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St Paul at the altar of the Unknown God in Athens
St Paul at the altar of the Unknown God in Athens. From the British Museum. © The Trustees of the British Museum

Gnostic Cult to Agnostos Theos

"Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, ἄγνωστος θεός [Agnostos Theos: "Unknown God"]. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you." —Acts 17:23

My beloved brothers and sisters, the time has come to comprehend what the Being really is, what our studies are, what Gnosis is. First of all, we have to render cult to  ἄγνωστος θεός Agnostos Theos ["unknown god"], the abstract Absolute, unconditioned and eternal space.

Undoubtedly, the incognito and unknown divinity is that which has no name: That, the unnamable, the ineffable...

The Absolute is beyond everything that has form: it has no shape, sides, quantity, quality, number, measure, and weight; it is what it is not, what has no form, what is real.

When using these kind of terms, you must know how to understand them from an intuitive point of view. When I say "It is what it is not," we must apprehend the in-depth significance.  

A form of being would be like what we have in our intellect, but "That" is not what we have in our intellect. This is why I say "It is what it is not." That "non-being" is the real Being. Only in this way can we understand it a bit, since "That" is beyond any comprehension.

SAT (Sanskrit सत्), the Unmanifested, undoubtedly belongs to the "negative aspect of light." We are accustomed to think of light in its positive aspect, yet the negative aspect of the great life is far beyond anything we can understand... It is far beyond the sephiroth of Kabbalah, far beyond silence and sound, and from the ears to perceive it... Far beyond thought, word, and action...

"There was neither existence, nor non-existence,
The kingdom of air, nor the sky beyond.
What was there to contain, to cover in—
Was it but vast, unfathomed depths of water?

There was no death there, nor Immortality.
No sun was there, dividing day from night.

Then was there only THAT, resting within itself.
Apart from it, there was not anything. 

At first within the darkness veiled in darkness,
Chaos unknowable, the All lay hid.

Till straightway from the formless void made manifest
By the great power of heat was born that seed..." —Rigveda, x, 129

Tree of Life 2.0 void

When we talk about "negative existence," we must understand That which is not and nonetheless is. The uncreated light, therefore, is the negative aspect of light; it is reality. We must grasp the "negative existence" in the sense that it is not manifested, that it is hidden behind the veils of what is manifested.

The Elder of Days, for example, in each one of us, turns out to be Malkuth for the Absolute, meaning, its inferior aspect. Just as within the cosmic manifestation Malkuth is the physical world, the lowest aspect of all the ten sephiroth, likewise the Ancient of Days, with all of its greatness, majesty, and lordship, is only Malkuth for the Absolute.

Every emanation emerges from that incognito and unknown divinity, which is latent in all that is, has been, and will be. The ineffable ones, the army of the voice, the great word, the holy gods, the governors of the entire universe, they are only manifestations of the incognito and unknown divinity, manifestations of the Agnosthos Theos.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, let us not forget יהוה, Jehovah, Iod-Heve. When I speak in this manner, I am not in any way addressing that anthropomorphic Jehovah of the Church of Rome and Jerusalem and of all dogmatic people in general, no. The Jehovah I address, the one whom I make allusion to, is the intimate Jehovah of each of us. It is obvious that within each of us we carry our own יהוה Iod-Heve.  

Iod י is the male principle. Heve הוה is the female principle. Iod י is our Father who is in secret, Heve הוה is our Divine Mother Kundalini. They form the intimate, particular Jehovah in each of us.

Jesus of Nazareth rejected the anthropomorphic Jehovah of the Jews, that Biblical Jehovah, the one of the law of Talion, that one of retaliation.  

Jesus of Nazareth loved his Father who is in secret and his Divine Mother Kundalini. At the foot of the cross we see him crying out to his Father. We also see the Mother of the Divine Rabbi of Galilee at the foot of the cross, and he, crucified on his cross, exclaiming with a loud voice:

"Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit!" …

His Divine Mother Kundalini is at the foot of the cross, assisting him at all times. She is Ram-IO. "Ram" is a mantra, the mantra of fire, the mantra of tattva Tejas. "IO" reminds us of the Isiac mysteries. "IO" is the point within the circle, it is the lingam-yoni.

So, brothers and sisters, Jesus definitively rejected that dogmatic Jehovah, that one who based all of his doctrine on retaliation, on "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Jesus firmly worshiped his Father who is in secret and his Divine Mother.

The authentic Jehovah, therefore, must be sought intimately. Each of us carries Jehovah within, beyond his consciousness. Jehovah is Iod-Heve, the Father who is in secret and the Divine Mother...

We cited the Absolute Abstract Space, which is where the Army of the Voice emanated from, and from where sprung our particular Jehovah, our divine male-female. We see, therefore, that behind our own particular divinity is the abstract divinity, the Being of our Being, the unknown god before whom the whole army of the voice prostrates, the truth that has no name, the negative existence, “That” which is not and nonetheless is.      

So, knowing that our inner Being emanated from the entrails of the unconditioned and eternal abstract space, we need to orientate ourselves by being aware of where our Inner Being sprung frrom. First of all it is indispensable that our inner Mother-Father be self-realized within us; this is only possible if we comprehend ourselves, if we manage to eliminate from our own nature the inhuman elements that we carry inside.

Let us see that in the depths of ourselves is our Father-Mother, our primordial Elohim, which emanated from the unknown god, from the fathomless light of the abstract, unconditioned, and eternal space. Thus, our Elohim has come with a purpose, and it is to take form within us, to Self-realize himself, to crystallize in us… Is that possible? Yes, it is! But again, we first need the elimination of the inhuman elements, so that he can express himself through us. Second, we need the creation of instruments or vehicles capable of containing its presence, of covering it, of protecting it; vehicles that must have a strong and yet elastic, ductile, and sublime constitution...

What kind of vehicles will those be? Yesterday, precisely, we were talking about the superior existential bodies of the Being. Some people believe that they already possess those bodies  — when I speak of "some people", I am addressing the pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists — unfortunately, people who are born with an astral body are very few.

If we examine people carefully, we see that they only have their planetary (physical) body; that body is governed by 48 laws. What I am stating is proven by the 48 chromosomes that exist in the germinal cell [modern science has yet to discover two related to the fourth dimension]. As is already known, the male element provides 24 chromosomes to form that cell. Biologists do not ignore that the feminine element contributes the other 24 chromosomes. When they are combined, they give us 48, which is the number of laws necessary for a germinal cell. Thus, our physical body is governed by 48 laws. It is a wonderful instrument; unfortunately, humanity only possesses this instrument.

The vital seat of that vehicle is the vital body, the "linga sarira" of Theosophists, the bio-thermo-electromagnetic condensation upon which is found the very root of our physical existence.

Beyond these bodies, the only thing that exists in them is the ego. This is how ordinary humanity is constituted.

People, the three-brained bipeds, the "intellectual animals," only possess the planetary body with a vital seat, and inside, deep inside, they carry their ego, their “I,” their myself, their self-will. That “I”, that ego, is composed of various inhuman elements. Unfortunately, their Essence is bottled, embedded within their aforementioned "elements," and it is obvious that their Essence is processed according to its condition.

We are, therefore, in a disastrous state. Nevertheless, we are called to contain within us the divine male-female, that one which emanated from the absolute abstract space.

But what do we do, how do we proceed, how do we act, how do we work so that one day our sacred Elohim can be contained within us? What would be the procedure?  

First of all, we must begin by eliminating the inhuman elements from our nature. And such "elements", I repeat (and so that it is understood very well, I clarify), are personified with the various figures that constitute the “I,” the myself, the self-willed: namely, anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. These defects are so innumerable that “not if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid elements describe,” nor would I finish enumerating them all carefully.

It becomes very necessary, urgent, undelayable, to eliminate these defects. Each one of them is an inhuman element, and within each of them the Essence, which is the most worthy, which is the most decent element that we possess, is bottled, held, stuffed within them.

First of all, it is urgent to comprehend that it is essential to become conscientious of our mistakes.

The defects that we carry hidden surface when in relation with people, in the struggle for our daily bread, in relation with our friends, and if we are alert and vigilant as the watchman in time of war, then we discover them.

The discovered defect must be comprehended in its entirety, in all the departments of the mind. Each defect is multifaceted and has many roots.

Once we have understood our mistakes, once we have analyzed them through the technique of meditation, then we will proceed to eliminate them.

For example, we could have comprehended the defect of anger, and nonetheless continue with it. We could have comprehended the defect of envy, and nonetheless carry it inside. Therefore, it is also necessary, I repeat, to eliminate any comprehended defect, and this is only possible by using the sexual electrical force.

So, during the Sahaja Maithuna, we can summon Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, and beg her to eliminate, eradicate from us the discovered (and comprehended) defect. She will proceed to throw them out by using Minerva’s lance.

Let us remember that wonderful symbol in which the great kabir Jesus appears with a "whip" casting out the "merchants" from the Temple of Jerusalem. Likewise, we must proceed: we must cast with the whip of willpower the merchants of our temple, namely our anger, greed, envy, pride, etc., etc., etc. Devi Kundalini will take charge of doing it; she will wield the spear of Minerva and with that extraordinary Fohatic force she will eliminate the inhuman elements that we carry inside.


Thus, my dear brothers and sisters, this is how the consciousness will become emancipated, liberated, and as it is being liberated, it will awaken. Thus, when all the inhuman elements have been dissolved, then our consciousness will flamingly glow; then we will be able to see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the interior worlds. I repeat: we need to cast the "merchants" out of the temple and this is a matter of thelema (willpower)...

Continuing forward then, the preparation work is extraordinary, because we really need to work very much in order to be able, one day, to contain within us the divine male-female, the inner Elohim, who one day emanated from the uncreated light of the abstract absolute space.

Speaking more deeply (for the preparation of the temple), we will say that the manufacture of an astral body is needed.

To eliminate the ego is one half, creating the superior existential bodies of Being is the other half, and sacrifice for humanity is our duty. With these three factors of the revolution of consciousness, we will achieve the intimate self-realization of the Being; with these three factors of the revolution of consciousness we will be able to crystallize in our interior the intimate Elohim, our Father-Mother, our particular Jehovah, our Iod-Heve.  

The creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being is also a work of extreme patience. We need to transmute the sacred semen into energy.

In other times, when humanity had not yet developed the abominable Kundabuffer organ, nobody extracted the sacred sperm from the body. But when the abominable Kundabuffer organ was implanted in the "intellectual animal," then humanoids enjoyed eliminating the sacred semen. Yet, if we transmute that venerable matter into energy, we can create the superior existential bodies of the Being. But above all, we must comprehend the various alchemical processes...

It has been said that having one substance is enough in order to perform the Great Work. What could that substance be? We answer: that substance is the mercury of secret philosophy. And where is that mercury? Well, that mercury is the metallic soul of sperm. It is clear therefore that when the sexual liquor is not squandered, it is transmuted into energy, and that energy is the mercury of secret philosophy. That is, the metallic soul of sperm is the mercury of secret philosophy, and that metallic soul is represented by Lucifer.

When citing this personage, we must not be scandalized, since this is Lucifer. Let us not think of an anthropomorphic archangel. Lucifer is in every individual. Each one of us has his or her particular, individual Lucifer. Lucifer is one of the aspects of our inner Being, and verily it is the most important. Lucifer is, so to speak, the double of our interior Logoi, the duplicate of the Third Logos in us, the shadow of Shiva (the arch-hierophant and arch-magician).

That Lucifer shone... it is true, and it shone as a flaming and ineffable archangel. He was a Sanat Kumara. But, when we fell into "animal generation," one of the most important aspects of our Being — because of being the duplicate of our intimate God — the root of sex in us actually fell into the darkness of this world and was transformed into “the devil.”

Therefore, there are as many devils on Earth as human beings. Each of us has our own devil, and this particular devil in each of us is black as coal, and exhales through the Kundabuffer organ, the negative Fohat, the fire of fatality, the Luciferic fire.

Having once been the most excellent creature, he is now in disgrace.

Nobody can help him, except us. We must whitewash him, and this was written by the medieval alchemists. They said:

"Burn your books and whitewash the brass..."

It is already known that brass is made of copper, and copper is related to Venus, the morning star and of the vesper hour...

"To whitewash the brass" means to whitewash our inner devil in order to liberate him.

He is the chained Prometheus. A vulture tirelessly devours his entrails (the vulture of desire).

prometheus rock2

Lucifer is a colossus. He has power over the heavens, over the Earth, and over the infernos, but we have him in disgrace. Thus, if we whitewash him, we will be abundantly rewarded.

But how do we whitewash him? We do it by eliminating the ego, creating in ourselves the superior existential bodies of the Being, and sacrificing ourselves for humanity.  

Among the Aztecs, Lucifer appears casting himself headlong to the bottom of the Abyss, a symbol of our sexual fall. But there is something astounding in the Aztec doctrine: Lucifer twining the cord of penitent, anchorite... Lucifer performing penance... have you seen anything more extraordinary?

Well, brothers and sisters, this Lucifer is, let us say, the representation of our Philosophical Stone. This paradigm, in its depth, is what Lucifer has in us. But, it is so intimately related to the Mercury of the secret philosophy that it seems as if we have digressed. When making our dissertation we have not digressed. What we need is to pay a lot of attention… I already stated that the metallic soul of the sperm is the Philosophical Stone. I also said that Lucifer is the Philosophical Stone. Then, which of the two is the Philosophical Stone? Verily, indeed, both Lucifer and the metallic soul of the semen are the Philosophical Stone. That Stone is veiled by Lucifer...

Well, in the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris, there is a bird, a crow, with its sight directed towards the "little corner stone." What is on that "corner stone"? A figure, the devil!... What does the "crow of putrefaction" mean? It means death! We need to eliminate, kill, destroy the animal ego. Only in this way is it possible to "whitewash the devil" who is on the corner of the temple and who wants his liberation, since he wants to again be that luminous archangel of other times.

That metallic soul of the semen, I repeat, is extraordinary. It emanated from the chaos, which are the seminal waters of life. In turn, from that metallic soul, by means of projection, a third water is released: it is the properly creative energetic fluid that rises through the channels Ida and Pingala towards the brain. When the fire (sulfur) fecundates that mercury, then the wonderful process of initiation begins. But keep in mind the three aspects of the mercury: first, as a metallic chaos, as simple semen. Second: as metallic soul or mercury. Third: as the third water, that wonderful fluid that rises through the channels of Ida and Pingala towards the brain.

A moment arrives, or will arrive, in which that "soul," that third aspect, those sexual fluids ascending through the channels of Ida and Pingala, are fertilized by the sacred fire — behold the crossing of mercury with sulfur in its first aspect — since all of the esoteric progress in us, is based on the incessant crosses of mercury with sulfur ...

The sexual hydrogen SI-12  —  of which the best esotericists speak to us, among them Gurdjieff  —  obviously corresponds to mercury itself, to the third aspect, to the third mercurial water. That mercury, when crystallizing in its first vehicle, which is the astral body, becomes extraordinary and wonderful, but in order for that mercury to take the form of the astral body, it must be worked on.

By means of sexual transmutation, the time will come when that Mercury will take that figure, thus, when we are already provided with an astral body, we can travel with it through the infinite space. Much later, the mercury comes to crystallize in the form of the mental body, and even much later, with the shape of the causal body. Behold the three forms of the crystallization of Mercury. Then, when those existential bodies have been formed, we incarnate the Human Soul.

But, it is not enough to create with the mercury the superior existential bodies of the Being. We must know that the mercury is called to carry the gold of the cosmic Christ within itself. Saint Christopher carrying the child or the sheep carrying its fleece are both allegories of this truth that we are stating.

Each one of us must first prepare his Mercury. Once it is prepared, do not forget that within it should develop the golden child of sexual alchemy.

Thus, the sexual hydrogen Si-12 of which Gurdjieff speaks is nothing other than the mercury.

When it is stated that "gold develops within mercury," it is true. But what kind of gold is it that takes form? I repeat: The Christic gold, because Christ is the gold. Thus, gold must be formed within those bodies of Mercury, the gold of Christ. In other words, the Logos must take shape within us, and this is a laborious, arduous, and difficult job...

It is not enough to create the superior existential bodies of the Being, we must go further. It is necessary to perfect them, so that they can be covered later with the distinct parts of the Being.

I repeat, so that those here present and those who will listen to me later will understand: mercury is the fundamental matter of the Great Work, and has, as I said, three aspects (and I repeat it and I clarify it):

First aspect: the proper chaos of the sages, which is that semi-liquid, semi-solid fluid, the secretion of our sexual glands. This secretion occurs not only in the man but also in the woman. Since it is true that during an orgasm he squanders his semen, the woman also has her semen, and when she has the orgasm, she loses it miserably...

That physicians do not want to call the female sexual secretion "semen or sperm" is something else. We alchemists do give the female sexual secretion the name “sperm or semen" because it is sperm [literally, “seed”]. I am speaking in terms of rigorous alchemy, not in chemical, medical terms, and this must be clarified in this lecture.

That sexual secretion has three aspects... that is true. And if I am repeating this is in order to be understood: the first aspect I already said is the same sperm.

The second aspect is the outcome of sexual transmutation. It is, let us say, the tetradimensional part of the sperm, its subtle or ethereal part; the soul, we said, from that sperm, the metallic soul. That is mercury in its second aspect.

Now, the third aspect comes from the second. It is the energy already ascending all along the cords of Ida and Pingala towards the brain.

The Alchemists stated that such "mercury must be fertilized by sulfur," and it is convenient that you understand me. It is clear that when the solar and lunar atoms of Mercury make contact in the Triveni, near the coccyx, a third force awakens by electric induction, which is the sulfur, the fire that victoriously ascends through the Sushumna channel (that is, through the medullar canal of the dorsal spine) towards the brain, and in its ascension it opens the chakras, wonderful discs or centers of the vital body. Then it is stated that "mercury has been fertilized by sulfur..."

It is clear that this mercury fertilized by sulfur is clothed with new wonderful aspects... It gives origin to a first creation of a transcendental order. I refer to the astral body, which is nothing more than mercury fertilized by sulfur. The outcome is the astral body. That is, the astral body is formed, and let everyone know it!

Gurdjieff did not explain it well, but I explain it: with that creation, with it, with the astral body, we can move consciously and positively through the infinite space.

One knows that one has an astral body when one can use it, as one knows that one has feet, because one can walk with them, or hands because one can use them; likewise, one knows that one has an astral body when one can travel with it.

Having fabricated the astral body, one has not done everything. We will, indeed, have acquired immortality, yes, in the world of 24 laws, that is, in the astral world. People who have not acquired, who have not manufactured the astral body, are not immortal; at the time of their death their physical body becomes dust, and what continues in that astral world are the different elements that make up the “I”, the myself, self-will, in other words, their subhuman, inhuman, infra-human, bestial elements. That these elements return later... it is true! People, unfortunately, do not know how they are born and how they die...

Once the astral is created, I repeat, it will be necessary to create an individual mental body, a mental vehicle. With what could this be created? Well, with the same mercury. Yes, it is with mercury that the mental body is going to be created, the mercury in an octave superior to the octave of the astral.

Much later, I repeat, with the same mercury in a third octave, the body of the conscious willpower will be created. So, behold, how the superior existential bodies of the Being come to be formed with the mercury.

Now, gold must appear within that mercury. Understand, it is not purely material gold, but Christic gold, spiritual gold. But to make myself more understandable, I will say: it is later necessary to make gold from mercury, that is to say, to take that mercury until converting it into gold. The astral body must become gold, and thereafter the mental body, and sequentially the causal body. This is what we want to specify when we say that "gold must be formed within the mercury." Of course, once the bodies have become pure gold, they can and must be devoured by the serpent. This is what we want to clarify when we say that the bodies have to be perfected, and thereafter we have to wrap them with the different parts of the Being.

Of course, the first body that the igneous serpent of our magical powers will devour is the astral body. The second body that the sacred serpent must devour is the mental body. The third body that the sacred serpent must devour is the causal body. Much later, the igneous serpent of our magical powers will swallow the Spiritual Soul and the Innermost. When the serpent has swallowed the bodies that we have created, She will be She and nothing other than She.

Nonetheless, the "consummatum est" brings, actually, transcendental characteristics unsuspected in such a serpent. It is written, "The serpent is devoured by the eagle." This is why in the Mexican National Pavilion the eagle always appears swallowing the serpent. When the eagle devours the serpent, the eagle owns the situation. In other words, what remains is the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl, the Resurrected Master, the Perfect Master, the Kumara.

Before that moment, our Lucifer will have been emancipated, and by mixing himself with the Soul, with the Spirit, by penetrating into those pure gold bodies, will make the Soul and the Spirit of that human being something different: an angel, an ineffable; and of course, within that ineffable is everything. The internal God has to penetrate within that initiate, within that ineffable, and in its turn that angel, that ineffable, will have to penetrate within the internal God, thus, this is how we will become Self-realized and perfect.

Lucifer carries the powers. Thus, once Lucifer is liberated, he will give us the Elixir of Long Life, the perfect medicine, and powers over everything that is, has been, and shall be.

The Divine Mother Kundalini, therefore, needs to devour the superior existential bodies of the Being, but in order for her to swallow them, those bodies must have been transformed into pure gold, because "She does not swallow anything filthy..."

This is how it is, my beloved brothers and sisters. We must remain within the serpent and the serpent within us. This is how the eagle will remain within us, and we within the eagle. In a word, this is how the Father-Mother, the immortal Elohim, will rise from the sepulcher of crystal in order to come into the world and to see with the eyes of our face and to speak with our creative larynx. This is how each one of us is called to become a Kumara, a primordial Elohim, a great master. But I have to emphasize that the foundation of all of this Great Work is the mercury.  

saint christophe renaissance artNow, I will narrate a story, a very interesting story, that relates how Saint Christopher said: "I am going to serve the most powerful man on the Earth..." Thus, he knew about a king (a Malachim), and he went to stay there.

“Sir,” he said to the king, “they told me that you are the most powerful man on the Earth. Thus, I come to serve you…”

Therefore the king took him as his slave. He made him a slave.

One day he saw that the king was trembling about something, and that he was disturbed. Christopher, the slave, asked the king, “Sir, why are you afraid?”

Then the king replied, “Because I am afraid of the devil.”

“Then the devil is more powerful than you!”

Thus Christopher left that realm, and going down a road he saw a group of riders on their horses. There was one who directed them, the boss: he was the devil.

Saint Christopher then asked him, "Are you the devil?”

The rider answered, "Yes, I am.”

“They told me that you are the most powerful, therefore I want to serve you.”

“Okay, follow me!” said the devil.

Thus, Christopher entered the service of the devil.

But it so happened that much later he saw that the devil was trembling before a cross. Of course, then Christopher asked the devil, “Why are you trembling? What do you fear?”

The devil answered, “I tremble because I fear the Christ.”

“Oh!” answered Christopher, “Then the Christ is stronger than you.”

“Yes,” answered the devil, “Christ is stronger than me.”

“Well then,” said Christopher, “I am going to serve the Christ!”

Thus, strolling along those roads he found a monk.

“Where are you going?” the monk asked him.

Saint Christopher answered, “I am in search of the Christ, because they have told me that among all he is the most powerful!”

The monk said to him: “Well, if you want to serve the Christ, look! Do you see that river?”

Christopher said, “Yes, I do.”

“Well,” said the monk, “First, help the people go across to the other side. Do something for those wretched people! They have no boats, nor anything to go across, but with your strength you can help people go across to the other side.”

Thus, Saint Christopher went to the river, and for some time, helped people go across from one shore to the other.

Then, one day a child came. Saint Christopher lifted the child and tried to pass it to the other shore, but the child weighed a lot. So Saint Christopher impatiently told him, “Come on boy, don’t be so heavy.”

Then the child replied, “I am heavier than the entire world. Did you not say you wanted to serve the Christ? Well, I am Jesus, the Christ!”

Of course, Saint Christopher was perplexed. He passed the child to the other side, put the child upon a stone, and a monk with a lamp took the child between his hands...

Saint Christopher carrying the child is a symbol of the mercury, within which pure gold, the gold of Christ, must be formed. The sheep carrying his fleece is another symbol of the same. Saint Christopher precisely represents the mercury.

Blake AngelofRevelation

That angel of Revelation “clothed with a cloud, with a rainbow upon his head, and his face as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire, and who had in his hand a little book open: and his right foot upon the sea, and his left on the earth, and who cries and swears with a loud voice” is nothing else but the same mercury. The little book is the book of wisdom that has seven seals. He who is able to break the seven seals of the book of Revelation will become a terrifically divine god.

The rainbow around the angel’s head that “swears by him that lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and the things that are on the Earth,” are nothing but the colors of the Great Work. The Mercury in the beginning is black, representing the death of the inhuman elements. It is white when we have earned the right to wear the white linen tunic. It is yellow when we have earned the right to wear the yellow tunic to officiate in the temple. And finally it is red when we are given the purple of the kings. That purple is given to us only after the sacred serpent has swallowed the vehicles that she has to swallow.

The same process of colors of the rainbow that appear around the angel’s head is repeated in each body (in the astral, in the mental, in the causal, etc.). But I repeat and emphasize again, what is important is the mercury.

Basil Valentine Azoth03

In an ancient artwork one can see a wonderful mermaid in the ocean. She is amongst the waves, and from her two breasts flow milk that falls upon the water. She is already crowned… Behold the three aspects of mercury. First, the chaotic water, or simply the sperm. Second, the milk of the virgin, that is, the metallic soul of the mercury. And third, the crown right there on her temples, which suggests to us that this is the third aspect of the mercury already rising through the channels of Ida and Pingala in order to be fertilized by the fire, the same fire that later takes the form of the superior existential bodies of the Being.

Blood of Christ Jean Bellegamb

Behold another painting from the Middle Ages: a great fountain appears. In it a virgin squeezes her breasts. The Christ who bleeds from his side falls on the same fountain. The fountain is filled, overflows, and the product falls on a cup from the fountain. Then many souls are coming out from Purgatory and receive the cup from the angels for their purification. Behold the three aspects of the Mercury.

There are three aspects. The mercury has three aspects. Thus, I want you to be reflective and to understand it...

In order for the work to be performed, it is necessary to give opportunities to nature.

“Nature helps Nature.”

If the work were to be done during the daylight, it would not be correct. We are going to create gold. We are going to create the superior existential bodies of the Being. So, what do we have to do? Let us imitate Nature. If we lay the eggs of a hen under the sunlight, they will be lost, the chicks will not hatch, and if one comes out, it only lasts a short time then dies. Thus, the eggs must be laid in the darkness for them to be fertilized.  

Reproduction is always done in darkness due to the disposition of the creative sexual organs. The creature is formed within the darkness of the womb, the maternal womb. Everything is gestated in the darkness. The Sun is enemy number one of every seed. Therefore, the work with the mercury must be done at night, not at the daylight. I repeat, at night.

The bodies must take shape little by little. They are the crystallization of the mercury itself. But they are called, I repeat, to be perfected; they are perfect when they become of pure gold, and they become of pure gold when all the inhuman elements have been annihilated, destroyed, reduced to ashes.

So, understand what I have come to explain this night: how to bring the sacred Elohim, and how to enclose him in our presence...

The Elohim who emanated one day from the unconditioned and eternal space must come into the world. Each one of us, each person, must become an Elohim of the Great Work, and the Great Work consists precisely in Self-realization by working with the mercury of the secret philosophy.

Do you understand this, my dear brothers and sisters? We have torn all the veils of Alchemy. This knowledge was granted, but veiled. Now we need to tear all the veils so that humanity can know it.

I am speaking to you on the basis of experience, because my mind has been swallowed by my Goddess Isis, otherwise I could not explain this. I am not speaking to you with vain, insubstantial words of ambiguous chatter. Nor am I verbalizing memories, nor launching new hypotheses into the air. I am simply saying, revealing what I have lived. I repeat, my mind has been swallowed by my Goddess Isis, and this is why I can give you these explanations.

Work with the Mercury, that is what is important! In this way we will all be able to wrap the great Father-Mother with our presence, that one who emanated one day from the Absolute Abstract Space.

So ends my lecture tonight. If there is anyone who has something to ask, let them ask...

Disciple: ... In a common and ordinary relationship, in sexual union ... ... there is an orgasm, but in the man there is ejaculation, in the woman there is no ejaculation, that is, in the male there is discharge, but in the woman there is no ejaculation. In other words, women are not fornicators; that is my humble concept. Would you please make it clear to me a little, please, Master?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, your concept, dear brother, is that of many people in that sense, but of course, it is false, because the orgasm exists in the man and in the woman ...

Disciple: But ejaculation ....?

Samael Aun Weor: Alchemically, men and women lose their sperm through their orgasm...

Vedic Hymn to the Unknown God [1000 BC or older]

1. In the beginning there arose Hiranya-garbha [seed of gold, or child of gold, or golden embryo]; as soon as born, he alone was the lord of all that is. He stablished the earth and this heaven:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

2. He who gives breath, he who gives strength, whose command all the bright gods revere, whose छाय Chaya (shadow) [Lucifer] is immortality, whose shadow [Lucifer] is death:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

3. He who through his might became the sole king of the breathing and twinkling world, who governs all this, man and beast:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

4. He through whose might these snowy mountains are, and the sea, they say, with the distant river (the Rasâ), he of whom these regions are indeed the two arms:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

5. He through whom the awful heaven and the earth were made fast, he through whom the ether was stablished, and the firmament; he who measured the air in the sky:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

6. He to whom heaven and earth, standing firm by his will, look up, trembling in their mind; he over whom the risen sun shines forth:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

7. When the great waters went everywhere, holding Hiranya-garbha, and generating light, then there arose from them the breath of the gods:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

8. He who by his might looked even over the waters which held power (the seed) and generated the sacrifice (light), he who alone is God above all gods:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

9. May he not hurt us, he who is the begetter of the earth, or he, the righteous, who begat the heaven; he who also begat the bright and mighty waters:—Who is the God to whom we shall offer sacrifice?

10. Prajâpati ["Lord of Procreation" प्रजापति praja "procreative powers" and pati "lord, master"], no other than thou embraces all these created things. May that be ours which we desire when sacrificing to thee: may we be lords of wealth!