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Jesus Performing the Eucharist
Jesus Performing the Eucharist

Investigation of the Gnostic Unction (Eucharist, Communion)

My beloved brothers and sisters, it is necessary to know the significance of the Gnostic unction [eucharist, communion].

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On a certain occasion, finding myself in the superior worlds of cosmic consciousness, finding myself specifically in the world of Atman [Chesed], beyond the body, the affections, and the mind, I entered a precious chapel so clearly illuminated that there was no shadow anywhere. That light had life in abundance. It did not come from any lamp. It came not from a specific place, but from all places. There, a group of brothers and sisters gathered before a sacred table performing the Gnostic Unction. They broke and ate the bread and drank the wine. From the dome of the chapel, from the world of the Logos, divine atoms of highest voltage of the Christic force descended upon the table of that paschal banquet, which accumulated in that bread and wine. The music of the spheres resonated wonderfully from the choir of infinity.

Thereafter, I had to descend a step in order to act in the buddhic or intuitional world [Geburah], in that ineffable region where the worlds celebrate the communion under the golden word of the Demiurge Architect.

There, the glow sincerely diminished in splendour, nonetheless the chapel shone gloriously, the brothers and sisters in their buddhic or intuitional vehicles (or, in order to speak in a simpler language, we would say, in their diamond souls or Vajrasattvas, as the Hindustani say), continued in their ineffable rite within the exquisite idylls of Good Friday, breaking the bread, drinking wine, and praying.

The Christic forces that had accumulated in the wheat and the fruit of the vine in the world of Atman now descended to the great intuitional or buddhic world in order to also be accumulated within that Holy Grail and within that piece of bread that represented the flesh of the blessed Logos of the solar system.

As I continued my research, I descended into the world of natural causes [Tiphereth], where the past and the future come together as a brotherhood in an eternal now, where everything ebbs and flows, comes and goes, rises and falls. Thus, when entering that exquisite chapel, the same brothers and sisters were there yet in the causal world, this time attired with the superior manas of which the Theosophists speak. In other words, they were acting as human souls, and the exquisite light of the Logos that had descended through the ineffable tier of mysteries from Atman down to buddhi now took shape and crystallized among the divine waves of wine within the amphora of the world of natural causes.

It was to be admired, it was worth seeing, that Logoic power and those Christic atoms of the highest voltage, embedded in the piece of bread. The marvelous panorama of the Logos in the World of Tiphereth shines with the rhythms of mahavan and chotavan that hold the universe steady in its march.

With the longing of continuing these investigations, I wanted to know something more about the sacred office, thus I descended to the world of the cosmic mind [Netzach]. It is obvious that within that chapel in the world of the inferior manas, one cannot see the same delectable and ineffable splendors of Atman [Chesed], nor the reflections of buddhi [Geburah] nor the exquisite brilliance of the superior manas [Tiphereth], the causal world. Everything had paled, but the taste of the Logos was still there.

Inside the sacred shrine, the bread and wine were on the table of the paschal banquet. The brothers and sisters continued with their rite, breaking the bread in order to eat it and drinking from the sacred amphora.

From above, from the world of Urania to the world of the universal parakletos [helper], vividly represented by the kalahamsa swan that flies over the waters of life, the Christic forces descended, went down the luminous tiers from Atman, buddhi, superior manas, etc... until the bread and wine were completely crystallized in the world of the mind.

Yet, my investigations did not end there. I continued by dressing myself with the sidereal body or kedjan body, as it is esoterically called, thus, I entered the astral sanctuary [Hod]. The splendors dwindled even more, the exquisite flowers of the great laya of the universe dwindled remarkably, the cosmic melodies of the cosmic diapason that once resounded like a blessed miracle within the chalice of every flower in the world of Atman and even buddhi and superior manas, had now sadly eclipsed. But the ritual continued within the temple, and the Christic atoms continued descending from the ineffable region of the Mahachohan, crystallizing also in the bread and wine of transubstantiation.

One step more and I entered the region of the lingam sarira of the Theosophists, in that fourth vertical where one can only move with the vital body [Yesod], when it has been properly stigmatized or completely pierced by the spear. As I entered the chapel of the fourth vertical, I saw the same brothers and sisters performing their ritual, the glowing vibrations of the Logos taking shape there for the great banquet.

A little more and I managed to appear in the merely physical world [Malkuth]. Then with mystical amazement I discovered the unusual: several brothers and sisters, seven in total, full of true adoration, celebrated their ritual with physical bodies, the same ritual that here in these moments we are going to celebrate, and those Christic atoms that from the universal parakletos had descended through the luminous tiers, through the various regions of the infinite cosmos, coagulating, crystallizing in the bread and wine of the great banquet, definitively passed into the physical organisms in order to incite the organic atoms in the work of Christification, in order to propel us with its dynamism, with its verb, in order to encourage us within the universal harmonies, in order to propel us in a very serious way towards Self-realization.

The conjunction of godly atoms, which constitute the organism and that obey the atom Nous which is in the heart, tremble with emotion when the atoms of the Solar Logos coagulated in the bread and in the wine enter our organism for our Christification. It is obvious that we need Christic help, and this help comes to us with the holy Gnostic unction. We are weak creatures. We must ask for help from the Logos. Obviously this help comes with the bread and wine. That is why the great Kabir said,

"Whosoever eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood will have eternal life. I will resurrect them on the last day. Whosoever eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood, dwells in me and I in them.”

Saying this, my dear brothers and sisters, let us pray.

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