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David Salying Goliath
David Salying Goliath

Entropy and Sacrifice

The lecture we are giving today is about the law of entropy and the law of sacrifice, and how these laws are relate to our psychological work on the path of Self Realisation.

We have to know that every cosmic unity in the universe utilizes a certain amount of energy in order to manifest itself in any dimension. Remember that the meaning of energy is “that which is in activity,” from the Greek energos meaningactive,” which itself is from en in + ergonwork.”So, there is a power or force that we call energy that is always found within matter.

Energy and matter are always related. We can also say that matter is one pole and energy is the other pole. Matter and energy coexist, that’s why Einstein said matter is transformed into energy and energy into matter. In order for any living thing to exist it needs energy, that is to say that matter and energy are co-essential; the universe exists as a consequence of the transformations of matter and energy.

As you observe the solar system, each planet has a different type of energy or amount of force. That is why in astrology we point at each planet and say its related with this or that type of activity, which is related to its own particular type of force.

Every planet sustains itself from the others. The sun for example sustains every planet in order for them to rotate around it, but each planet also emits their own certain energy which allows them to stay at a certain distance from the sun, in their correct position relative to the sun and the other planets. We have to understand that this type of energy is always being transmitted and received, as we say there is always a transmitter and a receptor of that force in different levels. When one energy is acting in one plane and it is passing in to another plane we can say that such a type of energy is sacrificing the matter of that plane in order to appear as matter in another plane; thus, by means of the law of sacrifice, any type of energy is transformed into another type of energy through different dimensions.

The energy that comes from the Absolute Abstract Space descends in its pure state, but when descending into the different dimensions it is goes through a process of transforming itself in order for it to appear in the three-dimensional world. When we say sacrificing itself what we mean is that it is being transformed; that is, losing one state in order to appear in another state. In other words, in order to pass from one dimension into another dimension, the energy has to sacrifice itself.

This sacrifice or transformation occurs so that the energy doesn’t immediately or automatically return to its own source, because if that energy is not transformed into another type of energy—whether it is free or related to another type of matter—then that energy returns to its own source. That is what we call entropy.

This word entropy comes from the word “en” which is that same energy and “tropy” or “tropos,” which means “to return”; thus, entropy is the way that energy returns to its own source. That return can happen from one source to another dimensional source, even returning directly into the main source which is the Absolute Abstract Space. That is what happens during those intervals that we call in Sanskrit the Mahamanvantara and Mahapralaya. In the Mahahamanvantara, the energy, which is the light, descends from the Absolute Abstract Space and is put into activity; this is why it is called energy, it is “in-activity.”

As it moves from one level to the next, always in a state of movement, the energy originates different elements and different types of matter. These energies are always suffering differing transformations in order to originate distinct types of matter.

The same happens in the different kingdoms of nature. However, when the Mahapralaya, the great cosmic night comes, when all the universe is in repose, then the energy returns to its own source. When that energy has to return to its source, the matter which contained that energy is disintegrated. The reason why is it disintegrated is because the source of light, which was sustaining that matter, is no longer there.

This phenomena is what you see in the Moon, for instance. The Moon is in entropy, which means that all the energy that was in the Moon is no longer there; but, that energy that was giving life to the Moon is past cosmic days has returned into its own source in the Mahapralaya, the great cosmic night. However, when the dawn of a new great cosmic day, a Mahamanvantara came, the same energy that had sustained the Moon began to originate another type of matter, and that matter is this planet Earth. In other words this planet Earth is the daughter of the Moon. The Moon is rotating around the Earth because the Earth is taking all the energy of the Moon.

There exists a theory which states that the Moon is the daughter of the Earth, but this is backwards. Indeed, it is the Earth that is absorbing all the energy of the Moon, that is why one day the Moon will turn into cosmic dust. It will disintegrate forever. That is what we call entropy.


Now, behold here that which we call the Theomertmalogos, the creator, the prime emanator intelligence of the Solar Absolute, which is performing the sacrifice, the transformation of the life of the Earth, so that the energy will not be wasted. When the energy is not used, when the energy is wasted, what happens is that the intelligence loses. When the intelligence loses then there is no positive result. When the entropy is not being sacrificed then it fails as a result. This is what happens with the monad: when it cannot perform the necessary sacrifice, then the law of entropy takes over and the result is failure.

In the universe, you find many ways in which the intelligence—that is to say God, who in Kabbalah is called Binah, the Holy Spirit or Christ-intelligence—is acting through the monad. In order for the monad to develop spiritually, it must learn put into activity that energy, which is Christ, so that it may have positive results and not lose the opportunity for the cycle.

But, for that, one must make super efforts in order to make this type of sacrifice. If we do not make super efforts, then we become entangled in the law of entropy, which makes the energy return mechanically to its own source and thus the matter which had been trapped within is disintegrated in Klipoth, because it is not consciously sacrificed. Those who take this path do not achieve positive, conscious results.

This consequence is what is happening at this very moment on our planet Earth. The planet Earth, at this moment, is under the law of entropy, which means that all of the atomic/cosmic units which are related to all of the kingdoms of nature are being disintegrated; unfortunately, the result of this is not a conscious positive result because there is not conscious sacrifice.

Every organism, for example the plants, a tree takes takes a certain type of energy which comes from the planets and from the stars; that energy is transformed within its body and then afterwards it is transformed within the body of the tree and descends through its roots and shared through the network of roots by the other trees and plants and thereafter the energy descends into the inner layers of the planet. This is how the planet feeds itself. Every tree or plant needs its own particular energy.

There are other different, complicated types of organisms, namely, irrational and rational animals that take different types of energies at the same time. The most complex of these organisms is the human organism. It is comprised of many different micro laboratories. These micro laboratories are called glands, the endocrine glands. Each endocrine gland takes different types of energies related with the planets, the stars, and the cosmos in general. That energy is mechanically transformed within the physical body and sent into the interior layers of the Earth.

Just as the physical bodies of intellectual animals transform the energy of the cosmos and give to the Earth, likewise they take energies from the Earth and transform them in their micro laboratories called glands and then re-transmit them back into space.

What is happening in their physical organisms is also happening in the plant, mineral and irrational animal kingdoms. As you know, in Kabbalah, the physical plane is called Malkuth, a Hebrew word which means, “the kingdom.”

Malkuth contains the mineral, plant, animal and humanoid kingdoms. In the mineral, plant and irrational animal kingdoms there is no problem, since these kingdoms always perform positive transformations. The problem exists when the animas (Latin for “soul”) enter into the humanoid animal state, because the animas of this kingdom, due to ignorance, create ego. Due to the ignorance of the consciousness, the anima, the energy that enters into the physical body of those at the intellectual animal level is transformed in the wrong way, and thus creating what we call protoplasmic egos. So, the protoplasmic egos are erroneous creations, the consequence of erroneous transformations of energy.

In the ancient times, in the time of Lemuria, people used to live approximately two thousand years... that was the average. At that time, the human organism was without ego. Only human consciousness was within it, and of course all the energy that was coming from above and below was acting without any interference. The result was a perfect organism that lived up to fifteen centuries. But, since the creation of the protoplasmic egos, the number of years has diminished from one root race to the next root race.

In the time of Egypt, in our present Aryan root race, people were living commonly one hundred and fifty years. From the period of Egypt to these times of the end, the average age that people live is about fifty years. Some people live to eighty or more, rarely one hundred years. Why? It is because the glands, the brain are degenerated; instead of the correct functioning of the physical organism, the protoplasmic egos themselves are feeding upon the energy that comes into our animal bodies. That is why we get physically sick and die so young.

If you observe people, when you are walking the path, with this knowledge of Gnosticism, and when you have had years of working in the regeneration of the physical body, you notice that people are very dumb, because they do not save energy, or they do not transform or sacrifice the law of entropy. They just let themselves follow the current of degeneration. Thus, something which is obvious for you to understand, they don’t understand, they have to fight a lot in order to comprehend things that are very easy to understand for you. They see things on their regular level because they use the brain at about three per cent.

I remember a movie whereby people from another planet were calling people on Earth, “small brains” because we use only a small amount of our brain and that they used fifty to sixty per cent of their brains. In reality this is a fact, because we only use three per of the brain capacity. This is not only due to the degeneration of the brain, but also because of the degeneration of the glands, since the brain is connected to all of the glands and plexi that transform the energies that we capture through our organism. Thus, the energy that is supposed to enter into the brain is not going there, but directly to our egos.

So, our egos steal the energy for themselves. Speaking frankly, we are in a state of entropy. We are degenerating ourselves little by little, being equalized by death.

The problem with this is that people don’t realize the problem they have with the law of entropy. Everybody thinks that we are evolving. Evolution means progress, going up, improving; however, let us look to the example of classical music, a type of music that vibrates at higher octaves. Nowadays, people do not like this type of music. Of course, when I am saying this I am not saying that all people are this way, I know that some people still like this music. But I am talking about 97 per cent of the people of the Earth hate classical music because they do not understand it, because that type of music vibrates with a type of energy that is related to some cells of the brain which are no longer in activity in the majority of the people of Earth. So, they don’t like it because that type of energy doesn’t vibrate or does not correlate with their brains. Such people attract at type of vibration to the brain which is of a lower vibration, which destroys, degenerates the physical body further.

So, for the vast majority of people, instead of developing higher senses, spiritual powers, virtues, etc we are devolving, degenerating and losing the physical senses. That is not evolution, but devolution, a force that relates to the inner layers of the planet.

In the ancient times the great initiates were knowledgeable, for they knew about this type of knowledge that we are teaching to you. They knew that the main organ of the planet Earth was humanity. The human organism attracts the most powerful energies from the cosmos. They knew that the state of the glands of the human organism is indispensable for the activity of nature, in order for nature itself to be one hundred per cent stable. But, when people fornicate, it increases the ego, the animal lust and then the energy does not return to its own source. It does not enter into the planet, into its inner layers in a correct, superior way, but instead goes in the wrong direction; that is, it goes towards our protoplasmic egos. When this happens, nature is not taking the food-energy that it needs to survive.

The Earth has to make efforts to survive because humanity is degenerating due to the abuse of sex. The food-energy that the planet needs in order to be alive is called Askokin in occultism. Askokin is the main type of energy which sustains the Earth. Askokin is contained in the ens seminis, the “entity of the semen.” Askokin also contained in the blood and not only in the human organism, but in the organisms of animals. The blood of irrational animals and their semen as well contain a certain type of Askokin. In the plants the Askokin is a certain green substance, as well as the pollen; in the mineral kingdom it is found in the magnetism and the electricity, the forces of the metals. That is what we call Askokin.

In ancient times when the main organism, the physical body—of the erroneously called human being—was degenerated in its glands, because of fornication, wasting the energy into the atmosphere, there were no positive results for nature, not even children. There were epochs of degeneration in which the human organism was degenerated by alcohol and many other vices, in different times of history. As a result of this, the lack of energy entering into the Earth in the correct manner, it became necessary for the priests of the time to supply the Askokin to the Earth through ritual sacrifice. They knew the relationship that the Askokin-substance had with the blood, thus, this is why the sacrificed animals in what they called “holocausts.” They sacrificed animals on the altars of their many religions, in order to liberate the Askokin, by chanting prayers or mantras; they knew how to control powerful elemental forces in order to control the forces of nature.

Thus, in accordance with the tradition of the priests or prophets of that epoch, they knew that the destructive forces of nature would manifest in order to liberate the Askokin from the blood of people, through earthquakes or tornadoes or any other way necessary for nature to liberate the Askokin energy contained in the blood of humanoids and animals, so that the planet could heal itself.

So, that is why you find that these holocausts or sacrifices of animals were very popular in very ancient religions; this of course was a barbaric tradition, but a necessary one in order for the priests to control the forces of nature, so that people were not destroyed by them.

These holocausts happened so that the forces of nature could reach equilibrium. However, the sacrifices of the animals stopped because of the activities of some initiates who said that this was a barbaric practice. Thus, the sacrifice of animals stopped in many places.

Nonetheless, the people continued behaving in their same degenerated ways. Thus, nature was always lacking the necessary Askokin energy to sustain itself. The consequence of this was the outcome of wars in many places, in order for nature to absorb the Askokin energy from the blood of the many human beings of the battle field.

The First and Second World Wars are the outcome of this mechanism of nature, moving different machines, humanoid machines, to obtain a great sacrifice or holocaust in order to sustain the planet. Nature always asks for this type of energy through earthquakes, tornadoes and many other ways; nature forcedly takes the Askokin energy, if we don’t know how to behave as humans and to present the energy to nature in an upright manner.

Understand that when we act in the wrong way, we have pain or sickness in the organism which tends to liberate the Askokin energy, because when enter into the elderly age, the Askokin energy is liberated little by little, until we die.

The energy that enters young people comes from the upper atmosphere of the cosmos. Those who are young take that energy and transform it, because their glands are in a good state due to their youth. When somebody abuses their physical body, the glands begin to degenerate and the result is that the energy begins returning; entropy is when something returns to its own source, its original state. The result of this is death. When death occurs the energy is no longer active in that body.

The blood is the only element that contains that type of energy, but at the moment of death nature takes it for itself. That is why when you are buried nature takes that; likewise, when the body is cremated nature also takes it from the blood. As it is written:

“Because thou (brain) hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife (genitalia), and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is (האדמה HaAdamah) the ground (your physicality) for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto (האדמה HaAdamah) the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” - Genesis 3: 17-19

In these times the problem of entropy is more dangerous because we humanoids, erroneously called human beings, are not only destroying our own physical body, but the physical bodies of animals, plants and mineral, due to our ignorance. As a result, the whole the planet, the four kingdoms of nature are now in entropy.

If, for instance you observe the oceans, the great masses of water contain a special element necessary for the transformation of a certain type of energy that helps sustain and keep healthy the planet. But, now the waters are contaminated. Some years ago when we were giving lectures on this same topic, people were learning about how to take care of the waters, but now it is even worse... because of the many accidents that we have seen over the years, the oil spilled into the seas is destroying the main element of the Earth, the water. The water itself now is in entropy meaning it is not accomplishing its duty.

Many lands upon the Earth are not accomplishing their duty because the soil is in entropy, the water is in entropy, the oxygen in the atmosphere is full of smog and as you know the outer layers of the atmosphere are being destroyed because of the activities of the ignoramuses on the Earth. So even the atmosphere is in entropy.

When the four kingdoms of any planet are in entropy the final outcome is that such a law transforms that planet into a Moon. The Moon was as the Earth is now, in the past cosmic day; each one of its kingdoms, the mineral, plant, animal and humanoid kingdoms degenerated. The result of this is out there now, visible in space: the Moon is a dead planet.

The planet Earth is a cosmic problem, because its kingdoms are entering into entropy, before entropy should ordinarily occur, since we are in the 5th root race, and the planet Earth still has to give birth the 6th and 7th root races. The planet is in a state of entropy before it should be.

If you want evidence of this, observe the plant kingdom. You know that each tree transforms the energy that is related to it. Different trees and different plants transform their own particular energy. However, when scientists, or any ignoramus with greed or ambition, begins crossing one plant with another genetically, they are adulterating the molecules or cells of that cosmic entity. The result is that the energy that was in that tree or plant begins returning to its own source, and thus the plant is not performing its duty as a conduit or conductor of energy for nature. The result of this is that the Earth does not receive that energy.

How many plants are adulterated at this moment? Many. Likewise, many trees are being felled and the result is the decay of many forests, because of the ambition of many factories and the greed of men. When a tree is not there, it cannot perform its cosmic duty, it cannot give and receive the energy it should.

Each animal also has its own antenna, for different types of energy. Understanding this, if we kill certain types of species, then the Earth lacks the type of energy that such a species would have transformed. That is why it is not a surprise for us to see the many earthquakes, tornadoes and calamities that are happening upon the planet Earth; it is because the energy is no longer in the Earth in required amount.

Of course, there is a plan under the cosmic law. We know that the solar system is rotating around Alcyone, the star of the Pleiades. Alcyone is the center of the constellation called the Pleiades, and our sun is the 7th star that rotates around Alcyone.

It takes about 26,000 years in order for our solar system to make a complete rotation around Alcyone. When that happens it passes through all of the twelve zodiacal signs. However, there is another solar system which is close to ours, called Tylar; indeed, there are many solar systems close to this one.


The name of our sun is Ors, and it is the center of this solar system. So, we give to our solar system this same name of Ors. Ors rotates around Alcyone, the huge star of the Pleiades. This other sun Tylar rotates around other star. These two different cosmic orbits coincide at a certain point in their respective rotations. Indeed, one solar system is rotating in one direction and the other in another, and they encounter one another at the end of the cycle of their voyage or rotation. When that happens there is an encounter of the planets of each solar system.

Let us be more specific: the solar system Tylar has many planets. The 6th planet that rotates around Tylar is called Hercolubus by the initiates of the planet Earth. Hercolubus means, “great force” or “strong force.” This planet Hercolubus is six times larger than Jupiter, and during a certain point in the cosmic orbit of the two solar systems, this planet always enters into the orbit of the planet Earth.

I repeat: around the planet Tylar many planets rotate, but this planet Hercolubus, the 6th one, is the planet that enters into the same orbit of the planet Earth, when the two solar systems cross paths.

When this happens there is a crash of magnetic forces. Previously, the planet Hercolubus had encountered the Earth four times, and in each time—due to the mass of Hercolubus being many times bigger than the Earth—it causes the planet to change its axes, and to alter the surface of the continents, because the continents are like a yolk floating in the white matter of the egg. In this very moment, the law of sacrifice has to sacrifice this humanity, in order to stop the law of entropy, by putting the fire into activity.

In the time of Atlantis, Hercolubus was the only way to stop the law of entropy, because the Atlanteans were also destroying nature, in many different ways. They too were destroying the water. As a consequence of this, that humanity was sacrificed by the waters, so that the waters and the planet could be saved.

In this very moment, because the degeneration of the Aryan root race is even stronger than that of the Atlantean race, this root race needs to be sacrificed by the fire, in order for the planet not to die. That is why the only hope that we have is the fire.

Why is this? Well, for instance, if you observe the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and even the human kingdom, they are becoming, little by little, further and further degenerated; because of this, the planet Earth is in agony. That is why you find many sacrifices been done. That is why this knowledge is given to us. We are asked to make that sacrifice, individually. because the only way to avoid entropy is by sacrifice, there is no other way.

If we do not sacrifice our egos we will not overcome the forces of entropy because when entropy is in activity it equalizes everything with death; thus, little by little, from sicknesses to wars, everything is destroyed so that all the energy can return to its own source, leaving us without any positive spiritual results and only failure.

If you go outside and observe society you will see this entropy is pulling people in many ways, and the brain is more degenerated. People can not see the good things and they even worship evil things. Somebody who has a heart of rock is admired, instead of having a good heart and helping others you are considered to be the type of person who is not strong.

When you observe the diesel or gasoline that you put in your car, you see that it is a type of element that you sacrifice in your car, in order to obtain the energy in order to move your car. That diesel or gasoline disappears, dies in order to perform that activity of giving momentum to your vehicle. In the same way, if we want to liberate ourselves from entropy we have to sacrifice the elements that are destroying the energy and utilise the energy that are in those elements to originate a higher type of force which will create a higher type of being, in order to avoid the law of entropy. For instance, if we sacrifice our sexual pleasure, our lust, then the sperm and the ovum will disintegrate and the type of energy that we liberate will regenerate the different glands and parts of our brain which are degenerated.

So, the only way to regenerate our physical body and our psyche, and all of that which is our self, is by putting into activity the energy that we are not putting in activity. The energy that the law of entropy is taking from us, due to our ignorance, is taken through that which we have already created which is the ego. Thus, we have to sacrifice our animal ego. But, to achieve this we have to make a super effort because the law of entropy is only sacrificed by making super efforts. These type of super efforts can be performed by any type of person in order obtain anything. But in this type of work we have to use super efforts in order to overcome the law of entropy.

When you go to climb a mountain and after having reached the peak, and you then descend from that mountain to the valley, and after hours of going up and down someones comes to you and tells you that you have to return to the summit because you forgot something very important there... You have to return to that mountain and climb it and return to the valley again. Your body feels already exhausted. Thus, it takes super efforts to perform that climb again. We have to sacrifice that which we already have gained for something better. Our ego is always attached to many things, to nature, to family. Regarding this, this quote from the Gospel of Luke comes to my mind:

“And it came to pass, that, as they went in the way, a certain man said unto him, Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.

And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” - Luke 9: 57-62

So, if we are thinking before we enter into this path, “Oh before I do this, first I have to work hard to fulfill my dreams,” you then are not thinking of super efforts. You are thinking of your beloved ego, on your earthly commodities.

If we believe that we have the resolution to work on the elimination of the ego and the realization of the Being, but nonetheless think to ourselves, “Before working on it, I have to accomplish this and that, and thereafter I am going to do it,” we are not thinking in the right manner, the manner necessary to perform these super efforts.

To renounce the facts of life, our current situation that we have, in the very moment that we need them the most is the most painful thing because they are related to the forces of nature. In the beginning we have to sacrifice those things that are harmful to us, and that are very easy to know, to observe within ourselves. But later in the psychological work we have to sacrifice those things that are very good for us. This is how we sacrifice an inferior law for a superior law because this how we are controlled by the superior laws, in order to overcome the inferior laws.

We want to be governed by superior laws. We know that the laws that govern us in this very moment are mechanical laws; they are laws that are causing us different types of sicknesses and pain. The only way to overcome this is by sacrificing the inferior law. This can only be achieved with super efforts, that is why in this path we have the four ordeals related with nature, which are earth, water, air and fire These ordeals relate with our own nature or psychology.

Each time we reach a certain level of spiritual development, at that level we have different things that we have to sacrifice, in order to reach the next level. We have to do this consciously, because if we don’t do that then we are going to follow the current of life, which in this very moment is entropy.

Everything is degenerated and degenerating; everything is going to be equalized, reduced to its fundamental source. The law of entropy equalizes, restores, balances energy through the process of death, so that the energy can return to its own source; whether that energy was bound to the body of a rich man or of a poor man, in the end the law of entropy will equalize their bodies with death, leaving no energy within it at all.

This process is occuring even in this moment. If you observe people, little by little, everybody will be equalised, even while physically alive. They will be dead to the spirit, to the higher forces until they have been completely disintegrated by the fires of nature, in hell. In time, this planet will be inhabited by monsters. There are monsters already taking hold of the planet. Of course, I am talking from the psychological point of view. There are people that only want to kill people to obtain power, and the propaganda that you see in movies is just that: death, killing, degeneration because everybody is being equalized.

To extract oneself from that process of equalization is very difficult, because my friend, my family, my father, my mother, my relatives, etc etc etc, all of them are being equalized. Thus, to extract oneself from that process is to be a rebel; it is to be a rebel with a good cause following the right direction, which is to be self-realized and to sacrifice that which is degenerated, in order to originate something new.


However, I repeat: if the great cosmic law permits this humanity to maintain the direction it is heading in, the result will be that this humanity will convert this planet into a new Moon before time. And, given that there is a necessity to give birth to the 6th and 7th root races, it is not allowable for this planet Earth to enter those states of entropy. This is why this humanity will be sacrificed and that which is going to make this big sacrifice is the fire.


You see, the inner layers of the Earth are cracked; thus we see great faults within the Atlantic and Pacific oceans of our planet Earth. These great faults are putting into contact the waters of the oceans with the liquid fire or magma of the volcanoes, which results in a build of pressure due to the steam. That steam is shaking the inner layers of the continents, and that is why there are many earthquakes in different parts of the planet in this moment. Of course the earthquakes are the result of the steam of the water and fire at the centre of the Earth, but also because of the magnetism of the planet Hercolubus, which is heading in our direction. The planet Hercolubous is called the King of Terror according to the great Kabbalist Nostradamus, who wrote:

The year 1999 (digits sum 28, 2+8 = 10, Malkuth, the Earth, the Wheel of Samsara), seventh month (And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. Revelation 8: 1),

From the sky will come (Hercolubous) a great King of Terror (six times bigger than Jupiter):

To bring back to life the great (Dalai Lama) King of the Mongols,

Before and after (Geburah - Samael) Mars (the Kalki Avatar) to reign by good luck.

The name "Dalai Lama" is a combination of the Mongolic word dalai meaning "ocean" or "big" (coming from Mongolian title Dalaiyin qan or Dalaiin khan, translated as Gyatso or rgya-mtsho in Tibetan) and the Tibetan word བླ་མ་ (laa-ma) meaning "master, guru"

So Hercolobus, which as we said is six times bigger than Jupiter, is already causing the fires of Geburah within the Earth to emerge, which in turn is causing the earthquakes that are happening around the Earth. In this manner, Hercolobus is changing the axes little by little.

The Kalki Avatar is the final incarnation of Vishnu, Christ, Chokmah, who governs the second triangle of the tree of life, namely, Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth. The Kalki Avatar is predicted to descend as the fire from Geburah, carrying a terrifying sword in his mouth, announcing the annihilation of the bar-bar-aryan humanoids, the wicked children of the Manu of the Aryan Root Race at the end of its Kali Yuga.

When the mass of that planet approaches the orbit of the Earth, then the magnetism will change the axes and the poles will become the equator and the equator will become the poles. Then, the continents will submerge into the waters, and other lands will appear. This is how the cosmic law is going to help the planet to originate a new mineral kingdom, animal kingdom, plant kingdom and human kingdom, because the four kingdoms are already polluted, degenerated, rotten. There is no way to help, but through the fire. Behold: when you go to plant in the field, you first burn the field.  This is why the Apostle Peter said:

ringoffire copy

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” - 2Peter 3: 10

The great White Lodge is always compassionate. It gives to us this knowledge in order for us to extract ourselves from the great cataclysm which is approaching, in different steps. Even when we are in the higher work that we perform in Gnosticism, we are always performing a great sacrifice. The Christ, the light is sacrificing itself for us at this very moment. We have to cooperate with that light if we want to be helped, to be saved.

Remember the salvation that we are talking about here, is not the salvation of the physical body. We are talking about salvation of our soul, which is a work of sacrifice. We have to annihilate something inside in order to give birth to something superior. We have to sacrifice anger, in order to create love; we have to a sacrifice lust in order to create chastity; we have to sacrifice greed in order to create altruism; we have to sacrifice envy in order to create philanthropy; we have to sacrifice pride in order to get humility; we need to sacrifice gluttony in order to obtain temperance; we need to sacrifice laziness in order to obtain diligence. This is how we sacrifice the seven deadly sins, the capital sins, in order to gain the seven higher virtues related with the higher forces and energies that have to enter into our physical body, into our mind, into our psyche, into our soul, in order to give us that which we want; this in relation to each one of the planets, the seven chakras, the seven powers, the seven churches, etc.

If we do not sacrifice the ego how are we going to obtain those energies? Given that the adversary to those energies is the ego. Our ego is destroying our physical body, soul, spirit and even the planet.


Remember if there is not sacrifice then the law of entropy is not overcome. If we do not overcome the law of entropy then it will destroy us physically and psychologically. It is already destroying us physically because the brain is not active 100 percent. Moreover, we are very very dull physically speaking, psychologically speaking. If we do not destroy the ego here and now, we are going to be equalized in Klipoth, the infernal worlds, the averno, hell or whatever name you want to give to the inferior dimensions of nature. This is how we descend into the abyss in order to equilibriate the energy, in order to return it to it’s own source.

Any questions?

Audience: Were Aztecs and Mayans performing human sacrifices?

Instructor: The Aztecs and Mayans priests, but other priests not only of the religions of America but even in the middle ages, those of the Catholic Church, etc etc were also performing human sacrifices. Burning people in fire is a human sacrifice. When religions degenerate they start performing sacrifices, instead of teaching the truth about how to change for good, they perform ritual sacrifices in order to stop the forces of nature, not teaching or helping humanity to change.

Of course, when every religion starts performing sacrifices it is because it is degenerating. In the beginning the Aztec religion and the Mayans were not doing sacrifices; they were performing the great work. At the beginning of Christianity, they were also performing the great work, but by the middle ages the holy inquisition (which had nothing holy) was burning people in the name of God... that was a type of human sacrifice, an holocaust.

Audience: Is the Moon going to be disintegrated?

Instructor: The Moon, little by little, will be far out of the orbit of the Earth and will be disintegrated. Right now the Moon has no more energy to give us. The whole force is already in the Earth.

Audience. What about the radioactive elements?

Instructor: That is a natural phenomena that is happening in the sacrifice of uranium or plutonium, because part of the Earth is already entered into other dimensions. This means that those elements are entering into another level by liberating the energy. Eventually, that energy will enter into activity in the fourth dimension. Of course that will happen after the seventh root race, after which the whole planet will enter into the fourth dimension. Some elements like plutonium and uranium are liberating the elements, in order for that energy to be in activity in the fourth dimension.

The atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb, any type of nuclear explosion helps the law of entropy.

There is always devolution of elements. Evolution and devolution of the same element. You can see for instance in the copper, some type of coppers that are evolving and other types that are devolving as well. It depends on the activity of the metal.

Q: Is death the only liberator?

A: Psychological Death is the only liberator. When we reach death mechanically, that is, through the processes of entropy, through the processes of the second death, we do not obtain any positive results; such a process belongs to the mechanicity of nature. However, if we perform death consciously, which means transforming one psychological element into another psychological element, then we obtain the knowledge, the understanding, the comprehension of those defects, and the development of spiritual virtues.

Death is nothing but the activity of the energy passing from one level into another; that is death. Entropy equalises everything with death. But, that energy is not being used for any purpose. If instead you sacrifice something, then you are obtaining that energy for another purpose, because you are transforming that element into another element. For instance, when the ego enters into the abyss it is getting sacrificed, annihilated so the energy which was within the ego is without any purpose for the monad at that moment, because the mechanism of that energy is liberated by nature in order to stabilize the forces. If we liberate that energy with our willpower, the result will be the creation of the internal bodies; in this way we are developing a certain type of knowledge and we are overcoming entropy because we are not following death in the mechanical way, but in the esoteric path in the self-realization.

Q. Is the Moon being sacrificed for the Earth?

Sacrifice means we are sacrificing the entropy. The energy that was acting in the Moon returned into the Absolute Abstract Space, into the chaos and was in repose for many eternities; when the new cosmic day came, the energy started to originate that seed, in order for the planet Earth to develop in the higher dimensions, so that it could begin the process of descending from the higher dimensions into the 3rd dimension. This happened through different dimensional times; it does not occur in one day or in one moment like you see in a plant. When you plant the seed of a plant, you see eventually a tree. It takes some years for it to grow into a tree. Likewise, a planet takes millions of years in order to descend from one dimension to another, in order for it to finally appear in the third dimension. But, it is the energy which is descending.

Q. What about Hercolubus?

A: Hercolubus has changed our planet four times. It changed the face of the Earth in the time of Lemuria; Oceania was part of Lemuria. The Aborigines from Oceania are descendants from Lemurians. Regarding Lemuria lets us read what Master Samael aun Weor said:

“Gnostic anthropology emphatically affirms that certain degenerated groups of humans in Lemuria sexually mixed themselves with beasts in order to originate the simian species.

Haeckel never in any way was opposed to the concept that apes had their birth in Australia, in Lemuria. He always accepted the reality of the Lemurian continent. Yet, let us reflect a little. Where was Lemuria located? In the Pacific Ocean, this is obvious. It covered an extensive zone of that sea. Through ten thousand years of earthquakes, Lemuria was submerged little by little in the boisterous waves of that ocean. Yet, remnants of Lemuria were left, namely Oceania, Australia, Easter Island, etc.” - Samael Aun Weor Gnostic anthropology

The north and south poles will become the equator, and the equator will become the south and north poles.

There are many things we judge are good and we don’t know that they are negative. Right now we are seeing things that are negative for us and we have to sacrifice them. But, there are also elements within us that we think are good things but are not good; and, if we were to go into other dimensions, we would see that those things are indeed evil for us. For instance, right now you are starting the work, many things for you are good and I always advise you to do this and that because they are good for you. But, those things for me are not good because I am at another level.

So, when you enter into another level those things that were previously good are no longer good. You have to sacrifice those things if you want to enter another level.

In the beginning, when you start practicing, you need to control your food in order to avoid fornication because your body has already learned to fornicate, so you need to control your food. For instance, when you want to ride a wild horse some trainers will feed the horse a type of grass that will give them diarrhea for one night. Thus, the next day the horse will be weak from the diarrhea and the trainer can control the horse using the whip. In the same way we have to understand our physical body; in the beginning, when we are starting practicing sexual magic, we have to give our body the type of food that will not give a lot of fire, so that we can control it. After a time, you can then learn how to control the horse.

For instance, I take a lot of things for my body that give me a lot of energy, a lot of strength but I know how to control it. I can eat meat and many other things because I have seven bodies to feed, because aside from my physical body, I have to feed my astral body, my mental body, etc. I need a great deal of energy and to treat my body very well, and in those occasions when I don’t feel my body very well, I experience pains in some of the organs due to the fact that the whole energy is going up. I eat meat of course, but sometimes I do not need it. Like certain practices that I am capable of doing that you cannot because you don’t have the elements in order to do it, types of powers that we develop. The powers for instance to you are good, you need to develop powers. But, when you reach a certain level and you want to overcome that level, you have to sacrifice that power, meaning, you have to renounce that power.

There are some Masters that are so attached to their powers that they don’t renounce them, and they remain on that level forever. For instance, in order to enter into the Absolute Abstract Space you have to renounce the omniscience, and omnipotence that is related with God. There are many Gods in the universe that don’t enter the Absolute Abstract Space, because they do not renounce omniscience and omnipotence. However, for us at the level in which we are, we want those powers; we don’t need to sacrifice them because we don’t yet have them. For us, we want to acquire that. For instance even love, sometimes in order to enter into very high levels of development, you have to overcome love; but, in order to overcome love you have to have love in the first place. The innermost is beyond love. He is in the kingdom of happiness when God is showing us his own hell; then we see how he loves us. So the hell for God is his love for humanity.