. The only thing that the mind is really good for is to torture our existence and nothing else.

A Better Way to Live

When one reads so many authors out there, who exhibit so many theories, one realizes the ignorance in which they live. They expose a thesis that they learned somewhere out there; later, they themselves destroy it and put another, and in conclusion what happens is that their minds are full of bookish information, but they know nothing, they have experienced nothing of the reality, and that is very painful.

I have been reflecting these days, brothers and sisters, a lot, and I fully realize that the mind, as an instrument of investigation, is too poor; it is let's say, forgive me the concept, very miserable.

There are other richer means of acquiring information, more remarkable and wonderful means of experimentation. It is necessary, my dear brothers and sisters, to liberate the essence, the consciousness; draw it out into the intellect, draw it out of the mind to experience the real, the truth.

We need to tame the mind, tame it, let's say, like someone taming a wild colt; to subdue it, to control it, if we really wish, very sincerely, to free ourselves from it, to experience that which is the truth.

Let's go to more concrete facts: there is an author out there, whose name I won't mention, who talks about Atlantis, about the famous Atlantis. He even shares concepts of the Russians, that they say "this renowned Atlantis was, simply, an island, out there, in the Mediterranean", etc., something completely absurd, right? What is that author basing himself on, repeating what the Russians have already said? That is what the intellect does, brothers and sisters: repeat what others say. It does not seem to me, then, that the intellect is such an instrument, very efficient for research; It would be better, for example, to unbottle the essence through meditation, that is, to unbottle the consciousness, to remove it from within that cage of intellective or reasoning concepts.

Unwrapped consciousness, free from the thinking process... when will people understand the need to free themselves from the thinking process? At what time, on what date? Look at the great diplomats of these times: they mutually try to deceive each other; those "foxes of politics", great ambassadors, delegates, great ministers, etc., really do nothing but try to deceive each other. How could there be universal peace in this way? Some trying to deceive others. Do you think that true peace treaties could be made in this way? Would a diplomat believe, for example, in other diplomats? Mistrust is mutual, and it comes from the mind. Could peace be established on the basis of mutual mistrust? Obviously not, my dear brothers and sisters; the “political foxes” have let the world down, that is true.

The luminaries of the intellect, perverts who play with the mind! How painful is all that! The world is currently ruled by the scoundrels of the intellect; this is terrible. You see the anarchy, the chaos in which the world lives: each hand rises against each hand, some against each other and everyone against everyone; and you can be sure that the day will come when the third world war will end it all.


Reflection, then, indicates to us the need to put an end to the process of thinking, in order to truly know.

I want you, my dear brothers and sisters, to practice meditation more intensively.

When the mind is really still, not violently stilled, I repeat, but still, spontaneously and naturally; when the mind is silent, not silenced by force, gagged, because then inside it would be screaming, no; I repeat: in silence in a natural way, then the new comes.

In meditation, my dear brothers and sisters, we must first place our body in the most comfortable position. Some prefer to meditate sitting down, there are those who prefer to do it in the oriental posture, others prefer to lie on the floor with their legs and arms open, in the form of the flaming star, which is, let us say, the higher form of meditation for masters; thus, each one, then, can choose the position that they consider most comfortable.

Then close your eyes so that nothing in the world distracts us.

And then, observe our own mind in action: if a thought comes to us, study it, observe it carefully, understand it deeply and then forget it.

If a memory comes, you have to do the same: study it, weigh it, measure it, and forget it after having understood it thoroughly, completely, totally.

If any desire comes, well, then, we are going to study the desire, to deepen it, to see what is real about it, then forget it.

Every thought, every desire, every memory, every idea, etc., etc., etc., must be rigorously studied, thoroughly comprehended.

This is how we get to know our ego, our I, our myself; because everything that comes to mind when we try to meditate, everything that tries to sabotage our work is our own ego, our own desires. Because our ego is our thoughts, our desires, our ideas, our desires, our fears, our hatreds, our envy, our selfishness, our lusts, our pride, etc...

So, in meditation we see what is appearing, we see our own ego, which has a beginning and an end; it is like a ball of thread, for example: it has its beginning and it has its end. This is how the ego is, my dear brothers and sisters: it has a beginning and it has an end...

Once the entire film has concluded, let us say, of the screen, the entire procession of the ego, all that chain of desires, desires, fears, memories, hatred, etc., the mind remains, obviously, still and in the most deep silence. And then, it is natural that the essence, the consciousness that we carry inside, is unbottled from within the mind, is released; and so, we come to experience the reality, that which is the truth, understood?

What do we want to know, for example, about Atlantis, what will we do? First you have to bring the mind to stillness and silence, that is clear; but before having started any practice, we will have to pray, yes to our Divine Mother Kundalini, having asked her with all our hearts to take us to Atlantis, that we want to know about Atlantis; then we sat down for practice. And once the mind is still and silent, well, it is obvious, my dear brothers and sisters, that then the Divine Mother Kundalini will take us to Atlantis and we are going to see it; but we are going to see it in consciousness, in essence, in spirit, not through the process of thinking, through intellectualisms, which are of no use. Through simple theories, nothing is achieved. Let's see it as it is; we are going to relive lives that we had in Atlantis, past existences; that is the way to know, right?

For my part, I am going to tell you something: when I want to investigate, for example, about Lemuria, the first thing I do, in my own way (if it suits you, then follow my example, I tell you how I do it): I go to bed, well, in my bed very calmly, with the flaming star position (arms and legs open), totally relaxed body; I close my physical eyes so that things from the outside world do not bother me...

Later, I concentrate on my Divine Mother Kundalini, I tell her: “I want to know about such a thing, for example, about Lemuria (an example, right?) I want information”. I beg and ask with true love, naturally, because one is not going to address one's mother in a dictatorial way (“asking alms with a shotgun” as they say around here), no; but with true love. The child should address the mother with love.

And after the supplication, I seek to make my mind still and silent. If any memory comes to me in those moments when I try to do the practice, well, I comprehend it, I analyze it and I forget it. If any desire arises, any idea, then I do the same: comprehend, analyze... comprehend, discern and forget, and finally the mind is still.

Once still and in the deepest silence, then my consciousness is unbottled, that's obvious. It comes out of the mind. Then I am going to live Lemurian, and see the facts of Lemuria, and relive existences that I had in Lemuria. Afterwards, I come out of the meditation with all the information, I write it down and I give it to you in printed books. How do you see, what do you think about my system, my dear brothers and sisters?

Play these recordings and many times; make it resound and listen to the teaching as I am giving it to you; but please listen to it, practice, it is not enough to just receive the lecture, you have to put the teachings into practice, understood?

The system, then, of investigating with the consciousness is better than investigating with the intellect. Consciousness is wiser. Because with the consciousness we directly experience the truth; with the intellect, what do we experience? Nothing, my dear brothers and sisters, with the intellect the only thing we achieve is to embitter our lives, to fill our minds with theories and more theories; that's it.

What comes out of consciousness, I repeat, is straight; what comes out of the intellect is difficult for it to be straight, it is usually crooked. I have been able to verify this through experience.

However, I recognize that everyone is free to think as they want. Those who want to follow my teachings, follow them, I am not trying to coerce anyone's mind. I respect the free thinking of each one. I expos,e yes, I say: it is better to free ourselves from the process of the intellect...

The serious thing is that people are so self-deceived that they believe that all action must necessarily come from the mind. They never do the will of the Father, they never act with the dictates of the consciousness, they do not listen to the consciousness, they prefer to do things with their more or less twisted or crazy ideas, according to their merely intellectual impulses; that has led us into error. Look at the state humanity is in.

If we learn to live according to the dictates of the consciousness, it is obvious that we will live righteously and that we will not acquire karma of any kind. But if we continue to act according to the intellective impulses or the impulses of the mind, then our actions will be crooked, crazy, wrong. We have been able to reflect on this, comprehend it through practical life...

You have to argue a little with the mind when it does not want to obey. We must address the mind, saying, for example: “mind, why don't you obey me? Obey me! What do you want, mind?" Later, with the development of the faculties, the mind will answer us as if it were a completely different subject. He will tell us: “I want this, or I want something else”; or simply through a representative image, through any intellectual representation, the mind will show us what it wants. Then, we will be able to say to our mind: “what you are craving for, mind, it does not work, it is false, obey me! I am your consciousness and you must obey me, mind!”...

Thus, little by little we are dominating it; You have to learn to argue with it, treat it in the same way that muleteers treat a donkey that doesn't want to obey. Have you seen, brothers and sisters, how the horse tamers treat the horses? Sometimes they even scold them, and that's what we should do with the mind: treat it like a donkey or a horse, like something that must learn to obey. Do not be a slave to the mind, because if we are slaves to the mind, we are going to fail.

There is a very delicate point during meditation. Many times when you think you have reached the stillness and silence of the mind, you have not arrived yet. So one must dig inside, one must say to the mind: “mind, what is the matter? what are you craving for? why don't you be quiet? obey me, you must be quiet!”... Sometimes, if you have a certain development of your higher faculties, you will be able to see the representations of the mind, which at that moment will answer with such or such scenes; in that way the mind will tell us what it wants. But precisely, that is the moment of knowing how to respond, of knowing how to treat that mind in the same way that a muleteer would treat a donkey that does not want to obey, a donkey that does not want to be quiet; and finally, it would be quiet.

Stillness and silence, that is what is wanted during meditation, precisely that. Because when the mind is still, when the mind is silent, the new comes.

If you think you have reached stillness, and you are still not experiencing anything, it is because you have not reached stillness and silence. If you find some pressure within your mind and not that state of natural spontaneity, of natural attitude, it is because the mind is still not still or silent. It is necessary to find out, then, why it is not still, why it is not silent. It may happen that you have terrible fights, there, in submerged depths, in very deep folds, unknown to you. Yes, don't be surprised: submerged or the infraconscious internal depths of the mind... In such depths or intellective abysses, there are also struggles that many times we are not aware of (in the merely superficial region of reasoning). Fights, fights that bind, that do not allow the consciousness to escape; struggles that bottle up the essence... For this reason, when you find yourself in that state, despite believing that the mind is still and silent, the new does not arise, it is because there are very deep obstacles in the infraconsciousness. Then you have to question the mind: “mind, what do you want? why don't you stay still?" The mind will give an answer, possibly with a representation. Comprehend such a representation, discern it and make the mind see that this representation, this idea that it has, this desire that it has is absurd.

In this case, it is necessary to discuss with the mind, and make it understand that it is absurd and that its position does not have a solid basis; that the best thing to do is to leave us alone, not bother us anymore, not annoy us.

But you have to comprehend what that desire that the mind has is. A desire possibly too submerged. You have to comprehend it in order to destroy it; when it is destroyed, then comes the stillness and silence of the mind.

And if the new didn't come, then what? It is because there is some other submerged desire, some other subconscious problem out there. In that case you have to repeat, you have to discuss with the mind, you have to question it to find out what it wants; we have to make the mind comprehend that what it is craving for is absurd, that it should leave us alone, that it should not bother us.

Thus, taming the mind, taming it like a wild colt, the moment finally arrives when it learns to be still and silent; until the liberation of the essence comes, the liberation of consciousness.

One with a free consciousness, outside the merely intellective field, can experience, study, not only Atlantis or Lemuria, but even cosmic days and nights; one can delve into the history of the centuries; knowing yourself and knowing others; discover the mysteries of life and death; experience the seven unspeakable secrets, etc., etc., my dear brothers and sisters.

So, more meditation, please, more meditation, that's what you need! In the third chamber, in the lumisial, group meditation can be done, and it is convenient to do it so that everyone receives the strength.

And at home you have to work daily, daily at home, my dear brothers and sisters, work, work and work. Remember that "meditation is the daily bread of the wise", "our daily bread"; we must practice it with intensity, do you comprehend me?

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, I think I have said enough for today. Now I invite you to practice meditation, I invite you to study, I invite you to reflect on the teachings that I have given you through this recorded tape. Inverential peace!


The Atlantean Civilization

Atlantis was a long and immense continent that was located in the ocean that bears its name, the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously, that continent initially had its golden age, as we Aryans had and as the Lemurians had.

In the golden age, that is, the pre-Atlantean era, when love, beauty, harmony, and poetry spread everywhere, those who ruled Atlantis were divine kings, sacred kings. Those sacred kings had powers over fire, air, water and earth, over everything that is, has been and will be; later the silver ages become; copper and iron of Atlantis. Of course, the primitive splendors, the cults of the elemental gods were then changed by other cults.

In Atlantis there was a civilization that human beings of these times do not even remotely suspect. Suffice it to say that there were vehicles powered by atomic energy, which could just as well travel on land, float through the air, navigate through the waters, and were powered by nuclear energy.

The houses of the Atlanteans were always surrounded by walls, ramparts, they had gardens to the front, gardens to the rear.

The Atlanteans made atomic rockets in which they traveled to the Moon and other planets of the solar system, I lived in Atlantis and I can testify to you about that. However, there were several cities; there was a wonderful cosmo-port, from that cosmo-port, cosmic ships, atomic rockets left for one or another planet of the solar system. I liked to go to a kind of caravansine, which is what the restaurants of that time were called, and from there we would contemplate through the windows, those large glass windows, the entire cosmo-port, I liked to see how those rockets headed to the Moon. At first these caused great astonishment and nothing was heard except the cries of the crowds; later it became very common. The lighting was atomic, with nuclear energy.

There were devices, for example, that were connected to the mind, and transmitted to one teachings without having to rack one's brains to learn. Marvelous telepathic devices, transmitting knowledge to one, I have not seen them again at this present times.

In Atlantis there was a yellow race, the lords of the round and yellow face, the lords of the face of the moon; they were whites, the lords of the dark face, the reds, etc., etc. There were different angles, different places, in which the colors were codified.

One of the temples known at the time of Atlantis was the Temple of Neptune, and the god Neptune, the great lord of Atlantis, was worshiped. The god Neptune, the regent of Neptune, came to take a physical body on earth and lived in Atlantis; He already wrote his precepts on the columns of the temples, the cult of Neptune was very famous, just like that of the elementals of the waters, the sirens of the immense sea, the Nereids, the geniuses of the ocean; It was an extraordinary time, an ancient Neptunian amentine, which came from a remote past.

The lions pulled the carriages. You see the lions today furious, terrible, because in Atlantis the lions served as draft animals, the lions were domestic. The dogs were much bigger, huge, now they are small, they were mastodons at that time, they served to defend the houses of the citizens, they were furious. Horses also existed but they were gigantic. There were huge elephants; the mammoths, ancestors of the elephants, abounded a lot in the jungle mountains; they were huge.

Everything was technical in Atlantis. In matters, for example, of viscera transplants, the Atlanteans outdid these people of today. For example, they transplanted hearts, livers, kidneys, pancreas and, as an amazing thing, they transplanted brains. For example, there were people who considered themselves immortal, because, as the essence is always connected to a brain, at a certain moment, that brain was transferred to a young body and then the essence continued connected to that young body, through that brain. There were subjects who physically lived for thousands of years with the same brain. All that was much more advanced in Atlantis. That was extraordinary.

Unfortunately, during the Kali Yuga the Atlantean race terribly degenerated, the people surrendered to black magic, a word was thrown before an enemy, a mantra and the enemy fell dead instantly; black magic was developed. The forces of sex were used but for evil, to cause harm to other people at a distance; That was when Atlantis already degenerated.

In its times of splendor, it was beautiful, but when it degenerated it was very serious. Alcohol, the same as now; lust, degeneracy taken to the maximum; And so, Atlantis came to disappear, simply because of the great catastrophe. It happened that a revolution of the axes of the earth came, the seas changed beds and swallowed up Atlantis. Of course, the Manu Vaivaswata had already warned the populaces of what would have to come. The Manu Vaivaswata was the true biblical Noah and he warned them, he told them: “a great catastrophe is coming” but they laughed at him, nobody believed him.

Truly, the day came when there was that revolution of the axes of the earth, and the catastrophe was violent, but before the catastrophe occurred, the wise men of the Akaldan university knew it and left Atlantis before it sank into the bottom of the sea; they left for the small continent of Grabonci, which is a small continent that today is named Africa. Other lands were added to Grabonci and the continent grew and the students of the Akaldana university moved to the south of Grabonci, but later they received orders from superiors and left for Cairona, which is now Cairo. They, among other things, established the Sphinx, brought it to Egypt and created the mighty civilization of the Egyptians there.

Atlantis was shaken by terrible earthquakes. On a certain occasion, thousands of people gathered in the gigantic temple of Neptune, all invoking Ra Mu, the priest Ra Mu; Ra Mu came and the multitudes clad in many precious jewels exclaimed: what garments, what gold, what diamonds! “Ra mu save us” and Ra mu answered them: “I had already warned you and you did not believe me, now you will perish with your wives and your children and your slaves and your riches, and from all the seed of this race, a great race will arise (referring to us the Aryan root race) but if they behave like you they will perish too.” Legend has it that Ra Mu's last words were drowned out by smoke and flames. 

So that, with frightful earthquakes, three times it seemed to sink and the third time the entire continent sank definitively, with all its millions of beings and all its techniques and all its industries, powerful buildings and its airships, its atomic cars, etc. . And it was a civilization millions of times more powerful than this. This civilization of ours is not even close to the civilization of the Atlanteans, neither in technology, nor in industry, nor in anything. It was more powerful, they were already going to Venus, they were going to Mercury in atomic rockets; so, they were very strong.

The first part of Atlantis (the golden age) seemed even more interesting to me than the second; in the first part there was harmony, beauty, fraternity, love. Ships arrived from other worlds, they came from Mars, from Venus, from Mercury; So those extraterrestrials lived with the kings of Atlantis, they advised them, they taught them.