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The Many Parts of Our Being
The Many Parts of Our Being

Enlightenment, Spiritual Powers, Purification, and the Parts of Our Being

I want the brothers and sisters to know in a very clear and evident manner that in eastern Tibet there are yogis that dedicated themselves to the interior profound meditation, some sages, managed to achieve the stillness and silence of the mind, in a profound and definitive manner, then, they achieved the satori of the sages.

When the mind is still, when the mind is silent, the new arrives. In a state of perfect stillness and silence of the mind, the essence manages to escape, it is saved, it comes out of the ego, it participates in reality. The essence outside the ego can experience an "element" that radically transforms. The essence outside the ego reaches enlightenment.

I have said that in Tibet, in some caves of the Himalayas, certain yogis achieved stillness and silence of the mind, then their essence could experience reality, could enjoy ecstasy, the samadhi of the saints; however, there are pluses and minuses in everything... That class of mystics never dedicated themselves to the destruction of their animal ego, they only preoccupied themselves with becoming masters of samadhi and they achieved it, but they did not destroy the animal ego. In life, based on discipline, psychological judo, we could say, they achieved ecstasy, samadhi, they became, let's say, experts in samadhi; they learned to bring out their essence from within their ego by experiencing samadhi, but since they did not dissolve their ego, indeed, their advancement was nil.

After death, that class of yogis accustomed to samadhi, accustomed to the discipline of the mind, managed to extract the essence from within their ego, and submerged themselves in nirvanic or paranirvanic states or floated in the atmosphere of the planets of the Christ, but after the samadhi they returned (like the genie of Aladdin’s lamp) back to the bottle, that is, back to the interior of their ego.

Then, unquestionably, they returned to a new existence and today they are common and ordinary people; however, in the East, they are still presumed as liberated, they are still thought to have been great mahatmas...

So, I want you to know that the fundamental thing is the destruction of the psychic aggregates. But what are the psychic aggregates? Obviously, they are the living personification of our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., etc., etc. These aggregates (as when we send an aggregate of pride to the embassy of Germany) live within us, as thousands, and often millions.

In Eastern Tibet there are very patient disciples. Some of them, affiliated with this or that "adept", remain many times, whole days, tolerating insults, scolding, kicks, even blows, etc., etc., etc., from the well-known "adept"; The disciples wait for the aggregates to pass (the aggregates of the adept), as soon as an aggregate of anger is inside the adept, as is another aggregate of envy, self-love, etc. Of course, we are talking about non-qualified adepts.

There are two kinds of adepts: qualified and unqualified. The disciple many times has to put up with one of those unqualified adepts: wait for an aggregate to pass and be insulted, for another to pass, and receive a kick, for another to pass, and receive a punch, for another to pass, and receive a slap in the face, let another pass and receive an insult, let another pass, and receive a very strong scolding and the disciple waits, waits for all those aggregates that are inside the master (and that belong to the master) to pass, and finally, in one of those many moments the essence of the master speaks (the master himself, the being, speaks) and gives instruction. When that happens, the disciple then, very devoutly, listens to the teaching, the doctrine, and then patiently waits for the various aggregates to pass until another opportunity comes.

As you can see, the psychic aggregates are a real problem...

The Bons

The Bons (བོན), the Bons community, have been described as “black magicians”. Blavatsky (H.P.B., author of "The Secret Doctrine") speaks fiercely against the Bons and Drukpas ["dragons"], calling them "black magicians". I have nothing to say about the Drukpas, they are certainly black magicians, they possess fatal powers of sorcery and black magic ("they are followers of the left hand or of the black hand")... But as far as the Bons are concerned, things change; the Bons have not been understood. Blavatsky judges them, simply, as "black magicians" but they are not. It's a very radical community, and that's it.

If an aspirant for initiation knocks on the door of a Bon temple, he will have great surprises: the Bons are terrible. The guru appears there with a red miter on his head, a blood-colored tunic, a necklace on his neck with pure skulls, bones of the dead and a bloody dagger in his right hand; thus this is how the guru of the Bons appears. He questions the neophyte: "What do you want, what do you want in this monastery?"


And then the neophyte says, "What I want is to free myself, I do not aspire to be an adept, or a mahatma, or a hierophant, nothing like that, but to withdraw from the world forever..."

"Well, what you want is to free yourself once and for all, to withdraw from the stage of the universe?"

"Yes, that is what I want!..."

"If that is what you want, sign here. Now pronounce this mantra!" And he gives him the mantra; the neophyte utters the mantra and falls instantly dead. I know that mantra. If I pronounced it here, in front of you, I would instantly fall dead; I know it, I know how to pronounce it too. Once out of the body, the neophyte is intensively instructed by the Bon community: they are taught to disintegrate the “I’s” out of the body, with the help of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

And after he has already disintegrated a good amount, they pass him to one of those kingdoms that exist in the superior worlds. It can be the realm of Maitreya Buddha or the "realm of golden hair," or the "realm of the great concentration," etc., etc., etc.

But well, before entering those realms, the neophyte has to go through terrible tests, namely, the wolf of karma will howl, and he will have to remain calm. If he doesn't know how to stay calm, he will return to a new womb. Then, he will be attacked by terrible demons, he will have to remain impassive or he will take refuge in a new womb, and he will have wasted his time. Lightning and storms will fall on his head; if he knows how to be serene he will not seek refuge. If he looks for refuge in a cave, when trying to get out of there, he will notice that his silver cord will have been attached to that cave, and that cave is nothing more than a new womb. He will see himself among a multitude of couples copulating, if he knows how to be serene, without feeling attraction or disgust for anyone, he will avoid falling into a new womb, but if he feels attraction for one of the couple or disgust, he will fall into a womb.

He will be seen, then, in multiple tests. Finally, the father-mother will subject him to rigorous tests, if he is victorious, then he will have the right to be in a paradise (as I already told you), like that of Tlalocan or the "kingdom of long hair," or the kingdom of the great concentration, or the kingdom of Maitreya etc., etc., etc.

If he knows how to be serene, there he will continue his work of disintegration of the “I’s” with the help of Devi Kundalini Shakti, finally he will submerge, innocent and pure, within the ocean of the great reality, among the great Alaya of the universe. He will have freed himself from the world, he will be an innocent elemental within the universal spirit of life, absolutely happy, but without mastery, without ever having reached adepthood; that's how Bons are...

Now, if the neophyte who has knock at a Bon monastery chooses initiation, the path of adepthood, he will be taken to a secluded mountain, made to sleep in a humble house, in a hut on the mountain, and at midnight he will hear the horns, the horns made from bones of dead Bon monks. These monks will approach him making him see the danger of the path he has chosen. If he, despite everything, insists on following the direct path, he will be placed once and for all on the basis of work: all his “I’s” will be invoked, and with special chemical formulas they will be materialized in front of him, in the hut where he was sleeping. There he will see them, and there they will not leave him alone, all night, fighting with the demons. And if he manages to survive, if one of his own demons doesn't kill him, the next day, well, he will be taught the mysteries of sex.

But, as for the “I’s”, after having known them, he already knows what he has to do: he will dedicate himself to disintegrating them in life, not after death, but in life...

He is taught Tantra under oath, and is given at once to a priestess to work with, to follow the Tantric mysteries under the direction of the guru; and if he sexually fails, they eliminate him, they disincarnate him for being clumsy. This is the Bon initiation...

Of course, the neophyte, then, begins to work with the dissolution of the ego, in the creation of the existential bodies of the being, through Eastern Tantra, and the third factor [charity] will be exercised by spreading the Bon doctrine throughout Tibet, in all the Himalayas.

Thus, eliminating these “I’s” or psychic aggregates is also fundamental in Bon initiation.

You see that this is a very radical order. It is not an order of superstitions, but profoundly radical. It is confused with black magic because they are radical. Blavatsky said that it was a black order or a school of black magic, but it is not like that. What happens is that they are very radical and fierce.

Whosoever knocks at a Bon monastery, I would say, is practically facing death. Those who knock at those monasteries are rare, of course; many prefer other schools. But to join a Bon monastery, well, you have to be willing to die once and for all, of course you do; or self-realization or liberation. For these reasons, that school is feared, that order is very serious...

There are also lamas in the Himalayas who take some dakini (ladies who walk through the clouds, says the wisdom of Tibet) as priestess-wives; there are also lady-adepts who take a daka [deva] as their husband to work in the forge of the cyclops.

Red Dakini Nyingmapa Buddhist or Bon Ritual Card


The higher elementals are very interesting. There are higher elementals in the higher animal kingdom: elephants, camels, eagles, dogs, cats, snakes, etc. Sooner or later, they have to enter a human organism for the first time. When one of these elementals enters a human organism for the first time, if the elemental does so by taking a female body, because that elemental is something interesting, that lady receives the name of "fairy", a "fairy-woman".

That fairy-woman is known by the signs on her body, by certain marks on her body. She is very "coveted," a woman-fairy by the monks, by the Tibetan lamas, they take her as a priestess for the work of the intimate self-realization of the Being. She is completely innocent and has marvelous powers, which is why she is highly "coveted" by lamas and monasteries.

A fairy-woman does not yet have an ego, she is, by the way, quite pure, and of course, usually, some lama takes her for a wife, or some very advanced monk or some Tibetan adept. This science, unfortunately, in the Western world is little known; it's quite interesting...

What we have to do is eliminate the psychic aggregates. These aggregates, then, are like demons living inside the body. Any aggregate has three brains: the intellectual, the emotional and the motor-instinctive-sexual.

centers male 2015

As for the intellectual, it exists in the brain; the motor is therefore in the upper part of the dorsal spine; and as for the emotional, well, it is in the heart. Any psychic aggregate thus has three brains. Any aggregate has, let's say, a certain amount of bottled essence. These aggregates are problematic. Within each one of them there is a certain percentage of consciousness bottled up, and that is very serious, very serious.

The Two Sides of the Moon

Many times, we have spoken here about the Moon, and today we will repeat it again. It has two faces: the visible one (which illuminates us at night) and the hidden face (which cannot be seen). This is also the case with the psychological moon, the one we carry within us. Its visible face is composed of all kinds of psychological defects that stand out, that are seen with the naked eye; but there is a hidden face, hidden, that is never seen, in it we carry the secret, hidden demons.

Someone told me, here, on some occasion, that out there (and I'm sorry to say this), some instructor, I don't know who, taught, there, the brothers, to work with the demons of the black moon... to dissolve them through Kabbalah... Well, naturally I had no choice but to smile. I don't know what that is real, of true. Because in order to enter to work with the demons of the black moon, that is, the dark or hidden part of the psychological moon, one must first have spent a life of sacrifices, many, one must have dissolved all the demons of the white moon, and this is a very long, very difficult work, in which almost a lifetime is spent.

Only when triumph has been achieved can one afford to disintegrate the demons on the dark side of our psychological moon, that is, the black moon. You have to be very careful in the instruction, because sometimes you can make a mistake, regrettably!

Also around there, I was told, that I don't know who was already teaching in the antechamber, or I don't know who, had starting to teach the clavicle of King Solomon, the clavicle to call the dangerous entities of the internal worlds. Of course, in this matter of the instruction of the antechamber, the utmost care must be taken, because that of handling King Solomon's clavicle, that is not "enchiladas", this is for people who already have a terrific discipline, who can, perfectly, face the powers of darkness, who have a training, let's say, number one, in the field of practical magic.

All these are things from here, from the third chamber, that we must avoid talking about in the second chamber, first chamber, or simply in the antechamber. What is spoken in this chamber must remain secret. Because if in the antechamber they are going to know what we are talking about here in third grade, then, where is the silence, where is the virtue of silence, and where are the didactics of the teachings?

The antechamber people get confused when listening to the teachings that are given in the third chamber, because they do not have the preparation for that; that's obvious. So, we must be very careful when giving the teachings.

In any case, it is necessary to know ourselves deeply. As long as one does not know oneself, as long as one does not know one's internal worlds, much less will one know the internal worlds of the planet Earth or of the solar system, or of the galaxy in which we live. If someone wants to know the internal worlds of the Earth or of the solar system, or of our galaxy, one must start by knowing one's internal worlds; that's obvious. Otherwise, if one doesn't know oneself, much less one will know the universe and the gods...

In the field of esotericism there are many charlatans. These are due to the lack of suitability in the matter of esoteric research...

On a certain occasion, I had to contemplate something very important: it was nothing less than the bodhisattva of master Joani, the seer of patmos. Sure, this master Joani, the master himself, was the one who wrote the "apocalypse" of Saint John (and I discovered him), but his bodhisattva was fallen. It must be distinguished, perfectly, between what is the master in himself and what is his bodhisattva. The bodhisattva of the seer of patmos, the author of the "apocalypse", is in the mud of the earth, and he is fallen! Unfortunately, he is sunk in the abyss, in the mud, sleeping...

Well, on one occasion I repeat (it was quite interesting), I had to get in touch with that bodhisattva. In those days he had already disincarnated, and he had, in his internal bodies, all the “I’s” that he had never dissolved. When he shook hands with me, after he died, I felt him very cold, because he had not awakened the sacred fire. He looked like a huge giant, fat, obese, horrible, and inside he carried the “I’s”, and this left me a lot to think about... However, when one looks at the master, the seer, the Being, the one who wrote the “apocalypse”, one sees how different he is! Because one thing is the Being and another thing is the bodhisattva. The fallen bodhisattva carries the psychic aggregates within, and that is unfortunate, very unfortunate...

In life, I remember the case that that man had rejected my book entitled The Major Mysteries. He had been sent from here, from Mexico, and this was unfortunate for me, which is why I had to expel him from our institution. He had even spoken out against the great arcanum, and things like that; he had taken up arms against us...

Out of the body, on that occasion, I invoked his internal god, that is, his great Being, his real Being, and in front of him I asked him a certain question. Immediately he interpreted it his way, the ego took the answer his way, and what was against him, he took it his way, immediately misinterpreted everything. That is why you will be able to clearly see that as long as someone has the psychic aggregates inside, even if he enjoys the capacity of ecstasy, of samadhi, everything will be misinterpreted, he will make erroneous interpretations. The ego will be in charge of interpreting what is perceived, what is felt, and will translate it according to its own prejudices, according to its preconceptions or concepts, etc.

That is why to become a suitable investigator it is necessary to disintegrate the aggregates, because if one does not disintegrate them, one will walk the path of error, one will misinterpret everything in the superior worlds.

The disintegration of the aggregates requires a lot of vigilance, a lot of strength.

The first thing that is needed to disintegrate any aggregate is a challenge. Undoubtedly, in the field of practical life there are many challenges.

Different impressions, different events come to the mind: jealousy, anger, greed, lust, hatred, etc., etc., etc.; It is precisely in the field of practical life where we can discover ourselves, because in relation to our friendships, or in relation to people at work, or in relation to people at home, etc., the defects that we have hidden spontaneously surface, and if we see them, then we can perfectly comprehend them through meditation.

A defect that has been comprehended through the technique of deep meditation at all levels of the mind must be disintegrated.

There are two situations in which one can disintegrate any psychic aggregate: a bachelor (someone who does not have a priestess-wife) or bacheloress (a woman who does not have a priest-husband) will be able to comprehend in meditation any defect that he or she has observed in practical life, and then they will beg in prayer to their Divine Mother Kundalini, to disintegrate such defect, such psychic aggregate that personifies it; such single man or woman will be helped (or assisted) and their Divine Mother will help them... But a bachelor (or bacheloress) will only be able to eliminate, let's say, 50% of the inhuman elements. It is impossible for them to achieve one hundred percent elimination, because there are certain very strong aggregates that do not disintegrate so easily. They have one thing: a constitution of steel. In these cases, it is necessary to appeal to more powerful weapons, it is necessary to go down to the ninth sphere, to work with the spear of Longinus, only in this way, with that spear, can we pierce those aggregates, disintegrate them.


The Divine Mother is reinforced with electrical power, with that electrical sexual force of the human being. Of course, it is obvious that a couple working in the forge of the Cyclops has extraordinary power, the mother herself receives an extraordinary electrical power when one works in the forge of the Cyclops. She, reinforced with that power, will be able to disintegrate any aggregate, reduce it to ashes.

But I have to say that first you have to thoroughly comprehend the aggregate that you want to disintegrate; once the aggregate is comprehended it can be dissolved with the tip of the lance. The cosmic mother will be able to wield that weapon of eros in order to disintegrate the aggregate in question and the essence will be liberated.

Durga Mahisasuramardini 800

As we disintegrate these aggregates, the essence will awaken. And when the absolute annihilation of all the aggregates has been achieved, only the essence will remain in us. That essence, in itself, is beautiful; and from that beauty emanates what is called “love”, “fraternity”, “wisdom”, etc.

Obviously, as I said, one thing is to annihilate or disintegrate the defects that stand out to the naked eye, which correspond to the world of the moon that is seen, and another thing is to disintegrate or annihilate the aggregates of the dark or hidden part of the same psychological moon.

In everything there are degrees and degrees. First you have to start with the psychological aspect visible to the naked eye, with the face of the moon that can be seen with the naked eye, and then you have to go into another aspect: work with the inhuman elements that are hidden between the hidden part of the moon, within what is not seen.

In any case, if these aggregates are not broken, then it is not really possible to achieve the awakening of the consciousness, which is essential to become a true, competent investigator of life in the superior worlds. This subject-matter is formidable! But it is urgent to understand what is meant to say...

So, my dear brothers and sister, it is necessary to disintegrate the aggregates. One part disintegrates through simple meditation, praying to the Divine Mother, but the whole disintegrates in the forge of the Cyclopes, with the "spear of Achilles." But if one does not disintegrate one’s own aggregates, one is wasting the time miserably; that's obvious.

Enlightenment is very important. But enlightenment is not going to be obtained through spiritualism, through mediums or channelers; if all the psychic aggregates that we carry within us are not broken profound and definitive enlightenment will not be achieved either.

There are defects that truly seem like virtues; and there are virtues that seem like defects. And all this must be understood...   

It is also true and absolutely true that misused virtues are an obstacle to the awakening of the consciousness and can cause much damage on the face of the earth.

In this path that we follow, and that will lead us to the final liberation, the important thing is the creative comprehension. It is essential that we be honest with ourselves, that we make, we would say, a balance of accounts, to know what we have left over and what we lack.  It is necessary that we be honest with ourselves, if we want a real advance.

The path is straight, narrow and difficult; whoever treads it firmly, reaches the final liberation. But you need that element called "comprehension." Only by comprehending the inner psychological needs, we will be able to advance along the real path; such is the harsh reality of the facts.

Our Inner Being

My brothers and sisters, you must try to relate better with yourself. There are three types of relationship: the relationship with our body (if we are badly related to our body, then diseases come); the relationship with the environment (if we do not know how to relate to the environment that surrounds us, we create conflicts); and the relationship with oneself (which is the most important of all!). And it is not possible to enjoy powers, enlightenment, if one does not know how to relate to oneself.

Powers are part of the Being. Our inner Being (I don't mean the ego, but the Being) has many autonomous, self-cognizant, and divine parts. If one does not know how to relate to these various parts of the being, one cannot enjoy the magical powers mentioned, for example, by A. P. Sinnett, in his book on Blavatsky, etc.


Powers are parts of the Being. Our Being has many autonomous, self-cognizant and divine parts. For example: we are told about Anubis, the great master of karma. Yes, it is a reality Anubis and his temple, in the old Egypt of the pharaohs; but we also have in our Being, in the intimacy, a particular Anubis, which is a part of our Being that applies the law to ourselves.

There is a talk about Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, but we also have within our Being, a Minerva of our own, which imparts wisdom.

There is a talk about Metatron, who was Enoch himself, the author of the tarot, who built on Mount Morya an underground temple with nine floors, and at the bottom, on the ninth floor, he deposited the treasure ("he who has understanding let him understand, because there is wisdom within”...), but we also have a Metatron (related to our right shoulder) that is a part of ourselves, of our own Being, that records our good deeds in the book of the law.

There is a talk about a Sandalphon (that one is related to the left shoulder), but not only does the macrocosmic Sandalphon exist, but there is also a microcosmic Sandalphon, a part of our own Being who records the bad deeds we do, and is related to the left shoulder.

In the temple of the law, the golden lion (Egyptian) always appears, at the entrance... the lion of the law! We would better say that the lion of the law goes out to meet this perverse humanity, now, in this era of Aquarius that is beginning. As it will also meet this poor humanity, who lives here, in the federal district. Because in a few days there will be a terrible earthquake; in short, the lion of the law is never lacking in action; that's obvious. We also have a lion of the law within ourselves, a part of our very own Being, that applies justice to ourselves.

When I asked my own lion of the law if I would get to where I have to go and grab in my right hand the red carbuncle, the philosopher's stone, he told me, "You will get there", with great force!..., then I felt comforted.

Our Divine Mother

What would we say about the Divine Mother Kundalini? It has five aspects, as the Buddhists, the drivers of the sacred cow, in Hindustan, in Pakistan, in the great Tartary (in eastern Tibet) point out. The drivers of the sacred cow are those who work with Devi Kundalini. But the Divine Mother has five aspects.

The first is Nephthys. Once I wanted to enter the temple of Nephthys, its door was so narrow and made of glass, that I couldn't. Who will have to achieve it? The very ineffable gods... one day I will achieve it!... Yet for now, I still don't get it... She is nothing less than the unmanifested prakriti.

With the manifested yes, I have been able to be in contact, which is the second aspect, it is "Isis, to whom no mortal has lifted her veil", the chaste Diana.

The third aspect is Proserpina, the queen of hell and death, the Greek Hekate who applies the law to us, who punishes us (she is our own particular cosmic mother, a variant of our own Being). Now, Devi Kundalini can bring us great friendships and surround us with success, but she can also punish us and attract enemies (and it is a part of our own Being) that part of one's own Being, that part of one's Being can bring enemies to punish us, it would seem strange, but it is so. That third aspect of the Divine Mother Kundalini is frightening, she is Coatlicue, Proserpine, Hekate: terror of love and law... And nonetheless you have to love her... But she is terrible.

I once told her, "Mother! I love you." I was directing myself toward the third aspect (at that moment she looked like death in person).

"I will punish you when necessary..." was the answer. However, I felt love for her, since she was my mother... But it is the third aspect. Very different from the second that is pure tenderness, pure love, pure wisdom. the third is terror of love and law!

As for the fourth aspect, what shall we say? How could, for example, the union of the zoosperm with the ovule be achieved, if the fourth aspect did not exist, the mother nature in us, the part... ...of one’s own Being who counts the chromosomes, who makes the male provide 24 chromosomes for the germ cell, and who makes the woman contribute another 24, to add 48 and form the germ cell? Only mother nature does it! Our particular, individual mother nature, that is a part of our own Being.

And who gives us those impulses or instincts, the sexual impulse, who? Where does that sexual impulse that every human being carries inside come from? All instinctual impulses, all those instincts that are so elemental, simply come from elemental mother nature, from the elemental magician in us, who is that fifth part of our own Being.

So, the cosmic mother, in us, has five parts.

The sacred cow is represented with five legs (the fifth is on the hump). Blavatsky saw, in India, a five-legged white cow, a wonder of nature. With the fifth, which she wore over her hump, she scratched herself and shooed away flies... from the mind and others from the causal, they are parts of our own Being; that's obvious.

How could the gold atoms be fixed in the superior existential bodies of the Being, if we did not have an alchemist inside, who knew how to transmute lead into gold? Fortunately, we have it, and it is the antimony of the alchemists (another part of our very Being).

No matter how great Saint Germain, Cagliostro might have been (who transmuted lead into gold and made diamonds of the highest quality), they could have done nothing if they had that extraordinary artificer, that alchemist inside them, called "antimony" (it's another part of our own Being, is that part that knows how to make gold).

So, I could tell you that there are 24 elders of the zodiac, which are 24 parts of our own being; and that the lamb, in the center, before which the 24 elders throw their crowns, is also a part of our Being, our intimate Christ.

And the four saints who are mentioned in the “apocalypse” and who govern the four elements, are four basic parts of our very Being.

Thus, our Being, fundamentally, has that: the 24 elders, the four saints and the lamb. Beyond is the... ...the electrical sexual force, which is the holy spirit.

Behold all those parts of our own Being! If you don't learn to relate to the various parts of your own Being, where are you going to get your powers? If you want powers, where are you going to get them, if the powers are in the various parts of the Being?

When I have disintegrated a cloud, for example (an experiment that I did to some brothers, as I did to brother V. M., I don't do it constantly, but when I need it. Sometimes I do it in order to convince some brother or sister, to show them what willpower, the power of the will over nature, etc., etc., etc., is), well, when I perform an experiment like that, I appealed to what? (Well, I couldn't do it, how am I going to disintegrate a cloud? I couldn't do that). So, what do I appeal to? I appeal to one of the parts of my own Being, to the one that knows how to handle “those elements.”

The guardian angel, what do you think he is? The guardian angel is but a part of one's own Being; It is the one that helps the adept to put the body into the fourth dimension. One with the help of the guardian angel can put his physical body in the fourth vertical, to be transported wherever one wants to be transported; that's obvious.

If one does not know how to relate to these various parts of his own Being, one will never have powers.

But in order to be able to relate to those magical parts of your own being, you have to disintegrate the inhuman psychic aggregates. For example, the ego of pride, the ego of vanity, the ego of conceit...

This about pride, this about vanity, this about conceit is very serious: this type of egos do not allow oneself to relate correctly to the superior parts of the Being and consequently, one will not enjoy enlightenment, samadhi either.

Whoever wants to enjoy samadhi has to relate first, very well, with the superior parts of his own Being. And in order to achieve this, one has to disintegrate the egos of conceit, pride and vanity. do you want to be enlightened? Terminate conceit, terminate pride, terminate vanity! Decide to disintegrate these aggregates and then you will be enlightened.

So end my words of tonight’s lecture.

Inverential Peace