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Let us start our lecture tonight; may all of you pay maximum attention.

The fundamental objective of our esoteric studies is to reach Christification.

First of all, it is necessary to comprehend what the Logos is. There are three outstanding aspects above: the Father, the Logos and the Holy Spirit. In the Eastern world, the Holy Spirit is also called Maha-Chohan or Lord Shiva.

Down here in the world of form, there are three aspects that correlate with the three from above, namely: the breath, the blood, and the water. Let us behold the seal of Solomon:

  • the triangle above: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • the triangle below: the breath, the blood, and the water

Obviously, to Christify oneself is remarkable, it is sublime, it is what we really long for.

Yet, in order to reach that Christification, it is necessary to know Christic esotericism. Those who think that Christ is only a reference to a sacred individual called Yeshua Ben Pander, who was known 1,976 years ago, and who taught the doctrine of the Gnostics, indeed, have not really understood in depth the Christic mystery. Christ is the Perfect Multiple Unity, this is obvious.

There are three garments of glory:

  1. the glorious body of the Ancient of Days, who is the first and the last of the mysteries
  2. second, the glorious body of the Intimate Logos
  3. third, the glorious body of the Revealer, who is none other than the Holy Spirit, the Revealer

Nevertheless, these glorious bodies need to be created. Normally, initiated people possess the astral, mental and causal bodies they created in the forge of the Cyclops [sexual magic, Tantra]. However, in order to Christify oneself, something else needs to be created; it is necessary to create the three garments of glory, the garment of the Father, the garment of the Logos, and the garment of the Revealer, who is the Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, in their depth, these three garments belong to the Ancient of Days. Thus, we must create the garment for the Ancient of Days; namely, we must create the garment for the Father, the garment for the Chrestos or Logos, and the garment for the Revealer or Consolator, the Holy Spirit. Since the Trinity is the Three-Unity, in the end, the Ancient of Days is the owner of the three garments.

The Ancient of Days is the point within the circle, the Great Face, the Omni-merciful, the Mercy of Mercies, the occult of the occult, the Goodness of Goodness.

The Son, the Logos, is one with the Father, and the one who knows the Son knows the Father. The Three - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - emanate from the Great Breath profoundly unknowable to itself; the Great Breath is that ray that unites us to the sacred Absolute Sun; the Great Breath is the omnipresent, omnipenetrating, omniscient, omnimerciful ray of Okidanokh.

In the dawn of any creation, the sacred Absolute Sun breathes out the Great Breath, the very holy Okidanokh or active Okidanokh; yet, this very omnipresent and omnipenetrating active ray of Okidanokh by itself could not create or perform any creation. It can penetrate within any cosmic unit that arises to life, but it will never remain seized or trapped by any cosmic unit. In order to be able to create, the Great Breath has to split itself asunder into the three ingredients that constitute the Holy Triamatzikamno, the three original forces of nature and the cosmos, namely:

  1. first the Holy Affirmation
  2. second the Holy Negation
  3. third Holy Conciliation

Behold the three creative forces:

  1. positive
  2. negative
  3. neutral
  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Holy Spirit


These three forces create and create anew, yet, if they flow in a dispersed manner, if they are not aimed at any given point, then they cannot perform any creation; but when they join at any given point in space, then creation is immediately originated.

In order for you to understand me better, I am going to use a very human example: the male, the masculine element, represents the first force, the Holy affirming. The female, the feminine element, represents the second force, the Holy denying. Now, there is a third force that is the Holy Conciliating; thus, if the masculine, feminine, and neutral forces remain dispersed, if they do not join at a given point, then creation cannot happen. Thus, when the poles positive and negative, male and female, are united, then the third force, Holy Conciliation, conciliates them so that creation is performed. What happens here in the Microcosm also happens above in the Macrocosmos, because as above so below.

The sacred Absolute Sun wants to crystallize within us the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos. The Holy Affirmation can crystallize within us by our doing the will of the Father on Earth as it is in Heaven. The Holy Denying crystallizes within us when we learn how to receive with gladness the unpleasant manifestations of our fellowmen, by denying ourselves here and now. The Holy Conciliation, the third force, crystallizes in us when we create the existential superior bodies of the Being by means of the fulfillment of the Being Partkdolg Duty - that is to say, when by means of the transmutation of the creative energy of the Third Logos we create the superior existential bodies of the Being. It is in those bodies where the third force, the very sacred Holy Spirit, comes to crystallize.

Summarizing, we must begin with the third force, which is the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy, the Mercury of the Wise. When we make the third force crystallize within ourselves, then it makes of us the Gentile-Man full of wisdom, full with omniscience, like Kout Humi, or Serapis, or Hilarion, etc.

When we deny ourselves, when we learn how to receive with gladness the unpleasant manifestations of our fellowmen, when we learn how to love our enemies, to return good for bad, to love those who hate us, who curse us, who persecute us, then the Second Force, the Holy Denying, crystallizes within us - that is to say, the Logos, the Chrestos, the Christus, Vishnu, Osiris. This is how we Christify ourselves.

Now, the Holy Affirmation comes to take shape, to crystallize within us when we make the will of the Father on Earth as it is in Heaven. Thus, if one does not make the will of the Father, one cannot make the first force to crystallize in oneself. First of all, the Adept must do the will of the Father; he must never disobey the Father.

Now imagine for a moment, an Adept within whom the three forces Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation have crystallized.Obviously he is a divine, ineffable Human, he is a God with a human body, he is a sacred individual in the most complete sense of the word, and in other terms we would say: he is a Superman.

I consider the Cosmic Chrestos a transcendental force. Truly, the Logos is indeed multiple; within its unity, it has many rays. Each one of its Rays typifies some Christified Adept; it is the Interior of the Interior of some Christified Adept.

The greatness of the Logos is its capacity to work in the Great Work. The Logos must expel the merchants of the temple with the terrible whip of willpower. The inner Christ is what counts. Unfortunately, people only think about an historical Christ, and this is how they separate themselves from reality. They forget that Christ is what is, which always has been, and what will always be. They forget that Christ is the life that beats in each atom, as it beats in each Sun. They forget that Christ vibrates from instant to instant, from moment to moment. To incarnate Christ is fundamental.

Let us remember: “Whosoever knows, the Word gives power to, no one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one that has the word incarnated.” It is necessary to incarnate it.

It has been stated that Christ was born in Bethlehem or Belen 1,976 years ago. But Bethlehem or Belen as a physical village did not exist in the days of the great Kabir Jesus (Yeshua ben Pandira). The word Belen derives from a Chaldean voice that reminds us of the famous Tower of Bel, the “Tower of Fire.” In 1 Corinthians Paul of Tarsus said to his disciples, “Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of living God, and that the highest dwells in you?” The tower of that temple is the head of the body. The very Temple of Solomon has the shape of the human body. You have already seen it illustrated, since we have such illustration in our institution. Thus, the Tower of Bel, the Tower of Fire, is formidable.

So, in order for the Golden Child of Alchemy, the Child of the Child to incarnate within the Adept, it is necessary for the Tower of Bel to have been built. When is it built? The tower is built when we have developed the solar fire within us. Thus, in those conditions the Child of the Child can penetrate within us in order to utter the golden verb of the first instant.

Why do we call the incarnated Christus “the Child of the Child”? Let us explain it. Indeed, the Real Man abides in the Causal World. When the Logos wants to come into the world, he has to be born from a virgin, and then penetrates in the Causal Body; from thence he projects himself, he penetrates within the human body, in the Tower of Bel. Yes, the Chrestos descends from its Logoic World in order to express himself in the Causal World; then in the Causal World he is the Child of the Child, because from the Kabbalistic point of view, as a child he vibrates in Chokmah, thus when manifesting himself in Tiphereth, the Causal World, he becomes in fact “the Child of the Child.”  Thereafter, he penetrates within the human body; thus, to incarnate him is extraordinary. In no way would Christification be possible if we do not first incarnate him.

A great work is assigned to the Inner Magnes of Alchemy when it is incarnated. He must eliminate the merchants of the temple from us. He has to frightfully sacrifice himself, to become a man amongst men, to walk by the streets without been recognized by anybody, to be slandered, to be hated, etc.

The Son of Man is condemned by three types of people.

  1. First: the Priests of the temple - that is to say, the religions of all times, the devotees of all times.
  2. Second: the Scribes condemn him - that is to say, the intellectuals of his time do not accept him.
  3. Third: the Elders, the people full of experience, very judicious, with many virtues.


They all judge him through their own psychological lens, they wrongly understand him, thus, they excommunicate him. So, therefore, brethren, in fact, indeed, the Son, the incarnated Chrestos, is hated by the multitudes, hated by the priests, abominated by the Scribes, repudiated by the Elders. The Chrestos does not fit within human molds, thus, for such a reason, he is rejected.

The Chrestos is revolutionary by nature. He is terribly rebellious. He is beyond good and evil; the forces of good do not comprehend him, the forces of evil hate him. He acts in accordance with what we could call profound, individual comprehension.

Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, Christification is basic, but it is necessary for the path to be known. It is difficult in the beginning, very assiduous in the middle, and frightfully dangerous in the end.

It is possible that the one who tries to christify himself, to walk well in the beginning, it is possible for him to walk well in the middle, but it is possible that he can fail due to the forces of good or perhaps because of the forces of evil. It is possible to fail because of good, and it is possible to fail because of evil. For that reason, those who achieve Christification are very rare.

In a chimney in Europe, inside the house of an Alchemist, three pomegranates were found; what do these three pomegranates represent? They represent the Three Purifications by iron and by fire, which the one who tries to achieve the Christification has to pass through.  If you observe a crucifix, you will see three iron nails, and on top of it the word I.N.R.I. (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra): “Nature is incessantly renewed by the fire.”


And what do the three iron nails signify? These are the Three Purifications by iron and fire.

In the First Purification, the Adept must work intensively within the initiatic, esoteric field.

In the Second Purification, the Adept must work intensively in the spheres of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

In the Third Purification, the Adept necessarily has to pass through the Initiation of Judas in the black moon.

Behold the Three Purifications. Christ said to Peter:

Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice. – Matthew 26: 34

First Denial: First Purification. The Initiate must descend in order to work with the fire and the water, the origin of worlds, beasts, humans, and Gods. Every authentic White Initiation begins in the Ninth Sphere. That is where Mars descends to temper his sword in order to conquer the heart of Venus; Hercules, in order to clean the stables of Augias; Perseus in order to cut with his flaming sword the head of Medusa.  

In the Second Purification, the Adept must work in the infernal worlds, in the spheres of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, to confront all the horrors of the cosmos, to go beyond the Aqueronte, to navigate in the boat of Charon to the other shore, to suffer the unspeakable in the throne of Dis, in the damned city, to live for a while amongst the condemned ones; lo and behold the horrors.

In the Third Purification, the Adept must confront horrors that we do not even remotely suspect. Often I have tell you that the psychological moon has two aspects, namely, the one that is known, and the one that is unknown, the visible and the occult. In the hidden aspect of the psychological moon, we have elements that we would never accept having, which can only be dissolved through the Initiation of Judas Iscariot.

Thus brothers and sisters, once the Adept has passed through the Three Purifications based on iron and fire, the Ascension of the Chrestos is achieved within ourselves, the intimate Resurrection of the Logos within the psychosomatic, mystical senses, within the psychic, merely transcendental psychological aspect; then the Adept is converted, we might say, into a column of the temple. For that reason the Apocalypse states:

Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out. - Revelation 3:12

Lo and behold the grandioseness: to become a living column of the temple of God and go no more out.  So therefore it is good that you understand what Christification is.

To the Venezuelan and South American brothers and sisters, I must tell the following: in those countries of South America, the Gnostic brothers and sisters only preoccupy themselves very much with initiations, degrees, powers, but they in fact, indeed, are not preoccupied with denying themselves, even though the Great Master said,

Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. – Matthew 16:24

In the countries of South America, they do not worry about the dissolution of the ego, and this has worried me enough so that I am afraid that in South America we are going to have a great harvest of Hanasmusen with double centers of gravity.

If those brothers and sisters dedicate themselves exclusively to sexual transmutation, they will obtain the creation of the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being; nevertheless, if they do not work correctly, eliminating the dry mercury, that is to say, the undesirable psychological elements that we carry in our interior, they will obviously fail, they will become, I repeat, hanasmusen with double centers of gravity, thus, they will lamentably fail.  One could create the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, but if one does not eliminate the ego, one could not become Christified, and Christification is what counts.

Thus, my beloved brothers and sisters, the Sun of midnight, the Logos, invites you to Christification.

We need to comprehend that by means of the Vulcanic lunar fire we can create the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, but is necessary to go beyond: it is necessary to create the three garments of glory - the garment of the Father, the garment of the Logos and the garment of the Holy Spirit - and this would not be possible if we do not eliminate from ourselves all the Dry Mercury [ego] that we carry within our interior.

When one comprehends this work in an integral manner, unquestionably, by means of the transmutation of the Exiohehary - that is to say, the sacred sperm [sexual matter, whether male or female] - we elaborate the Mercury of the Wise. This Mercury, combined with Sulfur, which is fire with sublimated salt, ascends overwhelmingly through the spinal medulla to the brain. This is the Azoth, the INRI. Unquestionably, the surplus of that Azoth crystallizes in very intimate octaves.

tree-of-life-bodiesIn the first crystallization, the Astral Body is formed in our organism. One knows that one has an Astral body when one can use it, when one can walk with it, when one can move with it.

In the second crystallization, in the second vibrant octave related to seven notes of the great musical scale, the body of the individual mind crystallizes. One knows that one possesses an individual mind when one can use it, when one can travel with it through outer space, when by oneself and directly one can apprehend or capture all the cosmic truths of Nature.

In the third crystallization, in a third octave related with the notes do, re, my, fa, sol, la, ti, the Causal body, the body of conscious will takes form within us. Obviously, one knows that one possesses the body of the conscious will when one walks with it, when one travels throughout space with it.

The Causal Man is the true man, all else is added unto him. The Mental body, the Astral body and the physical body are vestures. The True Man is the Causal Man. This is why when the Chrestos wants to come into the world, firstly he has to penetrate into the Causal Man, thereafter he penetrates into the physical or physical-psychic-mental man. Unquestionably, the Causal Man knows the law of cause and effect; thus, when the Chrestos enters into the Causal Man, the child of the child then shines in the Causal Man. Thereafter the Chrestos comes and enters into the human organism. It is necessary to understand all of this, my beloved brothers and sisters.

Undoubtedly, if someone created the Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies, this one would become a Human Being; he would receive his psychic and spiritual principles and would be transformed into a real Human. Nevertheless, it is one thing to become Human, and it is another very different thing to rise to the stature of a Christ. So in order for the Christ to penetrate within a Man, he needs to intensively work with the fire and the water - I repeat, the origin of worlds, beasts, humans, and Gods.

Once the Christ is already incarnated, in the beginning, he is born like an innocent, weak creature, but according to passing of time, the Chrestos develops and develops within our psychological, psychosomatic, and also even within the mystic-sensorial nature, and finally the Great Work is performed.

The Chrestos must eliminate all the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior. He undergoes much suffering, working. He must live within us all the Cosmic Drama, as it is written in the Four Gospels. The multitudes ask for his crucifixion. The multitudes shout, “Crucifixia! Crucifixia! Crucifixia!” What multitudes? The multitudes of “I’s” that we carry within our interior. Finally, they capture him, they take him before the authorities, namely Pilate, Caiaphas, Herod, etc.

Do not forget that we have “three traitors” within ourselves, namely:

  1. First, the demon of evil will, Caiaphas.
  2. Second, the demon of the mind, Pilate, who washes his hands, who declares himself to be innocent, he justifies his worst errors, he looks for evasions, etc.
  3. Third, the demon of desire, represented by Judas Iscariot.

Lo and behold the three traitors. Summarizing them from the bottom to the top, first we would have to face Judas, the demon of desire, later Pilate, the demon of the mind, and finally Caiaphas, the demon of evil will.

These three traitors are the three furies. These three traitors, I repeat, are within our selves, here and now; they have different expressions, they are, we would say, personified by diverse hierarchical “I’s” within our psyches.

The Chrestos must disintegrate the three traitors, but how much the Chrestos has to suffer within us! His sufferings are written in the Four Gospels. That he is tied to the column…? Truth! That he has to receive five thousand and more whips…? Certain! That he is crowned with his crown of thorns…? Nobody can doubt it! That he is wounded, insulted, slapped…? That is also is very true!

The three traitors judge him. Pilate commands him to be whipped. “Ecce Homo,” Pilate utters, “Behold the Man.”


The Chrestos, the Logos, suffers the unspeakable when he incarnates.

So, therefore, the suffering of the Chrestos is not exclusively from 1,976 years ago, no! He is not something merely historical. He must pass through all his Via Crucis each time that he comes into the world. Each time that he is incarnated he has to undergo the unspeakable. The Lord has to suffer the unutterable. Finally, he is crucified in the world of natural causes. The multitudes scold him. Afterwards, he lies inside his holy sepulcher. Then, finally, when the Third Purification is finished, he rises from within his crystal sepulcher in order to resuscitate in the Man, and in order to act and work for humanity.

The Resurrected Chrestos within the Man unveils all the mysteries; he teaches the Exteriors, and not only the Exteriors, but the Exteriors of the Exteriors, and not only the Interiors of everyone, but the Interiors of the Interiors.

Each time that the Logos resuscitate within a Man, he performs some portentous work. Thus, this is how it is written, and this is how it is. He has to re-instruct the seven and the twelve, the twelve powers and the twenty-four Elders, and the seventy-two and the four, etc.

The twelve Apostles are cited in Christic esotericism. Who are the twelve? They are in the Gospels. But indeed, those twelve powers are twelve parts of the Being of each one of us. Those who think that the twelve Apostles are twelve merely historical personages are totally mistaken. Indeed, the twelve are twelve parts of the Being of each one of us.


As for me, I feel a great respect, an infinite veneration for James the Elder. Listen, I am not referring to James, the historical James, from a few thousands years ago. No, I am not referring to him. I repeat: I feel great admiration for my inner James, who is none other than the Mercury of the Wise. We know very well that the Mercury of the Wise is the metallic soul of the sacred sperm, the Exiohehary.

To make Mercury was always a secret that was never revealed. The Alchemists were silent. Many people begin to work in the Great Work and they even do it without care, without knowing how to do it.

Let us take into account that Genesis is never mistaken:

And God said… let it divide the waters from the waters… and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. - Genesis 1: 6, 7

It is with the superiors waters that we make the Mercury of the Wise. These superior waters are black in the beginning and are represented by a black crow. They become white, but they are not immediately immaculate; they must pass through some changes, they must become viscous, thick, heavy, before being whitened. Finally, they become yellow; the Mercury is yellow. When the waters have become yellow, they can be fertilized by Sulfur.

In Alchemy, four animals typify these Alchemical operations. The first animal is the black crow that represents the black waters. The second animal is the white dove that represents the white waters. The third animal is the yellow eagle that represents the yellow Mercury. the fourth animal is the red pheasant that represents the waters fertilized by Sulfur - that is to say, the fire.

When the waters are fertilized by fire, they initiate its ascent through the dorsal spine. Then it is stated that the Initiate has awakened the Kundalini, the fire. This Kundalini - that is a mixture of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury - ascends through the dorsal spine to the brain.

The surplus of this fecundated Mercury crystallizes, as already I said to you, in the superior existential bodies of the Being.

Thus, my beloved brother and sisters, this is how one enters the work of the creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being, which transform us into a real Human, into a true Human.

Yet, if one wants to pass beyond being a simple Human, if one wants to Christify oneself, undoubtedly one will need to eliminate the totality of the Dry Mercury, that is to say, all the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior; this is what is fundamental.

Now, you can see how important the Mercury is, how the Mercury serves for the crystallization within us of the superior existential bodies of the Being. This Mercury is, I repeat, the metallic soul of the sperm. That Mercury is James, the Apostle James, within our interior.

James is represented with a shell on his hat that is similar to a shining star. We know very well that the star of seven points typifies the children of the Sun. James carries a stick, a reed or walking rod, as a symbol of the dorsal spine of the Adept, and a pumpkin [gourd] containing the water of life. He also carries in his hands the Apocalypse, the book of Revelation, which is the book of wisdom, where all the rules of alchemy, all the science of the medieval Alchemists, are written.


Now you will comprehend why I feel so much admiration for the blessed patron of the Great Work. Yet, listen, he is not outside of us. James the Elder is within us. Within us is also Peter, who teaches us the entire work of the Great Work. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the main teachings regarding the Great Work are received through James.

Through James the Elder, the Father of all the Lights, let us know the transcendental science of the Great Work.

Inside of us is also John, the Verb, the Word that lies hidden at the bottom of the Ark, waiting for the precious moment to be awakened.

Inside of us is also Mark, who takes care of the Gnostic unction. This is why when we attend the ritual, we must take with gladness to our lips the bread and wine of the transubstantiation. The bread and the wine are charged with Christic Solar atoms by means of the rite. Yes, bread and wine are filled with Christic atoms of very high voltage. Thus, when we receive the Gnostic unction, through the bread and wine the Christic atoms penetrate within our stomach. Thus, those Christic atoms spread through our entire organism. This is how they help us. They inspire us, they assist us. The bread and wine are extraordinary for Christification. To receive the Gnostic Unction is always essential, because all of us need the atoms of the Cosmic Christ, since all us are heavy, clumsy, therefore we need that aid, which can only be given to us by the Chrestos in each atom into the interior of our bodies.


Therefore, when receiving the unction, we must do it with infinite veneration, with great respect, and with profound love. Do not forget that the bread represents the Mercury of the Wise. Do not forget that the wine represents the Sulfur, that is to say, the fire.

That we need to liberate the Sulfur from within its prisons… It is true! That we need the different arithmetical operations from the Mercury… It is certain!  

We need to separate the different elements, one from others. It is necessary to separate the superior elements from the inferior ones. The inferior elements from the waters of life must become clear, precious. The superior elements of those waters must after all be mixed with the fire. These are the processes of the work, of the esoteriscism of great industry, to separate the superior from the inferior. It is necessary to ascend and to descend again and to ascend again, and to descend again, in order to take the power from above and the power from below, and thus to become kings of the entire creation.

“It ascends from the Earth up to heaven,” states Hermes Trismegistus, and again descends, and ascends again, and descends anew. Thus, this is how you will have power over all things. You must separate the superior from the inferior with great industry.

I am showing you the way that leads to Christification, therefore never fail to attend the unction [communion]. However, it is preferable for the wine to be made from pure grapes. For the Gnostic Unction, here, in these times, it is not justifiable for us to buy the grape juice that is sold in markets, since this indicates a lack of love from our brothers and sisters. When grapes are abundant, we must drink the juice of the grapevine, the juice from the pure grape.

Observe how the force of the Chrestos acts in the vineyards, how it penetrates the stocks, how it allows the stem, the grapevine, to grow, and how the whole of that Logoic force is finally locked up within the grape.

The priest in a state of ecstasy perceives the substance of the Chrestos in the wine, thus he separates it so that it can act within the organism. The priest in a state of ecstasy perceives the Christic force in the bread, in the wheat, and separates that force so that it can act within the interior of the human organism.

So, therefore, when we receive the bread and wine of the transubstantiation, we take into our interior Christic atoms of very high voltage, which will help us, which will assist us efficiently in this work.

I.N.R.I. [Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra]. Do not forget therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, what the fire is. The Chrestos is the Fire of the fire, the Flame of the flame, the astral signature of the fire.

Who knows the mystery of the fire? Who has revealed it? Indeed, fire continues to be an enigma. If we ignite, if we strike a match, by striking it we will see the fire. You might say, that fire is the outcome of combustion! Yet, it is not so! Who made the match move? Listen, it was necessary for the fire to have been in our blood, in our veins, that is, energy was necessary so that the match could be struck, so that the the fire within that match could appear. Why did the fire appear? Did it appear as an outcome of combustion? Absurd! On the contrary, combustion is the outcome of the fire, which was locked up, latent. It was enough for its envelope to be taken off… so that it could arise.

Fire does not have a beginning, neither does it have an end. Creatures come into the world by means of fire. They pass away, their life finishes when the fire ceases. They develop, they reproduce themselves by means of fire; they end their existence when the fire ceases. The Essence that we carry within our interior, which unfortunately is bottled within so many undesirable psychic elements, is fire. When the different ingredients  within which the essence is bottled are destroyed, the essence then remains within our interior turned into a ball of fire, since it is fire, it is the fire of the Chrestos, the Logos.

The astral signature of the fire is what counts and that is the Chrestos.

If we strike a rock with sharp iron, we will see the fire jump; this living fire is the Logos, the Chrestos. The Chrestos is crucified in this great creation; he is the fire, the cosmic fire. The Chrestos is not the common and ordinary fire, but the Fire of the fire, the Flame of the flame, the astral signature of the fire.

That fire incessantly burns within everything that is, within everything that has been, within everything that will be. It is INRI. Much has been spoken about Christ, enormous volumes have been written trying to explain Christ, yet in Gnosis it is explained with a four lettered word, which you can read upon the top of the coarse, wooden cross: I.N.R.I. That is the Christ.

Christ is I.N.R.I., that is to say, fire, solar fire, the fire that burns in the entire creation.

But the day of the Lord will come unexpectedly as a thief. - 2 Peter 3:10

What does that mean? It means that the fire will burn in this nature. All of this is going to be burned with fire, which is the Chrestos. The Chrestos must burn all of this with fire, so that a Golden Age may arise. The very Chrestos is the fire. The Golden Age will arise after everything has been consumed by the living and philosophical fire.

With the presence of Hercolobus, what I am stating here will become a fact. Hercolobus will attract the fire to the surface, the liquid fire that exists within the interior of the Earth. Then, volcanoes will emerge everywhere, which will vomit fire and magma, part of the geologic crust will burst, vomiting the totality of the fire. Then, rivers of fire will run everywhere, burning everything. This is why it has been stated that the day of the Lord will come unexpectedly as a thief. Behold here a tremendous reality.

Well, my beloved brothers and sisters, now I give the opportunity for you to ask whatever you want to ask, or to state whatever you want to say.  So, let us see…

Wonderful, I see that a brother has something to say. Let no one remain with doubts. Thus, you must ask.  Remember that Parsifal did not get to be King of the Grail the first time, because he did not ask about the reason for the pains of Amfortas. So let us hear the brother.

Question: Master, in which manner do the forces of good hinder the way of the person who looks for the Christification?

Samael Aun Weor: I clarify: Christ is beyond good and evil. Obviously, you still have to depend on the forces of good and evil. If you at this moment wanted to pass beyond good and evil, well, you cannot, you still cannot, but a day will arrive in which you will pass beyond the forces of good and the forces of evil, then you will comprehend my words. Now, you still are not prepared for that. Now you march along with the forces of good. However, you must begin by becoming more judicious, since the “I’s” of good are also detrimental, they do not know how to do good… For example: someone (who is a marijuana smoker) comes and asks for alms from us. Thus, a good “I” within us places our hand inside our pocket and gives him alms; one then believes that one has done a good deed, when in fact one has done an evil deed (since that money is going to be used for marijuana)… Another good “I” within us, saddened because of someone's appereance (maybe a drunkard), gives money to him so that the drunkard can go and drink at the bar. Thus, the good “I’s” usually perform good when they should not (since they do not know how to do good).

The good “I’s” are those hypocritical Pharisees that every wretched intellectual animal carries within their interior (each one of us has an inner Pharisee). The Pharisee “I” speaks only about holy things, it is very good, extremely good, the best. Nevertheless, now you can see that they are like whitened sepulchers that indeed "appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and all kind of rottenness." The hypocritical Pharisees "make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, and outwardly appear righteous unto men but within they are filthy." The hypocritical Pharisees take care of one side of the plate and the glass, and clean up the outside very much, but on the inside they are all filthy (there is not one that does not have the Pharisee “I”). Yes, the Pharisee “I” is a prototype of good in each one of us: very good, very helpful, but he condemns the Christ, he condemns the Christ whenever he comes into the world.

Well, this is it, what I have said is said!