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Adam, in Hebrew, mean "human being," "man," and represents the central nervous system. Solus is a Latin word that means, "alone," "by itself." In the Bible, it is stated that when Adam was made, he was made alone, by himself; later, Eve was extracted from him. The explanation of the creation of this Adam will be the focus of this lecture.

First, let us read what is written in Genesis 1: 26, 27, which states:

“And Elohim said, Let נעשה-אדם NaAssiah-Adam be made in our image, after our likeness..... And Elohim created (את־הא-דם (Ath-HaDam (the blood) with his own (male) image, the (female) image of Elohim created with him; (thus) male and female created he them.” - Genesis 1: 26, 27

It is necessary for us to understand these verses.

Firstly, it is literally stated by Moses that Elohim created Adam in his own image. This is followed by, "in the image of Elohim, created he him" - this is a redundant statement, right? Why is this repeated? It is as if you were to say, "If you did not understand what I said the first time, I will repeat it." Obviously, this is written in that manner, because Elohim is male-female. Elohim, as we have explained in many lectures, is Gods and Goddesses; a plural word that points toward the two polarities, male and female.

The phrase "את־האדם Ath Ha-Adam" means, "the man"; and this is how it is commonly translated. However, if we split this word, and instead write "את־הא-דם Ath Ha-Dam" - using the same letters - then we read, "the blood." This is because Adam is related with the blood. That is why, one of the translations of the word Adam is red, which relates to the blood. The word "דם Dam" in Hebrew, means blood. Here you can see that the word blood, in the name Adam, and the word red, are found explicitly related. This is because of the significance of the transformation of the blood in the organism. Indeed, in this day and age, you find a lot of religions that place a great importance on the blood, and it is because Adam is related with this.

In Hebrew, we state that there are three mother letters. These three mother letters are; Aleph, Shin and Mem. Aleph symbolizes air, the spirit. Shin symbolizes fire. Mem symbolizes water. If you observe the name Adam, it has the letters Aleph and Mem at the beginning and the end. Daleth, the middle letter, is precisely that letter with which we write the word "Dam," blood. And, Dam, the blood, is red. Dam is the vehicle of fire. If we want to find fire in our organism, we find it in the blood. Fire is the same spirit. That is why Nietzsche, in his Thus Spoke Zarathustra, says:

“Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit. It is no easy task to understand unfamiliar blood; I hate the reading idlers.” - Nietzsche

We know that Jesus said:

“Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” - John 3: 5, 6

We have to be born of water and of the spirit; in other words, by water and fire. In the words עשה אדם Assiah-Adam, which is spelled נעשה אדם Nun-Ayin-Shin-Hei Aleph-Daleth-Mem, we find the three mother letters, the three elements that we are talking about. Adam אדם relates to blood, and blood is the vehicle of אש Esh, fire, the vehicle of ש Shin. We do not see the letter Shin in אדם Adam, but it is there in נעשה, which is in the דם Dam, blood. נעשה-אדם NaAssiah-Adam, in other words, is the outcome of the three mother letters; א Aleph-air, ש Shin-fire and מ Mem-water. And, those elements are contained within the earth or the נעשה-אדם NaAssiah-Adam (the man of matter and action): the physicality of Adam. So, we can see all 4 elements here, clearly, when we look at this alchemically. We also see the two polarities of the fire, because the letter Nun is used as a prefix for first-person plural, as “We” in English. So, the word נעשה אדם NeAssiah-Adam indicates plurality, a human being made into the image and likeness of Elohim, and Elohim is Gods and Goddesses; the two polarities. This is what Adam Solus is.

We know that the word Ath (את Aleph-Tav) is the synthesis of the Logos, the Word; Aleph א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and Tav ת is the last. So, just by saying את־האדם Ath Ha-Adam, we can alchemically and kabbalistically see the whole mystery of Adam. And, Adam is created, according to Genesis, on the 6th day, meaning, six major initiations.

But, now let us read what is written in the fifth chapter of the book of Genesis:

זה ספרות לדת אדם ביום ברא אלהים אדם בדמות אלהים עשה אתו

Ze Sephiroth Ledeth Adam B’Iom Bara Elohim Adam B’Damuth Elohim Assiah Athu

"This is the (ספר the book, Sepher, the (ספרות Sephiroth) לדת religion of Adam. In the day that Elohim created Adam, in the likeness of Elohim made he (האדם) the human being; Male and female created he them (humans); and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created." - Genesis 5:1

So, this clearly shows the plurality of Adam; but, only those who have the alchemical understanding can see this. It continues:

"And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name שת Seth.

And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters: And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died. And Seth lived an hundred and five years, and begat אנוש Enosh.” - Genesis 5: 1-6

Enosh, in Hebrew, means human being. We are going to explain this chapter, because it implies a lot of symbolism, Alchemy and Kabbalah. This is not as simple as it might seem.

For instance; the word ספר Sepher - which is translated in the Bible as, book, but that can also be translated as account, story, tale - alchemically speaking, is one of our selves. It is written that the man itself is a book of many pages. And, you can see this: when you sit to meditate, you start to see all of the dark pages of your life. It is rare to find pages filled with light; all we find is ego and more ego. But, our book truly contains many volumes, and this is what we are. So, when we talk about ספר Sepher, remember that the book of man has 7 pages, in synthesis. This is because the true human being has 7 bodies. We have to become familiar with that, because there are many books in the bible that address the number 7; the book of Genesis, the book of Revelation... This is because the true human being, Adam, has 7 bodies.

So, the word is written as you see in this image; it says, זה ספר תולדת אדם "this is the book of the generations of Adam." But, we also broke this word, splitting the words, forming the word, ספר sepher "book." And, if we take the תו Tav-Vav of the next word תולדת, which is translated as "generations" and add those two letters to ספר Sepher, placing the Tav at the end of the word, then we have the word ספרות sephiroth, which is plural. This is because the book is synthesized in the Tree of Life, the 10 sephiroth. This is what we have.

The next letters of this phrase, לדת Lamed-Daleth-Tav, form the word Ledet, which means religion. It has many meanings, but the meaning I like the most, is religion.

So, breaking this phrase in this manner, we find, זה ספרות לדת אדם "these sephiroth (symbols) are the religion of Adam." This is why we study the Tree of Life. This is how the book of Genesis begins in the 5th chapter. You can see the beauty of this.

And Adam begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name שת Seth. You might find yourself wondering, "Where are Kain and Abel then?" It is previously written in the book of Genesis that Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bore Kain and Abel, and that Kain killed Abel. But, this 5th chapter of Genesis says that Adam begot Seth in his own likeness, after his image... it does not mention Kain and Abel. This has a purpose and it is because Elohim made נעשה-אדם NaAssiah-Adam (the terrestrial Adam) in אל El’s own image, after אלה Elah’s own likeness. Madame Blavatsky states that Kain and Abel symbolize the separatism of Image and Likeness into male and female. To that we say yes, it is true. But, we have to explain how; in the Psalm 139, verse 5, it is written:

"You have formed me behind and before,

And laid Your hand upon me."

In regards to, "behind and before," the Kabbalists state that this is talking about the two polarities. Behind is Adam, and before is Eve. Since “behind and before” is to be explained before the first and after the last day of Creation. Adam is behind, and Eve is before. We know that Adam also symbolizes the central nervous system; Eve symbolizes the sexual organ. So, Adam, as you can clearly see, has the letter Mem at the end of the word; Mem is the symbol of water. That is why, when you write water, as in the book of Genesis, you write Hei-Mem-Iod-Mem: המים HaMayim. המים HaMayim is a plural word. So, “behind” is the first day of creation where the Spirit of Elohim is moving upon the face of the cerebral spinal and genital fluids. And “before” is the last day of creation where Adam says, "This (genitalia) is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she (the genitalia) shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man (the central nervous system).

"Therefore shall the (androgynous) man leave his (image and likeness or Elohim) father and mother, and shall cleave unto his (אשת Eshoth, plural feminine for fire) wife: and they (the Lingam-Yoni) shall be one flesh.” - Genesis 2: 23, 24

Continuing, this Psalm says, "And laid Your hand upon me." Hand, in Hebrew, is Yad, written with the same letters, in the same way, as the word Iod. So, where do we find the meaning of this phrase, "you laid your hand upon me?" Well, in the word המים HaMayim, you can see the two Mems, waters, with an Iod in the middle. What is המים HaMayim? It is the two waters that the physicality is made of; first, the cerebral-spinal fluid, which is the vehicle of Adam, the brain, the spine. The brain itself is the letter Iod, and, the letter Vav is an extension of the letter Iod and both letters symbolize the masculine sexual force. Master Samael Aun Weor states that the sexual force is divided into two Iods or polarities; the negative Iod or feminine polarity is in יסוד Yesod, the sexual organs, the feminine waters, the Ens Seminis. The positive or masculine polarity is the cerebral-spinal fluid; this is what is called Adam. Obviously, Eve is not behind, but in front of Adam, because in front of the central nervous system we find the uterus. The woman has the uterus in front of the body. Obviously, men also have their sexual organs in front. We always state that the sexual organ is אשת Eshoth (feminine plural for fire) spouse of Adam, even when men have their testicles and phallus with the masculine polarity, they are still אשת Eshoth, feminine, alchemically speaking. The uterus and ovaries of the woman are obviously אשת Eshoth, feminine.

So, אשת Eshoth, feminine plural for fire, represents the sexual organ, is Eve - which is the mother of the living, according to the book of Genesis – she is before, and Adam (cerebral-spinal fluid) is behind. המים Hamayim: these are the two waters. The waters contain the letter Iod. They ask, "How does the letter Iod go up to the top, in order to have the hand of God laid upon me?" This is simple: we rise the ס Samech of יסוד Yesod, which is the serpent, the Ouroboros, the sexual energy of מה Mah in the יוד Iod of יסוד Yesod, and put it in מי Mi, the pineal gland and this is how we have the letter Iod, the hand (Yad) of God upon me. Who is אלהים Elohim? Elohim is the creative force of אלה Elah, the Goddess in the Iod of יסוד Yesod, the sexual organs and מי Mi in the pineal gland. So, when we raise אלה Elah, and put her in מי Mi our brain, then we have the meaning of אלהים Elohim and Psalm 139, which is discussed by many Kabbalists, who state that it is the male-female that is described there, with the letter Yod (hand in Hebrew.) This is the meaning of the sacred name of Adam; male-female.

This is also related with the blood, because we have two circulatory systems; a circulatory system that works as we are right now, physically awakened and active. But, when we go to sleep, our circulatory system starts to function in another manner; we are weird in that way. Normally, there should only be one circulatory system working, day and night. But, since our sub-consciousness is active during the night, our physical body acts differently through the circulatory system; this is known in medicine. But, this only occurs in us Earthly people, because we have so much ego. We have two types of consciousness; one that is related with Adam Solus, our own spirit, our own consciousness, our own soul; and, the other that is related with the devil that is within us, that is called Satan, the black dragon, which is the symbol of all the defects, vices and errors that all of us carry within. In this day and age, we cannot hide them; anger, lust, laziness, gluttony, vanity, pride, etc. As jesus stated:

“But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man (Adam, the brain).” - Matthew 5: 28; 15: 19, 20

Our egos are the cause of this disturbance that we have in our heart, our circulatory system, unfortunately. Remember that the heart, the circulatory system is related with the blood, and the blood is related with the fire, with Esh, אש Aleph-Shin. Aleph has the value of 1 and Shin of 300; 300 + 1 = 301 = 4. Thus, 4 is in the דם Dam, the Daleth and Mem, the דם Dam, blood of אדם Adam, in synthesis. The letter Daleth is the number 4, and the letter Mem the number 40; in the number 4 as well as in the 40, we find the Tetragrammaton, within which is hidden the mystery of God, the four letters, יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. Blood (דם Dam) = Daleth 4 Mem 40; 4 + 40 = 44 = 8, the Holy Eight.  The shape of the letter Aleph symbolizes the two waters; the two Iods united by one letter Vav, the spinal medulla. Iod 10 + Iod 10 + Vav 6 = 26 = 8, the Holy Eight, the symbol of the Infinite or Aleph-Null. Here we have a graphic that shows what we are explaining.

Aleph Null

“The center of the Holy Eight corresponds to the heart and its upper and lower extremities to the brain and sex, respectively. All beings of the Earth are structured on this basis. The struggle is terrible: brain against sex, sex against brain, and that which is most terrible, that which is most grave and painful: heart against heart.” - Samael Aun Weor

The Tree of Life, the 10 Sephiroth are the religion of Adam. This is the real Bible in other words. Bible comes from the word, biblos, meaning "books." Every Sephirah itself is a book of many pages. When we start doing this work, we begin with Malkuth, which is the physicality. The consciousness there, and all that we are studying, is very complicated; "Man know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and its gods." We have the duty of knowing all of the Sephiroth, spheres that are represented in the Tree of Life, in order to comprehend the book of the generations of Adam.

Those generations begin from the top; Kether is the beginning of the 10 sephiroth, the number 1. The number 1 is related with the letter Aleph. We have said many times that the letter Aleph symbolizes the two waters; the two Iods. One in the head, one in the sex; the two powers, the two hands of God. If you wondered whether God has two hands? Symbolically, alchemically, yes. One hand is above, and the other hand is below; two Iods. And, in the middle of these two Iods is the letter Vav, joining them together. This is what forms the letter Aleph. It is the spinal medulla (Vav) uniting the two waters (the two Iods).

Behind us is Aleph, the spirit, the spinal column. That is why Adam begins with Aleph. This Adam Solus is what we are going to explain in this lecture, with the Tree of Life. We are also going to go into the Hellenic mythology. Usually, we use the term, Greek mythology. However, when I was in Canada, I was talking with an old Greek. He said to me, "I don't know why the people call us Greeks. Among ourselves, we call ourselves Hellenics." When you read the Bible, Paul of Tarsus also mentioned the Hellenics, there is no word "Greek" found there. But, this is how our society labels them, as Greeks. So, Greece is also known as Hellen, and this is very profound, because it relates to Genesis and the creation of humanity. Of course, in the Hellenic myth, we remember Helen of Troy, which is also associated with this. But, there was also the first son of Pyrrha and DeuKalion, whose name was Hellen. From this Hellen derives the Greeks, the Hellenics. After the universal flood - and, you can find the universal flood in the stories of the Hellenics, and not only there, but in other books, not only in the Bible. People that do not read into other religions think that only the Bible talks about the universal flood of Noah. No. It is written about in many other religions. That we know.

After Lord Aberamentho (Jesus of Nazareth) came, after he taught among the Jews, the Gospels were transferred to Hellen, Greece. And, from Greece to the world. This is because those who call themselves Jews rejected the gospel of Christ. It is important to highlight why I said, "those who call themselves Jews." We are going explain what the Jew, in itself, alchemically and kabbalistically is. We are also going to explain the word Hellen, which is also related with the sciences of Alchemy and Kabbalah; for instance:


The English word Nester relates to Nestor, a personage from the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer. Nestor in Hebrew is formed by the words Nes (Nun-Samech נס), meaning "miracle, sign" and Torah (Tav-Vav-Resh-Hei תּורה) meaning "law, instruction." And in Greek, Νέστωρ Nestor derives from νόστος Nostos, meaning "one who returns from travels." Nestor is among those Hellenics who returns home from the voyage to Troy.

Now, let us read how Master Samael Aun Weor explains the 5th chapter of Genesis:

"The Elohim (or Holy Gods and Goddesses) brought forth Adam from themselves (by modification) in their likeness of Elohim (the collective Deity) created they Adam, male and female created they them (the collective humanity or Adam)."


Here we included an image of the Elohim that we like very much, because of the fact that you find the Gods and Goddesses there; but, there are more Goddesses than Gods; though, we find Saturn there, and the one that is holding that torch in his right hand, Prometheus. Prometheus, in Greek mythology, is the Latin Lucifer. According to the Hellenic myth, the one that created man was Prometheus. In other words, it was Lucifer, with fire. After we explained what fire means, in the previous graphic, you will understand. Here in the bottom, you'll find the man, created by Prometheus. Prometheus made humanity with clay; the same symbol you find in the Bible. Prometheus, after creating the man, invoked the Gods. Prometheus invoked the Gods, in order for the Gods and Goddesses to give a gift to this creation of his. The Goddess Athena delivered to him, the soul, and many other things, symbolized in a beautiful way. The name Prometheus is associated with Lucifer: Prometheus-Lucifer. Lucifer means, "the carrier of the light." We can see in this image, Prometheus is carrying the fire, which is the origin of the light.

Referring back to the quote of the Master Samael Aun Weor, we see that this man here in this image, created by Prometheus, is not one, but many. That first humanity was androgynous; it had both polarities within the physicality.

Master Samael continues:

"The Protoplasmic root race from the Sacred Island (located in the Septentrion) was truly their first production. It was a tremendous transformation of themselves (the Elohim), through themselves. These productions were purely spiritual existences.

Behold here the Adam Solus. From this primeval Polar Root Race, the second Root Race arose: the Adam-Eve or Iod-Heva; the Hyperborean people, the inactive androgynes."


Here in this image, you can see the area of the North Pole, which is the island of Thule; in the 4th dimension, not in the 3rd dimension, is where you find the Septentrion. Why is it called the Septentrion? Sept is 7. Septentrion means 7 goats or 7 cows. This is the Ulsa Major, which is always found in the north; the Septentrion is there. We find that land in the area of the North Pole.

The Hyperboreans were inhabiting all of those lands around the North Pole. This is how the Root Race descended. Both of these Root Races were androgynous. They were located in the 4th dimension. We have to understand that the crystallization of those Elohim, Gods and Goddesses who have the power to create for themselves, already have the atoms within themselves in order to produce physicalities. These really were Gods and Goddesses in human bodies. But, they were not in the 3 dimensional world. They were in the paradise, the 4th dimension. If we want to find the ruins of this great civilization of the Protoplasmic and Hyperborean people, we have to enter into the 4th dimension. It is there that we will find their roots. They were descending from the higher dimensions, and crystalizing physically in the 4th dimension. That 4th dimension is where the Bible calls Eden. Of course, people still try to find Eden in this 3 dimensional world; that is impossible. How could the ones who were ejected from Eden find Eden in the 3 dimensional world? It is incongruent. We were ejected, and everyone knows that all of those that make up the Root Race in which we live right now, are the ejected people from Eden. So, we are not in Eden. To try to find that Eden, as a result of reading the Bible mechanically, is stupid, because Eden is the 4th dimension. So, the Proto-plasmic race and the Hyperborean race were in that dimension.

It is written by the Master Samael Aun Weor:

"The third root race, the Lemurian people, arose (always by modification) from the Hyperborean."

We will say, that modification is involution, in the sense that they were descending; they were evolving, but from above to below. This is the involution of the spirit into the matter.

"This race was the separating hermaphrodite Cain and Abel, which lived upon the gigantic continent of Mu, or Lemuria as it was later called, that was situated in the Pacific Ocean."


Lemuria was the first crust of earth, of land, that appeared in this 3 dimensional world that we call the physical world. It was gigantic. It was formed by the area of the Pacific ocean, including Australia, the coasts of North and South America. They were a gigantic people.

In the beginning, those Lemurians that were appearing in the 3 dimensional world were not too different from the animals, in the 3 dimensional world. There was confusion between the two, the only difference was that they were human beings. The animals, as the bible explains, were divided into the two sexes first, and then the Lemurain race. This division is what the Bible calls Kain and Abel.

Of course, we are going to explain that division. These two polarities, as we explained in other lectures, are still within us.

Master Samael continues:

"This third root race was the last semi-spiritual one. As well, it was the final vehicle of the pure, virginal, unbegotten, instinctive, and innate esotericism of the Enochs, or the illuminated ones from that humanity."

We already know that the word Enoch means, "the seer." In Greek mythology they call this the cyclops, in the sense that the pineal and pituitary was more developed than the physical eyes. In other words, they were more capable of seeing the spiritual world than the physical world. This is what the cyclops represents. It does not mean as many other people think, that the cyclops have only one physical eye. They had physical eyes, but they were more identified with the spiritual world than the physical world.

In esotericism, there are many books written, such as the Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer, the great poet. It is written that Homer was blind; but, this is symbolic. It does not mean that he was physically blind. It means that he was more in touch with the internal worlds, and that is why he described the story of the Iliad and the Odyssey, in which the Gods intervened with the human beings, in those books. He could see these things with the pineal gland. We understand that, because in this work we develop the pineal gland, and we are able to see the Gods, what Christianity calls the Angels. We have many experiences with Angels, and this is because We are always working with the pineal gland, and We see this. This is not something new for us. But, the way that we have that sight in ourselves, is very low in comparison with the Lemurian people. They, the Lemurians, were seeing with their pineal gland as we see with our physical eyes, easily. It was no problem for them. That is why they were learning how to enter into the 3 dimensional world, in order to start seeing this material world in which we live.

Let us now explain the next step, Master Samael continues:

"The separating hermaphrodite Cain and Abel produced the fourth root race or Seth-Enosh, which lived on the continent of Atlantis, situated in the Atlantic Ocean."


We can see in this image the location of the Atlantean continent, which existed in this same area of todays Atlantic ocean. We can see the similarity in the words, which share the same root from ancient languages. It is not a coincidence. This map shows the 4th continent, the Atlantean continent. We know very well that this continent sank into the Atlantic ocean. The survivors, according to the book of Genesis, went into Asia, to Tibet. These were the Semites.

The Original Semites-שמית were the fifth and most important of the seven sub-races of the Atlantean Root Race. The Original Semitic-שמית Race became the trunk for the seven sub-races of our present Aryan Root Race that flourished in Tibet, China and India and from which later descended the Babylonian-Assyrian-Chaldean, Persians and Abrahamic. They were the cradle of the primeval Aryan Sub-Races, who descended from the Original Semites-שמית.

This word, שמי Semite, is a word that we have to explain. This word, Semite-שמית which we can also call שמית Shemite, because it is written with Shin, fire - is derived from the word שם Shem, which in Hebrew means "name." Shem is written with שם Shin-Mem, two letters, which symbolizes fire (Shin-ש) and water (Mem final-ם). When we say the word שם Shem, it comes into my mind what the Master Jesus of Nazareth says in the Gospels:

Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." - John 3:5,6

We know that the spirit uses as its vehicle, the blood, and that the blood is Shin ש fire. So, in other words, the word שם Shem means fire and water.

Vaivasvata Manu

Esoterically, the Aryan Root Race springs from one single progenitor, the 7th Atlantean Manu, who in Puranic Mythology was known as Vaivasvata Manu-वैवस्वत मनु, who in Biblical Mythology was known as Noah-נח, who in Hellenic Mythology was named Prophet ίωνας Jonas, or δευκαλίωνας Deukalionas or Latin: Deucalion, and who in Chaldean Mythology was known as Xixuthrus; each Master existed, yet each, alchemically represents the progenitor of the present Aryan Root Race.

So, Shem שם symbolizes the first son of Noah-נח; the one who knew how to create with fire and water. This is an alchemical statement. In other lectures, we have given the explanation of that.

Thus, we can say that the righteous are those lovers - Vav (6) - who rise their kundalini in their spine (the ark), they work with the energies of Yesod, sex, the energies of the two Nun נון (which in Aramaic means “fish” - Spermatozoid and Ovum) in the ark of Noah נח. Further, as we stated earlier, Adam is created male female in the sixth day, Vav (6) and Eve is separated from Adam in the seventh day, Zayin (7), thus, Adam-male and Eve-female, united in the sexual act is 6 + 7 = 13 = 4, the Holy Tetragrammaton; the children of Chet ח (Vav united with Zayin form the letter Chet ח). Nun נ and Chet ח, which together are Noach נח, Noah, kabbalistically, are 50 + 8 = 13 = 4, the four arms of Vaivasvata Manu वैवस्वत मनु or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, since, "Noah נח walked with Binah, Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים."

The point of this is, שם Shem, or the שמית Shemites, comes from שם Shem "name;" meaning that, before the sinking of this continent of Atlantis, the White Lodge was mixing the Hyperboreans with the Atlanteans. The Hyperboreans are symbolized with the letter Shin ש, because the Hyperboreans are related with the Solar Light, which is Shin ש. In Hebrew, the sun is שמש Shemesh; the letter Mem is there as well. Shemesh שמש is like שם Shem. The שמית Shemites were the outcome of the crossing of the Hyperboreans with the Atlanteans; the 4th subrace at that time. They were created in that way in order to originate our present root race, which is called the Aryan root race. People call Aryans the Germans: No. All of us are Aryans.

The Aryans are the outcome of the Hyperboreans, who lived in the North and were white, and the Atlanteans, who were the red root race. This mixture of the red with the white is our Aryan race, which some take from the red and others take from the white. But, all of us are Aryans. We know about the transmigration of all of those survivors of the Atlantean deluge, flood. However, they were not only found in Asia, but also went to the lands of America, that were emerging from the waters of the oceans at that time. We find the red skinned people of North America, Canada, the Toltecs, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Incas, and all of those survivors of the Atlantean epoch, which were living in peace in the Golden Age. 

The book of Exodus named שמות Shemoth in Hebrew explains -kabbalistically and Alchemically- the exit of the שמית Shemites or Semites from Atlantis.

zodiac symbols

"And these are the שמית Semites or שמות Shemites, the sons of (שמש Shemesh) Israel (לראשי the leaders) who became (segregated) into (narrow waters המים צר - Mitzrayimah מצרימה - Atlantis-Malkuth) with Jacob (Tiphereth-the human soul) had they come, each (איש Aish) male (particle of solar fire) with his (zodiac) household.” - Exodus 1: 1

Then, as you know, a great sailor called Christopher Columbus went to Isabelle of Spain, and said that we can travel by the Atlantic ocean to India... at least, that is what the story is. But, we know that Christopher Columbus knew of the existence of this continent. His mission was to create another Aryan subrace, because the survivors in the Americas were completely Atlantean. Then, the Europeans, unfortunately - and we can say that, because it is true - brought all of the negativity of Europe to the Americas, in order to originate this sub-race, which was necessary. Only the Spanish, Portuguese and French were mixing themselves, from Mexico to South America. Here, in the United States, the ones that came from England and many other parts of Europe were killing the Atlanteans; they did not mix with them. It would have been beautiful if they had mixed with them, because then, another sub-race would have emerged. However, now, there is another race that is forming in Canada and the United States, through the mixing of all of the races of the world, in order to conclude this Aryan root race; this final sub-race will be the mixture of all of the races. But, the Latin Americans, as they are called, are the outcome of the Latin civilization, that started in Rome, and that is seated in Italy. They were exporting a religion that was very superficial, and the beautiful books that were written in the Nahua and Mayan languages, unfortunately, were destroyed by the fanatics of the Catholic religion, that are still in power. That is the sad story of us Americans.

olmecs and toltecs

You also know about the ancient Olmecs from Africa. Olmecs were Atlanteans; as were the Toltecs. After Columbus, Olmecs were brought here again, but this time as slaves in order to originate the mixture of all of the bloods of Africa, Europe, Asia, into America. Why am I mentioning this with so much emphasis? Because in a few days it will be the 12th of October: Columbus Day. This is our sad story, but it is the truth; we have to face it.

Master Samael Aun Weor continues: 


“Our present Aryan root race, which perversely dwells upon the five continents of the world, arose from the Atlantean people."

This is true; our Aryan root race is the outcome of the Atlantean people mixed with the Hyperboreans.

"Each one of the four preceding root races perished by gigantic cataclysms, and our fifth root race will not be an exception.” - Samael Aun Weor

We are living in the end times, and we can see this; tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires... that is why this knowledge is being given, as we have said, because we live in America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia; the five continents of the world are populated by the Aryan people. This is the sad story of our planet Earth. On Mars, things are different.

Let us now enter into what I had promised to explain, regarding Kain and Abel. We have given many lectures about this subject already, but now, from this particular alchemical and kabbalistic perspective, we are going to explain further.

Arnold Krumm-Heller, who is known as the Master Huiracocha, stated:

nervous system

קין Kain

"The Sethians worshiped the Great Light, they said that the light emanations of the divine substance of the Sun (הבל HaBel) form a nest (קין Kain) in us and that this constitutes the Serpent."

You see the serpentine shape of the nervous system in us, and the nest that it forms in us; it is a nest of nerves, all around us. The nervous system is the one that collects the solar energy. We have three nervous systems; central nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system and grand sympathetic nervous system. All of those systems together, in our physicality, are what we call Kain. Those systems form a nest in our three brains. We have, accumulated in our three brains - the intellectual brain, the heart - the solar energy, which goes into the sexual organs, which is the main nest of Kain.

So, from this we can understand what Kain is; it is energy. It is the serpent. If we study Taoism or Sanskrit, we know very well that we have to deal with three types of serpent, that in synthesis are called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, in order to deal with Kain. You know the story of the serpent (the solar fire) that came, and tempted Eve (the sexual organ). Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. In other words, the sexual organ wasted the solar energy, as in this day are a lot of people are doing. We continue collecting the solar energy in our nervous system, in our Kain - that nest of nerves - all of that eventually goes to the sexual organs. That is what create sperms and ovums in us. The word Kain, in Hebrew, is written קין Kuf-Iod-Nun. The letter ק Kuf, in Hebrew, means monkey and represents the head and the spine. The letter י Iod is the symbol of the power of the hand of Elohim in Kether and Yesod. The letter ן Nun-Sophit (final Nun) symbolizes the sperm or the ovum. This is what Kain represents. What do we read in the bible?

“Now the serpent was more subtle than any animal life force of the field (nervous system) which Iod-Havah Elohim had made. And he said unto the woman (genitalia), Yea, hath Elohim said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?....etc....And when the woman (genitalia) saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of (extracted the sperm or) the fruit thereof, and did eat (felt the orgasm), and (through the spinal medulla) gave also (the orgasmic sensation) unto her husband with her; and he (the brain) did eat.” - Genesis 3: 1, 6

“And (through the orgasm) Adam (the central nervous system) knew Eve (the sexual organ) his אשת Eshot (plural feminine for fire), wife; and she conceived, and bare קין Kain (a Nest in the central nervous system), and said, I have gotten a איש Aesh (male fire), man from יהוה Iod-Havah. And she (in the heart) bare again (a female Nester) with her brother הבל Habel (in the pineal gland).” - Genesis 4: 1, 2

“And in process of time it came to pass, that Kain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto Iod-Havah. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And Iod-Havah had respect unto Abel and to his offering: But unto Kain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.” - Genesis 4: 3-5

“Kain brought of the fruit of the ground.” What is the ground? It is our physicality. Thus, the fruits of the ground are the fornicators, Kain’s descendants, namely, lust, anger, pride, greed, laziness, gluttony, envy, etc.. these were being offered to Iod-Havah by Kain. Thus, Iod-Havah was displeased with Kain’s fornication. Yet, Iod-Havah had respect unto Abel and to his offering. Why?

Silver shield

הבל HaBel

The Zohar states:

"From other words in scripture we infer that a quarrel arose between Kain and Abel respecting Abel's twin sister, which is further confirmed by the traditional rendering of the words, 'And she bare again (a female Nester) with her brother Abel,’ (Genesis 4: 2) showing that Abel was born with a twin sister." - Zohar

As it is written:

“And it came to pass, when (androgynous) human beings (HaAdam האדם) began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters (Chava-חוה, Eve or Abel's twin sister) were born unto them. That the sons (HaAdam האדם who were made into the image and likeness) of Elohim saw the daughters Chava-חוה, Eve or Abel's twin sister) of (androgynous) human beings (HaAdam האדם) that they were fair; and they took them wives (Nashim-נשים) of all which they chose.” - Genesis 6:1,2

When we transmute the sexual solar fire we feed Abel, the bird, the Nester, the consciousness; God says, this is what I want, my soul, my consciousness, a diamond soul is what I want. This is what the spirit wants. But, according to the alchemical story, Kain killed Abel. Moreover, he is still killing him. This is a story that is repeated every day, in each one of us, unless we learn how to control the sexual energy (which forms a nest in our sexual organs) and to teach our own, particular Eve or sexual organ, how to transmute and to not eat the forbidden fruits of the ground. All of humanity eats the forbidden fruit of the ground; the symbol of the apple tree is the sexual energy. We do not only eat one apple these days... we eat the whole tree. This is what you have to understand, regarding Kain and Abel; these are two fiery elements that are inside. The solar fire form a nest “Kain” in our nervous system and this constitutes the serpent, that everybody has, and that we have to learn how to polarize positively.


The brother of (the nest of solar light in us) Kain, is the Nester, Habel-הבל or The-Bel, Belenus, which means, the Sun. Habel-הבל is the Nester or solar force that is accumulated in HaLeb-הלב, the heart, and in the pineal gland and that develops the consciousness. Madame Blavatsky states:

“The Jiva (Soul) goes with Sukshma Sarira-सूक्ष्म शरीर (fairy-like body, with which the soul is clothed) from the heart of the body, to the Brahmarandra in the crown of the head, traversing Sushumna, a nerve connecting the heart with the Brahmarandra. The Jiva (Abel, from the pineal gland) breaks through the Brahmarandra and goes to the region of the Sun (Suryamandala) through the Solar Rays.” - The Secret Doctrine

In Alchemy, we always teach that, in order to develop the soul, the consciousness, we have to nourish it. As Master Jesus says, we have to be born again by the power of the water and of the spirit (fire). The fire is in the nervous system, circulating as spirit through the blood. The water is the sexual water. All of us, physically, are born from that power. When we go to the sexual act, what happens? The water boils, and the foam of that ocean of water, through the acting fire of the organism, makes foam; unfortunately, we do not control it. We let the foam go out. This is how we are physically created. This is what the Bible calls fornication. We have to learn how to retain the energy.

In other words, Kain and Abel is showing us, Alchemically, the division of the sexes. The sexual hormones, when they are divided in the womb of Eve, create a twin. Sometimes twins are born, and we call them identical twins. They are born male-female, siblings. But, usually, the woman only has one child; sometimes male, sometimes female. But, that soul, that consciousness that enters and leaves the nervous systems through the Brahmaranda of that body is Abel. This is the alchemical meaning of Abel. Whether the body is masculine or feminine, the consciousness is Abel. In other words, if you want to know where your Abel is, it is the Nester, the human soul inside the nest, your body, whether masculine or feminine. This is what we need to understand. So, when we fornicate, our Kain, our passional fire in the nest, kills Abel, the Nester. Regarding this Master Samael Aun Weor states:

“With what does Kain kills the soul? With the jaw of a donkey, and what does the donkey symbolizes? In alchemy, the donkey symbolizes the Mercury of the wise, the Sacred Sperm, the raw mercury. So, what happened? Quite simply, that upon the spilling of the Cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the Three times great God Ibis of Thoth), the Sacred Fire falls down; when the fire falls down, the Spiritual Man (Abel) dies, he leaves Eden, he loses all of his powers; that is why it is said that Kain kills Abel (the Spiritual Soul), with the "jaw of a donkey", the Sacred Sperm, because (through the orgasm) we ejaculate it; and then the Spiritual Soul (Abel) enters the Mystical Death, and loses all of its powers, that is, we are cast out from Paradise. Well, that was the doctrine of the Cainites. They were burned alive at the stake in the Inquisition.” - Samael Aun Weor

Unfortunately, we do not feed our Abel. What do we learn in this day and age? On the internet, on tv, we are being taught how to waste our solar force that we are accumulating in our sexual organs. They teach us how to masturbate, how to fornicate, and the outcome is that we kill our own Abel. Abel, the soul, is in us, but, unfortunately dead.

“And Elohim said, What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries unto me from (the circulatory system of) the ground (your physicality). And now art thou cursed from the earth, which has opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood (in Klipoth) from thy hand (Yod יד).” - Genesis 4: 10, 11

There are people now that do not even believe in the soul, the consciousness... Abel is dead. Our duty is to resuscitate our Abel in us. But, for that, we have to teach Kain how to transmute the sexual energy. Unfortunately, Kain in us is very strong.

“And Iod-Havah said unto Kain, Therefore whosoever slays Kain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” - Genesis 4: 15

Abel is the consciousness. We feed our soul in the body, which is a laboratory that nature gave to us, for free, in order for us to do our work. So, this is the fire, that many associate with Kain, and also with Prometheus. It depends upon how we use it.

Master Samael states:

"It is obvious that the Luciferic fire is, let us say, something divine, it is cataloged as if it were an archangel. It is clear that this is from the allegorical point of view, because the Luciferian fire is detached from the halo of the Sun and is fixed on Earth by the force of gravity and the weight of the atmosphere.

Lucifer is the Azoe and the magnesia of the old alchemists; it is the flying dragon of Medea, the INRI of the Christians, the Tarot of the Bohemians; it is an extraordinary, wonderful fire; without this solar fire it would be impossible, truly impossible, to perform the work in the forge of the Cyclopes."

The forge of the cyclops is when those Alchemists, that know how to, transmute and develop the third eye.

"Reflect on this, my esteemed brothers and sisters: the connection of the lingam (the penis)-yoni(the vagina) could not be performed without this Luciferic phósforus."

Without an erection, the man cannot penetrate the woman; and the woman cannot receive the man if she is not humid.

"Thus, taking this principle as a basis, it is obvious that the work in the Ninth Sphere (Yesod; sex) would be something more than impossible without the Luciferine agent.

Fire, in itself, is not good or evil; everything depends on the use we make of it. If it is used for good, it is good, and if it is used for evil, it is evil. It is like electricity. As you know, electricity serves, for example, to light houses, for industry, etc., yet in the United States it is used for the electric chair, to kill. Then it has dual use: it is good or it is bad; it depends on the use that people make of it. Likewise is the Luciferian fire, my esteemed brothers and sisters.

Lucifer, in itself, is the guardian of the temple, which only allows passage to those who are anointed by wisdom, who know the secret of Hermes, who carry in their right hand the Gnostic lamp. Only those, indeed, have the right to enter into the sanctuary..."

The sanctuary of God is yourself. Usually, we are out of our sanctuary. Rare are those that enter into the 10 sephiroth, and discover their own God.


"Lucifer is, therefore, the foundation of the Inner Self-Realization of the Being. Without fire, my dear brothers and sisters, it is impossible to work in alchemy." - Samael Aun Weor

This is what Prometheus is. It is fire. This is what Lucifer is: fire. When you waste that fire, you create Satan within you. We have a very strong Satan, which is the opposite of the light; it is the ego, in other words.

Master Samael continues:

"Who could, for example, transmute the lead into gold without the Luciferian agent? Could the crucible, by itself, do the work? Under the crucible must be the flaming fire; Without fire, Self-realization is not possible."

The crucible is what the Alchemists use in order to do their experiments. That crucible, my friends, is the sexual organ. If you do not have fire there, you cannot make a connection.

"The Solar Logos, wanting to help us, in the dawn of the maha - manvantara emanated his own reflection: a powerful archangel who became Lord of the Seven Mansions; I speak in an allegorical sense, I do not mean an individual, I am addressing the fire (INRI)...

It is with that fire, truly, that we can transmute the lead into gold, as we can become something different, become terribly divine gods."

Elohim, in other words.

"Prometheus-Lucifer is the same Maha-Asura of the Hindus, is the fire that descended from the Sun in order to be crucified in our world. The terrible vultures of rationalization gnaw at his entrails and the flames of human passions burn him terribly …

The Logos, wanting to manifest itself in each world, in each planet, emanated from itself its shadow, its minister, its Luciferic fire.

From that point of view, I can tell you that the throne of Lucifer is the footstool of the Lord, and that the superior semblance of Lucifer is the face of the Solar Logos. "Demonius est Deus Inversus,” in other words, as the ancients said, "The Devil is God in reverse"...

I think that with this you are already understanding, my estimable brothers and sisters, what the Luciferic Fire is: Prometheus chained to nothing less than the hard rock of sex, Prometheus (on the Cross) suffering for humanity."

Vincenzo Foppa I tre crocifissi

Prometheus is Christ, in other words.

"Within this great fire that we can call "Lucifer", there are angels and there are devils, columns of gods and demons. Let us remember the Agnishvattas, for example, the lords of the flame, who live on the positive (right) side of the Luciferian, divine force (of the Cross)."

In this image, you can see the two thieves, as we remember in the Christian gospel; one on the right, and one on the left.

"And it is not irrelevant either to remember the tenebrous Luciferians, the dismal and horrible Hasnamussen-Lucifers, the failures of the ancient Earth-Moon (on the negative or left side of the Cross).

So, within everything there is everything: angels and devils.

Fire is fire, my esteemed brothers and sisters…" - Samael Aun Weor

So, the Sethians worshiped the Great Light, and said that the light emanations of the divine substance of the Sun form a nest in us and that this constitutes the Serpentine fire.

And as we previously stated, Prometheus, in Greek mythology, is in Latin, Lucifer, the solar fire who according to the Hellenic myth is the one that created man. Deukalion was the son of Prometheus-Lucifer and his mother was the Oceanid Klymene the daughter of Oceanus. The Oceanid Klymene the daughter of Oceanus is the same Aphrodite.

Deukalion married Pyrrha who was the daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora, the one who was given by Epimetheus in exchange for fire. Deukalion engendered a son by the power of Zeus, the Holy Spirit, whose name was Hellen, the origin of the ethnonym Hellenes.

Here we find a picture of Aphrodite, which in the Roman pantheon is called Venus, the Goddess of Love. It has many symbols in many religions, and is represented in many ways. We are going to explain that, because that is also within us.

Urania Venus

Aphrodite - written in Greek: Ἀφροδίτη - is formed by the words aphrós (ἀφρός) "sea-foam" and οδίτη odítē "wanderer" or δίτη dítē "bright," very beautiful. We find this beautiful poem of Aphrodite:

"I AM the dawn, daughter of heaven and of the deep: the sea-mist covers my beauty with a veil of tremulous light.

I am Aphrodite, the sister of Phoibos, opener of heaven's gates, the beginning of wisdom, the herald of the perfect day.

Long had darkness covered the deep: the soul of all things slumbered: the valleys were filled with shadows: only the mountains and the stars held commune together.

There was no light on the ways of the earth: the rolling world moved outward on her axe: gloom and mystery shrouded the faces of the Gods.

Then from out the deep I arose, dispeller of night: the firmament of heaven kindled with joy beholding me.

The secrets of the waters were revealed: the eyes of Zeus looked down into the heart thereof.

Ruddy as wine were the depths: the raiment of earth was transfigured; as one arising from the dead She arose, full of favour and grace...."

This is a beautiful poem; the full poem is much longer. This is what Aphrodite is. Who is Aphrodite? She is born from the foam of the sea. Remembering what we have already been talking about, it is easy to figure out who she is... the foam that comes from our own sea, is the foam of the sexual organ. It depends upon on how we use that foam - which is the outcome of the Solar light - in order for that light, that brightness to emerge in us as the Mother Kundalini, who could also be called Isis, Rhea, Cybele, Klymene or any other name represented in many other religions: the eternal feminine.

Master Samael Aun Weor states:


"There exist various types of women; let us know them:

The first, Eve-Venus, is the animalistic, instinctual, and brutish female.

The second, Venus-Eve, is the very human female, who loves when she finds a sexually passionate male who knows how to love her.

The third, Venus-Urania, is the very human, conscious woman filled with the deepest of both spiritual and human feelings.

The fourth, Urania-Venus, is the Mother of the Son of Man, the Virgins of Nirvana. This is the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet. This woman is crowned with twelve stars, which are the symbol of the seven churches and the five senses, in other words, the twelve faculties (of the true human being).

Only the woman can establish justice upon the face of the Earth, because she has the power to awake the flaming fire within the man (and vice versa). The clue is found in the Arcanum A.Z.F.

The woman is the one who delivers the sword to man. She is the Urania-Venus with the sword in her hand.

She is before the Cosmic Scale in the Eighth Arcanum. She is the mother of the Son of Man." - Samael Aun Weor

We quoted this, because we have to understand why it is written:

“By Samael Tzabaoth (the Red Christ of Aquarius), and in the name of Elohim Gibor (Geburah-Buddhi), get thee hence, Andrameleck (the head of all types of Hasnamussen in Malkuth)!”

We have to know which type we are. Remember that Samael is the head of the 5th Root Race. The men might say, "We are not women." Well, let me tell you, we are children of a woman, are we not? The physical body represents Malkuth, which is feminine. The Divine Mother has many aspects, and we have explained those aspects in many lectures. The Master points to those manifested aspects of the Divine Mother as the four mentioned here. But, there is one aspect of the Divine Mother that is unmanifested. That unmanifested aspect is the Ain Soph, represented by the letters Hei-Aleph, Ha. That is the Ain Soph: the unmanifested Divine Mother. From that Ain Soph emerged the Gods. In the same that we emerged from a woman into this physical world, so too do the Gods emerge from the womb of the Ain Soph, which is feminine. That is why we said that the real creator of man is a woman; the creator of the Gods is also the Divine Mother. But, after she manifests, she does so in this way that we see in the graphic.

The first, Eve-Venus, is placed below, in Klipoth. Instead of writing Eve-Venus, we wrote Eve-Aphrodite, because Venus and Aphrodite are the same: they are the foam. This Eve-Aphrodite relates with Lilith and Nahemah. Lilith along with Nahemah are the two spheres that rule Klipoth, Hell or Inferno. Those people that in this day and age fornicate, that spill the foam, the Aphro, of their own seed out of their bodies, polarize either with Lilith or Nahemah. They create, what we called in a previous lecture, Medusa: the lunar ego.

The generation of Lilith and Nahemah or Eve-Aphrodite is found below Malkuth, in what we call Klipoth in Kabbalah, and what is also known as Hell, the Inferno, Averno; the ego, in other words. If you have ever wondered how you created this ego that you have within, it was created when you started eating of the forbidden fruit; when you allowed the foam of your body to go out. Then, that fire polarized negatively. This is what the Master Samael calls, the animalistic, instinctual and brutish female. Thus, Eve-Venus applies to male or female, both of the two physicalities, because our physical body is feminine, kabbalistically and alchemically speaking.

When you read the book, The Perfect Matrimony by Master Samael Aun Weor, you will see how he explains how these two two polarities relate, Lilith and Nahemah, kabbalistically speaking. He says that when Adam fell, he had intercourse with two women: Lilith and Nahemah. Fell into what? Animal generation, into fornication, the orgasm, the animal spasm.

“When Cain had killed Abel, Adam separated from his wife and cohabitated with two female elementals (Lilith and Nahemah), and from his intercourse with them was begotten a great and numerous progeny of (egos) demons and elementaries who at night time appear in attractive forms and thus give rise to offspring like unto themselves.” - Zohar

There also exists the Aphrodite-Eve, what the Master called the Venus-Eve. Do you see how this name is the reverse of the first type? This is that woman, which is a good woman, or, that male that is a good father, that we find in this day and age, abundantly. They create children with, what we call, normal animal sex; the normal animalistic sex, in which they respect each other, and form families. This is found all over the world. The point is this, understand that Master Samael Aun Weor, in his books, also talked about the Hasnamussen. He mentioned that in the previous graphic. The Hasnamussen-devils relate with the ego. Of course, the outcome of Lilith and Nahemah are in hell, Klipoth; those are the Hasnamussen to which we always refer. Those Hasnamussen of Lilith are the homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles and many other degenerate people that are unfortunately very abundant in this day and age. They are the children of Lilith. The children of Nahemah are the adulterers, the prostitutes, etc. Those are the Hasnasmussen of the first level, that go down into Klipoth.

Master Samael says that among these Hasnamussen exists the cretin, the idiots, that do not have strength even to do evil. These are very common in this day and age, being born in our Root Race. They are the outcome of degeneration. They are candidates for Klipoth. That is the first type of Hasnamuss. Also among those Hasnamussen are those witches and sorcerers that know how to practice and to polarize the sexual energy in the negative way, in order to develop the tail of Satan, that is called the Kundabuffer organ. Those are the creatures, the children of Eve-Aphrodite. As Kain, they utilize that light from the foam of the sea in the wrong way.

Now, the children of Aphrodite-Eve, Venus-Eve, are all of those that live in the 3 dimensional world, people that we can sometimes find to be good people. But, they are Hasnamussen nonetheless because they are accustomed to ejaculating the seminal energy, and, as a consequence, they are always killing their own individual, particular Abel, within themselves, by utilizing the solar force of Kain in the wrong way.

“Amongst the second type of Hasnamussen, there are those who only created the astral body and thereafter dedicated themselves to fornication, witchcraft, black magic, etc.; for this type there is no other choice than to reincorporate themselves into animal organisms, i. e. horses, dogs, cats, etc.; they have to keep reincorporating themselves into animal organism until the animal elements, that evil omen, which make of them Hasnamussen are completely eliminated.” - Samael Aun Weor

We find that this planet Earth is inhabited by these two types of Hasnamussen; the one from the first Eve, and the other from the second. Remember that Aphrodite is related with the sexual energy, which we see in the English word aphrodisiac. Aphrodite is the outcome of the sexual energy. What is written in Greek mythology? It is written that Ouranos was castrated by Saturn, and the sexual energy fell into the ocean. From that foam emerged Aphrodite.

Aphrodite has many levels. The level that we are interested in working, is the third, which is Aphrodite-Urania; as we can see, this name is related with Ouranos. Aphrodite-Urania means, the Heavenly Venus. It is the Divine Mother Kundalini when it awakens positively. When awoken, she originates, creates the solar bodies. This is the third type of Hasnamuss. Just because of the fact that the Divine Mother is creating solar bodies inside of us, it does not mean that the ego is gone; of course, we have to defeat a lot of ego in order to create the solar bodies. But, the complete annihilation of all of the ego does not happen automatically or mechanically, as many people think. We, by means of meditation have to work very hard in the comprehension of any given ego, in order to annihilate such ego.

Aphrodite-Urania creates the astral solar body, the mental solar body and the causal solar body. Those are the bodies that Aphrodite-Urania, Venus-Urania, creates in the initiate; whether they are male or female. But, some of those initiates take the Spiral Path. In one of his lectures, the Master Samael says that the Spiral path is the path of the Hasnamussen. Why? Because they take the Spiral path in order to annihilate the ego, little by little, through many reincarnations. Of course, they are not Hasnamussen of the first or the second degree; they are of the third degree. There are many like that. When they reincarnate, unfortunately, they fall, and they appear again with the ego very strong, even though they have astral, mental and causal bodies. But, they are from the Spiral Path.

Behold here what the Master Samael says:

“There is a fourth class of hasnamussen: fallen dhyani bodhisattvas. I was a fourth class of hasnamussen when I was fallen. I belonged to the fourth class. I had formed two distinct personalities: one divine and the other tenebrous. The fourth class preserves the memory of the ages, the awakened Consciousness. They always suffer a lot, the unspeakable, until they rise up again, but if they do not rise again, there is no choice for them but to enter into the submerged regions of the infernal worlds until the Second Death.”

"The fourth, Urania-Venus, is the Mother of the Son of Man, the Virgins of Nirvana. This is the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet. This woman is crowned with twelve stars, which are the symbol of the seven churches and the five senses, in other words, the twelve faculties (of the true human being)." - Samael Aun Weor

These are the women adepts of Nirvana. These women of Nirvana are Angels, that reincarnate in order to help. Little by little, these women from Nirvana, destroy the ego, in a very slow way. But, they always work with Divinity. That also relates to the Divine Mother, because when the initiate, the Monad of any initiate in Tiphereth - you see that we place the sign of Venus in Tiphereth - Master Samael explains that Venus rules Tiphereth. When you reach that level, which is the level of Moses, and if you decide to take the Direct Path, it is because you do not want to be a Hasnamuss of the fourth type. You say, in your heart, "I want to become a true human being, a true Adam, made into the image of the Elohim." For that, your Divine Mother receives the gift. It is your Divine Mother that receives that. That gift is called Christ. She becomes pregnant internally with the Lord. When she gives birth to the Lord, which is Chokmah, the Christ, that Chokmah descends into Malkuth, to the stable of Bethlehem, which is you, physically speaking, if you reach that level and take the Direct Path. That child is born in order to save you. Save you from what? From the devil, from Satan, that which creates karma for you, and makes your life, physically, spiritually, psychologically, miserable. That is precisely when the Lord descends, into the human being. That is the fourth type. Meaning that, physically, Malkuth, the woman, your physicality, is of the fourth type; but that does not mean you are without ego. Because, in order to be without ego, you have to reach different levels; this is the meaning of the 3 wise men, the 3 kings, Malachim, that are written about in the gospels. The first is black, the second is white and the third is yellow. These three kings represent the steps of Alchemy of the ones whose mother is Urania-Aphrodite. Christ does not descend into the other Venus's or Aphrodites; only into the fourth. Your Divine Mother has to reach the fourth type, then the Christ descends. This is why it is written that the mother of Christ is the chaste Mary; that is the immaculate conception of the Lord in the Alchemist. As it is written by Isaiah:

“And (from the יוד Iod of יסוד Yesod, the roots of) a rod (spinal medulla in Malkuth) shall come out (the ש Shin, fire, a master of Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth, the middle triangle) from the race of (the יוד Iod above in Kether, that is to say,) ישי Yesse; And, (Samech ס the Ouroboros) the branch from (the יוד Iod of יסוד Yesod) his roots shall grow. And (the son of fire) the spirit of Iod-Havah רוח יהוה shall rest upon him, the (רוח חכמה ובינה Ruach of Chokmah and Binah) spirit of wisdom and understanding, רוח עצה וגבורה the spirit of the sacrum and might (lowest vertebra of the spine and Geburah), רוח דעת the spirit of (Daath) knowledge and reverence to יהוה Iod-Havah.” - Isaiah 11: 1, 2

The former verses are very easy to understand, alchemically and kabbalistically speaking.

Below the fourth and third , that is to say within the second and first, we might find people that love the Lord. All believers are of the second Aphrodite, because in the first, we find a lot of witches and sorcerers that follow the first Aphrodite. You can find images of Aphrodite, which could be called Mary, or Isis, or whatever you want to call them, in Klipoth, hell; they worship the Divine Mother, polarized in the negative way. The fire of Aphrodite can polarize negatively or positively, as it is shown in the meaning of the word אשת Eshoth (wife), which is plural feminine for fire. If we read Hinduism, we can also find that; the negative polarization of the Divine Mother is called Kali. But, the Holy Spirit, Shiva, has many wives, which are a representation of those levels that we are explaining here.

Even the ones that incarnate the Lord, that reach this level, the 4th type, the Ourania-Aphrodite, even those cannot point at others, saying, "Such and such fellow is a black magician; such an such fellow is a sorcerer, a witch." Because, when you point at someone else with your index finger, 3 are pointing back at you: your motor-instinctual-sexual brain, your emotional brain and your intellectual brain. Those 3 are against you. We do not have the right; we have to respect others. Anyone can follow what they want, but, there are many secrets among the ones that walk on this path. I can tell you that the Master Litelantes, the spouse of the Master Samael Aun Weor, belongs to the 4th type of initiate: Urania-Aphrodite. Very high. She belongs to that level. She is a powerful Angel. As it is written by Samael Aun Weor:

“Master,” I said, “what could you say about my spouse Litelantes?”

Answer, “She is worthier for you for Sexual Magic, the Sahaja Maithuna... With this Adept-Lady you can work in the Ninth Sphere (sex).” - The Three Mountains

Adept-Ladies have their own will. Below this level, there are many other levels in Nirvana. That is why Master Samael always respected the Master Litelantes. He said, this woman was delivered to me by the White Lodge in order for me to work and to rise again. All of us who knew her know that he is speaking the truth; better said, all of us that know her. In the internal planes, since she is still active; a great Master.

This is how we explain that the Son of Man from the 4th type. It means that you have to reach that level, your Divine Mother has to reach the level of Tiphereth, and you have to take the direct path, in order for your Divine Mother to reach that level so that you might become a true human being, a true Adam made into the image of the Elohim. Before that, we are just a joke.


Now, let us read what Master Samael says, regarding Geburah, that is, the Charming Hellen or the Beautiful Helen. He stated:

“To integrate oneself with the Valkyrie, to be completely betrothed with the beautiful Helen, is only possible by means of resurrection.

Unquestionably, all the Christic principles are found contained within Buddhi.

When the Causal Man is integrated with Buddhi, he becomes resurrected.

Man, in his totality, becomes illuminated with this whole integration.

But, how difficult it is to obtain that integration.

In no way is such an integration possible without the previous elimination of the psychic aggregates that we carry within our interior.

The Causal Human is the true human, and the beautiful Helen (or the Charming Hellen) is his (her) real spouse.

The Mental and Astral Bodies, and the physical vehicle with its vital base are only vestures.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

"Sexual Magic forms part of the teachings that Christ taught in secrecy to his seventy disciples..."

"The trident symbolizes the triple set of forces of the Transformation Atoms of the mind.

The Mental Body is not the “I.” The Mental Body is only an instrument of the “I.” Thus, to pretend to be enslaved by this material instrument is the breaking point of stubbornness.

The mind of the intuitive one is an ineffable chalice filled with beauty.

The mind of the intuitive one is the chalice of the Holy Grail saturated with the blood of the Martyr of Golgotha.

The mind of the intuitive one is the sacred cup of Pleroma, the sacred cup of Samadhi, the liquor of the Gods. It is the Soma, drunk by the Lords of the Mind. It is the liquor of love, the Buddhic liquor, which is the wine of light already transmuted within the igneous vessel of the beautiful Helen. It is the cup of the immortal Gods!" - Samael Aun Weor

And, finally, the Apostle Paul stated:

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that is entrusted (with power); to the Jew first, and also to the Hellenic." - Romans 1: 16

Who are the Jews? A Jew, or, the Tribe of Judah, Master Samael says are the Christified ones; the ones that incarnate Christ. For that you have to reach the level of Moses. Moses is the causal body, and for that, you continue working with the forces of Leo, Judah. True Jews are the ones that follow the Direct Path. True Jews are those that stop being Hasnamussen; meaning, that are becoming true human beings, alchemically and kabbalistically speaking. We know that in this 3 dimensional world, there are people that call themselves Jews, by tradition. But, alchemically and kabbalistically, a true Jew is a Christified one; one without the ego alive. With the ego alive, it is a joke for someone to call themselves a Jew. That is why Paul of Tarsus says, the Jew first; why? Because if you reach the level of Tiphereth, the causal body, the body of Moses, then you have the right to incarnate the Lord, as we explained. That is first.

Before that, are the Hellenics. That is why he says, "and also to the Hellenic." Who are the Hellenics? Who is Helen? Hellen or Helen is the Buddhic body, called Geburah. We have explained in many lectures, that in order for us to receive intuition in the first initiation of the Major Mysteries, the light is divided, and is taken by God to Buddhi, Geburah; to Hellen or Helen, in other words. That is why Master Samael Aun Weor, in his book The Revolution of Beelzebub, sings to Helen, because all of the work that he did in the first initiation of the Major Mysteries was absorbed by Helen; his own particular, individual Helen, what we call the Spiritual Soul. It is from there that the initiate receives the intuition. When you are working in yourself, then your particular Helen sends you vibrations, related with the pure wisdom of the Father, who is Chesed, the Monad. Then, you receive the intuitive thoughts or images or knowledge from your Monad, through Helen. Any initiate that is in chastity receives that, from their own Monad. But, those that reach the first initiation of the Major Mysteries receive more, because they are already connected. Even if they do not yet have a solar mind, they have mind, intellect that can receive that, and this is what we call intuition, the intuitive mind.


Deukalion and Pyrrah

In relation with this level of development, of initiation, we place Paris; the one that was in love with Helen. This is in order to point towards that, if we are a man that adores Helen, the Spiritual Soul, the woman also has their own counterpart, which is Hellen, the son of Deukalion and Pyrrha, the masculine aspect of their Spiritual Soul. Obviously, they always see the great prince, because the Buddhic body, can polarize as Hellen or Helen, masculine or feminine, because the Monad is androgynous. This is how the woman or man receives intuition, through Geburah, through the Buddhic body; in all initiations, but specifically in the 1st, because this is when God takes all of the fire to Hellen or Helen. From that, we continue walking, developing, in the vital body, astral body, the mental body, the causal body, and the Buddhic body becomes more and more developed.

What is the goal of the initiate? To marry Helen; referring to the male initiate, the male Alchemist. There are female initiates also, like Joan of Arc, whose goal was to incarnate her Divine Soul, which in this case was polarized as Hellen, masculine, in order to become a resurrected Master.  

Master Samael stated: “In my book entitled "The Three Mountains," I wrote something that the brothers and sisters have not understood. I stated that in Lemuria I had taken a new wife, after Litelantes had been disincarnated, in order to continue on the path; she was a giant. Isn’t this interesting? Well, the point is that everyone believed that she, the one that I had taken, was a woman of flesh and blood, but she was not of flesh and blood; she was the Beautiful Helen. Whosoever reaches resurrection marries the Beautiful Helen. And if the one who reaches resurrection is a woman, then she marries the Well-Beloved. In any case, one weds the Spirit-Soul.” - Samael Aun Weor

So, after resurrection is when you really marry Hellen or Helen, the Spirit-Soul enters completely within you, as a resurrected master. Not only Buddhi, but also Atman, the ineffable. With that, you become one God, in a physical body. That is the whole path that we, the warriors in this physical world, who are called the Human soul (Tiphereth), have to walk. And, remember that there are also the Amazons, those warrior women that fight for their self-realization, in all of the levels that we have mentioned; their goal is to reach Hellen (polarized in the masculine way), but, on the path to Hellen or Helen, there are many levels. That is why Paul of Tarsus says, first the Jews (the ones that are in Tiphereth), then the Hellenics, which are below, related with Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malkuth and all of the lower initiations, the 9 initiations of the Minor Mysteries, in which you reach different levels of development of your Divine Soul.

In synthesis; this work is spiritual. It is synthesized in Hellen or Helen. This is what Homer wrote about in the Iliad and the Odyssey; all of the fights for Helen. Of course, Helen of Troy existed, physically, but the authors of these great poems wrote in symbolism, regarding the Buddhic soul or Buddhic body. Even the Nirvanis fought for Helen. But, the ones who really marry Hellen or Helen, are the ones that walk on the Direct Path of the self-realization of the being.

This is why Master Samael Aun Weor stated: “By dint of pride, Simon the Magician fell into black magic. Due to mere pride, Simon the Magician did not want to accept Christ. Something similar is happening now in this twentieth century, with many Spiritualists that do not want to accept my teachings due to mere pride. These types of "Simoniac" beings fall into black magic due to mere pride. Simon the Magician knew the Great Arcanum, and he was completely chaste... The alchemist must be very humble before the divine hierarchies in order not to fail in the Great Work. The mind must become as a humble and simple child. The mind must humiliate itself before the divine hierarchies....”

“A conceited, vain, or proud person cannot consciously know how to take advantage of the Grace, the Light-Power that comes from the Father.

Thus, before receiving the Grace of the Ancient of Centuries, we must disintegrate the psychic aggregates of mystical pride, mystical conceit, and mystical vanity.

Let us then make a complete differentiation between mystical pride, mystical conceit, and mystical vanity, and the common and current pride, conceit, and vanity.

Mystical pride, conceit and vanity are related to the initiates, adepts, and simple aspirants.

Common and current pride, conceit and vanity are different. Many people have them.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

Therefore if one does not disintegrate the ego of mystical pride, conceit and vanity, even with the Venustic Initiations one can fall into the abyss.


Audience: I am not sure, but I think that Samael Aun Weor, during his process, said, "Who will burn Troy?" Is that correct? What did he mean by that?

Instructor: Troy symbolizes the physical body. He says, "After me, let Troy burn." Meaning, if he reaches that level of resurrection, ready to incarnate and to marry - at that height - Helen of Troy, then who cares about the physical body? Let Troy burn. He is self-realized. That is the meaning of that. But, before that, it is good if we burn the inhabitants of Troy little by little, in different ways, because in that city, in that country, live all of our psychological aggregates. Remember that they stole Helen from the Hellenics. It is a beautiful mythological symbol.

That is the path. Of course, Lucifer is in the middle. Lucifer is the stairs up to Heaven, and Lucifer is the stairs down to hell; it depends upon how you utilize the sexual energy. The point here is, control your Kain. Those that allow Kain to control their sexual organs, build the intellect in a very negative manner. The great fornicators are very intellectual, but in a negative way. In the other way, we develop the illuminated intellect; the objective reasoning. Now, all of these fornicators that worship fornication have a very strong intellect. Most of them are homosexuals, from Lilith; this is what they like. Let them go wherever they want to go.

This is the path of Adam Solus. Everything descended from Adam Solus, and now we are divided into Kain and Abel. The division of Adam and Eve happened in Lemuria, but in the end, Kain and Abel were born; the complete division of the two polarities in every single person. Since that time, it is still like this, in this Aryan root race; Kain is alive, and Abel is dead.

Audience: You were talking about the first initiation, and how the fire is swallowed, or taken up to Helen, the Spiritual Soul. So, even if an initiate dies, in that life, they still have the results of that work? The first initiation is not lost, because we did not finish?

Instructor: No. Remember, the initiations are received by the Monad, not by the ego. Now, the connection to those initiations can be lost if when you are born again in another physical body, you start fornicating. Then you have to make that connection again. This is what the Master explains to many initiates; that they fell in the past, and they lost that connection. But, the Mastery and the degrees that the Inner Being, the Monad gained in past lives are still there; they are never lost within the Spirit. But, within the soul, they are lost, of course.

There are souls that are so low, that fell so low, that they have completely forgotten everything. They have no idea. Meanwhile, they are souls of Great Masters. When they start doing the work, they start remembering.

Audience: If we're caught in a cycle of recurrence, how do we develop if we keep making the same mistakes?

Instructor: By working on those egos that relate to recurrence.

Recurrence is a law that you cannot avoid. Recurrence is not only related to your own karma, but the karma of your parents, your brother, sister, friends... and you always return to the same circles, always repeating the same thing, because those egos are connected to it. So, if you annihilate those egos related to recurrence, then you handle that recurrence with wisdom.

If in past lives, somebody insulted you and you reacted with anger, perhaps there was a struggle, and you were killed. Now, by recurrence, the insulter comes again this life, but because you worked on your anger, your pride, your self-esteem, your resentment, you don't respond in the same way. Then, obviously, you are not killed, because you do not originate any problem there. The insulter comes, does as he does, insults, and thinks you are stupid because you do not respond. It is not that you are stupid, but that you know how to react without anger; this is precisely what the Master Jesus talks about; if they hurt you in one cheek, give the other. That means, meditate, give the other in the sense that you know how to react to that impression. Not literally to give the other cheek to also be punched... this is a psychological work that we have to do.

Audience: I remember in a previous lecture, you were talking about Judah, and how the Daleth appears when you reach a certain level, within the Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, forming the Judah. Could you say that is synonymous with Adam, in that you have Aleph (the superior waters) and Mem (the inferior waters) and Daleth appears between them, when you accomplish the work?

Instructor: Exactly. I mentioned that, that Judah (יהודה Yehudah) is written with יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, and when you add the ד Daleth in the middle of the Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, you write Judah; יהודה Yehudah, in other words. Daleth ד is precisely a secret letter there, and it is also found in the middle of אדם Adam. Daleth ד means that you have to work with דעת Daath, knowledge. Daath דעת begins with ד Daleth, just as the word דבר Dabar, which means word in Hebrew. In other words, in Adam, Daleth, is the door to communicate דברים Debarim words; the words (הדברים HaDebarim) are gestated thanks to the power of יהוה אלוה ודעת Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Eloha Va Daath in our throat. But, in order to gestate (הדברים HaDebarim) the words, we have to place יהוה אלוה ודעת Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Eloha Va Daath in our throat.

For מי אלוה Mi-Eloha (אלוהים Elohim) are but יהוה Iod-Havah, And מי Mi is a flint only for our אלוה Eloah (Goddess.)” - Psalm 18: 31

This means, we have to transmute our sexual energy; for אלוה Eloha (Aphrodite) has to merge with מי Mi, in the pineal gland, inside our brain, and then (אלוהים Elohim) from Malkuth is absorbed by Geburah and Tiphereth, our heart. That is the intuition that begins in the first initiation of the Major Mysteries.


Daleth ד is the synthesis of the Tetragrammaton; the four letters of God that you work with. This is how we work. We have explained about Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Eloha Va Daath, but the mysterious sephirah Daath is in the throat; Dabar, the word. In the beginning was דבר Dabar, the word. And, Daath דעת the Tree of Knowledge - you express your knowledge with your word, your tongue. That is precisely what makes Adam different to the animals; that he can express the mysteries of Eloha, his own God, or Elohim, the Gods, through the throat. That is the Daleth, the door of Heaven, this is why Daleth ד is also found down there in יסוד Yesod, sex.

If you observe the graphic that we looked at previously, regarding the Tree of Life, you find Poseidon, Neptune, with the symbol of the trident, we can very clearly see the letter Shin there; it has the same shape. Below, in the sex, we have Ouranos, which is the symbol of the cross - we explained that in a previous lecture - which is related with the letter Tav. So, Shin and Tav together form שת Seth, the third son of ש Shin-Adam and ת Tav-Eve. That is why Arnold Krumm-Heller, Huiracocha stated, the Sethians worshipped the great light. But, that great light is in all the Sephiroth. From שת Seth, emerges Enosh, the human being, that inhabited Atlantis in the Golden age. Now, we are in the end of this Aryan race, let Seth-Enosh be born again in us; but, there may be another symbol for that... Nicodemus might ask, How can these things be? Well, the human being is born in Tiphereth from the fire and the water; and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever (in Tiphereth) believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Audience: So, if you have Eve-Venus, Urania-Venus on either side of the Tree of Life, and Kain and Abel in the middle, that would be Arcanum 6, wouldn't it?

Instructor: Yes, the Arcanum 6: the human being between the two Venuses. You have to choose. Remember that.

This is why, when you read about other religions, you find that in many religions they represent Aphrodite, Venus, in a very negative way. They say that Lilith is Aphrodite; yes it is. There is a writing that we have on the website, called “Thunder, Perfect Mind,” where the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect, talks about her different unfoldments. She says, "I am the whore and the holy one." That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor says, "When you observe any woman, you have to see in her the Divine Mother. All women are the representation of the Divine Mother, of course; without the woman, we would not be here. You might say, "But Master there are also prostitutes?" Yes, there are, but who are we to judge. Respect," says the Master. Everyone polarizes themselves in their own way, according to their own whim, their own sexual behavior; the cause of all our calamities are within us.