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Faith, the Earthly Human and Heavenly Human, Entropy and Sacrifice

"The Genes create Elohim, in the heaven and in the earth.  And the earth was formless and void; and darkness was upon the face of the abyss. And (Chesed) the Spirit of Elohim hovered upon the face of the (genetic) waters.

"And Elohim said, let there be light: and there was light.  And Elohim saw the light, that it was good: and Elohim divided the light from the darkness.  And Elohim called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first (generation or) day.” Genesis 1: 1-5

I always speak spontaneously about what I feel in my heart. Thus, I want to know, what exactly do you want to know?

Student:  What is to be a master?

Samael Aun Weor: Masters are those that are born from the heart and who are not preconceived in the mind; it is interesting that those who suffer here and now are born from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

Let me tell you something about faith. Unfortunately, what happens here is that people confuse belief with faith; and this mistake is of a general nature, “People always confuse gymnastics with jinn-gnostics”, and it's difficult to get rid of that nonsense from people, isn't it? Ignoramuses think that faith is the same as belief.

The reality of the facts, for my way of seeing and understanding these things, is that first of all, the one who wants to have true faith, has to end up dividing oneself [psychologically] into two, namely, the exterior (earthly) human and the interior (heavenly) human. As long as, for example, one does not manage to be divided psychologically, well, one continues (in darkness) as an exterior (psychologically formless and void earthly) human. From where is the exterior human going to get faith? It is necessary to give birth to the interior (heavenly) human within oneself, the new human must be born in oneself; that interior (heavenly) human is nothing but the psychological human. The interior (heavenly) human is placed on a higher level than the exterior (earthly) human. The exterior (earthly) human, in any case, is not the interior (heavenly) human. Jesus says:

“Except a (earthly) man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Except a (earthly) man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” – John 3: 3, 5

Thus, all the gospels of the great Kabir Jesus, point to that new birth: to the birth of the interior (heavenly) human. Jesus wants the interior (heavenly) human to emerge in each earthly human; that is what the great Kabir wants.

Therefore, we say, the messages of Jesus do not go to the exterior human. Jesus did not come willingly to waste time miserably, giving exclusive teachings to the exterior human. The teachings of Jesus have a single objective: that is to be born again from the water and the spirit; he wants the interior human to be born anew within us, that we divide into two.

Obviously, the superior human is born within us at a higher level, at a higher octave. The inferior human is the common earthly human, who is always placed on the inferior type of level; that is clear.

So, Jesus is not interested in the continuation of the inferior level human, but in the fact that the superior human is born anew within us; he wants us to be born from the water and the spirit, he wants us to reach the second birth, he wants the human to be divided in two.

When we have divided into two, or has divided oneself into superior and inferior, then the superior aspect of oneself has a direct experience of the real.

The exterior human lives in the exterior world and can only know about things in the exterior world; yet the interior human is different, and lives in an interior world.

Listen, just as there is a completely exterior type of life, there is also another interior type of life.

And it is because the human who has been born anew from the water and the spirit is different. When that happens, the exterior human submits one's will to the will of the interior human and acts in harmony with the laws of the interior world; that one  is already a different human.

It is clear that, in order for the interior human to be reborn in us, it is necessary, first of all, to recognize our own nothingness and inner misery.

It is clear that ordinary people are accustomed to living according to the rules of this world, they feel perfect and full of great virtues: "Mr. thingamabob," "Mrs. thingummy," etc. are usually complaining that their merits are not recognized: if they work in a factory, well, they believe they need to be paid well, that their wages should be increased as prices rise; new stitches in the air. They always aspire to promotion: simple soldiers in the army, well, they want to become corporals, they want to be sergeants and they want to progress little by little and there, deep inside they dream of becoming generalissimo; major general, why? Because they believe they are full of merits, they believe that they deserve everything; and if they work in any way, if they make any effort, they want their payment; and if they are not payed, well, they protest,  “Yes, of course, this is not fair, I have worked, I have fought, I have such and such merits, however they have not paid me what I deserve, they have not recognized my efforts!” ...Yes, this is how the inferior human is.

Understand, for the interior human to be born one has to become different; and that's the hard part: by recognizing precisely that one is worthless, despite having worked very hard within oneself about the psychology of oneself, which is constituted by what is normal for the exterior human, right?

The good thing, really, is to come to understand that the efforts that one has made are nothing; one has to come to understand that one is an imbecile in the fullest sense of the word.

And what I am saying is not mere comedic posturing, nor feigned meekness or piety, or prudery in very bad taste, no ladies and gentlemen!...

It is true that when one examines one's own existence, when one reviews one’s own life, one comes to discover that one is an idiot, that one is worthless. As soon as one believes that one is worth something, the interior human cannot be born in one. As long as one believes that one is worth a lot, one will continue to be what one has always been, the ordinary human in the street, the human behind the counter in a store, the apothecary who prepares prescriptions, or the seller of basic necessities. but never the interior human.

The interior human is born in one as a result of one’s own reflections. If you want the interior human to be born in you, you have to allow yourself the luxury of really destroying what you are, what you yourself are, indeed, a sack of absurd mechanical reactions; a sack of perceptions, of mechanical sympathies and antipathies, of lust, etc., a total cretin.

If one realizes that this is it, nothing more than that, one removes the pretense of vanity and truly dedicates oneself to what one should dedicate oneself to: the self-destruction of the “myself.”

"So likewise, you, when you have done all those things which you are commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.’”- Luke 17: 10

This is something that sounds very ugly for people who love themselves very much. No one who has the ego or self-esteem can like these "heavy words" that I am saying here. So that's it!

When you work really, sincerely, you are eradicating from your psyche what must be eradicated, namely, your imbecility, your idiocy, cretinism, airs of grandeur, your self-importance, etc...

As the undesirable elements that one carries inside oneself are reduced to ashes, the essence, the consciousness is liberated, that is clear, it is resurfacing in one; that liberated consciousness is faith, but true faith, not beliefs. Those beliefs are useless. I speak of faith, which is sapience.

Obviously, as the essence is released, sapience increases. When the totality of the ego is destroyed, annihilated, the essence, the interior human, becomes completely self-cognizant.

True Faith

That human born of water and spirit is true faith. That is the human of faith; not that faith, that belief of the charcoal burner, nor what they taught us (the dogmas of this or that religion), I am not referring to those beliefs.

The cognizant human devoid of ego, undoubtedly through direct, vivid experience, can know the enigmas of the universe, can vividly experience the mysteries of life and death. That one can experience that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind, that which is not of time, that which is the truth.

Thus, as long as we have not divided ourselves into two humans: the exterior, the ordinary, and the deep interior one, we will not be humans of faith, we will be humans of beliefs but not of faith.

Nor can we require our students to have 100% faith. Acquiring faith is something gradual: if someone has released only 5% of essence, then they will have 5% faith; and if it is a 10% essence that he has managed to liberate through the crushing and disintegration of some undesirable psychic elements, then he will have a 10% faith; and the one who has dissolved 50% of the ego, well, he will have 50% of faith; and the one who has achieved 100% destruction of the ego, in other words, the one who has managed to liberate 100% of its essence, has 100% faith, is the human of complete faith.

But by repeating this about “faith”, I am very afraid that you will think that it is about the faith of the charcoal burner or belief; when I say "faith", I mean "wisdom", "knowledge"...

The interior human has the right to know the truth through direct mystical experience, the right to experiment with the mysteries of life and death, the right to work with the enigmas of the universe. Therefore, faith is authentic knowledge, and not a belief.

Whoever truly becomes a human of faith has to give birth within oneself the interior human, that is, one has to divide oneself into two: the interior human placed at a level, naturally, of a higher octave; and the exterior human placed on a low level of the world in which we live.

As long as we continue to simply live as inferior-level humans in this three-dimensional world of Euclid, it will not be possible to have faith, nor will it be possible to know in any way the mysteries of life and death, the reality. We need to divide ourselves in two, to split ourselves.

When one comes to recognize that within oneself, in the depths of the inner human, there is an authority placed in a higher octave, one submits to that authority, then faith increases; but one has to submit to that authority placed within oneself, placed in an ascending octave, that is, one has to split into two.

The internal human submits to that authority, and the external human, in turn, submits to the internal human, and everything in general remains subject to an intimate authority, which is nothing other than that of its own particularity, that of its own Logoi, that of one's own monad (speaking this time in Leibniz style), the will of the Father who is in secret.

The more one obeys that authority, "both in heaven and on earth", that is, both in the psychological space and here in the three-dimensional space of Euclid, well, the more faith increases. First of all, one has to realize that one is worthless, and submit to deep, inner authority; I'm not talking about an external authority, of course, but about the inner will; if one submits to that intimate authority, if one obeys it, faith increases.

To submit to that deep inner will, one has to recognize one's own nothingness and misery; if one believes that one is worth something, one does not submit; and if one does not submit, one does not increase faith.

In order for faith to multiply, it needs to submit to a superior, interior, profound authority, to the will of the Being, to the will of the  particular monad; the same personal will that having us obviously must submit to that deep inner will that has been formed due to human unfolding; then when one submits to that deep inner will, well, then things go well, because that deep inner will, in turn, submits to the inner authority of the Being, changes, faith multiplies and acts here in the real world in consonance with the interior laws and the will of the Being; it is already something different: it is no longer simply a robot; because ordinary people are nothing but robots, they are programmed for this or that profession, for this or that trade, etc.

So having faith is important. But no one will be able to have faith if one has not given birth to the interior human, if one has not managed to split oneself in two, if one has not managed to eliminate from the psyche the undesirable elements that one carries, since only in this way does the flame of faith arise (which is not belief but knowledge and sapience).

Distinguish therefore between knowledge and belief, they are different. I think you are understanding me.

What else do you have to ask about faith or about belief?

Student: Are the knowledge of the five centers and the destruction of the egos basic elements, as mechanisms to acquire faith and astral projection?

Samael Aun Weor: Mechanisms to acquire faith? Faith is not acquired with mechanisms, faith is obtained based on conscious works and voluntary suffering; no mechanical effort can transform us, only conscious efforts can transform us. Faith is not acquired except by disintegrating the ego; and the ego does not disintegrate, I repeat, but based on conscious work and voluntary suffering; it differs completely from mechanisms, it has nothing to do with mechanisms.

Any other questions? You have the floor... 

Student: Master, I would like to ask you a question. The other time you mentioned to me, while talking, that in past mahamanvantaras, or the past mahamanvantara, I don't remember exactly, you had created the superior existential solar bodies of the Being, fulfilling the parlock duty of the Being, could you be a little more specific in this regard?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, any dhyani bodhisattva, not just me, has created, then, the superior existential bodies of the being in other periods of cosmic manifestation, not precisely now. My particular case is not unique, it is one of the many cases that exist, let's say, in the megalocosm... Yes, we well know that cosmic days and nights exist; every universe has times of activity and times of repose. We have already read enough what the laws of Manu say about the days and nights of brahma, that is obvious...

Well, that I created the superior existential bodies of the Being in a world that has already disappeared, there is nothing unusual or strange about that. I gave them form, I gave them life, I brought them into existence, in the same way that you can here on the planet Earth. The only thing is that my existential bodies are not created on the planet Earth; therefore, as an inner human I am not from the planet Earth; on the planet Earth I am a foreigner, that is obvious. I am original, let's say, from another planet...

As for my guru, he was the one who instructed me in that ancient world; I venerate him deeply, because he is, basically, the author of all the self-realized and independent, autonomous parts of my own Being; therefore, I venerate him; since thanks to him I was able to learn the science that allowed me to create the superior existential bodies of the Being.

Any other question?

Entropy and Sacrifice

Student: Master, can you tell us something about entropy?

Samael Aun Weor: Something about entropy?... It's something that is in sight. If you put a glass full of hot water next to another glass full of cold water, you will see how entropy precipitates: there is an exchange of heat and cold, and finally, entropy wins and both are equal. 

Millions of people today, for example, are stuck in the path of entropy; since they don't work on themselves, they become more stupid every day, their minds atrophy, the centers of the organic machine are more and more degenerated, all the areas of their brains no longer work, and thus, the day will come when that the law of entropy will equalize them all down there, in the "Tartarus"...

Haven't you noticed how entropy equalizes people? Someone can be buried in a gold coffin and another in a wooden coffin, and no matter how beautiful the grave is, in the long run they remain the same: as bony as the other (the "baldhead death" equalizes everyone, that's obvious; that's entropy).

So, these "humanoids" that populate the face of the Earth, these "three-brained bipeds" or "three-centered bipeds", one day they will all be the same (degenerate and incapable); so alike that they will be barely distinguishable from each other.

Let's look at the Earth. They say that every day it rotates slowly, that is to say, that the rotation on its axis is like this: every day slower, due to the high tides and the friction of the waters. On the other hand, they say that the sun is getting colder; I don't think so, but I do say that as the Earth's atmosphere becomes rarefied, it will lose its ability to analyze and decompose the sun's rays into light and heat... The Moon, at the rate we are going, will go further away, if it decreases the speed of rotation (so they think, and likewise I think so: that's entropy).

One day the Earth will be another moon (the entropy will have to equalize it). For now, let's see how everything is going under the law of entropy: behold the seas, these are already turned into garbage dumps; dying fish, polluted rivers, creatures die, the atmosphere polluted with "smog", the adulterated fruits of the earth. That's obvious. The pseudo-sapients, who “know everything”, have finished off with the true fruits of the earth; now one can't even find apples to eat and we have to "put up with California oranges without seeds!” Have you seen anything more stupid? Of course, behold the law of entropy: the ignoramuses, satisfied with their “wisdom”, without knowing that what they have done is to degenerate the vegetables, making them to go down on the path of entropy.

At the rate we are going, the lands will become barren; the atomic explosions, well, have just “made their August”, and if they continue like this, one day the entire Earth will be equalized, then it will be another moon.

Fortunately, the wisdom, let's say, of the Theomertmalogos, has everything very well calculated;. We already know that only through transformation is it possible to overcome the law of entropy, since transformation includes sacrifice; that's obvious...

For example, if one sacrifices sexual desire, that force transformed into something else, crystallizes the power... ...within him, in the Being (crystallizes in the superior existential bodies of the Being). If one sacrifices anger, the precious gem of meekness will appear. If one sacrifices the desire for money, the unbearable greed, then altruism will be born in one. If one sacrifices envy, philanthropy will be manifested in one, the desire to work for others, joy for the good of others. That is to say, that there could be no transformation if there is no sacrifice.

The oil in a locomotive, for example, is sacrificed, for the sake of what? For the energy that sets the whole train in motion (that's sacrifice). And if the machine is coal-fired, as the old ones were, that fuel is sacrificed. for what? For the sake of energy, for the sake of the movement of the train... Yes, when one sacrifices a lower force for the sake of a higher one, there is transformation. What happens is that since the result is so different, because let's see, for example, a fuel like coal, it is different from the energy of the train; being sacrificed, it becomes something so different, then, from the energy that sets the train in motion; coal energy is completely different, they are different...

Likewise, when a man sacrifices his sexual impulses, the result of that energy becomes the superior existential bodies of the Being. Do you see how different, do you see how different the result is?

Thus, if the sperm is sacrificed during coitus, the energy released gives rise to the deep inner human and then one escapes from that horrible law of degenerative entropy.

Currently the Earth, for example, is completely working according to the law of entropy, and if there is no a great sacrifice, it will be the same tomorrow, converted into one more moon; but since the program has not been completed (each planet has to have its seven root races, before becoming a moon), then a great sacrifice must be made: the catastrophe is needed and the sacrificer is going to be the Theomertmalogos...

A catastrophe is needed, for what? In order to transform this Earth, this humanity must be sacrificed; all of this must be transformed, sacrificed. A transformation is needed and as a result of that transformation of energies, a new Earth with its golden age and beauty will re-emerge.  


So the catastrophe is an indispensable necessity in order to be able to overcome the law of entropy; if there were no such catastrophe, the law of entropy, well, would end up equalizing the Earth with the Moon, the Earth would become another Moon before its time; nonetheless, thanks to the transformation that is going to take place with that sacrifice, which will be a catastrophe, a new golden age and a new humanity will arise... Yes, the planet Earth is agonizing, entropy is taking it little by little to be a moon (this can be known by anyone who has a little vision). Only through transformation can it be achieved that the planet does not yet become a moon, that something new emerges from this chaos...

Therefore, yes, the transformation that is going to take place will be done on the basis of sacrifice which will end with a great catastrophe... Christ himself sacrificed himself on Golgotha ​​to defeat the law of entropy, and the god Mitra was placed on a bull, there, with the knife stuck on the animal's back. From the blood that emanated from that sacred bull, the plants and everything that is, has been and will be sprouted. That tells us the same thing: that sacrifice is essential for transformation; urgent transformation in order to transcend entropy.

If one does nothing, if one does not sacrifice even his own bitterness, he will be a victim of the law of entropy... People do not want to sacrifice themselves, no! They do not understand the law of sacrifice; Or do you believe that a profound work can be done without sacrifice? Which is absurd, because if one begins with great enthusiasm, for example, to do a task but without the intention of sacrificing, sooner or later the law of entropy will come into action and his work will fail; but if one begins doing a work on the basis of sacrifice, it will produce incessant transformations and his work will grow and be fruitful everywhere, it is clear...

One must begin by sacrificing oneself even if it is one’s own sufferings. I assure you that people are willing to sacrifice their pleasures and even their vices, their money, but never their sufferings. People love their sufferings, their pains; They love them too much, they sacrifice everything except their sufferings (that's right!) If you start by sacrificing your sufferings, you can take a big step and defeat the law of entropy...

Which of you is willing to sacrifice your own feelings, to really sacrifice them, who?

Student: How do we …..

Samael Aun Weor: Forget them, sacrifice them, transform them, never think about that suffering again. Transform it into pure joy, and never again remember they existed.

Keep in mind that people talk about their experiences, about the sufferings they went through, about the bitterness they had: "he got to do what he is today, thanks to having suffered so much"... Rare is the one who is willing to sacrifice their sufferings. People do not feel like sacrificing their sufferings.

For what?...

Student: Why are not them willing?

Samael Aun Weor: Because they love their sufferings very much! Who doesn't love their sufferings? Yes, observe the people, look at them (you are a practical man), observe the psychology of the people and you will see how they love their sufferings; everyone loves them, and boasts about them, they enjoy remembering them. “When I went through so many and such things, when I sold sweets on the street to one day become what I am, Dr. Thingamajig, or the powerful lord of such company. I, who sold newspapers, I who slept on the platforms... how much did I suffer?... ...People love their own suffering too much...

Student: They remember them …

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, and they enjoy... The rich who claim to be powerful and happy, in their luxury, remember their suffering (from time to time), so they feel self-important, remembering them...

Student: Is the dissolution of sufferings the same mechanism that one uses in the dissolution of problems?

Samael Aun Weor: The same system of transformations, everything is transformed through sacrifice. Sacrifice your sufferings, eradicate from yourself the egos that produced them and the sufferings will be sacrificed. The egos of suffering must be eradicated, must be disintegrated, must be pulverized, turned them to ashes, and that resulting energy produces a transformation that makes one a different human, and defeats the law of entropy...

One can investigate inside the "belly" of the Moon what happens in the entrails of our neighboring satellite. There you will see a group of Selenite-I's that belonged to lunar-type people, when that satellite was inhabited.

That satellite was inhabited a long time ago, that is true, ong before this Earth in which we live came into existence. The Moon is very old; when it had true life, well, it had people too, humanity, and today one finds the remains of those people among the selenite egos of the lunar infernal worlds (they are all the same, they are not distinguished from each other). The law of entropy has already completely equalized them! In the same way that it equalizes two corpses in the long run, even if one has been buried in a “little gold box” and the other in a “wooden box”, right?

Student: Death equalizes them…

Samael Aun Weor: The law of entropy is responsible for equalizing the rich and the poor and the whole world; That is the harsh reality of the facts!...

So, if you don't do something, if you don't transform, if you don't sacrifice or sacrifice something, you don't transform, and if you don't transform, the law of entropy swallows you, that's obvious. It is worth reflecting on all these things...

Student: An intellectual question, master: how is the word “entropy” etymologically divided?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I don't like to be dividing the words so much. But, in any case, that is a Greek word [τροπή] that means “transformation”...

Students: ...

Samael Aun Weor: In Greek it means: “transformation”...

Student: In short, could it be said that entropy is a law of leveling and equalization at lower levels?

Samael Aun Weor: Entropy is a gradual decline into disorder, devolution, a descending law, of equal character and what in Greek means “transformation”? Well, this is how it is! That it has another meaning, yes, but we in the West don't give it... in the modern world it is strictly given the name "transformation" to entropy. You can't beat the law of entropy without transformation, that's obvious...We say that "it must be overcome with transformation", and the transformation, we know, that only occurs through the sacrifice of an inferior force for the sake of a superior...

Student: Does a higher law wash over a lower law?

Samael Aun Weor: From another angle we could affirm that, but that is not what we are proposing in this topic. However, since you like to deal with other laws, I will gladly put it in quotes and underlined: “when a lower law is transcended by a higher law, the higher law washes over the lower law”. For a lower law to be transcended by a higher law, the lower law needs to be sacrificed for the higher one, right? And when it is sacrificed, then comes the transformation and the transformation makes the lower law higher...

Student: As in the case that two more root races are needed (the sixth and the seventh), and as they are needed, then, is there a superior law that is going to cause the sacrifices so that that law is fulfilled? That is to say, is it going to overcome entropy, is it going to wash it, is it going to erase it?

Samael Aun Weor: In entropy, in the long run, disorder is produced, right? As we see it, among the atoms and molecules of a corpse, there is disorder... In a library, for example, if it is not cleaned, if it is not put in order, well, book after book, paper on paper, is piled up. long that is a chaos that nobody understands, a disorder...

On the other hand, in the transformation everything is different: in the transformation an order is produced, an atomic order... has left me to think, that in any molecule of the universe we find order: in the petals of a flower there is order, in the protons and electrons of an atom there is order. Obviously, if there is order in an atom or in a molecule, then it means that there is an ordering force; because I could not conceive an order in a molecule of copper or starch, without an ordering force...

Now, an ordering force has to be an intelligent force, because I could never accept an ordering force arising from "chance" (because "chance" is not intelligent).

Now, if "chance" is capable of producing that ordering force, undoubtedly that "chance" ceases to be "chance," it becomes an intelligent principle.

So, by exact logic we can say that the guiding principle that orders everything that is, has been and will be, is the creative demiurge; only that wonderful ordering force, which put the universes into existence, can carry out extraordinary transformations; but if one does not use that ordering force, then the law of entropy, little by little, produces the disorder of the molecules, the disorder of the atoms, the disorder of the mind, the disorder of the psychological principles, and thus we will end up all equal, converted into something that has not the least importance. That is the harsh reality of the facts!...

The Origin of the Essence

Student: Master, I would like you to tell us something about how it is 3% that one has at birth, because some authors say that it is still 3% of essence, let's say it is... embryo... ... of pure essence that grows... the personality is fed. How is that essence, how is it born and how does it develop?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, first of all, let's start from where the essence comes from. where does it come from? Possibly it comes from the galaxy; I say that it comes from beyond, from beyond the galaxy. There are many concepts in that... In any case, for me, the essence comes from the stars in the firmament. Normally, it is said that it comes from infinity (at least from this infinite that we know).

It descends to the galaxy, from the galaxy it passes, then, to the sun that illuminates us, from the sun that illuminates us it comes, well, to the planets, from the planets it comes to Earth...

Well, and you can even speak in the language of music, right? I have always thought that there are several “infinites”. Einstein's infinite, for me, is one infinite. Einstein said: “infinite tends to a limit”. That's true... ...

Einstein's infinite (as far as telescopes can see, within about 600,000 light years) should be made up, on average, of about 100,000 galaxies, each with 100 billion suns.

All that Einstein infinite would resonate with the note “SI” of the musical scale. But it cannot be said that Einstein's infinite is the only infinite. Beyond the infinite there is an empty space; and beyond that empty space there is another infinite; and beyond that infinite there is an empty space; and beyond that empty space there is another infinite, and that never has limits in mathematics.

If we think of the various infinites, which can be proved by transfinite mathematics, then we will understand that the possibilities for us are also transfinite.

We could say that “infinite plus infinite equals infinite”. Now, if I invite you to add several infinites, the various infinites are demonstrated. But here not even numbers are used anymore; In mathematics, different signs are used. The symbol, for example, of infinity is used for operations.

In any case, I want to tell you the following: this Einstein infinite resonates with the note “SI” of the musical scale; the galaxy in which we live resonates with the note “LA”; the sun that illuminates us with the note “SOL”; the planets that revolve around the solar system, with the note “FA”; the physicality where we live in with the note “MI”; the bowels of the earth with the note “RE”.

tree cosmos laws sun fmt1

The note “DO” is for the absolute, the “SI” for the infinite, the “LA” for the galaxy. “SOL” corresponds to the sun that shines on us, “FA” to the planets that revolve around the sun. “MI” to the surface of the earth. “RE” to the bowels of the earth or infernal worlds.

Subsequently, the note “DO” of the absolute returns, from downwards, from the bowels of the metals; from the bottom to the top; thus, from the bowels of the metals we would start with the note “DO” of the absolute; “RE” from the bowels of our world; “MI” with the organic variations; “FA” with the planets that revolve around the sun; “SOL”, the sun that illuminates us; “LA”, the galaxy; “SI” the infinite to then return to the note “DO” (do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si, si-la-sol-fa-mi-re-do).

All this respective order is processed with the octaves of the sacred law of the Heptaparaparshinock. So, this infinite of Einstein moves in the orchestration of the spheres, it is something that walks, that has life.

The essence comes from the galaxy in which we live with the note “LA”; with the note “SOL” crosses the sun that illuminates us; with the note “FA” it crosses the planets of the solar system. Unfortunately, the essence remained bottled up due to a certain mistake of some sacred individuals, among all that multiplicity of undesirable elements that constitute the myself, the ego.

Therefore, this thick pile of undesirable elements must be broken, if we want the essence to return to where it came from. We need, first of all, that the magnetic center placed in the human personality be completely transferred (as we said in one of the last lectures), to the essence.

In order to be able to transfer the magnetic center from the personality to the absolute, one really needs to start working on oneself; if it is not done, how will it be possible? That's my answer to as far as the essence...

Student: Venerable master, will the year 2500 be definitive for the planet earth?

Samael Aun Weor: The year 2500 is symbolic. If we add the 2 to the 5 it gives us 7. And that reminds us of the seventh seal of the "apocalypse" of Saint John. Humanity has torn six seals; The seventh seal remains to be torn. However, "the day and the hour no one knows, except the Father," so it is written and so it will be.

In any case, what I can assure you is that the final cataclysm is closer than people think...

Student: I want you to more or less specify the four types of hasnamussen, it's very interesting to know.

Samael Aun Weor: There are four types of hasnamussen.

There are hasnamussen of the first degree, the one that only has the planetary body, nothing more; they have not created the superior existential bodies of the being, they only have the planetary human body, nothing else; at the hour of death they are mortal; It is clear that such kind of subject in life accumulates a fatal "something", dangerous in part, with the same activities of the ego in his psyche; at the time of death, the only thing that revives there is a bunch of devils that have no value, it's garbage.

The second class of hasnamussen are those who die having made the astral body for their private use; they create it, but they do not continue in the esoteric work, they lack the continuity of purposes due to the lack of a permanent center of gravity; they did not dissolve the undesirable elements of their psyche, they dedicate themselves to sorcery and black magic. This class of creatures, if they do not resolve to disintegrate the undesirable elements of their psyche, in new existences, they will necessarily have to incorporate themselves into animal organisms in order to eliminate their characteristics of hasnamussen.

There is a third class of hasnamussen who are the ones who made the superior existential bodies of the Being, but who did not dissolve the ego; they have no choice but to eliminate what they have of hasnamussen, dissolving the ego; or definitely, devolve within the bowels of the Earth. They are practically lost cases, abortions of the cosmic mother.

There is a fourth class of hasnamussen: that of the dhyani-bodhisattvas of the gods who let themselves fall; It is clear that if they do not resolve to dissolve what they have of hasnamussen, they also have to devolve within the bowels of the earth (as Moloch and many others are doing). So, behold the four kinds of hasnamussen...

Inverential Peace