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For the Few

Notes of Samael Aun Weor written before his death.

I was born 4,000 years ago in the land of the Pharaohs.

I have seen, in 1975, my dead body like a skeleton.

I have to perform the healing of the astral body; it has been affected by the exit or segregation of the germs of the “I's”. I need to heal even the smallest filament that makes up the astral body, because the germs of the I's leave great traces. The germs of the “I”s have the forms of worms and various infinite forms.

On January 13, 1977, I had the mystical experience of ascending a rugged road, full of mud and human excrement. There were abysses everywhere. On my shoulders I carried a large bundle with a small cap that was uncovered from time to time and from which fleas came out that lacerated all my flesh. I felt fear, I backed off a bit but I told my Inner Father that I was going to continue my Christic initiation, no matter what the cost would be for me. The fleas symbolized humanity criticizing me.

1. H. Chaos.

2. H. The etheric world.

3. H. The astral world.

4. H. The mental world.

5. H. The qualified adept, in the causal world, appears at a table.

6. H. The world of the Buddhi.

7. H. The Divine Mother swallows the last of the vehicles of Atman. I am at this stage, being the year 1977.

8. H. The Resurrection.

9. H. The Christic mysteries.

10. H. The era in which the Ancient of Days crystallizes.

11. H. ???

12. H. ???

I need to go up with Pistis Sophia in order to arrive to the 13th Aeon. In the 13th Aeon one reaches a state of Being where you no longer need to take care of oneself and one can dedicate oneself fully to humanity.

I know that great triumphs await me, even if I am alone on the path towards the Absolute.

I have always wondered: Why do I have to depend on the fatality?

Helping humanity is good, but showing my powers is not good.

Do not depend on ideas or concepts from others because wisdom is within your Self.

Meditation must be correct. The mind must be exact. Logical thinking and exact concept are needed in order for the inner senses to develop absolutely perfect.

All incoherence, all lack of logic and mental balance, obstructs and damages the evolution and progress of the chakras, discs or lotus flowers of the astral body.

In order to investigate in the superior worlds, logical thinking and exact concept are needed.

When the ego is annihilated, the mental process of "options" disappears. An "option" is the emission of a concept from fear that the other is the true concept. This indicates ignorance.

Nirmanakayas have renounced Nirvana for love of humanity and the Great Work.

Sambhogakayas have three degrees of perfection.

Dakini are astral or fairy women delivered by the Epoptae.

Dharmapalas are astral magicians of force.

Any truly positive view must be fully corroborated by concrete facts of the physical world... "The truth does not diverge from human nature." If what we consider to be true diverges from human nature, then it cannot be true.

The great Kabir Jesus of Nazareth would never have advised his disciples to be as wise as the serpent if the latter had been a symbol of evil.

The Resurrection

The one who has died does not have to die; even the venom of the vipers does not harm them.

The intimate Christ kills death with death and He resurrects in the initiate and the initiate in Him.

A resurrected master is a mutant. His body becomes elastic because his body is reincruded, that is, it is again made of the same primitive matter.

The Tree of Life of ten sephirot is under the complete control or flow of the resurrected master. In the process, all bodies are elastic.

The precious diamond with which Solomon polished the precious stones is the Philosopher's Stone.

To do the Great Work, great art and great patience are needed.

In seven scales the entire work is done, and the Nirionissian sound of the universe is acquired.

Family ties are from time. You have to free yourself from affections. You have to see everyone the same; for one, no one should be a stranger.

The Being has no kinship. The Self is cosmic.

Once the ego is dead, the family abandons you, leaving you neither alone nor accompanied, alone in plenitude.

All relatives are from time and are lost in time.

Believing that one deserves things is absurd, we deserve nothing...

It is necessary to change the way of being with more severity, so that the wild psychology of the superhuman arises in us.

The capacity of the dynamic property to propose oneself as a reason for reflection must be created within us.

In esotericism, to "whip yourself" is to discipline yourself.

The super-discipline and the improvement of the physical body must be achieved through natural medicine.

Each one of us has some integrating principle deep down ...

Right effort is, in itself, the fundamental objective of the Being…

Comprehension is the evident self-reflection of the Self.

In the atomic infernos, we must disintegrate the corpses of the ego at the point of electrical force. We should never wait for time to disintegrate them.

Karma creates bodies. Never create physical bodies again, they are vulnerable, they are exposed to old age and death.

Self-authority is not possible when you do not have true authority within yourself. How can you have authority if you don't own yourself?

Currently, the human mind is degenerated by that of the concept. Every concept issued is the result of what others have said, of what has been studied.

Self-concept is based on experience and one's own way of thinking. Krishnamurti does have self-concepts because he has never read anyone. Gurdieff's knowledge is incipient.

Self-action can only be possible when you have the Self inside.

Existence, persistence and boredom of the “I”, reflect!

The “I” is a simple, absurd position in infinity ... The point becomes a line, the line a surface, and that a  body. Substitute the point for the “I”, and one begins to not understand creation.

Reflect on the seventh seal of Revelation.

About the Suns

The Equatorial Astral Sun is located in the Pleiades, because the physical sun that illuminates and gives us life is the seventh sun of the Pleiades. That Sun unifies and coordinates the Pleiades as a whole.

The Polar Sun is the basic center of our nebula and its one hundred thousand suns.

The Central Sun links and coordinates all the galaxies, suns, worlds, moons, etc., of this our infinite.

Around the Sun Sirius revolves the entire Milky Way with its one hundred thousand suns and millions of worlds, but the Polar, spiritual Sun, located in the higher dimensions of the cosmos, coordinates the activities and movements of the entire galaxy.

The Central Sun or Intergalactic Center of this infinite, governs all our infinite with its one hundred thousand galaxies and millions of worlds and suns.

The Universe is sustained by music.

About the Spheres

The spheres and luminaries spread across the Teuhtlampa.

The infinite is quantitative but necessarily spherical.

The spheres multiply outwardly and inwardly, both in the infinitely large and in the infinitely small.

The infinite is reversible towards the navel, which is all quantifiable points. Everything arises from the Omeyocan, everything returns to the Omeyocan.

About the Omeyocan

In the Omeyocan there is only wind and darkness.

The Omeyocan was also called, due to the wind and the darkness: Yoalli-Ehecatl.

In the Omeyocan the infinite stillness swirls before the manifestation of the Solar Logos.

The Omeyocan is the cosmic navel of the universe where the infinitely large bursts into the infinitely small, in reciprocal eddies.

The Omeyocan is the Tloque-Nahuaque, it is a night storm of all possibilities.

The Omeyocan is the navel where the diverse becomes universe.

The Omeyocan is the Lord of the Night, the black Tezcatlipoca who by negating, bursts into light and is born in the universe that fecundates Quetzalcoatl, the Solar Logos.

The famous Nahua suns of Mexico, that of fire, air, water and earth, allude to the geological catastrophes of planet Earth.

About the Future

Modern people have lost their capacity of wonder.

The people of this time are not profound, they like the superficial. They think they can laugh at all civilizations.

Morality is the slave of customs and times and it is also the daughter of places ... we must speak of revolutionary ethics.

The religious forms preserve eternal values, and they are organized according to the psychological and historical needs of each people, each race. All religions have the same principles, the same eternal values and differ only in form.

The Gnostic-Rosicrucian sages know the research systems of the East and the West.

We Gnostics investigate the worlds of the ultra with the systems and methods of the Hindustani Yogis. We study the physical world with Western research methods. Both systems complement and harmonize to give us in the future, a new culture and a highly mystical and formidably technical and scientific civilization.

The human of the future will put matter at his service.

The machine will be there to serve the community, and humans will not be victims of the machine.

Medical science, astronomy, technology, aviation, industry, etc., will liberate the spirit from the slavery of material labor.

The human of the future will enjoy the powers of clairvoyance, and yet will have gigantic scientific and technical advances. Each will be highly spiritual and wonderfully intellectual. The human of the future will enjoy enlightened intellection.

Jesus the Christ put the intellect at the service of the spirit. Enlightened intellection is the intellect at the service of the spirit.

The great error of the materialists is, precisely, to believe that the reality needs physical phenomena. But spirit is as real as matter because, after all, both are energy.

The material is as sacred as the spirit. Physical material and sacred spirit behave in a correlated and dialectical manner.

With an indepth integral culture alongside with a spiritual, social and scientific base, we could radically change the current situation in the world.

We need a new revolutionary pedagogy, whose sole objective is to make us aware of what we already know.

Instead of keeping in mind an outdated and degenerate culture, we need to re-educate ourselves.

The direct wisdom of archaeological documents must be sought through the majestic science of meditation.

Knowledge is extracted directly from the stones.

The ancients knew nothing about paleontology or paleontography, and yet they have representations of the monsters of Carboniferous and Mesozoic times.

From the Euxine to Kashmir, the origin of this aryan race must be sought. The Hebraic Garden of Eden is reminiscent of the Adhi-Varsha of Lemuria.

The Garden of Eden on the Euphrates became the college of astrologers and magicians, the Aleim.

How hard is the road that devours millions of zoosperms for a single fertilization! ..., fertilization and expiration are opposite ...

The result: the antithesis annuls that path with the force of expiration, the force of time, the fecund  expiration one...

There is a great law of the great balance between squandering and the minimal balance: the Arcanum A.Z.F ...

The objective reasoning of Being is the great corrector, the great rectifier of universal squandering ...

We must put the law of balance between squandering and the minimum balance ...

The path of the domestic home is a gymnasium at will.

One breathes a gas charged with oxygen but one cannot breathe light ... nevertheless, there are humans who breathe light.

It is enough to join significations in order for unthinkable concepts to appear.

If the Logos sprang from the unknowable divine, the devil gave him freedom to do it...

We need to fill the inexhaustible bag of great possibilities. The inexhaustible bag of possibilities is shaped like a spiral galaxy ...

The Key of the Successful Ones

In the biorhythm of life, everything is expressed based on the law of the octaves.

During this biorhythm, the first crisis appears in Mi-Fa and the second crisis in La-Si.

The key to winners is to overcome crises based on the development of the ability to hold the notes and to follow the following three steps: choice, change, and decision.

Experience with Minerva

I was inside a lumisial in order to perform the holy invocation. In the center of the lumisial there was a hidden triangle supported by a column.

I invoked Minerva, the stone of the altar shines and in the center appeared the face of Minerva who responded, "I am Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, what do you want from me?"

"Wisdom!" I replied.

"For what do you want wisdom?"

"To help humanity."

Minerva kept a profound silence, and only her blue eyes remained suspended in the environment. Then I understood: Silence is the eloquence of wisdom.

When she withdrew, only the triangular stone supported on the stone column remained.

It is obvious that we must crystallize within ourselves the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos, which come from the omnipotent and omniscient Holy Okidanok.

Unquestionably, the most holy Okidanok was represented by that column on which the triangular stone was held... I have said it!