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Raphael and Tobias
Raphael and Tobias

Medicine for the Soul, Daimon vs Demons, and a Remedy Against Demons

Unquestionably, karma is something that we have to understand properly in all the curvatures of the mind.

Karma is paid not only for the evil that is done, but for the good that is left undone, despite being able to do it.

In life, my dear brothers and sisters, one must learn to cooperate with the inevitable. It is useless to walk against the current.

"Happy is the one whom God correcteth." -Job 5:17

Obviously karma is a medicine for the soul. To repudiate that remedy is absurd.

I want all of you to reflect and never be carried away by despair. I want all of you never to protest against karma. Clearly such protests are similar to those that a sick person would utter against the medicines that are saving his life.

It is in the realm of practical existence that we really have to learn many things related to karma.

The Dangers of the Mind

There is always the tendency to take sides about things. The ego always takes sides in any situation. The mind is inclined to clearly or vaguely judge, but without foundation. It is necessary, my dear brothers and sisters, to not judge so as not to be judged. Before affirming something, we have to verify it. There is a very intimate tendency in us to judge without having verified the matter in question. We must first investigate and then wait for results, without taking sides about anything, because when the mind takes sides about something, it always turns out more or less wrong. It is better to be calm and await the facts.

This does not mean being extremely passive. What I am emphasizing is the idea of ​​being calm and waiting. There are times when initiative is needed promptly, but such initiative must be based on higher orders. This could be objected by saying to me, for example: "How will we know when these orders come or how to recognize them in ourselves, etc.?" Remember that orders are accompanied by facts. Let us look for a simile: we have been told that the Sahaja Maithuna should be practiced when there are higher orders, when that order comes from within. Upon reaching this part, any neophyte who follows the path of the perfect matrimony could say to me: “But when does such order come from within? And how do I recognize it? " And this would be a very logical reply to me. Since you are all asleep, you cannot know when the order is coming from within. Every order is accompanied by facts: if we are given the order to practice the Sahaja Maithuna, those instants exist within our biology, which will be fully ready for the sacred copulation, not only within the mind, but within the very physiology of Eros, and in that comes to know that the order comes from within. Because an order that comes from within must also provide bases outside, an order that comes from within, comes to express itself patently in some form and in some way with concrete and definitive facts, as well as in other activities of human life.

There are times when it is necessary to take initiatives such as when the order comes from within, that is, when the order is not mental but comes out from the consciousness and based on facts that are in activity. So, it is necessary to be in a certain state of alertness in order not to become confused and fall into error, because it is easy to confuse an order that comes from within with anything else. Many times, an idea, an opinion, a reaction of the mind, accompanied by sufficient emotion could deceive us, it could lead us to false conclusions, to wrong deductions, we could simply think that the order comes from within, when it has not come, when it has come simply from the mind, from emotion, but not from within.

That order that comes from within is different, it has such a pure feeling that it is not sentimentality and always accompanied by facts that exactly coincide with the intimate impulse that is not of the mind. Only in these cases, I repeat, you must take initiative, otherwise it is better to remain serene, watching the battle of the waves, but without taking sides with any wave, because when the mind takes sides with something, it can fall into error.

I have already told you many times that the mind is clumsy, slow, frighteningly slow to understand, unfortunately torpid. There are other faculties in the human being that are faster. For example the sexual sense is wonderful. With a glance, in the simple fraction of a second, one can know a person of the opposite sex, sexually, to know if that other person of the opposite sex –of course it is–, we say, our corresponding better half, or not, or in what form could be complemented with one, because really, we all have different faculties that we need to complement with a person of the opposite sex.

We have seen in practice, for example, a male is sometimes well-matched with a female in the feeling of the heart, but then, on the other hand, mentally they are not matched. Or in the impulses of the motor center they do not match. So then it happens, that sometimes, there is a disequilibrium, thus, he meets some other woman that complements the impulses in which he does not have complementation with his spouse: adultery inevitably is the outcome.

The sexual instinct is fast in men and women. If it were not for that wisdom of the sexual instinct, then any male would unite with any females or vice versa. But the sexual instinct is so wise that in milliseconds it can inform about the person in front of us, if such a person of the opposite sex is exactly our complement or not, and what faculties can be complemented and which cannot. The sexual center does it faster than any computer. On the other hand, the mind with its analyses, how torpid it is!

For instance, today I was reading a famous (Mexican) magazine named "Doubt" (by the way, they should change its name because it does not seem correct, they named it that way in order to adjust to this environment, to this humanity). Anyhow, that magazine narrated the case of a Jewish doctor who spoke with a religious priest about the subject-matter of "Does the devil exist or not?" The point is that they analyzed the issue in a very careful, detailed, and meticulous way. Thus, after a long discussion with the priest, the Jewish doctor ended up writing a book against the devil, saying that "the devil does not exist." They congratulated him on all sides, considering him the liberator, the man who killed the devil, to that end, he felt full of pride. He was also a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are quite clumsy; they are true donkeys, and you may excuse me for making such a criticism.

Well, the Second World War arrived, the Führer invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, the great war broke out from 39 to 45. The Nazis came to the doctor and said: "You pig Jew, you are arrested." From one moment to another, that doctor was arrested and taken to the concentration camps. He knew the gas chambers; he managed to save his life, because then a judge got involved in playing the role that he agreed with the Nazis. So, he saved his skin and had the job of removing the gold teeth from the dead Jewish corpses, thus, giving the gold to the Nazis. He was the special guy for that, he killed nobody; he served them to remove the gold teeth from his companions and help undress his coreligionists to also give them their clothes, etc. Was that right or wrong? There, the Great Law will know. I think he did no wrong, because a corpse is a corpse, which has a tooth removed, so? The important thing was that from that moment, the man changed, then he already began to see that the psyche of these men was invaded by something, by a powerful demonic force. He thought about the collective hypnosis that demonic force exerted on the crowds; he thought that there was a power, a demonic influence and began to write another book, this time, demolishing what he said in the previous one. If I am commenting this it is because it is convenient for this lecture.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, we see how slow the mind is. Such a man needed to go through the whole process of the Second World War and the gas chambers, and end up in a hospital, in order to believe in the existence of the devil and write a book documenting this demon and making the history of him. Lo and behold how slow the mind is! Any of us knows that instinctively, there is a diabolical force in everything created and that we cannot deny.

Now, I have to repeat what I already said in past lectures; it is not that we believe in an arch-devil created by a God, that is seated there behind the clouds ruling the whole earth, because that would be absurd. Nor could we believe in an anthropomorphic type of God, as a kind of clay idol of an intellectual type, there, ruling the entire universe, throwing thunder and lightning against all of this sad human anthill. But indeed, my dear brothers and sisters, if we do admit that God is gods, that God is the Army of the Voice, the Great Word, the Verb. We also have to admit the antithesis, the shadow of that collective Architect Demiurge. We have to admit the devil ... to think of Socrates' divine daimon is something that the ancient authors of theosophical, Rosicrucian, etc. type have cited, but they have not comprehended it, not at all.

Our Inner Daimon

δαίμων: deity, godlike, power, fate.

Remember again what I already told you: each one of us has his own divine devil, his daimon. When speaking of that, a divine devil, if there were any fanatic here who had listened to us, I am sure that through that door they would run and leave the premises, they would come out screaming, "Samael is a black magician!" No, my dear brothers and sisters, when I speak of the devil, let us think, I repeat again, even if it makes me annoying, of Socrates' divine daimon.

That a divine devil actually exists? How can he not? This is how it is! Why? Because the Third Logos (Binah) who is our own particular individual monad, intentionally splits asunder; thus, from it, that sunderable part becomes the divine daimon, a divine devil. If we were to look at him, we would be horrified (any clairvoyant would be scared); he obviously has horns, yet remember what God said to Mephistopheles:

"Here too thou art free to act without control; I never have cherished hate for such as thee. Of all the spirits who deny, the scoffer is least wearisome to me.” – Faust by Goethe

And that is a very interesting devil, a divine devil, thus, there is a just reason to talk about the divine daimon. If it is a sunderable part of our own inner divinity, it would be absurd to do what the Marquis de Merville did: to exorcise it, anathematize it, publicly condemn it before humanity. Because if we pronounce ourselves against that divine daimon, we are in fact pronouncing ourselves against the eternal one, because it turns out that that divine daimon is a sunderable part of the eternal living God within us and it could not be anathematized, condemned, without also condemning our divinity; thus, for something this divine devil is very useful.  

Let's look at the book of Job, how interesting! It is an esoteric, initiatory, transcendental story. In the first place, Job, the patriarch, was going through the same process that Apollo, exiled in the desert, went through before his resurrection, the famous eight years of the initiate. I want to tell you a great truth, brothers and sisters, but I need you to understand me: there are eight great initiations of Major Mysteries. After one has received them, one must perform the nine works, namely, the work of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune; when all these works are done, then one is prepared for the resurrection. This subject matter about the resurrection is very important, because all of you can practice all the exercises and receive all the initiations; but those powers of Cagliostro or Count of San Germain or Nicolás Flamel or Kout Humi or Moria, are not possible to have them before the monad resuscitates within us. Only with the resurrection of the Secret Master within us do those powers that are of the paradisiacal type become in us; behold, if even the Seraphim (in Kether of Yetzirah, the world of formation) themselves do not possess them, that is, the Seraphim cannot possess them until they achieve the resurrection. But before such a resurrection in us, we must be qualified, that is, the eight received initiations must be qualified. So, it is not enough to receive the initiation, nor to have passed through the eight great initiations of Major Mysteries, it is necessary to qualify them and this qualification is done in eight years, which are the eight years of Apollo in the wilderness, the eight years of Job, the eight years of Tobias. In those eight years they say that Tobías was blind but after those eight years, he regained his sight thanks to the archangel Raphael. Fish gall was used for that healing.  

During those eight years, the patriarch Job suffered, hence the famous Chaldean story in which the great Satan asked divinity for permission to put Job to the test. Of course, Jehovah is none other than (Binah) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei (Elohim), the Father who is in secret and our Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti. So, Satan caused all the bitterness to that patriarch. You already know how he afflicted all of his goods, finished off all his wealth, made him a leper. However, Job did not protest, and when he lost all his wealth, and his wife and children and everyone made him see that it was foolish to continue worshiping that Jehovah, then Job responded by saying:

“Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither.” – Job 1: 21

How interesting is that! It is true, we all come naked and naked we shall return thither; the clothes we wear, the house where we live, all that is borrowed, this is the pure reality of the facts. My dear brothers and sisters, to that end, tha devil was defeated, but he was extraordinary because he served to test Job.

As for what corresponds to me, I can also tell you that I am in the eight years. One does not protest. Very few are those who know the way of suffering in which I am living, the book of Job. I really feel so happy! Ordinary karma, fortunately I do not have it, but I do have that karma, the higher karma that belongs to the Law of Katancia for having murdered the god Mercury. Listen, you all have committed that  crime, I am not the only one who has committed it, you all have murdered Hiram Abiff. But we have to rescue him from his murderers, that is the basis of Freemasonry and there is no sincere Mason who does not aspire to resurrect Hiram Abiff within himself. The day he succeeds, he can exclaim: "The King is dead, long live the King!" But not everyone can afford that luxury, right? The Masonic brothers who are listening to me know in what sense I am speaking, "The King is dead, long live the King!"

Well, how could I protest karma now? That higher karma is serving me. I am in those eight years and I am happy, because it turns out that I have dissected this karma. I find that it is a unique medicine to restore in oneself, in its place, the paradisiacal state, with that karma one manages to heal the soul, to truly heal. Blessed is the one whom God punishes.

Well, you see the wonderful role that Satan plays in the book of Job. That Satan is nothing but a sunderable part of every particular monad. In each one of us it is the divine daimon and helps for the Jinn states, because when Montezuma called the sixty elders entrusting them with the mission of traveling towards the distant Thule, towards the Hyperborean continent, to bring the greeting to the Aztec ancestors, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, etc. the sixty elders put their body in Jinn state, that is, only then could they be transported to the North Pole, otherwise, how? There is the (promised) land of the Jinns, of the Hyperborean world, thus, for this, each one of them invoked their divine daimon and each one of them with the help of their divine daimon, put their body in Jinn state, thus this is how they transported themselves and took the greeting to the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli, to Quetzalcoatl’s mother, etc. Behold how interesting is the divine daimon; he serves for Jinn state (to enter the promised land).

Demons, Devils

But let's distinguish between the divine devil and all that legion that we could call devils, demons; each one of you carries a legion and all that legion constitutes the ego, the “I”, the pluralized “I.” Each of these defects represents a psychological defect, a demon of greed, gluttony, lust, etc. Thus, each human being carries millions of demons within and the consciousness is bottled up, engulfed, embedded within each one of those demons. This is how we can better understand Goethe's phrase:

“Here too thou art free to act without control; I never have cherished hate for such as thee. Of all the spirits who deny, the scoffer is least wearisome to me.”  

So, there is a difference between that divine devil and the devils. Devils are the "I's"; the divine devil is Mephistopheles, and he the scoffer is least wearisome to us, since he is the great coach, the one who trains us, who tempts us for our own good, because in this way we know our failures and finally we acquire strength, how to resist him, when that is, he comes out defeated, he rejoices, then we triumph. When he feels defeated, inside of him, he rejoices that we triumph, because his objective is to train us, when the triumph finally arrives, the Third Logos (Binah) swallows his devil, his divine daimon. Of course, when that is, the work is already done, that is then, the total triumph.

So, I want you to distinguish between the divine devil and devils.

Now, demons there are many, there is also legion. The “I's”, I have already said, are devils-demons and there are lots of them and people are machines through which express their own devils, their own “I's”. Nevertheless, there are times that foreign devils express themselves through you that have nothing to do with you. I am not referring to an foreign daimon, but something different, I speak of foreign demons, common and ordinary, of "I's" that express themselves through oneself. Many times when passing through certain places, they get into our organism, then part of our consciousness is absorbed and thereafter, they become new inhabitants, new "I's" inside our organism.

A Remedy Against Demons

There are very strong exorcisms to ward off the dark powers: there is the Conjuration of the Seven, the Conjuration of the Four of the Wise Solomon; there is the Pentalpha, the five-pointed star. But there is a remedy that is the "non plus ultra" in order to drive away demons, a remedy with which no demon can be near to us. If we burn it in a house, all the larvae and devils run away, do you know what it is? I think you do. The one the archangel Raphael gave to Tobías’ son, the incense made from livers and fish hearts. The fish is opened, the liver and heart are carefully extracted, it is burned on burning coal, and with that the bedrooms, the rooms of a house, in short, anywhere are smoked. There is no demon that can resist that; it has extraordinary power, and any house is cleaned with that incense. If you use it for yourself, it is better, you put the incense on yourself, there are many larvae that are going to disintegrate; as possible, dry or not dry, afterwards the atmosphere of the house is fixed by burning incense and myrrh.

Remember the case of Tobias' son, the archangel who appears to him on the road, invites him to visit Nineveh, travels with him, indicates to him the need to know a wife and points out which woman has to be taken for wife. She is the maiden, daughter of Raguel, a maiden who had been married seven times and was still a maiden, but it turns out that she could not sleep with any man. On the same wedding night, the demon Asmodeus arrived and killed her husband, because it turns out that that demon Asmodeus was in love with her. That demon was not accepting marriage to her. Any man who married her, that man was killed on the wedding night, before the man could have sexual intercourse with her; therefore, despite being married seven times, she was still a maiden. Asmodeus was Andrameleck's brother, they are two fallen Thrones, Listen well, the two of them, had no objection to murdering their father in a temple there in ancient times. I know Andrameleck very well. As for Asmodeus, I don't know him well, but I do know that he is a terribly perverse demon.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, with what do you think Tobias triumphed? The Archangel Raphael told him what he should do: “Marry her and the same night that you marry, before sleeping with her, within burning coals, you will burn fish hearts and livers, with that smoke you will embalm the house; in short, you will incense her, then you will also perform an exorcism." You can recite any exorcism, the Conjuration of the Four or the Seven, but accompanied by that incense. Thus, the outcome was extraordinary, when he asked the girl for his wife, the first thing that the one who was going to be her mother-in-law warned him, was that she take care of her because he was going to be the eighth since seven had already died. He was not afraid of her, he already had the formula of the archangel Raphael, and before sleeping with her, he burned the livers and hearts of fish, exorcised, conjured, etc., and slept with her peacefully. The next day, when everyone was waiting for another corpse to come out, he left her bedroom very calmly with his wife. Blessed, he had triumphed. When he returned again to Babylon, he already had the fish gall ready for the eyes of his father. When the eight years were accomplished, it is clear that his father was healed with the gall of the fish, they became good.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, there is a divine devil and there are demons. Let us distinguish between the divine devil and the demons, the "I's" that abound out there. It is very different, it is a subtle difference, that anyone confuses the divine daimon with the "I's", that is why it is good to clarify so as not to err and as occultists we need to be practical.   

Of course, when the eight years have passed, the master has resusitated, Hiram Abiff resuscitates in each one of us, then Binah has already incarnated, but even so, one can be a Seraphim or a Throne from heaven, but if one has not achieved the resurrection of the Third Logos (Binah), well, one still lacks a bit. There are those who have also achieved it, but they have gone headlong first despite having achieved it. And now I am about to arrive again, but this time, I assure you that I will not go headlong, I have the experience of the aeons. I learned, yes, that you have to cooperate with the inevitable, and instead of protesting karma you have to dissect it in order to know the medicine, to be able to value it, to appreciate it deeply. There is no doubt that Tobias had used his eyes for evil, possibly because of his eight years' disease, each master suffers differently. The leper patriarch works, there he, each one is each one, also Job was healed. The Archangel Raphael is a great doctor, Raphael is the great master of science, a great doctor, he has done wonders, healed the initiates and also because his heart is great, he is great for everyone, as a doctor he is extraordinary and figures in the Old Testament.

Liberate the Mind from Fear

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, let us continue forward. I emphasize the need to cooperate with the inevitable, to act in accordance with the law, not to take sides about anything, to always await facts. Preoccupations are harmful to the mind, because facts are destroyed.

Now, problems are different, I have already said it many times to you, one thing is the fact and another thing is the problem. The fact exists, but the problem is something that has no reason to exist, it is something that the mind unfortunately creates. As I have told you, it has two poles, the negative and the positive, that is why it goes from thesis to the antithesis, from one idea to another, it floats in the mind, it sustains it. That one does not sustain, at the time, the problem disappears, therefore, never try to solve problems, it is best to dissolve them and it is clear that they dissolve by forgetting them.

Anyone would say: “I forget about that problem, but now what do I do? And then how are they resolved? " I'm telling you guys not to act. Working intensely is necessary, from moment to moment, from moment to moment, but the problem is something else, it is the result of fantasy, error, garbage, because there is a great difference between the problem and the fact. The fact is almost always solved by itself, but the problem even when solved, it still continues in the mind, yes, even if it is in the form of a memory, unfortunately.

Thus, to live from moment to moment is also essential. Why do we have to worry about tomorrow, about the day after tomorrow? "What will happen to me and my wife and my children later and what will happen in so many years?" "And then?" What matters to us that after, what should matter to us is now, the present. How do we know if within a year we already leave the body, that we are no longer alive? Let us remember brothers and sisters, the universal flood; everyone ate, slept, had fun, got married the day before, while the next day, they were all corpses: "Let's eat, drink, that tomorrow we will not exist, we will die", and everyone laughed and the next day, it was the day when they lost everything they had.

Before the great Atlantean catastrophe, people lived in opulence, riches, dances, feasts, in palaces, everywhere. Yet, from one moment to another, the sea changed its bed, and Atlantis with all its inhabitants ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Today in the underwater beds of the Atlantic, there are rich palaces, they have become a home for fish; there is gold there, there we still see riches that are not even remotely suspected, what use is all that? And what about their so many projects?

But let us not go so far away, let us remember the last days of Pompeii, what terrible earthquakes hit the city; Vesuvius erupting, clouds of smoke engulfing the city. When the earth really shook, everyone was clinging to treasures, men of that time have been found today in archaeological work, clinging to their treasures, what use was so much greed for them? How much ambition? They all had rich projects, they thought about tomorrow, their wives, their children, and their children's children, so what? Didn't all of that disappear in a few moments?

Some time ago, there were three beggars here in Mexico, I no longer remember their names or surnames. They walked around those streets of God begging, when they died, the authorities had to lift those corpses, because it was not known what the symptoms were like, and they found millions and millions of pesos under their mattresses; they were arch millionaires. Obviously, they had rich projects, and what good did it do them?

Therefore, the best thing, my dear brothers and sisters, is to live from instant to instant, from moment to moment. In no way, it is not useful to do projects, because one thing is what is thought and another is what is done, and "between thinking and doing there is much to do." We must live without projects, in a receptive and serene state, with a whole mind and without problems, that is the way to act wisely.

The facts are simple, but the mind complicates them, the mind puts difficulties where it should not. How dull is the mind! The mind itself is in charge of harming us, of deceiving us, because that which is done with an immense easiness is disfigured with the projects and mistrust and pettiness and nonsense of the mind. If we were simple, like children, we would really live with happiness, but we are complicated, the mind has us stuck inside the prison of pain and bitterness.

See what the mind has done, the lands divided into lots, borders and more borders, homelands with flags, soldiers armed to the teeth, hordes of cannibals, is that civilization? Did the Demiurge Architect divide the land into lots? There is a talk about nations and immigrants, yes, immigrants on our planet Earth? Listen, our planet is a great nation created by the Demiurge, so, that the children of men can live in, why should we divide it into lots? Who divided it into so many batches, with so many flags and hordes of savages? Was it not the mind? Thus, if we are to continue subject to the mind, we will go down the path of error, because the mind is clumsy in itself, it is the donkey that Jesus rode to enter Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Unfortunately, the donkey rides on us, we are not capable of doing what the Nazarene did, he rode the donkey; we need to comprehend the need to ride the donkey. Because we believe we are doing what we should do, because we don't let the facts speak, because we take sides for this or for that, wouldn't it be better to position ourselves to be in a receptive state awaiting facts?

And when we do something almost always ... the best thing is to be alert, receptive. If karma comes through the mind we draw deductions, all this that we study we must make it cognizance, it is necessary to live it, because one thing is to live something and another (is to theorize about it)...