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Continuing from our lecture on The Three Jewels, let us observe the mantra Om Tat Sat. Focusing on each of these three words, we find that Tat esoterically represents the Absolute, that which we call the Ain אין or nothingness.

This “Ain אין or nothingness” is really “no-thing”; that is, nothing related with matter. It is no-thing related with energy; it is something else unknowable. This why we call the Absolute, the Unknowable Seity, which is not a deity. The Seity is something unknowable, the Ain אין or Abstract Absolute Space. This Seity, this intelligence, is Sat in Sanskrit.

Om Tat Sat

This mantra Om Tat Sat is one that we always pronounce in order to bring the knowledge related with that. Obviously the mantra Om or Aum itself is a very ancient mantra, one that is very known in Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word Tat is the origin of the English word “That,” which itself means “something else.”

In Buddhism there is a term, Tathāgatagarbha which is a very common word among Buddhists. It means, “One who has emerged from suchness, from the emptiness.”

In this lecture we are going to explain who this “one who has emerged from nothingness” is.


Let us first observe the Tree of Life, which explains in detail all of the different aspects of the light of the Kabbalah.

There is a lot of Buddhism within the gospels of Jesus of Nazareth; there are similitudes when you read the gospels of Buddha or the gospel of Krishna with that of Christianity. The main doctrine written in the gospels and the Old Testament of the Bible are based on the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah. We find precisely that word Ain אין or nothing, which is the first aspect of the Abstract Absolute Space is in Hebrew called Ain. Ain אין means “nothing” which is exactly the contrary of the word Ani אני, which in Hebrew means “me, I.”

So, when we talk about the self, Ani אני, it means exactly the opposite of the Ain אין, that which is not.

When we say the nothingness, we have to understand that it is something, not that it is completely nothing. I repeat no-thing means nothing related with matter, no thing related to energy. It is something else that is unknowable and which is knowable only for the Paramarthasatyas. This word Paramarthasatya means, “absolute cognizance of that.”

We stated in other lectures that Jesus of Nazareth, whose true name is Aberamentho, is a Paramarthasatya, a being that has cognizance of that Ain אין or nothingness.

However, even him. knowing about the Ain אין or nothingness or having Cognizance about that, he cannot explain with words to us, or to any enlightened being in the universe, because in order to explain that he has to use words, terms, symbols, examples from this universe and by doing so you bring into manifestation that which is not manifest; you cannot explain that which is unexplainable with that which is explainable.

Therefore, that remains unknowable for this side of the universe. Our goal is to return into Tat and that is precisely where the word Tathagatagarbha, which is always related to the Buddha, comes from.

We have to state that in gnosticism, we call the Seity that which is beyond the universe in the abstract absolute space the Adi-Buddha.

The Adi-Buddha is from where the Buddha emerges.

The Adi-Buddha is the abstract absolute uncreated light; it is the dark light, in esoteric terms. From that abstract absolute, the Adi-Buddha, emerges the light.

The light is the first emanation of that abstract space, and this is something very important to comprehend and to understand. Everything that exists in this universe, in the last synthesis, in these very days, is light that we can call energy. Beams of light emerge from the abstract absolute and manifest in the universe as cosmic units. These cosmic units that we are talking here are what we call, using Greek words, the Monad. This word Monad in Greek means, “unity.”

In the very depths of ourselves, or our own consciousness, we have our own particular ray. That ray is what we call Glorian. Indeed, this is the word that we use for our publishing company.

“The Glorian is the ray who “strikes His bell” when He comes into the physical world. The Glorian is the Law and the incognito root of the human being. The Glorian is the Being of the Being. The Glorian is the Law within us.” - Samael Aun Weor

That Glorian emerges from the Adi-Buddha and from within it we find the three primary forces that are always symbolized in the first triangle of the Tree of Life.

If we imagine that beam of light that emerges from the unknowable and then we will find a circle.

In the middle of that circle is the triangle that will be there. The very point of that light, that beam of light that is that which emerges from the Abstract Absolute Space. The circle is that light that carries in its bosom the three primary forces, which together form the four marvelous letters, which in Hebrew are called the eternal one: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, the Tetragrammaton.

This Tetragrammaton symbolizes these four aspects Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה: the beam of light plus the three aspects within it.

That beam of light, the Glorian, emerges in the universe in order to acquire cognizance of its self. To achieve that, that Ray needs assistance; it needs somebody in the universe to teach that ray what it is capable of, and that is why we find in the universe these marvelous flames of light that sparkle in the universe that we call Cosmo-Creators.

These individuals, which are also units of light, have developed their capabilities, therefore they are capable of assisting any ray that emerges from the abstract space. We will say that those bonfires absorb those beams of light within their bosom, in order to assist them. Regarding this, we have to understand the law of the Heptaparaparshinockh, the law of 7. This is the law that organizes these beams of light, in order to fecundate them. In the moment when these beams are absorbed within the bosom of these bonfires, these Cosmo-Creators, they are fecundated. They impregnate every beam with a spark of their own light. That spark of light is what we call the Buddha, the innermost, the spirit, the individual Monad which will help that ray of light to acquire cognizance.

Those bonfires become their own Cosmic fathers.

This is how we understand, how we are associated with the universe. Even though we have our own particular ray that emerged from that absolute, with the three primary forces, in order to create and to develop we need that particular spark that this bonfire gave us in order to learn about our capabilities.

This is how we understand how we are related with certain cosmic forces above and how they, little by little, engender us with their cognizance and place within our own particular individuality or light certain attributes that we need to develop that and to return victorious into the same Absolute, with cognizance of ourselves.

These beings organize the descension of that ray into the matter. They organize the attributes and place them according to the idiosyncrasy of every ray, in order to develop them in action, in creation or in evolution, within the different dimensions of the universe.

The Lords of the flame place within that spark the cognizance or consciousness which is cosmic.

In order for that spark to absorb 12 attributes related with that cosmic consciousness, it is what in the Tree of Life is called Geburah, or in Buddhism, Buddhi.

The innermost is the inner Buddha that we received from these bonfires. The consciousness that we receive from the Lords of the flame is called Buddhi which means wisdom, and is related with Chokmah.

Remember that every cosmic unit has three primary forces. These three primary forces are not completely developed in those units which are the children of the Cosmo-Creators, but in the Cosmo-Creators themselves, those three primary forces are fully developed and they place attributes of their own second aspect, which is called Chokmah within the monad, within the Buddha of each one of us which is called Buddhi.

Chokmah, the second aspect of the three primary forces is related with the zodiac; Kether is related with the infinite.

Within the infinite, we receive our Buddha and within the zodiac or the galaxy itself, the macrocosmos, we receive our own Buddhi.

In astrology, Chokmah is related with the 12 zodiacal signs. This is represented in different mythologies with different symbols: in the Bible, in the Old Testament, this is the 12 tribes of Israel.

In order to understand this better, let us delve in the word Israel, in order to see what teachings are hidden within this name. In Hebrew, in Kabbalah, the letter Shin שין symbolizes “fire.” Ra is an allusion of solar light; Ra is the Ain Soph Aur אין סוף אור. Aur אור means “light.” Finally, God is אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה in Hebrew. Thus, Ishrael, Israel ישראל is literally, “the fire of Ra the God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה.”

The 12 tribes of Ishrael ישראל are 12 cosmic attributes that each of our own Buddhas have within his own Buddhi. The names, Shemoth שמות, of these 12 Cosmic attributes are:


Expiation, love, association, fecundity, faith, willpower, judgment, memory, sympathy, altruism, knowledge, perception.

These 12 cosmic faculties are related with Buddhi, what we also call the spiritual soul or the cosmic soul; the cosmic consciousness. Our own particular Buddha has the duty to develop these 12 faculties. The development of those 12 faculties is only possible by descending into the lower dimensions and appearing finally in this three-dimensional world.

That is why the Old Testament explains that descension in the following way:



“And these are Shemoth שמות, the names (in Tiphereth תפארת, of the human souls) of the sons of Ishrael, Israel ישראל who are coming into (Assiah עשייה) Mitzrayimah מצרימה through the Ath (the Schekhinah שכינה) of Jacob את יעקב; every (Iod י, sperm, in its sexual) fire (אש) and (into the Vav ו or central nervous system) from its (zodiacal) house have they come, איש וביתו באו.” - Exodus 1:1

In other lectures, we told you that this Buddha, as it relates with this type of descension, is called Abraham, the exalted father, the innermost inside of us. In this context, the inner Buddhi is called Isaac, which is Geburah.

The two of them, united, form that innermost that we have within, our own particular Atman-Buddhi.

Abrham Isaac Jacob Joseph

Behold our own particular Trimurti, namely, Atman-Buddhi, Manas, our own Buddha, our own Abraham-Isaac-Jacob within is connected with that bonfire. It is a light, which is not separated. On the hands of Jacob is Joseph (Hod הוד, the astral body).

Unfortunately, here, in this lower dimension, we feel separated. But when we submerge our consciousness within that Buddha, we discover that we are one with everything. Of course, we are developed in accordance with our own revolution.

When you enter into any samadhi meditation, you discover how, within that, we are one. That is why we deny the aspect of self. It Is impossible to experience the world of Chokmah with these 12 aspects or attributes being oneself, as we are, here and now. In that area, when we submerge within that cognizance or consciousness, we feel that we are everything. If we concentrate in one particular unit of that everything we become that unit. As an example, I will share something that I experienced in order to better illustrate what I am talking about here.

In meditation, I was trying to comprehend and understand who Krishnamurti was. Obviously, when he was alive, he was an initiate that was very active and giving lectures. He died and after his death, I was investigating during meditation. When I entered in my own particular satori, my own particular samadhi within that world of Chokmah, related with those 12 attributes, I saw myself as being him.

I was seated on a chair under a tree and there were people around me and I was giving a lecture in English. I remember very well doing all of his mannerism, and I didn't have an atom of doubt that I was him. So, when I returned to my body after that experience, I said this is not possible. I am not Krishnamurti. He died a few years ago. How could this be?

Then I understood that within the world of Chokmah, when somebody reaches there in samadhi, you can experience every single unit of being and, you don't experience seeing that being, but being that being, itself. So, then I understood that there is no self within that world.

Any one of you can experience that by concentrating your mind and entering into that world, and you will be that and that is the beauty of satori and samadhi. Our goal is to experience that every second, every moment; that is what we call self-realization, the realization of that within you. Self-realization means to put your consciousness in that level. It means that you cannot be as you are right now, but that you will become everything.

That is an aspect of Dharma, because Dharma is knowledge. It is wisdom. It is what we share when we become identified or united with an aspect of ourselves which is our own particular Buddha, then we receive the Dharma. The Dharma, the knowledge or the goodness of that can be received in many ways; physically, mentally spiritually, consciously in different levels.

Our goal is to receive the whole Dharma. The whole we will say, emanation of the Absolute. As we explained the first emanation of the absolute is Kether. In Buddhism, this is called Dharmakaya. The body of Dharmakaya is the body of Kether, the body of the Father. That Dharma emerges from the Absolute and if we self realize ourselves completely that Dharma embraces all of the Tree of Life as a completely self-realized unity.

The Dharma Expresses in different ways through the different Buddhas. When that beam of light descends from the unknowable, even unto Klipoth—because Klipoth, the ninth sphere, is the final Journey—we find that when the Buddhi acquires those 12 attributes in order to develop that, it needs the assistance of each of the heavens related with the Tree of Life.

When you count from Kether to Yesod, which is above Malkuth, you find nine sephiroth, nine spheres which are always related with the nine heavens; in every religion you always find nine heavens related with the Tree of Life. There you find the different beings that are developing their 12 attributes in every single sphere. The 12 attributes that we named are the cosmic attributes that you have to develop in the physical plane, in the vital plane, in the emotional plane, in the mental plane, in the plane of willpower, the plane of the divine consciousness, through the innermost and the three primary forces. They have to be developed in the world of Yetzirah. The world of Yetzirah is the world of the angels, related with the 9 heavens.

In order to acquire those attributes, the Lords of the flame give another gift to that Buddha. That gift is what we call willpower, which in Sanskrit is called the superior manas, the superior mind.

This manas is not like the mind that we have here, this is the abstract mind that will comprehend completely and develop the 12 attributes by the activity of itself within the lower dimensions. That is why part of that willpower of the Buddha descends from that level and passes through the heavens to finally enter into the planetary zone which is the physical world; in other words, to enter into this physical matter. That particle is what in Buddhism is called the Tathagatagarbha.

What is the embryo of that Tathagatagarbha, our own particular Buddha, our own particular divinity? That embryo of soul is the one that descends from above, from the nine heavens, and enters into the matter. That matter in Hebrew is called the kingdom, Malkuth, the physical world, the wheel of Samsara.

Here in the wheel of Samsara we find what in Kabbalah is call Assiah, which means the world of matter and action. This Assiah is often confused with the continent of Asia in many books which are translated from the Kabbalah into English. The world of Assiah is what in the Old Testament in the Bible is called Mitzrayim, Egypt. So, in the bible Egypt, esoterically speaking, is a symbol of the whole planet Earth, where all the 12 attributes descend through the Tathagatagarbha in order to develop the 12 tribes of Israel in exile in our own particular Egypt, Malkuth, Mitzrayim, Assiah.

“There exist three aspects of cosmic evolution that are found mixed and entwined everywhere upon our Earth. These three aspects are Monadic evolution, mental evolution and physical evolution. However, the Monadic Essences are the fundamental base of the mental and physical development in the processes of evolution. As long as the Monadic Essences are evolving, all of great Nature is transforming. Each one of these three evolving currents is directed and governed by various groups of Dhyanis or Logoi. These groups of divine beings are found represented in our entire human constitution. That which is called “human being” is constituted by the Monadic current in union with the evolving wave of the mind and with the evolution of the physical body.” - Samael Aun Weor

When we talk about mental evolution, we are talking about the evolution of the protoplasmic lunar bodies in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and finally the humanoid kingdom. Remember that, in Buddhism, we state that the Buddha nature is not only in the human body but in the animals, plants and minerals, because that Buddha nature has to start learning how to express those 12 cosmic attributes from the very bottom of Assiah, the matter, the world of Samsara. That is what is called evolution.

In the evolution of the mineral Kingdom other hierarchies help those beams of light with the 12 attributes, already impregnated by the 9 heavens to develop those attributes under the guidance of the angels of Yetzirah. The angels of Yetzirah are the hierarchies of the nine heavens that instruct each one of these Buddhas or spiritual entities that need to develop that. Therefore, they receive the protoplasmic lunar bodies which are related with the inferior manas. What is the inferior manas? It is a type of mind that will help to develop that mechanically under the guidance of the Angels, Divas, Masters, instructors, units that already have that wisdom, knowledge.

When we investigate the mineral kingdom, we discover within the rocks those entities that we call elementals. Every single elemental is dressed with those protoplasmic lunar bodies that are newly born and that the Tathagatagarbha (from tathāgata + garbha womb), the embryo of soul, throughout the process of evolution, is activating under the guidance of the monad which abides in the higher dimensions that is a perfect connection. The inner Buddha and the Buddhi with the 12 attributes impregnate the forces from above through the nine heavens to the Tathagatagarbha. Then, the Angels of Yetzirah instruct the embryo of soul, the elementals, in their evolution, in order to learn how to manage those forces. Of course they are a collective of beings that need assistance, they are learning like students, and that is what we call the Sangha (Hebrew: Yeshiyvah ישיבה).

A collective group, a community of beings that are learning under the guidance of the Angels; this is a Sangha. The elementals of the mineral kingdom are known in esotericism as gnomes and pygmies of the earth. There are many and they act in their protoplasmic lunar bodies in accordance with the commands of the angels that control them, and teach them.

If you enter in meditation in the forest to investigate those beings, you discover different schools or temples where those angels are instructing these elementals and putting in activity those 12 attributes that we named here in relation with the nine heavens. That is called the Dharma and they live in happiness.

Of course, the capacity or capability of the twelve attributes are infinite so they have to learn, little by little by acting in the elements.

What you see as elements in this material world that we call in synthesis fire, water, air, earth, ether and other elements, are that which is being maneuvered by those elementals who in turn are guided by superior beings. That is why the world of Assiah is called the world of matter and action. It is through action that they learn to apply the Dharma; in other words, they learn to work with those superior forces above, here in the material world, in their community, the Sangha. So, each individual is a Buddha that is applying the Dharma in the Sangha.

It is beautiful to see those beings when they enter into a higher level of nature, the kingdom of the plants. Their body is more evolved and of course, the transformation of the Dharma of the forces that come from above in those beautiful bodies of the plants is performed thanks to the protoplasmic lunar bodies that are more evolved, more refined.

In the kingdom of the plants we find also families; families of different trees or different plants that gather. They have their own particular Sangha. In the inner dimensions of nature, they reunite. They also channel forces in the physical plane and control the world of matter and action according to the intelligence of superior beings.

That is why you read in the Bible (and not only in the Bible but in other books) how the great Masters that enter into contact with those elementals, and develop their attributes as human beings. They obviously control the twelve attributes of the lower beings which are under them and can perform marvels with nature.

This is what in many books of mythology is called magic. There is nothing that to influence your willpower in the lower kingdoms, which are handled or manipulated by Elementals or lower Buddhas.

Regarding this, we find that the Master Samael Aun Weor wrote two books: Igneous Rose and Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic, both related with the magic of nature. In these books, we learn how to put into activity those attributes and how to utilize the intelligence of the plants in order to help, according to the law. Indeed, what we call magic is simply the way in which you command, or know how to control the superior forces in order to apply the Dharma. This is what differentiates black magicians and white magicians: while white magicians learn to work with and take advantage of the forces of nature, in accordance with the law and with ones inner divinity, black magicians use these forces in the pursuit of desire.

In Buddhism, and in other religions, they know how to develop certain powers in order to command the elementals and then the elementals obey because they obey the angels and any superior force that can command them. But, the Angels always obey the law and they do it according to the Dharma or the force that comes from Kether, even from the Adi-Buddha. However, black magicians do not care about anything, they just do it by their own whim, and the consequence of this is karma, because when you apply forces without permission, you create karma, which is the opposite of that Dharma.

In the animal kingdom you also find families, for instance, families of cats. I remember now that I'm talking about cats, a friend of mine had an experience with her cat that she loved a lot. When this friend of mine was in the astral plane, she was always chasing that cat and the cat was guiding her to his own Sangha. Finally, when she arrived, there were a lot of cats and an Angel, a superior being was instructing them.  Of course, there are many cats; there might be many Sanghas of different cats in different parts of nature, but every single animal who is in evolution has that guidance.

This is how the inner Buddha learns and develops in nature, but the final goal is to reach the human kingdom or in other words to receive a physical body capable of developing those 12 attributes, that is capable of working consciously and developing that independently, not collectively. This collective instruction is something that in evolution is always applied in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom. However, when one reaches the humanoid kingdom, or the intellectual animal kingdom in other words, there is the opportunity to abandon communities in order to develop individuality

When I say individuality, it means the capacity of developing the 12 attributes through the nine heavens without intervention, but only of your inner particular, individual God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה or inner Buddha.

In that scenario, nature gives you 108 opportunities. If we observe this number 108. we will see that it is the sum of 9 (heavens of nature) multiplied by 12 (the divine attributes we must develop). The 108 beads of the Buddhas necklace symbolize precisely that. We have to develop the 12 attributes in relation with the nine heavens; your own particular Buddha has to do that.

This is why it is said that the hierarchies gave us 108 lives because in each life we receive certain forces/influences for the 12 attributes, the 12 tribes, the zodiacal belt through the nine heavens. If we take advantage in life, we develop; that is the purpose of what we call Return.

The protoplasmic lunar bodies in the level in which we are also receive those forces, because the Dharma is received through the protoplasmic lunar bodies that are evolving. The problem is that when we enter into the humanoid Kingdom the protoplasmic lunar bodies start to devolve because everything in this world of Assiah, the world of Samsara has a beginning and an end.

The physical body that you receive is born, grows up, gets to be an adult, gets old, dies and goes to the grave and disintegrates, but the protoplasmic lunar bodies that come with us from the mineral kingdom, evolving through the plant kingdom into the animal kingdom, and finally into the humanoid Kingdom, upon reaching this final kingdom of Samsara, they start to devolve. When they devolve they no longer are in service of the Dharma, but become a burden for the consciousness, because then the protoplasmic lunar bodies start to channel lunar forces which are related with devolution and sinking the protoplasmic lunar bodies into the 9 lower layers of Klipoth, the infernos, or hell.

In other words, in the beginning, during evolution, the protoplasmic bodies help us and we receive Dharma, but in this level in which we are right now, we cannot depend anymore on the protoplasmic lunar bodies, because they start to devolve. As a result of this, the great hierarchies intervene and teach us how to build solar bodies, which will allow us to continue the development of the 12 attributes of the 9 heavens of Yetzirah. That is why in The Gospel of John it is written:

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” - John 3:3

This means that, one cannot enter into the 9 kingdoms of heaven of Yetzirah, which are above Malkuth (the world of matter and action) with the protoplasmic lunar bodies, nature will engulf, destroy, annihilate the protoplasmic lunar bodies, as they belong to nature, to the wheel of Samsara.

The Pharaoh פרעה or lunar protoplasmic intellect (the king of Mitzrayim מצרים), confronting Moses משה or Tiphereth תפארת, body of willpower, and Aaron אהרון or Netzach נצח, mental solar body.

Therefore, we have to create the superior astral emotional Hod הוד, namely, Benjamin and Joseph, mental (Aaron אהרון) and causal (Moses משה) solar bodies which will serve as vehicles in order to keep that development of our own particular individual Buddha.

In many groups, they develop those attributes of the nine heavens with the protoplasmic lunar bodies by controlling them with the development of the 12 attributes. In a certain level, you can acquire that. In other words, this is the development of the virtues of the soul, but without mastery. This is the case of the great yogi, Paramahamsa Yogananda: he was working, developing the 12 attributes in relation with the 9 heavens, but with the protoplasmic lunar bodies. He achieved a lot of development, a lot of awakening of his own consciousness but unfortunately, the protoplasmic lunar bodies cannot be taken into the kingdoms of heaven because they belong to nature.

So, therefore he needed to create the solar bodies, but he refused to create them because he thought that just by doing the job that he was doing by himself was enough. The result was that he went to Limbo, the first sphere of hell. This is where you find those individuals that, in their inner consciousness, awoke a lot of the attributes of their inner Buddha; but, without solar bodies they reach only certain level of development. In order to develop the whole Buddha nature within you, you need to create the solar bodies.

Now, let us look to the example of the master Dalai Lama.

He created his solar bodies in previous ages. He did not become an enlightened Buddha of the level that he is right now in this life. Thus, he created his solar astral body, solar mental body and solar causal body in other lives; this is also the case for Krishnamurti who did it in past lives.

There are many initiates who did this work in past lives, but when we investigate all the Lamas of Buddhism, not all of them have solar astral bodies; indeed, most of them have protoplasmic lunar bodies that eventually will be disintegrated, because those protoplasmic lunar bodies have to die as the physical body dies. But of course, the process is different.

That is why the Dharma teaches us the Tantra, which is the knowledge that we are giving in Gnosis, sexual magic, the way in which husband and wife can engender the solar bodies; nobody can go up to heaven with protoplasmic lunar bodies. We say you cannot fully awaken, fully develop your consciousness with the protoplasmic lunar bodies… however, there is something else within those protoplasmic lunar bodies that can develop, and that something else is that which we call ego, which is a false creation.

Indeed, in this humanoid kingdom, we commit a lot of mistakes and we fortify animal elements from the animal kingdom and create others which give us psychological aggregates; meaning, we place within our psyche something else that shouldn't be there.

Of course, the great knowledge teaches us that we should disintegrate those psychological aggregates in order to liberate the consciousness and to develop those 12 attributes. That is the only way. So, the law of seven is precisely the law that takes us little by little into the higher levels.

We need to walk the mountain of initiation, and for that of course we have the physical body which is a gift because this physical body that we have is the outcome of millenarian transformations that superior beings made in the laboratory of nature, in order to finally acquire or to create this body that we have. This physical body is not what people think, that it was created by dint of magic. It is the outcome of evolution and not only the evolution in this physical world, but coming from the mineral Kingdom as a simple germ and evolving in the physical plane until reaching the level in which we are right now.

This physical body has what we call the 12 main glands that connect us to the 12 apostles of Jesus of Nazareth. These 12 Apostles or 12 main glands in the physical body are connected to the twelve cosmic attributes. The goal of self-realization is to activate every apostle, or in other words, every spiritual attribute in the physical body and the internal bodies, in order to completely develop the enlightenment Buddha within us.

So, here, as we are now, thanks to the development of evolution of different eons, we have the physical body... even though the physical body right now is devolving and decaying, it still retains within the glands that, if we activate through the upright use of the sexual energy will develop those 12 attributes.

Let me tell you what are these 12 glands in the physical body:

Pineal, supra renal, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, the brain which is divided into two; right and left. Then we have the medulla oblongata where we have the hindbrain, the appendix, the sacrum and the sexual glands. The sacrum itself is related with what we call the uterus in the woman and the prostate in the man.

The Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ are related to each one of these 12 glands as we already mentioned and that we have taught in certain lectures in the past. The development of these 12 glands are related with certain plexi which are connected with, what in Sanskrit are called, chakras.

The only way to develop the 12 attributes in the physical body is by transmuting the sexual energy. It is the only energy that can put in activity the twelve attributes beginning with the physical body.

The physical body is a marvelous laboratory that attracts the forces of nature.

The physical body is directly connected with the superior Buddha, where we find the three primary forces, Kether-Chokmah-Binah; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three Logoi. and they're connected with the three nervous systems that we have in the physical body.

Illustration of Female nervous system artwork

So, when you investigate your physical body, the three nervous systems are the 3 rays from the our own particular Superior Glorian that manifests in the physical body.

Of course, the seven main chakras or churches in the spinal column represent the lower sephiroth of the Tree of Life. That is why in gnosticism we state that the Tree of Life is the spinal column. It is simple to see, because in the spinal column we have the three nervous systems; the grand or the central nervous system which is called also cerebral spinal system, which is the vehicle of Kether כתר the first primary force. Then, the grand sympathetic nervous system which is the channel of the secondary force called Chokmah חכמה. Finally, the parasympathetic or vagus, which is the channel the forces of the Holy Spirit, Binah בינה, called Mi מי and Mah מה.

“And (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla), Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim יהוה אלהים formed (ייצר) Ath HaAdam (את־האדם) of the dust (Manna מן) of the ground (Man-HaAdamah מן־האדמה), and breathed into his nostrils the breaths of life (Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים); and HaAdam האדם became a living soul (Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה).” - Genesis 2:7


Assiah עשייה - Mitzrayimah מצרימה

So, there we find the three aspects of the first triangle in our physical body. Then, in the spinal column, we have seven magnetic centers, which John the Divine calls in the Book of Revelation, the seven churches of Assiah. Assiah, as we said, is our own particular matter.

These seven churches, plus the three nervous systems, in total are 10 and they represent the 10 sephiroth of our spinal column, the Tree of Life. By putting into activity, by awakening these magnetic centers is how we start activating the different parts of our Buddhi and our Atman-Buddha.

We must extract the elements that we already conquered and deliver them to our own Buddha. Where are those elements that we already conquered? Remember that we are in the humanoid kingdom. If we are in the humanoid kingdom it is because we have already conquered the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral Kingdom, even if in a mechanical way. But, by activating and awakening our own individuality, those forces give the structure to our own Buddha. That is what is called the first initiation of the major mysteries. When the individual extracts all of that experience that he lived through millenia, eons in the different inferior kingdoms of nature, through the transmutation through Tantra, the fire of the Holy Ghost, the Kundalini rises in the spinal column and gives us precisely those powers which identifies ourselves with our own Buddha. The Buddha and the Buddhi extract that and this is how a new master is born in the superior worlds that enter into the line of individuality that guides the Buddhas to Nirvana. Because that's the goal of our own Buddha nature to enter into Nirvana.

Of course, the entrance into Nirvana is only open to those with solar bodies, not with protoplasmic lunar bodies, even though it is possible to experience those levels of nature through samadhi, temporarily.

But to reach that level and stay there as a citizen, to belong there, to not enter as a guest, we need vehicles, or as the master Jesus states in the Bible we have to be born again; that is, we have to create, through chastity, the internal solar bodies. Otherwise, it is not possible.

After we achieve the conquering of the physical body, then we enter into the superior aspect of the physical body. Our own particular inner Buddha has to conquer that vital aspect of the physical body; then, our own particular Buddha has to conquer the emotional aspect of his own individuality. After this, the mental aspect of his own individuality must be conquered, until finally reaching his own willpower. Upon conquering this level, we become what the Bible calls Adam made into the image of God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה.

This does not mean that when someone reaches Tiphereth that this process of being made into the image of God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is completely developed; it is just one step. However, when we reach this level, it is because we have created the three solar bodies. These three solar bodies are the astral, mental and causal solar bodies. Once we have reached this level of development, then we have the right to be called Adam, a human being. Indeed, it is impossible to call someone with protoplasmic lunar bodies a human being. That is why in gnosticism we call somebody with protoplasmic lunar bodies, humanoid or intellectual animal, that is, an anima (soul) that possesses intellect, but that still needs to reach the level of Adam, a human being.

When one reaches the level of the creation of the solar bodies in Tiphereth, then that Buddha needs to work very seriously as the Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni teaches us. He needs to sit down at the foot of the Bodhi tree in order to fight Mara and his legions. Of course that is an allusion of the protoplasmic lunar bodies that we need to annihilate/disintegrate plus the psychological aggregates that we created with our ignorance, that we have in abundance. To disintegrate that is important for the newborn.

In Christianity, there is a lot of preaching about being born again and if you talk with any Christian of any denomination, they call themselves a “newborn Christian.” Symbolically they are newborn Christians but concretely, factually, they are not, because in order to be a newborn Christian, you need to create the astral, the mental, and causal solar bodies, and to reach the world of Tiphereth, and then there you are celebrated internally in the temples as a newborn, a new Buddha. The new Buddha enters into Nirvana.

Those individuals are the ones that have to meditate more in order to annihilate the protoplasmic lunar bodies, because if you do not annihilate the protoplasmic lunar bodies, plus the psychological aggregates which are animal, then you are in danger of creating a double center of gravity, one above and one below and that is what in esoteric terms is called a Hasnamuss (a Naphal נפל): an individual that reaches the level of newborn but has ego within. Remember that in gnosticism we say that there are many types of Hasnamussen, because in synthesis, all of us are Hasnamussen because we have spirituality, superior forces that are developing and at the same time we have animal defects. As long as we have protoplasmic lunar bodies, we are Hasnamussen (Nephelim נפלים).

This is what Master Samael Aun Weor explains: if a master is newly born, but still retains the protoplasmic lunar bodies, he is a Hasnamuss. The disintegration of the protoplasmic lunar bodies is an initiation, very painful, and is represented in the drama of the cross of Jesus, the way in which, little by little, you are annihilating all of those elements until reaching the level of human being made into the image of God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה. It is a long process. It is not like Christians think, that by snapping your finger and believing in Jesus you are a new born and then you go to the kingdom of heaven. It is a long alchemical sexual work that we have to do; sometimes, it takes many lives.

Of course you are always assisted. In the lower levels you were assisted as an elemental in the solar way; when you reach superior levels, you are also assisted by Masters, in every single step. The masters of the nine heavens and beyond assist you internally because you want to become a human being and they know that there is the development of the twelve attributes through the nine heavens. That is why the Master Samael wrote a book, The Three Mountains, where he explained how he developed the nine heavens within through serious work, an alchemical work, until becoming an enlightened Buddha or a Buddha Maitreya.

So, behold here, we have to comprehend and understand how the Buddha is related with each one of us and how the Dharma is also, because the Dharma that we teach here in the Gnostic school is the outcome of the development and the wisdom of Samael Aun Weor; it is his own Dharma. But of course we have the Sangha different groups in the physical plane but the main Sangha that we want to belong to is the internal one. As the Elementals reunite in different Sanghas in the internal dimensions in which they are innocent creatures that are guided by the angels in the level that we are talking here. When you start working and you enter into the internal Sangha, the Gnostic Church, and you start receiving the Dharma not only physical but internally for your own particular development, that is your particular Dharma for the development of your own Buddha, which is a process. Of course, there are many ways to develop that after you reach the second birth.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Dry and Wet Paths behind the Divine Mother by Leonardo da Vinci

When you reach the second birth, which is the world of Tiphereth, then the newly born Buddha can choose to take the dry path or wet path. What is the dry path? The dry path is the path that the Dalai Lama is walking, meaning only being single, working in himself. He already has the solar bodies and he is annihilating, little by little, his animal aspect, the protoplasmic lunar bodies in a lower step. But there are other Masters who want to work quickly and this is called the wet path which is related with Tantra in which they utilize sexual magic after the second birth in order to annihilate the psychological aggregates very fast, and to acquire different levels of Yetzirah and beyond.

So, you have the choice, because you have your own will after the second birth: to take the dry path or the wet path. However, nobody can choose the dry path before being born again. This is something that is a very misunderstood in Buddhism and Christianity and other religions; upon entering into religion, they choose the path of celibacy and they reject the opposite sex, thinking that is the way. The way of the dry path for only those who have reached Tiphereth; this is called Brahmacharya. In other words, there are two types of Brahmacharya: the lunar one which is related to those that have lunar bodies, protoplasmic lunar bodies that reject sex, thinking that they can realize their own Buddha by rejecting sex. Yogananda took the dry path but, it was lunar because, he did not have the solar bodies. The other one that took the dry path is Mahatma Gandhi.

It is logical for Dalai lama to take the dry path because he has already solar bodies. But those monks that take the dry path without solar bodies do so illogically because sooner or later they have to enter into the wet path. You have to create in order to choose that path. not beforehand.

To opt to take the dry path before reaching Tiphereth, before becoming a human being, is like wanting to ride the horse without putting the saddle on it first. First you put a saddle on the horse and then you ride it. But, this is in relation with the three jewels. The first is the Buddha which is a jewel that you develop little by little with your own efforts. The second is Dharma. The 3rd jewel is in different levels, in the Sangha, when you belong to different groups, according to your own level, according to your own development. There is a higher Sangha in the internal worlds who are called the Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucians, in the internal worlds, are comprised of only resurrected masters, like the Count St. Germain, Cagliostro, Jesus of Nazareth and all the resurrected masters. But to call somebody here in this physical world a Rosicrucian without being a resurrected Master is really just a compliment like when a Christian says I am a newborn Christian.

Audience: If we belong to the same ray after we are engendered, after we come from the absolute. Are we born in different zodiacal signs after we reach the humanoid kingdom

Instructor: Yes, we have to be “rounded off,” psychologically speaking. In this physical humanoid kingdom we have to be rounded off, that is why in certain incarnations in the physical world, we are born in different zodiacal signs and we receive the influence of different heavens. That is why 12 x 9 is 108 which are related with the development of the Buddhahood, the Buddha necklace. In order to receive those attributes or the influence of the higher Buddhas, enlightened Masters. We need to Incarnate in certain zodiacal signs. Sometimes we don't develop those particular attributes of that zodiacal sign in only one life and we need more lives.

Audience: Regarding the 9 heavens of Yetzirah, can you explain more about the 4 worlds, the 9 heavens in Atziluth and Briah?

Instructor: When we study Kabbalah, we study 4 worlds: Assiah, which is the world of matter and action, in which we are; Yetzirah, which is the one that we talked today, in relation with the development of the inner Buddha. But, beyond that, when you reach resurrection, you enter into the world of Briah which is above Yetzirah. That is the world of Briah within, where the Cosmo-Creators develop. Beyond that is the world of Atziluth, which implies the development of the Tree of Life in the higher levels, the higher realms which are also related with the 12 attributes.

That is why the Master Samael wrote The Three Mountains, and he says in synthesis that the 12 works of Hercules are related with those 12 attributes and also, the Buddha is related with the 12 works or tasks. The 12 attributes are developed from the lower levels to the higher levels. It does not mean that because you reached the higher levels of Yetzirah that you are already done. After, you enter into a Briah, then you keep developing there. The goal is to reach the level of Paramarthasatya, which is a complete, full development of all of the consciousness related with the Absolute.

Audience: What is Adi?

Instructor: That is related with the light; the Buddha of the light, the uncreated light, which is not created by any God or Buddha. It is related with the Abstract Absolute Space, Ain Soph Aur.

Audience: Were the Protoplasmic lunar bodies channeling the solar light at one time?

Instructor: The Protoplasmic lunar bodies are always lunar, mechanical. They are working with the solar forces with the Dharma in the positive way, in other words a full moon. That act accordingly with the superior laws. Regarding this, master Samael Aun Weor wrote:

"The supreme leader of the positive ray of the Moon is Yehovah יהוה.  Chavajoth is exactly his antithesis, his rival brother.  Yehovah יהוה directs the positive ray of the Moon.  Chavajoth directs the negative ray of the Moon.  Yehovah יהוה teaches white Sexual Magic (without experiencing the orgasm); Chavajoth teaches black Sexual Magic (with the experience of the orgasm).

Two moons exist: the white moon (Naamah נעמה) and the black moon (Lilith לילית).  In the two moons the universal, feminine forces of sexuality are represented." - The Perfect Matrimony

So, remember that the moon works in two ways: positive and negative. So, when we reach the level of humanoid, those protoplasmic lunar bodies start devolving and they receive as a last gift for creation or evolution, the intellect. Intellectual reasoning is the summit of the evolution of the protoplasmic lunar bodies. Of course, for that intellectual reasoning, you need a brain. So, the development of the brain in the physical world is precisely what we have that is in tone with that intellect.

Unfortunately, with the intellect we start making difference between right and wrong and we start learning about it and then we start committing a lot of mistakes. That is why the great Masters gave us commandments, rules to follow in order not to create defects but we start acting according to our own whim. As a consequence, we start creating or fortifying animal defects, until the moment in which now we have a lot of ego. a false creation that exists because of our mistakes.

In the mineral and plant kingdoms, you do not find the ego; but, in the animal kingdom, you start seeing the ego a little bit. Maybe in animals it is only 1%, because they still obey the rules, the laws of nature, but here in this level in which we are, we break all the rules. This is precisely the chaos in which we are right now, because we constantly break rules and we think that we have the right to do it and we justify that since we created within this false psychological aggregate called ego which is the outcome of devolution.

Audience: What happens when the appendix is removed?

Instructor: Unfortunately, medical science doesn't cure, it only mutilates, takes organs out and then damages the beautiful organism that we have. Every single gland is there for a purpose. If, out of bad luck, we are operated on, we still can do a lot of work because there is always the opportunity to receive a new body in order to keep our work.

Audience: What can you tell us about blood transfusions?

Instructor: Due to blood transfusions we are getting AIDS. Well, this is the karma of this humanity. But if you start doing your work seriously, the masters assist you, and will give you a brand new body… if they see that you are working psychologically in yourself. But, if you are crossing your arms doing nothing, just waiting for a new body, then maybe you won't receive anything. To have 108 lives, 108 opportunities is the norm, but there are exceptions

Audience: Inaudible

Instructor: Well if you are degenerated and killing people, going into the malls and maiming people and killing, you think that soul will receive a new body so he can go and kill more people? He will receive a new body, a physical body, but not intellectual.

108 lives means physical bodies but one can be born with mental retardation in order to accomplish 108, but not to do evil, because many people in this day and age are doing a lot of evil, killing just for the fun of killing. Those souls cannot receive new bodies, it will be unjust.

So, this is the law. That is why this knowledge is being given so freely right now, because we need it; explaining in detail the path, in order for us not to have any excuses, because we are in the times of the end.