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Genuine Tantra is Love and Meditation Combined
Genuine Tantra is Love and Meditation Combined

How Love and Meditation Remove the Obstacles to Real Liberation

Let us begin our lecture in order to prepare the atmosphere...

Real Liberation

First of all, it is necessary to know that the only thing that interests us, in truth, is the intimate self-realization of the Being. I know various schools of the world with different doctrines and magnificent longings, which have very different purposes...

On a certain occasion, for example, I was talking with the tutor of a certain institution, "You," I told him, "do you yearn for the intimate self-realization of the Being? Do you want to be an adept?"

The response of that tutor was, "We are not looking for adepthood, nor the intimate self-realization of the Being. We only care about knowing how to handle the mind, we want impersonal life, etc..."

Thus, various doctrines pursue the dignification of the human being, the improvement of health, the development of magical powers, etc.   

We, frankly, are different: we Gnostics are interested – I repeat – exclusively in the final liberation. From that point of view, we are radicals. The whole objective of our studies, then, is to lead our affiliates to liberation.

We have to start with kindergarten, and then, through the different chambers, we are taking them to higher knowledge. Obviously the most advanced knowledge is delivered in the third chamber.

One day we will have, right here in the I.C.U., the third chamber, when we already have some brothers and sisters who are duly prepared. But, in any case, we do not want in any way, therefore, to avoid the path that leads to the intimate self-realization of the Being.

Undoubtedly, the intimate self-realization of the Being, deep down, is something too natural, tremendously raw, one hundred percent realistic and tremendously sexual.

In the world there are many theories that claim to lead to liberation. There are theories in the Eastern world:  in Tibet,  in India, in China, etc. There are theories in the Western world: schools of different kinds, etc., but we Gnostics like to go, let's say, to the point, to the facts; that's obvious.

For example, in the East (I am now referring specifically to Tibet), there are and have always been anchorites, yogis or penitents who spend their entire lives locked up in caves; their guru teaches them the path of deep inner meditation. Those austere ascetics achieve, based on a lot of psychological training or, let's say, a lot of psychic judo, the eruption in their mind of the illuminating void...

There is a lot of discussion in Japan, Tibet, China about the illuminating void. What is the nature of the void? It is well known that in the void, the Being, let us say, subject and object are one; in the illuminating void one has passed beyond dualism; that in the illuminating void is the unity of life free in its movement, etc.

And there are many Tibetan monks who aspire to reach the illuminating void, specifically the anchorites of the mountains who are completely dedicated to that: to meditation with the purpose of achieving the experience of the illuminating void. Unquestionably, after a certain period of psychological training, they manage to separate the essence from their ego, or rather, to extract the living essence, the Buddhadhatu, as they say in Tibet, from the “I” of experimental psychology. This Buddhadhatu, this essence completely liberated from the ego, can experience the reality, can be precipitated into the illuminating void. That in the East is called "Satori".

When one comes back from such a samadhi, the instructor, the guru, has to intervene. Normally the chela, the hermit, is intoxicated, imbibed by ecstasy. His master slaps him in order to balance him. Sure, they are people who can take the slap, right? I wonder if you guys would accept being slapped, uuuhh! For sure, you would not accept it. Why? Because you don't have the discipline that they have in the Eastern world.

What would happen if the guru did not slap the chela, who comes inebriated, imbibed with ecstasy? There is a tendency to think that, perhaps, he would remain in that state, well, for the rest of his existence, and of course, it would not be in tune with the balance of the world, right? Then the guru takes him out of that state with some slaps, with some strikes on his face.

But let us go a little further on these things. While it is true that some of these ascetics manage to continue, nonetheless, even with such samadhi, the question of liberation remains.

After disincarnating, any of those anchorites, since he is already used to unbottling the essence, removing it from within the ego, extracting it from the mind, passing it into the illuminating void, it is not difficult for the penitent to repeat this after death and he can enjoy for some season, let us say, the bliss of samadhi. Usually, they submerge in a state that we would call "Mahasamadhi" (which is a state of incomparable happiness). But while the essence is submerged in the world of pure spirit, in a state of Mahasamadhi, the ego continues in the astral world, on the threshold of life, awaiting the return of the essence. Finally the essence returns from that state, in order to penetrate again into their ego. Once it has been bottled up again within their ego, then, the reincorporation, the return, the arrival into a new matrix, occurs.

Thus, people who in the East passed for saints, who enjoyed powers due to samadhi, but who never worried about the dissolution of their ego in their lives, today they live in the Western world as ordinary people; some of those subjects are even vulgar people.

And it is that many of those mystics manage, based on rigorous penance, discipline, etc., to unbottle their essence whenever they want in order to enjoy samadhi. But unfortunately, they are not concerned with the dissolution of their ego, with annihilating their ego, with reducing it to dust. Because of that, what I have already told you happens: they have to return sooner or later.

So, what interests us, more than anything, is to achieve a real liberation; and that real liberation is not possible if the ego is not annihilated, if the ego is not dissolved. There may be multiple theories in the world, but in reality, I want to tell you clearly that absolute emancipation, that authentic happiness would never be achieved, if it did not previously go through the Buddhist annihilation.

When I was studying Theosophy, I remember how terrified the Theosophist instructors felt before the Buddhist doctrine of annihilation. It has seemed to me a wonderful doctrine. I consider that Buddhist annihilation is essential for those who want liberation.

By "Buddhist annihilation" is understood the dissolution of the “I” of psychology. Obviously it is necessary to destroy the myself, the “I”, the ego, because in the ego is the living root of all our sufferings, of all our bitterness, of all our problems.

The ego has been considered by many to be divine. The various pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools divide the “I” into two: one “I” of a superior type or alter ego (which is how they call it), and another inferior or animal. And they want to dominate the lower “I” by means of the higher “I” and ultimately integrate with it. Conclusion: they believe that this is the path of liberation.

But the Taoists, Zen Buddhists, Chan and the great Tibetan masters have well said that superior and inferior are two sections of the same thing... So, superior “I” and inferior “I” are two sections of the same “I”...

After all, the “I” has a beginning and must inevitably have an end. It is a bunch of desires, passions, memories, hates, aversions, etc., etc., etc.; the “I” is a book of many volumes, therefore it must be disintegrated.

If the annihilation of the “I” is achieved, the essence, the consciousness that is trapped by it, is liberated and awakens; that is what interests us. But if one does not dissolve the “I” and only cares about getting occult powers, degrees, initiations, etc., etc., sooner or later one fails.

I have known magnificent initiates, I have seen them act, but because they never bothered to dissolve their ego, they failed. If one does not dissolve the ego, it is obvious that it becomes stronger over time and in the long run the ego wins the game.

Now, the dissolution of the ego is a psychological and sexual problem at the same time. If one does not self-explore the ego, if one does not investigate oneself, one never gets to know oneself; who does not know oneself, does not know what one has inside; who ignores what one carries inside is very far from dissolving the ego.

We need to be self-observing ourselves daily, in relation to people, in the streets, in the temple, at work. In those places the defects that we have hidden come out, and if we are in a state of alert-perception, alert-novelty, then we discover those defects, we see them.

A discovered defect must be studied, must be analyzed through deep inner meditation.

And once we have comprehended it, it is well worth disintegrating it. The disintegration of any defect is only possible if we have previously comprehended it.

Obviously, the defects are personified by different inhuman elements that we carry within us. Those defects are abhorrent, they have animal figures. In Tibet such figures are called "psychic aggregates."

These psychic aggregates, then, are the living personifications of our errors and each one of us carries such aggregates in our psyche.

Unfortunately, the essence, I repeat, the consciousness, is bottled up, trapped, stuffed within such aggregates. Therefore, if we want to disintegrate them, we need to first discover them and then comprehend them.

Once we have already comprehended this or that psychic aggregate that we have, be it anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., we will proceed to its disintegration.

In the Eastern world it is well known that the mind, by itself, can never alter any defect. The mind can label it with different names, can hide it from itself or from others, the mind can justify or condemn it, but never alter it.

A power superior to the mind is needed if we want to disintegrate this or that psychic aggregate. Fortunately, that power is latent in every living being. I want to emphatically refer to Devi Kundalini-shakti, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.


This igneous power is latent (says Madame Blavatsky), in all organic and inorganic matter.

If we concentrate on Devi Kundalini, after having understood this or that error, we could obtain unusual benefits.

If we begged her to disintegrate, for example, the aggregate of hate, she would do so. Such an aggregate would be reduced to ashes, cosmic dust, thus, the consciousness trapped within there will be liberated. In this way we can destroy any aggregate, turn it into dust.

Now, the maximum power of Kundalini-shakti is wonderful and expresses herself with all its power precisely during chemical or metaphysical copulation. When the initiates work in the forge of the cyclops, in the flaming forge of Vulcan, they can invoke Devi Kundalini, and she will assist them. She (who is the divine cosmic mother) is begged to disintegrate this or that previously comprehended psychological defect; an answer will be received, and the answer will be with concrete, clear and definitive facts. And in this case, the aggregate in question will be reduced to cosmic dust.

You see how enormous powers are latent, precisely in the human organism; you see how enormous powers are latent in the physiology of eros.

Working in the forge of the cyclops, with the sacred serpent, any psychic aggregate can be perfectly annihilated. In the long run, along this path, the dissolution of the ego would be achieved in an absolute, radical way; and that is what matters.

But those who commit the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great ibis god of Thoth, obviously fail in the great work: or who, even if they did not spill that cup of Hermes, committed adultery, would in fact totally fail in the great work.

The problem of liberation, I repeat, is the most natural. Many think that this liberation is something of substantial content, merely intellective, and they are wrong. Actually, really, this liberation thing is too natural...


Let us think that we are children of a man and a woman, that we exist thanks to that, because otherwise we would not exist. Through the evident reflection of the Being, we reach the conclusion, that as a sequence or corollary of so many caresses, love, enraptures, we are here existing. We are not, then, the product of any theory, but rather the product of love, of emotion, of sex. If instead of metaphysical copulation, our parents would have begun to theorize, we would not exist. If instead of metaphysical copulation, they would have locked themselves inside a physical laboratory to test the creation of our human organism, I am absolutely sure that we would not exist. If they would have been affiliated with any school, with the purpose that through the theories of that school we could have come into existence, I am sure that we would not exist. If they would have dedicated themselves to the study of bombastic doctrines, in complicated books, with the purpose of finding the formula that would have put us into existence, we would not exist. Actually and indeed, we are rather children of emotions, of sex, of love, not of complicated and difficult theories. So, I believe that also, if we proceed, if by law, we would say, from parallelisms, we invoked love, happiness, pure emotion, incessant transmutation, we could reach final liberation.

When I was very young, I looked at Venus in the sky and said to myself: "I believe that only through love, through that marvelous force of the evening star, is it possible for humanity to reach liberation..." Later, when I grew up, when I became a man, I could see perfectly well that all people were bottled up in multiple theories. But I never lost the idea that only through the marvelous force of Venus, which represents love, can one reach true final liberation.

That idea grew in me as I got to know more and more of the world. As I saw creatures being born, as I contemplated the multiplication of all beings, as I saw in all, let us say, the manifestation of natural facts, I understood more and more that liberation is not a matter of mere theories, but of palpable natural reality.

As for the defects, the dissolution of this or that error, I think that it is neither mere theory nor pure intellectualism...

"If the water does not boil at 100 degrees, that which should be cooked is not cooked, that is, that which should be crystallized does not crystallize and what should be eliminated is not eliminated". Likewise, if one does not go through great emotional crises, one cannot eliminate certain undesirable elements that one carries within, one cannot crystallize, in oneself, certain virtues.

Do not forget that we want to crystallize soul in us. The sacred scriptures say:

“In your patience possess ye your souls.” – Luke 21: 19.

This is obvious.

What is meant by “soul”? It is meant the sum of cosmic forces, enormous powers, virtues, qualities, substances, transcendental essences, etc...

If one eliminates, for example, the defect of anger, one manages to crystallize, in one's personality, serenity, which is a precious virtue; and if one manages to eliminate from oneself the defect of hatred, then, in a very evident way, one crystallizes in oneself what is called “love”; and if one manages to eliminate selfishness in oneself, one crystallizes in its replacement, the extraordinary and marvelous virtue of altruism; and if one eliminates cruelty from oneself, one manages to crystallize in oneself, then, sweetness, mercy.

When one manages to eliminate all of the undesirable elements that one carries inside, one crystallizes in an integral, absolute and total form that which is called "soul". Even the physical body itself is transformed and becomes soul; the whole of one becomes soul; and a soul which is full of mighty powers. Extraordinary virtues, formidable qualities...

Thus, what the gospel says,“In your patience possess ye your souls...”  has transcendental characteristics...

We need to become pure soul, but we would not achieve it if we did not reduce the animal ego to cosmic dust.

Now, I will give opportunity to some of you to ask questions in relation to the subject, whatever you want to ask. Take the floor, brother.

Student: Thank you master. My question is related to the patience that we need for meditation.

Samael Aun Weor: The patience you need, for what?...

Student: Patience that we need to meditate?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, patience itself is needed not only for meditation, it is also needed for everything in life. Thus, an impatient person, doesn't get what he needs, she always fails, right? So, patience is necessary, right? The patience of Saint Job!

Student: If we don't have it, and if we practice it, how can we students get patience?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course! Patience is something that we need to achieve, but it is achieved by eliminating the element of impatience; If one does not eliminate the psychic aggregate of impatience, patience does not arise naturally in one either. It is therefore necessary for the virtue of patience to crystallize in us, and it can only crystallize if we eliminate the psychic aggregate of impatience from us.

Let's see, this other brother.


Student: Venerable master, what would be the meditation technique?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there are many meditation techniques: we have the Zen and Chan techniques (which are the same), Taoist techniques that are very similar to Zen; let's say Western techniques, as they are taught, for example, in the "quietism" of Fray Diego de Molinos, as it is advocated, for example, by Max Heindel at the end of the "Rosicrucian concept of the cosmos", etc., etc etc.

But specifically, here, in this lecture, without leaving the subject matter, I will be able to tell you that meditation can lead us to the comprehension of our psychological defects. First of all, as I have already said, and again I repeat now, we need to observe ourselves from moment to moment.

If we discover this or that defect in ourselves, we must undoubtedly meditate on it. We must appeal, let us say, to the meditation of the Being, with the evident purpose, then, of comprehension of the defect in question.

The meditation of the Being is usually profound when there is really an interest in the comprehension of this or that error; and having comprehended this or that defect, then, we will proceed to its elimination.

One can eliminate when one appeals to Devi Kundalini-shakti: the bachelor or bachelorette, then, will concentrate on his or her Divine Mother Kundalini, for the purpose of eliminating it; the married couple will also concentrate on their Divine Mother Kundalini, when they are working in the forge of the cyclops; and if they proceeds in this way, the result will be even more efficient, and they will achieve the absolute disintegration of all the undesirable elements that they carry within. Only in this way will their essence be liberated, only in this way will it be possible to crystallize the soul in us; and that is what we are interested in...

Any other questions, brothers or sisters?

Single or Married

Student: Master, do we singles have a chance to remove defects quickly?

Samael Aun Weor: What did you say? Repeat…

Student: Do we singles have the speed to eliminate defects?

Samael Aun Weor: Look, I am going to tell you a great truth: a single chaste person can eliminate with the help of the divine Devi Kundalini-shakti, they can eliminate about 50% of the undesirable elements that they carry inside, but the remaining 50%, they couldn't get it dissolved if they didn't get married. Because Devi Kundalini is completely reinforced by the transcendental sexual energy (of husband and wife), during the flaming forge of Vulcan. So, in the sexual act is the greatest power that can liberate a human being. Ultimately, total, absolute liberation is a sexual problem... any other questions, brothers or sisters?... speak up!...

Student: ...if one comprehends impatience, but just a little bit and one begs the Divine Mother to dissolve that little bit, does the Divine Mother dissolve it, just that little bit that has been comprehended?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the Divine Mother Kundalini is usually quite radical, if she dissolves the defect of impatience, she does it absolutely and totally. But it is necessary to have previously comprehended the aforementioned defect, if one has not become cognizant that one posseses this error, then the Divine Mother cannot help one in this case either. She helps when one has comprehended an error. Comprehension is prior to elimination.

Students: Thanks!


Student: Master, how is the process of the comprehension of a defect in itself?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, when there is a perfect equilibrium between being and knowing, comprehension arises. Listen, when – we would say – the knowing is greater than being, it becomes as a sequence or corollary of such proceeding, the scoundrel of the intellect. When being is greater than knowing, then the outcome is a stupid saint.

But if we combine being and knowing in absolute equilibrium, well, that's where the flame of comprehension arises.

Now, for being and knowing to reach a perfect equilibrium, the technique of meditation is necessary.

If one, for example, wants to know something about cosmogenesis, and wants to know, for example, how the first round of the mahamanvantaric manifestation was, it would not be enough for one to just study the "stanzas of Dzyan"; one would inevitably have to resort to meditation, study the stanza in question, and then, for a long time, concentrate on the same thing, meditate on the same thing, until one become cognizant of that stanza. Once it has become truly cognizant, it has already left the merely intellectual sphere, that knowledge has already become cognizance and became cognizant because it was absorbed by the Being.

When any knowledge is devoured by the Being, it becomes cognizant.

Thus, if we have a defect, and we want to become cognizant of it, we must to profoundly meditate on it, until we become cognizant of it; and we are cognizant of it when the Being, let's say, swallows the significance of that defect, better said, when the Being absorbs the deep significance of that defect, then the cognizance about it is attained.

So, it is well worth that we become cognizant of this or that error, in order to later eliminate it, the Divine Mother Kundalini eliminates this or that defect when one has comprehended it. Comprehension is basic before elimination.

Any other question?

Student: Is comprehension a virtue?

Samael Aun Weor: No! Virtues are precious gems that are related to the antithesis of any defect. Comprehension, I repeat, results from or comes from the perfect equilibrium between being and knowing and from there gleams the blaze of creative comprehension...

Any other questions?

Student: Venerable master, how do we discover the biggest defect that we have within?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the biggest defect that one has in his psyche, constitutes, in fact, the main characteristic feature that personifies us (there is no one who does not have his fundamental psychological characteristic feature). For some their characteristic feature will be anger, for others hatred, for others envy, for others being critical, for others gossiping, etc.; each has a special characteristic feature that defines him or her. But one could not discover it if one does not observe oneself psychologically; and nobody observes oneself psychologically, if one does not previously admit that one has a psychology.

People have a manifest tendency to accept that they have a physical body, because they can feel it, but they rarely admit that they have an original psychology. When someone accepts that they have it, in fact, they begin to self-observe; if someone observes oneself, in the long run, one can discover his or her fundamental psychological characteristic.

Whoever manages to disintegrate that fundamental psychological characteristic feature, undoubtedly achieves, for this reason also, an extraordinary advance on this path, because by ending that fundamental psychological characteristic feature, it is as if we were removing its foundations from a wall, a slight push would suffice to turn it into little sediment. If we want to quickly dissolve the ego, we must first discover the fundamental psychological characteristic feature that we possess. Everyone has their own psychological feature.

Student: Thank you very much, master ...

Samael Aun Weor: Let's see...

Student: Many times, when the Kundalini is awakened, many times there are more dreams, what would be the role of dreams as a psychological activity? Since 30% of our lives are spent asleep, right? Is the dream important, a form of comprehension?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I understand that when the Kundalini awakens, well, the states of objective consciousness intensify and dreams diminish; and when the complete development, evolution and progress of the Kundalini is achieved, dreams radically disappear, nothing remains but the awakened consciousness in us. This means that outside the physical body, we will be able to live, then, with an awaken consciousness and we are no longer dreaming, but rather we live in a world of realities, that we live awake in the superior worlds. But in order to live awake in the superior worlds, then, one must not only have achieved the ascent of the Kundalini along the spinal medullar canal, but one must also have been devoured by the serpent.

In Yucatan I saw a Mayan temple, precisely, where a snake appears devouring a man, that is in stones. The Mayans say that not only is it necessary to lift the snake on the rod, but we must also be devoured by the snake...

Now, in order to be completely devoured by the snake, we need to go through the Buddhist annihilation. When one achieves the absolute death of the ego, the total disintegration of it, then one gets to be totally devoured by the snake.

So, dreams cease to exist when someone has been completely devoured by the snake. The subject turned into a snake is a snake. These cases are related to sacred individuals, who live awaken in the superior worlds, at all times, at all times and from moment to moment. That is the harsh reality of the facts ...

Any other question, brothers and sisters?

Student: awaken the Kundalini?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, single people cannot awaken the Kundalini, because they don't have a spouse. In order for a man to awaken his Kundalini, a priestess-wife is necessary. Likewise, the single woman cannot awaken the sacred serpent. In order for her to awaken her Kundalini, she necessarily needs to have a husband, a man; only with a male, can she awaken the serpent; that's obvious.

But the awakening of the snake would not be possible if the cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the three times great ibis god of Thoth) is spilled; or in physiological language we would say, "if the mistake of reaching the physiological orgasm is made", as the medical texts say, or the "spasm" as it is called (the same term being applied to the masculine element).

Undoubtedly, when the total end of chemical copulation is reached, with the loss of the sacred sperm and more, well, the result must be absolute failure, in these cases it is never possible to awaken the Kundalini.

Only those who know how to avoid the orgasm and physiological spasm (so abundant in physiology texts), could achieve the awakening and development of the sacred serpent in its hidden anatomy.

Student: ...can... ...a rite?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, certainly the liturgy is fundamental; only through the liturgy is it possible to find God. And as soon as, let's say, the chemical copulation is considered by Saint Augustine as "a form of prayer", that is fundamental if radical transformation is wanted...

Any other questions, brothers and sisters?

Student: In relation to what you mentioned that we are the product of the relationship between a man and a woman, I imagine, and he asks you, when there is meditation, does one awaken the Kundalini? There are physical phenomena in the laboratory (which would be the human body), processes that are not a theory but there is an internal modification...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, first of all it is necessary to clarify: although meditation is a technique to receive information, it is not through meditation that the awakening of the sacred serpent will be achieved. For the serpent to wake up, tantric science is necessarily needed. Tantra is the science that relates precisely to sex. That is, only through the connection of the lingam-yoni, without the ejaculation of the ens-seminis within which the ens virtutis of fire is found, is the awakening of the serpent achieved.

Now, that chemical changes take place in the organic physiology, it is possible; In any case, it is worth ensuring that those who have been devoured by the snake become snakes; Such people can even preserve the physical body for millions of years, provided that they are devoured by the eagle. The eagle is nothing else but the Logos. When the Logos devours the serpent, the feathered serpent results. A feathered serpent is an adept, self-realized and perfect, resurrected and with the power to preserve his physical body for millions of years.

There has been a lot of talk about mutants in recent times. what is a mutant? He is an individual who can suddenly appear to be 100 years old, apparently, giving his physical body the appearance of a young man of 18. That is, he is a subject who has become timeless, who has passed beyond the concept of time. Do mutants exist? Yes they exist, I know them! I know of some mutants, I know one of them, the Count of Saint Germain (formidable!), He (publically) existed during the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuries, etc. In 1939 he was in Europe. Giovanni Papini testifies of him, he found him on a ship bound for India. Giovanni Papini befriended him and he had no problem identifying himself, showing him his credentials, he was the Count of Saint Germain... He was received by some Tibetan lamas in a port in India. He is expected now for 1999 in Europe, he is still alive, he is a mutant.

Another mutant: the enigmatic and powerful Count Cagliostro, still retains his physical body. He is unquestionably still alive, I know him too, I know mutants.

So, that's right: through the development of the snake, it is possible to act on all those humors and chemical and catalytic processes of the human organism, etc. Organic radical mutation is achieved and many other aspects that are interesting...

Any other questions?

The Experience of Reality

Student: Master, you have said in one of your books that we must meditate to try to comprehend any defect in the 49 planes that we have, how is this meditation achieved?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I have spoken of the 49 regions of the subconsciousness, but since the neophyte is unconscious, well, it is not possible that he, directly, will know the 49 regions; but as he advances and as he eliminates the undesirable elements that he carries within himself, he advances within those 49 regions and gets to know them.

In any case, the Being takes care of all that; all that is known in practice, with progress; well, if one stood before a map to study all of Mexico, and never resolved to walk, to explore it, to walk it, to get to know it, well, one would spend a lifetime looking at the map.

Also, if I say that there are 49 regions of the subconsciousness and we do not advance on the path, we will never get to know those regions of the subconsciousness. For that you have to work; and through the practice of meditation one advances and gets to know them...


The seven jewels of the yellow dragon

Many centuries ago, I was reincarnated in China, during the historical era of the Chou dynasty. So, my name was Chou Li and I was affiliated to the order of the yellow dragon.

The blessed Logos has ordered me to teach the humanity of this time, the seven jewels of the yellow dragon. I will teach them as I find those that comprehend them. And this is the difficult point of this subject-matter...

In that age, we, the ascetics, inside the meditation hall, worked intensively. So, we knew very well that there are 49 subconscious levels in the mind. We all wanted to reach the stillness and absolute silence of the mind. We were intensively preoccupied with experiencing the illuminating void. And we were not unaware that "in order to go up you have to go down, and that every exaltation is always preceded by a terrible and frightening humiliation"...

This thing about taking the mind to stillness and silence, is usually, really, my dear brothers and sisters, quite difficult. It is not about putting a blank mind, as some superficial people suppose; things go further...

What use would it be, for example, if we gave the order to this group to put their minds blank, and then the yonger brothers and sisters would exclaim to themselves: "I already have a blank mind!" That would be really stupid, right? It wouldn't be smart. Reaching the stillness and silence of the mind is something very different, to what is called "blank mind". It is required, first of all, to work on 49 subconscious levels. It's pretty hard, right? Keep in mind that within each one of us, within our own planetary body, we have a sum of inhuman psychic aggregates. These completely control the organism and succeed each other.

Now each one of you will explain to yourselves why the "intellectual animal" wrongly called "human" changes every moment at every moment: the one who today swears eternal love to gnosis, tomorrow is displaced by another who has nothing to do with such an oath. See with such an oath the one who swears eternal love to a woman, is later displaced by another inhuman aggregate that has nothing to do with said oath, and then the subject withdraws. What we think today, tomorrow is not the same; today we have an idea tomorrow another.

As the different inhuman psychic aggregates control the machine of the "intellectual animal", it goes through different changes. That is the harsh reality of all of this.

Thus, the “intellectual animal” is a machine, which is now controlled by a certain aggregate and which, after a while another, and later by another. There is not, therefore, in the "intellectual animal", a responsible individual.

It is worth reminding you that such aggregates personify our psychological defects; and since we have so many defects, Virgil said:

 “No, not even if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met." —The Aeneid

Obtaining, then, the stillness and silence of the mind, obviously, is difficult, isn't it? It is about all the inhuman psychic aggregates staying still. And do you think that this is an easy task?

Let us suppose that we succeed in calming them at the merely intellective level; that would not be all, that would not be enough to reach the Buddhist Satori; that would not be enough to experience the Tao; and that would not be enough to get into experience, in itself, of the illuminating void.

Thus, the work is, I repeat, costly: it is necessary to be able to calm the mind in each and every one of the 49 levels.

But when I speak of the mind, one must know how to comprehend, because there is the gross error of supposing that the “intellectual animal” mistakenly called “human”, already has an individual mind, a concrete manas, completely organized; and that is absolutely false.

The “intellectual animal”, the three-brained or three-centered biped does not have an individual mind; it has minds, and that is different. Each one of the inhuman psychic aggregates inside is, certainly, a mind by itself. Thus, there are thousands of minds possessed by the humanoid.

But I am going to take you to something concrete, so that you comprehend me well: when you have sworn love to someone, you have done so sincerely, right? However, I don't think you are saints either. Sometimes you may not have meant it so sincerely, but you swore to it; Be that as it may, you have sworn: eternal love! At that moment you have felt yourself; At that moment you have been able to say: “I love you, I swear eternal love to you”, etc., etc. But then what? When the one who swore has already been displaced by another psychic aggregate who does not have candles for that funeral, where did the oath will end, the words of love? But when the one who swore, swore, you felt yourself being that I who swore; and they could in that instant ensure that there was no other “I” to swear. You felt you were the last of the “I’s” and the first of the “I’s”, and the authentic and the legitimate “I”; but later you have convinced yourselves that the one who swore was not one but one of the many, right? The one who thought so many wonders when he swore, is not the same one who later displaced that one; it is not the same one that later swore love to a different person; it is not the same and has nothing to do with such an oath. However, on that occasion, the one who swore, swore and thought in his own way. So, it is obvious that we have many minds, right? That there is no truly one individual mind; that you have to create it (that's something else). And it is obvious that an individual mind can be created only by the transformation of sexual hydrogen Si-12.

Based on incessant transmutations, one can afford to create an individual mind for one’s personal use. But people do not normally have an individual mind. Each of your psychic aggregates (or in other words, each of your “I’s”) has its own mind. Thus, the "intellectual animal" has many minds.

So, think of what it is to still so many minds, and bring them to complete silence and in 49 regions. Do you think it's an easy thing? It's hard, right?

Within each one of those psychic aggregates, or better said, within each one of those minds, the essence, the consciousness, is bottled up. It is urgent to unbottle it, to liberate it, emancipate it, so that it can experience, for itself, the illuminating void. So, we have to do it, how?

At that time (during the Chou dynasty, in China), we helped each other with a very special musical instrument (the Aya-Atapan). Unfortunately, that instrument has disappeared. Such an instrument gave the 49 musical notes (in short, it forms the Nirioonosian sound of the universe). The musician, the artist, the performer, with that instrument made each note resound separately. When the note corresponding to the second subconscious department vibrated, we then worked in that second department. And when he made the note resound that corresponded to the third department of the subconsciousness, we worked with it; and when he made the note 20 resonate, we worked within such a zone; and when it reached the region 49 (with the last of the notes), we did the last of the work, thus, the mind was still and profoundly silent. That is, first we went down before going up. Thus the 49 levels remained absolutely still; if the mind in 49 regions remained in suspense, obviously, the essence was released, emancipated; and free from all kinds of ties and it penetrated into the illuminating void.

It is good for you to know, that this is the same most, all-pervading, all-knowing, all-comprehensive, holy Okidanock. If in that illuminating void are in, all the laws of nature, then here, in this physical world, we only see a succession of causes and effects.

But the laws themselves, the laws of nature, we can only discover them, as they are, in the illuminating void. Here we do not see things, as they really are, but in the illuminating void, we know things in themselves, "the thing in itself", as the great Königsberg philosopher, Mr. Emmanuel Kant said..., "the thing in itself.” ...

In the void, the essence perceives with the faculties of the Being; and whatever it perceives is transmitted to the human personality.

Interestingly, at such moments, the motor and emotional centers join with the intellectual to become receptive. Then what the essence (in itself), is experiencing in what is the reality, in what is beyond time, in what is beyond the body, the affections and the mind, comes to the human personality, to the intellectual center...

And when the ecstasy passes, the Satori of the saints, the samadhi, when the essence returns to the physical body, to the planetary body, the memories of all remain, well, in the mind, in the understanding.

The problem, then, in getting to experience what is the reality, in order to experience what the illuminating void is, lies precisely in knowing how to calm the mind, in knowing how to lead it into silence.

Obviously, the work begins in a receptive attitude; different memories of the ego come to the comprehension: passions, betrayals, affections, attachments, tragedies, etc., and you have to comprehend them point by point; you have to see, observe, comprehend... When the procession ends, the mind will be still on the intellective level. Then, a new effort will make us descend to the second region of the subconsciousness; new scenes are experienced, new memories, etc. Working will become indispensable, necessary, until each of these representations is comprehended, and the stillness and silence of the mind is achieved. A third effort will take us to the third subconscious region and along that path we will descend through a grandstand, we would say, symbolic, of 49 steps, until we achieve true stillness, authentic silence.

If we believe that we have already reached stillness, and yet nothing new comes, it is because we have not arrived. In that case we have to descend into our own atomic hells and challenge the mind and recriminate it. First you have to make the mind comprehend, but if the mind doesn't comprehend, you have to recriminate it, challenge it, force it to obey. (In this word "mind", I am synthesizing all the minds together that we have, all of that which constitutes the “myself”).

If true profound stillness is achieved, in the 49 subconscious regions, ecstasy will be inevitable, satori will come. At such moments, immersed in the great illuminating void, we will feel as if the drop were sinking into the ocean and the ocean into the drop. Consciousness will expand more and more, as a drop of water expands when it falls into the sea... ...deeper and deeper. We will feel to be the bird that flies; the singing stream that slides through its bed of rocks; the little flower moved by the wind; the lonely tree that grows on the valley; the comet that glides fast like a drop of fire falling into a bottomless abyss; the moon that rotates around its center of gravitation; the atom, and the molecule; the bird that rehearses the flight at dawn; the sun that rises in the east and then hides in its bed of fire in the west. All feelings of separateness will disappear. We will live, so to speak, within an ocean of light that has no shores. Consciousness will expand more and more and more and more. Some waves will stand out among that ocean of infinite variety of colors: the holy gods... But as the consciousness tends to expand more and more within the great void, within the holy Okidanock, terror comes and samadhi, ecstasy, is lost. It is necessary to prepare ourselves in advance so as not to feel such terror; it is convenient to eliminate the ego of fear in advance, so as never to fear. Because it would be unfortunate to lose the samadhi, the ecstasy. If there is no fear, a transcendental change will come. We will find that this great illuminating void, this holy Okidanock, has a center of gravitation, a gravitational center, which is none other than the sacred absolute sun, the sacred solar absolute, from which emanates, really, the most holy Okidanock, omnipenetrating, omniscient. and all-merciful. Then the wonderful thing will come: converted into it, or merged within the Ain Soph Paranishpanna (which is nothing but the inner atomic star that has always smiled unto us), we will live happily in the radiant spiritual midnight sun. And it will be there, precisely there, where we get to know the final truth and not anywhere else.

In that great absolute sun, time is said to be 49 times faster than in this world. I invite you to reflect... It is clear, my dear brothers and sisters, that here time is 49 times slower, why? Because there are 49 subconscious departments and time is completely subconscious, subjective. When I say that it is 49 times faster in the holy absolute sun, obviously, then in the holy absolute sun there is no time, right? Because if here it is 49 times slower, and then it happens that in the sacred absolute sun we remove 49, there is zero left, right? (I'm talking about calculations). Then in the sacred absolute sun, certainly, there is no time. There the past and the future come together in an eternal present. There we see the entire universe, with all its famous ages, as an eternal instant. And this is something extraordinary. Certainly, in this physical world we are victims of maya (illusion). It so happens that this other integral, unitotal, imperishable universe also exists within the sacred solar absolute...


The term Dharmakaya unquestionably implies perfection of the adept or servant of the great work. We could not conceive of an adept of perfections without the Dharmakaya body; but whosoever possesses that body must know how to live in that "geometric line" that separates the "Tality" from the machinery of relativity, and know to live, in perfect balance, between the Tality and the machinery of relativity.
I bring up this term “Tality" [or totality] due to the following: the machinery of relativity and the illuminating void are opposites, but there is a synthesis that reconciles them both, and it is the Tality. The Tality is beyond the illuminating void. Tality is the great reality. I know this by direct mystical experience achieved through deep, inner meditation. I also know it by the degree of prajnaparamita intuition, which is the highest, deepest degree of intuition.
It is difficult to pass beyond the illuminating void until reaching the bosom of the tality, but if someone has acquired the Dharmakaya body, he must not only be absorbed within the bosom of the Tality, but must learn to live at that "geometric line" that separates the tality from the machinery of relativity. He has to learn to live in action, in the most perfect balance.
In the sacred absolute sun, certainly, there is no time. There the past and the future come together in an eternal present. There we see the entire universe, with all its famous ages, as an eternal instant. And this is something extraordinary. Certainly, in this physical world we are victims of maya (illusion). It so happens that this other integral, unitotal, imperishable universe also exists within the sacred solar absolute...

Among the brothers of the holy order of the yellow dragon, the one who distinguished the most was my friend Chang. Today he lives on one of those planets of the Christ, where nature is not perishable and it never changes; for there are two natures: the perishable, changing, mutable, and the imperishable, which never changes, and is immutable. In the planets of the Christ (within the sacred solar absolute) there is eternal, imperishable and immutable nature... My friend Chang lives in one of those planets of the lord, the Christ shines in him. He liberated himself several ages ago... My friend Chang lives there, on that distant planet, with a group of brothers who also liberated themselves with him...

I knew, then, the seven secrets of the “order of the yellow dragon”. I would like to teach them, but with great pain I realize that the brothers and sisters of all latitudes are not yet prepared to be able to receive them and this is unfortunate.

I also know that, today, it is not possible to use the 49 sounds of the Aya-Atapan, because that musical instrument no longer exists. Many involutions of that instrument exist, but they are different, they do not have the seven octaves. Involutions of this instrument are all the string instruments: violin, guitar, also the piano, etc.

Well brothers and sisters, I think we have talked enough, let us now enter into meditation...