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Lucifer's Magnus Opus, the Great Work of the Alchemists

Dear brothers and sisters, today we are gathered here with the purpose of investigating, studying and defining the path that will lead us to final liberation.

The old medieval alchemists talked about the "great work", and that's quite interesting...

On the ground, on the floor of the old Gothic cathedrals, a multitude of concentric circles were seen, forming a true labyrinth that reached or went from the center to the periphery and from the periphery to the center. Much has been said about labyrinths. Tradition also speaks about the Cretan labyrinth and about the famous Cretan minotaur.

Certainly, a labyrinth was recently found on Crete (they called it “absolum”; as they say: “absolute”). "Absolute" is the term used by medieval alchemists to designate the philosopher's stone. Here, then, is a great mystery.

Like Theseus, we need, Ariadne's thread to get out of that mysterious labyrinth.

Obviously, you have to enter and exit the maze.

Theseus Minotaur

In the center was always the minotaur. Theseus managed to defeat him (such as stated by the Greek tradition). We also need to overcome it; we need to destroy the animal ego. To get to the center of the labyrinth, where the minotaur is, you have to fight a lot.

There are innumerable theories, schools of all kinds, organizations of all kinds. Some say that the path is over there, others over here, others over there, thus we have to orient ourselves in the midst of this great labyrinth of antithetical theories and concepts, if we really want to reach the living center of it, because it is precisely in the center where we can find the minotaur. When one has managed to reach the center of the labyrinth, one has to figure out how to get out of it. Theseus, through a mysterious thread (the "Ariadne thread"), managed to get out of the strange labyrinth.

That "Ariadne" resembles Hiram, the secret master that occult masonry speaks about and that we all must resurrect within ourselves, here and now. Ariadne also indicates the Latin "arianna, araña, arachnid, spider," symbol of the soul that incessantly weaves the loom of destiny.

So, brothers and sisters, the time has come to reflect...

But, what is really that "Ariadne's thread"? What is that thread that saves the soul, that allows one to leave that mysterious labyrinth to reach one's real inner being? Much has been said about it; the great alchemists thought it was the philosopher's stone. We agree with that, but we go a little further, according to our disquisitions, because, in truth, the philosopher's stone is symbolized in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris by Lucifer (now we will understand why the philosopher's stone is in the sex itself). So, we discover Lucifer in sex.

Satan before Jehovah

Lucifer Instructed by God to Test Job


Lucifer is, therefore, the "Ariadne's thread" that will lead us to the final liberation. This seems something like, let's say, as antithetical or paradoxical, because everyone has conceptualized that Lucifer (the devil, satan) is evil. We need obvious self-reflection if we want to delve into the great arcane. That Lucifer that we find in sex is the living stone, "head of the corner", the master stone, the little stone in the corner (in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris), the stone of truth. Delving a little, then, into these mysteries, is essential when it comes to knowing the "Ariadne's thread"...

I remind you again of the famous sacred sanctuaries of the authentic Rosicrucian Gnostics (esotericists of the Middle Ages): when the neophyte was led to the center of the lumisial, he was blindfolded. Someone ripped off his blindfold and then the neophyte, stunned and perplexed, contemplated an unusual figure.


There was, in his presence, the male goat of Méndez (strange figure, the devil). On his forehead were the horns, on his head a torch of fire (however, something indicated that it was a symbol). In the lumisial of initiation, the neophyte found himself before the figure of Typhoon Baphomet, the terrible figure of Arcanum 15 of the Kabbalah (the torch, burning above his head, shone. In addition, the five-pointed flaming star, with the angle top up and the two lower angles down, tells us that it was not a dark figure).

Tarot 15

The neophyte was ordered to kiss the devil's butt. If the neophyte disobeyed, the blindfold was put on again and he was taken out through a secret door (all this happened at midnight; the neophyte never knew where he had entered or where he had left, because the initiates always met at midnight, taking great care not to fall victim of the inquisition). But if the neophyte obeyed, then in that cube (on which the figure of the Baphomet was sitting) a door opened.  An Isis [priestess] would come out there and receive the initiate with open arms, immediately giving him a holy kiss on the forehead. From that moment on, that neophyte was a new brother, an initiate of the order.

That male goat, that Typhon Baphomet, that Lucifer, is quite interesting, because it is sexual energy, the energy that we must know how to use, if we want to carry out the great work.

Now you will understand why Typhon Baphomet, the male goat of Méndez, represents the philosopher's stone, sex. He is with that tremendous force with which you have to work. Let us remember that the "ark of the covenant", in ancient times, had four goat horns in the four corners (corresponding to the four cardinal points of the earth) and when it was transported, it was always seized or grabbed by those four horns).

moses with horns

Moses (at Sinai) was transformed. When he came down, the clairvoyants saw him with two rays of light on his forehead, similar to those of the male goat of Méndez. That is why Michelangelo, chiseling him in the living stone, put those symbolic horns on his head.

It is that the male goat represents the sexual force, but also the devil; but that devil or Lucifer, is the same virile power that duly transmuted, allows us the intimate self-realization of the Being. That is why it has been said that “Lucifer is the prince of heaven, earth and hell”.

In the old Gothic cathedrals, all this was foreseen. Even the plan of the temples was organized in the form of a cross, and this reminds us of the "crucis", "crux", "crucible", etc. We already know that the vertical pole of the cross is masculine and that the horizontal one is feminine. At the intersection of both, is the key to all mysteries. The intersection of both is the "crucible" of the medieval alchemists, in which it is necessary to "cook" and "recook" and "cook" again the raw material of the great work. That "raw material" is the sacred sperm, which transformed into energy. It is with this very subtle energy that we can open a "chakra", awaken all the hidden (magical) powers, create the superior existential bodies of the Being, etc. This is quite important, quite interesting...

The cross itself is a sexual symbol. On the cross is the lingam-yoni of the great arcanum.

In the two crossed beams of the cross, there are the traces of the three nails. Those three nails, although it is true that they allow to open the stigmata of the initiate (that is, the “chakras” of the palms of the hands and of the feet, etc.), they also symbolize, in themselves, the three purifications of the Christ in substance, (here is another transcendental mystery).

In any case, my dear brothers and sisters, doing the great work is the only thing worth living for.

Peter, the Stone

Peter, the beloved disciple of our Lord the Christ, has as his gospel the great arcanum, the mysteries of sex. That is why Jesus called it “Petrus” (stone): “you are a stone and on that rock I will build my church”. Sex is, therefore, the basic stone, the cubic stone, the philosopher's stone that we must chisel, using a chisel and hammer, to transform it into the perfect cubic stone.

That unchiseled stone (the rough stone, in itself), is Lucifer. Already chiseled is our interior Logoi, the “Arché” of the Greeks. The important thing is, then, to chisel it, work with it, elaborate it, give it a perfect cubic shape...

James the Elder

Among the disciples of Christ there are true prodigies and wonders. Let us remember for a moment Santiago [James], that great master. They say that he is the one who most resembled the great Kabir Jesus; They called him the "brother of the Lord", and it is obvious that he had great psychic and magical powers.

Santiago was the first who, after the death of the great Kabir, officiated at the Gnostic Mass in Jerusalem.

Traditions say that he had to face the black magician Hermogenes, in Judea. Santiago, since he wanted him to know high magic, wisely fought the tenebrous one. If the former used a "shroud" of wonders, for example, the latter used it to counteract it, and if Hermogenes used the magic staff, Santiago used a similar one, and finally defeated the tenebrous one in the lands of Judea. However, he was considered a "magician" (and he was, beyond a doubt) and he was sentenced to death. But something unusual happens: it so happens that the sarcophagus of Santiago was suspended in the air, as they say, and was transported to ancient Spain. It is there, indeed, that they talk about Santiago de Compostela, and they say of it that he "rose from the dead and that in that land he was attacked by demons (in the form of bulls), by living fire." In short, many things are said about Santiago.

Nicolás Flamel, the great medieval alchemist, had Santiago de Compostela as patron of the great work. On the road to Santiago de Compostela, there is a street called "de Santiago", and there is also a cave there that they call “the cave of health”. Around the time when people make pilgrimages to where Santiago de Compostela is, around that same time the alchemists gather (in such a cave), those who are working on the great work, those who admire not only Santiago de Compostela (at which they have as a blessed patron), but also to Jacobo de Morai.

They always meet there, at the time of the pilgrimages.

Thus, while the people are paying a cult (exoteric, let's say) to Santiago de Compostela, the alchemists and cabalists are gathered in a mystical assembly to study the Kabbalah, alchemy and all the mysteries of the great work. You see the two aspects (exoteric and esoteric) of Christianity. Undoubtedly, all this invites us to reflect.

Jacobo de Morai, who was burned alive during the inquisition, is held (by those alchemists and cabalists who meet in the "cave of health") in the same way that Hiram Abiff is held as the secret master who will resurrect in each one of us, and Santiago as the blessed patron of the great work, and this is quite interesting...

The great work is what we are interested in doing, and it is (I think, and with all certainty, I affirm) the only thing worth living for. The rest is of no importance.

They say that the patron Saint Santiago, in Compostela, appears to the pilgrims with his hat tilted up, in his hand the cane (which shows the caduceus of Mercury), and a tortoise shell on his chest, as if to symbolize the flaming star.

Santiago James Jacobus

I advise you to study the "Universal Epistle of James" in the Bible. It is undoubtedly wonderful. It is addressed to all of us who work in the great work. James says that "faith without works is dead in itself, is worth nothing.” You can listen here, from my lips, all the doctrine of the great arcanum, all the explanations that we give about the alchemists and the great work, but if you do not carry out this great work, if you do not work in the great work, if you only have faith , nothing else, and you don't work, Santiago says and I repeat it:

“For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholds himself, and goes his way, and straightway forgets what manner of man he was.” – James 1: 23, 24

If you listen to all the explanations we give and do not work in the "forge of the cyclops", you do not manufacture the superior existential bodies of the being, you resemble that man who "looks in the mirror, turns around and leaves", because faith without works is worth nothing. Work needs to support faith; faith must speak with works.

If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridled not his tongue, but deceived his own heart, this man's religion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” – James 1: 26, 27

James says that “we need to be merciful”. That is clear, because if we are merciful, the lords of karma will judge us with mercy; but if we are ruthless, the lords of karma will judge us ruthlessly. And since mercy has more power than justice, it is certain that if we are merciful, we will be able to eliminate a lot of karma (all this invites us to reflect).

Santiago also says that we have to restrain the tongue:

For in many things, we offend all. If any man offends not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. Behold, we put bits in the horses' mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body.

The one who knows how to restrain the tongue can restrain the whole body, and gives us the example of the horse (the horse is put on the bit in the mouth, in the snout, and this is how we manage to dominate it, manage it). The same thing would happen if we restrained the tongue; we would become owners of our whole body.

Santiago also says:

Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm (which is really small, compared to the enormous size of ships), whithersoever the governor listed. Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasted great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindled! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defiles the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.

We are taught, in that epistle, never to boast of anything. He who is boastful of himself, of his works, of what he has done, undoubtedly, he is arrogant, pedantic, and fails in the great work. We need to humble ourselves before the divinity, to be more and more humble every day, if we want to work in the great work; Never brag about anything, always be simple. That is vital when you want to succeed in the great work, in the magnus opus.

That epistle is written with a double meaning. If you read it literally, you wouldn't understand it. This is how Protestants, Adventists, Catholics, etc., have read it and have not understood it.

That epistle has a double meaning and is addressed exclusively to those who work in the great work.

As for faith, it is necessary to have it (of course). Every alchemist must have faith, every Kabbalist must have faith, but faith is not something empirical, something that is given to us as a gift. Faith must be manufactured; we cannot require anyone to have faith. You have to make it, work it out.

How is this made? Based on study and experience. Could someone have faith in what we are saying here, if he does not study and experience for himself? Obviously not, right? But, as we study and experience, we understand, and from that creative understanding comes true faith. Thus, faith is not something empirical. Nope, we need to make it. Later, yes, much later, the holy spirit, the third logos, could consolidate it in us, fortify it and strengthen it; but we must make it...


Another quite interesting apostle (which counts for us on this straight, narrow, and difficult path that we are on), is Andrew. It is said that he, at Nicaea, conjured up seven wicked demons and made them appear (before the crowds) in the form of seven dogs that fled in terror.

Much has been said about Andrew, and there is no doubt that he was extraordinary, that he was charged with great power. The reality is that Andrew, the great master, a disciple of Christ, was sentenced to death and tortured. The cross of Saint Andrew invites us to reflect: it is an "x" (yes, an "x"). His two arms, extended to the right and left, and his two legs open from side to side, form an "x", and on that "x" Saint Andrew was crucified. That “x” is very symbolic. In Greek it is equivalent to a "k", which reminds us of the Krestos.

francken frans the younger st andrew on the cross. fine art print poster. sizes a4 a3 a2 a1 001508 13936 p

Unquestionably, Andrew's drama was marvelously symbolized by the great initiate monk Bacon. The latter, in his book (the most extraordinary he has written) called "the Azud", puts a picture in which a dead man is clearly seen. However, he tries to raise his head, to stretch, to revive, while two black crows are removing his meat with their sharp beaks. The soul and the spirit rise from the corpse, and this comes to remind us of the phrase of all initiates, which says: "the flesh leaves the bones"...

Saint Andrew, dying on a cross in the form of an "x", is speaking to us precisely about the disintegration of the ego: that it must be reduced to cosmic dust, that it must be dismembered.

"The flesh abandons the bones"... Only in this way is it possible for the secret master (Hiram Abiff) to resurrect within ourselves, here and now. Otherwise, it would be impossible. In the great work we must die from instant to instant, from moment to moment.


And what would we say about John? He is, beyond any doubt, the patron saint of gold manufacturers.

Has someone made gold? Yes, let us remember Raymond Lully. He did it: he enriched the coffers of Philip the Fair of France, and those of the King of England. Letters from Raymond Lully are still remembered. One of them speaks of "a beautiful diamond", with which he gave to the king of England; he dissolved a crystal, between the "crucible", and then, putting water and mercury on that crystal, he transformed it into a gigantic diamond, extraordinarily fine, as a gift to the King of England. And as for the transmutation of lead into gold, he did it thanks to the philosophical mercury. Raymond Lully made all of Europe rich with his foundries, and yet he remained poor. An extraordinary traveler of all the countries of the world, in the end he was stoned to death in one of those lands. Let us reflect upon all of this.

So, John, the apostle of Jesus, is the patron saint of gold manufacturers. It is said that on some occasion, he found on his way (in a town somewhere in the east) a philosopher who was trying to convince people, to show them what he could do with the word, with the verb.

Two young men, who had listened to his teachings, abandoned their riches, sold them, and with them bought a large diamond. They placed, in the presence of the honorable public, the diamond in the hands of the philosopher; he returned it to them and they, with a stone, destroyed the gem. John protested saying: "with such a gem, you could feed the poor"... They say that before the crowds he rebuilt the gem and then sold it, to feed the crowds. But the young people, repentant, said to themselves: "What fools we were to have left all our riches to buy a great diamond that now falls to pieces and then rebuilds to distribute it among the people!".

But John , who saw all things in heaven and on earth (and who knew how to transmute lead into gold), had some stones and reeds brought from the shores of the sea (from nearby). some stones and some reeds (the stone, symbol of the philosopher's stone of sex, and the reed symbol of the spinal column, since there is the power to transmute lead into gold), and after turning those reeds and those stones into gold, returned the riches to the young; but he told them: “you have lost the best. I return to you what you gave, but you lost what you had achieved in the superior worlds.” Then approaching a woman who had died, he brought her back to life. She then told what she had seen outside the body and also addressed those young people, saying that "she had seen her guardian angels weeping with great bitterness, because they had lost the best for vain perishable things"... It is clear that the young men repented, returned the gold to John, and John changed that gold back into what it was (in reeds and stones), and they became his disciples.

Thus, John and the "order of Saint John" invite us to think. John is patron of those who make gold; we need to transmute the lead of the personality into the vivid gold of the spirit. For something is that they are called, the great masters of the white lodge, "brothers of the order of Saint John".

Many believe that John, the apostle of Master Jesus, disincarnated; but he did not disincarnate, old traditions say that he had his burial grave dug, that he lay down in it, that it shone in a resplendent light and disappeared (the grave remained empty). We know that John, the apostle of Christ, lives with the same body that he had in the Holy Land and that he lives precisely in Agartha, in the underground kingdom, there where the order of Melchizedek is, and that he accompanies the king of the world. So, behold how interesting this is.

Entering then into the magisterium of fire, we must define something (to clarify): it becomes necessary, as I have told you, to transmute the sacred sperm into energy. When this is achieved, fire comes up the spine, and the great work begins to be accomplished. We need to create the superior existential bodies of the Being, but that is not enough. It is necessary, it is indispensable, it is urgent to cover these vehicles (later) with the different parts of the Being; but, to cover them, they must be perfected, converted into pure gold, into true spiritual gold. Do not be surprised, then, that John or Santiago have an astral body of pure gold, a mental body, or a causal, or buddhic, or Atmic body of the same metal, because they managed to accomplish the great work.

If Count Saint Germain was able to transmute lead into gold for anything, it is because he himself was gold. Count Saint Germain's “aura” is pure gold; the atoms form that “aura”, they are made of gold, and their superior existential bodies are made of gold of the best quality. Under these conditions, he can throw a coin into the "crucible", yes, and melt it, and then, with the same power that he has inside, transmute it into pure gold, because he is gold (that is what is called "performing the great work”).

There are degrees and degrees in this. First we have to achieve mastery, then we have to become perfect masters and much later reach the degree of "the great chosen one", "great elect." Thus, “a perfect master” is everyone who has accomplished the great work.

As we are, we really are wrong. We need to go through a radical transformation and that is only possible, truly, by destroying the "inhuman elements" and creating the human ones. Only then will we march towards the final liberation...

In the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, as I told you, in a little corner is the master stone, or the corner stone (which the "builders" of all sects, schools, religions and others rejected), the chosen stone, precious, but it has the figure of Lucifer, and this scares the layman.

Unquestionably, my dear brothers and sisters, only there (in sex) can we find that Luciferian principle that is the very basis of self-realization.

Dionysus and Ariadne 1822 by Antoine Jean Gros

Dionysus and Ariadne

But why is Lucifer "Ariadne's thread"? Why is it precisely Lucifer who has to lead us to the final liberation, when in truth he has been considered evil? I have said many times, and I have emphatically affirmed it in this lecture, that Lucifer is the reflection of the interior logoi (within ourselves), the shadow of our intimate god, in us and for our good, since he is the coach.

Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. Do not err, my beloved brethren. – James: 12-16

God cannot tempt us; we are tempted by our own concupiscences (this is how Santiago, the patron of alchemy, the patron of the great work, teaches us). So, what does Lucifer do? He makes use of our own lusts, he makes them pass through the screen of our understanding, with the purpose of training us psychologically, of making us strong; but if we fail, we fail in the great work. However, we can fail and rectify. If we rectify, we triumph in the great work. Anyone can fail and by their failures they know that they have crimes to correct, to eliminate. This is how Lucifer trains us, educates us, forms us, and by dint of so much training frees us, he leads us (from sphere to sphere) to our Hiram Abiff.

Lucifer is, therefore, the "Ariadne's thread" that leads us to our inner god, who takes us out of this painful labyrinth of life, through esoteric work. Lucifer, again and again makes us pass through the screen of our understanding, our own lusts (which are not others, but ours).

Overcoming them, eliminating them, disintegrating them, turning them into dust, is what is indicated. Thus, taking steps and steps more and more advanced, we start from the center of the labyrinth towards the periphery, to one day reach our god. That is the work of Lucifer. He is Ariadne's thread, he is the philosopher's stone. It is for a reason that the pilgrims of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris turn off their candles in the stony jaws of Lucifer, in the "little stone in the corner", as they say there...

There has been a lot of talk about “magical powers”. Yes, we can have them, but we need, unquestionably, to create a lot within us, and to destroy too much (there is much that we have left over and much that we lack).

Everyone believes that they possess the superior existential bodies of the Being, and that is not the case. It is necessary to create them, and it is not possible to create them except in the "forge of the cyclops", that is, through sexual work. We will be told that we are "sex fanatics." They are wrong. What happens is that we have a "laboratory", which is our body, and a "stove" in the "laboratory" (the alchemist's fire), and a "crucible" (which is in sex and there the "matter cousin" of the great work. Transmuting it is indispensable, converting it into energy, in order to be able later with that energy, and with what it contains, to create the superior existential bodies of the being. That is what is vital, what is indispensable.

A day will come when we will have to move beyond sex. The absurd thing would be to want to go beyond sex without having reached the goal. That would be like wanting to get off the train before arriving at the station, or wanting to get off the bus or car (where we are going), before reaching the goal that we have set for ourselves.

In sex you have to create and you have to destroy. Creating the solar vehicles is necessary so that the inner god can resurrect in us, and also eliminate the "inhuman elements" that we carry inside...

All gathered here, we must understand. It is not enough for you to listen to what I am saying, it is necessary that you do it, because “faith without works is dead faith”. Faith needs to go hand in hand with work. You have to do the great work, but it is not enough to have faith in the great work. You have to do the great work.

And the final result of the great work, what will it be? May each one of us become a great god, with power over the heavens, over the earth and over the hells. That is the end, the outcome of the great work: that each one of us is converted into a majesty, into a terribly divine creature. But, today, we must recognize that we are not even human; we are only "humanoids" (in a cruder way I would say that we are "intellectual mammals", and nothing more); but we can get out of this state in which we find ourselves, through the great work...

Hiram Abiff is the “secret master”, the third logos (Shiva शिव), the “firstborn of creation”, our real inner divine Being, our true and individual “monad”. We need to resurrect him, because he is dead within us, although he is alive for the ineffable worlds.

Raymond Lully carried out the great work: he received the great arcanum in the astral world, and it was with this "master key" that he was able to work on the great work. Raymond Lully, undoubtedly, knew outside the physical body what is the sacred conception of the divine mother, the kundalini shakti. Knowing how that sacred conception was realized, he set out to materialize (from above) the sacred conception in himself, until he achieved it.

Undoubtedly, the divine mother must conceive her child by the work and grace of the third logos. She remains a virgin before childbirth, in childbirth and after childbirth. That child that she conceives must materialize, crystallize in us from above, from on high, until it is completely covered with our physical body, with our “planetary body”. Upon reaching that degree, it can be said that the great work has been accomplished. In other words: we must resurrect Hiram Abiff within us. I have said it.

Inverential Peace

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.


"When Ain-Elohim אין-אלהים, willed to create the world with (in the womb of his Ain Soph אין-סוף), all the letters (of Ath את the boundless Ether) appeared before his presence in their reverse order. Then, from Ath את (the Ain Soph אין-סוף, the boundless Ether), the letter Tav ת ascended and said: (Oh AElohim אאלהים) 'Lord of the Universe! let it please thee to create the world by me, as I am the final letter of the word Emeth אמת (truth), which is graven on thy signet ring (since the letter Mem מ in the middle of Emeth אמת is the representation of your ether or Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, Mary, the Cosmic Mater. This is why,) Thou thyself art called Emeth אמת, and therefore it will become thee, the great King, to begin and create the world by me.' Then (Ain-Elohim אין-אלהים) the Holy One said: 'Thou, oh, Tav ת, are indeed worthy, but I cannot create the world by thee; for thou art destined to be not only the characteristic emblem (borne by faithful students of the law (of chastity), from beginning to end, but also you are the seal of the word Maveth מות (death) on the forehead (metzach מצח) of the faithful ones, of which thou (as a Cross) art the final letter.” – Zohar

Ani is (יהוה manifested) and Ain is (יהוה unmanifested) אני יהוה ואין, there is no Elohim אין אלהים except me (Ain Elohim אין-אלהים). I will bless thee, and though you do not known Me.” – Isaiah 45: 5

TAV Hebrew Letter


12 Pisces

Nun נון means fish in Aramaic

Observe the spelling of the letter Nun נון, which is: nun-vav-final nun. The common Nun נ is bent and the final Nun ן is straight. Why? Because the bent Nun נ represents both male and female semen or brute mercury, and the straight Nun ן represents both male and female souls of mercury, which most rise along the Vav ו, the spine of both, husband and wife.

The shape of the letter Tav ת is formed by the letter Resh ר at its left and letter Nun נ at it right. Tav spells תו; this alchemically indicates that we, in the sexual act, have to transmute the two Nun נון (fish, male and female sperm) into energy and to rise it along the Vav ו, our spine, towards our head, Rosh ר, of Kether, in the pineal gland ruled by Neptune.

“If the Logos sprang from the unknowable divine, it is because the Devil gave him freedom to do so” - Samael Aun Weor

The Zohar states:

Again Rabbi Simeon spoke and said:

“And IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति) formed from the ground every beast of the field, and every fowl of the heavens, and bringeth in unto El-HaAdam אל־האדם, to see what he doth call it; and whatever HaAdam האדם calleth any living soul (Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה), that is its name.. "  - Genesis 2: 19

Woe unto those whose hearts are hardened and eyes blinded so that they are unable to understand and appreciate the teachings of the secret doctrine and know not that the "beast of the field (humanoids)" and the "fowl of the air (intellectual animals)" symbolize those who are ignorant and, though possessing (nephesh נפש, animal) soul and life (Chaiah חיה), are of no advantage or benefit either to (Ath את), the Schekinah שכינה whilst in captivity (of their own concupiscence), or to Moses (the body of willpower in Tiphereth) who never quitted (chastity) or forsook her for a moment, or, in other words, who recognize not the reality of the Divine Life (Chaiah חיה, Binah, Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति) nor the existence of the Higher Self (Kether).

Here Rabbi Eleazar asked a question: "Who (Mi מי) has connected (in Tiphereth) the doings of Adam to the activities of Israel (the living souls, the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים) and Moses (the body of willpower)?"

"Eleazar, my son," replied Rabbi Simeon, "why dost thou ask such a question as this? Hast thou not read and studied the words of Scripture?

“Declaring from (Rasheeth ראשית) the beginning the latter end, And from of old that which hath not been done.” – Isaiah 46: 10

"Yes," replied Rabbi Eleazar, "and I recognize them as true."

Rabbi Simeon continued: This is why we are taught by tradition that Moses (who is the body of willpower in Tiphereth) is not dead and is therefore called "Adam (in Tiphereth)," of whom it is said:

"And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam (meaning Moses) there was not found an help meet for him.” – Genesis 2: 20

But everything was against him (Moses) and he found no help in bringing (Ath את), the Schekinah שכינה out of captivity as it is written:

“And (in Tiphereth) he turned hither and thither (that is, cah vecah כה וכה, at the right and left hands or columns of the tree of life), and looked that there is not match for his (Iod י) Aish איש (male fire in Yesod-sex), and (his left hand ו-י-ך, that is, his final Kaph or) ‘Ath the Egyptian-את־המצרי’ (the captive Ath את within his Klipotic Egyptian psychology in Malkuth). And (therefore) buried the Iod י (of Malkuth as a treasure) in the sand.” – Exodus 2: 12

At that moment, scripture saith:

“And IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים caused a deep sleep to fall upon HaAdam האדם (Moses in Tiphereth), and he slept. And He took one of his ribs, and closed up flesh in its stead.” – Genesis 2: 21

“IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים” (that is the name of Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति-Binah in Atziluth) denotes the Divine Being as Father and Mother; "a deep sleep" the captivity (of Ath את, his Klipotic Egyptian psychology in Malkuth), which is also the meaning of the words “And the sun is about to go down, and deep sleep has fallen upon Abram אברם (Chesed), and lo, a terror of great darkness is falling upon him.” – Genesis 15: 12


Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति

"And He (Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति, IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים) took one of his ribs"--from whom? From the virgins of the Matronitha מטרוניתא (Parvati पार्वती, Shakti शक्त, the female creative power of the Holy Spirit, Mary מרים, whose emblem (in Malkuth, Egypt מצרים, is a letter צ Tzadic Isha צדיק אשה, righteous woman). The divine Father and Mother (IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים, Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति) took a virgin from the white or right side of her (Parvati पार्वती), designated in scripture as "fair as the moon" (Song 6: 10). "And closed up the flesh in its place," signifying the union of the celestial (soul Neshamah נשמה) with  (Nephesh נפש) the animal nature of HaAdam האדם. The words "for that he also is flesh" (Genesis 6: 3), refer to Moses, whose physical form radiated light golden hued like that of the sun, as it is written: 

"The face of Moses was as the face of the Sun," - Exodus 34: 35

Whilst that of the virgin of the right side was like the moon. Therefore scripture saith: "Thou art fair as the moon and clear as the sun" (Song 6: 10).

Another signification of the words, "And closed up the flesh in its place" is that the Father and Mother (IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים, Shiva-Shakti शिवशक्ति) wished to protect (vaisgor ויסגר) her, as it is written: “And יהוה shut (vaisgor ויסגר) for him” – Genesis 7: 16

“And IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים buildeth up the rib which He hath taken out of HaAdam האדם (Kadmon) into a woman, and bringeth her in unto HaAdam האדם (Moses in Tiphereth).” – Genesis 2: 22

In this verse is an allusion to the mystery of the marital affinity. We are taught that when this affinity is ignored and disregarded the consequences are most injurious. The Holy One in his operations has worked on the law of affinity, as it is written:

“IodHavah יהוה has built Jerusalem. The outcasts (the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים, living souls) of Israel He (through Moses) gathereth (in Tiphereth).” – Psalm 147: 2

The Vav ו in the divine name יהוה is the son or (the fire of the holy spirit, Ieshua the son of Nun יהושע בן־נון, INRI the Christ, developed in our spine, as a) child of the Iod י and Hei ה, the Father and the Mother, to whom scripture refers:

"And  buildeth up the rib which He hath taken out of HaAdam האדם (Kadmon), and made he (with this Shakti potential) a woman (the kundalini), and brought her unto HaAdam האדם (Moses in Tiphereth).

This (female) rib denotes (Zain ז) the middle column in the sephirotic Tree of Life symbol of the virgin (Mary מרים, Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה), of whom it is written:

"For I, saith יהוה, will be unto her (Mary מרים, Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה) a wall of fire round about, and (in their Vav ו, their spine of both, husband and wife, the son of Nun יהושע בן־נון, INRI the Christ) will be the glory in the midst of her (Mary מרים, the Schekinah שכינה)" - Zechariah 2: 5

It is for this reason that the future temple, glorified and perfected humanity, built and formed by the Holy One (יהוה), will endure forever. It is of this temple that scripture speaks:

"The glory of this latter house shall be greater than that of the former." - Haggai 2: 9

Which was built by man's hands, but this shall be built by the Holy One (יהוה), and is alluded to by the Psalmist:

"Except יהוה build the house, they labor in vain that build it" - Psalm 127: 1

The words "And IodHavah Elohim יהוה אלהים buildeth up the rib which He hath taken" equally apply to Moses, who, when building the tabernacle in the wilderness, foresaw the future tabernacle God would form, as it is written:


"And for (Zain ז) the second side (rib) of the tabernacle on the north side there shall be twenty boards" – Exodus 26: 20

The north side here refers to the side of the sephirotic tree called Chesed (mercy) and known as the white side. "And closed up the flesh thereof." The word flesh signifies the red side of the tree which is called Geburah (power), and at this time (regarding the letter Aleph א) were fulfilled the words:

"His left hand (the left Iod י of Aleph א, in Malkuth, the Schekinah שכינה) is under my head and his right hand (the right Iod י of Aleph א, of יהוה) doth embrace me (the Zain ז)" - Song of Solomon 2: 6

As also the words: "This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh." She shall be called Ashah אשה because she (Asha אשה the female fire) was taken from Aish (איש male fire), that is to say (they, Vav-Hei וה were taken from the Iod י and Hei ה, the Father and the Mother), that the virgin (Mary מרים, Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה of a chaste) humanity is a union of the man or father representing (the Iod י) the male principle, with (the woman, the Hei ה), the mother, representing the female principle (in the very sexual act, white tantrism).

When the temple just referred to is completed, each individual (in Tiphereth, the human soul, Moses) will find his companion or soul-mate (in Geburah, the spiritual soul) predestined from the beginning to become united with him, and then will be realized the words of the prophet:

"And I will also give you a new heart and a new spirit will I put within you" – Ezekiel 35: 26

As also the words of another prophet:

"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out (Ath Ruachi את־רוחי) Ath my spirit (the Schekinah שכינה) upon all flesh; And your sons and your daughters (in their Vavs ו, their spine) shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions" - Joel 2: 28

Alluding to the renewed state of humanity in the future, as tradition expresses it. The son (the Vav ו) of David (דוד) or the Messiah (in the middle of the spine is Jesus or Ieshua the son of Nun יהושע בן־נון, INRI the Christ) will not appear until all souls (the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים) now incarnating shall have reached perfection and accomplished their destiny, and those who have lost their Higher Self (in their Vav ו, their spine) and have failed to become united with it (the Messiah, Jesus or Ieshua the son of Nun יהושע בן־נון, INRI the Christ) shall be exterminated from the world (through the second death).

Alchemical meaning of the letter Vav ו and two letters Daleth ד of the name David דוד: The first Daleth ד corresponds to the Father and Mother, the Iod י and Hei ה of יהוה sexually united in Daath  דעת. And the Daleth at the end of the name David דוד corresponds to husband and wife, the Vav ו and the Hei ה of יהוה sexually united in Yesod יסוד.  The  Vav ו of David דוד corresponds to Tiphereth, Adam, Moses, united with the Son, Ben בן, the Beth ב of Ben בן coreesponds to Beresheet בראשית Chokmah חכמה wisdom, the Son of Adam Kadmon. And the final Nun of Ben בן, corresponds to the Messiah, Ieshua, Jesus, the son of Nun יהושע בן־נון, INRI the Christ, the son of Adam and Eve, the son of David דוד.

The Fall of Man by Hendrik Goltzius (German, 1558 - 1617); oil on canvas, 1616. From the National Gallery, Washington DC. (Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images)

"And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed" – Genesis 2: 25

Referring to the time when licentiousness and sensuality shall disappear and vanish out of the world and nothing exist causing a sense of shame and immodesty.” - Zohar

This is why Jesus Said:

“Yet it isn’t I who will accuse you before the Father. Moses will accuse you! Yes, Moses, in whom you put your hopes. If you really believed Moses, you would believe me, because he wrote about me. But since you don’t believe what he wrote, how will you believe what I say?” - John 5: 45-47