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Entering into the new Jerusalem by William Blake
Entering into the new Jerusalem by William Blake

Mass Hypnosis and Its Remedy

Certainly, my dear brothers and sisters, it is necessary to understand what we are, the state in which we find ourselves, and the work we must do on ourselves, if we truly want a radical and definitive change. 

Much has been said about hypnotism. In other times it was considered that this science was the heritage only of people who were dedicated to sorcery, witchcraft, etc. Today is already in the university and is studied as hypnology (but it is the same hypnotism, only renamed). Now instead of simply being called hypnotism, it is given the pompous name of hypnology, but it is the same. Surgical operations are even performed with the patient in a state of hypnosis; And I think that in the Soviet Union, many such experiments are being carried out.

But there is something very interesting in all this, and it is, really, the concrete fact that people do not realize that they live in a continuous hypnotic state; people only come to know about hypnotism when they have gathered and when a hypnotic session is carried out, etc.

Everywhere we see signs of hypnotism, magnetism, suggestion, etc. but the crowds ignore that they are precisely in a continuous hypnotic state. Such a state is due to that sinister force of the abominable kundabuffer organ.

We have talked a lot about this organ, and it is worth reminding you that in a very remote past, such an organ was introduced into humanity; then, it developed in the same way that the tail of the monkeys appears. Thus, there was a time when humanity possessed such a tail.

I have explained to you many times that it was necessary to introduce this organ into the human species with a definite purpose: it was nothing less than establishing a certain stability in the geological layers of the earth, since the human organism is a machine that captures certain types of energy. It is clear that, upon receiving such an organ, there was a modification in the geological layers of the earth, as a consequence of the alteration of the human machine.

Thus, the modified type of energy could, collectively, give stability to the geological crust of our world, because the human machines transmit to the interior layers of the earth, the types of energy that they transform. The energy, transformed in this way, could give stability to the geological crust of our world.

When the ineffable beings considered that such an organ was no longer necessary, they eliminated it from the human species. Unfortunately, as I have already insisted many times, the bad consequences of the abominable kundabuffer organ remained within our organism.

Those terrible consequences came to be constituted in the form of the ego, the “I”, the myself, the self-willed. Thus, the consciousness remained engrossed, embedded within the ego.

Now, it is obvious that the essence, the consciousness, bottled up within the ego, is processed by means of its condition. Since the ego is subjective, because it is the outcome of error, the consciousness bottled up within the ego; it is processed subjectively, in a state of hypnosis... it sleeps profoundly.

Thus, the state of unconscious snoozing in which humanity lives is due to the fact that the consciousness is bottled up within the ego, and since the ego is the outcome of the abominable kundabuffer organ, we can draw as a consequence or corollary that the hypnotic sleepy state of the consciousness is due to the abominable kundabuffer organ.

Extending this, then, to the community, we could say that the multitudes are hypnotized by the sinister force of the abominable kundabuffer organ. In making this statement, we speak accurately. The curious thing about this case is that people do not realize that they are hypnotized; they only come to know of hypnotism when that force is concentrated in one place, that is, in a hypnotic session, for example. Millions of human beings, then, live in a state of hypnosis and that is always unfortunate.

Let's see, sister...

Disciple: Venerable master, hypnosis applied to the knowledge of medicine, can it be negative?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, sometimes it serves to cure, sometimes with hypnotherapy, some cures are performed, with the hypnotic force, that's obvious.  

Disciple: Master, I had read in a yoga book, specifically raja yoga, that hypnosis, in any case, is extremely negative because it brings consequences to the brain, that it is as if a blow were given to the mind of a person when through hypnosis makes him change his mind, that is, something he didn't want...

Samael Aun Weor: Hypnosis, hypnotism is harmful to humanity. When an active subject is hypnotizing a patient, it is obvious that he introduces into the mind, into the subconsciousness of the patient's brain, his own hypnotic fluids; then, from that moment, the patient is thus under his control; that is, the victim remains enslaved by the hypnotist, which is why it is harmful.

However, in medicine they use hypnosis to perform some cures, and have even been able to perform surgical operations and have been able, for example, to replace anesthetics; well, in some cases... But, considering all of this, hypnosis is not recommended.

Disciple: Thank you, master!

Samael Aun Weor: Undoubtedly, the first concerns that arose regarding hypnotism arose due to something that, we could say, was relatively innocuous: it happened that in a convent, a nun constantly fell into a hypnotic trance. She had her confessor and had no problem telling him that she still kept the portrait of a lover she had had, and that when she looked at that portrait, she always fell into a hypnotic state. That priest confessor proposed to help her, and certainly, he asked her to bring her portrait.

There was nothing strange about that portrait, the only thing that really attracted attention was that such painting, the frame rather, contained some very shiny stones. That confessor, then, managed to convince a scientific friend to accompany him in such investigations. He knew perfectly well that when looking at the portrait, the nun did fall into a state of hypnosis, or a hypnotic trance. Properly, that trance was provoked when she looked at certain very bright stones that were in the frame.

The curious thing about the case is that they say that she assumed an attitude, well, rather erotic, like that of a woman who is on her "honeymoon", during the sexual trance, etc. So, it was something strange.

Continuing with the investigations it was concluded that all kinds of very bright objects (bright stones charged with magnetism) can produce hypnotic trance states in very psychic people.

Much later, due to this incident, there was no shortage of people in Europe who magnetized very bright objects, shiny stones, etc., to induce the hypnotic sleep state in certain patients. And that was how, for some centuries now, hypnotism began to be used in medicine.

However, I remember that among the most famous researchers of hypnotism is this Richard Charcot, César Lombroso, etc. The first one who bothered to seriously investigate this hypnotism, was an Englishman and Mr. Charcot. That Englishman, frankly, had rather the properties of the hasnamussen; as for Charcot, he was just a "mama's boy" as they say around there. Indeed, his investigations are not worth studying, since “everything he said was correct, according to his mama.” He was a very spoiled “mama's boy,” but indeed there is nothing really serious about him. He never delved into the problem of the universal hypnotic force. So those two most important researchers—an Englishman who was the one who had properties of the hasnamussen; and the "mama's boy", as they called Charcot—they did not discover anything important, they did not go beyond doing simple silly experiments.

But as a consequence, or corollary of all this, different kinds of researchers began to emerge here, there and everywhere. Wherever mediums abounded, spiritism arose, which later gained great strength with the event of the Misses Fox of Merville, where the tables were raised in the air, where the stones entered through one window and came out through another, where a certain entity called Katie King materialized, etc.

The world was shaken by hypnotism and spiritualism and that gave rise, rather, to the appearance of many spiritualist-type schools. It is worth remembering the anthroposophical school, theosophism, pseudo-Rosicrucianism, pseudo-yogism, and countless schools that flourished as a consequence of all of that.

In general, all these schools, together with hypnotism and its henchmen, came to give the western world a rather dark type of force, because it was certainly how the kalkian personality emerged, let's say, the personality from kali yuga, right?... That fatal personality.

Thus, on the one hand, a certain natural innate religiosity disappeared, the patriarchy disappeared to be replaced by the Kalkian personality, that is, the personality of Kali Yuga. It is not my intention now, let us say, to criticize so many institutions that exist in the world, but speaking honestly, with my heart as they say, in my hand, I discover that many schools, well, are not on the real path.

H. P. B., the great master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, certainly has the high honor of having fought for humanity. Into her hands came "the stanzas of Dzyan", she wrote The Secret Doctrine based on those stanzas, but unfortunately, she does not deliver the keys to the intimate self-realization of the Being, she remained bottled up within the dogma of evolution, etc. So, although her intentions were very good, however, there is no doubt that her school, well, has not fulfilled the true purpose that it could have originally desired, right?

For example, what do the members of the Theosophical Society know about the superior existential bodies of the Being? Certainly, they talk about the existence of the astral body, about the mental body, about the causal body, etc., etc., etc., but when they make their assertions, they imply that everyone has those vehicles, when indeed, in reality, they do not have them…. you have to make them! And the important thing is to know how to make them; and they don't teach that.

The Kundalini is spoken of, but with much terror and fear. That is, they want people to know, but not to work; they don't want anyone to develop the serpentine fire. Around the serpentine fire there are innumerable prejudices: sex is described as taboo or sin, a source of shame, dissimulation, etc.

It is not that the master Blavatsky was not an initiate, no, I am not saying that; and, it is not that the “Dzyan stanzas” are worthless. Indeed they are very important. What I am emphasizing at this time is that in such an institution (as in some others), the keys, the elements that are needed to be able to become an adept, do not exist, and that is the serious thing!

Now, if we base ourselves in the dogma of evolution, obviously, this dogma bottles us up, stagnates us, because it is not through the mechanical evolution of nature that all of us are going to reach final liberation... that's absurd! If mechanical evolution were to lead us to liberation, what need would we have to rack our brains to understand all these mysteries? If we believe that evolution is what takes us to great spiritual heights, then what need do we have to make efforts? For what purpose? We would simply live a profane life as everyone does, without concern of any kind.

But this is not how it is. Evolution is nothing more than one of the laws of nature, its opposite is devolution; they are two laws that are processed in a coordinated manner and that work, therefore, serving nature itself within her bosom. We could say that these laws work as the axis of all this great machinery of nature.

Thus, this Kalkian personality representative of the Kali Yuga is disastrous. It is formed precisely with that abundant number of theories that do not reach any conclusion. People fill their heads with theories and do nothing, nothing practical.

Well, all those schools, sects and everything were born as a result, precisely, of all those hypnotic phenomena, and that is the most serious. But I repeat, we are not against anyone, against any school... we only invite all those schools to enter the practical esoteric field for the good of everyone and the whole world; not to remain only theorizing, but to fully enter the straight narrow and difficult path that leads to the light.

When we point out some weaknesses of such or such institutions, we do not do it in a destructive manner, no; we only propose to indicate to these people the need to be more practical, to abandon certain fears that do not lead to anywhere.

Continuing like this, forward, along the path of this dissertation, we see the need that we have to wake up from hypnotic sleep. It is a bit difficult for people to understand this, because there is a very marked tendency to believe that we are awake.

I still remember a movie I saw when I was younger in which a man who hypnotized a simple lady appeared; he plunged her into a deep hypnotic sleep... Well, the funny thing is that such lady, a girl about 15-18 years old, was with her boyfriend. Suddenly, then, this magician appears in her path, he hypnotized her; and since through the hypnotic force such individuals influence the psyche of people, well, he influenced her so that she would forget her boyfriend. She practically became his wife. But this magician exploited her. She went up to act in the theater, she sang, she had a magnificent voice...

Consequently, there are various concepts about the tomb of Tutankhamen: there are those who think that those curse words influenced the minds of the archaeologists, and that they, self-suggested, fell, died. This is a very poor, foolish concept. That other concept from the Japanese, also seems to me too foolish. Since we are in the era of nuclear energy, they can't think of anything else. If we were in the time of coal, they would say that matter was due to coal, carboniferous substances; all theories are dependent on the times. But those of us who have investigated further know all too well that all these tombs are protected by extremely dangerous elemental forces. The tomb of Tutankhamen is duly protected by elemental forces, by elemental powers of nature, so that those powers, latent there, came into action and mortally wounded the archaeologists, and the 22 who did this work died. But scientists don't know that, of course, because they have never studied anything about elementals. The wise men of Egypt not only protected the tombs with special substances, such as embalming the dead with certain substances for their preservation, but also had hidden magical forces. By putting certain elemental powers in these tombs, they did so to protect the deceased and in the case of Tutankhamen, the curse was fulfilled in each and every one of its parts. Those rascals who went to desecrate the sacred tomb could not overcome the curse. Behold the curse! They all fell miserably! That is the harsh reality of the facts.

Is there any other question? Yes brother...

Disciple: What do you say about the armies and officers, that most of us are also asleep because the more of a soldier you are, well, you have to obey the one who is higher in the hierarchy: what about that, master, can you tell us?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the hypnotic force is of a general type, because although it is true, for example, that all the millions of soldiers in the world are in a hypnotic state, I could assert that not only the soldiers, but the entire world is in a state of hypnosis.

It is also true that in the same army there have been people with an awakened consciousness. Thus, the great lord d'Estisag in Europe, at the time of ancient France, a great governor, a great politician, was also a master, a great alchemist and an awakened man. So, from time to time, among those forces there is an awakened man... Let's see sister...

Disciple: Master, Hitler's biographers cite that when he spoke to the crowds, he put himself in a hypnotic trance, was he possibly hypnotized by some force superior to him?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, Hitler was another sleepy one. If he had been awakened, he wouldn't have done what he did. He was a man whose consciousness was asleep but who dreamed of being awake, he believed that he was awake; that was his mistake. He even thought of making a superior race, a blue-colored race. He thought that the hour of the superman had come. He was poisoned by Nietzsche's theories. Let us remember those phrases of the Führer when full of euphoria he exclaimed: "I know the superman, I have seen him, he is terribly cruel, I myself have felt fear"... Really, what Hitler had seen was not the superman, but a black magician who came from central Asia, from Tibet, from the Drukpa [dragon] clan,  a black magician with an extraordinary hypnotic force. He visited Berlin. They called him “the man with the green gloves” (well, he always wore green gloves). It was said that he held the keys to Agartha, where none other than the Aryan gods live. Sure, with such a high-sounding language, well, the crowds couldn't do less than be amazed, right? Thus spoke Hitler... and that man, naturally, came to the Führer, who had no problem in worshiping that Drukpa, who was nothing but a terrible black magician, sent, then, from the clan of Drukpas. And Hitler created an institution of an esoteric type, in Berlin, but it was an institution of black magic. He thought he was a prophet, not of the word, but a prophet of the sword, called to revolutionize the world, right? But esotericists know very well that Hitler was nothing more than the return, recurrence, or reincorporation of that terrible Attila who existed in ancient times, the one they called “Flagellum Dei, or the “scourge of God”…

And as for Mussolini, history knows very well what his past lives were. He was an illustrious member of the dark brotherhood. All those are, then, black magicians. They have awakened in evil and for evil, that is obvious! Both Hitler and Mussolini are now people of the abyss, people who dwell in the infernal worlds. So that is the harsh reality of the facts.

Mesmer was a gracious man, and people have not weighed his heavy merits, he did so many experiments, so many magnetic healings! He was a man who realized that humanity lived in a state of hypnosis, and he proposed to study the state in which humanity found itself; and he handled magnetism and began to do experiments leading to that awakening. Unfortunately, his experiments could not be concluded, due to the concrete fact that he was terribly criticized. The know-it-alls, as always, unloaded against him all their calumnies, infamies, etc. That's why he couldn't finish his work, but Mesmer was an awakened man, a master. His goal was to lead humanity to awakening, to fight for the awakening of the people. But he was going the way of magnetism. He therefore knew that the kundabuffer organ had submerged the people in that state of hypnosis, and he appealed to the magnetic forces; he intended to go very far that way, but he could not finish his work.

Disciple: And Freud, for example?

Samael Aun Weor: Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalysis? Well, another man with a sleeping consciousness. The only meritorious thing is that he at least realized the importance of the sexual force; underestimating, of course, the woman, behold that was his mistake. But as for him being awake, it is not true; he was also another sleeping person.

Disciple: So, Charcot was asleep too?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes! Well. They call him "mama's boy". Only, he was nothing more than a spoiled child who never woke up the consciousness, never...

Disciple: There is a contemporary man to Mussolini, a great man who was Marconi; I think he is referring to...

Samael Aun Weor: Marconi was a scientist, a scientist, of course! Marconi set out to study solar energy and more... ...we already know that after his death, as a result of the Second World War Marconi's disciples came to America, and that they are in the Amazon there, trying, therefore, to advance on this issue of solar energy.

Disciple: According to them, he has some fabulous discoveries...

Samael Aun Weor: Marconi was great, no doubt about it! But if he was a man of awakened consciousness… that is something that still remains to be known. It is very difficult to find men with an awakened consciousness; because there are even brilliant people in the field of technology, physics, chemistry, but that does not mean that they are awakened.

Any person under hypnosis can sometimes come up with great stuff, even if his name isn't Marconi. And that does not mean that he is not in a state of hypnosis; there are subjects who have sparkling intellectualities, who would seem as if they were awake, but it is not the case, they sleep profoundly. What happens is that subjects in a hypnotic trance state also have extraordinary lucid phenomena.

Disciple: I have read a book entitled “I have been in Mars” that talks about Marconi's discoveries and his followers, here in America, who have contact with the inhabitants of Mars.

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, we know Narciso Genovese's work, we know it very well. But what we are saying, clearly, on the matter of consciousness, is something that should interest us more than all that.

As long as one continues in a state of hypnosis, things go very badly. Wake up: that's the important thing. Could one possibly wake up if one has not destroyed the consequences of the abominable kundabuffer organ? Of course not, right? If one does not destroys those terrible consequences that one carries inside, in one's organism, in the five cylinders of one’s own human machine, well, one cannot achieve the awakening. How would one achieve it, in what way? Don't you see that the consciousness is bottled up within those elements that constitute the ego?

Disciple: Behold our responsibility, as you described it, not to waste our energy.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, indeed, the energy should not be wasted, it should be accumulated and not wasted foolishly. Above all, it is therefore necessary to comprehend the state in which we find ourselves and to work on the disintegration of the inhuman elements that we carry within. Such elements come from the abominable kundabuffer organ.

Now you see, you should know that the kundabuffer organ did not completely disappear in its physical state. We already know that this organ physically existed, that it was a downward projection of the dorsal spine (the same tail of the monkeys). When it disappeared, there was always a small bone residue, (the coccyx) which downwardly is located at the end of the spine.

Well, that little bone residue (the coccyx) still has the power to convert any negative mental form into a new psychic aggregate. It can crystallize any negative mental form, turn it into a new ego, a new aggregate, thus it continues doing it, constantly. 

If one goes to a cinema, for example, and watches a movie full of lust and one identifies with a scene... what happens? It is very clear that later one will create a mental effigy, very similar to the one he saw on the screen and that effigy comes to life, and it comes to stay within one's intimate constitution, converted into a new psychological ego, an ego of lust.

Who created it? The mere sight of that form on the screen would not explain everything about its creation. But since there is a bony residue of that sinister tail, well, such a residue still has that power. When looking at that erotic figure on the screen, it also has the power to crystallize it and make it take shape within our psyche, convert it into a new ego, into a new inhuman element within our very psyche.

This is how the human being lives constantly, we could say, strengthening within oneself the bad consequences of the abominable kundabuffer organ, because with each addition that one increases, then, to those that already exist within our organism, a new percentage of consciousness thus remaining bottled up.

So, the state we find ourselves in is truly unfortunate. And if we don't revolutionize against ourselves, if we don't take up arms against ourselves, well, it won't be possible to wake up from the hypnotic sleepy state in which we find ourselves.

It is not enough to simply understand that we are in a hypnotic state, something must be done to wake up from that state, otherwise we would inevitably fail, we would eventually enter submerged devolution, because if we are not capable of doing the work, nature has to help us.

How does nature help us? Well, by swallowing us! Upon entering the womb of this great earth, of this planet earth, we terrifyingly devolve in those regions, to the center of the earth.

The centrifugal forces there will disintegrate different inhuman elements until there is none left; that is the second death. Once that is achieved, the essence resurfaces, it comes out free again, under the sunlight, to start new evolutionary processes. It is an extra help, which is given, then, to the lost. It's not very nice, is it? Descending to the infernal worlds is not very advisable.

Disciple: ...a change of several thousand years, versus one of a few...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, it is preferable to disintegrate one of those inhuman elements, personally, and avoid going down. For the Mohammedan Sufis, the descent into the infernal worlds is not a punishment, but rather, let us say, a system of purification and liberation; and in that sense, well, there is a certain logic. But I consider that it is a punishment, because if one did not deserve it (entrance to those regions), one would not enter; but, one deserves it, because if one does not disintegrate the ego, one deserves to enter.

It is not pleasant at all to go down to that region. I advise you better, that you disintegrate the ego here and now, in this way you will awaken your consciousness, you will come out of that hypnotic state in which you find yourselves.

As you can see, well, we are not very much in agreement with the various philosophical systems that exist out there in other organizations. Let's get to the point, to the facts. We do not want, then, to build a personality that is, let's say, Kalkian; what we want is to wake up, and that is what is important.

If there is any other question before we perform our prayer chain, the brothers and sisters can ask it freely. Well, let's see sister.

Disciple: Some of the esotericists who read your books say that you are an initiate, right? That you are a man already, totally self-realized. But that they wanted to see, or to know someone of your disciples who are self-realized; thus, they want to know among all your disciples, one who is self-realized. Because the path is extremely difficult...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, those who talk like that do it really, because they look for loopholes, right? For reasons to avoid these teachings, this work. They usually prefer to hear these little schools of Kali Yuga; those little schools arose precisely as a result of the investigations of Richard Charcot, César Lombroso, Camilo Flammarion, etc., etc. Such investigators who were motivated by a poor nun who fell into state of hypnotic trance, contemplating a portrait.

Of course, those little schools, typical of Kali Yuga, emerged, because they are very consoling, they are comfortable: those schools say that someday "through evolution, little by little, one will arrive, that one day one will arrive, thus, you don't have to worry about the kundalini, no, not to develop that, because that is very dangerous!”

If someone tries to teach them about the ninth sphere, sex, no, they don't want to hear anything about that; it's a sin, a taboo, harmful to the body, and I don't know what else.

But if you look at all the apologies they give, you will realize that they have but one cause, one motive: to justify themselves. Because, of course, the maithuna implies a terrible series of super-efforts, and their animal ego, well, it does not like that type of super-efforts, much less in the field of pleasure. The animal ego wants to continue enjoying lust, fornication... What does the ego do then? Seek for an excuse which says that such path is very dangerous, an excuse not to go on that path.

Why does the ego talk like this? Well, to justify his own weakness. The ego says: “the kundalini? No, no, developing the kundalini is extremely dangerous!" What does the ego want with that? It is a justification of weakness, fear.

Then their ego says: “if evolution has to take one to perfection, then why worry about doing something special, no effort, if we all have to get there? Better to continue dancing, continue having our drinks, smoking our good cigars, fornicating and, delighting ourselves with life! Since, finally, someday we will arrive...”

Disciple: And you don't get there through evolution?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, humanity hasn't arrived there through the path of evolution yet... behold, millions of years have pass and we're in the same situation. Have we arrived yet? Every day humanity is worse. Now they are in a state of frightening degeneration, is that evolution? Is that perfection? What is that? The facts are completely contradicting those doctrines, the facts are against the dogma of evolution.

I don't want to tell you that the path we are indicating is something like, shall we say, like "eating enchiladas" right? These things are quite difficult, but think that there is a superior order, and that in that superior order there are masters like K. H., master Morya, like D'estisac, Mr. D'estisac, Raymond Lully, the great alchemist who enriched Europe with its foundations, while he remained poor; Nicolas Flamel, who by the way, now lives in India with his wife Perenelle. There are many illustrious masters, then, from the white brotherhood. Cagliostro, Saint Germain, etc., they all arrive through the alchemical path, because there is no other.

The paths which we have examined, all of the possible paths, lead us to conclude that there is no other but the alchemical path. It is not possible to reach adepthood, to reach intimate self-realization without having done the wonderful alchemical work. Anyone who has ever studied alchemy in life knows very well that no one can achieve self-realization without doing the wonderful work, without having worked on the wonderful work.

Blavatsky herself wrote six enormous volumes of The Secret Doctrine; she ends the sixth volume talking about fire, about INRI, the lapis philosophorum, she says (the lapis of nature). Chiram, the fire, and whoever wants to know more and continue advancing in these studies, that the best thing he should do is look for the medieval alchemists. So, these six volumes cause one to study sexual alchemy, whether we like it or not!

If you read The Secret Doctrine, there you will find in the sixth volume what I am telling you. She herself, being an old woman, had to marry Colonel Olcott, in order to carry out the wonderful work. That she has done it all? She has not; but she at least she awakened the sacred fire or restored the fire in her higher existential vehicles of the Being; and that is enough.

“The Superior agrees with the Inferior; and the Inferior with the Superior; to effect that one truly wonderful Work”—which is Man. For the secret work of Chiram, or King Hiram in the Kabala, “one in Essence, but three in Aspect,” is the Universal Agent or Lapis Philosophorum. The culmination of the Secret Work is Spiritual Perfect Man, at one end of the line; the union of the three elements is the Occult Solvent in the “Soul of the World,” the Cosmic Soul or Astral Light, at the other; and, on the material plane, it is Hydrogen in its relation to the other gases. The To on, truly; the one “whom no person has seen except the Son”; this sentence applying both to the metaphysical and physical Kosmos, and to the spiritual and material Man. For how could the latter understand the To on the “One Father,” if his Manas, the “Son,” does not become (as) “One with the Father,” and through this absorption receive enlightenment from the “divine instructor,” Guru—Atma-Buddhi?

If thou would’st understand the SECONDARY (“Creation,” so-called), O Lanoo, thou should’st first study its relation to the PRIMARY.” (Commentary, Book of Dzyan, III. 19.)

The first Race had three elements, but no living Fire. Why? Because:

“We say four elements, my Son, but ought to say three,” says Hermes Trismegistus. “In the Primary Circle” (creation) that which is marked FireRoot 1 reads “Root,” as in the Secondary likewise.

Thus in Alchemy or Western Hermetism (a variant on Eastern Esotericism) we find:

X.                                                FireRoot 1                                       X.

Sulphur                                   Flamma                              Spiritus

Hydrargyum                           Natura                                Aqua

Sal                                           Mater                                  Sanguis

And these three are all quaternaries completed by their Root, Fire. The Spirit, beyond manifested Nature, is the fiery breath in its absolute Unity. In the manifested Universe, it is the Central Spiritual Sun, the electric Fire of all Life. In our System it is the visible Sun, the Spirit of Nature, the terrestrial god. And in, on, and around the Earth, the fiery Spirit thereof—air, fluidic fire; water, liquid fire; Earth, solid fire. All is fire—ignis, in its ultimate constitution, or I, the root of which is O (nought) in our conceptions, the All in nature and its mind. Pro-Mater is divine fire. It is the Creator, the Destroyer, the Preserver. The primitive names of the gods are all connected with fire, from agni, the Aryan, to the Jewish god who “is a consuming fire.” In India, God is called in various dialects, Eashoor, Esur, Iswur, and Is’Vara, in Sanskrit the Lord [Īśvara], from Īśa, but this is primarily the name of Siva, the Destroyer; and the three Vedic chief gods are Agni (ignis), Vayu, and Sûrya—Fire, Air, and the Sun, three occult degrees of fire. In the Hebrew אזא (aza), means to illuminate, and אשא (asha) is fire. In Occultism, “to kindle a fire” is synonymous to evoking one of the three great fire-powers, or “to call on God.” In Sanskrit Osch or Asch is fire or heat; and the Egyptian word Osiris is compounded (as shown by Schelling) of the two primitives aish and asr, or a “fire-enchanter.” Aesar in the old Etruscan meant a God (being perhaps derived from Asura of the Vedas). Aeswar and Eswara are analogous terms, as Dr. Kenealy thought. In the Bhagavad Gîtâ we read, “Iswara resides in every mortal being and puts in motion, by his supernatural power, all things which mount on the Wheel of Time.” It is the creator and the destroyer, truly. “The primitive fire was supposed to have an insatiable appetite for devouring. Maximus of Tyre relates that the ancient Persians threw into the fire combustible matter crying: ‘Devour, oh Lord!’ In the Irish language Easam, or Asam, means ‘to create,’ and Aesar was the name of an ancient Irish god, meaning ‘to light a fire’” (Kenealy). The Christian Kabalists and symbologists who disfigured Pymander—prominent among them the Bishop of Ayre, François de Tours, in the 16th century—divide the elements in this way:

The four elements formed from divine substances and the Spirits of the Salts of Nature represented by

 FireRoot 1 St. Matthew. Angel-Man Water ( Jesus-Christ, Angel-Man, Mikael)

A-ω     St. Mark. The Lion Fire

E-Y      St. Luke. The Bull Earth

I - O     St. John. The Eagle Air*

*To those who would inquire “What has Hydrogen to do with air or oxygenation?” it is answered: “Study first the ABC of Occult Alchemy.” In their anxiety, however, to identify Pymander, “the mouth of Mystery,” with St. John the Baptist prophetically, they thus identified also the 7 Kabeiri and the Assyrian Bulls with the Cherubs of the Jews and the Apostles. Having, moreover, to draw a line of demarcation between the four and the three—the latter being the Fallen Angels; and furthermore to avoid connecting these with the “Seven Spirits of the Face,” the Archangels, they unceremoniously threw out all they did not choose to recognise. Hence the perversion in the order of the Elements, in order to make them dovetail with the order of the Gospels, and to identify the Angel-Man with Christ. With the Chaldees, the Egyptians, from whom Moses adopted the Chroub (Cherubs in their animal form), and the Ophites; with all these, the Angels, the Planets, and the Elements, were symbolized mystically and alchemically by the Lion (Mikael); the Bull (Uriel); the Dragon (Raphael); the Eagle (Gabriel); the Bear (Thot-Sabaoth); the Dog (Erataoth); the Mule (Uriel or Thartharaoth). All these have a qualificative meaning.

H, the Quintessence, Ἡ ΦΛΟΞ (a flame), Flamma-Virgo (virgin oil), Flamma DurissimaVirgoLucis Æterna Mater.

The first race of men were, then, simply the images, the astral doubles, of their Fathers, who were the pioneers, or the most progressed Entities from a preceding though lower sphere, the shell of which is now our Moon. But even this shell is all-potential, for, having generated the Earth, it is the phantom of the Moon which, attracted by magnetic affinity, sought to form its first inhabitants, the pre-human monsters, (vide supra, Stanza II.). To assure himself of this, the student has again to turn to the Chaldean Fragments, and read what Berosus says. Berosus obtained his information, he tells us, from Ea, the male-female deity of Wisdom. While the gods were generated in its androgynous bosom (Svâbhâvat, Mother-space) its (the Wisdom’s) reflections became on Earth the woman Omoroka, who is the Chaldean Thavatth, or the Greek Thalassa, the Deep or the Sea, which esoterically and even exoterically is the Moon. It was the Moon (Omoroka) who presided over the monstrous creation of nondescript beings which were slain by the Dhyānis. (vide A. H. Sayce, Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated by the Religion of the Ancient Babylonians, 1887, Hibbert Lectures Series, pp. 370 et seq.; also in Part II., “Adam-Adami” – The Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

As for the rest, those who like doing somersaults, hatha-yoga, headstands, the twisting of their legs, so what?... There is no other choice but to follow Blavatsky's advice: "whoever wants to advance in these studies, it is better to look for the medieval alchemists"... I, as the alchemist that I am, am teaching humanity the path of the wonderful work...

Inverential Peace

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.


Tarot 15

“The Fifteenth Arcanum (passion הוה) corresponds to that which the Bible points to as Satan, and it also corresponds to that which the Egyptians call Seth שת in his negative aspect.

If Kabbalistically we add the numbers of the number 15, we have 1 + 5 = 6; we already know that (6 is sheeth שית in Aramaic) the number six corresponds to sex. This signifies that within sex is a major force that can liberate the human being, but also a major force that can enslave the human being.”

Thus, Seth שת has two aspects. His negative aspect is Satan (שטן, the fire of the kundabuffer organ) and the positive aspect of Seth שת corresponds to the (fire in the) dorsal spine (the fire of Noah and Seth, the Nahashoth נחשת or serpent of Bronze, the kundalini). Thus, the tenebrous and satanic Seth שת must be killed. This is the lunar ego which is constituted by thousands of demons and which Horus must defeat with the help of Isis, the Divine Mother. The red demons of Seth שת must die” – Samael Aun Weor    

Tree of Life letters

And Adam (the brain in both genders) knew their wives Ishoth אשת (lingam-yoni) again; and she (the Schekinah שכינה) bare a son and called his name Seth שת: For Elohim hath appointed me another seed (that know good and evil) instead of Abel (the human soul), whom Cain (the fire) slew.” Genesis 4: 25

Old Hebrew Kuf

In other words, Abel הבל emerges inverted (תשרק) as Seth שת from Klipoth into the head of adamah (our physicality) thanks to Kuf ק (Vav and Caph = 8). The letter Reish ר represents rosh ראש, the head or the brain. The shape of the letter Kuf ק has a Vav, symbol of the spinal medulla and a Caph symbol of the kippah כיפה.  Therefore, the one who utilizes the power of their Kuf ק for the hypnotic purposes of their egotistical tenebrous and satanic Seth שת is born as Kuf קוף in Klipoth קליפת (hell).

And Adam (the brain in both genders) lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat (according to the covenant of fire, ברית אש brith esh, in Yesod) in his own likeness, after his image (in other words, according to good and evil); and called his name Seth שת (Seth: ש Shin 300 and ת Tav 400 = 7, the seven fiery powers of the sexual cross)” – Genesis 5: 3

Zohar states:

Rabbi Joseph said: "Adam through disobedience to the divine commandment, lost the knowledge and understanding of the secret doctrine and occult power and meaning of the letters of the alphabet except the two last, namely, the letters Shin (ש) and Tav (ת), because (these letters remained bottled up within the red demons of Seth שת) though Adam had sinned yet was not goodness totally extinguished within him and therefore to express his feeling of gratitude for this concession, he called his son Seth שת. After Adam’s repentance and reconciliation with his Lord, the letters with the knowledge of their mystical meaning and power became known again to him, but in their reverse order, thus (the serpent of bronze - the Noah הנח and Seth שת - will hiss or whistle נחש הנח-שת שריקות תשרק), in which they continued up to the day the children (soul archetypes) of Israel stood at the foot of Mount Sinai (sixth sephirah Tiphereth), when they became arranged again in their normal order as on the day that the heavens and the earth were created. This redistribution of the alphabetical letters contributed to the permanent welfare and endurance of the world."

Rabbi Abba said: "When Adam transgressed, the heavens and the earth trembled and wished to become dissolved into their original elements and disappear altogether (in Klipoth) because the covenant (of chastity) on the command of Mary (אדם על פקודא ד מאריה) on which they were founded had become broken by Adam’s orgasm, of which it is written:

Thus, יהוה אם (the mother Am אם is Eve, she is equal to the tenth letter Iod י, which represents the tenth sephirah Malkuth; thus, Eve, Havah הוה) said: If my covenant (of fire, ברית אש brith esh, in Yesod) is not (between) day and night (husband and wife), then the covenant (of fire, ברית אש brith esh, in Yesod) of heaven and earth (Tiphereth and Malkuth) I have not appointed" - Jeremiah 33: 25

We know that this covenant was broken by the (orgasm or sexual) transgression of Adam as scripture states:

“And the what ו ה מה (what (מה) is (אם) Shaddai שדי, the almighty sexual force), as Adam transgressed a covenant (ברית), there (in their sexual act) they dealt treacherously against me (Binah בינה) .” - Hosea 6: 7

If the Holy One had not foreseen that Israel on arriving at (the sixth sephirah Tiphereth or) Mount Sinai would keep the covenant, the world would not have survived its existence and reverted back into chaos (Klipoth)."


Said Rabbi Hezekiah: "The Holy One remitted and forgives everyone who confesses his sins and wrongdoings. Observe that when the world was created, the Holy One made the covenant (of alchemy) upon which it continues to exist. We infer this from the word Barashith בראשית which should be written thus, bara ברא, sheeth שית (Aramaic 6): meaning 'He created six (bara ברא sheeth שית,) Israel, sixth sephirah Tiphereth’ with the covenant (ברית), symbolized by the letter Iod (י) in the middle of the word sheeth שית which though the smallest of the alphabetical letters, nevertheless represents the alliance (between husband and wife, the Monad-Shin ש and Malkuth-Tav ת) through which all blessings come to mankind. When a son was born unto him, Adam (as human soul, sixth sephirah Tiphereth, Israel) confessed his sin and was forgiven by the Holy One, and therefore he called his name Seth שת, having the same consonantal letters as sheeth שית without the Iod (י), symbol of (Schekinah שכינה, Malkuth) the covenant he (Israel, sixth sephirah Tiphereth, as human soul) had transgressed. Furthermore, the holy covenant (ברית) is also symbolized by the letter Beth (ב) which became incorporated with Shin (ש) and Tav (ת) when the children (soul archetypes) of Israel stood at the foot of Mount Sinai (sixth sephirah Tiphereth) and thus formed the Sabbath (שבת), of which it is written, 'Wherefore the children (soul archetypes) of Israel (sixth sephirah Tiphereth) shall keep the sabbath שבת (the bath בת, daughter of the Shin ש, or covenant of the Iod י, the Schekinah שכינה, Malkuth) throughout their generations for a perpetual covenant.' It is a sign between me and the children (soul archetypes) of Israel (sixth sephirah Tiphereth, the human soul) forever.'" (Exodus 31: 16).

Rabbi Joseph said: "The two letters Shin (ש) and Tav (ת) were then associated and from the time the children (soul archetypes) of Israel received the covenant (of fire, ברית אש brith esh, in Yesod) at Mount Sinai (sixth sephirah Tiphereth), they acquired the occult knowledge and understanding of the mystical meaning of all the letters of the alphabet that, with the exception of Shin (ש) and Tav (ת), had become lost to mankind."

Rabbi Jehudah said: "From the birth of (the knowledge of good and evil) Seth שת to the coming of Israel to Mount Sinai (sixth sephirah Tiphereth), the mysteries of the letters were gradually unfolded and revealed to the patriarchs, but not fully, as the letters were not in their normal order as at present."


Said Rabbi Eleazar: "In the days of Enosh, men were deeply versed in occult knowledge and magical science and the manipulation of natural forces, in which no one was more skilled than he, since the time of Adam whose chief study was on the occult properties of the fig leaves or the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It was Enosh that taught and imparted this occult lore to his contemporaries, who in their turn handed it down to the antediluvians, the persistent and perverse opponents of Noah (better said: the Noah הנח and Seth שת or serpent of bronze, Nahashoth נחשת). They boasted that by their magical science they were able to ward off the divine judgments threatening them. Whilst Enosh lived, men became initiated into the higher life, as scripture states. 'Then began men to make invocations in the name of Iod-Havah יהוה.'"

Rabbi Isaac said: "All the just men who lived subsequent to Enosh, as Jared, Methuselah and Enoch, did all in their power to restrain the practice of black magical arts, but their efforts proved futile and ineffectual; so that the professors of them, proud of their occult knowledge, became rebellious and disobedient to their Lord, saying,

'What (מה) is (Am אם, mother) Shaddai שדי, (the almighty sexual force), because (of it) we were enslaved (כי נעבדנו) and (מה , אם, the Schekinah שכינה) is locked because he (the brain) was hurt.” – Job 21: 15

Thus, spoke they and foolishly imagined that by their occultism and black magic they would be able to nullify and turn away the oncoming judgment (karma) that was to sweep them wholly out of existence. Beholding their wicked deeds and practices, the Holy One caused the earth to revert back to its former condition and become immersed in water. After the deluge, however, He gave the earth again to mankind, promising, in His mercy, it should never again and in like manner be destroyed. It is written:

“Iod-Havah יהוה sits (as Mah מה, what, or Eve, Havah הוה, in Yesod יסוד) upon the flood (the genital fluids, in both genders); yes Iod-Havah יהוה sits (as Mi מי, who, in Daath דעת, upon the flood, the cerebrospinal fluid, in both genders) as King forever.” - Psalm 29: 10

The word that sat decree, here, is Iod-Havah יהוה and not Elohim אלהים; the first (Iod י) representing mercy, the second (Iod י) severity and judgment. In the time of Enosh, even young children became students and trained in awe of the higher mysteries and knowledge of the secret doctrine."

“Elijah or El-IAO אליהו (Chesed אל and Kether, Chokmah, Binah יהו IAO) said: רבי ידעת מה הוא מי ברא אלה, which esoteric translation is: Rabbi, did you know "what is who - מה הוא מי" (Mah מה 'what' is the mother Am אם, she is Eve, she is equal to the tenth letter Iod י, which represents the tenth sephirah Malkuth; thus, the Iod י is also Eve, that is Havah הוה, the Iod-Havah יהוה in Malkuth). Behold her Iod י is in Daath ידעת, this Iod י is also in who (מי). Thus, who (מי) created Elah אלה (Eve, הוה Havah) in order to form the word “Elohim אלהים” which is an occult word and was revealed and explained in the heavenly college thus. When the Most Secret One (Ain Soph אין סוף) wished to reveal himself, He first created a point (letter Iod י), and it became (Kether) a divine thought (a crown), in which were the ideas of all created things and forms of all things, and also (the letter Iod י as the tenth letter of the alphabet, represents) that holy, glorious light (of the tenth sephirah Malkuth, the Queen) wherein was (the Iod י) the Holy of Holies--a structure of magnificent and lofty dimensions, (this Iod י ascended kemi קמי, through Kuf ק, and became Mi מי) the work of that divine thought (Binah בינה) and the beginning (Berashyth בראשית or Brith Eash ברית אש, covenant of fire), or the cornerstone, (as it is written:)

“The stone (the Iod י of Malkuth, the Queen) which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner. By Ath מאת Iod-Havah יהוה is doing it; this (Zain Ath זאת) is marvelous in our eyes.” – Psalm 118: 22, 23

To this structure, hidden and concealed in the name as yet ineffable find known only as Mi מי (who), who Mi מי wished to manifest itself and to be called by a name and become arrayed and clothed with a precious and resplendent garment. He therefore created Elah אלה (goddess), which then became a part of the divine name; for these words, joined and associated together, form Elohim אלהים, which is composed of Elah אלה (goddess), and Mi מי reversed and which existed not previous to this conjunction. To this mystery the worshippers of the golden calf alluded when they cried:

"Elah אלה is thy goddess אלֹהיך, Oh, Israel Ashera have brought thee up out of the land of Egypt אשרה עלוך מארץ מצרים!” – Exodus 32: 8

As on the work of creation, Mi מי remains conjoined with Elah אלה (the goddess Mary מאריה, the Schekinah שכינה), so in the name Elohim אלהים they are always inseparable. And by reason of this unity the world stands (on Yesod יסוד, which is the Sod סוד, secret of the two letters Iod י separated by the Vav ו – the firmament - the spine, in the shape of the letter Aleph א).” - Zohar

This is why Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה) is Father (Mi מי, who is the Iod י of Elohim  אלהים, the cerebrospinal fluid) and Mother (Mah מה, what is the Iod י of Eve, Havah הוה, the genital fluids, in both genders) the sexual creative waters, Hamayim המים in the sephirah Daath דעת above and the sephirah Yesod יסוד below. As above so below.

Scene from "Faust" by Charles Gounod (1818-1893). 1900. Private collection  (Photo by Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis via Getty Images)