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Closing Speech at the 1975 Gnostic Congress

I address my word, at these moments (1975), to all the brothers and sisters of the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement who are reunited here at this great banquet.

The hour has arrived in which we have to comprehend that in fact we are one great family, without distinction of races or nations.

Indeed, at any cost we are organizing the army for the salvation of the world.

Terrible moments are approaching for this humanity, since our solar system has finished its voyage around the zodiacal belt; this means that the sidereal year is ending. I want all of you to know in a clear and precise manner that as the terrestrial year exists, likewise the sidereal year exists; that as the Earth travels around the Sun, similarly our solar system travels around the zodiacal belt. Just as the terrestrial year has four seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter, thus the sidereal year has four seasons spring (Golden Age), summer (Silver Age), autumn (Copper Age); winter (Iron Age).

The present sidereal year is approaching its last degrees [as it reaches] the constellation of the water carrier [Aquarius, because it began in Aquarius]; this means that the voyage is finishing. Unquestionably, a great cosmic cataclysm always occurs whenever a sidereal year concludes. I.e. When the sidereal year concluded in ancient Atlantis, then that gigantic continent - which once magnificently gleamed on the Atlantic Ocean - was submerged amongst the dreadful waves of that ocean. And when the sidereal year approached its end in the Lemurian epoch, then the Lemurians perished amongst the fire and earthquakes. Now, in this Aryan Race, the sidereal year is arriving at its end, and unquestionably this humanity will perish amongst the fire and earthquakes.

The times of the end have arrived and we are in them. Everything is already lost. The evil of the world is so great that it already reached unto heaven. Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the Earth, will be destroyed, and from the entirety of this perverse civilization of vipers, nothing will remain, not even one stone upon another. This humanity is sufficiently mature for the final punishment.

Therefore, Gnostic brothers and sisters who are reunited here today at this banquet in order to celebrate this true agape [communal meal] of love, this mystical agape, I want you to know in a definitive manner that we work in accordance with the plans of the White Brotherhood. My real, inner, profound Being is the Manu of the Sixth Root Race; therefore, at this moment we are making the human nucleus that will be the base for the development of the future great root race.

As a first facet, we will have to divulge the doctrine across the entire face of the Earth. Our Gnostic Movement has become powerful from North America to Patagonia. It is a strong movement; at the present moment, it is the most powerful movement ever founded. Soon, we will have to begin our operations in Europe; thereafter we will continue in the Middle East. And, according to what is written, finally the Gnostic Movement will produce a true spiritual revolution on the Asian continent. When this occurs, I myself – together with some other brethren – will retire to the central plateau of Asia, to a solitary cavern. It will be necessary to leave for a certain time so that “the leaven will ferment." Then, before the approach of the final cataclysm, we will return in order to reunite all of those who worked in the Great Work of the Father; that is, in order to reunite all of those who dissolved at least and no less than fifty percent of the animal ego. Then, those who for such a reason will deserve it will be taken in a new exodus to a certain secret place in the Pacific Ocean. From thence we will see the catastrophe; from thence we will contemplate the duel of the fire and the water, for several centuries.

The presence of a gigantic planet that travels through space will precipitate the revolution of the axes of the Earth. Such a planet receives the name of "Hercolubus."  It is six times bigger than Jupiter.   Hercolubus will pass at an angle through our solar system. Its force of attraction will be powerful: the fire contained inside the Earth will be attracted, thus volcanoes will emerge everywhere. Obviously, with the emergence of volcanoes, frightful earthquakes and terrible tsunamis will be unleashed. Likewise, the water, due to the revolution of the axes of the Earth, will change its bases; that is, the seas will move and the present continents will be submerged amongst the boisterous waves of the oceans.

All of this humanity will perish, because this humanity is already mature for the final punishment, a shameful humanity that deserves the karma that approaches. This Humanity did not want to listen to the voice of the prophets. This humanity did not want to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ. They stoned Stephen. They repeatedly jailed Paul of Tarsus. They poisoned Gautama, the Buddha Shakyamuni. They poisoned Milarepa. They persecuted the Saints of the Eternal one. Now, obviously, they will have to pay the uttermost farthing.

It is good for everyone present here to comprehend that the times of the end have arrived. Yes, it is good for us to understand that Hercolubus, the gigantic planet that is to affect the revolution of the axes of the Earth, is already in the view of all the astronomical observatories of the world. It is not a chimera, since no astronomer ignores that there is a very distant solar system traveling towards the Earth. I am talking about the solar system of Tylo. "Hercolubus" rotates, it has its center of gravity, around the sun of that system, and navigates at gigantic velocities towards the orbit of the planet Earth. Therefore, what I am stating will be discussed by million of human beings. I know that many will mock, that many will laugh, but it is written: “The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks on the path of idiocy.”

In the times of Atlantis, we the Initiates also shouted warnings. Yes, we warned that humanity that a great catastrophe was coming, and many were those who laughed, many were those who mocked us, many were those who threw the dribble of their criticism against us. Nevertheless, when they saw the catastrophe, when they felt the earthquakes, when the seas moved, then they wanted to follow us; however, it was useless: only the select ones, an army for the salvation of the world - similar to the one that we are forming now, at these very moments - that was formed at that time were saved.

Hence, the objective for which we have created an army for the salvation of the world is with the purpose of forming a selected people that will serve as a foundation for the Sixth Root Race.

It pleases me to see all of you reunited here; it pleases me to see all of you in this agape. Indeed, we feel that our heart becomes inflamed with love, when contemplating each of these, your brotherly countenances. I only long - in the name of the Great Cosmic Truth - that such a light illuminates all of you; that it shines in each one of all here present. I, sincerely, long that everyone march on the path of the realization of the Inner Self, until complete triumph. I, sincerely, long that the Inner Star that guides each one of you finally leads you all to the blessings. I, sincerely, long that this Gnostic people – based on intentional sacrifices, conscious efforts, and voluntary sufferings, finally arrive to real liberation.

May all of you here present never forget the esoteric work. May all sincerely – in truth – dedicate themselves to work on themselves, here and now. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his true face in a mirror, and as soon as he beholds himself he turns his back and goes away. Thus, brothers and sisters, it is not enough to be a hearer of the word. It is necessary to be a doer of the word.

Thus, as we fight more and more, we will receive inner help. I want you to know that the Inner Christ comes to you when indeed we have untiringly worked, night and day.

I want you to know that Jesus, the great Kabir, gave - he brought to the world 1,975 years ago - the doctrine of the inner Christ. Yes, if the advent of Jesus, the great Kabir is something grandiose, it is because indeed he brought to us the doctrine of the inner Christ.

When the apostle Paul of Tarsus speaks about the Christ, he does not exclusively talk about the historical Jesus: he talks about the Inner Jesus.

Many are those who wait for the coming of the great Master, yet, verily I say unto you, my beloved brothers and sisters, that He comes from within, from within the very bottom of our souls.

Thus accordingly as we persevere in the esoteric work, as we fight for the elimination our inhuman elements that we carry within our interior, we will approach the inner Christ more and more. Thus, in this way, the day will arrive in which he will come to save us; that day He will take charge of all of our mental, emotive, sentimental, sexual processes, etc.  That day, He will become flesh in us. He will become a man of flesh and bone in each one of us so that He can transform, beautify, and dignify us.

Thus, the hour to love the Lord of martyrdoms has arrived. He is the one who indeed is ready to sacrifice himself within us and for us, here and now.

The inner Christ is our Savior. Thus, this how I formally declare it here before you, in this agape. The inner Christ is something sublime: he loves us, thus we must love him. He offers himself as an immolated lamb in order to redeem us. He suffers within us and wants to transform us radically.

Who would not love, for instance, a good friend, who, us being imprisoned, comes to visit us and would even come to secure our freedom?

Who would not love a great friend, who, us being ill and abandoned, will bring us medicines and even manage to heal us?

Who would not love a friend, who, us being in misery, would give us his hand and feed us?

Who would not love his mother, who from childhood guarded us, who fed us with her breasts, who did everything she could for us and who suffered for us, until raising us to the state in which we are?

Well then, my beloved brothers and sisters, the inner Christ does that and more. He comes to us when we have sincerely worked in the Great Work of the Father, when we have fought in truth to eliminate our psychological defects, when we have struggled to eliminate all those “I”s that in their conjunction constitute "the myself," "the self-willed…"  He comes to us when we really are working for our own liberation.

He suffers from within the very bottom of our soul. He comes in order to take possession of our emotions, our thoughts, our desires. He comes in order to fight, within himself, against the “inhuman elements” that we carry within our interior. He becomes a person of flesh and bone, even though people do not recognize him. He comes to live the Cosmic Drama, here and now, within us, from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

He returns again in order to be betrayed by Judas, the demon of desire; by Pilate, the demon of the mind (who finds excuses for everything), and by Caiaphas, the demon of evil will.

He again returns in order to be humiliated, slapped by all those “I”s that we carry within our interior. He returns in order to endure the crown of thorns. He returns again in order to be whipped, with five thousand and more whips, within us, here and now. And finally, He who becomes the Immolated Lamb, the Lamb that erases our own sins, goes up to the Golgotha of supreme sacrifice and exclaims with a loud voice, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.” Thereafter, he descends into the sepulcher and with his death He kills death.

"Death is swallowed up in victory.  O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

Therefore, brethren, the hour to love the Inner Christ has arrived; these are the teachings that the great Kabir Jesus brought to us…

When the Lord of Perfection - within us here and now - resuscitates, we then resuscitate within Him and He within us, and we become - in fact - splendid, immortal creatures.

Before the incarnation of the inner Christ, we are truly dead. Only after incarnating within our interior the inner Christ do we have life in abundance.

Gnostic brothers and sisters who tonight are reunited in this mystical agape, I want all of you - in a deeper manner - to love the inner Christ. I want you to truly work upon your selves, so that one day He may arise definitively within you in order to definitively transform you.

Uselessly a thousand times Christ in Bethlehem will be born If within our heart his birth is forlorn. His crucifixion, death and resurrection on the third day from among the dead were in vain, Unless his crucifixion, death and resurrection, be set up within each one of us again.

Let us love the Adorable one, the one who truly sacrifices himself for us, here and now! Let us love him, brothers and sisters, let us love him!

Inverencial peace,

Samael Aun Weor