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Gnostic Paladins

In order to form the Gnostic Movement, I have fought very much here in Mexico during the eighteen years of a continuous journey towards a permanent diffusion of the Gnostic teachings.

Thus, after this rigorous work, I have achieved the preparation of a group of paladins who are ready to make a gigantic movement that will extend from border to border and from one sea to the other; in other words, from the border of Guatemala to the border of the United States and from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean.

All of this has been a matter of intense work, of an unwearied battle. Now, we have various organized groups, so the basis for the gigantic work that awaits us is established. Thus in a short time, the Gnostic Movement here in Mexico will be powerful and organized according to the law.

We have many people in the First Chamber; yes, many aspirants attend the different groups of First Chamber. However, the aspirants within the Second Chamber are fewer, and this is because they require better preparation. Concerning this stage of the teachings (Second Chamber) I am more careful; thus, in order to pass a student into the Second Chamber, I have to be very sure that such an aspirant is completely defined, since it is clear that in the Second Chamber many esoteric aspects of great responsibility enter into action, and it is clear that a great deal of veneration, respect, and responsibility is demanded from the student. The student must enter into the Second Chamber duly prepared in order to appreciate the esoteric value of this chamber. I could not authorize the entrance of individuals that are not completely defined, because this will be absurd; thus, for such cause, I delay very much before passing someone to the Second Chamber. Sometimes I allow them to enter after one or two years. Nonetheless, since there are some individuals who do not give the keynote that is needed in order to pass them into the Second Chamber, then I delay them for even three years.

Now the students of Third Chamber, indeed, are very few, because these have to be very well defined. So, the Third Chamber is active here in Mexico in a very special place. I want you to emphatically know that the Third Chamber has only one objective: the awakening of the consciousness. Here, we, with effective and practical methods which I already taught, dedicate ourselves as a group to the awakening of the consciousness.

Thus, in the Third Chamber we have individuals that are already working in the Jinn state, who work perfectly in the fourth dimension; some of these students have gone to Tibet with their body of bones and flesh in the Jinn state. Of course, these are people of Third Chamber that work intensely with concentration, meditation, and Samadhi, etc. So, the students of Third Chamber are awakening very fast because they are increasingly working in a practical way, i.e. with astral projection, in the Jinn state, in ecstasy; thus, I am not content until they become totally awakened.

Here in Mexico, I have told the students of Third Chamber that the moment will arrive in which we will only reunite in the Jinn state; therefore those who are not prepared to attend with their body in the Jinn state will remain out of the Third Chamber. Thus, many of them are struggling, yet others are very happy because they already achieved their purpose. This is what is essential: to intensely work with these practices.

Thus, the time will arrive in which the students have to come in Jinn state, because those who do not come in the Jinn state will not be admitted into the Third Chamber.

It is remarkable to notice the way in which my real Being lifted me up with a lot of strength; he did not leave me alone, not even for a minute; i.e. I just laid down in my bed, when there, in that very moment, he would take me within my Astral Body out of my physical body. Yes, my real Inner Being desperately fought and fought in order to lift me up from the mud of the earth. So, he did not leave me quiet not even for a second, until the day in which I returned to the real path.

When one reads The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, one starts by seeing how he is descending into the inferno; Dante states: “Halfway through the journey we are living I found myself deep in a darkened forest…” and I state the same… it is clear that I was a fallen bodhisattva; nevertheless, my real Being returned me to the straight path and through it he lifted me up. Now I am standing on my feet again.

So, when the Real Being wants to lift one up, he performs supreme efforts in order to do it, and he does it. Now, thanks to God, we are already fighting, working under the commands of the Father. Here we go, little by little. What is important is for the people to receive the teachings, that everybody receives the message, and that they take advantage of it. This is what is important.

Excerpted from the Spanish edition of "Tibetan Exercises for Rejuvenation."