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“At this moment, into my memory comes the remembrance of Wagner's Parsifal, at the very moment when Kundry, the seductress, intends to make him fall. Extraordinary moments! When she sees herself failing, she calls, she invokes Klingsor. The dark one throws the spear against the youth — this is the spear with which Longinus wounded the side of the Lord (the Son, Bar בר in Aramaic), but the spear could not harm him: Parsifal catches the spear with his right hand, and then with it he makes the sign of the cross  (ancient hieroglyph of the letter Tav). The castle of Klingsor collapses, it becomes cosmic dust, it falls into the bottom of the horrific and terrifying precipice. 


So, it is interesting to know that the spear is nothing less than the sexual force, the famous ית IT, extraordinary particle, formed by the letter I (Iod י), and letter T (Tav ת, which appear at the end of the first word of Genesis: Bar-Esh-It בר-אש-ית), a magnificent (Semitic, Shemyim שמיים) Atlantean key. If at the supreme moment of pleasure, that is, during the sexual act, we concentrate our attention on our (Schekinah שכינה) Divine Mother Kundalini, and we beseech her to hold the spear, that is, to wield the power of (the Son, Bar בר in Aramaic) the creative energy (of Esh אש, the fire of Ith ית) in order to destroy the red demons, indeed, she will do so.” – Samael Aun Weor 

Who is Jesus (Ieshuah יהשוה), is he the Son of AElohim Ath, the Christ?


Then said they unto him, Who art thou? And Jesus (Ieshuah יהשוה) saith unto them, Even (the Son) the same (Bar בר in Aramaic) that I said unto you from (in) the beginning (BarEshIth  בר-אש-ית)." - John 8: 25

Who is the Son of AElohim Ath, the Christ? Christ is INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra) the fire renews nature incessantly. Let us alchemically study what Genesis states about the solar fire:

בר-אש-ית בר-אאלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Bar Esh Ith Bar AElohim Ath HaShamayim VeAth HaAretz

Son of the creative fire of IT, Son of Aelohim Ath, in the Heavens, and Ath (in the Vav ו, the spine) of the Earth (our physicality).” – Genesis 1: 1

Let us now study alchemically the gospel of Matthew:

“Again, the devil (of the mind) took him up into an exceeding high mountain (the upper triangle: Kether, Chokmah, Binah, the brain) and shew Jesus (the Son of Aelohim Ath) all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; and saith unto Jesus (the Son of Aelohim Ath), All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

Then saith Jesus (the Son of Aelohim Ath) unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written:

“Ye shall walk after Iod-Hava your God and Goddess יהוה אלהיכם, and (in the Vav ו, the spine) fear Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה), and (in the Vav ו, the spine)  keep Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה)’s commandments, and (in the Vav ו, the spine) obey Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה)’s voice (Logos), and (in the Vav ו, the spine) shall serve Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה), and (in the Vav ו, the spine) cleave unto it” – Deuteronomy 13: 4

Now let us study the gospel of John alchemically about the process of any initiate who has the Son of AElohim incarnated:

“Then Pilate (the devil of the mind) entered into the judgment hall again, and called Jesus (the Son of Aelohim Ath), and said unto him, Art thou the King of the Jews?”

That is to say: Art thou the Ain Soph Aur, the uncreated light of the Sun Absolute, the Lion King of all those who follow the direct path of the Paramarthasatyas, the Lions of Judah?

Jesus (the Paramarthasatya) answered him, Sayest thou this thing of thyself, or did others tell it thee of me?

Pilate (the devil of the mind) answered, Am I a Jew (a Lion of Leo, the tribe of the initiates of Judah)? Thine own nation and the chief priests have delivered thee unto me: what hast thou done?

Jesus (the Paramarthasatya) answered, My kingdom is (in the Ain Soph Aur, so, my kingdom is) not of this world (of Malkuth): if my kingdom were of this world (of Malkuth), then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews (the Lions or initiates of Judah, who want to annihilate their Barrabas, their ego, within themselves): but now is my kingdom not from hence.  

Pilate (the devil of the mind) therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then?

Jesus (the Paramarthasatya) answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born (in the pineal gland, Bethlehem) and for this cause came I into the world (of Malkuth, the flesh), that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice (my Logos).

Pilate (the devil of the mind) saith unto him, What is the truth? 

And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them (Behold, I will make you of the synagogue of Satan, which say we are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Revelation 3: 9), I find in him (the Paramarthasatya) no fault at all.” – John 18: 33-38

It is written:

“Authentic Jews are only the children of the lion from the tribe of Judah, meaning, the Christified ones.

Those who say that they are Jews (illuminated ones) and are not, do lie. Really, these people belong to the synagogue of Satan. These people cannot enter the temple of Philadelphia.” – Samael Aun Weor

Today we are going to talk about upright intention.

Following the sequence of these lectures in trying to comprehend the intention, the goal or the objective we will say of AElohim, the Absolute, because that is precisely the goal that we follow. So, you see in the previous lecture we talked about upright view, which is related with wisdom, this is really related with upright intention, the purpose of which is to point toward the goal of every monad.

Obviously, the intention that every monad has is related with the wisdom, with the knowledge that we have to acquire in relation with the self-realization of the Being. So, the intention has to be the source, we will say, of willpower, because if we have upright intention then of course the development of the infinite capacities of our own particular Ain Soph are acquired or could be acquired.

In esotericism we study that in order for the Ain Soph, the Absolute limitlessness, to acquire self-realization or to attain the degree of Paramarthasatya—which is the complete development of all those infinite capacities which lay within every Ain Soph or Monad—the Absolute develops what the Master explains in detail in his book The Revolution of Beelzebub: the seven rounds or seven cosmic days, which are developed within the Mahamanvantara, the “great cosmic day”.

Maha, in Sanskrit, means “big” or “great”. Within this Mahamanvantara we have seven Manvantaras, which are called rounds; these are rounds of development, because each one of them is related with seven root races and every race with seven subraces.


The first round is developed in (Netzach) the mental plane and then the spirit, the monad, descends into (Hod) the astral plane within the next Manvantara or manifestation; then, into (Yesod) the Ethereal plane which is the fourth dimension. You see, we have here two developments in one dimension, the fifth dimension. The astral dimension and mental (Netzach and Hod) dimensions are within the fifth dimension. Thereafter, the development continues into the fourth dimension, which is (Yesod) the Ethereal dimension, and then into (Malkuth) the physical dimension, which is the one in which we are right now.

So, continuing this development, from the physical dimension we return into the ethereal dimension, from the ethereal dimension into the astral dimension, and from the astral into the mental dimension. This is you see, the intention of the Absolute in order to acquire self-consciousness or self-cognizance. The Ain Soph descends into matter and from matter goes again into the spirit, into the Abstract Absolute Space. Every descent implies the development of organisms made of different types of matter, mental matter, astral matter also called atomic matter, molecular matter, then ethereal matter and finally this physical matter in which we are. Then to return once again, ascending into the ethereal, the astral or emotional, and finally into the mental.

With that descent and ascension, we see then that the monad, the spirit develops its capacities within the matter, and then returns, after acquiring that development, into the Absolute. Thus, we have to understand that in every round or cosmic manifestation there is a mechanical development or building of vehicles. Master Samael explains for instance in his book The Revolution of Beelzebub, that in the mental plane everybody has an astral body, it doesn't mean that everybody has a solar astral body; indeed, you know that right now, here in this physical plane everybody has a physical body, but it is mortal, it is not immortal. Those that have conquered the physical plane are those that acquire an immortal physical body.

For instance, Master Jesus has an immortal physical body. That is a physical body that everybody on this planet Earth should have, but instead of that we have a physical body which eventually we will lose due to the fact that it is not immortal. But we are here in order to acquire resurrection and that is what we call self-realization. The monad has to acquire that; that is the intention, that is the goal, the objective. And obviously, Buddhism explains in different ways this intention of the monad. We say for instance that upright intention comes from above, it is the will in which the monad is developing that and in which the essence has to fight desire, which is the mechanical forces that possess different types of intentions or goals, distinct from the monad.

Within that fighting against desire and development of the right intention, which is the self-realization of the Being, we develop compassion. That is precisely the virtue that takes us to the self-realization of the Being, but that compassion is upright intention. People misunderstand what compassion is, this in different ways. And that is because we always analyze with the ego. A lot of people think that they are developing or acting with compassion, but the Being is not acting there. In order for us to act with the right upright intention, which is compassion, it is precisely through the development of the Being because the Being is the only one who can develop that type of virtue.  Remember that we are the essence, the Buddhatā, part of the Being that has to develop compassion.

So that is the intention as we see of the Ain Soph, the Absolute, but obviously, within the Ain Soph, within the Monad the infinite capacities as you see are infinite and that is why this universe is very complicated, immense, not only physical but heptadimensional. When we talk about humanities, we have to understand that we, the Gnostics, we understand. It is not that we believe, but we say we understand because we have experiences of different humanities not only in the physical plane. There are humanities that are in the fourth dimension, in the astral dimension, in the mental dimension. Worlds in protoplasmic state which are emerging from the unknowable, and they are starting their development.

Our planet Earth in this very moment is in the physical plane, but before being in the physical plane the Earth was developed in the fourth dimension and this is what Theosophists call the lunar chain or the lunar epoch or the lunar round in which the anima mundi, which means the soul of the world, was developed in the fourth dimension. But before that the anima mundi was developed in the astral dimension and before that in the mental dimension. Those mental, astral, and ethereal dimensions that we are talking about here are developments of humanity. These, coming from the top to the bottom, are what in Theosophy are called Saturnian round, Solar round, lunar round, and now we are in the fourth round which is called the terrestrial round, the physical.

Now, obviously, we have inherited the karma or the consequences of the different causes which happened in the mental plane, in the astral plane, and the ethereal plane before this Earth became crystallized in this physical plane. And this is precisely where we talk about involution.

Remember that here we are not talking about devolution but involution, meaning the development of the Spirit downwards into the matter. But the very bottom of that development is the level in which we are right now which is the physical level. But the Spirit started its journey through different dimensions, through many manvantaras.

After the manifestation of this physical matter in which we are right now, the Earth will start going up, returning to the ethereal plane, astral plane, mental plane. Of course, that takes epochs. This is how we have to understand and comprehend because in every level the Monads develop and have to develop certain abilities, capacities, in order to self-realize ourselves. But there is something that is coming into my mind, in order not to forget I have to establish what the Master Samael Aun Weor stated very clearly about the intention of the Monads, because each one of us has his own particular Monad, each is different. We have our own will, but the intention, the goal, the objective, is the self-realization of the Being, but not all the Monads want the self-realization of their Being.

Some Monads acquire their development mechanically, through this involution and evolution, just in order to acquire self-cognizance of themselves. Those Monads, or part of them which we call Essence or Buddhatā here on the Earth, do not feel any longing for awakening or for the self-realization. They are just content with which what they are, because when you see the world there are millions, billions of people that have their own particular Monad. There are many Essences there that are lost already, that the connection between themselves with their own particular Monad is no longer in them. Therefore, the intention is just related with the matter. They are not interested in the acquirement of this development in order to conquer nature through themselves. They are just happy thereby making money, being famous, and following just the mechanical way of nature. And it is because their Monad, the intention, the goal, the objective of their Monads, is just to follow this wave of life in which the Absolute emerges into the Universe, descends as I said through many manvantaras within a Mahamanvantara and returns and they know at that the end of the Mahamanvantara they will acquire self-cognizance of themselves. That is the only thing because nothing is lost. The manifestation of those Monads through seven rounds will give them, we will say, that gift.

But the intentions of other Monads, parts of the Absolute, during the manifestation, want sometimes, indeed, certain development. They want to conquer certain levels, but not all of them. And therefore, they work on their essences, as we say, once in a while; their essences receive their strength. In one life or one cycle, they are really working their essences in order to develop them because they want to acquire that type of development of their inner capacities. But in other times, they really do not care, because they already acquired that and they assume that in other manifestations they will acquire a little bit more. And they go like that easily until they achieve a certain level, and they are happy with that.

Now, the higher type of Monads are precisely related with this doctrine, the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor which is for those Monads that really want to acquire the level of Paramarthasatyas, they want to acquire the self-realization of their Being. They do not want just a little bit, they want complete development and therefore these Monads work their essences constantly without any intervention, without any interruptions. And obviously, their Essences are recognized in this physical world or in any world because they are always working in themselves, they are working on that development. Their heart is like a drum, which is constantly playing. They want to become Elohim, Gods, the intention, the upright intention of their Monad is precisely superior. And obviously, as you see now, in this Universe that is why there is a great battle. Because those Monads that do not want any type of development, that know that they will eventually acquire self-cognizance of themselves, obviously their essences are not worked because at the end they know they will acquire at least that self-cognizance.

Self-cognizance is not Mastery. That is not Mastery, don't mistake Dianoia with Nous. Self-cognizance of themselves is not Mastery, Dianoia is just knowing that you are an individual. That is it. And of course, before acquiring Dianoia, their Essences, are in a state of Eikasia, thus, they fornicate, adulterate, and sometimes they enter into black magic, they are lost. Their Monads do not care. And among them are of course the Monads who once in a while work or do not, those that once in a while do it or do not do it, so, they are in between them as well. 

Yet, the revolutionary ones, the Monads that really want mastery, they have to fight and to search for those who want the same goal.  And that is precisely the big goal, the strange development of the universe in which we are. And that is why in every round or in every Manvantara you find always the outcome, as the Master says, angels or demons.

And of course, during any manifestation, karma is developed, because nobody can enter as a Paramarthasatya into the Absolute if he owes karma or if the universe owes him or her dharma. You see what happens is that, when a master is going to enter into the Ain, the unmanifested absolute, when that master is ready, then the lords of karma come to him and say: "Sir, I am sorry, you cannot leave. We owe you. We have to pay you." And then that master has to deal with that dharma. If the master receives that dharma and in turn creates more dharma, he will be stuck there, unable to enter into the Ain. You have to be really very awakened and smart in order not to owe anything and not to deserve anything. This is how the Paramarthasatyas enter into the Ain, very clean. This is why I admire the Master Aberamentho, Master Jesus, because there are many Elohim, Gods there in the universe who have the intention to acquire Paramartha, in order to enter into Ain, the Absolute, but still, they develop a lot of dharma or they owe a lot of karma, katancia.

So, behold, Paramartha means “absolute consciousness”; it is a very strong equilibrium, a strong balance of the consciousness. And this is why we are here, working with the intentions of our Monad and at the same time fighting against our desires which are the bad intentions or mechanical intentions from nature to which we are submitted, in order to develop that compassion, which is gradual, and that has many different levels.

So, this is important to understand this, because this planet really has a lot of karma inherited from the previous rounds and what is gained in every round; we are now, for instance, in the fourth round, which is the physical. I repeat, the first round is mental, the second is astral, the third is ethereal and the fourth is physical. We are now in the physical round.

Now we are going to talk about this round in which we are.  We have to state that in every round or in every manifestation, in every dimension, the Anima Mundi repeats or recapitulates the previous manifestation. That is why we say that before the crystallization in the physical world of humanity, the planet Earth in this fourth round recapitulated the three previous rounds; those rounds in the ethereal, in the astral, in the mental. The first root race that existed on our planet Earth was we will say mental-ethereal.

That is why it is impossible for the anthropologists or archaeologists to find remnants of these types of root races, because they were not in the three-dimensional world. The Hyperboreans for instance, which are the second root race of our present round, they were still in (Hod-Yesod) the astral-ethereal. Even the Lemurians, in the beginning, were manifesting themselves the astral-ethereal way. Every root race is always developed through four yugas or ages which in Sanskrit are called the Satya Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dvapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga, these are the Golden age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and Iron age, respectively.

In the Golden age, the innocence that is manifested is as when a child is born. It is very innocent. Then during the Silver age, the Treta Yuga the consciousness develops and acquires maturity. During the Dvapara Yuga or Age of Bronze culture is developed, civilization which reaches its peak in Kali Yuga, in declination. That happened in the polar race which was the first root-race that existed on the Earth and also in the Hyperboreans and the Lemurians. But actually, our present root race, in which we are right now, which is in the Iron age, has its origins from Lemuria. And that is why we will say that there are four periods that we can account for the origin of our present Aryan root race.

You see, the Lemurians were the third root-race that existed and it is precisely in this root race that Genesis in the Bible talks about:

“And Elohim said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.” – Genesis 1: 9

Lemuria is the dry land that the Book of Genesis talks about. We always mention the Bible because it is a book that is more known in the western world.

So, during that time, the Lemurians were hermaphrodites. We have to state also that the Hyperboreans were hermaphrodites (in Hod) and so too the protoplasmic root race, the first one (in Netzach). Both sexes were in one body. It was precisely in the Dvapara Yuga, the Age of Bronze in the Lemurian root race, where the hermaphrodites started to divide into two sexes. This is specified in the Bible as the ribs of Adam from which Jehovah Elohim took to create Eve.

As you know, in esotericism, Eve represents the reproductive sexual organs or the organs of reproduction. This is why it is written in the way. We will say that Eve, or the organs of reproduction, in the time of the hermaphroditism was male-female because it was within Adam. When Eve “was taken out of Adam”, it means that one polarity of the sexual reproduction of that hermaphroditism was taken out from the hermaphrodite. And since the woman is related with reproduction, reproduction is always associated with the female aspect. In esotericism however, the female aspect is related with reproduction whether that is the male or female organs. That is why when the Bible specifies that God or the Elohim, through evolution, took Eve out of Adam, it means that they were separating the male and female sexes.

The two sexes, the two reproductive organs were separated, no longer in one body. And that is why we always state that everybody carries Eve in their sexual organs, whether male or female. Consequently, Adam represents the brain. So there you have that during that epoch, the intention of the division of sexes was precisely to develop a brain because the Lemurians did not have a brain like the brain that we have right now, even though our brain is in a state of degeneration right now.

The brain of the Lemurians was related just with the encephalus. And the objective of evolution, of the development of the physical body was precisely for the Monad to acquire power over the physical plane. It is not possible to acquire power over the physical plane if the vehicle, the physical vehicle is not proper for it. The Monad needs a physical vehicle with a strong brain, a brain that will be very good for the manifestation of the mind. You see all the intentions of that Monad. And for that, the individual needs to develop an illuminated intellect, I mean an intellect that will be under the service of the Monad. So when the Monad takes over the intellect, it is written that it takes over Satan, symbolically speaking. Because the intellect, in this case, is that aspect, is Satan, which we always identify with the physical plane.

“The cephalic-rachis liquid and the semen are the poles of the sexual energy. The angel has the two poles upwards, towards his head. The common and current human beings and the demons (Satan) have one pole upward and the other downward. They form the brain with one pole (the right), and they fornicate with the other pole (the left).

The Kundalini of the angel goes upwards; yet, the demon’s Kundabuffer goes downwards.” –The Revolution of Beelzebub by Samael Aun Weor

Through the intellect, Satan acquires power in this society; the intellect, Satan is the one that tempts us. He says "Worship me!" and obviously that is precisely Satan, the ego’s intention. Obviously, the initiate on this path has to always follow the Monad, the internal Jesus, we will say, inside of us, our own Spirit. The intention of our own Monad is to work with us as Essences in order to acquire power over Satan, the intellect in this physical plane. This is just the beginning of the path. But Satan, the intellect is identified with the physical plane, with the senses and it is always tempting us to follow his intention or its intentions which are related with desire. To conquer the intellect is to conquer Satan. As it is written:

Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” - Matthew 4: 10

Satan has to serve his Lord and to obey his Lord which is the Monad, but he is always there during the path of the initiation, tempting the initiate. The initiate receives offerings in many ways in order to be a powerful lord as you read in the Bible. That they want to proclaim Jesus king or president, governor of the world, but he is always rejecting that because all of this is a world that is passing by. You have to conquer nature, to not be a slave of nature.

So, in this path, we have to remember always the intention or the goal which is the self-realization of the Being. But unfortunately, it is written that with the development or the division of the sexes as you know, the individuals of that epoch in Lemuria became identified with desire. And from that identification the intellect in the state of development, Adam, fecundated Eve. We always say that with the sexual organs, when they discovered the orgasm, the spasm, they begat Cain and later Abel, the two children of Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel are the outcome of a division of the hermaphrodites, through which humanity started developing the intellect, the mind, Cain (the sexual fire) in the wrong way. That is why it is written symbolically that Cain (the inverted sexual fire) killed Abel, which represents the essence because the essence is always under the work of the spirit.

We have to follow the good intention or the upright intention of our Monad in order to develop a right brain and to conquer the mind. But due to the lack of experience and because, as we said, in the begging not all of the Monads want the same thing, it was a chaos. Cain killed Abel, meaning that the egostical intellect became very strong in relation with nature. In Lemuria, in the beginning, they were cyclops, meaning that they could see the internal planes better than the physical plane. Their eyes were not fully developed, that is why we will say that through the evolution of that brain when humanity became identified with the physical world Cain (the inverted sexual fire) killed Abel. The third eye disappeared, little by little of course because when we say that the third eye disappeared from humanity we have to understand that it is not from one day to the other. It is a process of devolution. That is why the intellect developed, by sacrificing the spiritual view. You see, that is why in Buddhism wisdom is related with view and intention because the spiritual view, the internal view is the basic thing that counts in this development in order to have the right or the upright intention. But the spiritual view was canceled, destroyed, at the expense of the physical view, which is under the power of Cain, the intellect. And that is why it is written that Abel is dead.

So we have to resurrect Abel, but the resurrection of Abel means a process of initiation, which was of course effectuated at that time in Lemuria in the Kali Yuga or Iron Age. The masters, the White Lodge started to work to acquire that level of development which the Bible calls Seth or the third son of Adam and Eve. Indeed, Adam and Eve in this case symbolize Lemuria, the Lemurians. So, Seth is the outcome of a revolution or we will say the chosen ones of that time, which were going to originate the fourth root-race in the physical plane, the Atlanteans.

The Atlanteans were Seth in the beginning, that developed through the four Yugas. The Atlanteans had their Satya Yuga, the Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, Kali Yuga. In the golden age, Seth established the goal of the White Lodge, but there were many Lemurians that were destroyed, their physical bodies destroyed or that civilization destroyed because many of those essences were in the state of degeneration. Lemurians were giants and it is written that after the destruction by means of many eruptions of volcanos, the Lemurian continent sank into the Pacific ocean, but many lands were saved and on those lands there where many barbarians males, Lemurians in the state of degeneration, more males than females, were of course devolving. 

It is written that in that epoch males crossed themselves sexually with beasts in order to satisfy their lust. We have to understand that they were degenerated, fallen. Thus, from the sexual cross of these giants, the Lemurians, came different species, not only the apes but many others humanoids. The big apes that we find in this day and age are just the outcomes of the devolution of those Lemurians who crossed themselves with beasts, with animals. And that is why you find similar genes or DNA of the apes to the ones that we humanoids have. Master Samael Aun Weor explains this in detail in his book Gnostic Anthropology. In this day and age, there are a lot of arguments about that, about this common ancestor from which humanity and the apes descended… indeed, it was the Lemurians. But this is not evolution, but devolution; remember, the Lemurians were giants, and as you see now, we are midgets in comparison to them. They were giants.

The first outcomes of those crosses were creatures similar to the chimpanzee but giants. They continued crossing themselves with all their animals and finally, we have now the Gorilla, the chimpanzee, the orangutan, the baboon, and many other monkeys or apes. The big apes came from Lemuria and it is written that the small apes come from female Atlanteans, at the end of Atlantis. This devolving cycle has always repeated. So, we find that every root race has seven sub-races.

The intention of the Absolute is to develop the Paramarthasatyas, conscious individuals, so that they through the White Lodge, continue in their harvesting, in their development.

The seven sub-races of the Atlanteans developed during their time, and the first was the Rmoahals, then the Tlavatlis, the Toltecs, the Turanians, the Semites, the Akkadians, and the Mongolians. We have many, many stories about the Toltecs for instance which are written in ancient Mexico and about Quetzalcoatl a great Master that worked there. That happened in that epoch, in Atlantis; you have to understand and to comprehend that Mexico, as a land, existed as part of Lemuria and when Lemuria sank, Mexico became part of Atlantis. So, Mexico really is a very ancient land and that is why you find in certain parts certain ruins related with Lemurians and another part with the Atlanteans. This is why Mexico talks about the Toltecs.

But let me now talk about the Semites or Shemyim שמיים because the Shemyim שמיים really are the origin of this Aryan root race, and they developed in Atlantis. Moses wrote about them in Genesis, symbolically of course; they are the descendants of Noah who had three sons (Shem, Ham and Japheth). These are very Kabbalistic names.  Noah represents the fourth subrace and his three sons represent the three next subraces that existed at that time. Noah’s first son was Shem. Again, Noah represents the fourth sub-race of the Atlantean civilization, which in the Atlantean continent sexually crossed themselves with the Hyperboreans.

So, the Hyperboreans crossed themselves with Atlanteans and originated that sub-race which is called the Shemyim שמיים, the original Semites. Of course, at that time, the White Lodge was planning to form a special people in order to bring great masters and to organize the future root race, the race of the lamb or ram, the race of the Aryans or Aries, the fire, which was going to be controlled by Samael, the king of fire. So, at that time, the Shemyim שמיים were prohibited to sexually cross themselves with any Atlantean sub-race, in order to preserve the purity of that hyperborean root race that would become the origin of our present Aryan root race.

After the sinking of Atlantis, the survivors, the Shemyim שמיים immigrated to the Gobi desert as is symbolically written in the book of Exodus or Shemoth שמות. Moses or Moshe משה, in this case, represents many of the captains or avatars at that time that were guiding those tribes, the Shemyim שמיים in order to originate the present Aryan root race. Those Shemyim שמיים, at the end of the sinking of Atlantis, were commanded to cross themselves now with all the survivors like the Mongolians who were the seventh sub-race, but that was after the great cataclysm that sank Atlantis within the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is how the White Lodge continues its intention, its goal of development. This is why we find that the first sub-race that existed at that time was in Tibet, among the Mongols, in the central plateau of Asia. Of course, at that time the white races were guided by the doctrine of the heart, which is the doctrine related with Geburah, the Spiritual soul, in the golden age, the silver age. This doctrine of the ram or of the lamb is very ancient, it is related with the heart, with the sun. It is a solar doctrine and the white races, in the beginning, were guided by Geburah, by the doctrine of Geburah. Great kings, kumaras as they are called in Sanskrit, were guiding those tribes in the beginning of the Aryan root race.

Tree of Life

Aryans are related to Aries, the ram, the lamb, with the doctrine of fire, of Christ which as you know is derived from the Greek word khriein, which means, “to anoint with fire”.  So, Christianity did not start with Master Jesus. Master Jesus brought back Christianity into the world. This is where we have to start because many people think that Master Jesus initiated Christianity. In this epoch yes, in our Kali Yuga. But really, Christianity or the doctrine of the ram is very old, very ancient. After the first sub-race, we find that the Shemyim שמיים descended into India and into China, etc., they developed many branches which are related with the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Phoenicians and Hebrews. Who started to extend their influence over the lands of the Middle East.

Then the white Hyperborean tribes of the forests of meridian Europe became slaves of the dark skin race. And so the white races became slaves of the black, in other words, the Ethiopians mainly. The black peoples utilized the white peoples for the melting of their metals in order to build their Cyclopean cities. Then the white Aryans liberated themselves from slavery and a great battle started between black and white races.

This is how after all the law of cause and effect made the dark races to become slaves of the white. Of course, when we are talking here about the development of this root race, the original Shemyim שמיים or Semites were different. Later, we will say, they were declining or going from the golden age to the silver age into the copper age. Indeed, the copper age, that is also called bronze age, started with Ram.


Let us summarize what H. P. Blavatsky says about Ram राम:

As you see in India there are many scriptures related with Ram. This great avatar Ram was precisely from the white race. Ram invaded India and established his kingdom in the sacred island, Sri Lanka, which in ancient tongue was Ceylon. Ram and his white warriors invaded India and rejected the army of the black or Ethiopians in Ceylon, present Sri Lanka. So, the white dominates the Earth throughout the centuries. We will say the root of the white race is related of course with Atlanteans, but also the Hyperboreans, and the dominion of the white race should be established in this Aryan race which was also accomplished as you know.

the vedas hinduism sacred texts

The Atlantean root-race: the main conqueror color that had dominion there was red, the red skin, while in the Lemurians you find the black and yellow races. This is a development through time of these humanities. And of course, during the time of Ram which is the Vedic time, in which there were written books which still exists, which are called the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda, and the Atharvaveda. The Vedas of course are a transition from the silver and golden ages into the copper age.

Still the “Vedas” is a word that is related with we will say science, but superior science and in India which is really the root of religion in the European continent, in Asia, Africa, between the Vedic period and the Brahman period which is the period after the Vedas because brahmins were related more with the head than with the heart.

The Vedas was a dogmatic doctrine related with the heart which Ram established in India and all those lands of Asia at that time, in order to guide the souls, but then the development of the brain established Brahmanism which was not of course skepticism, but a way in which science or religion is shown more in the reasonable way, the way of the reason.


There are books written about the transition between the Vedas and Brahmanism, which are called the Upanishads which are an explanation of the Vedas. And of course from those scriptures emerged, in time, the Bible of Moses. People think that the Bible is the most ancient book of the books but really the same stories you find in the Bible with kabbalistic meanings or esoteric doctrine, you will find in the Vedas. And of course, Moses learned that in Egypt.

Abraham who, according to these Biblical legends, is a father of the Hebrews, was Chaldean, which also was one of the branches of the Shemyim שמיים or Semites. So, the spelling of the name Abraham as Madam Blavatsky states, begins with ‘A’ , A-Braham, which means “without Brahman”. So, Abraham, without Brahamanism, created a new religion in order to guide those souls which of course were already in devolution during that time of the copper age.


Brahmanism really created great books of literature loaded with philosophy, science, religion which are called the Mahabharata. From the Mahabharata, we find the Bhagavad Gita. But these doctrines as you see are related with the brain. In this sense, in the Bhagavad Gita, you find that Arjuna is always asking and asking Krishna, trying to reason about this and that action. The intention of the Monad is self-realization, but the mind is always asking "why? why this? why that?"

So, you see how from the doctrine of the heart emerged the doctrine of the brain and of course, during that time emerged in India, the castes, because the priests were inheriting their ways from the Vedas, from the Vedic period, the rituals which are related with the heart. The priests of Brahmanism or the fiery priests, were performing rituals in the morning, midday and in the afternoon. That was of course something related with the great rituals at that time which were in relation with the forces of nature. But those priests’ sons and grandsons inherited those types of rituals and were performing them.

They were originating the doctrine from the point of view of the brain. They were dominating the dark races, the yellow races. Those races that could not study the doctrine from the brain point of view contented themselves with following their instructions and establishing the other castes. There were castes like the businessman and the artisans. And this is how the castes were established in India and continue of course in different ways through the western world. Still, we find here that the intellect, those that have a brain and have some profession dominate. The whole world, the whole society is dominated by the intellectuals. As you see, for instance, the three parts of the brain, the heart is the first source of the religious doctrine, the good intention, the upright intention, then comes the brain and finally the stomach which just follows instinctively the doctrine. So after that, in India, came Buddhism; thus, Buddhism, relates to Brahmanism as Christianity relates to Judaism.

In the beginning, the brahmins were trying to reject the Buddhists from India because they were establishing another doctrine or returning to the beginning, returning into the way of the heart, compassion. That happened six or so thousand years before Christ, before Jesus.


And in Persia there appeared another Master, Zoroaster, who tried to establish again the doctrine of the ram. And it is stated that this Zoroaster had a great disciple who followed his doctrine whose name was Odin. And Odin of course established in the north, in Europe this doctrine and that is why Nietzsche and many other writers in Germany were following or chasing that line to Persia, to Zarathustra.  It was one of the branches through which the White Lodge always wants to establish the intention, the goal of the White Lodge, which is the development of humanity, and to follow the will of the Ain Soph, the Absolute.


So, at the time when Moses came and was really trying to help, he also established the doctrine of the brain (the Zohar Torah), but Jesus came in order to return into the heart because we have already a lot of brain, too much brain that we are sick and tired of so much mind.

Do we need more development in the mind? We really do not. We need to return to the heart and that is why the White Lodge was establishing that return into the doctrine of the heart through Jesus, which is solar, different. Unfortunately, there were many castes at that time that were identified with the lunar religion. You see, the mind is lunar, through which you have to follow certain laws, etc. Laws, of course, of the race. So, there were many esoteric groups, schools, organizations related with the heart. They were acting of course in secrecy and sometimes they were pulling through the doctrine of the brain in order to develop the internal Manu or man. But there were always people that were more identified with the brain than with the heart.

Brahmanism started explaining the doctrine of the ram, of Christ, in the intellectual way; that started in India and developed very strongly in the beginning of the Kali Yuga, in Greece with the so-called philosophers. Socrates, Aristotle originated in the Kali Yuga, the epoch or the age of reasoning. And of course, little by little the powers of the heart were lost in the past.

So, when Jesus came two thousand years ago there was a lot of skepticism. The masters that came with him were prepared in order to reestablish the doctrine of the heart, by gathering all of these groups in different places of the Earth that developed in Tibet, in America, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa related with the development of the brain. So, Jesus came, as a Jew he approached the main caste at that time, because he was born among the Hebrews. The Hebrews were against him, but not all of them of course. When I said “they against him”, I address the clergy. The clergy at that time that were identified with traditions. The real initiates that were born with him, like Peter and all the Apostles, knew that they were coming with him in order to accomplish a certain mission; the intention, the upright intention of the White Lodge was to establish the doctrine of the heart again on the Earth. As you know, the development, Jesus was betrayed by those castes at that time. But after his death, in secrecy because of persecution, Peter gathered little by little all of those initiates in groups that existed in the Middle East at that time. That is why, symbolically as you know he is called the fisher, but really Peter was not as people think; he was not a fisherman of the ocean or a common sailor... he was an initiate. In the beginning he was trying to gather all of those initiates from the Middle East in order to establish the doctrine of the heart, the esotericism of the heart again on the Earth.

But as you know the development of Christianity at that time suffered a lot of persecutions. At that time the fish was the secret word they were using in the catacombs among the initiates in order to enter, in order to follow the doctrine of the heart or their return into the light. But rumors were here, among the Romans at that time, that the Christians, the initiates at that time were sacrificing children in their rituals. That scandal originated the roman persecution of the Christians initiates at that time with Nero and all of that. These are facts that history ignores. But then, this great Initiate, Hilarion, Hilarion IX who was instructed by the Christ appeared.

the conversion of saul william blake

Symbolically it is written in the Bible how Hilarion found the Lord. And of course, Hilarion contacted Peter that was the head of the White Lodge at that time, physically speaking, organizing the newborn Christianity or the doctrine of the ram again.

Paul of Tarsus as you know traveled into Europe, into Greece, and many other places in order to gather all the initiates of that epoch. It is not like many Christians believe that Paul went there because they were believing in idols and this and that nonsense. They were initiates that knew about the doctrine that we are talking about here. So, they were obeying the new Law in which the doctrine of the heart has to be reestablished on the Earth. And as you know, you read in the Bible all the travels of Paul of Tarsus, Hilarion, in order to gather all those initiates and form different groups in order to reestablish the doctrine, the gnostic doctrine or the doctrine of the ram on the Earth again. But there were many battles at that time. The intention of the White Lodge is always positive, it is wonderful, but as you know, as we said in the beginning, certain Monads do not care about that so their essences are identified with traditions and with certain many things from the Earth.

So, the cast of the priests who were established in Rome, the priests of Rome declared themselves more developed than other priests, or as they say bishops. The bishop of Rome declared himself a pope and they established a religion related with politics and power. And this is how the Catholicism started. Catholic is a word that means universal. In the beginning, the church or the organization that Peter started with Paul was gnostic-catholic.

But when the bishop of Rome declared himself better than others and established that political organization in the state of Italy, they established the roman-catholic church which is not gnostic, but roman. And they started to persecute the initiates of the ram, the lamb, which were opposing that rule, because the goal of Christianity was to deliver this doctrine that we are delivering now to all of humanity. But then they started establishing their dogmas and many other things. Celibacy for instance, which was not established by Jesus—because Jesus and Mary Magdalene established the doctrine of the perfect matrimony, or Maithuna. Celibacy was brought to humanity by the Catholic church.


After five hundred years of fighting and killing of many initiates that were really trying to help this humanity and that were betrayed in the beginning, the White Lodge sent another prophet to help and the prophet Muhammad was born. He came to establish again the doctrine of the ram, but was also betrayed. In the beginning of course his teachings flourished and it was wonderful because the doctrine of Maithuna was reestablished again. There were many crusades against the Muslims at that time, against Islam, who were practicing the pristine doctrine of the ram. But there were many battles and the famous crusades against them. However, there were many wise Christians that were in those crusades, who, instead of fighting and killing those initiates from Islam, were learning from them and from them came the great alchemists that appeared in the Middle East and Europe. They were Ramon Lully, Nicholas Flamel, Paracelsus and many other great alchemists that were working in secrecy for the fear of the catholic church, the roman-catholic church that was killing here and there and everywhere all of the “heretics” as they called them, that opposed their rule. But the White Lodge was always working in secrecy, trying to reestablish the doctrine of the heart.  And of course, the catholic church gained a lot of power and established itself in many places.

Meanwhile in Germany and many other places in Europe, where the fifth Aryan subrace was developing, they were trying to establish the United States of Europe, in order to establish the doctrine and to regain power again for the sake of this humanity. Then we find for instance the monk Martin Luther that was, of course, helping the initiates at that time, that were trying to oppose the roman-catholic power in order to help humanity.  And from that movement came the Protestantism which in the beginning was masonic. There were many masters. They were working against the dark forces in order to establish the doctrine of the ram, or of the Christ.

So, you see how the development of the upright intention is appears throughout all history, and how many initiates are working there, how compassion is working, how everything is being developed here because we are in it; it is a battle, but we have to know how to wisely work in this great battle for the light against the darkness and to develop. But this is how it happened, not only on the planet Earth but in many other civilizations, on other planets. It is always like that. This is how the White Lodge started to work against monarchy because monarchy was working together with that religion, catholic religion in Europe.

This is why great masters like Cagliostro came into Europe, in order to destroy monarchy and to establish the republic. And of course, they gave a lot of power to a soldier at that time, who was of France: Napoleon Bonaparte. The White Lodge give him the power to conquer Europe and to reestablish the will of the White Lodge and to take the power of the catholic church out of the monarchy, out of the countries of Europe and to help humanity. But as you know, Napoleon betrayed the White Lodge. Obviously, of course, did something good there, in that he declared himself emperor without the power of the pope, but in the end he forgot about the plans of the White Lodge and he put in power his family, etc. Then the White Lodge took Napoleon the second and the third in order to keep ahead with the work, but always they were betrayed.

Then, in Germany with the development of the second World War, Hitler appeared. The white lodge always behind him, helping him, but of course there are a lot of powers hidden there as you know, conspiracies that sometimes are real, sometimes are false, but there is something true behind them.

Hitler knew about Zionism, but he was mistaken and ignored the real head of Zionism. Thus, he started working against the Jews of Europe which were really just merchants, businessmen, women and children that had nothing to do with Zionism. He never touched the head of Zionism. On the contrary, the Black Lodge of Tibet took control of Hitler... because, remember, in Tibet there is a Black Lodge and there is a White Lodge. The White Lodge is headed by the Dalai Lama. Some writers said that ram called himself lamb because lamb you know is the ram and that word originates in the words Lambas or Lamas, who were following, of course, the doctrine of the ram or the lamb. But in that nation, where the light is stronger, the dark is also deeper or stronger. The clan of Dag dugpa or Dad dugpa, which is a Black Lodge, which opposes the sacred order of Tibet, sent a man to Germany and Hitler received that man who they called, “the man of the green gloves”. Hitler thought that he was an emissary from the White Lodge of the sacred order of Tibet, but meanwhile, he was a black magician sent by the Black Lodge in order to deviate Hitler. And he was the one that advised Hitler in the wrong way, which led to him killing people that had nothing to do with Zionism and who was in this case following the plans of the Black Lodge. In end, as you know, the outcome of that was catastrophic.

But the battle continues: the second World War, the hot war we will say finished, but the war continues between the White and the Black lodges in order to help this humanity and it still is. Here we are, the Master Samael Aun Weor after the end of the Second World War, was sent again in order to give the last opportunity, to give the knowledge completely open, intellectually speaking, all the practices in order to establish the good intention, the upright intention we will say of the White Lodge and to re-enter into the doctrine of the heart, or Geburah.

Thus, we are in the middle of a great battle. There are a lot of black magicians there, initiates, that enter into the Gnostic movements because there are many groups. Yes, we invite all demons of all religions. We invite all demons of all philosophies and schools from the Earth to enter into Gnosticism in order to learn how to become angels. But certain demons enter in order to perform their devilish things, but those demons that are repenting, that want to change, they are the ones that are working. And there has been a big battle among the gnostics.

Pistis Sophia

We are here, teaching the doctrine, the upright intention, but that comes from Pistis Sophia, the brain and heart, from our Being in Aries, Geburah, but remember that in Scorpio, the White Lodge, the great hierarchies are always watching on us. They are always supporting our work. We have to work, but we have to know that the good intention or the upright intention, the goal of the White Lodge comes from within, because the White Lodge is a hierarchy that operates over the superior parts of the Being, over the two superior centers, the superior intellectual center, and the superior emotional center. And of course, we have to fight against the bad intentions, the evil intentions of our five centers of our ego which operate in all religions because the Black Lodge took over all religions of the world. Listen, the Black Lodge means the ego. 

So, the Being is inside and that is why we have to always follow his intention, his goals. It is a hard work. As you see now we are at the end of this Aryan root race, but the fourth round, the physical plane, still continues; we have to have another sixth root race and another seventh root race to finish with this physical development or fourth round. And that is why right now we are in cataclysms, revolutions. The Aryan civilization will disappear. We are at the end of this Aryan race or the root race of Aries. And we have to work very hard because there are dangers inside and outside. Do you have questions?

Audience: I have a question. The Semites, the Shemyim of Atlantis? Did not many decide not to cross themselves with the other races and that is where we get how the Jewish people are always trying to keep their bloodline pure. 

Instructor: In the beginning, in Atlantis, according to Max Heindel, the Original Shemyim were prohibited to cross because the Turanians were a really very bad sub-race, they were practicing a lot of black magic and their genes or DNA we will say were very bad. So, the Shemyim were prohibited to marry with the people from the Turanian sub-race, but at that time in Atlantis certain Shemyim didn't obey and they crossed themselves with Turanians so they were ejected from the circle of the Shemyim because the fruit of such cross-breeding was useless as seed for the coming Aryan root race. As it is written:

“And it came to pass, when HaAdam (the fornicator Turanians) began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the Beni Elohim (the Shemyim השמיים of the heavens of Hod) saw the daughters of HaAdam (the Turanians) that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And Iod-Havah יהוה said, my (holy) spirit shall not always strive with (such) Adam (the outcome of Turanians and Shemyim שמיים), for that (the Turanian) he also is (a fornicator) flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” – Genesis 6: 1-3

Then, when Atlantis sank the Original Shemyim were commanded to cross with the Mongols. Then, the ejected Shemyim in Atlantis wanted to return after their expulsion by obeying the laws, but they were already outside. These cross-breeds of Turanians with Shemyim were the progenitors of the present Jews.

Audience: The Shemyim crossed with the Mongolians?

Instructor: Well, they crossed not only with Japheth, the Mongolians, but with a lot of other Aryans. So, after the sinking of Atlantis, when the Shemyim received the command "Now you can cross because we need to form the Aryan root race", as it is written: הגברים אשר מעולם אנשי השם

There were (Lemurian) giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the Beni Elohim (of Hod, the Hyperboreans) came in unto the daughters of HaAdam (the Shemyim שמיים), and they bare children to them, the same became the Giborim הגברים which were humans, Enoshi אנשי of the heavens (of Geburah גבורה) or the name, HaShem השם (better said: the HaShemyim השמיים or the Semites).” – Genesis 6: 4

(HaShemyim השמיים literally means 'the heavens' and (Enoshi אנשי or Enoshim אנשים) people with solar bodies or people with heavenly bodies)

Yet, the rejected remnant people, from that time of Atlantis continued with the same tradition, not wanting to cross themselves. And those are the original Jews of this epoch. They still continue with that tradition, even though the law has been sending them to different places of the Earth in order to cross them. But they continue with that tradition of Atlantis, that they should not cross. And that is precisely why they sent them at the last minute here to America. You see? You see how the melting pot of races here in New York for instance or in Canada is happening. But they do not cross themselves. They still are, or remain, in the past. The Atlanteans developed, related with the mind, that faculty which is called "cunning". The faculty of the Aryans is "reasoning". So reasoning is above cunning, but those remnant rejected races from the Shemyim still operate with cunning; they need to develop reasoning.

Audience: How is it possible to know the intention of the Being, that is if our Monad wants to self-realize or only be Dianoetic or self-cognizant?

Instructor: Well, when we like esotericism, we follow this doctrine, obviously we are not from those that only want to follow mechanically. Those that want to follow just the mechanicity of nature, those Monads, their essences do not come here. Most of them, the essences are atheists. Not all atheists are of course from that level because there are many Bodhisattvas that are atheists, that are identified with atheism. But, for instance, there are many people there that really do not believe in religion, they do not like religion, and they are content with believing that there is no God or whatever. So, they are the essences of those Monads.

But anyone who likes esotericism and wants to inquire and to develop internally, it is impossible to belong to that level of Monad, those that do not want self-realization. That is why the mission of us Gnostics is to search, to look for those essences that want to develop, to teach them Gnosis. But we know that on the way we will find people that really do not care about this doctrine and they will laugh about it. However, we have a mission, looking for them and little by little we are finding them. Because there is a shortage of time now. It is a shortage of time in the sense not like in the ancient time of Jesus. You see, the writer of Revelation, wrote:

And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Revelation 22: 10-12

Because, during that period there was still time, but right now there is no time. We are in the time of the end. There is no time. So, therefore, we have to work hard.

Audience: Then most people who are just normal people, who go to church but are not interested in anything beyond just going to church on Sunday for example. Will those people perhaps have a change in a future life or is it that their Monad is just not ready for going deeper.

Instructor: Yeah, those people that go to church and still believe in God, but do not care about or do not understand this doctrine is because their development is not really at that level or there might be essences that belong to those Monads that do not want Self-Realization. You understand that those good people disintegrate in the Abyss in about a thousand years. So, to be religious really, even if your Monad does not want to be self-realized, but to be religious is good because it is the faster way to disintegrate in the Abyss.

Audience: Only a thousand years.

Instructor: A thousand years, because when you become evil it takes more time. And atheists take more time to disintegrate because of great karma. That is why you have to understand that just because you are religious, it does not mean that you are from the revolutionary path. It could be just the essence of a Monad that is content only by going to church and nonetheless they say they will go to heaven.

Audience: Is there a way to like jump start your essence, to really get it activated or is it that based on like meditation and stuff or is it...

Instructor: And to what?

Audience: Motivate your essence.

Instructor: But you are the essence.

Audience: Can you cultivate willpower?

Instructor: To develop yes. It is willpower of course. To develop the intentions of your Monad you mean.

Audience: Yeah

Instructor: Self-realization is achieved by doing the work. The whole doctrine, the gnostic doctrine is for that. Your Monad's intention is self-realization, and that is what the doctrine is for. Do it. Right? And for that you need willpower and that comes from above as well. But you also have to respect as I said, respect all of those Monads or essences that are content with going to church. As I said, they will go to heaven. Yes, they will go to heaven, after passing through the nine layers of the abyss.

Audience: Right, but what about, I think this question is what about people who just want more of a push. Like maybe you are not feeling enough of a push from your Being and you want more. How do you create that to do more? Is it just by doing it?

Instructor: By doing it.

Audience: Yeah, it is like that.

Instructor: Well, if you find somebody like a guru, a real guru, that will be a blessing, but the Master says to tell you the truth, which is that on this path if you find a guru, a real Master that will be behind you, consider yourself lucky. Because to find that type of Beings behind is very, very difficult. It is very difficult.

Let us look to the example of Count Cagliostro. He is a self-realized master and awakened. He is skillful in politics. He is the one that helped initiate all that declining of the monarchy in France. Thanks to him we have the republic. At that time when he was doing his work, he had one disciple, Geronimo... I hope that is the name… but anyhow he had a disciple, but he was asleep. However, he thought him sexual magic etc. and he was gaining a lot of powers and initiations and degrees, but this initiate had the weakness of talking with another esotericist and when he talked about sexual magic, the no spilling of the semen, the other initiate who was really not an initiate, but just and esotericist was scandalized. And he said that he was wrong, he was going the wrong way, that some once in a while he can fornicate, sometimes he can transmute that was the way and not the way the Master Cagliostro told him. So, he started then following the advice of this man and he started loosing degrees, initiations, little by little. To have Cagliostro behind you is a blessing, it is a big blessing you know what I mean? But you see how he was asleep? At the end he was doing stupidities. And that is why in this time, the Master Samael says we delivered all the lectures, all the doctrine in books. Study the doctrine, follow it. If you achieve self-realization? Good. If you do not? Well... You have all the tools, you have no excuse. You just have to do it.

Audience: If the Monad is not interested in self-realization, is it even possible for the essence to be interested in this doctrine.

Instructor: If your brain does not command your feet to work, can you walk?

Audience: Another question, when the soul is working to achieve internal development, who is the one that decides which path to take to become Nirvani or Bodhisattva.

Instructor: It is the essence... well, I don’t mean the essence, because at that time the essence is no longer an essence, but it is a human soul. It is willpower. It is a human soul with a Monad and remember the human soul does the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. So, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Obviously when the essence or in this case in the causal world, Tiphereth says "I want to follow this path" it is because his Inner Being also wants to follow that path. Tiphereth is a part of the Monad; the Monad is Atman-Buddhi-Manas and Manas is willpower.

Audience: Did Jehovah ever reincarnate? How is that related to us?

Instructor: Well, kabbalisticaly, everyone has their own Jehovah within. "JAH" is the Father and "HAVAH" is the Mother. So, when you say Jahavah or Jahovah, it is the Father-Mother within which is the Monad. Elohim is also a name that implies masculine-feminine. Elohim means God, or better said, Gods and Goddesses. So, when you say Jehovah-Elohim it is directly related to that part of your self in relation with creation.

Of course, Jehovah Elohim related with those Elohim or angels related with creation, which work in the world of Netzach, with nature; then, there is also a Jehovah Elohim, the Master Jehovah that was a high initiate in the past cosmic day whose name is Jehovah. So, there are many ways we could continue to talk about this, but when we talk about Jehovah-Elohim we refer to our own internal, particular Father-Mother within. Each one has his own.

Audience: Given the nature of the recurrent cycles that Humanity has passed through over the past ages and the many destructions that humanity has passed through at the close of each race, what can we say will be the story of the gnostics in the coming years?

Instructor: I will tell you, in the coming years, because really we are developing now and there are many revolutions, this doctrine is acting in a very revolutionary way. Every time it is different… I mean a different way of spreading right? So, in accordance with the developing of this culture, this civilization or technology we are also using it. This is how we are using right now the internet in order to help.

Audience: If this is not the first time a soul has self-realized, is it possible for that soul to take a different path than the last time?

Instructor: No, well if you are a fallen Bodhisattva which means a fallen vehicle of somebody who took the direct path you will always follow that because that is the will of your God. That is the will of your Monad. The Monad cannot change from one path to the other. I mean when it is the direct path, it is completely revolutionary and if for any circumstance such a one enters into Nirvana then he will feel not comfortable there. He wants to leave because he or she is not of that level. That is why we say always a Bodhisattva is recognized always because it is always trying to help, trying to do this, trying to do that for humanity. While a Nirvani is very selfish, it is a Pratyeka, that only cares for his own development.

Audience: A Pratyeka is a student

Instructor: Yeah, Pratyeka, remember, to become even a Pratyeka requires a great work.

Audience: Do you think that the great catastrophe will happen in our lifetime?

Instructor: You mean, the great catastrophe, it will happen in different epochs, different steps because of the karma of this planet. Let me tell you one thing, the karma of this planet is so great that we took this planet out of its correct orbit, meaning that when other cosmic ships come from other planets and enter into this physical plane of this planet, this planet is not vibrating with 48 Laws, it is vibrating with 96. We will say not all of the planet, but in the great cities there are 96 laws. So, coming to this planet it is like entering into limbo, the first layer of hell. That is why you understand why we are following certain laws which are infernal laws. Yet, everybody agrees with hell, because we are in the physical world but vibrating with limbo. Really, this planet is out of orbit because other humanities of other planets are governed by 48 laws, but here it is doubled because it is hell already. Thus, people having physical bodies in limbo is like an extra help because with the physical body you can work a lot, without the physical body you cannot.  And that is why you find great cities like New York, Boston, Moscow, London that are governed by 96 laws. The black Lodge is already controlling the whole planet.

Audience: So, on that topic can you give an example of an infernal law that is happening currently?

Instructor: You mean that is established here? Homosexuality is established in many countries. That is a law and if you talk against homosexuals or lesbians you are considered, how you call, prejudiced. And it is because in hell, homosexuality, fornication, lesbianism is a law, natural, it is okay, no problem. In the world if 48 laws? It is a crime. So therefore, here you find that if you talk against them, they say: "Why are you so prejudiced? Since it is ok...", yeah, in Hell it is okay...

Audience: Returning to the question about the choice of the soul, the question is: so a Nirvani, someone who is a Pratyeka or on the Nirvanic path can become a Bodhisattva but not the other way around. So, a Boddhisattva cannot become a Pratyeka? Is that what you are saying?

Instructor: Yes. A Boddhisattva cannot be a Pratyeka because in order to become a Boddhisattva, Boddhi, Wisdom, Chokmah has to be inside the Sattva, the essence. Comprhend? And it is not you, the Monad, or the essence that decides to become a Boddhisattva. The real one that decides that is Christ because he incarnates in you. While Christ is incarnated in you, then you are a Boddhisattva. Before that any Nirvani can say "Okay, I will follow the direct path" and then the Lord can say "Okay, follow it and I will watch you. If you deserve me." And that is why after many sacrifices the Lord says "Okay, he really wants to walk the direct path" and then he incarnates, because the law of Christ is sacrifice. So, once you are a Boddhisattva it is because Christ is there, doing the work, helping.

You see, Christ is that particular ray that helps the Absolute. It is the first beggoten, the consciousness that helps the Absolute to become cognizant, that is Christ. A Nirvani does not receive that help because in order to receive Christ you need to sacrifice for others and to renounce Nirvana, many times. Because when you develop you gain another level of Nirvana and then you renounce and go back into hell again to help the others. When we say “here”, really to be in this physical plane, helping humanity is to be in hell. We are in 96 Laws, it is not like in the ancient times that Boddisattvas were walking and helping in 48 Laws like Buddha Shakyamuni, even in the time of Jesus, but now the whole planet is in hell and people love hell.

It comes to my mind, an experience that one time I had, not in the physical plane, but in the astral plane, in limbo, and I was observing there that there was no difference between this physical plane and limbo there. It was the same thing, but I was there in that part where the souls were entering in big waves into hell and I saw precisely a big group of souls that were entering into limbo of the inferior astral plane. Someone was coming, somebody from a certain country and she was saying "Hail, hail to fornication!" "Viva la fornication!" she said because she was Spanish. And it really took my attention as to what they are celebrating there, they love that... welcome to hell. There are a lot of people that send hails to degeneration, so they are entering in big surges into the abyss. So, this is it.

Thank you very much.