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Today, our lecture will be related with meditation, which is the main aspect of the Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Path is a path that can be only seen by the inner sight, or “insight.” This path is not a path that you can see outside, it is a path that is inside of us. And this is why Buddhism emphasizes the technique of meditation.

When you think about Buddhism, the first image that comes to mind is the Buddha in a state of meditation, with his eyes slightly opened and contemplating himself. When we talk about Buddhism, immediately we associate it with meditation. And actually, different techniques of meditation are taught in Buddhism.

In Gnosticism, we know that Buddha is an entity or part which is within each one of us, that we call the Innermost. Samael Aun Weor stated in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled that beyond the Buddha, we find the Adhi-Buddha, which is of course the Being of our Being, or we will say the Buddha of our Buddha. The non-Being of the Being.

adi buddha

The main aspect of Buddhism is the control of the mind. That is why many people think that Buddhism is in relation with mental practices or mental power, but the reality is that Buddhism, meditation, is a technique for the consciousness, not for the mind. That we control the mind with meditation or through meditation is another thing. But really, the discipline of the mind is acquired through meditation, which is a technique for the consciousness. [Editor: Many Buddhists use the word "mind" when addressing the consciousness.]

Meditation is a technique for the Buddhata; this is a term that we use a lot in Gnosticism that you see is associated with Buddha. The Buddhata is a part of our own particular Monad, or Buddha. It is the Essence that we have, which is unfortunately bottled up within different psychological aggregates trapped, or live we will say, within our mind. So you see, the Buddhata, the Essence, the consciousness, the soul, the part of Buddha, or the part of the Monad, unfortunately is trapped within the mind. This is the reason why Buddhism emphasizes of the control of the mind in order to liberate the Buddhata, the Essence.

Buddha, or our own particular Innermost, really cares about our Buddhata, our Essence, and wants to control the mind. The mind itself in Sanskrit is Manas, and from that word comes the word Man. That is why the real Man is the one that is controlled by the Spirit, by the Buddha. And this explains the word Human, which I explained in many other lectures; “Hum” is the Buddha, the Spirit that has to control the Manas. But in order to control the Manas, the mind, the Spirit does it through the Buddhata, which in synthesis is the Human Soul that is developed through willpower. Our motto is Thelema, willpower. So this willpower, this Buddhata that is in contact with the Being, is the one that controls the mind. This is something that we have to understand and comprehend, because many people do not understand the necessity of meditation, and it is because they do not understand that the path that is written by many initiates in many books of many religions, are only symbols that we need to interpret in meditation. Because the only one that speaks that language is the Buddha, the Innermost, the Spirit.

When we said meditation, we always associate that with silence, and it is written that the “voice of the silence” is the voice of Buddha. But it is referring to the silence of the mind. In other words, when the mind is silent, then we can hear the voice of the Spirit, then we can hear the voice of Buddha. If the mind is active then the ego is active, and the ego is not the Buddha. The ego is symbolized in many ways, with the symbols of the devil, Satan, Mara, etc.

So when you want to go from one side of a mountain to the other side, you have to walk, you have to make your own way. You open your own way. Imagine let's say, winter, because really, speaking of symbols, winter is the symbol of karma. So imagine a snowy mountain in which the snow is very smooth, and you have to walk to the other side of the mountain, but there is no way shown there. By walking with your steps you leave the prints and you leave the track of the path behind you. While walking, you see in every step different scenarios that come into your sight, to the sounds of your ears, etc. And while you are walking, the scenario of nature is changing, and of course all of that is what we call “symbols.”

When you reach the other side, obviously you recognize in your mind all the images of those symbols, trees, clouds, birds etc, that you saw on your way. And then you go back through your prints that you left in the snow, and when you reach the other side, you decide to guide others. When you turn to the prints of your feet you realize that nature already changed your tracks, because there is snow again, you see, the recycling of the events of nature, is making that mountain again smooth. So the tracks that you left there disappeared. But it didn't disappear in yourself, in your memory. You already had that experience, you have that practical walk in your mind and you know how to go into the other side. And you know that even though the path disappeared in the snow, the same scenarios, images etc are still there, and you can guide anyone through the mountain.

Obviously, everybody can write about their own journey, in accordance to his own impressions, and leave the map of that path. And this is precisely what Samael Aun Weor did in The Three Mountains; he wrote about the map of the path of Self-realization. But you have to understand that Samael Aun Weor walked that path according to his own karma. He walked that path in accordance with his own karma, and this is something that we have to remember. Even though he left the print in the snow, you cannot walk with the same feet, with the same shoes. Everyone has a different size of shoe, has a different weight, in other words, has a different karma. Each person has to walk, to follow the signs that are written in that book, The Three Mountains. But those steps have to be applied according to our own particular individual karma. And this is why we can not take literally what is written. Every symbol, every thing is given as a clue in order for us to apply that clue in our life, in our path. And this is how you find here the necessity of meditation, because that clue, that archetype, that symbol has to be applied to our own particular life. For the path is there.

That is why when you read the life of any initiate, you find always the same archetypes, the same symbols. The life of Jesus for instance, is written in the four gospels. But it is not his private life, but his Spiritual life, meaning the way in which he walked on the path. The steps. And this is how we have to understand the four gospels; we have to follow those steps in order to reach the other side. So if we confuse those symbols with the physical life that he had as any citizen in the world, then we make a big mistake, and that is precisely the big mistake of all of those people that want to find the track, or we will say the prints of the life of Jesus, or Buddha or any other master that is written in a book. Those writings were written by initiates in order to show the path, and they are symbols. Of course the physical life of master Jesus, how he lived and how he ate and did his chores in everyday life, that is something that was not written in any book. For us, what are important are the symbols, the map of the path that we need to follow. And we should not mistake that.

The symbols that we receive internally are applied to our own particular idiosyncrasy, which is related with karma and the place, the life that we live. It depends on the city in which we are living. And even related with our family, because karma is related with our family, etc. It is coming into my mind this simple phrase, that when the mother of Jesus Christ, and his brothers are outside, and one of his disciples says, “Your mother and your brothers are waiting for you outside, and want to talk with you.” And then he said, “Who is my mother, who is my brother, but only he who follows the path of my Father.” It is a simple explanation of a symbol. So if you see your brother in dreams, obviously it is the symbol of somebody close to you that follows the same path.

So, in the path we need to see the track, we need to see our steps. In the physical world, we are always identified with our daily life, and we need insight, we need to see our own spiritual life, which is related directly with the Buddhata, with the Essence. That is why we emphasize always, that the true initiate is living in two worlds, or as we say in symbology, we have to resolve an equation. The first half of that equation is how to survive in this physical world, which everybody is concerned about. In order to survive in this day and age we need to make money, to supply all our necessities. But the other half of the equation has nothing to do with money. It is something very individual, particular, that we need to solve inside, because the other half of the equation is in those internal worlds, where the path of the Self-realization is shown. Because it is the Self-realization of the Being. You hear that? We want the Self-realization of the Being.

tree-of-life-bodiesWe always, when we talk about the constitution of the Being, or the true man, we always start from the bottom. We said physical body, vital body, astral body, mental body, causal body, buddhic body, and Spiritual body. But the reality is backwards, the first body is Atman, the Buddha, the interior Buddha, the true Man inside. And below him, we find six bodies, the physical body being the last one, in which part of him is bottled up, which is ourselves, the Buddhata.

Actually, the physical body is the opposite of Atman. That is why esoterically we said the physical body is the devil. Not only the physical body, but the mental body as well. We have to control the mental body and below; through the Buddhata, the Buddha has to control the four bodies in order to acquire Self-realization. And of course the Buddhata that is part of that Buddha needs guidance. We always emphasize in lectures that the real guru, the real Buddha, the real master that we need to follow, is inside, not outside.

We are right now in this lecture giving the clues, the signs, the symbols, as when you read the Bible you find the same symbols written in one way. Moses wrote also his own symbols in one way, while in the life of Buddha, you find the same symbols in that way. And every religion, every sacred book gives the same signs in different ways; those are the same archetypes that we need to follow. So when you read those sacred books of any religion as when you hear this lecture, you are just studying the track, the steps that you have to follow. But obviously you do not have to stay just there, or stop there; you have to go and to apply those symbols inside. And for that you need meditation. The Buddhata is in contact with the only through meditation.

Obviously, there are initiates whose Buddhata is very awakened, is Bodhicitta. And that contact, that union with the Buddha, interior Buddha, is always constant, permanent, and they are receiving messages permanently, because the religion, the union, the Yug is already there. But we are beginners, and we know that our Buddhata, ourselves, we are not receiving that continuous or permanent information from our own particular Buddha. So therefore, the main teaching of any self-realized master is to teach you how to be in contact, in daily, permanent contact with your own particular Innermost. Because from him you will receive the information, direct information, that concerns only you, in order to be united with him. And here behold the necessity of meditation. How are you going to listen to the voice of the silence if you are not entering into meditation? Of course, many techniques exist in order to put the mind in silence, in order to hear the voice of God, which is the “voice of the silence.” But I ask you, and answer to yourselves, where did Buddha Shakyamuni learn those techniques? Where did the Buddhas before him learn that? We have to understand that they learned that by doing it.

Many of us are waiting or wishing to have special clues of meditation in order to receive immediate illumination. And that is stupid. That is why many gnostics are there, experimenting with drugs, with mushrooms, with Yaje and many other plants, in order to have immediate illumination. They want to awaken completely and to see the path there before them, from the beginning to the end. But nobody can see the path like that.

Even the one that is walking the path once again, having started over, can not see the path from the beginning to the end again, because the path will be applied to the karma that he or she has again, which is double or triple, it is different. The same steps, yes, but not the same path applied to it.

If you go to the mountain, and you want to go to the other side of the mountain and stay there, you will see the beginning of the path, but you can not see the end of the path. You can only see the whole path if you first walk and reach the other side, and then you can see the whole thing. So how are these individuals that want to see the whole path, want to awaken and go to the astral plane to see the whole path? They believe they will see everything in advance, and think, “Now I know how to walk.”  No. The path is walked with each step. While you are walking you are making and seeing the path.

The path is mysterious, the master says in The Great Rebellion; sometimes you find abysses. Sometimes you find a lagoon, or a river that you have to walk through. That is a symbol of something. You have to swim. In my case for instance, when I find a river or a sea in front of my path internally, I do not swim, I just go walk, and breathe profoundly while under the water. I have to learn, I have to breathe the water. For me that is the best; others like to swim on top of the water, I like to go within. That is the big difference, it is meditation, a symbol of something that you have to accommodate yourself to.

You have to learn how to see the path. But do not expect that you will see the path in front of you, from the beginning to the end, and you say: “Oh, I have to walk through this,” and you are seeing it, no. You seeing your own path little by little, at the measure you walk. And if you reach the goal then you will see the whole thing. That is why the master Samael said: “I walked three times, but this time was very hard,” he says. “Too much pain.” That means in other words too much karma. Obviously the first time that he walked the path it was not too hard. The second was hard, but not harder than the third, and he says: “I do not think I want to do it a fourth time, because it will be harder.” You see, karma will be stronger. Of course, the same steps, the same images, but the burden that you have to carry on your shoulders, will be different. That is why it is not wise to imitate the life of a master. Or to say that because this initiate passed through this way in his initiation, everybody has to do the same thing; that is stupid, because each one of us has different karma, and the path is lived according to your own karma. It is not the same to walk on the path one time, two times, three times, four times; it is written that you can walk the same path of Self-realization seven times, but each time it is harder and harder.

Look at the master Jesus of Nazareth, the master Aberamentho; the last time that he did it was the seventh time, and the great sacrifice that he did for this planet, he is still doing it. Great work. But of course, in order to walk in that path, he meditated, because it is the only way to walk in it. Nobody can walk on the path if he or she doesn't meditate, because the only way to defeat ordeals, obstacles, is by cleaning oneself; to open the way in front of us is by knowing ourselves, because the path is within.

Mara tempting Buddha

That is why you find that the Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni defeated all of his ordeals of his path while he was in meditation under the Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree is a symbol of the sexual energy. And Bodhi also means “wisdom” which in Hebrew is Chokmah, which is Christ. And of course, it is written that while Buddha was meditating, in order for the negative forces of nature to prevent his meditatation, a great flood came. But the Buddha kept meditating, kept to his meditation, and a serpent came and entwined underneath him three times and a half, and served him as a float, as a floating element, or device, for him not to drown. Not do die in the waters. That serpent of course is a symbol. When you read that, if you think that really was a big serpent helping him in order not to get sunk in the waters, you are really thinking in the wrong way because the serpent is a symbol of the Divine Mother. Meaning that the waters of degeneration, the sexual waters of fornication that were of course attacking him, are his own nature, obviously. This is precisely what happens with the Gnostic students. In the beginning they want to learn how to transmute the sexual energy, but their own negative nature flows inside of them, right? And they get desperate, wet dreams, lustful dreams, what to do? Be calm, and put your faith in your Buddha. Because if you keep ahead, and calm and understand and comprehend your own lust, the serpent will come and save you from those waters that want to kill you. That is the symbol, and this is how we have to be. Do not expect that the waters will be always calm. The Buddha was there meditating, and the great flood came, but his own mother saved him. And he kept meditating.

The daughters of Mara tempt Buddha

Mara and his three daughters came and tempted him. The great winds and tempests and demons were attacking him and he was just in meditation. It doesn't mean that the Buddha was there without eating, without doing anything for many days, weeks and months, and finally he acquired illumination. That is a symbol that we have to understand, meaning that in order for him to acquire illumination he was always, always meditating. But obviously he was receiving impressions, he was working with the other half of the equation, receiving impressions, and going always at the end of his journey to meditate in order to keep ahead in his path, that is the symbol of that.

There are many hermits there that go into the mountain, and sit there for hours, days and weeks like fakirs, trying to acquire illumination with the ego alive. We do not deny that with that way of life, or that discipline, they learn how to control the mind, and eventually they leave the mind, the ego, and they have Samadhis. And after having Samadhis, or maha-samadhis or nirvikalpa-samadhis, they think, “I am self-realized.” Because in the Samadhi you receive a great voltage of energy. This is good, to meditate in order to have a Samadhi. But it is bad to think that because we are receiving that voltage of energy, and illumination in the activity of our inner senses, we are self-realized. That is wrong. Self-realization is only acquired when we defeat Mara and his three daughters. And that is a process of illumination, annihilation of the ego that we have to acquire. But many hermits, yogis, monks do not understand that. And because they are skillful in Samadhi, they think that they are done. And you see the big mistake? This is precisely the big mistake in meditation. Do not think that you are done just because you have some experiences, some Samadhis.

Personally, I have experienced the Ain Soph. I am not proud of admitting this, because I know that I have ego. And not because I experienced the Ain Soph I say oh, “I'm self-realized,” no. I experienced also Kether, that is why when I talk about the Sephiroth, it is because I experienced that. But I didn't self-realize my Sephiroth inside of me; I have ego. So I have to keep going; I'm not going to boast that I'm a self-realized master, because I am not. Because I study the doctrine of a bodhisattva, the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor, and he explains that very much, that even if you experience Samadhis everyday, even if you build your solar bodies, if you do not annihilate your ego you do not self-realize. And this is something that, thank goodness, I understand, and I want you to understand that, because on the path you receive a lot of illumination, a lot of visions. But that is not Self-realization, that is just incentives, blessings that you can receive through meditation on the path because you deserve it, because you are dealing with this or that devil that you have within. This is how you advance, little by little.

Otherwise, you fall in the mistake of many Buddhist sects now, that are only emphasizing meditation, and they think, "I have to achieve Samadhi, I have to learn how to meditate, I have to follow this technique, this other technique." And they are just entangled and identified with techniques and they forget about the comprehension of the ego. They follow this intellectually and they are wasting time. Wasting time in the sense that they do not understand that Samadhi is good, but that is not enough, you have to go beyond that.

As Buddha and other masters learned how to meditate by themselves, also we can learn that. When I said “to meditate by themselves” means that only through the comprehension of the ego do we advance on the path. You can follow techniques in order to have Samadhis, but the only technique in order to comprehend the ego is doing it yourself, because it is your ego. How are you going to comprehend, for instance, lust? The master Samael wrote a book about lust, putting some examples there. And he gave the story of his life, about how he was lustful in different ways. But that is his life, it is not my life. I'm not going to comprehend my ego of lust because I read his books, I'm going to comprehend my lust if I comprehend MY lust. My lust is related with my karma, with my own life, with my own way of being. It is different. And likewise each one of you has different lust. It is always lust, but it applies, or is acting in different ways. So this is the same path but we have to understand that, that the comprehension of the ego is only possible by teaching yourself.

That is why we have internally our own Guru, that is why he said, “Follow your own Guru.” Your own Guru is inside of you, is your own Buddha. He knows you very well. And he has a great messenger there, a great helper, and the one that trained you. It is his own shadow, called Lucifer. Lucifer is the one that comes down, or Satan, and helps God. It is coming into my mind Job, the book of Job in the Bible. It says that Satan goes before Jehovah and Jehovah says, "Oh well, how do you see my bodhisattva, my human soul, my servant Job? He is working there, he is an initiate, he is doing well". And then Satan in his own way says, "Well, if you want to see if really he is doing his own way, do you want me to test him?" Because he is advancing but has to pass the test. It is like when you are going to university, “Oh he is a good student, he is the best one.” Oh yeah? Let's see if he passes the test. And then the final test is what tells you that you are ready to be graduated, otherwise you do not pass. The same thing occurs with God and Self-realization, you are working yourself, you are doing this, you are doing that, but then Satan comes and says okay, let's test it now, let's test this guy to see if he really deserves that. And if you pass the temptation, then you acquire light. But unfortunately most of the tests put by Satan to humanity are failed; humanity is a failure, they didn't pass the test, simple tests. And of course when you enter into the initiation, into this path, you have to understand that, that he is a tester, somebody that is going always to serve your inner God by tempting you, to see if you really are advancing. And this is precisely the meaning here of Lucifer, Satan, that people do not understand. People hate Satan or Lucifer. We're not understanding that he is the shadow that is doing his job. If there is no temptation, no tests, there are no virtues. How are we going to see if we're doing well if there is no temptation, if there are no tests?

In the case of Jesus of Nazareth, he went into the temple of John the Baptist, who was the reincarnation of Elias. It is written in symbology in the gospels, but really, in the Jordan at that time there was a temple, and the priest of that temple was John the Baptist. And he initiated Jesus there with the baptism, which is the symbol of the initiation. It is written there that Jesus came out of the waters and the Spirit of God incarnated in him. But that is a great symbol for a process of transformation.

And when he was there ready, with the Spirit of God within himself, what happened? He says well, he already passed all the ordeals of transmutation, and he learned how to transmute his sexual waters. Obviously his Kundalini is rising up, the brazen serpent is giving him a lot of powers. But now, in order for him to teach to the multitudes he has to pass the test. So the Spirit took him into the wilderness, it is written, in order to be tempted by the devil. And he fasted 40 days. It doesn't mean that he was just starving. To fast, what is it to fast? Meaning, not to feed your ego, right? 40 days; that reminds me of the letter Mem, in Kabbalah, which has the value of 40. 40 days of fasting, 40 days of the universal flood, 40 years as the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness. 40, 40, because 40 precisely is related with water. And which you have to learn, have to control your waters, have to be in chastity, fast the waters. The whole work is a control of the waters, the control of the sexual energy whose chief commander is Lucifer. He is the one that controls the waters, the sexual force. So if you do not control the waters, you do not control Lucifer. If you are a slave of sex, you are a toy of Lucifer. And that is why Jesus was 40 days in the wilderness being tempted by the devil.

Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

The first temptation says, “If thou be the Son of God, command that this stones be made bread, but he answered and said: It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

And what did the devil tell him? “Oh yeah, you are the son of God, right? You are a bodhisattva, so you want illumination, to receive your inner Being and to help humanity. Why do not you make more wisdom by transmuting the sexual energy?” Or in other words, may this stone be transformed into bread. The stone is the symbol of Yesod, the sexual force, transform into the bread of transubstantiation, wisdom. Of course, when we transmute the sexual energy we receive a lot of wisdom. But then Jesus says, “Well, not only sexual magic, I need to meditate, because also wisdom comes, or the bread comes, from the mouth of God.”

So you understand that right? That the word that comes from the mouth of God is the word of the Innermost, the voice of the silence, when the mind is silent. When Satan is shut up.

You need to learn about the archetypes, the symbols, because God speaks with symbols, so you have to learn his language. God is God, it is a complicated language. Your Spirit, your Buddha. And obviously the Buddhata learns that by meditation, because the archetypes, the symbols are applied to your own life, to your own self, because everyone has a different karma.

In order to hear the voice of the silence, the Word of God, you have to keep your mind in silence. And Satan works with the mind with all of his aggregates; lust, greed, pride, envy, etc. To quiet that, to comprehend that, requires patience. And then you hear the voice of the silence, because you need guidance. Your Guru, your own God, your inner self tells you, “Do this now, do that now,” right? But Satan, the mind, is always tempting you.

Remember that Mara has three daughters, and that is why Jesus is tempted three times. Then it says:

“If thou be the son of God, cast thyself down, for it is written: he shall give his angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

In the path the initiate receives the command: “Descend into the ninth sphere.” But sometimes it doesn't come like I'm saying it right now. “Hey son, come here, go into the ninth sphere and transmute.” No. It comes as a symbol. And if you do not know how to interpret a symbol? That is why you need meditation.

A story is coming into my mind about the master Samael Aun Weor. His Divine Mother was fighting against an ego of his, and she commanded him to see into one side of herself and he saw apocalyptic fires that were destroying it. He understood that these were the fires of sex. And then he said, “Unfortunately, at that time I was dumb. I thought that my Divine Mother was testing me. So therefore I was disobeying and I was not practicing sexual magic because I was in abstinence. I was meditating and not touching my wife,” he said, “and just annihilating my ego as a single person. And I was disobeying. She was commanding me to go into the sex, but I was rejecting that, because I thought it was a test.”

Later on he understood why. Because in his path he found a guardian when he was entering into the temple. The guardian told him, “You were the most advanced of our students here in this temple, but now you are stagnant.

Then he asked the guardian, “Why, why am I stagnant?”

The guardian answered him, “Because you forgot your mother.”

Samael said that when the guardian said that, he felt so much pain in the heart, and he interpreted the voice of the guardian in the wrong way. He thought that he was talking about his physical mother. Then when he returned into the physical plane, he says that he was trying to find his physical mother in order to advance in the path. And during meditation, because the way that he was trying to find his physical mother, that who knows where she was, maybe dead, because he was always in the path, and he forgot about her; he was not attached to his family. He was trying to find her physically. In meditation, trying to get information from his Inner Being, suddenly the voice of the silence came into his head and he understood in one moment, one second, “Oh, my Divine Mother!” And then he invoked his Divine Mother, and then after that happened many things and he understood that he had to descend into the ninth sphere in order to annihilate that devil, that his own sexual force as a single was not enough, he needed the sexual force of his wife in order to make a very strong fire and to destroy that demon. “This is how I returned,” he says, “into the ninth sphere again.” This obviously, you see, was a command of his Inner Being. But even he didn't understand the symbol. But how did he find the meaning of that symbol? By meditating! Meditating, and meditating.

So this is how it happens, do not get impatient, or disappointed, because in the beginning you do not find the answer immediately in meditation, it is a process of learning, and we need patience, the patience of Job.

Always the devil appears, so we have to be very careful that the commands are sent by the Father...

The tempter is Satan, Lucifer. The Divine Mother is not the tempter, the Inner Being is not the tempter, it is Satan.

You have to be sure that the step that you are going to do is right there on the path, because there are abysses on each side of the path. And you have to meditate, “My God, I understand your message, but tell me again. Is that right?” And then you receive and you are sure, oh, that is right. But again you say, “No, no, no. It is right but who knows? My mind is... I have to be sure…”

Until you are really a hundred percent sure, then take your step. That is in relation with the sexual path, the stone. Because the angels will always help you, it says, right? And the devil tempt you. It is written.

He says: “Thy shall not tempt the Lord thy God. And again the devil take him up into the exceeding high mountain and shew him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, and said unto him: All these things will I give thee if thou will fall down and worship me.”

You see? The mind again. It is always tempting you. How is Satan offering the worlds to the initiate? Well, it says, “Do you want to appear in the internet with a beautiful tunic? And you write your name there, and everybody will know that you are a master, and they will worship you? Now in the internet there are many people from different places, they will know about you, and they will write to you.” And if you do that you are worshipping Satan, the mind. Pride, vanity. And then, if you do not pass the test, and then that is the problem. Because only the Being commands it, if it is necessary; but if it is not necessary it is only someone that didn't pass the test.

And then, what happened? Jesus says: “Satan, Satan. Mind, mind. Do not tempt me to do that, it is written: You shall always worship your Inner Buddha, your Inner Being. You, the mind, has to kneel. I do not have to kneel, I am the Buddhata, the Bodhichitta, here, the human soul. How am I going to kneel to the mind? I kneel to my Being, but not to you. And you have to kneel to me and to my Being, because you have to obey God. You the mind, you the intellect is an instrument for the Spirit, and you have to kneel.”

This is how Jesus, as Buddha, defeated Mara and the three daughters through these temptations, which are of course synthesized because they enfold in many temptations. And this is how you defeat that by meditation, by comprehension.

It is not just, as many people think, that you are walking in the street and you feel lust, and say, "My divine mother, annihilate this for me." You feel anger and say, "Divine mother, annihilate this anger." This path is not just like that; you have to comprehend. You have to understand the path, you have to see the path, and the path has to be shown only inside. The symbols, or the archetypes, symbols that you see in your dreams, in your visions.

Of course, Gnostic students write to us, “What about this symbol, what about this, what is my Father, why are many Beings telling me this?” And we answer, “Well, this symbol symbolises that, but remember that I'm telling you according to my experience, but it could be the opposite. It could be the contrary. Meditate, analyze.”

The whole thing is really a work that we have to perform within. And it is only through meditation. Because through reflection, through analysis, superlative analysis is how we are knowing ourselves. “Man, know thyself, and you will know the universe.” Each one of us, I repeat, has his own idiosyncrasy.

And after the Buddha defeated Mara and the three daughters, he becomes an illuminated one. Then he can teach, and show the path. Every initiate does the same thing, or did the same thing. And we have to do the same thing.

Do you realize now why meditation is indispensable, is necessary? It is impossible if somebody doesn't meditate to see the path, or to advance on the path. Because the path is only shown in advance through meditation, and is sexual also. It is shown with the stone, the sex. The waters, the serpent and Buddha, it is sexual forces that you have to defeat, because from sex comes everything.

That is why there are a lot of students of Krishnamurti, which in parenthesis, Krishnamurti is a great initiate, is a bodhisattva. But he is not self-realized, he is in the mere process of Self-realization. All of his students, or the students of Krishnamurti, follow his techniques which are good, wonderful. But unfortunately he never mentioned about the sexual mysteries, how to transmute the sexual energy. Same thing with the monks, with the lamas. They know about the techniques etc, but the main thing, which is tantra, sexual magic, they do not teach it. So all Buddhists and students of Krishnamurti and other esotericists that do meditation and that fight against their ego, they do not take care of the sexual force. They keep fornicating, ejaculating the sexual force, so therefore they are wasting their time. And this is one of the points also that we have to understand.

Sex is the main source in order to acquire Samadhi and to understand. You see, understanding is Binah, the sexual force. That is why the first step is the baptism. What is a baptism? You are being tempted. Because those waters of baptism have to be transmuted through all the path until everything is dead inside of us. And it is through meditation the way that we do it. Do you understand that, are you following that, do you comprehend that?

Questions and Answers

Question: In Buddhism, obviously they're talking about emptiness, the void, right? Absolute. Now is that Samadhi, the same thing as Samadhi?

Answer: Yes, there are many types of Samadhis. You can experience Samadhis in the astral plane, in the mental plane, in the causal plane. You can experience mahakalpa-samadhi which is an experience in the Ain Soph, in the Absolute. And in different levels, for instance, every sephirah is a kind of Samadhi.

Question: And this is without even eliminating the ego?

Answer: Without eliminating the ego. Because a Samadhi is experience of the Buddhata, not of the ego. What is a Samadhi in other words? Samadhi, in the synthesis, in simple words is this: The way in which the Buddhata releases himself from within every and each one of the egos. It is like, imagine that you have a hundred egos, and you are the Buddhata, so you have a hundred suits on top of you. So you take your first suit, and then another suit, and another suit until you are completely naked. And that is done through a technique in meditation. So finally when the Buddhata took all of his vestures, devilish vestures, and he is naked, he flies and has a Samadhi, and an experience in any of the sephiroth. But you can be united in Samadhi in the astral plane, in the mental plane, and even go to the Absolute. And after that you return and put on your suits again, unfortunately. And then you go and have a hundred suits, or you do not have hundred, you have like ten thousand suits. And that is a Samadhi; simple. For the people that experience that and are skillful in that, they experience many Samadhis everyday. They are skillful and taking off the suits easily, because after you meditate and follow techniques you can do it easily, and have Samadhis and Samadhis. But then you return, and then you think, “Oh, I am an illuminated one because I am skillful in this.” But then you die and you return with your suits again, and where is the Self-realization? Your ego is still there.

Question: So that is a waste of time then?

Answer: It is a waste of time if you do not annihilate your ego, because a Samadhi is beautiful, it is great, it gives faith, is a blessing. But it is not enough, you have to annihilate your ego, you have to acquire Self-realization. That is only possible by comprehension in the forty-nine levels of the mind, all of that which you have within.

Question: What is the relationship between Satan as the ego and Satan as Lucifer?

Answer: Well, Satan specifically is the fallen Lucifer. Lucifer is fallen in each one of us, and he is Satan. In other words, he is mingled with the ego. Lucifer itself is the sexual force, the sexual potency. If we do not know how to handle that force, it creates ego. So that is why the way to explain that is with Greek mythology, with Prometheus. Prometheus is Lucifer in Greek mythology, and he is punished by being chained to the stone, to the rock. During the day, the ego of lust, the vulture, comes and eats his entrails. And during the night that is healed. The next day the same thing repeats.  That is the torture of Prometheus, which means that lust always destroys the sexual energy, that is the vulture that we have within. We need to kill that vulture, and Hercules is the only one that does it. Hercules is a symbol of Christ, obviously. If we advance and follow the path of Christ, Hercules will come and kill that vulture and liberate Prometheus, which is part of the Being.



Prometheus-Lucifer is the shadow of God, the only part of the Being that mingles with the ego. Here you see the only part of God that doesn't abandon us, that part of God even goes to hell with us. And nature destroys the ego and Prometheus is liberated, through a very painful way.

Lucifer is the creator of your ego because you used your sexual energy in the wrong way, but because of that he is the only one that can tell you how to defeat the ego. And he does it through temptation, and if you defeat temptation, he is happy. If you do not do it, well, imagine. He is entangled in your ego, so he suffers a lot.

Question: Do you always have to question your inner experiences?

Answer: I question my inner experiences many times, and I wait and wait to see if what I saw is right, especially if I'm going to take a step, because I know that this path is dangerous, inside and outside. There are many dangers. So you have to question, to meditate, even if you find the answer. Sometimes I easily find the answer, “Oh this is that.” But I say, “Wait, I have to wait. Who knows? Maybe the tempter is playing with me here.” Especially when the step that you are going to make is sexual. So question always, and be sure.

Question: Then how do you become sure of your inner experiences?

Answer: Faith. You have to have Thelema, willpower, and courage. You have to have the sight of an eagle, the courage of the lion, and a very delicate step. Comprendé?

Question: You mentioned Yaje earlier in the lecture, we understand Yaje will not reveal the path to us in its entirety, but is it related to the negative awakening of the kundabuffer or does it have any merit? The master has made mentioned of a rue tea as being a useful protective agent, and the rue tea is a component of Yaje.

Answer: Yaje will not give you comprehension, only meditation. That is why the master says you cannot combine psychedelia with meditation. I mean, sometimes there are people that are very dumb, and they need to have this type of experience with plants in order to develop faith. But once you have experienced it, do not expect that by taking Yaje you will acquire illumination. For instance, I remember a book that I read, it says, “But do you take this plant?” the disciple asks the master.

He says “No, I do not.”


“Because I'm not an idiot. You are an idiot, you need it.”

But after you experience that, you do not keep doing it, you have to develop that ability for yourself. Comprehension is acquired through meditation, and this is how you have to understand. Not to be a slave of any plant, because the man is called king of nature, not nature the queen of the man. And if you are only depending on plants, when are you going to depend on your own Buddha, your own Guru? You have to follow your own Guru, your own Inner Being. And if you utilize Yaje, or another plant in order to experience and to have faith, well it is okay. But do not keep doing it, because that is not the path. It is just like crutches, when you are lame. But the best way for a lame one to walk is Christ.

Question: There are images of Jesus healing people. Because that is how it is related to this.

Answer: Yeah, it is related with that. When you cannot walk on the path, Christ is the only healer, and that is the sexual force developed on the path.

Question: You shouldn't have any dependencies.

Answer: Exactly, you must not have any dependencies. Another question?

Question: So the Buddhata transforms, or turns into the Bodhicitta?

Answer: The Buddhata is bottled up. When the ego is annihilated, the Buddhata becomes Bodhicitta, an illuminated consciousness that controls the mind under the direction of the inner Buddha. That is a true Self-realized one, that is a true bodhisattva, which is a long path. And I repeat, the different areas, scenarios of the path of Self-realization are shown through experiences in one’s whole life, and that is why you know in which part of the path you are walking by interpreting, by comprehending, analyzing that, or those symbols that you see, that your own Guru, your own Buddha is showing you. And that you have to follow. And of course, you need to study the doctrine. Because the great masters left the symbols, the signs in the writings in order for us to recognize, “Oh, I am here.” But do not expect that you are going to follow in the same way, or to walk in the same way. “The master saw this, I have to see the same thing.” No. You see the same symbol, but in a different way.

And there is another question?

Question: With the first level of ego comprehended intellectually... I mean there's no way intellectually...  experience of the path or is it internal experiences, is it...

Answer: You said the first level is the intellect, meaning that during meditation you can comprehend, your Buddhata, you yourself, is comprehending the ego in the first level of your mind. Because remember that the ego hides within the 49 levels of the mind. So the Buddhata, the consciousness, has to understand how to liberate the rest of itself from within these 49 levels. And does it through comprehension. So do not think or do not expect to comprehend the ego with the ego; that is why the Buddhata has to be active, the little percentage that we have free has to be active, and it is by remembering the inner Buddha. By being here and now, we know that. Self-observation and self-remembering: the Buddhata does this. The mind interferes, but by meditation and comprehension we will find the difference between the mind and the consciousness.

Question: How can an initiate differentiate when he is doing good or doing bad in his inner work?

Answer: Personally, I never identify with good or evil. One time a friend of mine told me, “You are really evil, what you did was evil.”

And then I said, “I do not know if it was evil or good, and I do not want to judge that. The only thing that I know is that in order to walk, I had to do that.” And I did it, and I'm walking. If you judge that action as evil, well, for me, according to where I was and what I knew, it was good. So “evil” and “good” is according to the path.

Sometimes you know, really “good and evil” is like “evolution and devolution.” Sometimes you have to descend down in order to ascend, and some egos are related with karma. That is why meditation, silence in Buddhism, is associated with that blessing of the Lord. “Blessed are those who mourn, because they will be comforted.” Who are the ones that mourn? The initiates! Because when you enter into this path, you suffer. You suffer because you have karma, and the karma is put in front of you in order for you to walk. And the Lords of Karma come. It is written, master Samael says: Sometimes the Lords of Karma, and even the parts of your Being, come to you after you comprehended an ego, and they talk to you like this: “Aha, so you want to annihilate this now, and to enjoy the blessing of annihilation after you enjoyed this desire for many lives? No, you have to suffer the consequences first, and then we annihilate it.” And there you are, mourning, because this is the law, otherwise everything will be easy. You will be comforted, but after you pay what you owe.

You see, this was the third time that the master Samael went up to his Father. It was very painful for him. Because if it was so easy, then he will fall again. They say if you want to do it again, well, the fourth time will be harder, and the fifth harder. And obviously that is why it says “blessed are the ones that mourn,” we are the ones that are mourning, all the time. But blessed are those who mourn, because if they meditate, they will be comforted. But if you are mourning there, you think that because you are sacrificing for humanity, and you are giving lectures, and think, “Oh, I'm mourning, I have my karma of course, I'm going to be blessed,” no. If I meditate, if I comprehend, I will be comforted. Because the comforter is the Holy Spirit. You will be comforted means that your Holy Spirit, your inner Buddha, your inner God will annihilate that ego, and then you will be free of it. But there are many Lords of the Law, of Karma, that will be after you.

And precisely it is coming into my mind the case of the master Samael. Being in Samadhi in the world of Atman, he was being as Atman. You know, as his own particular Buddha. A lord of the superior karma, a lord of Katancia, came to him and said, “Well, now you have to answer, because you are criticizing, and you criticize many people in your books down there in the physical world. You have to pay for that.”

Then the answer of the master was, “Well, I am a warrior by nature. I belong to the ray of power, so all the initiates of the ray of power are strong, and they talk very strong in order to help humanity.”

“Okay, but you have to pay what you owe.” And what happened? He says that the lords of Katancia put him seven days into jail, into the intellect, in other words. Because this is how the law works. He was criticizing through the intellect, then he had to pay through the intellect by being bottled up with the intellect for seven symbolic days - not seven days of 24 hours - but symbolic days. He was suffering a lot, he says. Because he was liberated, he could go easily into the astral plane, to the mental plane, any plane as he wishes. But during those seven symbolic days he was like any one of us, fighting to get out of the body, and he couldn't. Why? Because he was paying what he owed. And that is precisely “mourning,” you see? And finally, when he paid that, he was comforted, because he again enjoyed his Samadhis. So it is the same with us, we are in this path, and we want complete illumination, immediate experiences. Meanwhile, we owe a lot.

The Lords of Karma are going to give and take from us according to our deeds; this is the path of Self-realization; it is very painful, That is why it is symbolized by master Jesus taking the cross on his shoulders, mourning. He was mourning there. But he was blessed, because he was paying. Who was behind the master Jesus Christ while he was carrying his cross? It was an executioner, a Lord of Karma with a great whip. “Do not stop, walk and walk,” and whipping him. That is precisely the symbol of willpower that the Lords of Karma say: “Walk ahead, walk ahead.” And you are suffering by carrying your own cross until you go to Golgotha, and you die there. That is the Self-realization, that is the path shown by master Jesus. So blessed are those who mourn, because they will be comforted. That is a sentence that is being accomplished in the long run.

Question: We can be doing good, thinking we are creating in heaven, but we can be going the wrong way. So how can we find out for oneself if we're going up or down?

Answer: If you do not have the same egos. If the egos are disappearing you are doing good, but if the egos are still there alive, and you are awakening with Yaje, you are bad. The ego has to be annihilated. If the ego is annihilated, you are doing good.

Question: And how do you see that?

Answer: Well, if you are awakened, if you see a woman without lust, you are good. But if you see a woman and there is lust there, you are very bad. Simple.

Question: Would you equate the various levels of Being with different areas of consciousness in the mind? In other words, remembering or locating these areas in the mind as a map will help you to get back there again whenever you need to.

Answer: The 49 levels of the mind are related with Klipoth, meaning that parts of the Being are bottled up in those 49 levels. Obviously if you annihilate some egos in some levels, you acquire experiences in the higher levels. Remember, 49 levels of the mind means: The mind is matter, and that mind is the ego, and the ego is that part that has trapped that part of the consciousness, or part of the Being. That is why it is written that the 40 levels up, or 42 to 49 is related with Atman. It doesn't mean that Atman has ego. It means that part of him is bottled up in hell, in Klipoth. And by annihilating those parts in Klipoth, that part of him is recuperated and goes into Atman. Because the ego is always in Klipoth, in hell. Do you understand that?

Question: If you save someone from drowning because you want to accumulate Dharma, and you really do not care about that person, does that give you less Dharma than if you do it out of compassion?

Answer: Well, obviously if someone is drowning there, you want to help him, help! If you do not help, you gain karma, obviously, because you can do it. You pay karma for the evil that you do and for the good that you can do, and do not do it.

Question: The question is intention, if you do it to save them it is one thing, if you do it because you want Dharma, it is another.

Answer: Listen, if I have the intention of making money and I get a job, and they say you will make 15 dollars per hour. After one day, I have how much? If I work 8 hours.

Question: But you are doing it for the money...

Answer: Even if I do not do it for the money, they will pay me anyhow. So that is the point, if you do whatever you do, you will be paid. If your intentions are to get the money, well, it doesn't matter. You will be paid. It is like master Jesus, he did a great job here, he has been paid for it. He didn't do it for the payment, but the law is the law. It doesn't matter if you do it with intention of receiving. Of course the great sacrifice that you can perform is without expecting the reward. But after doing the sacrifice the Lords of Karma come and say, “Okay, we're going to pay you.”

“Ah, I didn't do it expecting a reward.”

“We do not care, you did it... Here's your payment, and do whatever you want to do with it. The law is the law. This is the Dharma, you want to give it away? If you do something good then we will come to you again because you are making more good. And we will pay you, even if you do not want it. Keep giving away what you want, but we will do our job which is to pay what we owe.”

You see, that is karma, and that is the way they pay you. They collect from you also your karma. That is the law. So to free yourself from the law of karma is very difficult, whether in the good or in the bad.

Question: A good example is doing bad; sometimes we do not know that we're doing bad, like we do an action and we do not realize that it was something that was bad, we're still going to have to pay for it even if you knew that was bad or not. No matter what the intention, the same applies for the good.

Answer: Yes, that is the case of the great cosmocreator Sakaki. He did what he did with good intentions, but he did bad in the end.

Question: You kill somebody with intention, or you kill somebody by accident. You are still going to pay for it?

Answer: Listen to this case for instance, the case in Buddhism, with their tolerance. The Chinese went into Tibet and they were raping the nuns of Buddhism.  Some of the monks didn't do anything because of their belief in tolerance and non-violence. They gained more karma because of that; if they would have killed those Chinese that were raping those nuns, they would accumulate karma, of course. But not as much as the karma that they accumulated by allowing those crimes to be committed right in front of them. If somebody's in front of you, trying to kill your spouse, and you kill that one, you will gain karma. But if you do not kill him, you will gain more karma. Do you realize that? Because you have to act.

Question: You sound like there is no law of accidents there.

Answer: The results are what speak. It is not the intention; intention doesn't matter. Whether good or bad intentions, you can have bad intentions of something that in the end was good, they pay you. “Oh but I was doing evil.” This is what you owe, or what you earn, period. If your intentions were evil, well, you are stupid, you didn't do evil. Right? This is what happens.

Question: The master wrote that, it is the results which speak. Whatever your intentions are, fine. It is the result of your action that determines, that measures. You can intend something good, but if the results are bad, you pay for that.

Answer: For instance here, I'm giving this lecture, I enjoy giving lectures, I always enjoy it. This is my own nature. But I will be, how do you call it... I mean, if I do not admit that I am making here Dharma, it will not be wise. I know that I'm making Dharma here. It is not my intention, but I'm making it.

Question: Do we get Dharma for listening?

Answer: Yes, obviously you are receiving the Dharma by listening, what you are doing with it is your business. But also you are helping me, because you are sitting there, or listening there. What good is it to give, if there isn't somebody to take? Right? So good for me, good for you. But sometimes the things that I give are bad for others. It depends, right?

Question: So it doesn't matter if you have good intentions when you do something?

Answer: It doesn't matter. What the Lords of Karma judge is the actions, not the intentions. If you have good intentions of helping someone but you never do it... So?

Question: Like that saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”?

Answer: Yeah. It is like a friend of mine, that he was always reading the books of master Samael, but he was always fornicating. And he says, “Oh yeah, I understand, I'm good, I'm good because I am studying and understanding...” One day he says, “What the hell am I saying? I'm no good! I'm comprehending, but I'm not doing it!” Oh, finally you realize that, right? He thought he was good because he was understanding the books. It is like people who understand the Bible, “I believe in the Bible.”  So what? If you do not do what is written there, if you do not comprehend that, it doesn't matter. Believe or not believe, that is just a matter of the mind, of Satan. Comprende?

Question: Awakened people that just intentionally do evil. How come it doesn't matter...Awakened or unawakened...

Answer: There are awakened people that do evil, yes. Demons. Their intentions are good for them, obviously. But evil for you. And they have to pay for that, but that is their business. I am concerned only with my business. If I start worrying about the business of everybody, then I will be stagnant. I have enough things to worry about inside of me, than to worry about others. The only thing that I can do is to give lectures and to give guidance, steps, signs, in order for everybody to follow their own Being. That is why we say, “Do not follow us, follow your own Being.” In every lecture that we give; study it, analyze it, and take the best for your own Self-realization.