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Inside the Vestibule of Wisdom

Dear reader,

temple-small Read my writings with an open mind, since they are books of pure occultism, that are very especially dedicated to all those who aspire to the Initiatic Devic Path.

When doubts assault your mind, go and read my books. When you feel the anxious throb of spiritual longing, go and read my writings.

When the pseudo-spiritualists insult you and hurt you, remember, companion of mine, that these books, as your loyal and sincere friends, will always be willing to console your painful heart.

Take heed, my brothers and sisters, of those wolves dressed in sheepskin. Be prudent, be cautious, and withdraw from all of those spiritualist cages that are true centers of exploitation and moral corruption.  The owners of all of those lodges are now very jealous of their businesses and consider the Master Samael Aun Weor as a very dangerous element.  Indeed, those black magicians are right: I am a very dangerous element for them, because I remove the masks from their faces, and show their naked shame in the open, before the solemn verdict of public consciousness.  So, the wicked ones fight back in order to defend their business, thus they abruptly run to defend it.

I tell all of those lodge owners that they should not be so afraid of me, since I am not in need of their money, nor do I extend certificates, nor do I send correspondence courses, nor do I found schools, nor do I grant diplomas in order to become wealthy.

If they think that Samael has attacked them in order to take away their clientele, then they are mistaken, because Samael does not own any school, nor is Samael in the need of clientele.

I, Samael, am not in need of henchmen or followers, but only imitators of my doctrine: Gnosis.  I do not follow anyone, nor do I want anyone to follow me. What I want is for each one of you to follow his own Self.  I am only a lighthouse in the sea of existence, and I do not need clientele in order to subsist.

Since I am against the slavery of souls, I do not want to enslave any soul, nor do I agree with executioners of ideals.

Masters exists in abundance, and I am only one of many; thus, those who want to find the Masters will find them inside, within the profundities of their own inner consciousness.

Since long ago, all the spiritualist brethren of the world have been waiting for the great Avatar [messenger] of Aquarius; listen, do not wait for another messenger, because I am the initiator of the new era. The tree is known by its fruits.  I am a tree: my fruits are my books. Thus, study them, practice them, and do not forget that the Master appears when the disciple is prepared.

My books are for those who have already passed through the schools of Baalim.  My books are for those who already drank from the bitter chalice of all the spiritualist schools.

I already freed myself; now you must free yourselves, brothers and sisters: here I give you the clue so that you can enter into Eden, through the same door that I entered.  I discovered the door and entered; now I also show you the door, so that you can enter as I did.

I bathed myself within all the sacred rivers, I practice penances, and the porches of all the religions of the world only granted me the consolation of one day… thus I defended different spiritualist schools, yet none of them could console my painful heart. Priests from all religions of the world gave me severe admonishments and none of them were able to console me. The only one who granted me a balm for my soul was my Innermost. Yes, the only one who could grant internal happiness to my heart was my real Being.  The only door through which I entered into Eden was the door through which I departed, and that I had forgotten and profaned.  That door is the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Samael Aun Weor (1953)