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The Moon
The Moon

Analysis of the Mind

We are gathered this evening in order to really understand these minds of ours. It is clear that your minds are present here to listen to mine, and I am here to speak to you. However, we need our consciousness to be in true communion with the purpose of inquiring, investigating, seeking, in order to know the path ourselves, with the evident objective of attaining orientation on the inner self-realization of our Being...

To know how to listen is very difficult. To know how to speak is easier. It happens that when we are listening, it is necessary to be open to the new, with a spontaneous mind, a mind free of preconceptions, prejudices, etc. However it so happens that our mind, the ego, the I, the myself, does not know not how to listen, since it translates everything based on its prejudices. It interprets everything according to what it has stored in the formative center.

What is the formative center? It is memory. Why is it called formative center? It is because within it is processed the intellectual formation of concepts. Having understood this, it becomes urgent to learn how to listen with a new mind, and not repeat with what we have already stored in our memory.

After this preamble, we will try to agree upon concepts, ideas, etc.

First of all, it is urgent to know if the intellect by itself can lead us to the experience of reality. There are bright intellects, we cannot deny that, but they have never experienced that which is the truth.

It is worth knowing that there are three minds within us, namely, the sensual mind, the intermediate mind, and the inner mind.

  1. The sensual mind develops its basic concepts from the data provided by the five senses, and those basic concepts back up its reasoning. 
  2. The intermediate mind is based on all kinds of beliefs, and cannot go beyond its canons.   
  3. The inner mind is objective reasoning. Those who have climbed the steps of inspiration and intuition have undoubtedly opened the wonderful doors of the inner mind. Intuition expresses itself through the inner mind, which means that the person perceives and expresses the superlative consciousness of their own profound inner Being.

Now, let us think a little about this sensual mind that we all use daily. There is no doubt that it elaborates on its basic concepts with the data provided by the five senses, and those basic concepts support its reasoning.

Observing things from this angle, it is obvious that the subjective or sensual reasoning has as its foundation the external sensory perceptions. If the sole spring of its functionalism is based exclusively on the data provided by the five senses, undoubtedly it will not have access to something that escapes the vicious circle of external sensory perceptions. This is obvious. The sensual mind cannot know about the reality regarding the mysteries of life and death, concerning the truth about God, etc. From where could the sensual mind take such information if its sole source of nourishment is the data provided by the five senses? Obviously, the intellect does not have the means in order to know about reality...

In this moment something very interesting comes to my mind. There was once a great congress in Babylon at the time of the Egyptian splendors. That congress was attended by people from Assyria, Egypt, Phoenicia, etc. It is clear that the theme was intriguing: based on purely sensory analytical discussions they wanted to know if the human being has a soul or not. Obviously, at that time, that debate was based on their fives senses, since they were already substantially degenerated. Only in this way can we explain why those people selected that theme as the reason for their congress. In other times, a congress like that would have been ridiculous. For instance, the Lemurians would never have had the idea of conducting such a congress, since the people of the continent Mu could detach as souls from their human body and discover whether their physicalities had a soul or not, and they did this with surprising ease since their souls were not permanently trapped within their physical bodies like ours are. So the idea of a theme like that only could have come from an already devolving, decadent, degenerated humanity...

In that congress there were many discussions for and against the soul. Finally, a great, wise Assyrian man (who had been educated in Egypt and had entered into the mysteries) ascended to the tribunal of eloquence and in a very loud voice said, “Reasoning cannot know anything about the truth, about reality, about immortality, about the soul. Reason can be useful to defend a spiritualist or materialist theory. Reason could elaborate a spiritualist thesis with formidable logic, and also by opposition create a materialist thesis with similar logic. So, therefore, the subjective, sensual reasoning nourished with the data brought forth by the five senses supports a diversity of minds. It can create a spiritualist or materialist theses. Therefore, sensual reasoning is not something on which we can rely. Yet, there is a different sense, which is the instinctive sense that perceives cosmic truths. This is a faculty of the Being. Subjective reasoning by itself cannot truly give us any data about the truth, about reality. Sensory reasoning cannot perceptibly know about the mysteries of life and death.” Thus, this is how the sage spoke, and furthermore said to the crowd, “You all know me. I have prestige among you and you know very well that I come from Egypt. You do not ignore that I have dedicated my whole life to study. Yet, my sensual mind cannot provide data about reality.” Then he concluded by saying, “You cannot know anything about the truth, the soul, or the spirit with your reasoning, because the rational mind cannot know anything about these matters.”   

Well, this is how that man spoke with great eloquence, and thereafter he withdrew. He distanced himself from any scholasticism. He preferred to abandon subjective reasoning and instead develop in himself the aforementioned faculty that is known as the instinctive sense that perceives cosmic truths, a faculty that humanity in general once had, but that became atrophied as the psychological "I," the myself, the sensual mind-self developed.

It is stated that this great Assyrian sage, educated in Egypt, detached himself from every school and went to cultivate the land and to trust exclusively in that prodigious faculty of the Being known as the instinctive sense that perceives cosmic truths.

However, let us delve a bit further. There is a mind that differs from the sensual mind. I am emphatically speaking about the intermediate mind. In the intermediate mind, we find all types of religious beliefs. Obviously, the data brought by all religions have their final journey in the intermediate mind. 

Now, the inner mind is something that we must differentiate and clarify. The inner mind in itself and by itself, works exclusively with the data provided by the superlative consciousness of the Being. The inner mind could never function without the data provided by the inner consciousness of our Being. Behold the three minds!

All of the theories and concepts of the sensual minds are known in the Christian Gospel as the "leaven of the Sadducees." Jesus Christ warns us, saying, 

"Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Sadducees…” 

…meaning, take heed and beware of the materialistic and atheists doctrines like the Marxist dialectic. Those kinds of doctrines correspond exactly to the doctrine of the Sadducees spoken to us by Christ.

However, the Lord of Perfection also warns us against "the doctrine of the Pharisees.” That doctrine of the Pharisees corresponds to the intermediate mind… Who are the "Pharisees"? They are those who attend their temples, or their schools or religions or sects, etc., so everybody can see them. They are hearers of the word, but not doers of the word within themselves.

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.” —James 1: 22-24

So, Pharisees only attend their gathering so everybody can see them, but they never apply the word to themselves, and that is very serious. Such people are content with mere beliefs. They are not interested in intimate transformation. To that end, they waste their time and fail miserably...

So, let us take heed and beware of the leaven of the Sadducees and the doctrines of the Pharisees, and let us consider how to open the inner mind. How can we open it? We open it by knowing how to think psychologically.

Gnosis teaches us techniques in order to learn how to think psychologically. If we learn how to think psychologically, we will finally manage to open the inner mind. 

The inner mind, I repeat, works with data granted by the superlative consciousness of the Being. Then, thanks to that, the inner mind experiences the truth of the diverse phenomena of nature. For example, with the inner mind opened, we can talk about the law of karma not from what others say or do not say, but from direct experience. Also, with the inner mind opened, we become sufficiently prepared in order to discuss reincarnation, or the law of eternal return of all things, or the law of transmigration of souls, etc., but again, I repeat, no longer based on what we read or what we heard from some authors, but by what we experience ourselves in a real, direct manner. This is obvious...

Emmanuel Kant, the philosopher of Königsberg, makes a clear distinction between "The Critique of Practical Reasoning" and "Critique of Pure Reasoning.” There is no doubt that rationalist subjective reasoning can never give us anything that did not belong to the world of the five senses. Intellect, by itself, is rationalistic and subjective...

If a sensory, intellectual minded person hears about a topic about reincarnation or karma, he will demand proofs, demonstrations, as if the truths that can only be perceived by the inner mind could be demonstrated to the sensualist mind. To demand evidence about that which is beyond the external sensory world is equivalent as to demand a bacteriologist to study microbes with a telescope, or to demand an astronomer to study astronomy with a microscope… They demand proofs, but these evidences cannot be given to subjective reasoning, because subjective or sensualist reasoning has nothing to do with what does not belong to the world of the five senses. And themes such as reincarnation, karma, life postmortem, etc., are in fact exclusive to the inner mind, never of the sensual mind.

Reincarnation, karma, life after death, etc., can be demonstrated to the inner mind, but first of all it demands that candidates (to that demonstration) have opened their inner mind. Thus, if they did not open it yet, how can we make a demonstration like that? Obviously, this would be impossible, right?

Having comprehended this clearly, it is now convenient for us to delve a little into the subject of faculties. Understand that the intellect by itself is one of the most crudest faculties in the levels of Being. If we want to comprehend everything with the intellect, then we will never attain apprehension of cosmic truths.

Indubitably, beyond the intellect there is another cognitive faculty. I want to emphatically refer now to imagination. 

Many are those who have underestimated that faculty. Some even disparagingly call it with the title of "the mad one of the house,” an unjust title, because if not for the imagination, we would not have recorded this lecture, nor would the car exist. There would be no trains either, etc. The sage who wants to make an invention must first imagine it, and thereafter make a drawing of their invention on paper. The architect who wants to build a house must have first imagined it, and thereafter made blueprints of it on sheets of paper. So imagination has permitted the creation of every invention. Imagination is not therefore something to be despised...

That there are several types of imagination, we cannot deny it. 

The first type we can denominate mechanical imagination. That type of imagination is also called fantasy. Obviously, it is constituted by the scraps of memory. It is useless and even harmful.

But, indeed, there is another type of imagination: this is intentional imagination, in other words, cognizant imagination. Obviously, when this type of imagination is splendidly developed, it can give us access to the ultra of all things.

Nature itself has imagination. This is obvious. If it were not for imagination, all creatures of nature would be blind, but thanks to this powerful faculty there is perception. Perceptive images are formed within the perceptive center of the brain or perceptive center of sensations, and this is how we can perceive.

The creative imagination of nature has given rise to the multiple forms of everything that is, everything that has been, and everything that will be... 

In the Hyperborean or pre-Lemurian epochs, the intellect was not in use, but imagination. At the time, the human being was innocent, and the marvelous spectacle of the cosmos was reflected upon their imagination as if in a crystalline lake. That was another type of humanity. Today it is painful to see how many people have already lost the power of imagination. In other words, humanity has frightfully degenerated this precious faculty.

It is possible to develop imagination, and its development would lead us beyond the sensual mind. This would teach us how to think psychologically. We already said, and we repeat, that only psychological thinking could open the doors of the inner mind. Thus, if we develop imagination, we can learn how to think psychologically...

Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are the three obligatory steps of initiation. But if we were left bottled up exclusively within the physical, sensory functionalism of the intellectual device, then in no way is it possible to climb the steps of imagination, inspiration, and intuition...

Comprehend, I am not stating that the intellect is useless. I am far from saying such an extremely imprecise affirmation. What I am doing is clarifying concepts.

Every faculty is useful within its orbit, yet outside its orbit it is useless. Any given planet within its orbit is useful, yet outside its orbit is useless and catastrophic. Likewise are the faculties of the human being: they have their orbit. To want to bring sensory reasoning out of its orbit is absurd.

Why do many people fall into materialistic skepticism? What is the reason that even pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult students, so in vogue these days, are always fighting against doubts? Why are they like many butterflies flitting from one school to another school, and finally reach old age without having done anything?

Through experience I have observed that those who remain bottled up within the intellect fail. Yes, those who want to verify with their intellect the truths that cannot be proven with the intellect, fail. Symbolically speaking, they make the mistake of wanting to study astronomy with a microscope or trying to study bacteriology with a telescope.

Let each leave each faculty in its place, in its orbit. Let us not get it out of its orbit. 

We need to think psychologically, and it is obvious that we must completely reject the leaven of the Sadducees and Pharisees, and to learn how to think psychologically. This would not be possible if we continue bottled up within the intellect. Then, it is better to start climbing the ladder of imagination. Thereafter we will pass to the second step which is inspiration, and finally we will reach intuition...

But let us see how imagination can be developed. We can start with a simple exercise. I have spoken many times about the exercise of the glass of water, an easy exercise. If we put a glass of water a short distance from us, and if we place a little mirror at the bottom of that glass, and if we add few drops of quicksilver [mercury*] to the water, and if thereafter we concentrate our sight to the center of the glass itself, meaning to the whole center, over the surface of the water, but in such a way that our sight passes through the glass, then obviously, we will have a splendid exercise for the development of imagination. In that water, we will try to see the astral light. Yes, we will make a great effort to see it. In the beginning obviously we will see nothing, yet after some time of performing this exercise we will see colors in the water. This is how we then begin to perceive the Astral Light. This is how the sense of self-psychological observation becomes active. [*Editor's Note: Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that is banned in some countries. Mercury poisoning is a very serious concern, thus use of this exercise requires great caution in handling and disposing of the material. Note also that there are other exercises one can use for the same purpose. Study The Divine Science for more practices.]

For example, much later in time, if a car passes on the street, we will see in the water a ribbon of light and will see the car running down the ribbon of light. This indicates that we are beginning to perceive with the transcendental faculty of imagination.

Finally, the day will arrive in which we will no longer need any glass with water in order to see. Instead we will see the air with different colors. We will see the aura of people. We will know that each person carries an aura of light around. That aura has different colors. The skeptical person always carries a green-colored aura, a dirty green. The devotee wears a blue-colored aura. Yellow reveals much intellect. The dirty green, skepticism. Gray, sadness. Lead gray, a lot of selfishness. The black represents hatred. The dirty red, lust, fornication. The bright, sparkling red, anger, etc.

Obviously, in order to see the aura of people we have to work hard with this exercise. We have to work with it at least three years, ten minutes every day, without missing a single day to work with it. Obviously, if we have the strength in order to practice this exercise ten minutes a day, then the time will arrive in which the faculty of imagination or clairvoyance, which is another term given to imagination, will have to function in us...

Nonetheless, that is not the only exercise for the development of this precious faculty. Something else is needed: we need meditation...

Seated on a comfortable chair with the body perfectly relaxed, or lying down on the bed, but with the body relaxed and heading towards the north, we must imagine something: for example, the growth of a plant, a rosebush. Imagine that it has been carefully planted in black and fertile ground. And by continuing with this visionary, transcendental, and transcendent process, we also imagine that we water it with pure waters of life... We visualize its growth process: how the stem finally emerges; how it marvelously unfolds; how thorns arise from within that stem, and finally various branches sprout from that stem. Imagine how those branches are also covered with leaves until finally a bud appears that delectably opens and becomes a rose. Thus, in that state of “manteia" [μαντεία] as the initiates of Eleusis stated, speaking in the Greek and maybe even the Orphic manner, we would say it is even convenient to feel by ourselves the delectable aroma rising from the red or white petals of that beautiful rose.

The second part of this imaginative work would be to display with full clarity the process of dying of all things. It would be enough to imagine how those scented petals are gradually falling withered and lifeless; how those branches, once strong, become, after some time, a pile of sticks, and finally, the wind, the hurricane comes, and blows all of the leaves and sticks.  

This is an in-depth meditation about the process of birth and death of all things. It is clear that this exercise practiced assiduously, daily, eventually will grant us profound insight into what we could call the astral world.

First of all, it is good to warn every candidate that any esoteric exercise, including this one, requires continuity of purpose from the disciple, because if we practice it every other day, we make a very serious mistake. Only by having real dedication in the esoteric work is the development of this precious faculty of imagination possible...

When from within our imagination in meditation something new, something different from the rose arises, it is a clear sign that we are progressing. In the beginning, the images lack color, but as we work, they will be replete with multiple charms and colors. Thus, this is how we will progress in deep inner development. 

A step forward in this matter will take us to the remembrance of our life and our past lives. Unquestionably, those who had developed this imaginative faculty in themselves may well try to capture or apprehend by means of this transparency or translucence the last moment of his past existence. Then, in that lucidity or mirror of imagination, a deathbed would be reflected — if in bed is where we were dying, because someone could have died on a battlefield or in an accident…  It would be interesting to see our former loved ones, those who in the past existence accompanied us in the last moments, those who heard our cries of pain in the last hour.

Continuing with this wonderful process related with imagination, we could try to know not only the last moment of our previous life, but the moment prior to that one, and thereafter prior to that one, then the prior last years, the penultimate, then youth, adolescence, childhood, and thus to meticulously recapitulate the whole of our former lifetime.  

Similarly, this exercise will take us further. It will also allow us to capture each one of our previous lives. Thus we will recollect and verify by direct vivid experience the reality of the law of the eternal return of all things.

Thus, it is not the intellect that can precisely verify these realities. With intellect we can discuss this topic, to affirm or deny it, but that is not verification.

So, therefore, I invite you to comprehension. Imagination will open for you the doors of the elemental paradises of nature.

If with the imagination we try to perceive a tree, if we meditate on it, we will see that it is composed of many small celluloses. We perceive its physiology, its roots, its fruits, but also we will achieve to delve a little deeper and see, directly, the inner life of the tree. There is no doubt that this tree has what we might call "Essence" or “soul.” When in a state of manteia, samadhi, ecstasy, rapture, we perceive the consciousness of a plant. We discover with perfect clarity that this consciousness is certainly an elemental creature, a creature that has life, and which is not perceptible to the five senses, not perceptible to the intellectual capacity that is completely excluded from the mystical-sensory field, but indeed perfectly perceptible to the translucent. It is indeed intriguing that in the next steps, we can even talk, converse with that elemental.

Obviously, the fourth vertical has unusual surprises. Indubitably, this is Eden that the Bible talks about to us. Eden is the fourth dimension of nature. The earthly paradise is located in the fourth coordinate. The Elysian Fields, the Promised Land where the rivers of pure water of life flow with milk and honey, is precisely the fourth dimension of our planet Earth.

Therefore, the creative imagination, the translucent wonderful mirror of the soul, well developed with ideal efficiency by means of exact esoteric rules, undoubtedly allows us to verify what I am emphatically affirming here.

So, therefore, I clearly invite you to a superlative analysis of all of this. I invite you to the development of that cognitive faculty always known as “imagination." It is an extraordinary faculty...

In the fourth vertical we will discover extraordinary temples, and it is because elemental life is classified by the Logos — one is the family, for example, of the orange groves and another the family of eucalyptus trees — for there are temples in nature for each plant family. The devas cited in the pseudo-esoteric Theosophist or occult texts govern elemental life. These devas are perfect human beings in the most complete sense of the word. They are initiates who know how to manipulate the laws of nature.

Creative imagination allows us to verify for ourselves that the Earth is not a dead body, or something rigid, a lifeless physical crust. Creative imagination allows us to know for ourselves that the Earth is a living organism. 

It comes to memory at this time the Neoplatonic assertion which affirms that "the world-soul is crucified on the Earth”... That soul of the world is a conjunction of souls, a conjunction of lives that palpitate and have reality.

For the Hyperborean people, the volcanoes, the deep seas, the veins of metals, the gorges of the mountains, the hurricane winds, the flaming fire, the roaring beasts or birds, were nothing else than the body of the gods… Hyperborean people did not see the Earth as something dead. For them the world was something alive, an organism that has life, and which has it in abundance. Then they uttered in the pure rising of the divine language that as a river of gold runs under the thick jungle as the golden light of the sun… Those who knew how to play the lyre played the strangest primeval symphonies on it... At that time, the lyre of Orpheus had not yet fallen to the floor of the temple to be smashed into pieces... Those were different times. Those were the times of ancient Arcadia, when humans rendered worship to the gods of the aurora, and when each birth was celebrated with transcendental mystical festivities…  

Therefore, if you efficiently develop the faculty of imagination, you will not only remember your past lives, but verify in an specific way what I am didactically expressing here with complete clarity.

Imagination is only the first step. A higher, second step leads us to inspiration.

The faculty of inspiration allows us to talk face to face with every particle of elemental life. The faculty of inspiration allows us to feel within ourselves the heartbeat of every heart...

Let us again imagine for a moment the exercise of the rosebush. If after the whole process, if once we completed meditating on the birth and the death of it, and sticks and flower petals have gone with the wind, and if we want to know more, we then need inspiration… The plant was born, has borne fruit, has died, and after all that, what? We need then inspiration in order to know the meaning of the birth and death of all things.

The faculty of inspiration is even more transcendental, and needs a higher expenditure of energy. It is about leaving aside the symbol upon which we had meditated. It is about capturing the inner meaning of it. For this we need the faculty of emotion, the emotional center. The emotional center comes to enhance this esoteric work of meditation. The emotional center allows us to feel inspired, and then, inspired, we come to know the meaning of the birth and death of all things...

With imagination we could verify the reality of our previous existence. With inspiration we could capture the meaning of that existence: its reason, its cause, its why...

Inspiration is a step beyond the faculty of creative imagination. With imagination we can verify the reality of the fourth vertical, but inspiration will allow us to capture its deep significance...

Finally, beyond the faculty of imagination and inspiration, we need to reach the heights of intuition. So, imagination, inspiration, intuition are the three steps of initiation...

Intuition is something different. Let us go back now to our rosebush example. Undoubtedly, by means of the process of imagination, during the transcendental and transcendent esoteric exercise, we have seen the process, we have seen how the rose bush grew, how it developed, and finally, how it died, how it became a pile of sticks... And how inspiration allowed us to know the meaning of all of the previous processes. But intuition will now lead us to the spiritual reality of them. 

With intuition, with that precious, superlative faculty, we enter an exquisitely spiritual world. We will meet face to face, not only the elemental that we have seen with our imagination, meaning the elemental of the rosebush, but moreover we will meet the virginal spark or divine monad, or the supreme igneous particle of the rosebush. We will enter a world where we will find the creator Elohim, cited by the Mosaic or Hebrew Bible; we will see the entire creator host of the army of the Word — in other words, we shall meet the Demiurge Creator of the universe...

Intuition is the faculty that will allow us to talk face to face with the “archangels," with the “Thrones," and they will no longer be for us mere speculation or belief, but a palpable, manifested reality.

Intuition will grant us access to the upper regions of the universe and cosmos. Then by means of intuition we can study cosmogenesis, anthropogenesis, etc.

Intuition will allows us to enter the temples of the White Universal Fraternity, into the temples of the Elohim or Prajapatis, or Kumaras, or Thrones...

Intuition will allow us to know the genesis of our world. With intuition we can even attend the very dawn of creation, to know — not because someone has said it, but by direct perception — how this world emerged from the Chaos, how it was created, in what manner it appeared in the concert of the worlds...

Intuition will allow us to know in a specific and direct manner what the brilliant intellects of present times do not know... 

There are many theories about the world, the universe, the cosmos, and they constantly go out of fashion, like pharmaceutical remedies, like the fashions of ladies or gentlemen.

One theory follows another, and this other by another. To that end, the intellect does nothing but speculate. The intellect fantasizes a great deal of the time, without ever being able to experience reality, but intuition allows us to know reality. Yes, intuition is a transcendental cognitive faculty.

It is grandiose is be capable of attending the spectacle of the universe, to feel oneself for a moment apart from creation, to look at the world as if it were a theater, and oneself a spectator, to evidence how a comet or any cosmic unity, etc., comes from the Chaos, how it arises from the Not-Being (that is, the real Being).

Intuition is the faculty that allows us to know that the Earth exists because of the karma of the gods, otherwise it would not exist. Intuition is the faculty that allows us to verify the crude reality of that karma. Indeed those Elohim, Prajapatis, or parents, which in their conjunction constitute that which is divine, acted in a past cycle of manifestation long before the Earth and the solar system had emerged into existence...

Let us see a very peculiar case. Much has discussed about the Moon. Many people think that the Moon is a piece of Earth launched into space by centrifugal force, something like when someone fires a rocket, but intuition allows us to verify things in a completely different manner. Intuition allows us to know that the Moon is much more ancient than the Earth. There was a reason why our ancestors of Anahuac said, "Grandmother Moon.” Obviously they perceived that the Moon is our “grandmother.” She is the mother of the Earth, and the Earth is the mother of us all. To that end, the Moon is our grandmother. Wise concepts of Anahuac!...

In the past cosmic day, the Moon was a world rich in minerals, plants, animals, and human life. It had deep seas, volcanoes that erupted, etc. Very modern scientists have had to surrender to the concrete evidence that the Moon is more ancient than the Earth. The Earth indeed came much later, over the course of the centuries.    

Those who made the mistake of affirming that "the moon was a detached piece of the Earth" have to now admit they were wrong, since it was verified with special devices by means of the study of the pebbles brought from the Moon that it is more ancient than the Earth. And this is how it is: the Moon had humanity, had plant life, was a fecund world ...

But why did that world become a moon? Intuition allows us to know that everything that is born must die, and every world of the starry space eventually will become a new moon. This Earth which we inhabit, one day will grow old and will die, and will become a new moon.

Thus, there are very heavy moons, for example, the moon that revolves around the sun Sirius, which has a density five thousand times greater than the density of lead...

So, concerning our Moon, we say that it is the mother of the Earth. But why do I make this very strong statement? Because by means of intuition we see how after that old Moon, our grandmother, died, the anima mundi of the Moon, crucified on that satellite, was submerged within the bosom of the Eternal Cosmic Common Father, the Absolute. Thus, when a new epoch of manifestation arrived, after a long interval, when, we would say, a new great cosmic day of activity began, then the Mother-Moon, that anima mundi, constructed a new body. It reincarnated. It formed a new body, which is this Earth. All the creatures that once existed on the Moon died, but the same germs, the living germs of all plants animals and all human life did not die. Those germs, projected by cosmic rays, were deposited here in this new planet, even the seed-germs of our physical bodies!  For this reason we state that we are descendants of the Moon. 

Yes, the Moon is the mother of all living beings. The Moon is the mother of the Earth... When one makes a statement like this before a group of educated people, before the erudites of the intellect, before those who are used to juggling with the mind, before the fans of syllogisms and pro-syllogisms and episyllogisms of subjectivist rationalism, well, obviously one is exposed to mockery, sarcasm, irony, derision, scoffing, because the former affirmation can never be admitted by the subjectivist rationalism of the intellect. This which I am stating can only be verified by intuition.    

If you want someday to truly attained to enlightenment, to the perception of reality, to the complete knowledge of the mysteries of life and death, unquestionably you will then need to climb the marvelous steps of imagination, inspiration, and intuition, since mere rationalism will never bring you to these inner profound experiences...

We will never pronounce ourselves against the intellect. What we are doing is just specifying functions, and this is not a crime. Indubitably, the intellect is useful within its orbit. Yet, out of its orbit, I repeat what I already stated at the beginning and during this lecture, it is useless. Thus, if we become fanatics of the intellect, and we definitively refuse to climb the steps of imagination, then undoubtedly we will never learn to think psychologically.

The minds of those who do not know how to think psychologically remain trapped, with absolute exclusivity, within the physical-sensory, and may even become in fact a fanatic of Marxist Dialectics...

Only psychological thinking can open the inner mind. This is obvious. Those who have climbed up the steps of inspiration and intuition, undoubtedly, in fact, have opened the wonderful doors of the inner mind. "Intuitions" arise from within. They express themselves through the inner mind. In other words, the inner mind serves as the vehicle for intuitions.

This inner mind is the same objective reasoning, clearly specified by Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Collins, or Nicoll. To possess objective reasoning is to have opened the inner mind, which works exclusively with intuitions, with the data of the Being, of the consciousness, of what is superlative, of that which is transcendental and transcendent in us, and not otherwise...

Well, we have finished this lecture. So, whosoever wants to ask a question can ask it with the most complete freedom. If you do not agree, you can refute freely, because here we have freedom of speech for all. So therefore you can take the floor…  


Audience: Master, I would like to know if there is any difference between intellect and mind...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in their depth, intellect and mind are the same. However, an uneducated mind is not intellectual. Only the educated mind is intellectual. Someone could be very intelligent, and nonetheless not be intellectual.

Audience: Venerable master, I would like to know about the transmigration of souls.

Samael Aun Weor: Gladly, but this question is out of the theme.

Audience: I ask this because regarding transmigration I am confused...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, regarding your question about the transmigration of souls, or the famous Pythagorean metempsychosis, precisely at this moment I remember an interesting case… One day on the streets of Athens, a dog barked. The dog not only barked, but also squealed and howled... Well, the truth was that Pythagoras was around. He was walking along with his disciples. Then, one of his disciples, angry, kicked the wretched dog. Then the wise one rebuked him, saying, "Do not kick that animal, because in it I recognized the soul of a friend of mine who died many years ago…” This was an unusual expression, right? And all of this deserves to be explained.

Krishna taught the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, which is the same as the Pythagorean metempsychosis... so it is worth explaining, and truthfully.  

It so happens that every human being — better said, every humanoid, to speak more clearly — has in itself that which we could call animal ego. The ego is not something merely individual...

Three things go to the pantheon or cemetery. First: the corpse, the physical body. Second: the vital body. That vehicle floats above the tomb and is slowly decaying as the physical body disintegrates. Third: the personality. The personality can unquestionably escape sometimes from the tomb and ambulate by the pantheon or walk to some places that are familiar to it.

There is no doubt that the ex-personality is slowly dissolved over time. There is no tomorrow for the personality of the deceased. The personality in itself is perishable... That which continues, that which will not enter the sepulcher is the ego, the myself, the self-willed.  

Death itself is a subtraction of fractions; after the mathematical operation only the "values" remain. Obviously, these sum of values attract and repel each other according to the law of universal magnetization. They float in the atmosphere of the world.

Eternity opens its mouth in order to swallow the ego, and thereafter vomits it out, casts it out, returns it back to time.

That which continues after death is not something very beautiful, since that which does not decay as the physical body does is nothing but a bunch of devils, a bunch of psychic aggregates, a bunch of defects.

The only decent thing that exists within the dark depths of all of those cavernous entities that constitute the ego, is the Essence, the psyche, that which we have of soul.

The law of karma enters into action when the ego returns into a new physical vehicle, since an effect doesn't not exist without its cause, nor a cause without its effect.

Speaking honestly and with my heart in my hand, I can say the following: the deceased live normally in limbo, in the antechamber of hell, in the region of the dead, in the inferior astral, a region that is completely represented in all of those subterranean caves and caverns of the world, which united or closely intertwined, form a whole in their conjunction...      

The state in which the defuncts are found is lamentable: they seem like somnambulists since they have their consciousness completely asleep. They sleepwalk around everywhere, and firmly believe that they are alive. They are unaware of their physical death. After disincarnation, employees continue working in the commerce stores, drunks continue drinking in bars, prostitutes continue fornicating in brothels, etc. It would be impossible for people like that, for unconscious sleepwalkers of this kind, to afford the luxury of choosing the place where they have to be reborn. What is most natural for them is to be reborn without knowing at what time or how, and to be completely unaware of their process of death.

Those who do not yet possess individuality, meaning who have not awakened their consciousness, return, regress, re-enter into new organisms, but they do not reincarnate. Let us therefore distinguish between reincarnation and return. Rare are those individuals who reincarnate, and millions are the ones who return.

Already in past lectures we exposed all of these processes of the wheel of samsara, where we have said with complete clarity that to each soul is assigned 108 lives for the inner realization of their self.

Unquestionably, those who fail during their cycle of manifestation, those who fail to attain the inner realization of their self within the number of assigned existences, it is obvious that they descend into the submerged mineral kingdom, the Hindustani Avitchi, the Greek Tartarus, the Roman Averno.

It is obvious and evident that devolution within the entrails of the planet in which we live is terribly painful, since to recapitulate animal, vegetable, and mineral processes in a frankly degenerative manner is certainly not very pleasant.

We also affirmed in our past lectures that after the second death, the Essence, that which we have of soul, starts again the evolving ascension from the mineral to the intellectual animal or humanoid kingdom, when passing through the plant and animal stages. When the soul recuperates the human state that she lost, she has completed a complete turn of the wheel of samsara. It said that the wheel of fate turns three thousand cycles, after which the opportunities are exhausted…

Audience: What does the sphinx with half body of animal and human face represents?

Samael Aun Weor: The face represents the Mercury of the secret philosophy, the sacred sperm from where the true human emerges. As for the wings, obviously they represent the spirit. 

The sphinx is very important. The sphinx was made in Atlantis. It was used by the members of the Akaldan Society at the University of Atlantis. That Akaldan Society always had the sphinx in order to represent the human being, in order to represent the path that leads to the final liberation.

Originally the head of the sphinx had a nine-pointed crown of steel representing the ninth sphere, sex. Originally, of course, it had a staff in its right paw, in its hand the flaming sword. The current sphinx is stripped of all of these symbols, but originally it had them all... All of them symbolize the esoteric path, the sacred way that we must tread, namely the mysteries of the ninth sphere, sex, the work with the four elements of nature within ourselves here and now in order to create the existential superior bodies of the Being and become a true human being.

But in this we must distinguish between the endlessly spinning wheel of the Arcanum 10 of the Tarot, which is the wheel of samsara, and the sphinx. The wheel of samsara signifies evolution and its twin sister devolution; the evolving Anubis rises on the right, while on the left descends the devolving Typhon. The sphinx is above the wheel, because she represents the path of the marching revolution, the path of psychological rebellion, which is the path that leads us to the final revolution. We have to move away from evolution and from devolution, and to tread the path of marching psychological revolution we must be revolutionaries. We must be rebels psychologically. If we want to reach liberation, we need a great psychological rebellion.

Audience: Master, I believe that many people have heard about the "death belt" found in the Atlantic, since it even appears in newspapers. Could you explain what phenomena happens in this cited triangle?

Samael Aun Weor: You mean the triangle [Bermuda Triangle] that is out there in the Antilles in the Atlantic. That is an area where many planes have been lost, since they easily enter the fourth vertical. In such cases it is a very natural gate where many have gotten into the fourth vertical many times. The fourth vertical is perforated. That is something very natural. Many perforations are in that area. This is why so many people, ships, have been lost in that area. They have submerged into the fourth vertical. They continue living in the fourth vertical. 

Audience: Is there a way to escape from it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it would be better to not escape from it, to stay and live there. Why leave?

Audience: With the physical body?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, with body of flesh and bone and everything. If you are scared, do not go over there. Yet, if you want to enter and to live in the fourth vertical, I advise you to go.

Audience: But you said that it is better not to leave the fourth dimension?  

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is "difficult" to leave, because after the fourth vertical has swallowed us, it is better if we stay living there. Those who live in the fourth vertical live very well. There we can eat, sleep, we can live like a normal life, illuminated by the sunlight. We find that there are human races in the fourth dimension. People not only live here, there are many people who live in the fourth vertical. Among them, there is a very beautiful race that I like very much...