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Lucifer and Jesus
Lucifer and Jesus

Distinguishing the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer, and the Planets on the Tree of Life

"Jesus looked directly at them and said, "Then what is the meaning of that which is written: 'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone'?" - Luke 20: 17

"And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed." - 1 Peter 2: 8

The devil is certainly the philosopher's stone of the medieval alchemists. Undoubtedly, each person has his own devil. The devil, as has been said, is nothing more than the reflection of the interior Logoi within each one of us; that's obvious. The devil "has power over heaven, over earth, and over the infernos"...

When it is said: “lock up the devil in the violin”, it means that one has to capture, apprehend, capture, that manifested verb, let us say, of the Christ-Satan of the Gnostics, that proficient verb, and occupy it, let us say, in the art of making musical instruments, and shape that verb in an instrument, so that it resonates miraculously.

We must, therefore, make a clear differentiation between the devil and Lucifer [Latin, "carrier of light, shining one"]. The devil, in himself, as a reflection of the Logos in us and within ourselves, is the brute stone that must be chiseled, until it becomes the perfect cubic stone.

And there we have it at the foot of that pair of columns, the brute stone and the chiseled stone; what you have to do is understand it. Brute: when it is unchiseled, the devil (which is, the reflection of the Logos in us), unchiseled, unpolished, black as coal, is Satan [Hebrew "adversary"], in his darkest and most tenebrous aspect.

But he is not that anthropomorphic Satan, like the one that the ecclesiastics want us to see; no, the devil is our own particular Satan. But when we have already achieved the dissolution of the ego, when we have reduced it to ashes, then that brute stone has been transformed into the perfect cubic stone; then Satan is already transformed into Lucifer, the "maker of light." In other times the maker of light, Lucifer, was correlated with Venus, the "morning star", and even in the "Apocalypse" of Saint John it is written:

"And he that overcomes (his ego), and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him (Vesper) the morning star. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” – Revelation 2: 26-29

The Lord Quetzalcoatl, after having burned his inhuman elements in the infernal worlds, ascended to the heavens and became the morning star, Latin Vesper (Greek Hesperus), the vespertine star.

Thus, the devil transformed into Lucifer, resplendent as the sun, "has power over heaven, earth and hell." prince of light, lord of glory, the greatest archangel, the minister of the solar Logos !

If we invoke in the supersensible worlds that reflection of the Logos of any person who has not dissolved the ego, we will see a Satan as black as coal; but there, if we invoke, let's say, the Satan of someone who did dissolve the ego, with great astonishment we will find an archangel of light, a glorious Lucifer. So, we come to show that this Satan is the brute stone that must be chiseled.

So that the brothers and sisters become a little more cognizant of what we are stating here, it is convenient that they envision there, between the two columns (man and woman), the brute stone and the perfect cubic stone.

Lo and behold Satan the brute stone, lo and behold Lucifer the perfect cubic stone.

Student: In the brute stone we have to chisel...

Samael Aun Weor: Correct! That Satan that each one carries inside, that the individual who has not yet carved his philosopher's stone, his brute stone, that Satan is black as coal, displaying all the edges of our psychological defects.

But when we have already carved the stone, that Satan then becomes (Lucifer) the perfect cubic stone; that is to say, when we have dissolved the ego, it transforms into the perfect cubic stone, and from there it becomes splendor and glory.

It is very interesting to observe the devil outside the physical body: it is frightening to see him, black as coal, with that dark fire that he casts on the individual who has not yet eliminated the ego; but it is astonished to see him (in the one who has already eliminated the ego) as a glorious archangel, full of splendor.

Obviously, that archangel becomes the liberator; that's obvious. Because from the fusion of that archangel with the human soul, with the spirit, with the Being (in a word), precisely the archangel emerges.

This is not written in any esoteric book. There is a lot of library books, and yet it has not been talked about in detail, and everyone confuses the devil with Lucifer. And it turns out that one thing is the brute stone, and another thing is the perfect cubic stone.

Continuing, then, in this disquisition tonight, we fully realize that there are wonders in the depths of each one of us. But of course, the first thing we need is to eliminate the inhuman elements that we carry inside.

If we look at every authentic human, we discover in him three triangles. The first is the "logoic triangle"; the second we could call it the "ethical triangle"; and the third, it's okay to call it the “magic triangle”.

tree triangles

The Logoic Triangle of the Tree of Life

As for the first, the logoic, it is constituted by the three aspects of the Hebrew kabbalah: Kether, is the ancient of days, the goodness of goodness, the mercy of mercies, the hidden of the hidden. It is the mathematical point in the immense, infinite, unalterable space.

It is obvious that Kether unfolds, in turn, into Chokmah, the son, the Cosmic Christ (who is said to be related to the entire zodiac, and so it is), the further unfolding of Chokmah results in the Holy Spirit, Binah.

Some kabbalists emphasize the idea that Binah, "the Holy Spirit, is female"; such statement is wrong. With complete clarity it has been said (in “The Divine Comedy”), that “the Holy Spirit is the husband of the Divine Mother:

“Then, as a horologe that calleth us

What time the Bride of God is rising up

With matins to her Spouse her that he may love her,

Wherein one part the other draws and urges,

Ting! ting! resounding with so sweet a note,

That swells with love the spirit well disposed,

Thus I beheld the glorious wheel move round,

And render voice to voice, in modulation

And sweetness that cannot be comprehended,

Except there where joy is made eternal.” – Paradise Canto X

Thus, it is that the Holy Spirit, the third Logos, Binah, unfolds in turn in his wife, in the shakti of the Hindustani.

So, you have to know how to understand it. Many, seeing that the third Logos unfolds in the Divine Mother, in Devi Kundalini-shakti (which has many names), have believed that the Holy Spirit is feminine and have been mistaken. Binah, I repeat, is masculine; but when Binah unfolds into her (the Shekinah), then, the first divine, ineffable couple is formed, that is, the creator Elohim, the Kabir or the Inca or great priest-priestess, the Ruach Elohim, who, in the beginning of the world, according to Moses, was tilling the waters of genesis.

It is necessary that we, all, reflect deeply, so that we understand all this thoroughly...

He and she are united in the cubic stone of Yesod (that stone is sex). From the union of him and her results Daath, the perfect tantric knowledge, through which we can fully self-realize ourselves, at all levels of the Being.

Some Kabbalists suppose that the sephirah Daath (knowledge or sapience) comes from the fusion or union of the masculine Chokmah (the Cosmic Christ) with Binah, who “they suppose” to be exclusively feminine.

Such an assertion is absolutely false, because, indeed, the Holy Spirit is masculine, but, I repeat, when the Holy Spirit splits asunder, then Binah, as the perfect couple, is formed. When Binah, as the perfect couple, unite sexually in the cubic stone of Yesod, in the ninth sphere, they become tantric knowledge, tantra initiation, the tantras, by means of which the development of the serpent (of bronze) through the dorsal spine, and the intimate self-realization of the Being, is possible.

In our studies of kabbalah, we need to be practical. There are many wonderful authors, but when one reads them, one realizes that they have not lived, they have not experienced it themselves what they write, and that is why they are wrong. I conceive that one should write what one has directly experienced for oneself. Thus, this is how I have proceeded on my part...

Thus, that first triangle is transcendental; but the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are an indivisible unity, uniexistent by itself; it is beyond the body, the affections, and the mind. "The Being is the Being and the reason for the Being to be, is to be the same Being"...

The cubic stone of Yesod, located in the creative organs, is certainly that "metallic soul" which is the outcome from the sexual transmutations. We could call it the "mercury of secret philosophy", or to speak in simpler language: "creative energy".

This creative energy, in itself, is allegorized or symbolized, it is personified (as I have already said), in the devil. When we say that "we have to work with the devil", not only to enclose him in a musical instrument, but even more: to transform him into a Lucifer, or the maker of light.

We are referring, clearly, to the work in the great work. It is interesting that it is there, precisely in the cubic stone of Yesod, where Shiva-Shakti, Osiris and Isis are sexually united; and it is precisely there where the sephirah Daath is, the tantric knowledge, without which it is impossible to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being...

In eastern Tibet the Bhon monks are radical; reason why H. P. B. (Helen Petrovna Blavatsky) thought of them as black magicians. All of us have repeated that mistake and we see ourselves in the need to rectify it. I am not saying that the Drugpas are saints, meek sheep, they are black magicians because they teach black tantra; But the Bhons (even if they wear a red cap), are not black, as Blavatsky mistakenly assumed. What happens is that the Bhons are radical.

If someone, for example, among the Bhons, does not want self-realization, but to free himself for a while (to return, for example, in the future sixth root race), or else never wishes to self-realize, but to emancipate himself without self-realization, then, he gets it. How? First of all, the neophyte is taken to a secluded place; in order to invoke, to extract (by means of high magic procedures from the astral world) all those inhuman elements that he possesses, and in the secluded part of the mountain they become visible and tangible and everything. They try to devour the neophyte alive, but if he remains serene, there is nothing else to do: he has emerged triumphant. He knows then that he has to eliminate the ego, reduce it to ashes and work too.

This ordeal has its maximum of efforts in the physical world. It consists in pronouncing those mantras of disincarnation; they are two words, so that they are instantly disincarnated.

It is horrifying to see the Bhons priest dressed in his white apron, full of skulls and bones of the dead; on his head a red turban, a mitre; he carries a dagger in his right hand; at the moment when the neophyte is then pronounced these two mantras of fatality, his body drops dead instantly.

But, it is then the neophyte subjected to great ordeals in the internal worlds; he has to face the terrors of death; he has to endure the hurricane of karma; he has to be victorious in the test that the father-mother puts on him; he has to know how to close the womb, etc., in order to be able to enter, or be reborn, let us say, in a superhuman way, in any of those kingdoms of the devas: either in the one "of great concentration", or in the one "of the long hair”, or in the “Amitabha-buddha”, or in the “Maitreya”, or in the “supreme happiness”, etc., and it is in those regions where it will end up to prepare for liberation.

His Divine Mother Kundalini helps him, eliminating the inhuman elements, and finally manages to submerge himself within the bosom of the great reality, not as a self-realized master, but as an elemental buddha. He submerges there, in that state, in order to return in the future sixth root race, with the purpose of self-realization. Others simply do not want mastery, but to emancipate themselves and remain forever converted into buddhic elementals and nothing more, but happy.

But those who try to liberate themselves, those who really want, let's say, self-realization, those who really want to become mahatmas or hierophants, it's different: they will have to undergo tantra initiation, and then, to work in the ninth sphere.

But in general, he will be taught all of Tantra: how to awaken the snake and how to lift it by the spine; how to open those chakras, discs or magic wheels.

Thus, what happens is that the Bhons are radical: either someone is going to self-realize, or they are not going to self-realize; they are going to free themselves without self-realization, or they intend to free themselves self-realized.

Before the Bhons one has to define oneself: to a “yes” or to a “no”. Everything is violent there, which is why Helen Petrovna Blavatsky judged them, considering them “black magicians”. But when one studies the tantra of the Bhons, one realizes that it is white, not black but white (they practice the transmutation of the sperm into energy in order to achieve in depth self-realization)...

It is there, in that sephirah Yesod, where the tantric knowledge is found (the sephirah Daath of the Hebrew Kabbalah).

The Ethical Triangle of the Tree of Life

Now, let us pass, brothers and sisters, from the logoic triangle into the triangle of the Son, which is formed by Chesed (who is, Atman the ineffable, the innermost), by Geburah of the Hebrew kabbalah, the Sanskrit Buddhi (the spiritual soul, which is feminine), and lastly, by Tiphereth (the human soul, the son properly speaking).

It is interesting, and I could evidence it when I had to work in the sphere of Tiphereth. Obviously, I had to sink first (before passing through the exaltation) in Malkuth of Venus, in the kingdom of the Venusian klipoth, in the atomic worlds or better said, in the Venusian atomic infernos.

Many inhuman elements had to be eliminated there. Once the work was finished, the one who is perfect (the cosmic Christ) entered in me, and I felt transformed. Then I saw some mothers bringing their children; I blessed them and spoke with the evangelical parable that says:

"Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." – Matthew 19: 14

That state was one of ecstatic happiness, but in the end, of course, he left. I, as Tiphereth, as a human soul, understood what had been the purpose of his manifestation. Yes, the cosmic Christ usually manifests himself through the human soul, through that Tiphereth of the Hebrew Kabbalah.

This is the triangle of the Son, a wonderful triangle, formed by the atman-buddhi-manas of Eastern theosophy. But the gravitational center of the triangle of the Son is precisely Tiphereth, the human soul, that soul that suffers, that cries, that moans, that truly screams.

In practice we have been able to show that the triangle of the Son, with its gravitational center in Tiphereth, is a tremendous reality. Every initiate, sooner or later, must be anointed by the father, by that Kether, Chokmah and Binah, by that immortal Logoic triad, which is indivisible and exists by itself...

When I had to be anointed, in moments in which he anointed me with pure oil, he exclaimed:

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him." – Matthew 17: 5

And the case of the great Kabir Jesus, or Jeshua ben Pander, as he was called in ancient times, comes to mind at this time. Philip, the master expert in Jinn states, told him:

“Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?” – John 14: 8, 9

The triangle of the son: Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth (or the Innermost with his two souls, one divine and the other human, to be clearer), is, we could say, the unfolding of the father, the manifestation of the father.

The Magical Triangle of the Tree of Life

Continuing, then, on the path on the study of the tree of life, we see how that triangle of the son unfolds, in the magic triangle.

The triangle of the son is called the “ethical triangle”. Why? Because there we know the rigor of the law; there we come to know what is good and what is bad; and what is the good of the bad and the bad of the good, etc...

It is very interesting that the third triangle, the magic triangle, is formed by Netzach, that is, the mind; Hod, the astral body and Yesod, the Linga Sarira or ethereal body, or basic sexual principle of universal life.

Why is it called the "magic triangle"? Because undoubtedly, in those realms of the mind and the astral (and even in the Klipoth or infernal worlds), is where one has to exercise high magic.

Precisely, it fits here to illustrate this with something very important. We have all heard in the occult about "covens", about "drones" and "witches". Some see that as something strange and others may smile a little. But the harsh reality is that, certainly, those medieval covens, with the famous "midnight witches", have more reality than we think.

Obviously, these "calchonas" (as they are called in rigorously academic Hispanic language), belong, let's say, to the world of Klipoth, that kingdom of Malkuth or infernal worlds of the Kabbalistic leviathan.

Many and quite strange stories were known, where Maria de la Antilla (so named in old medieval convents), was exactly their governor. Obviously, such witches from ancient covens call her "Holy Mary".

And when I investigated in the world of the Klipoth about that strange creature, how she shared his life with so many black magicians, how she could get among so many covens, however, I never saw on her what we could call "perversity." The tenebrous ones of the left hand, the sublunary creatures worshiped her and considered that magician (a kind of Hecate or Proserpine) not as something tenebrous, but as a saint.

I wanted to know what was true about the presumed "sanctity" of a creature that mixed with darkness, which figured in so many covens and monasteries of the Middle Ages.

Because, who, who has studied old chronicles of high and low magic of the Middle Ages, has not ever heard of Maria de la Antilla? She figures among so many chronicles, today hidden in the dust of many libraries...

Sure, the matter was enigmatic, and I had to clear this up. And I clarified when, precisely, in the world of Tiphereth, in the second triangle (triangle of the son), I invoked that entity; and she came, and to my astonishment I met a self-realized and perfect master.

Then I understood. Such master had emanated, from herself, her bodhisattva; and that bodhisattva was educating herself in the exercise of magic in the lower triangle or third triangle, going through rigorous training and living in the Klipoth, but without harming anyone.

Later, I got in direct contact with her bodhisattva, with María de la Antilla, clearly; and when I invited her to visit the world of nirvana, she gladly accepted my invitation; and when she merged with her real Being, with the secret master, then I saw that she was the bodhisattva of a great adept, a creature who had achieved perfection in high magic and who, although she lived in the world of the Klipoth, it was in order to finish educating or training psychologically, exerting tremendous powers and without harming anyone. She was educated in high magic.

When one observes this creature integrated with her real Being, one realizes that it is an extraordinary white magician, who knows in depth both the kingdoms of light and the world of Malkuth, that is, the world of the Klipoth.

So that third triangle is that of practical magic. It takes a bit of work for whoever is on the path to understand how to work in the third triangle, because you have to leave all kinds of prejudices behind to be able to work in that world of Klipoth...

Netzach is the mind, Hod is the astral body and Yesod is undoubtedly the ninth sphere.

Thereafter is the kingdom of Malkuth, which is the physical world.

And what is within the physical world, that is, what is within the bowels of the earth, properly speaking, in Malkuth, are the adverse sephiroth, the Klipoth, the "demons" (as they say), the souls in grief, those who suffer, the lost ones, those who have already exhausted their cycle of existence and who devolve in time, also, the fallen angels, the evil geniuses, etc...

In those regions that exist within the realm of the Klipoth, I undoubtedly saw those who develop in high magic, and who help anyone who repents of their errors and who longs for the light.

Thus, when we study the tree of life, it is quite interesting to see, first of all, the wisdom of the eternal.

Planetary Influences on the Tree of Life

The Kabbalists accommodate the different sephiroth of the Hebrew Kabbalah to the worlds. They say, for example, that the ancient of days is a point in the infinite space (let us accept it as a symbol); that Chokmah is governed by the resplendent zodiac, and it is true, that Binah is governed (they say) by Saturn.

There we come to a point where we have to disagree. I do not mean to say that the Holy Spirit is not governed by Saturn, and that there is no relation of the Holy Spirit with Saturn; yes there is, but that's not all. Because there is no doubt that the Holy Spirit is also related to the world of Jupiter, in a certain way, because he has the power, the throne. Likewise with Neptune, as the one who is "tilling the waters of life."

There are those who say that Netzach, or the mind, is governed by Venus; and that's it. The mind is ruled by Mercury...

But well, let's orderly go in order to understand each other. Let's study the second triangle, since we saw the first...

Chesed, they say that it is governed directly by Jupiter and nothing else; and that is false. The Innermost is Martian, warrior, a fighter, who has to be fighting for his own intimate self-realization.

That the Innermost has some Jupiterian influence? It is also true, because he can wield the scepter of the kings, but that he is solely and exclusively Jupiterian, that is false.

That Geburah (rigor, law) is exclusively Martian, wrong! Because Geburah is the buddhic or intuitional world, the world of the spiritual soul, which is feminine. There is the lion of the law, I do not deny it. Geburah is solar; That is true.

But you know that the lion also has nobility; here, in Geburah, we find the rigor of the law and we find the nobility of the lion. The world of the spiritual soul, the buddhic or intuitional world, is completely solar.

The world of Tiphereth, the world of the human soul (or of the son, properly speaking), undoubtedly, is really ruled not by the sun, as the kabbalists claim, but by Venus. That is why the Christ is crucified on Good Friday (Freya-Venus), and that is something that should make us meditate...

As for Netzach, the mind, it is false to say that it is ruled by Venus. We well know that the mind is ruled by Mercury, since mercury gives wisdom, and mercury (the herald of the gods) gives speech, etc. Therefore, the mind, then, is Mercurial.

And if we descend a little in the world of the sephiroth, we arrive at Hod, the astral, this one is lunar.

Some tribes, for example, from the deepest jungles in the Amazon, give their neophytes special concoctions; such concoctions are administered by the Piache (sorcerer). This one, for example, handles what is called the "yagué", and combines it with the guarumo. They cook yagué and guarumo in a pot, and the neophyte drinks it when the moon is waxing. Then the astral projection occurs. Because the Piaches or sorcerer-priests (Shamans) of those tribes know very well that the astral is governed by the moon; that's obvious. But many Kabbalists assume that it is governed by Mercury and they are wrong.

As for the vital principle or seat of organic life, that is, the sephirah Yesod (which is so closely related to the creative organs), it is obviously lunar; and this we cannot deny.

In Gnostic esotericism, the moon and a woman appear, an ineffable and divine virgin, dressed in a blue tunic that symbolizes the night, standing on the moon; that one must know how to understand: that moon represents the sephirah Yesod, that is, the sexual force. And as for the tunic of that color, it represents the night in which the great mysteries of life and death unfold. This means that only at night should one work with the creative energy of the third Logos ; never during the day, that is, the work of the laboratorium-oratorium of the Holy Spirit should only be during the night hours. The Sahaja maithuna (speaking in Sanskrit terms), should only be practiced in the darkness of the night, because the day, the sun, is the opposite of generation; that's clear.

I was already explaining to you, the other day, that if one puts, for example, a hen with her eggs in the sunlight, to hatch them, well, those could not be hatched, and if a chick came out, it would die; because the sun is the enemy of generation. Whoever wants to seek the light must ask the Logos, who is behind the sun that illuminates us; in the deep night; that's obvious...

Regarding the sephirah Malkuth (which is the physical world). It is said that it is a “fallen sephirah”, but the infernal worlds also belong to Malkuth; that's clear.

In those infernal worlds we have to work, separating the upper waters from the lower or infernal waters of the leviathan, so that life can arise. In Genesis it is written:

"And Elohim said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And Elohim made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.” – Genesis 1: 6, 7

What are the waters “above the firmament”? These are the superior waters, the “metallic soul” of the sacred sperm, that is, the mercury of the secret philosophy, which must be separated from the waters “which were under the firmament”, how? Through the transmutation of the sexual energy. This is how the superior waters (that is, the soul of the sperm) are separated from the inferior waters, that is, from the sperm itself. For what? For life to arise (in the spine, the firmament).

Because everything (every firmament) comes out from those superior waters, which is the mercury of the secret philosophy.

With the mercury of the secret philosophy the superior existential bodies of the Being can be created, with the mercury of the secret philosophy the golden child can be elaborated, with the mercury of the secret philosophy the human being can be radically transformed.

The upper waters, the mercury of the secret philosophy, are also allegorized with the figure of the devil, but such devil must be transformed into Lucifer.

So ends tonight's lecture, my dear brothers, and sisters.

Questions and Answers

If someone has something to ask, let those do it with the most complete freedom.

Student: Why do Gnostic teachings indicate that only in "darkness" can a new creature be procreated? Why do they point out that only at night is it possible to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being?

Samael Aun Weor: The harsh reality is that, due to the disposition of the creative organs, such procreation takes place in the dark, because the zoosperm comes out of the sexual glands, not illuminating by sunlight, but instead flows through darkness. In darkness it makes its way through the fallopian tubes to meet the ovule that descends from the graafian follicle, and within the darkness of the womb it gestates.

What would happen if that zoosperm, instead of coming out from the sexual glands protected by darkness, could run under the sunlight, could come out uncovered, so that the sun would bathe it with its light?

What would happen if the fetus was not in the dark, but was uncovered in the mother's womb, exposed directly to sunlight? It is obvious that failure would be a fact.

Thus, due to the disposition of the same creative organs, fertilization always takes place in the dark.

Likewise, the sage must also work within the darkness and the august silence of thought, in order to one day to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being. The work at night is indicated to us by that virgin of the immaculate conception, standing on the moon and dressed in a blue robe.

Student: Dear master, Satan being the reflection of Elohim, and therefore, Satan being love, wouldn't it be incongruous to say that “the ego is satanic”?

Samael Aun Weor: Remember that there are two types of darkness. We will call the first the darkness of silence and of the august secret of the wise; We will qualify the second as the darkness of ignorance and error. Obviously, the first is the superior darkness; undoubtedly, the second is the inferior darkness. This means that the darkness is bipolarized and that the negative is only the unfolding of the positive.

By simple logical deduction, I invite you to understand that Prometheus-Lucifer, chained to the hard rock, sacrificing himself for us, subjected to all tortures, even if he is the faithful of the scales, the giver of light, the guardian of the seven mansions, which does not let pass but those who have been anointed by wisdom, who carry the lamp of Hermes on their right, inevitably unfolds in the fatal aspect of the egoic multiplicity, in those sinister psychic aggregates that make up our ego, and that have been duly studied by Buddhist tantric esotericism.

With this explanation, ladies and gentlemen, I consider that you have understood my words...

Student: Can we use Solomon's Clavicle exclusively to evoke dangerous entities, or can it also be used to summon divine entities?

Samael Aun Weor: One, with the clavicle of Solomon, can invoke the angels, the holy gods. In the Middle Ages, the clavicles were used to invoke Lucifer. Sure, it takes a lot of courage to do a kind of summoning like that. These are very dangerous, since if the individual does not yet have the structure of an adept, of a magician, when facing his own Lucifer, it could happen what happened to a good friend of us: three days later he died...

It is not irrelevant, at this time, to remember again what happened in Costa Rica: the case of that “harlot” woman who lived in a drunken state, from bar to bar. And although it is a bit grotesque to repeat her words, for the good of the great cause I will comply in repeating them. She said: “I, daily (you will forgive me the expression), I go to bed with so many, fourteen, fifteen men, twenty”... And she added, "And if the devil appeared to me in person (I'm refining the words, I'm not uttering them out completely, because they're too vulgar), then I'd go to bed with the devil too"...

Well (they say, everyone in that town of Costa Rica knows it), certainly, one of those many days an apparent sailor came to visit such a woman; this one, naturally, required her love and also slept with her. After that woman, well, had performed the sexual act with the sailor in question, she sat on the threshold of the door of her horrible apartment. She was there, she was sitting, she contemplated the landscape, the panorama, the people who came and went, etc., etc. She suddenly felt that someone was calling her; it was the sailor who tells her, "Do you not know me? You think you know me because you slept with me, but you're wrong, you don't know me. Turn toward inside to look at me, so that you can know me."

Well, she turned to look, and she sees, what does she see? She saw Lucifer turned into a true devil, terrible, as mythology paints him out there, with all of his cavernous horrors. The woman instantly fell "comatose." Three days later she died in the hospital.

Those who saw her say that sulfur scent came out of her apartment. For some time, the people did not want to go through that street again. Sure, before she died, she told her story, she managed to tell it to someone, but she didn't resist, she died...

What happened? Well, her own Lucifer, who was so horrible, it is clear that he intervened for her own good. Possibly (I do not say “possibly”, but that is obvious) he was sent by the ancient of days, by her own father, who is in secret, and Lucifer acted, he materialized physically.

Of course, the lesson for that woman was terrible: she disincarnated. We can be sure that when that woman takes a body again, when she returns, she will never fall into prostitution again. It is even possible that she will follow the path of chastity, because the lesson that she received was very bitter, that is, we can see that her father, who is in secret, decided to do a "surgical operation." Yes, grace made use of that part of the Being called Lucifer, so that such woman, later, can even come to take the path.

Student: Venerable, then, what must we do in order to "whiten" our Lucifer?

Samael Aun Weor: Destroy the ego, reduce it to cosmic dust. There is a need to dress Lucifer in white. Moreover: there is a need to dress it with the purple of kings. We should feel pity for our own Lucifer.

Student: What if he sometimes tempts us?

Samael Aun Weor: Lucifer gives the sexual impulse to everyone. What you have to do is know how to take advantage of that impulse, how? By nailing the spear into his side. Remember that "Lucifer is a ladder to go down and remember that Lucifer is a ladder to go up." Read the "Divine Comedy", and in it, in the ninth sphere, you will find ample illustration about Lucifer.

Student: Master, how come you say that Krishnamurti has absolutely no ego, when actually, after the second mountain, still the master has to continue to perform works to achieve perfection, and before achieving resurrection he has to work in the hells of the different planets, disintegrating, shall we say, the germs of the ego?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, Krishnamurti, Mr. Krishnamurti, is a very ancient soul; but really, despite the fact that he does not have, shall we say, what is called “ego,” well, he has not achieved the resurrection, because something is missing. Obviously, he must go down to the ninth sphere to work. Of course, something has to be eliminated, something that he doesn't know about. But if we say that he has no ego, that he is clean of egos, so he is, as far as is humanly understandable. Because beyond that, there are still certain "elements" that escape, let's say, everyone's comprehension and that must also be disintegrated.

Student: Venerable master, going back to the book of Genesis, about a question that was asked earlier, that is, after the separation of the sexes, not all fell and that those great masters who had not fallen, then, followed their path, their exaltation. But every master in a past mahamanvantara has had necessarily to descend, or does the paradisiacal fall necessarily always take place?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that's how it is in the “Genesis”, that's how it is in the “revolt of the angels”; however, it is necessary to differentiate what is a fall from a descent. Many confuse the "descent" with the "fall"; since in both cases the initiate descends to the infernal worlds, to the ninth Dantean circle, to work with fire and water, origin of worlds, beasts, humans and Elohim, then it lends itself, we could say, to many interpretations. But never confuse a "fall" with a "descent". These are different, and there are always, in every genesis, the "descends" and the "falls".

Student: So, the error, let's say, of Sakaki is always processed?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, Sakaki is not processed in all cases; the mistake of the archangel Sakaki was here, in this solar system, or on this planet Earth; but that is a full stop case ...

Student: Yes master. In other words, not referring to Sakaki, but referring to the same drama, not to Sakaki, but another cosmocreator, does the fall always occur?

Samael Aun Weor: In every nascent universe, there are descents and there are falls. The Elohim must descend, but sometimes they fall; but in any case they need to descend, expand, descend, in order to be able to later ascend, rise victoriously. That is, every ascent is preceded by a descent; "every exaltation is preceded by a frightful and terrible humiliation." If not, where would be the merit?

Student: Master, when a master plunges into the absolute sun does he become an Aelohim?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I couldn't think that he could become Elohim within the Absolute...

Student: But Aelohim...

Samael Aun Weor: In order for a master to immerse himself in the Absolute, has to first become an Elohim and then immerse himself.

Student: So, then he becomes Aelohim...

Samael Aun Weor: Clarify! What did you ask?

Student: What I asked you is the following: Does an Elohim become an Aelohim?

Samael Aun Weor: Aelohim is Aelohim, and Elohim is Elohim. Aelohim is the eternal common cosmic father, the infinitude that sustaining all, the all-merciful, the ineffable absolute, and Elohim is the second unity, the manifested unity, the host of creators Elohim, the host of androgynes who created the universe, etc., etc., that is, the army of the word, the army of the voice, the verb.

Undoubtedly, an Elohim who submerge himself within the bosom of the eternal cosmic father, within the Absolute, receives his true name, which is that of a paramarthasatya.

A paramarthasatya is something ineffable, something impossible to comprehend with the naked eye. A paramarthasatya is beyond good and evil, beyond personality, individuality, and the self. Paramarthasatya is transparent like crystal, terribly divine. Very few Elohim are able to become paramarthasatyas.

Student: Master, going back to Lucifer. Our Lucifer, which one has to whiten, right? that is, make him brilliant, as the brass that he is, right? then, can he himself collaborate with oneself so that one converts him into that exalted Lucifer?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, he collaborates with temptation, because if not, how else could he collaborate?

"Temptation is fire, but triumph over temptation is light." If one overcomes temptation, then one defeats Lucifer. By defeating him, on the same body of Lucifer, on his back, one triumphs, one climbs...

Remember that in the "divine comedy" of Dante Alighieri, Virgil goes down the ribs of Lord Lucifer and climbs up the ribs, also, of Lord Lucifer. "Lucifer is a ladder to go down, Lucifer is a ladder to go up." If we overcome temptation, we climb on the very back of Lucifer... ... he tempts us so that we can climb. Behold Christ disguised as Lucifer: how grandiose is Christus-Lucifer! how grandiose, putting the “ladder” for us to climb!

Student: Venerable, you say that Krishnamurti has grown old, but why when the phoenix rose from its own ashes, Krishnamurti rode on it and rose up...

Samael Aun Weor: I don't say anything; I say that Krishnamurti is missing something and that is all. What is that which he is missing? Only he knows what is missing. I say that he needs to go down to the infernal worlds; well, that's my concept, others may think differently.

Student: Master, by reading Krishnamurti's book, the Bhagavad Gita, there you can see..., it's very deep, but you can see that he didn't go down to hell; and speaking properly with some adepts, it is seen that they do not work with the third Logos . Because they are simply "abstainers" and say that they use sex only to procreate. In other words, if they have his teachings, it means that he does not work in that aspect...

Samael Aun Weor: The work of the Bhagavad Gita is a very wise book, it has two faces: the public and the secret. Because in the secret face, we see, perfectly, that everything of the esoteric work is defined. Because we find Arjuna under the direction of his inner god, Krishna, fighting terribly against his relatives, spear in hand, on the battlefield; this is nothing other than the fight against the inhuman psychic aggregates, which we all carry within ourselves. So when you talk about the spear and all that, you have to know how to understand it. Krishna undoubtedly is a great avatar...

What were you saying?

Student: Venerable, what I am saying is that you have to differentiate between Krishna and Krishnamurti, which are two different masters, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Well yes, we are talking about Krishna, the sister has asked me about Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita, right?

Students: Hmm no...

Samael Aun Weor: Krishnamurti is something else, right? We well know that Mr. Krishnamurti currently lives in Ohio, United States, right? So, sister, who are you referring to?

Student: Well master, honestly, I was referring to the one that you master was mentioning...

The one who wrote the Bhagavad Gita...

Samael Aun Weor: The one who wrote the Bhagavad Gita is one master, he is Krishna, and Krishnamurti is another master, so, do not confuse them ...

Student: Oh well, I was mingling the two!...

Student: Master, why is it a crime to throw the Philosopher's Stone more than seven times?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, because it is already exposing the Christus to a lot of suffering; so that the one who does it more than seven times may fall under damnation. Let's see, brother...

Student: Venerable master, when I have worked with Lucifer, with the divine daimon, to go out in the astral body, or in jinn state, and especially to meet my bestial entities at the different levels of the subconsciousness, I have met the terrible brother, should I defeat him, or should I become friendly with the terrible brother?...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you must defeat him if you want to defeat him. But remember that all of this is symbolic.

Remember that what interests us is, practically, the death of the myself, of the ego. As long as a man does not go through the death of the ego, as long as he is not decapitated, well, obviously, he walks the path of error.

For something we are interested in Mr. Lucifer, because he serves as a ladder to climb; and that's all.

And it is from that very interesting point of view, important; and it is what in this lecture, especially, should interest us. I am referring, specifically, to this lecture. The death of the animal ego is fundamental... Let's see, brother...

Student: Venerable master, going back to the book of Genesis, right? And as the bible says, that the man was alone... a drama takes place..., this..., the question would be the following: since the luciferic power existed, what reason did it was then to give him the Kundabuffer organ to humanity...

Samael Aun Weor: That was necessary at some time; that there were calculation errors, is something else. Obviously, each organic machine captures certain types and subtypes of cosmic energy, which it then transforms and retransmits to the previous layers of the planetary organism in which we live.

Since in those Lemurian times, when what you are asking about happened, well, the Earth had no stability, the geological crust shook, there were incessant earthquakes, it was considered necessary, then, that this machine (mistakenly called “human”) that serves to transform energies, well, it was readapted, and the abominable Kundabuffer organ was given to it.

The result was magnificent: the stabilization of the geological crust was achieved; but there was a calculation error made by the great angel Sakaki, because he failed in the transfinite numbers.

That miscalculation caused humanity to have that Kundabuffer organ beyond a certain normal time, that is, the archangel Sakaki “went out of hand”; and the result was that, when the abominable Kundabuffer organ disappeared (due to the intervention of the common arch-physic-chemist Seraphim Angel Loisos), the bad consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ in the human organism always remained.

Those bad consequences are the inhuman psychic aggregates that all of us carry within; I am referring, emphatically, to the egos that personify our defects... what were you telling me, brother?

Student: Can we establish that Lucifer is the docile sex drive, the guide dog?

Samael Aun Weor: The what?...

Student: The guide dog?...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, seen from that point of view. Ultimately, Lucifer is the reflection of the Logos in us, who gives that impulse. If we manage to stab Lucifer with the spear, dominating the sexual impulse, well, we rise from degree to degree, through the same body of Mr. Lucifer. That's why, jokingly, I told you that if we truly want to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being, we need to have the devil as a godfather...

Student: Venerable, so to really polish the commandment of Rome, we have to “whiten the brass?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, brass is not whitened if the sacrament of the Church of Rome is not refined. If the sacrament of the church of Rome is refined, the brass is whitened; on condition of working on the psychic aggregates that we carry in our interior, to destroy them with the lance of Longinus.

Student: Master, we know that a master is, so to speak, the king of nature, and that the elements, for example like the gnomes and pygmies of the earth, obey the master, how, in trying to fix those problems that existed in the layers of the earth, could it not be done by means of orders from the ineffable masters, say, ordering the gnomes and pygmies to carry out that work?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, masters are not empirical, they work with the laws of nature itself; “They imitate nature and with nature they transform nature”, this is what is stipulated by Sendivogius, the great medieval alchemist. So, it is indubitable that laws cannot be broken; You have to use the same laws to be able to organize nature...

Student: In other words, that would have been almost like a jump, like that, that nature would have given...

Samael Aun Weor: What you are saying would be empirical; you have to work according to the rules according to art: “nature transforms nature and obeys nature itself”.

The alchemist has to know how to imitate nature if he wants to succeed.

For example: if someone wants to create the superior existential bodies of the Being, if he wants them, he will have to work at night in the ninth sphere, not during the day; why? Because during the day the sun's rays are active, and they are harmful to all generations.

Put some chicken eggs, for example, in the sunlight, let the hen hatch them, to see if they come out, if the chicks come out. But if the hen's nest is placed in the dark, the chicks will come out from there.

You always have to work with the very rules of nature itself. Not empirically, everything has its science, and masters have to act according to the rules of science according to art...

Student: Master, is it true that the Lucifer can be used to make deals to get money? My father, when I was little, told me that one day he had gone to a mountain, that he had caught a cat, and had boiled it alive in a copper pot; and that later he had to go out and with that water... ... and then go out to a road... ... and pass with a feather in his mouth; and there Lucifer appeared to him, and he unloaded the pen on Lucifer; and then that the Lucifer told him to ask him what he wanted; and that he well, that he wanted to ask him for wealth. So, the Lucifer can be used for those things? I clarify that he didn't make the pact all the way through, because he got scared.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the reality is that people with these black magic operations, what they do is to invoke demons. Lucifer does not lend himself to those things, he is the reflection of the Logos, the Christ himself within us, the Christus-Lucifer is sacred. When much he can provides us with temptation, and that, for our good...

Student: Excuse me...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, brother...

Student: How could we differentiate between the sensual ego from the Luciferian impulse?

Samael Aun Weor: From what?...

Student: From the Luciferian impulse, of the Lucifer?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, by awakening the consciousness. The asleep ones do not know about those things. The asleep one is asleep and "confuses gymnastics with Jinn-Gnostics", one and a million times; that's clear... Let's see, brother...

Student: Master, excuse me, as a discipline, can it be, let's say, normalize that one ask third-chamber questions? Because many times those of us who are instructors only ask first-chamber questions; Is it possible, as a discipline, to normalize this criterion?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, we are in the third chamber, and I understand that the questions that are being asked are from the third chamber, right?

Student: As we have heard questions from the first chamber, that is why I ask you the question: can you ask questions from the first, from the second, or exclusively from the third chamber?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, we return again to the “consciousness” issue: this little group, even though it is in the third chamber, is still not awake, and therefore, the master has to be sufficiently comprehensive in order to be able to hold the class. Because if one were to become a character, let's say, a reactionary, a tough character, first of all, naturally one would not be able to teach the class. We must have, let's say, comprehension towards the students; even if it's the third-chamber class, well, not everyone manages to comprehend everything and you have to try to get down to their level so that they can understand.

Student: Understood, master...

Samael Aun Weor: Let's see...

Student: Master, you say that Lucifer is a ladder to go up and down; then what would become of us if he did not exist?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the existence of that person would be inconceivable. If Lucifer did not exist, you would not exist: for you to exist, a sexual impulse was needed; arose, and that made your father and mother bring you into the world, to make you your physical body that you currently have. So, if Lucifer did not exist, you would not exist, nor would any of those who are here present exist; that is the harsh reality of the facts.

Listen, Lucifer is not a separate individual, like that devil that the clerics put there, with a huge fork and ruling the universe, no. Lucifer is the reflection of the Logos within ourselves. Everyone has their own Lucifer.

Well, I think that this lecture, has concluded. We are going to do some healings, but do not come with a lot of healings, because we then would not have enough time... A sister was going to bring me a little child..., well, there was a talk about a psychic matter; well that as an exception because we do not do that in the third chamber. The little child, let him come near to me!...