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Thelema is a Greek word for willpower.

It is written in very ancient scriptures in the Gnostic rituals:


"Whosoever calls you Thelemites will not commit any injustice so long as he knows the word with perfection."

Obviously the real Adept is called a Thelemite, and all those Adepts like Jesus, Moses, Hermes and Krishna, all of them are Thelemites. Thelema is our motto.

And willpower is that power that we need to exercise in order to achieve the Self- realization of the Being.

To understand this is very important because the whole work relies on willpower, on Thelema.

To understand what Thelema is itself and how we are related to it, it is necessary to understand the Monad and to understand ourselves from that point of view in different levels in order for you to see Thelema or willpower clearly.

Let us discuss our Monad, our spirit. Remember that Monad is from a Greek word ‘Monas,' which means ‘Unity.' This unity or Monas, or Monad, is what we call the Spirit.  We talk about this very much in our lectures.


The Monad on the Tree of Life

We have stated that the Monad sends part of itself into the wheel of Samsara - into the wheel of evolution and devolution - in order for the Monad to acquire its own development. As you see here, the action of sending part of itself into evolution implies willpower.

And this is something that is necessary to visualize perfectly, because that willpower is in itself what we are talking about here. The Monad is related with the three primary forces and has all of the infinite possibilities to become a Self-realized Monad or that what we call a paramartarsattya.

All Monads have will, all of them have willpower, but to exercise willpower it is necessary to learn how. And so the first step that we see here is the detachment of our own will in order to exercise that will.

In other words, the essence that we have within, which is part of the Monad that enters into the World, is the same willpower. It is through willpower that the Monad learns how to exercise its powers, its own abilities - its own possibilities. As you see here, without willpower it is not possible to exercise the possibilities of the Monad. So that is why the essence has to develop and it does so through willpower.

tree-of-life-dimensions-color-2You have to use your imagination in order to see those Beings or Monads that we call ‘Cosmocreators.' And you have to understand that these Beings have a lot of willpower, and they exercise their willpower in order to do the will of the Absolute, or the will of their own particular Ain Soph, which expresses in the Universe as a trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Kether, Chokmah, Binah.

Obviously, their willpower is already developed, and they act. They know how to do it; they have the knowledge in order to do it.  And this is why the Monads that enter into the universe from the Absolute in order to learn how to exercise their own will need assistance from those that know already how to do their own will.

You see here the difference? A Self-realized Monad knows how to exercise its own willpower, while the new Monads do not know how to exercise their own willpower, so they have to learn.

Symbolically speaking, Heaven is related with the Monad. It is written in the prayer of the Lord, ‘Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven' - as it is done in Heaven. So in Heaven, the will of God is done. We have to understand how this will is performed or is exercised in Heaven, meaning in the superior dimensions of the Universe.

We are here in this Earth - or symbolic Earth, which is our physical body - which is of course the symbolic or philosophical Earth in which the will of God has to develop.

But up there in Heaven, the Cosmocreators are those that are exercising the will of God.

The God that we are talking about here is not a person, but that entity that we call Christ, or that in Kabbalah is called the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute. The first emanation, it is written of the unknowable divine that it is ‘The Light.' It is written that the Ain Soph, which is that unknowable divine, has all of the powers in order to create, but in order to exercise its powers it unfolds into three forces which we know as Kether, Chokmah, Binah or Father, Son and Holy Sprit.

By doing that, by projecting from itself the three primary forces in order to exercise its powers, obviously in doing that there is willpower; there is Thelema, there is action.

So therefore, that is why it is written that Christ always does the will of the Father. This Father that we are talking about here - because this is indispensable to understand the meaning of the words that we use, as when you hear the word ‘Father' you always put your mind in some individual form, but when we say Father we are pointing to the cosmic common universal Creator, unknowable, which is not a person, but what we call the Abstract Absolute Space.

It is impossible to give form to the space, to give form to that which has no form. From it emerges matter and energy, but ‘it' is not matter or energy. It is something that is unknowable - that is why it is called the Unknowable Divine. It is not matter, it is not energy, but it is something. But we call it "the nothing" because it is nothing related with the Universe, but it is something that we do not know. So that is what we have to understand and comprehend about the Absolute.

So from that nothingness emerges a light which in Latin is called ‘lux' and ‘ferre' or Lucifer, which in Greek is called Christ or Christos or Christus. In which in the Tibetan language is called ‘Avalokitishvara' (Chenresig) and which in Mayan language is called ‘Kukulcan' and in Aztec language is called ‘Quetzalcoatl' and in Taoism is ‘Kuan Yin.'

(You have to make a difference here between ‘Kuan Yin' and ‘Kuan Chi Yin,' which is different. ‘Kuan Chi Yin' is the feminine aspect, the fire aspect of Kundalini, but ‘Quan Jing' is that melodious voice that emerges from the Absolute, the verb, the word.)



It receives many names in many different religions; the truth is that that is pure willpower: the one that acts and exercises with wisdom in the Universe. That is why it is written that this entity, this force, always does the will of God, but we have to understand that the Father or God is not a person but a force that is everywhere in the Universe, in the Galaxy, or the infinite. And that will - you can call it the ‘Ray of Okidanokh', the Ain Soph Aur which divides in creation into the three primary forces; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And as you know it is named also these three primary forces in different religions, which we always synthesise in ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit' in Christianity.

So what the Absolute wants, what that cosmic common universal abstract Father (using the word in the sense that the absolute is a Creator) wants is to crystallize the three primary forces in us. You see when I said ‘in us' I am not talking about the Monad, I am talking about from the physical body and up, because the Monad has those three primary forces and is utilizing those three primary forces but they are not Self-realized. In order to Self-realize those three primary forces of the Universe, we have to start from the physical body and go up.

The one that those three primary forces developed completely, or are in the process of Self-realizing themselves are the Cosmocreators because then the three primary forces act through their willpower in order to do what they have to do. Of course, this will comes from the Absolute; that willpower is absolute consciousness, the will of the Absolute.

Therefore, the Monads that for the first time enter into the Universe learn how to utilize their willpower through their three primary forces that all of them have within, by learning from the Cosmocreators how to do it.

The Monad sends the Essence, which is its own willpower, to learn because it is not developed into the world, and it begins to learn how to exercise that willpower in the Mineral Kingdom, in the Plant Kingdom, and in the Animal Kingdom, and this is how mechanically the Monad is learning through the guidance of the Cosmocreators and through the development of this elemental essence (when we talk about the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, we always say ‘elemental' because it is related with the elementals, with the elements of nature).

The whole point of willpower is to exercise dominion over nature. Remember that nature is called ‘Prakriti' in Sanskrit. So while we are learning how to exercise dominion over nature we do it through the elements because the elements are the crystallization of Prakriti and the Tattwas in the different kingdoms; mineral, plant and animal.

The Master Samael Aun Weor writes in many books that the elements, the forces of the elements in nature, are controlled by elementals - in other words, by the will of the elementals, by the will of those Essence's that are in nature learning how to exercise their willpower. But they are just obeying the commands of those Monads (Angels, Gods or Divas) that already developed individual willpower. So that is why when you see in Nature the movements of the earth or the movements of the water or the movements of the air or fire, the intelligence that is moving that, the willpower that is moving those elements of nature are the elementals. The Monads in other words are utilizing their Essences in order to follow the guidance of the Angels (we are saying "Angels" referring to the Masters, the Monads, that already know how to do it).

That is why in every religion you find always Angels or Devas, Master Monads that are related with the different elements of nature; Angels related with the fire, Angels related with the Air, with the water, with the Earth. For instance, in Hinduism we find four examples:

Agni is an Angel of the fire, very well-known in Hinduism, who is a Master Monad that commands the salamanders of fire, meaning the elementals of the Monad that developed in the element fire whose physical bodies are plants or minerals, or animals.

You find the Angel Naraenya who is an Angel of the water.

Paralda who is an Angel of the air.

Gob, who is related to the earth.

There are many Angels related with the elements, and in the different religious pantheons you find many names because they are universal. The Monads Self-realize and they become in charge of a certain element in order to help the Monads that are developing there, to exercise their will.

In Mexico, for instance, among the Aztecs, there is a God that is very well-known, whose statue in rock and stone is at the entrance of the Museum of Anthropology, his name is Tlaloc. The Ancient Aztecs chiselled into the rock a symbol of this God or Angel or Monad or Deva whatever you want to call it who has that power of dominion of the water.

There is another God there that has dominion of the fire, who is Huehueteotl. There are many others.

So you find different Angels related with different forces in different religions. For instance there is this Great Angel called Ehecatl who is an Aztec Master, the Angel that helped the Master Jesus to put his physical body into the fourth dimension when the Master Jesus was resurrecting. You see he is an Angel of the Aztec pantheon, he is a Great Master who had a physical body in the past, in America, and he knows the secrets of the cosmic movement, because on top of being a Deity related with the air he knows a lot about the cosmic movement.

There was a reunion, it was written, in the past with the Mayan Masters, where Ehecatl physically was there and he said this to the assembled Masters, "I've been here on this planet Earth, as you know, for a long time" - because he is a resurrected Master, he has an immortal body - "But unfortunately, on this planet, as you know, there is nobody capable of understanding my science, and I am here waiting for someone, or some people that will learn, but these people are becoming more degenerated and more degenerated. Therefore, I ask you for your permission to leave this planet and go to another in order to teach, because I want to exercise my science. So I ask permission to leave this planet."

And then the Masters there at the reunion of the Mayan race said, "Granted, because what you said there is true, there are no people here capable of understanding your science." So the Master Ehecatl physically left the Earth through the fourth dimension and went to another planet. This is how the Masters can do things, and unfortunately we have lost the opportunity of learning something physically here because of our degeneration.

So here you see how really in nature there are many great Masters, many great Individuals - Self-realized Monads that not only can teach the elementals or the Monads that are in evolution, but also those that are acquiring mastery in order to learn certain cosmic laws.

Sometimes it is asked, "Why are they called Masters?"  Because they teach! Each one of us has a different mission, different qualities that we need to develop and to teach to those that are starting, because there is a variety. Remember that it is said that variety is unity, and unity is variety.

So this is how in the mechanical way the Essence, which is that willpower, is learning by exercising willpower. By developing that and exercising its abilities, many parts of the Monad are being developed. That is why in the book called ‘Occult Medicine and Practical Magic' the Master Samael Aun Weor explains about the elemental advocate or intercessor elemental that everyone has. I have my own particular elemental advocate and you too, because the Being or the Monad itself has many parts that need to develop.

The elemental advocate is one of those parts that we develop from the mineral kingdom into the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom. And that elemental advocate knows all of the science of nature related with evolution.

That is why we the Gnostics say that the present Evolutionists just talk about theories. If they really want to learn the law of evolution, not as a theory but as a law, they must enter into communication with that part of their own Being which is the elemental advocate.  Then they will remember how the law of evolution works in nature, and it is precisely under the law of God. Mechanically obviously, but this is how everything starts, is developed.

Because later on in time when the Essence enters into the level of humanoid or ‘intellectual animal,' that Essence can develop the ability, if the Monad works on it, of individual willpower - then the Monad will exercise his own power individually over nature. The Monad has already willpower developed, but communal, collective. He is not working his willpower individually but collectively and this is what we have to understand. It is one thing to have collective willpower and another thing is to use it individually.

First we have to learn it collectively, as when we are in school. Collectively, we learn how to do this, how to do that; How to learn mathematics, how to read, how to write and many things. Little by little, you are individualizing yourself in this society, in which you have to exercise a certain particular vocation in which you are independent. That is just a similitude in order for us to comprehend this topic.

The same way the Essence is, the Monad is - they are collective. But the Angels that move the elements, that command those elementals to move the forces of nature, act under the law of equilibrium and they are not attached to matter because in the movements of the forces of nature, physically many individuals die, others are born and the movement continues, mechanically - because as you know, energy transforms into matter, matter into energy - there is no waste in the Universe.

When you are awakened and know the movement of this energy into this matter, and this matter into this energy, you are not attached to individual elements or forces. You just execute what you have to execute because the Universe has to continue in its way, in its development. Each time the Absolute is more conscious of itself, because all of its units are developing and acquiring knowledge of themselves and exercising their willpower.

The problem lies in the moment in which we enter into a humanoid body or intellectual body, because all of the other physical bodies (animals, plants and minerals) have mind, but collective mind. Their minds are related with the laws of evolution, but in our level (intellectual animal) we have a particularity of having intellect, which gives us the capacity of becoming individuals, because we reason about our will. That type of intellect gives us the opportunity of continuing the development of that willpower, which is collectively very well developed when we enter into the animal kingdom, intellectual animal kingdom.

So our goal is to transform that collective willpower that we learn in nature into individual willpower. For that, the Monad needs vehicles, because the elements of the vehicles, the bodies that we have now, are collective - they are called the proto-plasmatic bodies (lunar bodies). Those bodies belong to nature, to the collective nature, and they are developed mechanically. So the Monad needs vehicles, bodies, that can act individually, in order to exercise his own will individually; those vehicles are called Solar Bodies. That is why it is impossible for somebody without Solar Bodies, without individual bodies, to exercise his own will, because the lunar bodies (whether they are the physical body, astral body, mental body) are mechanical, collective, and obey all the collective laws. That is why it is difficult to acquire individuality, because in order to do it we have to exercise our own will.

In nature we find the two laws of evolution and devolution, which are two laws that are on every planet. In order to persist, nature needs matter that evolves and also matter that devolves. The matter that devolves as you know is in the infra-dimensions, which is matter that crystallizes the forces of the Moon or Lunar Forces, in order to give consistency to the inner layers of the Earth, while the matter that evolves, and energy that evolves on the surface is subtracting other types of energies for the development of life.

Nature gave us the lunar bodies freely, without the intervention of our willpower.  Even the physical body that we have: we didn't use willpower in order to get it. Suddenly, we were crying there in the cradle and some giant took us in his hands and that was our father. And then we cry and say, "Again, oh my goodness, another physical body." Later on, we forget because the ego takes over. That is why when someone is born they always cry, because this life is really bitter.

We are submitted to laws that we do not control and that is a problem, but we have the opportunity to exercise willpower to overcome that. That is why the great Master Monads, who have already achieved it, came into the Earth in order to teach us. The great Master Jesus that came 2000 years ago said it is necessary to be born again in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; that Kingdom is outside of the mechanical laws of nature, it has nothing to do with mechanicity.

To be born again of course implies the creation of individual bodies through which individual willpower can act and the Monad can acquire Self-realization.

Do you see here? This is Thelema. Our motto is ‘Thelema', but we have to understand and to find the difference, because unfortunately the Essence, that willpower; that Thelema that we have, that everybody has, became identified with the mind and with the senses, because the mind is always related with the exterior world. The mind is always fascinated with the mechanicity of nature. Why? Because this mind that we have belongs to nature.

That is why in Buddhism the first thing you have to do is dominate the mind. That mind, as we have said in many lectures, is the ego. That ego is precisely those elements that are created because of our fascination with the exterior world through the senses.

Now we are descending directly into the physical body because the development of that individual will has to begin in the physical body and continues up to Tiphereth, which as you know is willpower.

Tiphereth is also called the Human Soul, but we say that Tiphereth is willpower. But that willpower is under the guidance of our own particular individual God, and this is something very important to know, because no one can develop that will unless he is in contact with his own Monad. You see? And that will of course is related also with the laws of Heaven, the laws of the Cosmocreators, of the Angels that are the forces, the energies that exercise the will of God.

That is why it is written that Jesus as Thelema said, ‘Nobody goes through the Father but through Me.' And this is how we have to understand, because it is not the physical body of Jesus that will take us there, it is that willpower that was developed already in Jesus who said that, and that is in every one of us, because we need the help of the will of God, which is the Son of God.

The Will of God, the Son of God, the Son of Man - that has to develop in us, in order for us to do the will of our own Monad - and this is a process of initiation. It is not a matter of believing, but exercising ThelemInstructor: this means action.

And we say for instance that the five senses in this physical body are related with the Tattwas and this is how nature enters and exercises its power in our own consciousness, which is willpower. But since we are learning how to exercise willpower, Abel, according to the book of Genesis, Abel is very week, because ‘Cain' - the mind - is stronger.

Why is Cain stronger than Abel? Because Cain is related with the mind, related with nature, related with mechanicity of the forces of nature. Abel only does the will of his own God, his own Monad. That is why it is written that the inner God is always pleased with the doings of Abel, which is that Essence that is learning to do the will of God. Cain does not care about that; what Cain wants is to be fascinated with nature.

That is why in the Bible and many other sacred books you always find willpower represented by somebody that serves his God. For instance, in the Bhagavad-Gita that willpower is called Arjuna, and in this case the inner God is represented by Krishna, so we will say that Arjuna is the Bodhisattva of Krishna.

When we start developing willpower, that is Abel - but unfortunately, Cain always kills Abel, because he is stronger. The mind is connected with the senses. We receive an impression from the exterior world and it enters into the mind. That mind is strongly related with the mechanicity of nature; it controls our will (Abel). Abel is killed by the mind when the mind becomes fascinated with nature, resulting in an Essence under the control of the collective, animal mind. This is how our consciousness is bottled up into that mind, and instead of becoming the vehicle for the expression of the will of God.

That is why it is written, ‘Demonius est deus inversus,' Latin for ‘The Demon is the will of God inverted.' That is why in the Vedas they say that the Demons are created by Shiva, the Gods are created by Shiva, everything is created by Shiva, but also the Demons, and we say how? How is it possible that the Ain Soph creates Demons? Well in this way is how; the Essence still does not know how to exercise itself as willpower, so therefore it becomes inverted, fascinated, identified with the mind, with the senses. And inverted it is a Demon - that means that it is the same will, but aligned for devolution.

And this is precisely what is happening in our planet Earth: our own will, the will of God, which is ourselves, that Essence that should develop, is now under the service of nature, the mechanicity of nature; it is evil will. That evil will is Abel, who is dead to the spirit but is in the earth as a servant, a slave of the Pharaoh, and that Pharaoh is Cain. This is how you understand the symbol of the Israelites as slaves in Egypt. Egypt is a symbol of the physical world in which we are identified with the senses, with the mind. And the Pharaoh is the intellect that enslaves Israel, which in this case is an Abel; different symbols for the same thing.

It is necessary for the will of God to come down and to free Abel, and that will of God - which in this case is Moses - which of course is a development that we have to understand. We have to develop our own particular Moses in order to liberate Israel, which are the parts of the Essence that is the will of God, bottled up into the Ego, into the mind, into Cain the killer.

This is how you say that the ‘Hell' of God is precisely its love towards us, because we are precisely part of God, we are His will. The particles of God that suffer in ‘Hell', those particles of God are ‘we'; the Essence, you understand that? Because that Essence is part of the Monad. The Monad does not go to Hell, only his will, which is bottled up into the ego, which is that Essence that has to learn how to develop.

So we have to understand that we are the feet and God is the brain. To understand that is indispensable because most of the time we think that God is somewhere and we are separated and that is wrong, because that is the will. The feet are moving and the feet are taking us to someplace - that is because the brain is commanding the feet to work.

Unfortunately, the feet do not obey the brain, because we do not obey the Monad. So therefore the Essence enters into Hell in order to disintegrate the ego in order to liberate his own will; you understand that?

God needs that will in order to develop the Monad, the Monad needs the Essence in order to develop completely, and that is the will. But that is turning into evil will and that is why we say that we have to educate the sight, this is what we said at the beginning, because the sight, as you see ‘the eyes' you can look towards the left, towards the right, towards up and towards down, you can close your eyes if you do not want to see. That is why the eyes are related with the willpower. That sight is precisely the first step that we have to do; to educate the sight in order to develop the Essence which is related with the Pineal gland, because the seat of the soul, the seat of the willpower is Pineal gland.

So that Pineal gland has to be strengthened by educating the sight, not only the outer sight but the inner sight also and that is why we need meditation, because to meditate is to educate the inner sight in order to develop the will of God. Developing the will of God is how we control the physical body.

In this case the physical body is a symbol of the Devil. The Devil is this, the physical body. It is a custom of course to transform the impression that enters into the senses in the inverted way. So we have to educate the Devil. That is why Jesus said to the Devil ‘It is written; you have to serve your Lord, you have to obey your Lord not to tempt it'. But the physical body through the senses is always tempting will in the Pineal gland.

To make the body to serve God is to educate the senses. And that is the first step, the education of the sight.

That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor said when he was developing, in a lecture in Mexico he said, ‘You know I will tell you something that happened to me,' he says, ‘you know how the men look at women, with a lot of detail, better if I said', he says ‘with a lot of perversity - and it is because their eyes are under the service of Cain. They feed their lust through their eyes because that evil will is desire, their Essence unfortunately is bottled up in desire, and desire is related with the mechanicity of nature.'

‘So obviously,' he said, ‘because I was fallen, with the ego alive, I had that tendency, so I meditated a lot in order to educate my sight in order to learn how to see women without lust. If you observe me,' he says, ‘you will see how my eyes always see women from the waist up, never from the waist down and sometimes only the face, but to do that I fought a lot against many egos of lust, I meditated and annihilated a lot, I learned that.' When he says that he learned that, it does not mean that he learned it in one day, he learned it in the process of meditating in that mechanicity of the evil will, which is our own Essence trapped in lust.

‘And obviously,' said the Master, ‘I also learned not to see pornography.' Obviously if he said that, it is because before he was seeing it. Mechanically or whatever, but he was a victim of it, and he says, ‘I learned not to see pornography, I learnt how to not see women like that. Thank goodness my God helped me and I annihilated all the ego of lust.'

That is a process of patience. It is not something that we will learn in only one week or in one month; it is a long process. Because we have many egos of lust in which our Essence is accustomed of course to do the mechanicity of nature. If you have observed the animal kingdom, which is the kingdom where we were before this intellectual animal kingdom, you will see how the dogs always smell the female dogs, how the cats smell the female sex of the female cats. All the animals are like that, it is instinct, it is natural, but that is collectively obeying the laws of instinct.

So we have to transform instinct into intuition, and for that we have to educate our willpower. That is why our motto is ‘Thelema'.

We have to educate our ears, we have to educate our nose, our taste and our touch. Remember that willpower in the physical body is related with the sense touch, because the Essence works through the physical body through the sense of touch; that is why the main work in this physical body is the sexual transmutation, because the sense of the physical body, related with the physical body is touch.

You see the sense related with sight is willpower. The sense related with the hearing is the mind, the mental body. The sense related with smell is emotions, with the Astral body. And the taste is related with the vital body.

But the touch itself is directly related with the physical body; the sexual organ is the most sensitive organ related with the sense of touch, in which we have to exercise our willpower; that is the beginning, the very bottom of it.

That is why certain schools and organisations that teach how to develop or how to acquire Self-realization but they do not teach chastity in the physical plane, thus they are teaching in the wrong way.

Now you understand why Buddhist Lamas are always supposed to be in chastity or celibacy.

That is why Christianity in the beginning was of course teaching that, but now it is celibacy.

But all religions always teach how to control the sexual energy, and why? One of the symbols of Christ, or the Will of God in the physical body as Christ willpower is the sexual phallus in a state of erection. There are many symbols of Christ but that is one of the most obvious phallic symbols in ancient times.

That is why you find that in the Pagan religions they were worshipping the phallus in a state of erection because that is the Will of God, when you know how to control the sense of touch in your physical body; your hands are always related with the sense of touch.

And that is how you are related, whether you are serving the Devil, your body, in order to satisfy your lust with your hands and with your sexual organ. Masturbation is one of those vices in which the individual becomes a slave of the mechanical forces of nature. His own Essence, his own self is bottled up into evil will, a will that will serve only to the purposes of nature in the infra dimensions.

And that is why in the beginning our motto is Thelema and only with Thelema we transmute the sexual force, which will increase our willpower. The energy that arises in the spinal column is willpower, it is electronic.

tree-of-life-bodiesDid you ever hear that it is stated that the consciousness, willpower, is electronic? Did you hear that the sexual energy is electronic? Did you hear that the Kundalini is electronic, that it lies in the electrons? We have to awaken that energy that lies in the electrons, which is the Divine Mother, who is willpower too.

So that is Thelema; willpower. And by developing that willpower in the spinal column  we create the Electronic Bodies or Solar Bodies in order to exercise the Will of God or to have that individuality of willpower in us.

So obviously when we create the Astral Body, that is willpower in the Astral plane or as we said consciousness, because it is a willpower that is a conscious willpower. It is not a mechanical willpower. When we have the Solar Astral Body, we have the Will of God in the Astral Body. When we have a Mental Solar Body, we have the Will of God in the Mental Body, because God the Monad is controlling the bodies here with his own will.

And that is why when we reach the top, which is Tiphereth, which is willpower, that willpower related with the individuality of our own Monad is already developed.

And that is why it is written that when we enter into that level of willpower and we have to choose between two ways; the direct path or the spiral path, which is our own will: to completely develop or self-realize our willpower in the spiral way or in the direct way, the direct path.

The straight path is related with the eightfold path of the Buddha. The Buddha itself is the Monad that has to exercise his willpower on the eightfold path through his own willpower and that willpower is Tiphereth, which is his Bodhisattva. When somebody takes the straight path, he receives an extra help, we will say in this case an extra willpower. The Thelema of the Universe, which is called Christ, that Thelema who does the Will of God in Heaven, enters into the Bodhisattva in order to help him exercise his own willpower. And that is precisely the beauty of Thelema, because Christ only enters in Thelema. Why does Christ only enter in Thelema? Because Christ is Thelema.

The Son of God does the Will of God, so he enters into the will of that particular God that already reached the second birth, which is the twice born, but already demonstrated with his own will, after creating the Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies there is an amount of goodwill, glory to God in Heaven and peace to the Men with Willpower on Earth. That willpower was of course tested through the sexual act. That is why in order to achieve those levels we have to transmute our sexual energy.

This is how willpower is tested and the one that tests that willpower is always Lucifer, which is the sexual strength, sexual willpower we will say.

You see there the similitude of the symbol of that Thelema? And that is why we have to remember ourselves; to remember ourselves is to remember our own will. That is why it is said ‘when we remember ourselves we exercise willpower, because that willpower in itself is ourselves' but we remember ourselves in the sense with God because we have to obey, we have to exercise the will of our own Monad in order to go ahead in that development.

And here we have to be alert and vigilant as a watchman in a time of war. We have a war and that war is against the unfaithful ones, against the unbelievers. Those who do not believe in the Will of God are lust, anger, greed, pride, laziness, gluttony, fear, vanity and all of those defects that we have in abundance within, those are the unfaithful ones; the unbelievers, that we have to annihilate.

And that is why we have to be alert, because through the senses is how they act, through the mind is how they feed themselves and to change to eliminate them and to teach our consciousness under the Will of our God how to perform the Will of God, because if we observe ourselves we see that we are not performing the Will of God, we are performing the will of the mind. That is mechanicity; that is the mechanical mind that we have. To learn that is to know how to exercise our willpower.

Now you understand why it is impossible for somebody to achieve mastery if he does not understand and comprehend his willpower, in relation with his senses, in relation with his mind.

An individual that says, "Only by asking your Divine Mother ‘Divine Mother annihilate for me this lust that is bothering me now' then you are ahead, you are achieving self-realization," no. You are achieving nothing with that, because your willpower has to know how to act. Mechanicity is mechanicity; you can ask, of course ‘Divine Mother annihilate this ego,' and so what? There is no comprehension there, so how are you going to develop?

The fact that your willpower is acting in the wrong way, as desire, is because we are identified with the world. It is by comprehension of that, it is ‘how are we going to exercise the Will of God', and to accomplish this difficult task we need the help of somebody that already did it, which are the Masters that guide us.

But if somebody says you do not need to meditate in order to exercise your willpower, in order to acquire Thelema, he is lying.

Everybody is using their will in the wrong way.  That is why the Gnostics are called ‘Thelemites,' because we want to exercise the Will of God. What God? Our own particular, individual God.

And if the Lord, that energy which is called Christ enters into us in order to help us, good! Because we need guidance, but nobody can perform the Will of God if it is not through the transformation that we have to perform in ourselves.

That is why we learn and we need to learn about Christ, the prana, about nature; the forces, because it is by learning intellectually first is how we want to apply and to understand how to apply our will to nature.

If you become awakened, then you will discover that this information is already inside of your Monad, and then you will develop.

To develop powers in order to exercise power over nature mechanically is easy because you do not need to annihilate anything. But even with powers developed, you go to hell anyhow, you go through the devolution, you are annihilated, because the ego belongs to hell.

The only way to exercise the Will of God and the power over nature is by allowing the Monad to do his will through us, which is his will.

This is how you remember the prayer in the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus is on the rock of Yesod praying to His God and says ‘Father if it is possible, take this chalice of bitterness from me.' The chalice is a symbol of the sexual yoni, because in order to exercise the Will of God you have to enter into the Ninth Sphere, that is why he is on a rock and he is talking about the chalice of bitterness, meaning transmutation and bitterness for the mind.

‘If it is possible take this chalice from me, but not my will, but thine be done.' Your will has to be done. Because that will is done through the sexual act through the transmutation, you understand that, you comprehend that?

Judas, which is related with the sexual glands, comes and kills him and delivers him to Pilate, to Caiaphas. But Jesus never bent himself to Pilate neither to Caiaphas, he only kneels himself to his own God. Pilate (the intellect) is questioning him and he is answering but he does not kneel before him, and he says to him ‘You have power over me because it is given from above, but I only do the Will of my God.' And Caiaphas the evil will wants him to do miracles in front of him. Jesus becomes silent because he knows Caiaphas, the evil will, hates the Will of God. That is the ego.

And he goes to the cross and is crucified, because the crossing of the phallus and the uterus is the way to annihilate all of those traitors that we have within; Barrabas is within, Pilate is within, Caiaphas is within, Judas is within; all of those that cry ‘Crucifixia, Crucifixia, Crucifixia' are within, not outside, they are within!

This is how we have to crucify ourselves in order to annihilate that, to descend into Hell and to resurrect three days after, which is symbolic. It is a matter of willpower, the whole work is Thelema and so our motto is Thelema.

Questions and Answers

Audience: If I create an Astral Body, can I achieve more willpower on the Astral Plane than on the Physical Plane?

Instructor: Obviously, when you have your physical body can you act with the physical body, can you move, can you exercise your will in this physical body, obviously you do, right?

You walk if you want to walk, you do not walk - you sit down. You move your head even though your body is not a Solar Body but you use your individuality, you go to your home or to a restaurant, whatever, you move it because that is willpower. In order to move it, in order to act it needs willpower. Even if it is evil will, it is will.

So therefore if you have an Astral Solar Body obviously you can move, you can act in the Astral Plane because you have an individual body that can do that, you see. That is why it is called individuality.

That the ego can utilise that Astral Body, obviously yes, because if the ego can utilize that physical body that you have, it can also use the Astral Body, even if it is Solar. It can utilize the Mental Solar Body as well and that is why we always have to be attentive and alert like the watchman in time of war, because the ego is always there and wants to do its own will, which is the evil will.

Audience: What can you say about the phrase ‘Do what thou wilt' and the very prominent idea that Aleister Crowley is the main teacher of Thelema?

Instructor: Well, Aleister Crowley has just degenerated the doctrine. ‘Do what thou wilt' - well obviously the demons do what they wilt but it is inverted. ‘Do what thou wilt' - the Angels do the Will of God, their phrase should be like this ‘Do what THOU wilt' this should be the Will of God.

If you do your own ‘Wilt', who are ‘you'? Right? If you are the ego or think you are the ego and then you will end like Aleister Crowley, smoking opium and taking mushrooms and doing that and of course the will was developing, but inverted, because ‘Demonius est deus inversus,' meaning that his own will was going down, as he says which is ‘The Beast 666' which is the ego.

But ‘Do what thou wilt' in Thelema, in the right way, is to do the Will of God, to do the Will of our own Monad. That is the right phrase, in the right way.

So it could be applied in both ways, because in order to be a demon you need Thelema, in order to be an Angel you need Thelema, meaning you need the Essence, because without the Essence where is the understanding of that?

Obviously, Aleister Crowley developed evil will, his own Thelema in front of his own group, he followed the evil will, which is the will of the ego. In order to develop good will, you have to annihilate the evil will and that is ego, mechanicity.

And to develop not only on the Physical Plane, but in the Astral Plane, in the Mental Plane, Causal Plane, Buddhic Plane, Spiritual Plane and higher levels until you become a paramartasattya; that is the Will of God.

The real Thelemite is a Paramartasattya, yet, an inverted Thelemite is an "Aleister Crowley."

Audience: There are many who believe they do the will of their Being even to the point of spreading Gnosis and delivering the teachings, how does such a person tell the difference between the real Being and self will?

Instructor: Well, if you observe the works of the Master Samael Aun Weor and the Masters that came before him that were exercising Thelema, willpower, and if you teach the doctrine of those people in the right way as those are teaching it, obviously you are helping and you are of course exercising Thelema. Yet we cannot deny that in the beginning all Gnostics work with their Gnostic ego.

There is a story in the Bible when David was doing the Will of God but one day he was observing a woman, she was bathing herself. Her name was Bathsheba; we will say ‘the Daughter of the Seven'. Who is that ‘Daughter of the Seven'? That willpower of the seven serpents we will say, Kabbalistically speaking that means Bathsheba. So, David fell in love with her, but that woman was married to somebody else, Uriah. He was one of the main soldiers of David, so what does that mean? Part of his ego was still bottled, married with that willpower that he needs completely to himself, because the whole willpower for the initiate is called Guinevere, that Amazon, Geburah. That is precisely willpower, when the initiate marries his willpower from Heaven, which is Geburah, he is completely Self-realized, he is a Resurrected Master.

But that will, that part of himself, is married to part of his ego - and he wants to marry his will - that so he sends the ego (Uriah) to the battlefront and it kills him.

Of course this is very symbolic... in the beginning the Gnostic serves himself with the Gnostic ego and teaches with the Gnostic ego. Am I teaching here with a Gnostic ego? I might, but later on, my God will kill my Gnostic ego too, because he is Solomon the King, and he needs to marry the beautiful Shulamite.

Audience: Earlier you mentioned the elemental intercessor, can you say more about this? How is this related to us and can we invoke the elemental intercessor in the Astral Plane? Instructor: It is written if you read the book of the Gnostic Bible ‘The Pistis Sophia,' the Master explain there that the Being has many parts. What we say in the lectures ‘all the possibilities of being a God Creator is within the Monad'. You serve parts of the Being that need to be developed. Twelve Apostles need to be developed, Jesus Himself inside of us has to be developed, Moses himself has to be developed, John the Baptist within ourselves has to be developed and of course there are many other parts like in this case the elemental advocate, that is part of the Being that has all the knowledge of the rituals of nature. That is why Master Samael explains in his book of medicine, if you do not know the ritual of any plant when you want to utilize it in order to heal somebody or to heal yourself, what you have to do is to bless the plant in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; in the name of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, and by the Tetragrammaton. And command your elemental advocate or in other words to communicate with your Monad ‘my Monad, my God I beg you', please command that part of you which is the elemental advocate who knows all the rituals of nature, because if I am in this level obviously I have learned all of that already.

"He knows that but I don't remember because I am asleep, so please command that part of you, that part of me which is the elemental advocate to do the ritual of this plant in order for me to do this or do that" or whatever and then through the plant you do what you have got to do. That elemental advocate knows everything in relation with the magic of nature and everybody has it. While those that are in evolution like animals are still learning that, but if we are at this level it is because we have it already. But of course it is part of the Will of God; it is not part of your ego.

Audience: How are you going to comprehend that, if you ask an elemental to take away certain parts, how are you going to comprehend the annihilation?

Instructor: That has nothing to do with the comprehension. You are asking to your God to do a certain work, which you already know through that elemental advocate, but you forgot because you became bottled up into the ego into your mind. That does not mean that your God is going to forget that. God, remember this, your Monad always knows everything related with evolution in this level, that we are disconnected with our Monad that is another thing. And that is why because we are disconnected we have to we have to pray to our Monad to command the elemental. But if we are already Self-realized we can call the elemental advocate to do this, do that, why? Because we already know the elemental advocate. But now you have just heard that we have it but you are not aware of it, you are not conscious of it because we are asleep.

So therefore by comprehension, by annihilation of the ego you start developing and say ‘oh I am related with this part of this nature'; that is called your ‘nahual' in the Aztec language. That part of you in this relation says ‘Oh your nahual is a tiger, your nahual is an eagle'. Well when you discover in relation with the animal kingdom your nahual and then you will know to work with those forces which are already in you but are not developed, they are bottled up inside the ego.

Audience: In the first chapter of the ‘Dayspring of Youth ' the Master Morya wrote ‘Thus in the higher schools the word ‘will' is seldom used' why is that?

Instructor: Well I do not know in which sentences the Master Morya is saying that there but obviously the whole work is Thelema, maybe they don't use the word will, but they use another word for that.

Audience: Or maybe because in the higher schools you are already doing the Will of your God so it is not even a question because you are one with him?

Instructor: Yes, once you doing your Will of God you are doing it you do not need to hear the will you just do it.

Audience: Yeah there is no differentiation, you are already one with it.

Audience: How does the Gnostic student know, or protect themselves to make sure that they are doing proper will or right action?

Instructor: If there is not conflict between the three brains, there is the Will of God. Upright thought, upright feeling, upright action is the Will of God.

Audience: But many are convinced in their heart that they are doing the right thing, but they are not, how does one know and make sure?

Instructor: That is precisely it, you have to observe yourselves, you have to meditate, because before doing something really that will implies or being involved with other people you have to meditate very carefully. If what you are doing is the Will of your own Being - because sometimes it could be negative feelings - which we know, understand and comprehend that the negative feeling make us liars and disconnected with the truth, which is God.

Audience: In relation to that question, how does willpower, how do you address willpower in the case of the chapter ‘Treason from the Mystery of the Golden Blossom when there is a student who is convinced that they were doing the right thing?

Instructor: Well is because he trusted in his own ego. That is why in many lectures at many times people ask me that I say ‘When I see something inside, clairvoyantly, inside of me or in dreams I have to wait, I never open my mouth immediately; I observe'.

Because you know there is infraconscious clairvoyance, unconscious clairvoyance, subconscious clairvoyance - many types - and if you study very carefully the doctrine, this is precisely the way in order to not commit mistakes. The Master explained that in ‘Endocrinology and Criminology ' and there are many Gnostics that reject immersing themselves with the knowledge, because they say ‘It is not necessary to learn or to study too many things, it is not necessary to know a lot of Kabbalah or alchemy - you just practice the three factors and that is it."

While of course the Master Samael teaches different things because we have to learn in order not to commit mistakes. Obviously in that chapter of the Mystery of the Golden Blossom, Brutus in his present reincarnation was an illiterate. He did not like to read, he just trusted his own visions. If he knew a lot of what we know now he would wait in order to not commit the mistake of misjudging the Master; and it is because we always have to understand that the difficulties we see in others are abundant in us. And we do not have to go there and to play like a Judge of Karma and accuse anybody of anything.

If we want to trust our own visions, our own judgment, do so only when the ego is completely annihilated. If it is not completely annihilated, do not ever trust your own visions. Study them, analyze them and follow them if they are good, but do not open your mouth.

There was a problem with this Brutus, he had a big mouth and he was opening it and always accusing others and whatever. That is a problem.

That is why one of the requisites of the magician is silence; to know how to speak.

Audience: What can you say about giving advice or receiving advice in relation to willpower? Many instructors give advice and tell others what to do, tell students what to do, and many students seek advice but without trusting their own.

Instructor: Well obviously when one is asleep we always look for advice, we always want a wise statement in order to do what we are doing but we always have to analyze what we hear and to trust our own internal God.

Upright thought, upright feeling, upright action.

Sometimes the instructor can give advice related with his own level or with a lot of prejudices and if you do not how to advise you can commit a mistake. In my case for instance when somebody asks for advice I say, ‘Yeah, do this, do that, but the best thing; Go meditate!', and they say ‘Why you always send me to meditation?' Because I do not want to be responsible for what you ask; meditate and do what your inner God tells you to do, because if I say ‘do this, do that' it is like in the time of when the Mistress Litelantes was alive.

One day she received a call from somebody, and he says, ‘Mistress I have left my wife and now I am married with this new woman, I just want your blessing for this because I want to go ahea,.' and he cried. So the Mistress says, ‘Ok, go ahead, if you think that with this woman it will be the way, do it - Start.'

Months later the same guy calls again, ‘Oh Mistress, thank you for your advice, but I have returned to my wife and because this...' and then she says, ‘Oh yeah?' and she hung up.

Then he called up again ‘Is there some problem there with the telephone?'

‘No, I hung up, I do not want to talk with you, period.'

And this is precisely what happens with the Gnostics; they come and ask for advice, and after that if it things do not work out, if there is something wrong, they say ‘Oh, he told me to do that, so it is his fault, not my fault' - this is how the ego works.

So therefore when somebody comes to me and asks for advice, I just give whatever I can then I say, ‘But the best advice for you is to meditate and find that answer within you and act based on that.' Because all of us are with ego and - listen to this - even the Gods commit mistakes!

Audience: It sounds to me like you would achieve more willpower if, it is almost like working on lust constantly, if there is one thing you have to do in a day, right, is to work on an ego, to me it sounds like lust is always the main one?

Instructor: Lust obviously, that is why it is called the original sin because it is the origination of all the sins, the different vices that we have within. To work with lust is the beginning and the end of the work

Audience: Would I get more willpower to work on anger and jealousy and envy then?

Instructor: Master Samael personally when I talked with him about this topic, he said, ‘Obviously during the day will appear anger, will appear pride, meditate on that, but work on your lust. Tomorrow maybe gluttony will appear in your life and you will need to work on gluttony, But Do Not Forget Your Lust!' and he says ‘But after that maybe the next day your pride is being fed by people there, whatever so meditate on that BUT DO NOT FORGET YOUR LUST!' I said Ok Master I understand that, so he says, ‘Everyday you have to work with your lust because that is the main one' and why did he say that? Because he was doing that, obviously. So obviously the level in which we are at or the mess in which we are is lust.

Audience: What do you think of those Gods or elementals being used also for evil?

Instructor: The elementals could be used, not the Gods. The elementals yes, because they may know how to exercise power over them. See for instance a dog, a dog is a beautiful elemental. You can teach the dog how to be friendly with your friends or you can teach the dog how to kill, but the dog is only learning from you. If you teach him to kill, you are using your will over him, over the dog because he does not know how to do it.

Audience: What about plant rituals?

Instructor: The elemental is the same thing, the elemental obeys and will do what he has to do if you know how to command the elemental, but the karma falls on you not on the elemental. It is like if your dog kills somebody else, you will go to jail not your dog.

Audience: Is the same is true of how you teach us this?

Instructor: Exactly. The same in the way you teach other people.

Audience: If ten people read the same book then each one is going to get a different interpretation?

Instructor: That will be their business at their level, you see? Here of course I am talking at my own level, what I understand of willpower, but obviously each one of you is at a different level, you have to find your own level, right? Each one of you that is listening to this lecture is understanding it at different levels; I know that.

Audience: But then you have to read the book 100 times and each time you will think, it seems to me that each time you read a book over and over it is like you gain a different understanding each time, you cannot just read a book once.

Audience: Well that is why you need to meditate on what you read, because by meditating on what you read you gain comprehension of that.

Audience: Yeah but I don't feel like there is an end, the way you make it sound is like there is an end, you meditate and then somehow there is a finish to that.

Audience: There will be when you are one with your Being and not with your ego, that's the goal.

Instructor: Listen carefully, only the paramartasattya's know completely the willpower of God, but the Gods are still learning, there are many in the universe, but those that enter into the Absolute, they know willpower completely. They do the willpower of the Ain Soph and that is why they enter into the Ain.

So therefore there are many, of course, wills in the universe because each one of us has his own will, our own will is related with our own mission, our own level, our own Monad. We have to discover the vocation of our own Monad in order to do its own will, you see?

No instructor can tell you that your Monad is this, or your Monad is that, no. It is not what any instructor will tell you it is what you will discover. It is what you will be sure is ready for this so therefore I am going to do this.

Because an instructor can tell you many things in relation with his own visions which may be right, maybe wrong. So therefore the right way is follow your inner God, your inner Guru, and your inner Rabbi. That is why when this man came to Jesus and he says ‘Just Master', in the Bible it is written ‘good Master' this is not right because good and evil are opposites.

‘Just' and then He says ‘Why are you calling me just? God is the only one that is Just! That exercises justice, the right willpower'.

That really should be corrected in the Bible because He says ‘good Master, do not call me ‘good' because good only God knows, God is not good, God is Just', good is another thing, good is the opposite of evil and God is beyond good and evil.

We can continue talking about willpower forever because that is Thelema that is our motto so I hope you understood that:

“Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will (Thelema), but thine, be done.” - Luke 22: 42

So (Father), do what thou wilt (Thelema), Thou art and shall be the whole of the Law.

And what is the whole of the law?

”Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (who is thy Father, thy true Self).” - Matthew 22: 37-39

On these two commandments hang the whole of the law and the prophets.


"Whosoever knows, the word gives willpower to, no one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the One who has the Word Incarnated."