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William Blake Ezekiels Vision

Extraterrestrials, UFOs, and Life on Other Planets

"...aliens have shown two things: first, intelligence; second, power. However, I dare to say that they have also demonstrated a third factor: love. They haven't caused us any harm."

I am addressing all of you in the "Regional Technological Institute of Nogales" with the purpose of sharing with you certain concerns about the UFO phenomenon.

Really, the UFO phenomenon is quite intriguing....

As I speak to you, a very curious case comes to mind: one afternoon, in my house, in the federal district (between parentheses, you are welcome, my home is your home), I listened to Jacob Zabludoski. This man was laughing about the UFO phenomenon, because you know that he is quite skeptical in that sense; rather, Pedro Ferriz has devoted himself seriously to the study of the UFO phenomenon. After Jacob Zabludoski's intervention (laughing and with skeptical little words about the UFO phenomenon), some friends hurriedly invited me to go out on the street as soon as possible. I went out, and how great was my amazement to see, precisely, a UFO flying almost, let's say, flush with the roof of the house. It was going so low, flying so low that everyone on the street, of all that neighborhood were amazed; besides, it was flying very slowly. If I had a camera at that time, I would have liked to have photographed it.

The most interesting thing is that those neighbors laughed then, not at the UFO phenomenon, but at Jacob Zabludoski's skepticism. The facts were so convincing... so convincing it made what Zabludoski had affirmed earlier in relation to the UFO ridiculous, terrifyingly ridiculous in the face of reality.

So, really, the UFO phenomenon is quite intriguing...

Life on Jupiter

Something very unique happened in the republic of El Salvador. There was the case, quite sensational by the way, of an engineer who was taken to the planet Jupiter. That engineer was a hundred percent skeptical; he did not believe in these things; thus finding himself one night in a park in San Salvador, a cosmic ship landed near there. Some crew members descended from the ship and invited him to enter. He, still skeptical, entered that ship and in a few seconds he saw, with astonishment, that the Earth was below; and he watched as he went away through space, until the Earth, at last, looked like a small coin within the infinite. This man was taken, according to what he says, in just 30 minutes, to the planet Jupiter. He asserted emphatically that he found a very powerful civilization on Jupiter. They invited him to stay there, and yet he didn't want to. He limited himself to saying that he would return to planet Earth, to be able to tell the Earthlings something of what he saw; that he would like to testify that there is life on other inhabited planets.

He found there, on Jupiter, some Earthlings who had been taken from our world, precisely so that they could know that planet. They had not wanted to return to the Earth world, they preferred to stay on Jupiter.

That engineer, skeptical, unbelieving and a hundred percent materialist, totally changed: his materialism went down the cliff; before the facts he had to surrender and recognize that the wisdom of the universe is infinite. Today, that engineer is within the ranks of the Gnostic movement in the Republic of El Salvador. We have been told that he intends to write a book to report on it all of these things. I hope he writes it soon, because in truth, we would be interested in knowing the whole of his exposition...

Life on Ganymede

Let's continue: another case that I found quite intriguing happened in Ecuador. A certain individual who was affiliated with a school in the Eastern world was visited by extraterrestrials on a given day. The cosmic ship landed precisely in the enormous garden of his house. Since this man was already preparing for that event, he was not afraid. He boarded such a ship and was taken to the moon Ganymede. That satellite revolves around the planet Jupiter. It is worth telling you that twelve satellites, in general, revolve around the aforementioned star. Jupiter is a titan, quite a gigantic world. I have observed it many times, I have seen it through the telescope. There is no doubt that this double belt in the equatorial zone has us quite intrigued. It seems to me that men of science have not investigated that belt (1976)... As far as I'm concerned, frankly I'm intrigued and I intend to do some further research. It is a pity that our current telescopes do not really have the range that we need. However, the one on Mount Palomar is better...

But, well, let's continue with this narration. That man, I repeat, was on the satellite of Jupiter called Ganymede. What did he see in Ganymede? A powerful civilization: the houses are built underground with a soft but firm material and from one piece. The water has to be extracted from certain volcanoes. They have duly planted land, they grow their own food

In cultural matters, we were informed, they have magnificent universities. It causes a real sensation to know the way of studying of the inhabitants of Ganymede. Since they possess a sixth sense, they can obviously better explore the vital seat [in the fourth dimension] of the physical body. Not only do they know the biological, catalytic processes, etc., but they also know the vital deepness [in the fourth dimension]. The scientists of our planet Earth have studied the mechanics of the living cell, but what do they know about the vital deepness [in the fourth dimension]? Absolutely nothing!

Here, we Mexicans, had a great sage. I am referring to Don Alfonso Herrera, the author of the plasmogenesis theory. This man managed to create an artificial cell (a very well made cell), but that cell never had life. Why? Because Don Alfonso could never manipulate the vital deepness.

We could create an artificial male zoosperm in the laboratory; we could also create an artificial female ovum (the biochemical formulas are known); I don't see why it couldn't be created. But one thing is certain: that from such artificial gametes, we could never get a new creature. Why? Because we do not manage the vital deepness.

Artificial inseminations are done (both in animals and in people), but such inseminations are based on what nature has already created. You have, for example, zoosperms, that is, sperm matter, insemination can be done and that is clear, it results in the appearance of a new creature. But the scientist has not made the zoosperm, nature has made them, they have been extracted from living organisms. So, we are playing with what nature has done, but we are not capable of doing it ourselves.

There is a vital deepness in the living cell, a kind of double organism which (as I said last night at another lecture) has received in Russia, precisely, the name of bioplastic body. It has been photographed and is currently under observation...

It happens that on Ganymede, the vital deepness has been known for many centuries. The inhabitants of Ganymede do not need special devices to see the vital deepness. They have a sixth sense: the pineal gland, for example, of the inhabitants of Ganymede is larger than that of Earthlings. We well know that the pineal gland of Earthlings measures only five millimeters in diameter and is surrounded by a fine sand. The pineal gland of Ganymede inhabitants is more voluminous. There is no doubt that this gland, for example, in ancient times, here on planet Earth, was also developed and allowed the Lemurians to always see the ultra of all things, not only the three-dimensional world of Euclid, but also the fourth mathematical coordinate.

The inhabitants of Ganymede have not yet lost psychic perception; their pineal gland, I say, is more voluminous. That gland has been connected, in them, to the pituitary gland, by means of certain nervous ligaments; and in turn, the pituitary is connected to the cerebral center of sensations and to the entire optic nerve in general, by very fine nerve ligaments.

Thus, the inhabitants of Ganymede possess a superior type of vision: they can see the vital depths of any living creature, the ultra of all things, and therefore, for them, the famous mysteries of life and death are visible to the naked eye; they do not need special microscopes or ultramicroscopes to know the origin of life.

This man knew all that, on Ganymede. He also knew the cosmic ships that the inhabitants of that world use to travel through the infinite space.

They are great mathematicians. They use solar energy not only to propel their cosmic ships, but also for all their ordinary services. Unquestionably, the lamps that illuminate even their very homes are based on solar energy.

According to the accounts of this man we learned that the inhabitants of Ganymede originally came from a world that also existed in our solar system, and that they called the yellow planet.

It happened that the inhabitants of the yellow planet dedicated themselves fully to doing atomic experiments (something similar to what is happening on our planet Earth, at the moment). A very wise man warned the inhabitants of the yellow planet of the possibility that through such experiments that world could be destroyed.

The inhabitants, in general, did not believe him -as usual- but there was a minority that did believe him. Those of the vanguard, those who did accept that thesis, since they possessed cosmic ships, decided to investigate the Ganymede satellite. They saw that there was life there and that it revolved around Jupiter, and they transported themselves to that planet.

When in truth a great explosion was caused that blew up the yellow planet, those of the vanguard were already established in Ganymede...

What I am talking about, at this time, has verification. Astronomers have been able to see, from the observatory, huge pieces of what was the yellow planet. So these are clear and definite hard facts.

This man was about a month living on Ganymede. Meanwhile, a brother he had and who always visited him with his wife, knocked on the door; and great was his astonishment when he saw that the man did not open the door; he kept knocking, and finally the butler came out. They questioned the butler, "Where was your master?"

The butler answered, "Although it seems incredible, it is true: a cosmic ship landed in the garden of this house and the master got on the ship and left."

"Where to?" 

"I couldn't tell. But that happened even if you think I'm crazy."

It is natural that this quite alarmed his brother. But, the man had already begged the inhabitants of Ganymede to allow him to return to Earth, to say goodbye to his brother and his sister-in-law, and bequeath him his house and also his car. The inhabitants of Ganymede accepted and brought him back to Earth, agreeing to return for him a month later. Of course, the gentleman in question went to look for his brother and his wife, he spoke frankly about what had happened; he deeded his house, gave them the car, the money he had in the bank, etc. 

A month later, he again invited his brother and his sister-in-law for a dinner that, according to what he said, was going to be a farewell dinner, because he wanted to travel. In the middle of dinner, everyone being very happy, a ship full of beautiful lights slowly descended on the lawn, in the wonderful garden of his beautiful residence.

"I'm leaving," he said.

"Ah, we already sensed it!..." exclaimed his sister-in-law.

"Yes, I'm leaving, but of my own free will. It is not that they take me kidnapped." And he boarded the ship. However, he left his brother a kind of small television screen, powered by a solar battery. He said, "It is enough for you to concentrate on the receiving device that is here, inside this instrument, so that you can connect with us."

And the ship departed into the infinite space...

His brother, with that device, continued to communicate with Ganymede. The inhabitants of Ganymede always answered. And he and his wife patiently prepared themselves by means of a special psychological system, in order to also be taken to Ganymede one day, and it was fulfilled. The day came when they were also taken...

But how did the man in our story manage to establish direct contact with the inhabitants of Ganymede? We were inquiring, investigating, and we came to the conclusion that this man was concentrating daily on such a planet, on such a satellite until finally, he had the answer...

If you became interested in this question of the UFO mystery, if you dedicated yourself daily to concentrating on Ganymede, carrying out righteous conduct daily, you could obtain, after a certain time, the answer.

On Ganymede, the inhabitants of that satellite have a kind of special receptors that capture mental waves and analyze them. When they realize that the issuer is doing it sincerely and not simply for fun or curiosity, they become interested in him, and sooner or later they visit him.

So, I am giving you a wonderful and practical key for coming into direct contact with Ganymede.

Do not forget that there is mental strength, it has already been measured in the form of microvolts. These types of waves have been seen to come out of the neopadium of the brain. There is no doubt that they are very fast and travel through space. If we direct them towards Ganymede, we might get a favorable response.

UFOs in Mexico

Much has been said about the UFO phenomenon and I could relate many experiences to you, however, I must also relate my own experiences. I had direct contact with intergalactic travelers, I am going to tell you about the case...

I was in the park called "desert of the lions," federal district. Suddenly, I saw a ship that slowly descended into a clearing in the forest. Moved by curiosity, I approached the place. Great was my astonishment (because, parenthetically, I have not yet lost the capacity for astonishment), to see a completely spherical ship, and somewhat flattened, supported on a steel tripod. I understood what it was...

A hatch opened and a man of medium height, thin, copper skin, blue eyes, wide forehead (who was carrying in his right hand a device unknown to me) descended a metal staircase.

After him came as many people, the crew I say, following him. It is clear that he approached me and spoke to him, and he understood me. Well, I was amazed that when I told them, "Good morning, sir…"

They also answered me in correct Spanish, "Good morning."

That was more than amazing, I said to myself: “Is it possible that the space navigators know the languages ​​of the Earth?” I was astonished...

In those moments I felt the desire to know other worlds in space and I even grabbed the metal tripod on which the ship was supported, and said to the captain, "I would like you to take me to the planet Mars."

"What did you say, to Mars?"

"Yes sir, to Mars..."

“Ah, that's just there,” he told me. Meaning, Mars, for him, was so close, it was like going to the corner store. I was amazed again. 

The captain summoned his people and went to a place where there were some tree trunks lying horizontally on the ground... I begged him again, I said, "Sir, I am a writer; I would like to know other civilizations of the cosmos to inform about this to the inhabitants of the Earth. I would also like to bring evidence (whether living organisms, or plants, or machines, or books, or whatever), to convince Earthlings; because sir," I told him, "here, in our planet, the Earthlings are one hundred percent skeptical. They wouldn't believe any of that if they didn't bring them proof; and they wouldn't believe me even if I was kneeling, not even if I cried with tears of blood..."

The captain was silent. The crew sat on wooden logs. When they were all seated, it happened that one of the ladies (well, there were two ladies among them), of indecipherable age, stood up and said, "If we take a plant that is not aromatic and place it next to another that is, it is obvious that the one that is not aromatic will be impregnated with the aroma of the one that is, right?"

"It is clear," I answered.

"Well, well, the same thing that happens with the planets: planets with humanities that were doing very badly before, were impregnated, little by little, with the radiations of the neighboring planets and now they are doing very well; but we have just arrived, here, on the planet Earth, as you have witnessed, and with astonishment we see that the same does not happen here. What is happening on this planet Earth?"

The question was tremendous, reflecting a little I answered, "Well, this planet is a mistake of the gods..." But then I wanted to round off my concept a little better and went on to say, "Such is the karma of the planets."

The lady bowed her head. The other lady also bowed her head respectfully as a sign of acceptance of the concept; and all of the crew did the same.

Then they stood up ready to leave. And I came back (again with my stubbornness), to beg them to please take me; I begged the captain, and even beseeched him. But everything was useless; he just told me, "On the path we will see."

...through his answer, because I know that they are not Earthlings and that they keep their word of truth.... I understood that I should still improve a lot...

And I watched the moment when he returned, again, to the interior of his ship. Later, I withdrew very slowly to observe what was happening. I saw the moment when that ship turned on its axis and rose very slowly, to then quickly disappear through the unalterable infinite...

Now I understand that in reality, one must prepare oneself psychologically for a trip of this kind.

Much has been said about cosmic ships, some believe others do not. Fortunately, already the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth accepted the reality of the flying saucers. The English officially gave their statement, they said, “We cannot deny them, they exist, but since they have such an advanced civilization and we are not up to their standards, naturally we cannot understand them; and since we cannot understand them, we prefer rather to dedicate ourselves to our civilization, to the conquest of space by our own efforts, to see if one day we arrive..." 

This was the official statement from England. Today, denying flying ufos is equivalent to being a fool. It has been possible to verify reality in such a convincing way that it seems to me that no astronomer or man of science on planet Earth would really dare to deny the existence of flying discs. Today, denying that means ignorance...

My friends, now, certain questions come to mind. What would the objective of extraterrestrials be to visit us? What for?

There are cases that amaze... In Brazil, for example, there was an event that was quite strange: a certain peasant who was working his land was suddenly taken by strong arms and led into a cosmic ship; he was locked in a room after being examined in a laboratory; in such a laboratory his blood was studied, the quality of his blood.

When those scientists were satisfied with the quality of his blood, they put him in a room where there was a bed; A lady later entered the bedroom (according to that peasant, he said that such a woman did not have eyebrows and her eyes were oblique like those of the Chinese), she sexually seduced him and then had intercourse with him. Later, they took him out of the ship, they left him at the place and the ship departed through space.

Objective? Why, why was his blood tested, why was he forced to have sexual contact with that woman? What happens in all that? It is worthwhile for us to become more thoughtful and try to inquire, to investigate...

Barnard's Star

We know that in these moments of world crisis and bankruptcy of all principles, a terrible event threatens us: I now want to refer to that gigantic planet that bears the name of "Barnard".

Barnard, the astronomer who was observing it and who believes that he discovered it... I say that he “believes that he discovered it”, because such a planet had already been announced by Nostradamus in the Middle Ages. I myself, in many of my books, had already spoken about that planet. So Mr. Barnard, an eminent astronomer, was not really the discoverer of it, but he did baptize it by that name, and so men of science now call it.

Such a planet travels at extraordinary velocities; it belongs to a distant solar system. I am emphatically referring to the solar system of Tylo or Tylar.

It has a formidable orbit, and according to the mathematical calculations that have been carried out in the different observatories of the Earth (both in the Philippines and in London, both in London and in El Palomar, etc.), that planet is coming towards the orbit of the Earth; it is gigantic: six times bigger than Jupiter; thousands of times larger than our planet Earth. Soon that titan of the heavens will be near...

Since it brings some very serious dangers to the planet Earth, astronomers have been careful in their cosmological maps; we have one of those maps drawn by the observatories, we have it in our gnostic association of anthropological and cultural studies, we have it in our headquarters. With that map, we have been able to verify that the planet Earth will receive the main effects of the approach of that planet, and Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter will be affected secondarily.

When that world is very close to our Earth, since it is a gigantic mass, it will magnetically attract the liquid fire inside the world to the surface of the Earth. Then volcanoes will erupt everywhere, accompanied by terrible tidal waves and great earthquakes...

aztec calendar

In moments in which I say this, what the Nahuas said comes to mind: "the children of the fifth sun (alluding to us), will perish by fire and earthquakes"... So, what they said has a very real basis: obviously, the liquid fire will flow through the Earth's crust and burn everything that has life. Thus the prophecy of the Mayans for the katun-13 will be fulfilled; The prophecies that Muhammad makes for the katun-13 (although he does not say the word “katun-13”) will also be fulfilled in this way.

In truth, the facts will speak for themselves, and when that planet gets too close to our planet Earth, after the great universal fire, it is obvious that a revolution of the Earth's axes will have to be provoked: the poles will become the equator, the equator will become poles; the seas will change their beds, and the current continents will sink to the bottom of the oceans...

That will be the end of the children of the fifth sun, as the Anahuac sages said, when they presented, or when they spoke about the Aztec stone, the solar stone (“the calendar”, to which I refer).

We are talking about facts and we are also analyzing Anahuac prophecies...

Well, then we can deduce, as a consequence or corollary, that at this moment we are being helped by extraterrestrials. More than one atomic catastrophe would have already happened in the United States or in Russia, if the extraterrestrials had not come to our aid.

But, what is the reception we are given to extraterrestrials? It is obvious: recently, two ships coming from starry space flew over the territory of the United States. The USA Air Force planes immediately rushed to meet them armed with rockets and machine guns.

One of the cosmic ships left to the infinite space, the other gently descended on a tower of electrical energy, it was then that the blackout in New York occurred [1965].

It was possible to photograph the two cosmic ships (both the one that left to the infinite space, and the other that landed on the electrical power tower). With this, the extraterrestrials gave proof of their power.

The generals of the United States of North America exclaimed: “This is the Achilles' heel of the United States!”.... It is really not possible at all for the United States to mobilize its defenses if the electrical power fails.

If a handful of humans had paralyzed the powerful North American nation (only a few humans were needed to defeat the United States), how powerful are the extraterrestrials really!...

Certainly we Earthlings are too far behind. When we learned the first rudiments of mathematics, the aliens had already conquered space and were traveling through the infinite space.

And yet, we are so bold that instead of receiving those lords of space with true love, with true dignity, we receive them with bullets. This indicatess that we are still barbarians in the fullest sense of the word.

Many would say, "Well, then if they are so wise and we are so backward, why don't they come to civilize us and land?... ...or in the zocalo of Mexico or in any town, why do they run? Why do they leave, why do they hide, what happens to them?”

I, in turn, would ask you the following: what would you do if, walking through an African or Amazonian jungle, you suddenly came across a tribe of cannibals? You would run away, right? It does not seem to me that you would like to be “roasted”, and then served for the banquet. You would try to save your skin at any cost. And if you carried weapons, if you carried machine guns, what would you do? It doesn't seem to me that you would restrain your weapons; you would shoot at them to the right and to the left in desperation, and that you would finish off the entire tribe once and for all; and also, finally, you would sing victory, right? You would do that! Or would you toss aside the machine guns? Obviously not.

Well, the extraterrestrials find themselves in a similar situation: either they flee from us, the barbarian Earthlings, or they destroy us. But since they are not Earthlings, they are not murderers; they prefer to withdraw before harming us.

Obviously, those who have conquered space must have powerful weapons...

Another case, at an army battalion. A cosmic ship descended before that army. Possibly the captain wanted, once and for all, to enter into friendly relations with the Earthlings. Perhaps he thought that we were gentle sheep, that we would receive them with open arms, that we would take them to dinner, and that finally we would give them their “lemon ice cream”, but the captain was wrong. The sergeant of that battalion ordered: "Fire against those evildoers, fire!"... The captain did nothing but make a very strange lamp work, and a blue ray paralyzed the weapons and also paralyzed the arms of those barbarians of the Earth. No one could fire a single shot or even move; and he calmly saluted the Earthlings (while their arms and legs were paralyzed), climbed into his ship and was lost in the infinite space. Those of the battalion were astonished. They were then able to walk calmly, move their arms; they had received no damage. If the extraterrestrials were so perverse, they would have killed even the last little soldier in the battalion; but they only intended to defend themselves without doing harm.

You wouldn't proceed in the same way, right? If you were faced with a tribe of cannibals and you were armed to the teeth, I assure you that you would not be so meek as not to use your weapons.

Well, aliens have shown two things: first, intelligence; second, power. However, I dare to say that they have also demonstrated a third factor: love; They haven't caused us any harm.

"This is why it is prohibited by the cosmocreators for the intellectual animals mistakenly called humans to travel away of this planet with their physical bodies. Interplanetary travels are only for humans, and not for intellectual beasts.

"Notwithstanding, it so happened that the intellectual beasts have built the Tower of Babel, and want to escape through false doors. For that reason, they will be fulminated, they will be punished. Animals must be in their zoological garden. The zoological garden of the intellectual animal is the planet Earth. There the animals live, and there they must remain. Trying to escape from it is a crime punishable by the law.

"Those who are currently inventing rockets in order to travel to Mars are completely wrong. They may try a few attempts, and eventually they will fall, all the intellectual stars will fall, they will be fulminated by the law.

"Space travels, I repeat, are not for animals, but only for humans in the fullest sense of the word.

"We can also place our body in a Jinn State, that is to place the physical body within the fourth vertical in order to travel, but we must never try to take our physical body to other planets because that is a lack of respect to divinity.”

A certain man who was taken to the planet Venus was astonished when they demonstrated it to him. The inhabitants of Venus placed a small device in front of a hill and told it: "Look!" They pressed a button and that hill fell all to pieces, it collapsed. He then said: "If we taught the inhabitants of your planet Earth the use of these devices, they would commit appalling crimes, that's why we prefer to remain silent"...

Thus, my dear friends, it is worthwhile for us to try to eliminate the barbarism that we carry within us: the anger that makes us so monstrous, the abominable hatred, the limitless selfishness, the fear, because all the inhabitants of the Earth they are full of fear: they arm themselves out of fear, they wage wars out of fear. Do you think that a man would wear a pistol on his belt if he were not afraid that someone would attack him? Do you think that a nation would arm itself with atomic bombs if it did not fear attack from other nations?

Obviously, fear is the causa causorum of many serious mistakes. The man who is not afraid does not need to carry a pistol on his belt; the nation that does not fear does not need to arm itself. Fear truly makes us criminals, in the fullest sense of the word...

In these moments of world crisis, when the planet Barnard approaches our world, on the eve of the great cataclysm, and in moments when nations are feverishly arming themselves for war, the aliens want to help us and if we would welcome them with opened arms, it would totally change the course of history, it would truly begin a flourishing age on the face of the Earth.

So end my words!... Does anyone want to ask something? 

Disciple: What is measured, according to the measure "katun" of the Mayans, in our time, katun-13, in our time?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer that interesting question. Katun-13 is very important. Remember that our solar system has 13 worlds; and that will seem strange to you, but I am going to mention them: first, Earth; second, Mercury; third, Venus; fourth, Sun; fifth, Mars; sixth, Jupiter; seventh, Saturn; eighth, Neptune; ninth, Ouranos; tenth, Pluto; eleventh, Vulcan; twelfth, Persephone; and thirteenth, Clarion...

Scientists today are beginning to capture the vibrations of Vulcan, the eleventh, but they must go a little further until they capture the vibrations of Clarion.

Those 13 katuns are related to the 13 planets, and they are also related to the 13 heavens that the codices of our Anahuac ancestors speak about.

Great sages have said that “the world was created on March 13”. And it is that, in reality, each race is divided 13 times. Obviously, those 13 times must be mathematically divided into 13 pieces of the great sidereal day, which is 25,968 years.

So, the 25,968 years must be divided by 13 and get the corresponding result. Conclusion: 13 parts of a sidereal day consisting of 25,968 years.

Each of the 13 katuns is related to the 13 planets; it is also related to the 10 sephiroth of the kabbalah and the 3 circles of the absolute; It is related to the 13 planets of the solar system (as they are 13 parts of the great sidereal year of 25,968 years).

So, in truth, all the prophecies that have been made in relation to the 12 katuns that have been passing, have been fulfilled mathematically; and the Mayans await the last part, the thirteenth: the 13 katun.

A Mayan elder was asked, "Will your son see it?"

He replied, "No, my son will not see it."

"Will your grandson see it?"

Answer, "Yes, my grandson will see it."

I recently returned from Palenque, where I was in contact with someone who studies under the direction of certain Mayan sages... Those who dare to say that the Mayans were ignorant, that they did not know astronomy and etc., etc., etc., show that they really know nothing about anthropology.

Still, today, the Mayans continue with their mathematical and astronomical knowledge; continue in their studies, nothing has been able to stop them, not even the boot of the conquerors.

I have said it! 

Inverential Peace!

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with AElohim, and the Word was Elohim. The same was in the beginning with AElohim. All things were made by AElohim; and without AElohim was not anything made that was made. In AElohim is life; and the life was the light of HaAdam. And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” – John 1: 1-5

"When the primal vibration of the divine word took place, it produced and impressed a wavelike motion throughout the boundless ether in which were contained all the sounds of the alphabet from Aleph א to Tav ת. This operation and effect is symbolized by the union of these two letters forming the word Ath את as it is found written Ath HaSchamayim את השמים (the heavens).

Thus: Berashith Bara Elohim Ath HaSchamayim בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים signify:

The unknowable mysterious One (the Abstract Absolute Space), created Elohim through the fructifying and generative principle Ath את (the boundless ether or Ain Soph אין סוף, the Schekinah שכינה) of the heavens, one in origin but dual in operation. Hence it is seen that the divine word and essence designated by the word Asher אשר is found between the fecundative and generative principles, both of which are symbolized by the same name Eheieh אהיה in the divine appellation Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה, I am who I am.

The Zohar (brightness) also denotes the generative essence and includes all the letters taken as types and forms of creatures and things in its operation.

Such also is the signification of the verse: “IodHavah, Elohinu IodHavah Ehad יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד. IodHavah, our Elohim is one IodHavah” - Deuteronomy 6: 4

It contains three names expressive of the three gradations of the divine essence, as exhibited in the three first words of Genesis. “Berashith Bara Elohim Ath HaSchamayim בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים.”

Berashith בראשית specifies the mysterious divine unknowable Being. Bara ברא, the mystery of creation: Elohim אלהים, the mystery of preservation: Ath HaSchamayim את השמים, the fructifying and generative ether principle Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) considered as one (in the heavens). If to the word Ath את be added to letter Hei ה from the following word HaSchamayim השמים (the heavens) we get the pronominal term Athah אתה (thou) Elohim אלהים, the divine Being to which the scripture alludes (as being 'Bar בר' the son, the Solar Absolute created by Aelohim אאלהים).

“(Athah אתה) Thou (Bar AElohim בר אאלהים or Solar Absolute), even Ath את (the boundless ether or Ain Soph אין סוף, the Schekinah שכינה), are IodHavah יהוה alone.  Thou (Bar Aelohim בר אאלהים or Solar Absolute) with (Ath את, the boundless ether or Ain Soph אין סוף, the Schekinah שכינה) hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host (in any planet or sun), the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and thou (as Elohim אלהים) preserves them all; and the host of the heavens worships thee.” - Nehemiah. 9: 6

In this deeply mysterious Ath את, therefore, is comprehended the divine (cosmic feminine) essence in its fructifying and generative form, and Elohim אלהים the point of union between them; and it may thus be regarded as a mystic analogue, though dimly and obscurely, of that majestic unknowable Being that operated in the creation and production of the illimitable universe, whose goodness and beneficence are manifested in (Elohim אלהים) the preservation of the world with its myriads of creatures, who in their fructifying and generative powers and functions are finite replica of Itself (the Trinity), the " Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה, I am who I am."

In concluding these remarks on this first verse in Genesis, observe that Berashith בראשית (in the beginning) is equivalent to Bera-shith ברא-שית (created six, the lovers or Elohim Adam אלהים אדם) and refers to the scriptural words:

"For ask now of the days that are past, which were before thee, since the day that (אשר ברא) Asher created Elohim Adam (אלהים אדם) upon the earth, and ask from the one side of the heavens unto the other, whether there hath been any such thing as this great thing is, or hath been heard like it?” – Deuteronomy 4: 32”

“From the one side of the heavens unto the other,” that is to say: to the six directions of space (north, south, east, west, above, and below), all converging to the three points representing the divine essence, which are one and the same, the mystery of (the Trinity) which is included and hidden in the divine name composed of forty-two letters (4+2 = 6, the lovers or Elohim Adam (אלהים אדם).” 

"This is the book of the genealogy of Adam. In the day that ‘Elohim Adam אלהים אדם’ was created, in the likeness of Elohim אלהים was he made.” – Genesis 5: 1" - Zohar