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Samantabhadra: the Adi Buddha
Samantabhadra: the Adi Buddha, "Primordial Awakened One"

Aelohim, the Hermetic Seal of Self-remembering and Seven Radicals

“Do not forget, oh buddha, that the buddhas can also fall.

As long as one has not been liberated from the intercosmic soul, one is always in danger of falling.

This universe exists because of karma. Even the gods exist in this universe because of karma.

When the Causal Logos initiated its electrical movement at the dawn of the mahamanvantara, nothing was heard but the weeping, pleading, and lamentation of children.

At the dawn of the mahamanvantara, the gods wept.

The Causal Logos contains in its divine mind all the karmic causes that originated the existence of this universe.

Thus, when that great being began to move upon the face of the waters, there was nothing but the weeping and the lamentation of gods.

Little by little, the uncreated light of the Absolute began to withdraw from the gods, thus, this is how they fell into this mass of universal shades.

Hence, when the great Logos that expresses itself as electricity in all that exists emanated from within itself the Logos of the solar system and the seven planetary genii, nothing was heard but bitter weeping.

When the gods fertilizing the chaotic matter with the fire began to weave in the loom of God, nothing was heard but bitter weeping.

The gods wept in their exit from the Absolute.

They wept for the uncreated light that had already become darkness for them, and they justified themselves, saying: “I am not guilty; I am innocent,” etc.

The gods fell when the great Mother robbed their fire.

Then, the great Mother shone with pleasure with the universal Protogonos.

The Virgin Mother snatched the cane from the gods, and thereafter she removed the world from their chakra Muladhara.

That is the karma of the gods.

Fortunately, at the dawn of every mahamanvantara, the spiral of life is lifting the soul of the gods to higher and higher planes of consciousness.

In every great cosmic day, the universe is placed in a successively more superior plane.

Thus, finally, the fiery soul of the gods is totally absorbed within the Absolute.

This, to work with worlds, is the karma of the gods.

At the dawn of life they wept when they sank into the shades of the universe.

When the gods began to weave in the loom of God, when they began to fertilize the chaotic matter with their sacred fire, they wept with pain.

It was then when an inhabitant of the Absolute—the Christ, a paramarthasatya—took pity on them and, moved by compassion, descended into the universal shades in order to save humans and gods.

Then, from within its divine mind, the Causal Logos emanated the cross within the circle, and when the fire and the water formed a cross with this divine connubium, the Christ hung himself on that cross in order to save the humans and gods of this universe." – Christ’s Will by Samael Aun Weor

We are going to start our lecture tonight. In past lectures we talked about the fire, and it is necessary that we continue today with the wisdom of the fire so that we know the path that will lead us to the final liberation.

First of all, it is essential to understand that there are two: the unmanifested and the manifested.

tree of life twelve bodies aelohim 500

Aelohim אאלהים is the unmanifested, the eternal common cosmic father. Elohim אלהים is the manifested one, the demiurge architect of the universe. Obviously, the latter, at the dawn of the mahamanvantara, that is, at the dawn of the creation of any universe, emanates, comes out from within the entrails of the eternal common cosmic father, of the unknowable one. Undoubtedly Elohim, the manifested one, is the army of the Word; it is the Logos, and the Logos sounds; it is the fire...

avalokitesvara adi

Avalokitesvara (white) emanates from Adi-Buddha (red, at top)

In esotericism, the manifested Elohim (which is the army of the Word), is always called "Avalokiteshvara": the Logos, the Dhyan-Chohan creators of the universe, the igneous intelligences that make possible the existence of this solar system of Ors.

Undoubtedly, the unmanifested, the unknowable one, is also called "Adi-Buddha"; and each one of us, although it is true that he has his “Purusha”, that is, the particular Elohim, it is no less true that our Purusha has emanated from his Adi-Buddha, given that each one of us has their unmanifested, unknowable Adi-Buddha.

Someone, working in the great work of the father, could fully integrate and reach the point of merging with the ancient of days (with the manifest buddha, the Purusha), but to integrate with the particular, individual Adi-Buddha of each one of us, is only possible in the cosmic night, in the great pralaya, after the dissolution of the entire universe.

There is no doubt that at the dawn of any creation, our Purusha (the "ancient", the Being of the Being), turns himself asunder and becomes, for this reason, our father-mother. There is also no doubt that the original couple, Osiris and Isis, through a supreme sexual act, in the flaming forge of Vulcan, give rise to the third, that is, the fohat, the fire; and this, in turn, makes the chaotic matter fertile so that life arises.

But it is written that the fohat, the flame that emanates from Osiris-Isis, turns himself asunder into the seven radicals, into the seven igneous brothers that are within ourselves, here and now.

The one is the physical; another is the vital; third, the fiery principles of the astral; the fourth, those of the mental; the fifth, those of the causal; the sixth is buddhi; and the seventh is Atman, the ineffable. But the seven siblings of fire turn themselves asunder into a group of ineffable beings. That group exists within each one of us, they are the autonomous and self-cognizant parts of our own Being, here and now.

There are seven (whom we already named); there are twelve powers in each one of us, which are the twelve apostles of Christ, or twelve intimate parts of our own Being; and there are the twenty-four elders, who represent our particular, individual zodiac; and there are the four saints of the eternal, who have power over fire, over water, over air and over earth; there is the lion of the law (law, which makes us enlightened), and Minerva, the goddess of sapience, wisdom and justice, etc., etc., etc.

So, the army of the Word is within us, in each one of us. Just as it is in the macrocosm, it is in the microcosm. Just as it is in the microcosm, it is in the macrocosm, because "as above, so below" and all the laws of the cosmos are within us, and if we do not discover them within ourselves, we will never discover them outside of ourselves.

Thus, my dear brothers and sisters, one day we will have to integrate the army of the Word in each one of us, and it will have to be integrated after each of its parts is perfected.

Obviously, each one of them has its inheritance: the lost inheritance, the inheritance that comes from the plenum of the light, beyond time, beyond eternity.

When each one of the parts of our Being has reconquered the lost inheritance, the great integration will come, and then “Ananda” happiness, will appear in us; this is obvious.

I want you to know that the secret of God's happiness is precisely in the integration of each and every one of its perfected parts. How joyous is the internal god, when he has already integrated himself!

We have been told, and rightly so, that there are three important aspects within each of us, namely, Sat, the Being; Chit, the consciousness of the Being; Ananda, the happiness of the Being... Thus, dear brothers and sisters, as the seven radicals of fire emanate from that transcendent and transcendental flame of Osiris-Isis, likewise, identically here and now, from the union of man and woman (Osiris-Isis), in the "flaming forge of Vulcan," emerge the seven radicals of fire.

The first radical is the igneous serpent that climbs the dorsal spine of our physical body. The second is the serpent that ascends through the spinal cord in the adept (through the spinal cord of the vital body, I clarify). The third is the igneous serpent of our magical powers that climbs the dorsal spine of the astral body. The fourth radical is the igneous power that rises through the dorsal spine of the mental body. The fifth flaming power is the one that ascends through the dorsal spine of the causal body. The sixth is the one that ascends the dorsal spine of the consciousness or soul-spirit, the buddhic body; and the seventh igneous power, or seventh radical, is the one that ascends through (the dorsal spine of) Shiva-Shakti.

Unquestionably, the latter (the seventh) leads us to perfect mastery; this last one is Paramartha. Thus, brothers and sisters, it is how the development of the seven igneous radicals of the human being is achieved. But all this goes by degrees: the second radical could not enter if the first had not entered into activity; and the third would not come into action if the second had not been perfectly developed. These are the seven steps on Jacob's ladder, and whoever reaches the seventh step receives the baptism of fire: that's obvious.

How to Live and Work with Vigilance

But first of all, the alchemist must fully know the work on oneself.

We have to work intensely if we want to achieve the intimate self-realization of the Being. Indeed, it is necessary to really know how to live. Only in this way can we work with the seven radicals of fire.

Self-observation becomes urgent and imperative. No one could self-realize if they did not learn how to self-observe. Obviously, we need not only to annihilate the inhuman elements that we carry within, but also, in addition, we need to create something new within ourselves.

If we work with the seven igneous radicals, it is with the purpose of disintegrating the undesirable psychic elements that we carry within ourselves, and to create what we have not yet created within ourselves. Fire can disintegrate, and it also has the ability to create and create again.

I am talking to you about fire and the doctrine of fire, and about the wonderful signs of Agni-Yoga, pure Christianity and exact Buddhism, so that you must try to understand...

When one judiciously self-observes, one discovers that one is asleep, that one's consciousness (Chit) - which is really the second most important aspect after the Being (Sat) - is engulfed in multiple, undesirable psychic elements, which one needs to annihilate. To evidence that is to realize that one is asleep. How could one realize that one is asleep, if one does not observe oneself deeply? Self-observation is necessary; only then can one realize that one's consciousness is asleep.

When one can verify for oneself the concrete fact that one is asleep, then one judiciously tries to wake up. Consciousness (Chit) must awaken before being able to enjoy Ananda, the supreme happiness of the Being.

But this requires extreme vigilance. It is obvious that if one forgets oneself in front of a glass of wine, one ends up drunk. If one forgets oneself in front of a person of the opposite sex, one ends up fornicating or adulterating, committing crimes against the Holy Spirit. If one forgets oneself before an insulter, one ends up insulting. When one forgets oneself, one makes very serious mistakes...

It is indubitable that we always live identifying ourselves with useless things and facts. We identify with nonsensical things: maybe because we lost a button, or maybe because we lost a watch; possibly when they insulted us, or they said a harsh word to us; we drank more wine than usual, or smoked when we should not smoke...

We get anxious over any nonsensical thing, because possibly we forgot to put the stamp on the envelope of the letter that we put in the mail and that causes us great concern; or we did not receive the money that we needed to receive to pay the rent, and the owner of the house came and made a somewhat strong complaint; we ate and possibly the food or the wine gave us indigestion...

In short, there are so many insignificant details that keep us in constant sleep, in total unconsciousness. Whenever we forget ourselves, we identify ourselves with multiple nonsensical things: with what the neighbor said, with what the Gnostic little brother said, with what the little sister said, with what such fellow affirmed, with what an associate said or what the assistant had said... We live identified with all those, neither edifying nor dignifying, nor constructive trifles; we are filled with negative emotions and our consciousness deepens into the most frightening dream. This is how all people are in a “coma state.”  

Conserving Energy with a Hermetic Seal

If we let our psychic energy be sucked from ourselves, what would we look like? I say that perhaps a "strainer" full of holes (those used to strain coffee)... the energy escapes there; everything escapes there; we lose it, and the poor "strainer" is empty. The environment sucks our energies and we don't accumulate them; and if we work (under those conditions) in the ninth sphere, in the burning forge of Vulcan, it is obvious that we cannot, in that way and in that manner, create the second body, much less the third or fourth.

In order to create the second body, we need to learn how to seal ourselves hermetically, magically. What is meant by the "hermetic seal"? Not to allow anything to suck energy out of us, to never forget our Being, never, ever, in no second, in no minute, so as not to identify ourselves with the trifles, with the nonsensical things of this illusory world.

hermetic seal

The Seal of Hermes and the Seven Fires

It is obvious that if they cannot extract our vital energy, it accumulates inside and as a outcome (the astral) the second body arises. But if we allowed all the mercury of the secret philosophy to be extracted from us by the people who live in this three-dimensional world of Euclid, then with what element are we going to make the second body, or the third, or the fourth?

Certainly, I thought before that these bodies were manufactured automatically just by transmuting the exiohehari, the mercury of the wise, that is, the sacred sperm. It is because I had forgotten that these earthlings still do not possess those superior existential bodies of the Being. It turns out that since I was born with such bodies, I had forgotten that detail. Reflecting a little, I came to realize that as long as the earthlings allow their mercury to be extracted from themselves, with what would they elaborate the superior existential bodies of their Being? What is meant by "mercury"? The sexual energy, and they allow people to extract it from them, that's obvious.

Every time you identify yourself with a horse race, you allow the mercury to be extracted from you. Every time you identify yourself with the lottery, you let your mercury be extracted. Every time you identify with an insulter, you allow the mercury to be drained. Every time you identify yourself with some clown, you allow your mercury to be extracted, etc.


So, there is a need for a hermetic seal. We have to create a magical power in us, as a defense, that allows us to prevent the mercury from being extracted. It is possible to create such defensive power, if indeed, in reality, my dear brothers and sisters, we do not identify ourselves with all those trifles of the outside world.

There is much that we could say about the intimate remembrance of one’s Being. We become helpless in the conditions we are in; anyone plays with us; we do what others want us to do and that is absurd.

Are we or are we not going to have our own individuality, or are we going to continue as we are? Don't you think it's unfortunate that others play with us? You are quiet in your study, and someone calls you on the phone, insults you and you get upset. That wasn't on your agenda, but you get upset. Why? Because someone calls you on the phone and says what they want? So where is your defensive ability? You are completely defenseless! Every time one identifies with this nonsensical humanity, the consciousness falls asleep; one remains converted into an automaton.

One must, every morning, hermetically seal oneself: “I only do what my Being wants me to do, not what others want me to do. I am not going to identify myself with anything in life..." Because when one identifies with something, one turns out to be an automaton.

If one identifies with one's own mind, with one's own morbid thoughts, one ends up adulterating and fornicating. If one identifies (unfortunately) with negative emotions, one ends up losing creative energy by tons. If one identifies with words, like someone's rude and dirty words, of course that one ends up saying nonsensical things...

We must seal ourselves, I repeat, every morning, and the seal must be constant: do not identify with anything other than your Being. Never, ever forget your Being, never, ever, never, ever, because the Being is what counts. The Being is what is fundamental...

Thus, hermetically sealed, we change our conduct; we can work in the forge of the cyclops, and by not losing creative energy, obviously the seven radicals will unfold in an orderly manner, one after another.

The Seven Radicals

We need the seven radicals, we need the flaming power, if we want to disintegrate what must be disintegrated and create what needs to be created.

There is much in us that must be annihilated; there is much that we must create within ourselves. Annihilate the ego that, unfortunately, is processed in the seven levels of the Being, which is why liberation is so difficult. It is very rare, terrifyingly rare to find someone who achieves Buddhist annihilation and creates the second body.

To create it, Mercury must not be lost, and it is lost when one identifies with something, when one forgets one’s Being; but if one does not forget one’s Being, it accumulates and becomes the second body. And if one is always hermetically sealed, later the third body arises, and later the fourth. Whoever gets to have the four bodies: physical, astral, mental, and causal, receives the psychic and spiritual principles.

Perfecting such vehicles is terrifyingly difficult: it requires never forgetting one’s Being; it requires a mystical stalking at every instant and every moment, not identifying with any negative thought, with any negative emotion (with what so-and-so said, with what so-and-so affirmed, with the nonsensical matters of the neighbor). It needs to be hermetically sealed so as not to lose energy. If we proceed in this way, we would be able to convert the superior existential bodies of the Being into vehicles of pure gold.

But how difficult it is to perfect the superior existential bodies of the Being. Very rare is the one who achieves it, because they weigh, unfortunately... everything in life works according to the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock, the law of seven, and the psychic aggregates are processed, for this reason, by seven levels of the Being

There are those who manage to annihilate their aggregates in one, two or three levels; but how rare is the one who has managed to annihilate his psychic aggregates in the seven levels of the Being.

But I give the key: the hermetic seal; that is the key of keys, and it is summed up in never forgetting your Being, your own Being, so as to never identify yourselves with any circumstance of the outside world; this is obvious.

The Nature of Matter

We live in a terribly painful world, this world of physical matter. Much has been said about matter... the god matter is worshiped. But what do the wise materialists know about this world of matter?... What is matter? Those gentlemen have many concepts on the matter! (On physical matter)... Yes, everyone has their concepts about matter: for one, it is condensed energy... which underlies the form... for others matter is a mode of movement... mode of movement... a bit of movement... another mode of movement... thus movement is qualified as matter... and to that other mode of movement another qualification is given.

Physicists know nothing; their consciousness sleeps profoundly...

However, they establish dogmas about matter, but they do not know it. They declare themselves pontiffs of physics, and they know nothing about physics. What could they know, if they have put multiple, thousands of names to matter?

So, what is matter? Names, words, words, words and more words! But what is a piece of iron? And a stone? Indeed, what is that? Definitions of the mind, but what is it, gentlemen, what is it? Let us, on the beach, take a handful of sand: could we perhaps count exactly how many grains of sand there are, or those that are in a few cubic meters of the beach? What do we know about a handful of sand that we take in our hand, about its intimate substance and about its secret powers? Anything? Even if I pronounce thousands of theories, that is nothing! What do physicists know? One hundred and fifty thousand analyses and they get down to the atom and think they know them all. What do scientists know about atoms before the universe existed, how atoms behaved, and how they will continue to behave after the universe ceases to exist?

We know well that atoms also work within the sacred law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock (the law of seven); they are processed in seven levels... Who knows, perhaps, the septenary constitution of the atom?

Anu: The Primordial Atom

In the last synthesis, there is the Anu atom; it thrives in the chaos. Any hydrogen atom, any carbon, or oxygen, or nitrogen atom, even if it decomposes and goes through multiple phases, in the last synthesis remains as the original Anu atom, because the law is septenary, and the Anu atom is of the chaos; that's where it comes from.

So, the atoms (before the universe, after the universe, in the chaos) have certain faculties; they are full of activities and powers that physicists are not even remotely aware of. I dare to say, in the name of truth, that physicists are "learned ignoramuses"; trying to sit down with the atoms, trying to limit their possibilities; they would never suspect how an atom behaves in the chaos.

They tell us about evolution and involution, but what do physicists know about reabsorption? The laws of evolution and involution are simply mechanical, they form the mechanical axis of all of nature, but there is a third law, yes, which is called “reabsorption."

So ultimately any atom (after evolutionary and involutionary processes) is reabsorbed into the chaos. And so, the universes, it is not that they are exhausted, as many think. They evolve and involve and in the last synthesis they are reabsorbed in the chaos and then comes the great pralaya, the cosmic night.

Similar processes exist within us: the same processes of the macrocosm are always repeated in the microcosm-human. We have our own chaos, unique to us; everyone carries it.

There is the raw Azoth, the raw mineral (I am referring to the sacred sperm, the exiohehari). Obviously, that is our chaos.

And just as up there before the dawn of the mahamanvantara begins, the worlds are in the chaos, formed with the primordial atom Anu, but with the possibility of emerging to a new manifestation (when the creative fire makes them fruitful), in the same way, here below, within our microcosm-human, fire fertilizes the chaos, our particular chaos, the sacred sperm.

There are particular worlds in each one of us, which form and will form our inner universe; there are the possibilities of the second body and the third and the fourth. But you have to fertilize that chaos with fire, so that those bodies or worlds within us develop and unfold.

"As it is up there, it is down here"... Here, within ourselves, we have to do in a small way what the great architect of the universe, the creative demiurge, did in a big way there in the macrocosm.

In any case, there are two types of matter or substance: the “negative” one which is in the chaos; and the other is the knowable, the one that we feel, that we are standing on, but that indeed, in reality, the wiseacres really ignore, although they have invented a multitude of more or less utopian theories.

The worlds are not exhausted, as profane science foolishly thinks, no! They are reabsorbed, after having evolved and involved. They are reabsorbed, I repeat, within the superior worlds, in ever higher and higher dimensions, until they are finally deposited in the Mulaprakriti, that is, in the chaos.

What is “Mulaprakriti”? It is the primordial, original substance, and the worlds that existed during a mahamanvantara continue to exist in the primordial Anu atom, within the negative-chaotic matter. There they await the igneous whirlwind, the electric hurricane, to put them back into activity, on a new great day or mahamanvantara...

Creation: Genesis

Dear brothers and sisters, it is urgent to understand the need to fertilize the chaos that we carry within ourselves, so that the internal bodies or worlds of our own individuality arise to a particular, individual cosmic manifestation. This is how we will arrive at the intimate self-realization of our Being. But if we clumsily waste the fertilizing matter, which is fire, which is creative energy, how could we make those germs that sleep in our individual chaos fertile? How would those superior existential bodies of the Being arise into existence? You see how insignificant details, such as the loss of a button, that disturbs and annoys us for a moment; how nonsensical things annoy us, how they make us enraged with each other, make us lose strength and exhaust us, prevent us from doing, within ourselves, what the great architect of the universe did, did up there, in the starry spaces...

Here, in this world, the scientists, the gentlemen of physics-mathematics, as they are (with all their pride and arrogance), know nothing about anything: they are "learned ignoramuses"...

You will well remember the Kant-Laplace's theory. Such a theory affirms, or Laplace affirmed through his hypothesis, the following:

“The solar system began as a cloud of dispersed particles. He assumed that the mutual gravitational attractions of the particles caused them to start moving and colliding, at which point chemical forces kept them bonded together.” - Britannica

According to Laplace, “planets come out from among the nebulae; that these rotate in a certain direction, and that in turn, the matter condenses at certain points, and is displaced around, and thus, a sun remains as a center for the points that have been displaced,” and that “those displaced points are the planets, which remain revolving around the gravitational center…”

It will seem very exact, but nobody knows that, nobody has ever seen a planet coming out of nebulae. Who has seen it? Whoever says he has seen it would be lying; and it's not okay to lie.

This would imply the rotation of an always constant movement, rotation in a single direction; and it has been shown that there is constant counter-rotation. So, on what would the Laplace theory be rested?

For example, the planets Uranus and Neptune, their satellites one and four, do not rotate from west to east, as is normal for many planets in infinite space, but on the contrary: they move from east to west. This totally destroys Laplace’s theory, because if a nebula rotates, as soon in one direction as soon in the opposite direction, then the hypothetical worlds of Mr. Laplace would be destroyed, would be disrupted.

Woe to them and their theories that are useless! Because the worlds arise from “Sababath”: the primordial matter, the Mulaprakriti, the holy chaos! From there they emanate or sprout when they have been fertilized by fire.

Much is what they talk about this physical matter; as ignoramuses they set their dogmas about it, and worship them as the Marxist-Leninists do. They even have said that "force and matter are coordinated"...

In the century that has passed, much was said about "force" and "matter", but nothing was clarified; everything was always incoherent, imprecise, vague... It would be better to accept, in fact, the elementals, the "spirits" of nature and its atoms.

Each atom has an igneous or “elementary” particle, the Hebraic Ha-Eshim that exerts all power over physical matter. That is more intelligent; that would allow us to realize how the so-called "substance" is processed at a given instant.

I don't want to tell you that matter is not destructible, or that it is indestructible. It is clear that matter is destructible, but not the substance. The substance contained in matter goes through multiple processes until it is deposited in the chaos, converted into Anu (the primordial atoms). Thus, worlds can be destroyed, but the original substance always remains in the chaos, in Mulaprakriti...

Undoubtedly, my dear brothers and sisters, when one works with the seven radicals, one discovers within oneself all the wonders of the universe. But first of all, we must fully understand divinity and to open the eye of Dangma, if we truly want to get in touch with the wonders of the cosmos.

The time has come for us to comprehend that the universe is very different from how the wiseacre scientists paint it to us. One is the way atoms behave during manifestation and another is the way they behave in the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos, and especially in the chaos.

The Powers in Our Atoms

What terrific flaming powers those atoms ultimately have; what capacity for action, for active intelligence, working under the direction of the Elohim!...

I have spoken to you, many other times, about the Jinn states, and it would seem strange to many, it would be very strange, for those who dogmatize about the so-called "matter", for those who set studies over atoms and who take away from them all kinds of extraordinary possibilities. Obviously, if a human body can enter the fourth dimension and even into the fifth, sixth or seventh, or plunge it into the chaos, it is due to the infinite possibilities contained in the atoms.

We well know that a human body, for example, in the fourth vertical, no longer behaves as in the world of three dimensions, much less in the fifth coordinate. That the human body can assume diverse figures in other dimensions of nature and the cosmos, all this due to the power, to the power enclosed in the atoms, possibilities unknown to the gentlemen of modern physics.

How could one use such atomic power in order to enter with the physical body into the world of the Jinn? This would not be possible if one forgets one’s true Self.

Intimate self-remembering allows one to use the scientific techniques I have taught in The Yellow Book to put the physical-chemical body into the fourth vertical, or the fifth, or the sixth, or the seventh, etc. 

But those who forget their Beings, when they try to use such techniques, do not have the capacity to do so because they depend on the external sensory world; they are bottled up in the three-dimensional dogma of Euclid; they are identified with so many infinite nonsensical things in this world. So, not having the ability to remember their Inner Being, they would be less able to activate the magical powers of nuclear physics in us. For this reason, they fail, they cannot get the body into the region of the Jinn or the Djinn.

Therefore, tonight, when speaking about intimate self-remembering, I insist, again and again, on the need for a hermetic seal, a magical seal. Every morning, when we get up, we must make a single resolution: to remember ourselves throughout the day, not to forget (not for a single moment) our Being.

This is called “to seal oneself hermetically”. If one does not proceed like this, if one does not know how to “seal oneself”, one is a toy of the whole world; defenseless, one hundred percent vulnerable; a machine; an automaton that everyone manipulates.

Delve into these concepts, my dear brothers, and sisters; we need you to give form to a real individuality. You have not yet created an individuality; it is necessary to create it. For that, it is necessary to daily, constantly do the hermetic and magical seal.

And if you work in the flaming forge of Vulcan, you should know that the superior existential bodies of the Being require the hermetic seal, not forgetting about yourselves, because if you lose your energies, what are you going to make the bodies with, how would you do it? This does not mean that you should not act; of course, indeed to "seal yourselves" is learning how to make good use of the worst difficulties. It is true that the most serious inconveniences of life turn out to be a wonderful “gymnasium” for the Gnostic, but one must know how to take advantage of it.

So far, my words for tonight. Inverential peace!...

Questions and Answers

If any brother or sister has something to ask, they may well do it with the most complete freedom... 

Student: About Aelohim and Elohim, do we have to believe in them as symbols?

Samael Aun Weor: It is not about believing or not believing; it is about knowing how to place each chess piece in its place... Obviously Aelohim, the eternal common cosmic father, Adi-Buddha, has nothing to do with this creation. He emanates from himself (or arises from himself, to speak more clearly), a cosmic or universal intelligence, represented by all those millions of Dhyan-Chohans who at the dawn of creation, at the dawn of the mahamanvantara, make fertile the chaotic matter for life to arise.

Undoubtedly, his universal intelligence is יהוה Jehovah. I'm not talking about that dogmatic יהוה Jehovah, with a beard down to his navel, sitting on a throne of tyranny, throwing lightning bolts at this sad human anthill, no! That anthropomorphic Jehovah of the Jewry is not accepted by any intelligent human. I'm talking about יהוה Iod-Hava!

Iod י is the masculine principle; Hava הוה is the feminine principle. We well know that any אלהים Elohim is masculine and feminine at the same time, that אלהים Elohim contains in itself the two: masculine and feminine, the polarity. Elohim אלהים is male and female.

Undoubtedly, that army of the creator אלהים Elohim gave rise to fire and fire, in turn, made the chaotic matter fertile so that life could arise.

Thus, we have explained the clear difference between אאלהים Aelohim and אלהים Elohim. Aelohim is the unmanifested, or Adi-Buddha. Each one of us has his unmanifested Adi-Buddha within him/herself. Now, the Elohim or the army of the Word, indeed is, the deity already manifested; Elohim comes out of the entrails of the eternal common cosmic father, the unmanifested seity. I have clearly explained...  

Any other questions?

Student: Venerable master, in a past lecture you told us, in response to a question, that self-remembering had to do with the superior emotional center, and to a certain extent, with the superior intellectual center. Could you explain to us, in greater depth, the attitude to follow in order to get in touch with the higher emotional level and be in self-remembering?

Samael Aun Weor: Although it is true that self-remembering is especially related to the higher emotional center, it is also related to all the other centers of the organic machine, because if one forgets any of the five lower centers, one commits mistakes. Yes, one forgets oneself when one identifies with something or someone; when one does not identify with anything, one does not forget oneself, because one is hermetically sealed.

Thus, while it is true that the higher emotional center is essential for intimate self-remembering, it does not mean that the other centers should be underestimated in vigilance.

What is needed, especially, in order not to forget oneself? Don't identify with anything. If you do not identify with something or someone, obviously, your emotional center will be in full activity (I am referring to the higher emotional center, as the main center). But, in reality, all the other centers of the machine will also be supervised; woe to the one who forgets himself, because he falls into the most clumsy unconsciousness!

Any other question?...

Student: Master, you were talking about the unmanifested Aelohim and the manifested Elohim. Do the Elohim exist among the ten sephiroth and their inferior hierarchies?

Samael Aun Weor: Exists, what?

Student: The Elohim ...

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously! The ten sephiroth must be self-realized; and everyone who achieves the intimate self-realization of his ten kabalistic sephiroth, becomes an Elohim; that's obvious.

But I repeat: one thing is the Elohim, as part of the demiurge creator of the universe, and another thing is Adi-Buddha, the unmanifested.

We could only integrate forever with the unmanifested Adi-Buddha, with Aelohim, the day in which we fully self-realized the ten sephiroth of the Hebrew kabbalah in us and within us, here and now.

Student: Venerable master, you told us about the "law of reabsorption." When a planet that is in the three-dimensional world, for example, and is reabsorbed in the Anú atom, what remains in the three-dimensional world, here?

Samael Aun Weor: Nothing! The important thing is the reabsorption. Any planet that is totally reabsorbed in the Anú atom, goes through a total disintegration; but, as a prototype or world, it remains deposited in Mulaprakriti, in the chaos, in the Anú atom. 

Student: There are no vestiges left in space, either?

Samael Aun Weor: In space there are not... only the “inferior shells”, but these disintegrate little by little; that's all... are there any other question?

Everyone has the right to ask; I don't want any of you to have any doubts. Speak brother!...

Student: …

Samael Aun Weor: What? Speak louder so that we can hear you ...

Student: Our space, if it is matter, will it not one day undergo reabsorption?

Samael Aun Weor: Space is space, and it is written by our Lord, the Buddha: “there are three eternal things in life: the law, nirvana and space”. Space is space; it is immutable forever and ever, amen. Any other question?

Student: Venerable one, working the superior emotional center with hydrogen-12, and the sexual center as well, with hydrogen-12, is there any relationship to the work in alchemy?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, hydrogens are always necessary. Undoubtedly, Gurdjieff associated hydrogen Si-12 with the question of the creation of bodies, and so it is. But really, what interests us is something more than the sexual hydrogen Si-12, and that [“something else”] is the mercury of the wise, which must be passed from octave to octave through transmutation, for the manufacture of the astral body; to a second for the manufacture of the mental body; and a third for the fabrication of the causal body.

And once the superior existential bodies of the Being have been created and having received the psychic principles, it is necessary to perfect the created bodies. But this is not possible if one forgets himself, because one would lose strength and then, with what would one perfect them? The superior existential bodies of the Being must be perfected, so that they are covered by the different parts of the Being...

This perfection of the superior existential bodies of the Being could not be reached if we do not disintegrate the psychic aggregates in the seven levels of the Being; which is very difficult, almost impossible. Yet the one who perseveres achieves victory.

Any other questions...

Student: Venerable master, we have learned that the Divine Mother emanates from the third aspect of the Logos, but also, she is called "the Divine Mother Space." How should we understand that eternal space and the Divine Mother?...

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, yes... the Logos in a universe is the Logoi... deep down the three Logoi altogether are one... it is Osiris, and it unfolds into Isis. Isis, in turn (I say in turn!) from the transcendental spiritual point of view, since from the sexual union of Osiris and Isis, the fohat, Horus, then arises, which fertilizes the chaotic matter so that life arises. But Horus, in turn, unfolds into the seven radicals of high magic and these, in turn, unfold into another seven, and another seven, and so on, successively to form the army of the Word within each one of us.

Let us therefore distinguish between Devi-Kundalini Shakti and Maha-Kundalini. Maha-Kundalini is the Unmanifested Prakriti, the eternal mother space, the chaos that is fertilized by fire so that life arises.

We must always make a full difference between Devi-Kundalini and Maha-Kundalini, understood?

Let's see, what other brother wants to ask something? Question!...

Student: Venerable master, truly, by disintegrating the ego into the seven levels, is it possible to create our inner chaos?

Samael Aun Weor: The inner chaos does not need to be created; it exists in an eternal state. It exists in the human being, and it also exists in the infinite space; both, in a kabbalistic manner could be called "the great abyss" existing between Binah and Chesed. I am talking about two matters, two substances... in both the atoms flow...

Any other questions?

Student: About the seven radicals in us?

Samael Aun Weor: These are in the seven bodies. Each body... related to certain coordinates... ...consciousness.

Let's see, any other questions?...

It is necessary, indeed, my dear brothers and sisters, to be vigilant, from moment to moment... to be in an attitude of incessant vigilance, to discover the psychic aggregates that we have, to work on them and reduce them to the dust of the centuries, to cosmic dust. If one does not go through the Buddhist annihilation in an integral, unitotal way, one will never become, in reality, a solar human. You have to work intensely on yourself, here and now.

Inverential peace!

Students: Inverential peace!