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jesus walks on water
Jesus walks on water

How to Develop Magical Powers: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Astral Projection

Friends, we are going to start our esoteric lecture tonight. Unquestionably there are magical powers in the human being. There have been, really truly, many experiments of a psychic type. I will narrate some...

Some time ago an unusual event happened in Merville, California. In the presence of the Fox sisters of Merville the strangest things happened: tables rose and floated by themselves in the air; stones that were thrown by invisible hands; windows that opened and closed by themselves, etc.

A scientist resolved to do research; It was William Crookes, the man who introduced radiant matter into  glass tubes.

The experiment was formidable, extraordinary, wonderful. He put these young ladies inside a perfectly safe chamber, tied them with copper wires; He even passed very fine wires through the holes of the ears, in such a way that these ladies could not do any tricks.

However, in the presence of the scientists gathered for the experiment, it happened that a spirit called Katie King materialized, became visible and tangible. It was the spirit of a 25-year-old woman who had died a long time ago, and she became visible and tangible to all scientists.

They took pictures of her, and it was proven that there was no trick. If those mediums (or those ladies who served as mediums), tried to make any movement, a bell would sound. So, any possibility of fraud was ruled out and yet the ghost appeared, became visible and tangible.

Many skeptics, incredulous materialists went to be convinced and they left convinced.

They went with the purpose, more than anything else, of bringing down what they considered a fraud, of “unmasking the fraud”, they said, but instead of unmasking any fraud, they left perfectly convinced.

The fact, then, was concrete, and in the presence of scientists the spirit of Katie King keep materializing for three years. At the end of the three years, she said goodbye to everyone, hugging them and telling them that "she had come to the world to fulfill a mission, that she had come to tell them that the soul is truly immortal, that she had come to tell them that the afterlife exists"...

It slowly dematerialized in the presence of the cameras, and even more, it left a piece of their hair there, a loop as a souvenir, so that there was no doubt.

Long before, they say that in Naples, Italy, a woman named Eusapia Palladino had extraordinary mediumistic powers: in the presence of that woman, the tables rose by themselves in the air and extraordinary things also happened...

The scientists tied her to steel poles; she had her body bound with electric wires and any movement she tried to make would immediately cause a bell to ring etc. (experiments, to see what was true in all those metapsychic things; and it is that one has to investigate, one has to experiment, to see what is up there).

The most interesting thing was that the dead mother of a certain Botazzi appeared in the middle of the room and even she allowed herself to be photographed.

Musical instruments were placed within hermetically sealed steel boxes and these instruments resonated. What hands made them resonate?

Plates of flour were placed, and invisible hands were placed on those plates of flour.

She was examined by the medium and was found to have a normal body.

Thus, experiments of this size invite one to think. How is it that a mandolin rises up in the air by itself and is touched by invisible hands? It is one of the many cases that happened in the presence of Eusapia Palladino from Naples.

And what shall we say of that other medium, man, from France? In Paris he put his face between coals of coal and his face did not burn. He levitated, that is, he flew with a chair and everything in the air; and on some occasion, they saw how he rose in the air on the chair upon which he was sitting, and chair and all, he went out through one balcony and entered through another. And this phenomenon was happening on the top floor of a building.

Thus, there are magical phenomena that are worth studying, phenomena that amaze. And for that, precisely for that, we have come here. You are here to listen to me and I am here to speak to you, and I believe that between you and I we can understand each other.

Let's talk about magic, let's talk about spiritism and magical powers. It is worthwhile for all of us to discuss a little, investigate to see what is true in all these things.

Travelling in the Fourth Dimension

A few months ago, an unusual case happened over in Guanajuato: in the middle of a meeting, people were in the plaza, when suddenly a lady appeared from the clouds, and fell in the middle of the plaza... "A witch!" They all said, "she is a witch!..." And the crowd leapt on top of her to lynch her. Fortunately, the unfortunate woman was saved by the police, she ended up at the police station, and the police even gave permission to go and see her. But, what is going on in all these things?

At the time of the Inquisition in the Middle Ages, witches were burned alive at the stake. But are there witches? That is what we are going to ask ourselves. As the common saying goes: “One should not believe in witches, but they exist, indeed, they exist." Thus, it is worthwhile for us to try to know a little about each of these things.

Okay, let's continue. If the medium man, the one from Paris, so famous, the one who put his face in coals, could also float through the air, well, it's something like witchcraft; but I have heard that saints also fly...

The most beloved disciple of Saint Francis of Assisi found him always floating above the ground, when he went to bring him food, well, "but to no avail!", the saint could not eat, because he was so high that the poor disciple could not reach his hands to give him food. Then, Francis would fly away, the story goes, through the beeches, they say, a forest full of trees, and he would disappear. History is full of saints flying in the air. Well, those weren't burned at the stake...

It is that there has to be everything in this life; there will be saints and there will be devils and devils, and there is everything in this world, everything exists in creation; but you have to investigate to see what it is, what happens; we have to get out of these enigmas.

And I invite you to that, to accompany me a little to reflect. I am here, thinking out loud, if you are listening to me, I am glad you are listening to me...

Well, let us continue forward...

The history of our Anahuac ancestors has unusual things: it is said that Moctezuma, the powerful lord of Anahuac, one day summoned the most select of his court. He called Tlacaelel and told him, "Well, I need to know where our ancestors are, where is the wisest man of all, Quetzalcoatl? Where is the mother of Quetzalcoatl? Where are all our ancient heroes?"

And Tlacaelel told him, "Sir, it is very difficult to get there where they live. They live in the distant Thule; and that is so far that there is no way to get there. In another time it was possible to get there, but now the road is closed and full of thickets, thorns, thistles, bottomless lagoons; so that only through the art of magic or witchcraft will people be able to get there, to where Lord Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli live, and Huitzilopochtli’s mother, etc., etc., etc.,"... well, it is a whole pantheon that one hardly remember the many names.

Fortunately, I have not yet forgotten Tlacaelel and the anguish in which he found himself in order to be able to answer the powerful lord Moctezuma.

Well, Moctezuma remembered that there was a great wise man who lived there in the forest, and he said, "I'm going to consult him." And arriving before that old man, he greeted him with all reverence and said, "Tell me, you venerable old man, you who know the history of our beloved Mexican land, tell me: what do you know about our ancestors? What do you know about Huitzilopochtli? What do you know about our lord Quetzalcoatl? What of our ancient Ayos?"

The old man replied, "They, sir, certainly live in distant Thule. It is difficult to get there, but by magical means it can be reached. The best thing is that you gather the 60 elders and entrust them with this mission..."

Moctezuma thanked him and retired to his palace. So, he summoned the 60 venerable elders and said to them, "I want you to bring presents to our ancestors who live in distant Thule. I know you are magicians, so go, consult them, see what they say about us."  And the 60 obeyed, and Moctezuma gave them fabulous gifts to take to the ancestors of ancient Mexico.

Thus, they say, that the 60, smeared on their bodies certain substances, and that they invoked Xolotl, that is what the ancient tradition says; and then the Xolotl-Lucifer-Nahua gave them power, and those elders suspended themselves in the atmosphere, and entered the unknown dimension.

I don't know if you have seen that movie called “The Time Tunnel.” If you have seen it, you will already be able to form an idea of ​​what that unknown dimension is, that fourth dimension.

Here you see this table, it has three dimensions: long, wide, high. But there is a fourth dimension, and that is time. How long ago did the carpenter build this table? That is the fourth dimension.

Obviously the fourth dimension exists. It is not be possible to see it with these eyes of flesh and blood, but it does exist, and if one develops what they call “clairvoyance”, well, one can see it.

Well, then, continuing here, in this very pleasant lecture with you, I will tell you that those 60 got into the fourth dimension (that they traveled through the unknown dimension like those gentlemen from the movie “The Time Tunnel"), and that they certainly arrived at the north pole, where they say there is a resplendent sacred island, which they call the “crystal island”, and they were received there by the ancestors of the Aztecs.

These elders handed over their gifts, but the ancestors of the Aztecs said, "Tell there, to Moctezuma and his people, and to the prime minister, Tlacaelel, that if they don't change their customs, if they don't stop getting drunk with so much pulque, if they don't put an end to human sacrifices, white bearded men will come from the other side of the sea and these bearded men will enslave you and finish you off..."

The story continues by saying that the 60 returned again through the atmosphere (through the fourth dimension) to Mexico-Tenochtitlan, and that they took the message to Moctezuma and his prime minister, Tlacaelel. And that Moctezuma and Tlacaelel cried a lot...

Furthermore, Huitzilopochtli’s mother gave Moctezuma a truss as a symbol of chastity, and Moctezuma received it. So that venerable matron wanted to tell him that her son should stop being less Don Juan-esque, less enamored, that he should become a little more chaste, more pure, so that he would have more strength, in order to be able to govern ancient Mexico-Tenochtitlan, the great Tenochtitlan.

Behold those stories... I took them, I read them from a very venerable priest, from a very respectable father, Padre Durán, who is a historian; the one who wrote this, is not a charlatan therefore if Padre Durán said that, he knows why he ́said it and how he said it.

Continuing with these things that are very interesting, I think that that famous woman who appeared from the clouds, and fell in the middle of the plaza of Guanajuato, and who ended up at the police station was a witch of the covens of "The Thousand and One Nights," obviously, that she had to have traveled through the fourth dimension, like the gentlemen of “The Time Tunnel".

What was wrong was that the wretched lady had left the fourth dimension in order to fall in the middle of the plaza. At the time of the inquisition, they would have burned her alive at the stake, but since we are no longer at that time they were content to put her in jail.

Well, let's get on with these things; I keep thinking out loud, and I beg you to join me in thinking a little.

How to Develop Clairvoyance

That there are faculties like clairvoyance, who can deny it? They exist, and there is a simple method to awaken clairvoyance, I am going to teach you the secret to become clairvoyant.

Look: here I have this glass of water (I'm going to drink a little, aaahh it's even good, right?) ...

Look, the glass is placed like this, facing us, with as much water as the one you see here. Then, one concentrates on the water, in such a way that the sight passes through the glass and falls exactly in the center of the water, that is, here, in the center of the circle, at the point of the circle (but that the sight passes through between the glass and land on the center of the circle).

It is a very simple exercise; Just 10 minutes, every day, but yes, after 15 or 20 days you will begin to see that the water is colored (colors of the fourth dimension, that they exist and that you will be able to see them). Then, around 3 or 4, or 6 months at the latest, if a car passes by on the street, you will see the street as a strip of light and through that strip of light you will see the car, you will see it tiny but you will see it.

After three years (I tell you this in the name of truth, that is, sincerely, because I practiced this exercise), the moment will come when you will no longer need this glass of water, you will be able to see, perfectly, what you call "the invisible", what they call the "twilight zone".

And it is interesting to become a seer, because the seer can see what is there, on the other side, where the deceased live; the seer can see, then, what they call the “mysteries of life and death”.

The seer can see the angels. They exist, angels are a truth, religion has taught the truth; the angels, the archangels, the principalities, the powers, the virtues, the dominations, the thrones, the cherubim, the seraphim, exist.

What happens is that by this time people have become very skeptical. What if the people had no religion? A people without religion, word of honor, is a failure, I tell you like this, in a manly way: a failure.

The time has come to have a little more faith. If you have faith and practice this exercise for 10 minutes a day, you will become clairvoyant.

Nothing bad will happen to you. What you have to do is stop being scared. If out there, one of those many days, a little witch appears to you at midnight, well, don't be scared, don't be scared, give her a few blessings, pray to her what [prayers] you know and you will see that nothing happens.


There is another faculty, but it is truly surprising, I want to refer to the magical ear. That magical ear is here, in the throat. Clairvoyance is here [between the eyebrows], but the magical ear is here, in the throat.

Being able to hear the conversations of the angels up there, from the roof up, is not bad; being able to hear from a distance, well, what is happening, well, magnificent. What does happen is that the “chatting, nattering” are a problem, because after they listen to what the husband or compadre said, things get serious.

But yes, one can develop magical hearing, and do you know how? At sunrise (and I am going to give this exercise to you, practice it so that you can be convinced), at sunrise you must concentrate deeply on the music of the spheres.

Have you not heard of the music of heaven? There is, that's very true. Remember the song from “at the crack of dawn” where it says: “I would like to be Saint John, I would like to be Saint Peter to come and greet you with the music from heaven”... Well, it is true, there is music from heaven; yes, Pythagoras already spoke to us, clearly, about the music of the spheres...

And speaking to you scientifically this time, I will tell you that all the sounds that are produced here on earth, from the one produced by a tacky “truck” to the one produced by a singing bird, all, all, all form a single unique sound, which is the keynote of the earth. Now, the other planets also have their keynote and that's interesting. When those key notes are combined, they produce the music of the spheres.

On a certain occasion a saint who was in the pulpit speaking to the multitudes, suddenly, they say, that he managed to hear that ineffable music, and entered into ecstasy; but he remained in ecstasy, he never came back from ecstasy. The wretched thing was taken there to the pantheon nothing more; that was serious, then.

Well, I think that you are not going to stay like that in that state, right? At least I don't wish that to you; but you can develop the sense of clairaudience.

Now, it is a wonderful meaning, think about it: with clairvoyance one can see, for example, ineffable beings, with clairaudience one can hear them. See and hear, you see how intriguing this is...

I have met clairvoyants in life, I think you too, over there, from time to time, have met someone; there are real ones. Sure, you have to differentiate the real ones from the charlatans, of course; but the true clairvoyant can truly see the mysteries of life and death. But you have to practice, if you don't practice, when will you develop clairvoyance?

Encounters with the Dead

Much has been said about the question of the apparitions, of the people who... ...the state they call "the death rattle." They accompanied her to a good death, and yet, the relatives (those who were accompanying her to a good death), felt her there, in the garden, watering the flowers as always (because she always used to water her flowers).

Well, over there at three in the morning she raised a bar (a thick stick with which doors were barred in the old days, because people didn't have locks as finite as they are now), and that was the end of it; however, at that same time, a neighbor of hers saw her; and he went to the neighbor, said goodbye to her, said, "I'm going." And she gave him a hug.

And then, not a neighbor, but she went to where all her relatives were, all her relatives, she said goodbye to everyone, she invited everyone to her funeral, and in the morning, without the need to distribute obituaries (and this was cheaper, of course), it was filled with people. There was therefore no need for further invitation. People dressed in mourning began to arrive.

It is a fact that I know, concrete, exact, precise; It's not something I've read somewhere in any silly little book or in any serial, no, it's something I happen to know.

And let's continue forward: it has been shown that the moment someone dies, they become visible and tangible from a distance. How is that? Why?

On a certain occasion a case happened to me that I am going to tell you about, unusual, but extraordinary: it happened that I was walking around, along those roads of Villadiego, from town to town; I wasn't as famous then as I am now. Sure, I was out there, well, with my old clothes, here on my back, in a backpack. They were different times. "at foot," out there, along the roads...

I got there to a town (it doesn't matter which one, because I don't like to speak ill of anyone), and I looked for a place to stay. The only thing I had in the bag lying around was 20 cents. Who was going to rent me a room for 20 cents?...

I found somewhere in one of those guest houses a living room; there they rented beds, yes, and so good, that with a 20-cent coin he could pay for it. They were cheap, very cheap. I told the owner, "Ma'am, well, I need you to give me a little bed, because, frankly, I'm tired, I'm quite cold and I'm carrying my belly as a “lantern”, I'm hungry, right? I told her.

Well, that lady took pity on me and she gave me a bed, the only one left. It was a room full of beds.

Suddenly, I wanted to go to sleep when someone knocked on the door: a new guest requesting, then, that they give him a bed. This time the landlady told him, "Well friend, now there isn't any, see here how full this room is, the beds are full." The man also begged her as I begged her; she told him: "Well, if you want to lie down on the floor, well, there you go. I give you a mat there to sleep..."

And yes, she handed him a crummy little petite, a horrible mat, with a pillow that seemed, well, blacker than coal. The man lay down there to sleep, on the floor, he was facing me, yes, completely facing me.

And it happened that I was looking at the man, because he had stayed there, facing me; there I looked at him, but suddenly, the man moved from one side to the other, and I saw that from within his pores, from within his body, above the serapes a gray cloud escaped, a lead gray, an amorphous cloud.

But later, that cloud began to stand up, that is to say, to stand vertical, and began to take on the shape of the human body. Thus, such cloud was completely converted into a man, similar to the man who was lying there. He stared at me and left. Where would he go? The gods know where he would end up at those hours, but he left, the body did stay there.

So, you see, that is what happens during the hours of sleep: what one has inside, which they call "soul" or "spirit" (and I don't know what else they will want to call it), that is what is leaves the body during sleep; and of course, the body remains there, in bed, there asleep (or on the floor if one does not have enough to sleep in bed), wherever, but there it remains.

The bad thing is when it doesn't come back. Well, and that is precisely death, with death what one has inside goes away, what they call “soul” goes away, and it goes away forever because it does not come back; at least he leaves that body and when he returns, it will be in a new body (but hey, that is a matter that we will study later. Today I am going to concretize, only, to talk about this question of magical powers, which is well worth studying).

Astral Projection

There is something very interesting: if one during the hours of sleep, that is, what one has inside, what one has of soul, leaves the body at the moment in which the body falls asleep and goes to the other side, and dreams things and then remembers them. What happened? Simply, what happened was that one saw the places where one was. It is clear that if one fell asleep and suddenly dreamed that one was in the Zócalo, and woke up in the Zócalo of San Luis, well, certainly what one has inside, that "soul" or "spirit" (whatever you want to call it ), since it will give there to the Zócalo. There he saw the Zócalo and came back, and when he returned he says: “what a funny dream, I was in the Zócalo, what did I do to hit the Zócalo?” But he was indeed.

Now, if that happens to you unintentionally, I say why not make it happen to you voluntarily? Yes, you can, it's not hard. I am going to give you a very simple code, you put it into practice there at home, and you will see that it is going to give you, well, very good results, but do not get frightened, please do not get frightened…

I'm going to give you the key, it's very simple: go to bed tonight with your head to the north, in supine position, that is, on your back, with your body very relaxed, I want to tell you that with relaxed muscles, that you don't have any muscle in tension, that is, relax them, in a very simple way.

And fall asleep, but "checking" sleep, watching your own sleep, "checking" it.

That's easy, one goes to sleep and at the same time watching his sleep (but don't keep yourselves awake, because tomorrow you have to work, and then, you are going to go sleepless to work, right?).

Watching and at the same time resting, yes, that's how it has to be done, really. And then, when you start to have weird dreams, well, things are good...

At that point, all you have to do is move your legs off the bed, like this (because the first thing you have to do is get your legs off the bed to sit, if you want to sit; that's clear ). And after all, well, one stands up but gently.

But, at that moment when you are putting your legs out to sit, well, identify yourself with your soul, feel yourself being spirit, feel yourself being like a cloud, like air, like something strange, and forget about the body this one of flesh and blood that is so heavy.

Then sit; yes, sit, and once you are seated, then, get up gently, stand up gently, and then look at the bed again to see what you see. If you see that your body is left in bed, don't be scared, no, no, no, for what you love the most, I beg you, don't be scared.

Then, softly, walk until you come out into the street; already in the street, you take a little jump with the intention of floating in the environment, you are in the unknown dimension. In that state you can travel wherever you want and without paying a ticket; you can go to Paris, you can go to London, you can go to Egypt, to Tibet, wherever you want you can travel.

The most interesting thing is that one outside the body can know what is there on the other side. There one can find your relatives who disincarnated a long time ago; yes, they come to hug you; but do not you get scared, since if one touches them they are cold as ice; that's clear.

And do you know why the deceased are so cold? Well, simply, because in life they never intended to receive the sacred fire.

There is a sacred fire that is the fire of the Holy Spirit, but they never bothered to receive the Holy Spirit.

They were so busy that they didn't have time to think about it; They were thinking about the rent, the comadre's gossip, what the compadre said, that letter on the cart, etc., etc., etc., in short, they never worried about receiving the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit.

But angels are something else, that's where things change: if you get close to an angel, you feel one that radiates fire, that burns.

And one, outside the physical body, can actually call upon the angels, and they come. If one invokes the archangel Raphael, for example, to cure an illness, the archangel Raphael comes. So that is when one comes to realize that what religion teaches about angels and saints is true, it is true.

And if one invokes, for example, the Archangel Anael or Uriel, who are the archangels of love and music and beauty, then they come to one. If one asks one of those divine beings for teachings, they give them to you, and then one can study at the feet of that divine being.

In the unknown dimension one can call the divine beings and talk with them. I don't see anything wrong with that. What's wrong with it?

There are those who say that it can be dangerous, but why? If in any case when the body falls asleep one is here, the soul is outside, it goes out. If the soul remained there, tucked into the skin, I assure you that one would not be able to sleep.

So, it is very true that one comes out. So, learning to become aware of one's own functions, well, it is tremendously extraordinary.

In experimental psychology, this phenomenon is called "astral projection". Of course, some texts explain it but with fifty thousand technicalities, and if I were to quote all those difficult and pompous terms, you simply would not understand them, then I would stay talking to myself, I would stay talking in Chinese.

Mental Power

Now, let's talk a little bit about mental strength now. I say that mental strength is powerful, one through mental strength can perform prodigies, wonders.

If, for example, one concentrates one's mind on a person who wants to do a lot of harm to one, one concentrates one's mental strength, those waves of the mind cross space and reach the person; and one can mentally suggest to that person not to harm one, make them see the mistake of harming one, because there is no need for them to come to "ramshackle one".

And one can avoid being “ramshackle” simply through mental force, one can advise people from a distance using the force of thought.

When you think of someone you emit waves, mental waves; those waves cross space and travel from one brain to another brain, they are waves of the mind. Those waves of the mind, although they are invisible to the eyes of the flesh, exist and can take human forms.

The case of a lady called Alexandra David-Neel comes to mind at this moment. She went to Tibet and there she lived among the Tibetan monks for 10 years. One day she set out to create with that substance of the mind (which is a substance that comes from within, within the brain, within the most profound, but that cannot be seen with the eyes of the flesh), she proposed to create with that substance the figure of a monk, and every day she visualized the monk, she visualized him and she visualized him; she visualized him with her imagination and created him. The most serious thing is that he came, that monk, to have strength, and when someone came looking for Alexandra David-Neel, the English lady, they found themselves face to face with the monk.

But Alexandra David Neel got into a serious problem; she got into a shirt of eleven yards. Do you know what happened? The time came when that mental monk no longer obeyed her, he began to do his thing and even became aggressive, then things were getting serious...

The lady was very frightened, she was horribly frightened and she went to consult the case with the abbot of a monastery. Among all the monks of that monastery they had to fight hard to disintegrate that mental form that she had created; They took about six months, fighting to disintegrate that mental form, and what if they don't disintegrate it? I assure you that it would have ended her life, too, Alexandra David Neel would have been the victim of her own invention; And that's not pretty, right?

Thus, mental strength is prodigious, formidable, wonderful, it is worth developing that strength, but to do good, to heal the sick, to suggest to people who hate us that they stop hating us, to reject dangers, etc.

If you know that a murderer is coming to shoot you, well, you focus on that murderer saying: “how are you going to commit that madness? Go back, go with your bullets somewhere else and leave me alone” ... And I'm sure that the one who... ...with that mental strength will make the murderer flee.

There are secrets to make one invisible, they really exist. Remember that Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, made himself invisible when they were going to stone him, he passed through everyone making himself invisible; so that one can make oneself invisible at will. Well, those are all extraordinary phenomena, things, powers that one can develop.

Now, what shall we say about the question of putting the body into the fourth dimension, to travel like the gentlemen of “The Time Tunnel", through the unknown dimension? It can be done, it can be done ...

But at this moment the memory of a curious case comes to mind: Icarus, it is said, who wanted to fly in Rome, and who had his wings made of wax. And it turns out that he announced to the whole world, in Rome, that he was going to fly, and he jumped and instead of going up, he went down, and that's where the poor thing burst, well...

The other day I was told the case of a sorcerer's apprentice, who was told that he had to climb onto the roof of a house and throw himself at twelve o'clock at night. The poor guy did it like that, he threw himself, but he killed himself...

So, I am talking to you about things that seem really funny, nice, but now let's move on to the facts...

Jinn Science

Yes, it is possible to put the physical body inside the fourth vertical; of course you can do it.

Patanjali, for example, is a great yogi, or he was a great yogi from India. He taught his disciples how to bring the physical body into the fourth dimension. These could walk on fire without burning, of course, with the body in the fourth vertical, well, no problem; that's a fact.

I wish they could do it like that. Well, yes, I can, frankly I don't deny it; I learned how to do it, and you can learn it too, that doesn't cost much work; a year of training is everything, and in a year you learn.

Patanjali used to say the following: that “a samyama had to be practiced”... (it is a rare word, and it is the first time that I have used a rare word in this talk). A samyama –he used to say– consists of three: first, concentration; second, meditation; third, ecstasy...

But I am going to explain this to you: concentration means fixing the mind on one thing, that is called “concentration”. If, for example, I fix my mind here, in this glass, I am concentrated. Meditation is to put oneself to think, then, of what that thing on which one has concentrated is made; If I concentrate on this glass and I see that it has a little water, I am concentrating, because I have my mind set there. Meditation will mean that I begin to reflect on what this glass is, on what water is. But there is a third phase: ecstasy; when one comes to comprehend that this glass, this water, everything that exists in creation exists because god wanted it to exist, then one adores god and adores him so much that he enters into that ecstasy of saints.

Well, those are the three factors that make up a samyama. If you concentrate on your physical body, if you meditate on your body, and if you then think that this body exists because God gave it to you, you go into ecstasy, in gratitude to God, in adoration. If one manages to enter into that ecstasy of the saints, well, one can perform wonders; because Patanjali says that at such a moment the body becomes like cotton, he says, and because it penetrates, he says, into the unknown dimension.

Already with the body submerged in the unknown dimension, one can walk on fire without burning, walk on water without sinking, cross a mountain from side to side without receiving any damage, or float on clouds; they are wonders; in India there are yogis who do it, yoga has wonders, it is formidable; there are yogis who levitate, who float in the air; that's extraordinary.

I remember Milarepa, he was a great yogi from Tibet. That man in a state of ecstasy came out of the cave with his body inside the fourth dimension, and floated over the Himalayan mountains, full of snow, people saw him, it was a reality; and after thus traveling through the Himalayas he returned again to his cave.

Alexandra David-Neel tells us about the semi-flying ascetics of Tibet, who travel enormous distances with their bodies tucked into the fourth vertical; They half walk, half float and in moments they are transported from one place to another, they cross enormous distances in a few minutes. So that is a reality, it exists.

In esoteric science, do you know what that is called? It is called “jinn states of jinn science”.

It is said that there are lakes that are enchanted, enchanted mountains, because they are lakes and mountains that are in the fourth dimension, that's all; but they exist, they exist.

In Mexico we have, there in Chapultepec, in the federal district, we have a temple in jinn state, a temple placed within the fourth vertical.

Well, the ancient codices say that the tiger knights arrived at that temple in the form of a tiger, which then assumed the human figure to enter the holy place... And it is that the tiger knights put their physical body inside the fourth vertical; that was all, and they knew how to do it wonderfully. So, I'm talking about facts, concrete facts.

The Holy Grail

In that temple of Chapultepec there is something very sacred: there it is, nothing less than a copy of the holy grail. Do you know what the holy grail is? It's that cup where Jesus drank wine from at the Last Supper. They say that Joseph of Arimathea managed to hide that cup. But the interesting thing was that before hiding it, he was with the cup there, at the foot of Golgotha, and filled the said cup with the blood of the redeemer of the world. Later, he also picked up the spear with which Longinus wounded the lord's side. And both the cup and the spear, he took them to his house and buried them, hid them. When the Roman police came to look for those jewels, they did not find them. Joseph of Arimathea did not want to deliver such relics. For not having done so, the police put him in jail; but when he got out of prison, where he spent many years, he went in search of Christians to Rome, and when he got to Rome he found Nero’s persecution against Christians. So, he kept walking along the shores of the Mediterranean. And one night, in a dream, an angel appeared to him and said, “That cup is very sacred because it contains the blood of the redeemer of the world, bury it there...” –and he showed, in clairvoyant vision, nothing less than the mountain of Catalonia, the hill of Montserrat, in Catalonia, Spain.

So, Joseph of Arimathea with the chalice and the spear went to that place, and there was a temple there. It is said that Joseph of Arimathea kept the chalice and the spear in that temple. But that temple was submerged within the fourth dimension, it became invisible to the eyes of the flesh, it became intangible to physical hands. Since then, it has been invisible...

A multitude of knights during the Middle Ages were looking for the sacred cup, and in the crusades the holy grail was sought. Many people during the crusades went to the holy land in search of the holy grail and the holy sepulcher and ...