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Apollo, Christ

Alchemical Symbolism of the Nativity of Christ

It is clear that Christmas is a wonderful event upon which we must profoundly meditate.

Each year the Sun performs an elliptic journey that starts on the 25th of December, advancing and returning to the South Pole, towards the area where we find Antarctica. It is worthwhile to reflect precisely on the deep significance of this journey.


In the north on those days of Christmas, winter reaches its peak, precisely because the Sun has withdrawn. Thus, on December 24th, the journey of the Sun towards the south reaches its end. If from December 25th onwards the Sun did not move northward, we would die frozen; the whole earth would become a mass of ice, and every creature, everything that has life would actually perish. So, therefore it is worthwhile to reflect on the event of Christmas.

The Sun Christ must move forward in order to give us life. Thus, on the spring equinox, the Sun reaches its northernmost position. Then, the grapes and the wheat ripen. It is precisely in spring when the Lord must go through his life, passion and death to then resurrect. Eastern Holy week is in spring.

Analemma pattern

The analemma pattern shows the position of the Sun in the sky throughout the course of the year. Read Light from Darkness.

The journey of the Spiritual Sun, the Christ Sun, is symbolized by the journey of the physical Sun, which is nothing more than a symbol. Thus, when ancient mystics worshipped the Sun, when they rendered cult to the Sun, they were not properly addressing the physical Sun, no! They worshipped the Spiritual Sun, the Sun of Midnight, the Christ Sun.

Unquestionably, it is the Christ Sun who must guide us in the superior worlds of cosmic consciousness. Any mystic who learns how to operate outside of the physical body by will is guided by the Sun of Midnight, by the Cosmic Christ.


Christ as Represented by the Greeks, as Apollo

It is necessary to learn, to know, the symbolic movements of the Sun of Midnight, since he is the one who always guides the initiate. He is the one who guides us. He is the one who tells us what we should and should not do. I am talking about this in the most profound, esoteric manner.

Taking into account that every initiate must exit his physical body by will (since those who do not know how to astral project by will are just beginners, people who are taking their first steps in these studies), when one is on the path, one has to know how to be guided by the Sun of Midnight, by the Christ Sun, to learn, to know the signals of his movements. If one sees, for example, a sunset, the sun sinking in the west, what is he telling us? Simply, that something must die in us. Yet, if one sees its rising in the east, what does it says to us? It says that something must be born within us. When we achieve success in all esoteric tests, he then shines in his fullness on the horizon. So, the Lord guides us in the superior worlds; thus one has to learn to know his signals.

Dubui and many others have studied this wonderful Christmas event. There is no doubt—and this is recognized by Dubui—that all ancient religions celebrated Christmas.

Thus, as the physical Sun advances towards the north in order to give life to all of creation, likewise the Sun of Midnight, the Spiritual Sun, the Christ Sun, gives us life if we learn how to fulfill his commandments.

Obviously, this solar event is addressed in the holy scriptures, yet one must know how to read that event between the lines. Each year, in the macrocosmos, this entire cosmic drama of the Sun is lived; I repeat, it is lived every year.

The fact has to be taken into account that each year the Christ Sun must be crucified in the world. The Sun has to live the entire drama of his life, passion, and death, to then resurrect in everything that is, in everything that has been, and shall be—that is to say, in all of creation. So, therefore, this is how all of us receive life from the Christ Sun.

It is also true that every year, when the Sun moves towards the southern region, he leaves us cold here in the North, because he goes to the southern regions to give life. Long winter nights are tough. In times of Christmas, the days are short and the nights are long. We are reflecting on all of this; thus it is appropriate that we study what the cosmic drama is, because it is necessary for the Christ Sun to also be born within us. He must be born in us.

The sacred scriptures clearly address Bethlehem and a stable where he is born. This stable of Bethlehem is within oneself, here and now. Precisely within this interior stable dwell the animals of desire—that is, all those passionate “I’s” that we carry in our psyche. This is obvious.


Bethlehem is an esoteric name. The village of Bethlehem did not exist in those times when the great Kabir Jesus came into the world, so Bethlehem is entirely symbolic. Bethlehem in Chaldean language is Belen, and its root signifies "tower of fire." Therefore, Bethlehem is Belen, a Chaldean term that corresponds precisely to the tower of BEL, the tower of FIRE. Thus, Bethlehem is completely symbolic.

When the initiate works with the sacred fire, when the initiate completely eliminates his "psychic aggregates" from his intimate nature, when indeed he is performing the great work, he undoubtedly has pass through the Venustic initiation.

The descent of Christ into the heart is a cosmic and human event of an immense transcendence, which indeed corresponds to the Venustic initiation.

Unfortunately, what the Christ is has not been understood. Many assume that Christ was exclusively Jesus of Nazareth, yet they are wrong. Jesus of Nazareth as man, or better said, Jeshua Ben Pandira as man, received the Venustic initiation. Jesus incarnated Christ. Nonetheless, he is not the only one to receive that initiation. Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice-great God Ibis of Thoth, also incarnated Christ.

John the Baptist, whom many considered the CHRISTUS, as the anointed one [the Messiah], unquestionably received the Venustic initiation. John incarnated the universal Christ principle. The Nazarenes were known as Baptists, Sabians, and Christians of Saint John. Their belief was that the Messiah [Jesus] was not the Son of God, but simply a prophet who wanted to follow John. In those days, there were disputes among the Baptists, the Essenes, and others.

So, how should we understand what Christ is? Christ must not be understood as a person, nor as an individual, because Christ is beyond personality, the “I,” and individuality. Christ, in authentic esotericism, is the Solar Logos, represented by the Sun.

jesus sun

Now we can understand why the Incas worshiped the Sun, why the Nahuas rendered cult to the Sun, as well as Mayans, Egyptians, etc. Listen, it is not related to the worship of a physical sun, but to what is hidden behind that symbolism. Obviously, they adored the Solar Logos, the Second Logos. The Solar Logos is a multiple, perfect unity (variety is unity). In the world of the Cosmic Christ, there is no separate individuality.

At these moments, into my memory comes a certain esoteric experiment performed many years ago. At that time, immersed in deep meditation, I reached samadhi, ecstasy, as it is called in Western esotericism. At that time, I was longing to know something related to the baptism of Jesus the Christ, whom, as we know, was baptized by John.

The state of abstraction was profound. I attained perfect dharana—that is to say, concentration (dhyana is meditation). Finally I achieved samadhi. I would dare to state that it was a mahasamadhi, because I perfectly abandoned the physical, astral, mental, buddhic bodies, and even the atmic.

I therefore achieved taking my consciousness in an integral manner towards the Logos. Thus, while in that Logoic state, as a "dragon of wisdom" I performed the corresponding investigation.

So, immediately I saw myself inside a temple in the Holy Land, but lo and behold what an extraordinary thing: I saw myself wearing a sacred garment and converted into John the Baptist. Then I saw when they brought Jesus wearing his raiment or white robe. Thus, addressing Jesus, I said to him, "Undress." Then I took a little olive oil from a container. I guided him towards the interior of the sanctuary, and anointed Jesus with oil. I poured water on him. I recited the mantras or rites. Subsequently, Master Jesus sat aside, on his chair. I collected everything again and put it in its place, and finished the ceremony.

I saw myself metamorphosed into John. Of course, after the ecstasy, the samadhi, passed, I asked myself, "What? Is it possible that I am John the Baptist?" Perplexed, I said, "I am going to make another concentration. But now I will not focus on John, but rather I will concentrate on Jesus of Nazareth."

The meditation was long and tedious. The concentration was becoming increasingly profound. Soon I went from dharana (concentration) into dhyana (meditation). Afterwards, I entered into samadhi—that is, into ecstasy. I performed a supreme effort that allowed me to undress myself of the physical, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies, until taking my consciousness back, to be absorbed into the world of the Solar Logos. Thus in that state, wanting to know about the Christ Jesus, I saw myself in the Holy Land metamorphosed into Christ Jesus, performing miracles, wonders, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, etc. And finally, I saw myself wearing the sacred garments and arriving before John at that temple. John the Baptist then moved towards me, saying, "Jesus, take off thy robe, because I am going to baptize thee"! Here the roles were changed. I did not see myself metamorphosed into John, but into Jesus; thus I received the baptism from John.

Once the samadhi passed, once I returned into my physical body, I came to perfectly evidence, with complete clarity, that in the world of the Cosmic Christ we all are one. If I wanted to meditate on any of you, then back there in the world of the Logos I would have seen myself metamorphosed into any of you, and living your life, since in that world there is no individuality; there is no personality, nor "I." There, we all are the Christ; there we all are John the Baptist; we all are the Buddha; there we all are one. In the world of the Logos, there is no separate individuality.

The Logos is a perfect, multiple unity. It is the energy that bustles and throbs in all of creation, which lies at the bottom of every atom, of every meson, of every proton, of every electron, and which is expressed vividly through any human who is properly prepared.

Well, I have made this clarification in order to better specify the event in Bethlehem.

When a human being is properly prepared, he or she then passes through the Venustic initiation. By means of the Venustic initiation, one manages to incarnate the Cosmic Christ in oneself, within one’s own nature.

“Uselessly Christ in Bethlehem would have been born, if within our heart he is not also born, uselessly he would have died and resurrected in the Holy Land if he does not die and resurrect within us again.”

This is the nature of the "Salvator Salvandus." The Intimate Christ must save us, but he saves us from within. Those who await the coming of Jesus Christ in a remote future are wrong. The Christ must come now, from within. The second coming of the Lord is from within, from the very depths of our consciousness. This is why he said what is written:

“If you hear that they shall say unto you, behold, Christ is in the market place; do not believe them: behold, he is in preaching in the temple; believe them not.”

Listen, this time the Lord will not come externally, but internally. If we are prepared, he will come from the very bottom of our hearts. The Gospel clarifies this by saying:

“And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.” – John 1: 16

So, there is documentation about it. If we study carefully Paul of Tarsus, we will see that he rarely addresses the historical Christ. Each time that Paul of Tarsus talks about Jesus Christ, he addresses the inner Jesus Christ, the intimate Jesus Christ who must arise from the bottom of our spirit, of our soul.

As long as a human being has not incarnated Christ, we cannot say that he possesses eternal life. Only Christ can give us life, and give it to us in abundance. Therefore, we must be less dogmatic, and think about the Intimate Christ.

The entire symbolism associated with the birth of Jesus is alchemical and kabbalistic. It is written that guided by a star, three wise kings came to worship him. That passage could not be frankly understood if alchemy is not known.


What is that star, and who are these three magi?  I tell you that the star is none other than the seal of Solomon, the six pointed star, symbol of the Solar Logos. Obviously, the upper triangle represents sulfur, that is to say, the fire. And what does the lower triangle represent in alchemy? It represents Mercury, the water. But, what kind of water do the alchemists refer to? It is the water—Mercury, they say—that refines the metallic radical number, in other words, the exiohehary, the sacred sperm. Undoubtedly, by means of the transmutation of our sexual secretions, that extraordinary water, that pure water, that Mercury of the secret philosophy, is elaborated.

Well, it is worthwhile for us to meditate on the seal of Solomon. Behold the upper triangle, a vivid representation of Sulfur, and the lower, vivid representation of Mercury. I want to state with this that the sacred fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit, must fertilize in us our chaotic matter; the fire must fertilize the Mercury of the secret philosophy, so that life can emerge. Undoubtedly, if we do not appeal to the seal of Solomon and to alchemy, it will be a little difficult to understand this subject matter of the star of Bethlehem.

I repeat: Mercury is the "metallic soul" of the sacred sperm. The Sulfur is the sacred fire of Kundalini in the human being. Once we understand this, we can clarify something more: the Sulfur must fertilize the Mercury [the metallic soul of the sacred sperm]; with this fertilized Mercury we can manufacture the existential, superior bodies of the Being. So therefore if we do not understand this, we would not understand the seal of Solomon either, nor the star that appeared to the three magi-kings.

Now, for a better explanation, let us address the three mercuries:

First: what the alchemists called "Brute Azoth" is the sacred sperm, properly said.

Second: the second Mercury is precisely the metallic soul of the sperm. By means of transmutation, the sperm is transformed into energy. That sexual energy is what is called the "metallic soul of the sperm."

Third: the third Mercury is the most important. It is precisely the Mercury fertilized by Sulfur.

This subject-matter is a bit complicated and difficult to understand, but if you pay attention, you can at least have an idea about it. If you want me to explain what Christmas is, then I have to explain it as it is, or not explain it at all.

The first Mercury is the Brute Azoth, the sacred sperm. The second Mercury is sexual energy, the outcome of the transmutation of the sperm. The third Mercury is the Mercury fertilized by Sulfur; in other words, it is the sexual energy already fecundated by the sacred fire; it is a mixture of energy and fire that rises along the dorsal spine in order to take us towards the inner realization of the Being. This third Mercury is the "Archeus" of the Greeks. Therefore, within the "Archeus" there is Salt, there is Sulfur, and there is Mercury; this is obvious. The "Archeus" is up there in the macrocosmos, from where the cosmic units emerge, yet here below we also need to manufacture the "Archeus." How do we do it? We do it by means of transmutation. Thus, from that "Archeus," which will be a mixture of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, the existential, superior bodies of the Being will be born.


If someone has the astral, mental and causal bodies, they become a true human being, this is obvious, and consequently receives the psychic and spiritual principles.

Let us clarify: in the beginning we have nothing more than the Brute Azoth that we have to transmute—that is to say, the sexual secretions must be transmuted, must be transformed into energy. That transmuted energy rises through the spermatic cords to the brain. Subsequently, that energy unites its positive and negative poles in the coccyx, near the Triveni, and as a consequence the fire emerges; this fire fertilizes the energy. Fire mixed with energy rises along the spinal cord to the brain. The surplus of this Mercury fertilized by Sulfur comes to crystallize in the existential bodies of the Being.

First, the astral body will be formed; second, the body of the mind will be formed; and third, the causal body will be formed. When someone has formed the astral, mental, and causal bodies, this one receives the psychic and spiritual principles—that is to say, this one becomes a human being, a true human. Therefore, all of this is essential in order to become a human being. Nonetheless, to create the existential superior bodies of the Being is one thing, and to take them to perfection is another, different thing.

Unquestionably, Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury do it all. Wherever there is matter, there is Salt. All matter is reduced to Salt, and all Salt can be converted into gold. Thus, the existential superior bodies of the Being are a mixture of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. Through the combined action of Sulfur and Mercury, the Salt, in any of those bodies, is transformed into gold. To transform those bodies into gold, into vehicles of pure gold, is the goal, and that is the great work. Nonetheless, such a product could not be elaborated if one did not have extra help. This wonderful aid consists of the Nativity of the heart. Christ must be born in the heart of a human being so that he can perform such a gigantic task, which is to transform the existential bodies of the Being into vehicles of pure gold.

Now, let us focus our attention on any of these vehicles: the astral body, for example. Let us investigate a person who has a [solar] astral body. One knows that one has a [solar] astral body when one can use it, when one can move with it, consciously and positively, when one can travel with it from one planet to another. If we see someone who has the astral body, someone who is working on it in order to turn it into a vehicle of pure gold, in other words, someone who wants to perfect it, how does he do it? He does it if he eliminates the "Dry Mercury," that is to say, the “Arsenic Sulfur,” the bloody, lustful atoms. Obviously, he needs help. Thus, if he manages to eliminate the "Dry Mercury" and the “Arsenic Sulfur” or "poisonous Sulfur," then his astral body will become a vehicle of pure gold. This is difficult. Fortunately, the inner Christ intervenes and helps to eliminate all that "Dry Mercury" and all that "poisonous" or "Arsenic Sulfur ." Thus finally, as an outcome of these works, the vehicle becomes a golden body.

alchemy-couple fmt opt

The Salt, which comes to transform the astral body into a vehicle of precious gold, will necessarily have to undergo several stages.

The first is symbolized by the black color, the black crow, ruled by Saturn. Why? Because the initiate has to enter into infinitude of efforts. In these works he has to eliminate, destroy, disintegrate, all of the inhuman elements that he carries in his astral body—this is obvious—until attaining the white color, which is fundamental. Obviously, the white color is represented by the white dove. Egyptian initiates wear white linen garments to represent chastity, purity.

The third symbol is the yellow eagle, which is when the initiate receives the right to use the yellow tunic.

In the fourth phase of the work, the initiate will receive the purple, when his astral body has been converted into a vehicle of pure gold of the highest quality.

The boss of this alchemical work is precisely the Inner Christ.

The sages say that Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury are passive instruments of the great work. The most important element, they say, is the "internal magnesium." This "magnesium," quoted by Paracelsus, is nothing other than the Intimate Christ. Indeed, Christ must perform the great work.

I have cited as an example the astral body, but identical work needs to be performed with each of the superior existential bodies of the Being. Without the "inner magnesium" of alchemy, such work would be more than impossible. This is why, unquestionably, when one begins the great work, one must invoke the Intimate Christ.

The Inner Christ is born in the stable of our body; inside it we have the animals of desire, our lower passions. Christ has to grow, to develop, through the ascension of grades until becoming a man among men, until taking possession of all our mental, sexual, emotional processes, to disguisedly pass as anyone among many, etc.

Being Christ, such a perfect being, a Seity without sin, nonetheless, he has to live as a man, as a sinner among sinners, a stranger among strangers; this is the harsh reality of the facts. Yet, he grows, he develops at the pace that he eliminates within himself the "undesirable elements" that we all carry within. That integration with ourselves is so great that he takes all responsibility upon his shoulders. Not being a sinner, he has become a sinner like us, living as anyone else, feeling the temptations in our flesh and blood. Thus, little by little, as he is eliminating the "undesirable elements" of our psyche, he develops and unfolds inside of oneself. That is precisely the marvel of Christ. If it were not so, it would be impossible for us to perform the great work.

Christ is the one who has to eliminate all the "Dry Mercury," all the "poisonous Sulfur," so that the superior existential bodies of the Being can become vehicles of pure gold, vehicles of the best quality gold.

So, the three wise men who come to worship the child represent the colors of the great work.

The first color is black, symbolized by the black malachim, which is the color when we are perfecting the body—and again, this stage is also symbolized by the black crow of death, which relates to the black work of Saturn. Then, we are undergoing a death: the death of all our desires, passions, etc., in the astral world.

The white color emerges later, meaning it emerges in the moment when one has disintegrated all the "I's" in the astral world. Then, one has the right to use the white linen tunic. It is evident that this stage is symbolized by the white dove. Among the three kings, this is the second malachim, the white king.

If the initiate has advanced enough towards the perfection of the astral body, he will deserve the yellow color, meaning he has the right to use the yellow colored tunic. This is the stage where the yellow eagle appears. This reminds us of the third malachim of the three kings, who is the yellow king.

Finally, the crown of the work is the purple. When a body—whether the astral, the mental or the causal—is of pure gold, one receives the purple of the kings, because one has triumphed. The purple is the cape that the three wise kings carry upon their shoulders.

So lo and behold the three king magi, which are not three persons, as many people believe. No, sir! They represent the three fundamental colors of the great work, and even the very Jesus Christ who lives within each one of us [the malachim].

In Hebrew, Jesus is ישוע Yeshua, which means "savior." Thus as a savior, our particular Yeshua has to be born in the stable that we carry within, so that as a savior he can perform the great work. He is the "interior magnesium" of the alchemist's laboratory. The great master must emerge from the very bottom of our soul, our spirit.

The hardest task for the Intimate Christ when he is born within the heart of a human being is precisely his Via Crucis, the cosmic drama. In the Gospel, the crowds appear asking for the crucifixion of the Lord. Those crowds are not from yesterday, or from a remote past, or as the people suppose that they relate to something that happened 1,976  years ago. No, ladies and gentlemen! Those crowds are within us; they represent our “infamous" “I’s.”

Listen, within each person live thousands of people—namely, the “I” of hatred, the “I” of jealousy, the “I have envy,” the “I am greedy.” That is to say, all the many defects that we carry within, and which are our "infamous I’s,” are those who shout “Crucifixia! Crucifixia!”

Regarding the three traitors, we already know based on the Gospel of Christ that these are Judas, Caiaphas, and Pilate. Who is Judas? He is the demon of desire. Who is Pilate? He is the demon of the mind. Who is Caiaphas? He is the demon of evil will. However, this must be clarified a bit, so let us specify this so that you will understand. Judas, the demon of desire, changes the Intimate Christ for 30 pieces of silver: 3 plus zero equals 3; that is the kabbalistic addition, meaning Judas changes Christ for material things, for coins, for liquors, luxury, animal pleasures, etc.

Regarding Pilate, he is the demon of the mind that always washes his hands; he is never to blame; he always finds an evasion, a justification, for everything. Indeed, every psychological defect that we possess within ourselves always lives justifying his deeds. Yes, we never believe ourselves to be guilty. There are some who have told me, "Sir, I believe that I am a good person. I do not kill. I do not steal. I am charitable. I am not envious.” In other words, “a paragon of virtues," “Mr. or Ms. Perfection,” according to them. So, therefore, let us see at things as they are, in their crude reality. Pilate always washes his hands; he never feels guilty.

Now, regarding Caiaphas, I frankly think that he is the most perverse of all. Think about Caiaphas, of what he is. The Intimate Christ many times assigns a priest, a teacher, an initiate, to guide his sheep, so that he pastures them. The Christ places him in control and in front of a congregation. Yet, that priest, that teacher, that initiate, etc., instead of wisely guiding his people, he sells the sacraments; he prostitutes the altar; he fornicates with the female devotees, etc. In conclusion, he betrays the Intimate Christ. So, that is what Caiaphas is. Is this painful? Indeed, it is! This is horrible. This is the dirtiest betrayal of all! There is no doubt that there are many religions that have been prostituted, this is obvious. There are many priests who have betrayed the Intimate Christ. I am not addressing any sect in particular, no, but all religions of the world. It is possible that there are esoteric groups led by true initiates, and these initiates, often treacherous, have betrayed the Intimate Christ. All of this is painful, infinitely painful. So, Caiaphas is the dirtiest that is.

These three traitors lead the Intimate Christ to torment. Think for a moment of the Intimate Christ abiding at the bottom of every one of you, and becoming owner of all your mental, emotional processes, etc., fighting in order to save any of you, suffering horribly. Meanwhile, your own “I’s” are protesting against him, placing a crown of thorns on his head, whipping him. Well, that is the harsh reality of the facts. This is the cosmic drama, internally lived.

Finally, this Intimate Christ will rise to Calvary, that is obvious, and will descend into the sepulcher, and with his death he kills death: that is the last task that he performs. Subsequently, he resurrects in the initiate, and the initiate resurrects in him, then the great work is done (consumatum est).

So this is how through the centuries resurrected masters have emerged. Let us think of Hermes Trismegistus; let us consider Morya (a great master of Jinn science). Let us think of Count Cagliostro, who is still alive. Saint Germain, who in 1999 will visit Europe again. Saint Germain was active during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, nevertheless he still exists physically; he is a resurrected master. Why are these masters resurrected? They are because, thanks to the Intimate Christ, they succeeded in achieving resurrection.

So without the Intimate Christ, resurrection would be impossible. Those who assume that because a person has died physically he or she has the right to the resurrection of the dead are indeed people worthy of compassion, because they not only ignore (speaking now in a Socratic language) but worse, they ignore that they ignore. The resurrection is something that must be worked on, and worked on here and now. Yes, it is necessary to resurrect in flesh and blood, but here, right now, personally, and this is how the entire Christic mystery should be considered.

The entire cosmic drama, in itself, is extraordinary, wonderful, and begins, indeed, with the Nativity in the heart. What continues afterwards in relation with the Christic drama is the flight into Egypt, because Herod commands the killing of all of the children; thus, he has to flee. All this is symbolic, completely symbolic.

It is written in an apocryphal gospel that when Jesus, Joseph, and Mary had to flee to Egypt, they spent several days living under a fig tree, and that from that fig tree, a spring of pure water sprouted. This need to be understood: the fig tree always represents sex. That they ate of the fruit of the fig tree? Indeed, those are the fruits of the tree of the science of good and evil. The spring of pure water which flowed, sprouted out of the fig tree, is nothing less than the Mercury of secret philosophy.

As for the slaughter of the innocent, much has been written about it. On the gates of the cemetery of Paris, Nicolas Flammel engraved scenes on the slaughter of the innocent.


Why this cruel slaughter of the innocent? Nevertheless, this is also very alchemical. Any initiate must pass through the slaughter. But, what does the Intimate Christ have to slaughter in us? Simply put, Christ must slaughter the ego, the “I,” the “myself.” The blood that emanates from this slaughtering is the sacred fire, with which the initiate must be purified, cleaned, blanched. All of this is greatly esoteric. Nothing of it can be taken at the "dead letter."


Thereafter come the miraculous phenomena of the great master; namely, he walks on the waters. The Intimate Christ must always walk on the waters of life, to open the sight of those who even when listening to the preached Word cannot see its meaning, to open the ears of those who do not want to hear, so that they can hear the Word. When the Lord has grown in the initiate, he has to take the Word and explain it to others in order for them to understand what the path is. To clean the lepers: everyone in this world is leprous, there is not a single one who is not a leper; that leprosy is the "pluralized I." That is the plague that the whole world carries within, the leprosy of which we must be cleansed.

Those who are paralyzed, who do not walk yet on the path of the realization of the Self, must be healed by the Son of Man, so that they can walk towards the mountain of the Being.

The Christic drama must be understood in a most profound and intimate manner, since it does not correspond to a remote past. It is a drama to be lived within ourselves, here and now.

Yes, we must begin to mature a little bit. In this way we will better appreciate the message that the great Kabir Jesus brought to Earth.

In synthesis, we need to pass through three purifications, based on iron and fire. The three nails on the cross symbolize these three purifications. The very word "INRI" says a lot. We already know that INRI, esoterically, is fire. So before attaining the resurrection we need to pass through three purifications.

The one who resurrects is radically transformed and becomes a god-man, becomes a hierophant of the stature of Hermes, or Quetzalcoatl, etc. So, the great work has to be done.

The Importance of Kabbalah

Indeed, the four Gospels cannot be understood if one does not study alchemy and kabbalah. We must be alchemists and kabbalists; this is obvious.

The Jews had three sacred books: the first is the body of doctrine, that is to say, the Bible. The second is the soul of the doctrine, the Talmud, where the national Jewish soul is. The third is the spirit of the doctrine, the Zohar, where the entire rabbinical kabbalah is.

The Bible, the body of doctrine, is written in code. Thus, if we want to study the Bible by combining verses, we will proceed in an ignorant, empirical, and absurd manner. We find the key to interpret the Bible only in the third book, in the Zohar, written by Simon Ben Jochai, the great enlightened rabbi.

First of all, it is necessary to open the Zohar, because if we want to know something about the Son of Man, something about Christ, we must study the Tree of Life. How are we to know anything about the Son of Man if we do not study the Tree of Life? Without the Tree of Life? No! It is not possible. When one studies the Tree of Life, one has to delve into the ten sephiroth of the Hebraic kabbalah.

This time I will talk about the ten sephiroth, yet not from top to bottom, but I will approach them from the bottom to the top, since on one occasion, the Count of Saint Germain said to me, "Now, in these times, it is our duty to work from the bottom to the top…” Indeed, it is true. We have no choice, because humanity is too materialized. Therefore, I will start talking to you about the Tree of Life from the bottom to the top, and not from the top to the bottom...

kabbalah the tree of life

Thus, the first sephirah is Malkuth. Now this Malkuth, properly stated, is the physical world, this, where we live, the three-dimensional world of Euclid. This is obvious.

Scientists can learn the mechanics of phenomena, but what do they know about the vital depth? Absolutely nothing, indeed, nothing!

Let us examine an ordinary physical body. We discovered that it is formed by organs; this is why it is called an “organism.” Its organs, in turn, are composed of cells, its cells by molecules, its molecules by atoms, and if we disintegrate any atom, we liberate energy.

Scientists can play, we might say, with the biomechanics of phenomena, but they cannot create life — impossible! If we place on the table of a laboratory the chemical substances with which male and female gametes (i.e., spermatozoa and ova) are composed, and if we tell the scientists to manufacture such gametes, I do not deny that they might make, manufacture them. It is possible that they might make them with powerful microscopes. Nonetheless, we are indeed absolutely sure that they will never create a human organism from those artificial gametes.

Presently, they have created rockets that travel to the Moon, supersonic airplanes that have broken the sound barrier, yet scientists have not been able to create a simple artificial plant seed with the possibilities of germinating...

Mr. Alfonso L. Herrera, the great Mexican sage, who created the theory of plasmogenia, managed to manufacture an artificial cell, but it was a cell that never had life; it was a dead cell.

Farmers transplant seeds, e.g. coffee, from one land to another land. Right? Human seeds from one person to another can also be transplanted; scientists perform — we might say — artificial inseminations. All of this is possible, but they are playing around with what nature already made. But let us see if they, the scientists, are capable of manufacturing human seeds with the possibilities of becoming something alive. No, they cannot! This has never been seen, and it will never been seen.

Conclusion: Life is something different. To sustain it, the human body needs a nisus formativus — as Mr. Immanuel Kant, the philosopher of Königsberg said. That nisus formativus is the vital body or linga sarira of the Hindustani, the vital seat of any living cell, the Yesod [“foundation”] of the Hebrew kabbalah.

Just as our physical body has its vital body for its maintenance, sustenance, conservation, so likewise plants and any organism that has life; thus, in general, the whole planet Earth has it. So all the terrestrial world has its own vitality, vital foundation, its Yesod. Yes, in that Yesod of this terrestrial world [fourth coordinate] is the life of our world.

Now, delving a little more, we could mention the issue of the fifth coordinate. Obviously, the astral world exists beyond the vital world. In the astral world live the disembodied souls after having left their physical bodies. In the astral world we find the columns of angels and demons…

The magician can learn — if that is what he wills — to work in the astral world. We teach systems by means of which it is possible to enter the astral world at will. The astral world is precisely the kabbalistic Hod.

Beyond the astral world, we find the world of the cosmic mind, the famous Netzach of the Hebrews. The Earth has its mind. The cosmic mind or the planetary mind abides in all that is, was, and will be. Our own mind is a fraction of the planetary mind, that is obvious. That the planetary mind or mental world is named in Hebrew Netzach is nothing strange, it just is a matter of language. Notwithstanding, the world of the mind has been extensively studied by all schools of regeneration.

Continuing then with this analysis of the Tree of Life, we enter into the world of natural causes, the causal world. Obviously, the causal world is indeed the temple of the fraternity of the interior light (never built by human hands). In the causal world, we find different currents of cosmic causation:

"Every effect has its cause, and every cause its effect.” Every cause is transformed into an effect, and the effect, in turn, becomes the cause of a new effect. Thus, causes and effects are properly chained.

In the casual world, properly stated, is the principle of the human known as “human soul,” which has been denominated (in Hebrew) Tiphereth, and this is quite interesting. The human soul itself is male, the spiritual soul is female. Thus, in the world of Tiphereth we find the human soul, which is what we all have of human.

When Christ, the Intimate Christ, comes to give us help, he obviously has to emerge in us from Tiphereth, from within the causal world, since the causal world is where the causes of our errors are, and he has to remove the causes of our errors.

In order for the Cosmic Christ to be born within us, he needs to humanize himself, since he is a cosmic, universal, latent force within every atom of the infinite. However, in order for Christ to be humanized, he has to enter within the womb of our Divine Mother Kundalini... in other words, how could we understand the meaning of this?

Listen: as our Father who is in secret is within us, likewise is our Divine Mother Kundalini. Therefore, the Divine Mother arises in us when the eternal divine masculine splits asunder into the eternal divine feminine, who later receives the Logos in her womb. Christ descends from his elevated sphere in order to be born from her; this is why it is stated that, "She is virginal before childbirth, during childbirth, and after childbirth.” Thus, it is from her that the child Jesus, the inner Jesus Christ, must be born. This is our particular Yeshua [Hebrew: “savior”] who has to descend in us through her in order to save us. After emerging from her, he descends in us, the human soul. 

Therefore, when a human soul receives the Initiation of Tiphereth, Christ then descends into the causal world in order to express himself through that human soul. Christ emerges, in fact, from the causal world in order to eliminate the causes of our errors, which are there.

Far beyond the world of Tiphereth, or world of natural causes, is Geburah, which is the world (we may say) of the spiritual soul. In strict Buddhism, Geburah is called the Buddhic or intuitional world. This is why Geburah is also called Buddhi, the world of the spiritual soul. What, then, is Buddhi? 

In the Buddhic world is Buddhi, our spiritual soul, the Valkyrie, Guinevere, the queen of the Jinn knights, she who poured wine for Lancelot into the initiatic cups of shukra and manthin...

Let us remember Dante who speaks of two souls: the soul that works, and the other that contemplates herself in a mirror (who shines, and all)... So these are the two souls: one is masculine, and the other feminine. Geburah is also called the world of rigor, of the law, of justice. 

Far beyond the sephirah Geburah, we find Gedulah, the seventh of the sephiroth. Gedulah is also called Chesed. The sephirah Chesed is the world of the Innermost, the world of Atman, the ineffable.

Ancient wisdom states in the Testament of Learning: 

“Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn.”

The Innermost is Atman, the ineffable: Chesed. 

Therefore, these seven sephiroth are, we might say, the manifestation. 

Far beyond these seven inferior sephiroth, we find Binah amongst the three superior sephiroth... But what is Binah? Binah is the Holy Spirit. Yes, Binah is the Holy Spirit in each one of us. The world of the Holy Spirit is formidable, wonderful, extraordinary. 

Beyond the world of the Holy Ghost is the world of Chokmah, meaning the world of the Logos, the Cosmic Christ. 

And much further beyond is the world of Kether, the world of the Ancient of Days, our Father who is in secret. Each one of us has his particular, individual Father. So, there are as many Fathers in heaven as people on Earth, and even more. So, each one of us has his own Father. Obviously, no one will be able to see the Father, nor to talk with him face to face, without having previously died – this is not the death of the body, but of our ego. In other worlds, first our ego has to die in order to have the joy of seeing the Father and to talk with him properly. Otherwise, this would not be possible. Or at least, if the initiate has not yet reached the complete psychological death, he should be dead about a 90% in order to have the joy of seeing the Father and to talk with him face to face, personally. He is the goodness of the goodness, the hidden of the hidden, the mercy of mercies... 

So, this is what the Tree of Life is, meaning, what the ten sephiroth of the Hebrew kabbalah are. 

The Son of Man is in the sephirah Tiphereth. Yes, it is in Tiphereth where the particular Yeshua, the Son of Man is. 

If we look at Tiphereth from the bottom, we will see that amongst the ten sephiroth it is the fifth. In other words, Tiphereth is located between the sephiroth from above and below, at the center of the middle pillar. 

Since the Son of Man abides in it, Tiphereth has to express himself through the human soul. Thus, Christ as the Son of Man will have to gather the sephiroth from below and the sephiroth from above. Christ as the Son of Man will have to integrate them within himself, in order to transform himself into Adam Kadmon, meaning, into the Heavenly Adam, the Solar Adam.

When this integration is done, we will then be perfect, turned into terrifically divine gods, beyond good and evil. But to reach such tremendous heights would not be possible without Christ, who descends in order to be manifested in Tiphereth as the Son of Man. The Lord is therefore fundamental for the great work. Christ is the Interior Magnes of alchemy ...

By comprehending the Tree of Life, we also know what the Son of Man is, as it is figured in the Bible. Thus, if we do not study the Tree of Life in the Zohar, we could not know what Yeshua, the Son of Man, is.

For example, in the sacred scriptures Luke speaks about Christ as the Son of Man — I do not remember exactly at what points, but when speaking about the Son of Man, John said: 

“Who is a liar but he that denies that ישוע Yeshua is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son.” - 1 John 2:22

Obviously, this how it is. For whosoever denies the Son of Man denies Christ, who is here in Tiphereth expressing himself through the human soul. In other words, whosoever denies Christ in his expression as well as the human soul, that one is an antichrist. 

Materialists deny the human soul. Materialists such as Karl Marx deprive human beings of the possibility of having human soul. Marx’s materialistic dialectics rob humanity of its eternal values. Obviously, the materialists are antichrists, because if Christ expresses himself through Tiphereth, whosoever manifests himself against Tiphereth, the human soul or causal principle, is antichristic. Conclusion: the materialists and whosoever denies the soul is antichristic. 

Therefore, the antichrists of false science that presently live on the face of the Earth are all of those scientists, atheists, enemies of the Eternal One. They are antichrists 100%, because they deny the Son of Man...

So, my beloved brothers and sisters, let us reflect on all of these issues so that we can understand what the Inner Christ is, and what the Nativity in the heart is...

Buddha and Christ

Buddha and Jesus, or Buddha and Christ, complement each other within us... On one occasion I narrated to you the case (an unusual case) when I went into a Buddhist temple in Japan, and before the congregation said something about Christ. Naturally, a rumor was produced there amongst all the monks.

I was in fact, in a Buddhist monastery. The monks addressed the master and told him that a man was there speaking on behalf of Christ. I expected that monk would come in a rage with sticks and who knows what else against me, right? But fortunately, nothing like that happened... He said, “How is it that you, here at a Buddhist temple, speak on behalf of Christ?..." 

And I answered, “With the deepest respect that this congregation deserves, I would say that Christ and Buddha complement each other...” 

Then I saw with astonishment that the master nodded and said, “That is right. Christ and Buddha complement each other.” He affirmed this before all of the monks.

Then he indicated to me with a Koan, to let me know that Christ and Buddha are two intimate factors that one carries within. He brought a thread, with which he linked first my right thumb, and thereafter my left thumb. I understood the Koan, because I am used to the dialectic of the consciousness. He wanted to tell me with that Koan that Christ and Buddha are linked within us, since they are two aspects of our inner Being...

Now, I can explain this to you. Better said, I will precisely explain this to you under the light the Tree of Life: 

Buddha is naturally formed by two principles: Chesed and Geburah. Yet, in a rigorously philosophical language, we would say: Atman-Buddhi form the inner Buddha.

Regarding Christ, let us see him here in Chokmah. To that end, through Binah, through sexual alchemy, Christ becomes connected to the inner Buddha, who is Chesed / Geburah. 

Thus, Christ and Buddha are two parts of our own Being.

Thus, without a doubt the esoteric and religious future for the humanity of tomorrow will have the best of the Christian esotericism and the best of the Buddhist esotericism. In other words, the Buddhist esotericism and the Christian esotericism have to be integrated, fused, since Christ and Buddha are two parts of our own inner Being.

Indeed, Gautama, the Buddha Sakyamuni, came to teach the doctrine of Chesed and Geburah, that is to say, the doctrine of the Innermost, the doctrine of the inner Buddha.

Regarding Yeshua Ben Pandira, he came to teach the doctrine of Christ. Chokmah is the Christ. He came to teach the doctrine of the human soul, the doctrine of Tiphereth, the doctrine of the Intimate Christ, the doctrine of inner Chrestos.

Thus, Gautama brought the doctrine of the intimate Buddha, and Jesus of Nazareth brought the doctrine of the Intimate Christ. Each of them brought a message from our own inner Being, thus Christ and Buddha complement each other. They are within us; this is obvious.

My dear brothers and sisters, when these esoteric matters are understood, it is therefore worthwhile for one to work in order to get, to attain, one day, the Venustic Initiation, meaning, the Initiation of Tiphereth, the Nativity of the heart...

Now, I will answer questions. Each one of you with the most entire freedom can ask about what you did not understand, so, ask and I will explain.

Questions and Answers

Audience: Why is the centesimal system used, the one and the zero?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, people make too many additions and subtractions, right? But indeed, if they take the number 1 + 0 + 0, they get the number 1, which represents the name of the eternal living God and the unknown.

Obviously, we cannot represent God in any given manner. There are two units. The first is the unmanifested unit; we would name him as follows: “Aelohim,” the unknowable seity, the omnimerciful, the infinitude that sustains all. Aelohim cannot be chiseled; he cannot be symbolized; he cannot be allegorized, nor can we make an image of him. Aelohim is the one who Moses spoke about, when saying: 

“Thou shalt have none faces of me as another Elohim. Thou shalt not make of me any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth…” - Deuteronomy 5: 7-8

Thus, we cannot use images or symbols in order to symbolize Aelohim; how can we symbolize the unmanifested, unknowable divinity, in which manner, how, if Aelohim is unknowable?

But the second unit can be allegorized. Elohim is the second unit. Yet, Elohim is not a subject, as many believe. Elohim is the army of the Word, the army of the Voice; it is a word...

Audience: I was reading that one cannot utter the name of God, that only the angels can utter it because they know it.

Samael Aun Weor: Those concepts are merely intellectual types of issues, because indeed, the true secret name of divinity abides within each one of us, within our interior depths. And in that case, it would not be one name, but millions of names, since each Monad has its own name, and of the divinity within their interior. Thus, the name of God must be searched from within our interior. Example: my secret name, my profound interior name is Samael Aun Weor. I use it, and it is the only one that I use. I do not use my profane name. Why? Because the one who is accomplishing this mission, that is, the one who is delivering the teachings to humanity, is my profound interior God. Therefore, he is the one who has the right of signing the books with his name, since the value of my humble persona is nothing.

Well then, Elohim is the army of the Voice, but Aelohim is the incognizable. Elohim is the army of the Word. This is a right definition, but Elohim [אלהים] in itself is a pluralized Hebrew word. It begins with Elah אלה, which is a feminine word; thus Elohim is a pluralized feminine word, since it ends with -im ים, which is a masculine syllable. Thus, Elohim means “gods and goddesses.”

Therefore, a religion without goddesses is a religion that is halfway towards atheistic materialism, since half of divinity has been deleted in that religion.

“Goddesses and gods.” This is what Elohim means. Therefore, the Elohim are divine androgynous beings, since they have the two principles, namely the spiritual soul, which is feminine, and the human soul, which is masculine. They are goddesses and gods at the same time: Elohim, the army of creation, the Demiurge Architect...

Well, in regard to Aelohim, it is different. Aelohim is the Innominate... 

But everything that emerges, everything that arises into existence, comes from Elohim, who is the creative unity, and arises from a definite conjugation of the Sulphur and Mercury. This is why it is written:

“The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind has carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse.” - Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus

Therefore, distinguish between Aelohim and Elohim. 

In the world of Elohim, each one of us has an esoteric name. 

Thus, Elohim, or the army of the Word, at the end, when the cosmic night arrives, will have to absorbed within the eternal cosmic common Father, within Aelohim...

Audience: The Absolute creates duality... How does the Absolute create the trinity?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the Absolute itself — in other words, Aelohim, the eternal cosmic common Father — is not the one who creates duality. We do not deny that he meditated on the creation of a cosmos. Aelohim meditated on it, but that is it. The one who creates duality is the second unity, Elohim. The manifested unity is the one who creates, and does it by means of the conjugation of Sulphur and Mercury. Therefore, from Sulphur and Mercury arises all that is, was, and will be. Thus, Sulphur and Mercury themselves are the created duality, created naturally from the second unity, not from the first unity...

Audience: And the trinity emanates from...?

Samael Aun Weor: Regarding the trinity, properly said it arises to manifestation through the second unity. Because beyond the Ancient of Days (the Elder of the Centuries, Kether, who is the tenth of the sephiroth) we find the Ain Soph Aur, which is the sacred Absolute Sun, and much far beyond the Ain Soph Aur we find the Ain Soph, which is the second circle of the Absolute, and much far beyond is the Ain, the unmanifested absolute. But indeed, what lies beyond Ain, what is behind Ain, who is in other words, the cosmic common eternal Father, could never create the trinity, no! 

ray of creation

During manifestation, the Ain unfolds into the Ain Soph, and from it emerges the Ain Soph Aur, which appears as the sacred Absolute Sun, and from the sacred Absolute Sun arises the most blessed, omnipresent, all-pervading, omniscient Okidanokh. The most blessed Okidanokh is also mentioned by Blavatsky by the name the Great Breath. From the Great Breath, in turn, emerges the trinity, the Holy Triamatzikamno – namely, Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation.

The Holy Okidanokh, although it enters the worlds, does not remain involved in them, and in order to create the Holy Okidanokh has split asunder into its three basic elements, which are Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation. This is how the Trimurti arises: Kether, Chokmah and Binah; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Positive, Negative, Neutral.

Thus, the trinity emanates from the most blessed Okidanokh, which in turn, emanates from the holy Absolute Sun. So, the trinity does not emanate directly from the unmanifested unity, but from the already manifested unity. This is how we have to understand it.

Audience: What happens if God made us, and not the Ain Soph?

Samael Aun Weor: Your question is based on an anthropomorphic god. That god on whom you based your question does not exist. If when you address “God” you mean that puppet painted by some dead sects? That puppet has no existence. That puppet is created by our misleading fantasy...

It is better if we think of the manifested unity, which is the army of the Word; you yourself are part of that army of the Word better said, the superior part of your self in the Tree of Life, the Kether of the Hebrew kabbalah, an igneous and divine particle, is therefore a fragment of the great manifested unity, which is not an individual and who has no head or feet, but is an ocean, essential with space, life, free in its movement. In turn, that manifested unity comes from the unmanifested unity. 

The unmanifested is endless! Can you find an end to space? For it is the same space. Where can you mark an end to space? Therefore, if we think this way, we will understand better. 

Because if you talk to me about a God in the sky, a gentleman with a long beard that reaches his navel, seated on a throne of tyranny, throwing thunderbolts against all of this wretched human anthill — well, frankly, I do not accept it.

Indeed, in relation to that puppet, you could ask, "Who made this puppet?" Well, of course, when one comes to know a tyrant puppet like that, one has to grab it from his beard, right? But that puppet does not exist. That is a misleading fantasy. 

We must begin to understand that in the depths, there in the most profound depths of our Being, we are just particles of the great ocean of universal life, and that is all. 

So, this is how we must understand God, in that manner and not in an anthropomorphic way. 

Anthropomorphism has caused a lot of damage. Many Russians, those Russian astronauts precisely, when they got to space in their famous rockets, the famous Russian rockets, they said: “Where is God? We have not found him anywhere here.” Why? Because humanity was taught idolatry. Humans were taught that God is a gentleman up there in the sky, seated on the throne of tyranny. So, that is misleading; that is false... 

Audience: You spoke of the three wise kings, who reflect three aspects, three parts of the work. I will recall them: the first was stated as black, right? Then the white and yellow, and thereafter comes the purple crown ...

Samael Aun Weor: Rather, the purple mantle of the kings!

Audience: The mantle, yes. Well, Nicolas Flamel only speaks about three colors, namely, Black, White and Red ...

Samael Aun Weor: If Nicolas Flamel said that, let him say so. Sendivogius says otherwise, and Raymond Lully another. I for one accept the four primary colors by direct experience. Because the first is the black, corresponding to Saturn, death, when one is removing, for instance, let us suppose, from the astral body, eliminating from that body what is worthless from that body (the Dry Mercury, the egos). The second color is white, when one has already achieved the whitening of that body (for the fact of having eliminated the ego). The third is yellow, when one receives the yellow robe (one gives hope, since one is to finish the great work). And fourth is the purple, when the astral body already has become a vehicle of pure gold. So, black, white, yellow and red are the four fundamental colors, whether Nicholas Flammel said it or not.

Audience: These will also be represented by the four Hermetic roses?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, one can also symbolize them with four hermetic roses, this is correct. They could also be symbolized by the four leafed clover. But obviously, in the Gospel they are well symbolized by the three wise kings. In the end, all of them wear the purple, which is the fourth color, the purple of the kings!

And after all, in short, all the great work that any initiate has to realize in order to possess the Philosophical Stone has to pass through these four colors. They are always allegorized with the black color, Saturn, which is death, with the white dove of the Holy Spirit, with the yellow eagle, and the red pheasant...

Audience: And the names of the sephiroth are in Hebrew?

Samael Aun Weor: These are in Hebrew! These are the same worlds or regions spoken of by the Theosophists, spoken of by the pseudo-Rosicrucian schools, spoken of by the Yoga schools, spoken of by the Japanese, Lamas, schools, etc., etc., etc. These are here already under the light of the Tree of Life...

There are two trees in us: the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is sex, and this other tree, which is the Tree of Life, and both trees even share their roots...

So therefore, no one can climb these steps of the Tree of Life, through these branches of the great tree, if one does not work indeed dissolving the ego and, in general, with the tree of sex (the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil). These are the two trees, both share their roots; these are the two big trees... 

Audience: What symbolism can the jaguar have?

Samael Aun Weor: The jaguar?

Audience: Yes ...

Samael Aun Weor: You meant the tiger?

Audience: Yes ...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the tiger has a very beautiful symbol: it is Lucifer-Xolotl. Lucifer is precious. Why is Lucifer precious? It is because Lucifer is a reflection of the Logos within us, here and now.

Here also comes again the issue of anthropomorphism. Many think... as they portray a terrible God there in the sky on a throne of tyranny, they also portray to us an awful devil, sitting there in an infernal throne, with a big fork here in the right hand, horrible wings, and dominating the world... well, that... that is wrong. Because the harsh reality of the facts is that every light produces a shadow. Let us see the Sun; the Sun gives us life. At this moment we are on the dark side, since the Sun is now shining the other side of the planet Earth. By day, the Sun shines on one side, yet the other side is in darkness, by contrast. Thus, by contrast, at this moment here we are in the night, yet in Japan there is daylight, by contrast... At noon, the shadows are formed under the trees. 

Eliphas Levi Shadow BenedictionFor example, if before the light we raise our hand, as the drawing of a blessing hand, what do we see projected on the wall? A shadow that is not to pretty, but rare... Watch it, observe it: it is the devil! 

So, behold the blessing hand is a very pretty symbol: thumb, index, and middle fingers represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: three distinct persons forming one only true God. But, when reflected on the wall, what do we see? We clearly see the devil. So, Lucifer is nothing else than the shadow of God, the shadow of the intimate Logos reflected within us. Better said, our profound inner Logos, the intimate Christ, projects its shadow within us, since that shadow is useful, we need it...

For better understanding, read The Divine Comedy of Dante. There you will read how Virgil and Dante descend down the stairs of Lucifer. Each body hair of Lucifer seemed a beam. On Lucifer they were descending, and climbing up, too, till reaching there where Golgotha is; that is symbolic: 

"Lucifer is ladder to descend. Lucifer is ladder to climb…" 

Christ disguised himself as Lucifer in order to serve us as a ladder, in order to take us out of the abyss and lead us towards the light.

Therefore, we have to look now at Lucifer from a new point of view, since Lucifer indeed is nothing more than the reflection of the Logos within us, God’s shadow, and very useful indeed, since he grants us the sexual impulse.

The Luciferian sexual type of impulse is rebellious in itself. But if one is capable of controlling that animal impulse, then one transmutes the sperm into energy and begins the great work, and wins one battle against Lucifer… Thus, every time that one achieves it, meaning, every time one dominates the sexual animal impulse, one climbs one step on the ladder of Lucifer; and thus, one goes up from step to step, until one surfaces, self-realized and perfect... So Lucifer serves us as a ladder to climb, and vice versa: if one wants to descend, one has no other choice than to descend through Lucifer's ladder...

As for the tiger (Xolotl-Lucifer), it is the symbol precisely of the Lucifer Nahua, and this is how we must understand it. The tiger knights were initiates who were fighting precisely for their Self-realization, fighting against their animal ego. Understand that originally, the tiger knights were initiates. 

Any other questions, brothers and sisters?

Audience: I do not quite understand about the symbolism of the star...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the symbolism of the star is clear and vivid. Obviously, this upper triangle represents the Sulfur, and the lower the Mercury. Unquestionably, Sulfur is the sacred fire that one has to awaken in one’s body, and Mercury is formed by the transmutation of sexual secretions. These are converted into energy, and that energy is the Mercury. Thus, the entire great work must be done on the basis of Sulfur and Mercury. Without the Sulfur and Mercury, one cannot accomplish the great work. This is the harsh reality of the facts... Now...

Audience: Master! Forgive me for interrupting you, but in this classroom there are some who are already in the teachings, yet others are new, so therefore they do not know what the Arcanum is...

Samael Aun Weor: Oh!? Well, we have to explain to them, and they have to study the books, and to pass through successive explanations in order to reach complete understanding of this...

Audience: I more or less understand you...

Samael Aun Weor: Good! Well, here we see, then, that the Star of Solomon speaks for itself. It has six points, which are male, and between the points there are six deep entrances, which are female. Thus, this break down in total as twelve rays. These twelve rays, in turn, come to crystallize in the twelve zodiacal constellations. The Star of King Solomon is the symbol of the Logos, and therefore the Philosophical Stone itself is a mixture of Sulfur and Mercury, and Salt (it is saline). Salt itself contains Sulfur and Mercury. So the entire work of the great work is based on Sulfur and Mercury.

The existential superior bodies of the Being must be created, and they are created by means of sexual transmutation. By transmuting and sublimating the creative energy, one gives rise to the Mercury of the secret philosophy. That Mercury, in turn, integrated with Sulfur, provides the foundation for the creation of the astral, mental and causal bodies. Whosoever gets to possess such bodies receives their psychic and spiritual principles, and becomes a true human being.

Now, only with the help of the Interior Magnes — in other words, only with the help of the Intimate Christ — is it possible to bring those vehicles to perfection. And in order to receive such extra help, it is necessary to pass through the Venustic Initiation — that is the Initiation of Tiphereth. Whosoever does not pass, whosoever does not receive the Venustic Initiation, that one then cannot incarnate the Intimate Christ. Thus, what is fundamental in life is to get the incarnation of Christ.

It is written: 

“Whosoever knows, the word gives power to; no one has utter the word, no one will utter the word, except the one who has the word incarnated “

Any other questions, brothers and sisters?

Audience: How is this initiation achieved, or how do we begin to know such initiation?

Samael Aun Weor: In order to reach the Venustic Initiation, one has to previously pass through the higher initiations. One has to pass through all the five great initiations of fire. Only those who pass through the five initiations of fire manage at the end to receive the Venustic Initiation, which is a very demanding initiation. But obviously, if one dares to achieve it, eventually one will achieve it. In any case, this is performed in a gradual manner. One has to start at the beginning. Before we can aspire to be a master, one has to be a good disciple. 

Any other questions, brothers and sisters? Let us see, none must be left with doubts...

Well, I see there are no more questions, right? Of course, those who have to ask, ask, before we close this lecture.

Well, we end this lecture. The new guests are as always invited to follow the attending lectures, concurring, in order to receive our esoteric teachings. Those who have not attended before, in fact, are invited to our studies. It is worthwhile to know the path that must lead us to the intimate Self-realization of our Being.

The only thing that interests us is the intimate Self-realization of our Being. Nothing else interests us. Here we seek nothing more within each one of us than the Self — and we are at it! Whosoever wants Self-realization, study then in depth, thoroughly, the entire body of the doctrine, and enter into it through its practice.

Well, we have done it, this is the end of our lecture. Inverential peace!