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In these times, most spiritually inclined people have heard the word Kundalini. Kundalini is mentioned throughout our lectures and books. It is important for all sincere, serious spiritual seekers to have a very strong understanding of what Kundalini is because it is the energy that facilitates all spiritual development. The fire of Kundalini is at the base of all existence. It is the raw foundational energy that the spiritual seeker wants to cultivate, develop, or awaken, depending on which tradition or terms they use.

The word Kundalini is most known from the Sanskrit language, yet it is even more ancient than that language; it has roots that go back to Atlantis and beyond.

Kundalini refers to a cosmic force, an energy unlike any energy that we know physically. Kundalini is not mere electricity or magnetism or heat, but is the source of them all. Kundalini is a kind of force or energy that is pure, divine, raw potentiality, that is then modified according to its condition. This is the key fact that is often missing in many texts or schools of Hinduism or Buddhism who discuss Kundalini.

pentecost fire of kundalini In the West, Kundalini is also a basic foundational aspect of religion, but it is more veiled. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it is symbolized as the pentecostal fire of the Holy Spirit or that column of fire that led the Israelites in their great exodus.

In reality, any spiritual practice that we perform, any kind, whether recitation of mantras, meditation, prayer, devotional singing, Karma Yoga or selfless service (Seva), all of these spiritual practices, no matter what tradition it comes from, has as its intention the awakening of this cosmic force within us. There is no exception to this. The very purpose of religion or Yoga is to awaken this energy inside of the person. We seek to activate that force, because that energy connects us to the divine. It produces in us what can be called enlightenment or liberation—however, do not confuse this with realization, which depends upon cognizance, wisdom, understanding.

The energy of kundalini is not active in people today. That is because the conditions that activate it have not been satisfied. Like any energy or force in nature, the energy of Kundalini (the Holy Spirit) functions according to the laws of nature. It functions according to cause and effect. Everything in nature, even God, respects the law of cause and effect. Karma, this law of action and consequence, modifies everything. Every manifested thing is subject to cause and effect. Kundalini is no exception.

Facts and Fantasy about the Fire of Kundalini

Unfortunately, there are many schools, teachers, and books that have a lot of fanciful ideas about Kundalini and its awakening, but which are all based in lies, theories, and dreams. The awakening of Kundalini is possible, but only when the causes are produced that create that effect. Unfortunately, few know the exact conditions required, and instead teach what sounds good or what people want to hear.

The arising of Kundalini works like any law in nature: when the causes are satisfied, the effects result. This is why, when we observe society and the world, we see the psychological and spiritual level of humanity, where it is, because of cause and effect. Humanity is where it is because of the causes that humanity has created. Our current situation, whether social, economic, or political, every aspect of our life is as it is because of our actions. There is no exception to that. There is nothing being imposed upon us from outside. Everything we experience is the result of what we are inside. The same is true of the awakening of Kundalini. This cannot occur by the intervention of any outside force.

The tail of Satan is negative kundaliniThere are many traditions that teach that a guru can awaken your Kundalini for you or if you pay a certain amount of money or if you wear a certain robe or buy certain devices, machines, or oils, all kinds of fantastical things that you have to purchase or pay for or agree to, that somehow - magically - this outside intervention will awaken your Kundalini. Or that just doing a certain mantra or practice a certain number of times will awaken Kundalini. This is all one hundred percent false. They can help you awaken an energy that they call Kundalini - but it is not. It is something else. What they teach is how to awaken as a demon. Instead of guiding the student to become pure so that the energy will rise in them, they teach how to make the fire descend. This is easy, and is accomplished by indulging in desire, pride, envy, etc.

There are groups that state that Kundalini is dangerous, that it can be awakened by accident.  This is false. It is impossible. Why? Because Kundalini is the intelligence of God. God does not act by accident. Enlightenment or liberation does not come by accident. Enlightenment is a result of precise causes. To produce those causes requires great effort and a lot of knowledge. God, divinity, the Divine Mother, does not enlighten anyone randomly, by accident, or on a whim.

Therefore, we can dispense with a huge expanse of books, theories, schools, and teachers who repeat all of this nonsense about Kundalini. What we should do is study the actual scriptures, the experiences of those who have truly worked with this energy (and who have the corresponding signs: brilliant purity, wisdom, and radiant intelligence), and rely upon their guidance. We should set aside those people who are just trying to make money, gather followers, or become famous.

saint-kundaliniWhen we examine the scriptures and the great teachers, both past and present, we discover that this force of Kundalini (the Holy Spirit) is extremely powerful, but also extremely demanding. It only enlightens those who deserve it. Those who deserve the presence of that force within enter into a very different experience of life. Someone who has this energy active within them does not see life the way a common person does.

One great teacher who explains the nature of this mysterious power Kundalini very well is Swami Sivananda. Swami Sivananda was an Indian doctor who was friends with Samael Aun Weor. Swami Sivananda lived in India and founded the Divine Life Society. His writings are brilliantly clear about the nature of Kundalini and the requirements of this divine energy. He explains in one of his books the experience of having this force active. He describes it this way:

"Super-sensual visions appear before the mental eye of the aspirant, new worlds with indescribable wonders and charms unfold themselves before the Yogi, planes after planes reveal their existence and grandeur to the practitioner and the Yogi gets divine knowledge, power and bliss, in increasing degrees, when Kundalini passes through chakra after chakra, making them to bloom in all their glory which before the touch of Kundalini, do not give out their powers, emanating their divine light and fragrance and reveal the divine secrets and phenomena, which lie concealed from the eyes of worldly-minded people who would refuse to even believe of their existence."

In other words, this force opens our spiritual eyes. There are many who claim to have this sight and who describe many fantastic visions, who give prophecies and visions but who contradict the most venerable and beautiful scriptures of humankind. We need to rely on the scriptures and on the great masters, not on the fanciful visions of dreamers, people who are hypnotized by their own pride. We need to instead wake up ourselves, to not rely on the words of others, the dreams and promises of others, but to awaken our own consciousness, and see the facts for ourselves. It is very difficult to know if someone else is a dreamer or a genuine clairvoyant, therefore it is difficult to know who can be relied upon. Thus, it is best for us to rely upon the greatest prophets, and to follow their guidance.  It is necessary for us to get serious about doing the work ourselves.

Humanity at this time is like someone sleeping in a bed who dreams of learning how to swim across the river of existence, to cross to the other shore, to heaven, to nirvana. We are that man who sleeps and dreams of spirituality. We have a lot of ideas about it, a lot of fanciful notions that we have adopted from others, ideas that we have concocted on our own, fantasies, daydreams, projections of our desires. We imagine heaven, nirvana, or spiritual development to be something that suits our ego, that supports our sense of self, that reinforces our psychological traumas. The reality is that we are asleep. We do not see Eden, nirvana, heaven, the truth, but we need to. We may study spirituality, we may even meditate, we may do practices, but as long as we remain asleep and dreaming of spirituality, we are dreaming. We live in a fantasy-land.

There is an enormous fantasy-land about Kundalini. The Western culture has, on the spiritual side of things, become very fascinated by the topic of Kundalini. Fascination is a form of fantasy, a form of hypnosis. It has nothing of truth. The reality about Kundalini is completely different. It has nothing to do with the fantasies that people have about it. It is important to us to penetrate that fantasy and abolish it. Instead of lying in our psychological bedroom sleeping and dreaming about Kundalini, we need to get up. We need to walk out of our psychological house. We need to see the reality of where we are psychologically and spiritually, the truth of our existence. We need to learn how to swim, to get into that river of consciousness and learn to swim across it. Crossing that current is very challenging, but it is possible.

We may be learning how to meditate, how to do Pranayamas, or how to practice Tantra. These are necessary, but most of all we need to awaken our consciousness, in order for any of these practices to have any influence or effect. There is a synthesis that has to occur in us spiritually and psychologically.

milarepaThere is a great story that illustrates this, about the Yogi Milarepa. Milarepa was a Tibetan who began his life as any common with no particular qualities that were noteworthy. He made a lot of mistakes and even performed Black Magic and ended up killing people for revenge. Yet, he realized his mistake and was fortunate enough to find his true teacher, Marpa, who taught him a technique called Inner Heat Yoga, Tummo Yoga, which is from the Six Yogas of Naropa or Niguma. This technique is extremely potent and powerful. It is related with what we are teaching in this tradition of Gnosis.

Towards the end of his life Milarepa achieved complete development as a Bodhisattva. He was approached by a person who wanted to become his student. Milarepa asked the student: "What are your qualifications? Why should I accept you as a student?"

The student said: "I have developed perfect Samadhi. I can meditate and reach absolute perfect equanimity in Samadhi."

Milarepa said: "That is good, but that is nothing in comparison with the meditation of the inner heat." This was not said from pride, but stated as a fact.

This inner heat is the cosmic fire that we are discussing. It is described as a heat because it can be felt as a physical heat, but really it refers to a psychic heat. It is a spiritual force. It really has no form. It is not a fire in physical terms. It is electrical, but it is not electricity. It is energy, but it is not matter. It is something elusive, but everywhere.

Milarepa taught this student the Inner Heat Yoga. The student was Gampopa, who became his greatest disciple and helped to start the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, which still exists today. One of their heart practices are the Six Yogas of Naropa, and the first one is the inner heat: Tummo.

tummo yoga is kundalini yogaWhether we call it Tummo Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, all of these are different ways of approaching the same thing. Each one is appropriate for a slightly different psychology and arose at a different age, but they all address the same force.

In every case, whether we are talking about the Tibetan, Hindu, Christian, or Jewish tradition, all of these techniques in every school ultimately point towards the activation and development of this force inside of us.

The most common symbol of this power is a serpent. That serpent is universal. It is symbolized in every religion. In the Christian tradition, Jesus says: "Be as wise as serpents," because the serpent of Kundalini gives wisdom.

In the Jewish tradition, in the Book of Numbers we read about Moses, who was called upon to save his people from the serpents that were biting them. God told him to raise a serpent upon the pole. That serpent could heal them. Here we see two different serpents. Both are polarizations of this power, one positive and one negative. In its root it is the same energy, but polarized.

This energy exists inside the body. It is not outside of us. In the same way that no outside person can come to you and digest your food or transform the air in your lungs into oxygen, no person outside of you can manipulate and awaken your Kundalini. It is in you, it is in your body. You can get assistance, and we need assistance—but not from a physical person—from inside, from our own Being, and from Masters who work in the internal planes who can assist us. They cannot assist us unless we produce the causes.

Many of these schools that speak about Kundalini describe it in terms of powers, that the person who awakes Kundalini gains great spiritual powers. This is what they use to attract students. It is true that when this force, this cosmic energy is activated within us, it awakens our lost senses, our spiritual abilities that we once had but lost, but this is not the reason why we awaken that power. The true initiate is not seeking powers, to dominate others, to impress others, or to be special. The true initiate seeks to escape suffering. The person who is tired of the ego, who is tired of pain, who is tired of death, is well qualified to enter this science. The real initiate wants to go back to Eden. The real initiate has remorse for their pride and their lust and wants to change that. You see, the power of Kundalini is the power of God. That power is only given to those who deserve it. In other words, the real initiate, the real spiritual practitioner who follows the upright law wants to leave suffering, return to Eden, to be born again. This spiritual birth is only possible through the force of Kundalini.

Nature does not want this. Nature outside of us and our physical body as it is, only wants to perpetuate nature. Our instinct is simply to be born, eat, defecate, reproduce, and die. Nature does not care about our art, science, theories, or beliefs, or whether we believe in God or not. Nature only wants to perpetuate itself. This is why in all the lower kingdoms this is the function of every organism: to perpetuate the existence of those organisms. Each one of them plays a role in perpetuating the planet. That is all nature wants. Nature does not want, does not care, does not need us to believe in God or not.

The Role of the Physical Body

Nature wants our energy. You see, every organism in nature transforms energy and transmits energy. The physical body that we have is no different. All of us as physical organisms are like cells in the body that covers the skin of this planet. The creatures that we call human beings are really just animals who happen to have intellect, and are like the cells of any organism who ingest, transform, and release forces. Those forces perpetuate life on this planet.

Unfortunately, because of our brain and because of sex, we are mistransforming that energy and harming the planet. That is why the planet is revolting against us, punishing us, you could say. That is why we are suffering in new ways, with new diseases, new problems. But in the end, objectively speaking, if we look at this planet without attachment, without any of our philosophies, we can see that nature does not care about our religions, nature just wants our energy. This is why in ancient times people performed sacrifices to the gods. Those gods represent the forces of nature, elemental gods. People would sacrifice different elements in order to provide energy to nature so that nature would not need their energy, so that that energy could be used for spiritual things, for development. Unfortunately, we have forgotten all that. I am not saying we should be performing sacrifices, animal or sacrifices of any kind, for that day has passed. The sacrifice we have to make now is psychological, spiritual, and physical within ourselves. What we have to learn is how to harness the energies within us and redirect them by conscious will. To do that we need to understand those energies, what they are, where they are and how they work.

Our physical body is the basis of our ability to reach our full development. We need a physical body, in order to reach enlightenment. In this era, a physical body is a necessity, because the physical body is the place where all of the forces of the other dimensions join together so that they can be transformed.

The physical body is the ground from which we can reach our full development. This word 'ground' is important. In Hebrew it is adamah [אדמה]. It is from the ground that Adam [אדמ] is taken. Adam in this sense represents our full development as a being who exists in Eden, the Adam of Eden, which is a complete human being, Adam-Christ in other words. This Adam [אדמ] is taken from the ground [אדמה], from the body, the philosophical Earth, our physical body, so we need to take care of this physical body.

This is why in the first level of any religion, if you become a serious practitioner of that religion, you are introduced to all kinds of rules, things that you'll have to do that create the conditions that will support the development of these forces. These rules usually include: Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not take any intoxicants, Do not eat impure food.  In other words, do not put impurities in your body and do not use your body in ways that create harmful forces. The body has to be made clean, pure, and stable. Otherwise this force that needs to be awakened cannot awaken.

These rules are the Commandments, the Vinaya, the vows, all the rules in religion. They are called Yama and Niyama in Sanskrit terms. These behaviors are necessities. People always say: "I don't want a religion with rules. Too many rules!" They fail to understand that those rules are required because they produce causes and effects. They are not there arbitrarily because of some moral ideal. It has nothing to do with morals. It has to do with cause and effect.

nervous-system-2The physical body is very complex and has many interconnected and interdependent systems, and all of them depend upon the nervous system. It is the nervous system that facilitates the functioning of the physical body. The nervous system can only operate if the consciousness is connected to the body. In other words, the physical body is a shell. Within that shell there is a bunch of wiring. That wiring receives, transforms, and transmits energy, and the root of that energy is connected to our consciousness. So the nervous system is the intermediary. It is the vehicle through which all these energies function.

The nervous system is very complex. We talk about it as a nervous system, but it is actually three nervous systems in one: central, sympathetic, and parasympathetic.

The main one is the central nervous system which is our spinal column with its 33 vertebrae and the brain. These are one thing. You cannot separate the brain from the spine. They are one thing. This is why an injury to the spine is so devastating. The whole body depends upon it. This central nervous system and all its functions are symbolized in the Bible as the Tree of Life. That is because it is our own Tree of Life inside. Without it we cannot live.

Modern scientists still do not understand the central nervous system. It is so complicated and so mysterious and has so many things that we don't even know what they do. Scientists are mystified. Moreover, they have proved that we only use a fraction of its capabilities. Some say 3 percent, some say 5 percent. What about the other 90 plus percent of the brain and nervous systems capacities? Modern scientists have no idea what it is for. This is because our scientists ignore spirituality. Yet, the esoteric scientists know very well what all these neurons and energetic pathways are for. They are for the arrival of Kundalini, the awakening of this power. A fully awakened being, like Jesus, Krishna, or Buddha, utilizes 100% of the brain.

cauda-equinaThe central nervous system is the base of what makes us a person, physically. All of our physical powers are rooted in the nervous system: reproduction, digestion, circulation, breathing. Everything depends upon it. When we look at how the nervous system functions, we see the brain at the top. The brain connects to the spinal cord which descends through the neck down the back into the base of the spine in the pelvic region. At the base of the spinal column is the cauda equina. The cauda equina is a bunch of nerves, subtle fibers that emerge from the end of the spine. From that disperse an incredible array of nervous filaments. Between this array of filaments and the brain is the spine from which emerge all the other connections and channels. This is what exists physically, but the same thing exists energetically in us.

Static and Kinetic Energy

What we see physically is only half of it. We have lost the ability to perceive the energy that gives the ability to the physical body to even function. That energy we call the vital body. In Tibetan, it is called the subtle body. This is the body of Chi or Prana, or as it is sometimes called, the ethereal body. It is the body of energy or forces that give the physical body the ability to be alive. In that body are subtle channels of energy called nadis, the same as nerves, but Sanskrit. They are channels of forces and energy.

And within that ethereal or vital body is an even more subtle body which is the astral body, which likewise has all these nadis, channels or pathways for energy.

When we go successively deeper within, we discover we have seven bodies that interpenetrate one another without confusion. They are seven successively subtle levels of nature and all of them have these pathways for energy to flow and move. All of them are interconnected and interdependent. For us, we are in this physical body and we haven't yet perceived these other bodies. We don't know about them because our consciousness is asleep.

What we need to understand is that the way we use our energy here determines our future, our life, our health. How we eat, how we think, how we feel, what we breathe, what we drink, the environment we live within, all of these are producing causes and effects which determines our relative state of health or illness, also psychologically, not just physically. This is why we have rules, guidelines in religion, because if we seriously want to develop the full capacity of this system in us to manage energy, we need to do it in the right way. These forces that we plan to work with are very powerful and require incredible responsibility to use them well.

vertebraIn the midst of the physical spine is the canalis centralis. Physically, if you look at the spinal vertebrae, if you take vertebrae out, you'll see there's a hole in the center and through that hole passes the spinal cord down the center of the spinal column. Within that spinal cord is an empty channel, physically, through which fluids move, but within that in the vital body, in the astral body, in the mental body, etc., are subtle filaments, not physical, but energetic, subtle. They have matter, but not physical matter; they are vital matter, astral matter, mental matter.

It is through that channel that Kundalini can activate and work, but as we are now, it is dormant. That energy is not active. This is because we were cast out of Eden. Humanity does not have these powers anymore, but the capacity is there to recover them.

That subtle central channel is called Shushumna in Sanskrit. It is the central canal, not physical, but energetic.

On either side of the spinal column, we have the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which are a collection of ganglia or cords that manage other aspects of our physiology. These ganglia or cords entwine around the spine. There are two, one for each of those nervous systems. These are supply nerves for the involuntary organs like the heart, the lungs, intestines and kidneys. They work for and against each other. The sympathetic system stimulates or accelerates forces and the parasympathetic retards or inhibits. So they are a plus-minus. They are forces that balance each other.

This is important, because in the middle is the central nervous system, which is the equilibrator, the one that is in the balance, and on either side are the sympathetic and parasympathetic, one is plus, one is minus. So we see here three forces physically. Three forces: plus, minus, equals. This is the basis for electricity. This is the basis for how energy moves in the universe, through three forces. So physically, this exists within us through our three nervous systems, but energetically this also exists within us in the vital body, astral body, mental body and on.

Energetically, Shushumna is a vacant channel. It is empty; the Kundalini should be there, but that energy is dormant, so the channel is empty. That is the power that equilibrates, but it is not active.

Energetically, Ida and Pingala in Sanskrit are the plus and minus, masculine-feminine, Yin-Yang, Od and Ob in Kabbalistic terms, or Adam and Eve. These are energetic channels shown in the caduceus of Mercury and many symbols throughout the world, these two symbolic serpents that sit or entwine around a central serpent. Those are symbols of forces, energies. Ida and Pingala are not the physical nervous systems. They are reflections, they are similar. They are related, but they are not the same thing. Likewise Shushumna is not the central nervous system, but it is related.


I mentioned the cauda equina at the base of the physical spine, where there is a mass of subtle filaments. There is an astral, subtle counterpart, called the Kanda. So you can see that we have a subtle aspect corresponding to each physical aspect. You can see that it gets quite complex. I am just giving you the kindergarten of this. There is a lot more to it. This is something you have to come back to and study repeatedly, in order to fully grasp it.

The Kanda is an energetic center where energies are transformed and transmitted. In the same way that the brain at the top of the spine is a transformer and transmitter of energy and the spine is a transformer and transmitter of energy, so is the cauda equina, physically, and the Kanda astrally or vitally. It is in the internal bodies, the subtle bodies. It is the junction or the intermediary between Shushumna and Chakra Muladhara.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel or disk. Chakra refers to an energetic center, not physical. It is a place where energy is moving and transforming. There are many chakras in every body. Often people talk about chakras as being physical or being astral. The truth is, every existing organism is filled with chakras. They are just centers of energy, transformers of energy. They are physical in our physical body. We are transforming energies in the physical body. They have a physical counterpart, we call them glands and organs. In the vital body, they are the same, but in the vital body, they are energetic transformers. The same exists in the astral body. Every one of our internal bodies has chakras. Those chakras have their aspects in the other bodies.

chakrasWhen we study Kundalini and the awakening of the consciousness, there are seven fundamental chakras that we study out of the hundreds or thousands of chakras that exist; we study seven main ones. The most important one for us in the beginning is called Muladhara in Sanskrit. This chakra is related with the sexual organs. Why is this so important? Because life emerges from sex. All life, including spiritual life, is sexual. This is the organ that we use to perpetuate life, that we use to feed nature. Likewise, if we want to be born again, we use the same organ, but in a different way. This is why Jesus said that it is one thing to be born of the body and another thing to be born of the spirit. Both are forms of birth, both are sexual, but the use of the energy is different.

The important thing here is that the energy that will awaken the consciousness and will give us the spiritual insight we need is enclosed within Muladhara, trapped, asleep. This is where Kundalini rests and awaits for us to come and awaken it. It is in the energetic center called Muladhara, which is near our sexual organs.

That sleeping force is represented symbolically as a serpent that is coiled three and a half times and is sleeping. Why? First of all, the word Kundalini comes from Kunda in Sanskrit, which means coiled. A serpent sleeps coiled up. It is sleeping in Muladhara, waiting us to awaken it.

That energy, when it is awakened, utilizes the Kanda to enter Shushumna, the channel in the spinal column. When that force awakens, it arises vertebra by vertebra, little by little activating and awakening. As it passes through the spine, it activates the chakras or energetic centers and their corresponding functions. Many call them powers, but really, they are natural functions. In the same way that our breathing and our digestion, everything about us physically is natural, chakras are natural. They should be active, they should be functional, but they are not because of the causes and conditions that we have produced.

This energy that sleeps in Muladhara is Kundalini. It is symbolized as a serpent. This power, this force is the root energy of all existence. Kundalini is the primordial energy in everything. It is called Sakti in Sanskrit. It is the power or light that gives life to every existing thing. In order to understand this force, we need to really approach this scientifically, to not just accept theories. We need to contemplate how things function in nature and understand that spiritual things function the same way, just in other levels.

When we study energy physically, we see that there is a variety of modifications of energy. Energy functions according to laws. We know that energy and matter are inseparable and totally related and that they are just different modifications of the same thing. Energy and matter are a great, very beautiful mystery. When those forces are manifest as energy, that energy is modified according to its conditioning. Energy can be static or dynamic. In other words, it can be latent in potential form, or in an active form. So within our cells, for example, we have potential energy and active energy. Within our body, there is potential energy and there is dynamic energy. Kundalini itself is both, depending upon its conditioning.

Every part of us has Kundalini, Prana, but static, in potential, not active. Every atom in existence has this force within it, everything, without exception, because it is the fire that creates life. Yet, it is not activated. It is static.

When we talk about Kundalini as fire, it is not physical fire. It is spiritual. It is energy, but it is not physical, it is something else. In Hinduism they call it Sakti. Sakti really just means energy, but Sakti is usually represented as a mother, as a woman, a goddess. The universe is her body. We are all particles of that. The Divine Mother is pure energy, we can understand that. All of us are here and exist within that body of energy, the universe. That root is within us, but not fully developed. It is longing for development. In our bodies, that force is condensed, synthesized as a seed in Muladhara, in that chakra in us. The physical exponent of that seed is in our sexual organs. That is why Muladhara is next to the sexual organs.

We utilize the power of Sakti physically to create children. That is the power of God: to create. That power comes from Kundalini in the ultimate sense. This is not awakened or developed Kundalini, but it is due to to this power.

The Power to Create Life

When we talk about Kundalini, really we are talking about the Divine Mother. We are talking about the goddess, and you can call her Isis, Mary, Tara, Athena, Minerva, whatever name you want, but she is the cause of existence. Her body is energy and her pure potentiality awaits us in our bodies.

In Hinduism, the goddess Sakti has a spouse: Siva. masculine and feminine, two forces. Siva can create or destroy. Sakti is Siva’s power. These figures symbolize forces, energies. Siva is not an individual, but a force, an intelligence.


Kundalini is the cosmic power. According to the conditions how the universe is unfolded and how physical bodies were created, that energy enters into activity in degrees. When we study energy, physically we see that energy is always manifest as polarities, as a range. For example, there is huge range of light that exists in the universe. Our physical eyes only perceive an extremely narrow band of that light. With certain tools we have discovered that there is an incredible array or extension of this polarity of light. This is measured by wavelengths, ranging from very rapid wavelengths to very slow wavelengths; it is a polarity that extends, you could say, up and down. The same is true of magnetism. Things are positive or negative. The same is true of acidity, something is either alkaline or acid. The same is true of gravity. Every energy manifests in this way. Kundalini is no exception. This is one of the great misconceptions in a lot of spiritual groups and even scientific groups who believe that energy can only go up. All those groups that teach Kundalini Yoga and fantasize and dream about awakening while they still enjoy their lust and they still enjoy their pride, they sill protect their fear and envy, not realizing that that power of Kundalini not only can go up, but it can go down. It can create and it can destroy.

athena-medusaThe goddess Sakti can polarize as Kali Ma. Every goddess has her opposite. Athena is opposed by Medusa. In Hinduism, Kali Ma can be a positive goddess who liberates and she can also be the goddess of death, the goddess of hell.

This duality of the cosmic power is very clearly represented in Hinduism and in Buddhism and yet so many spiritual seekers ignore it with this fantasy-land idea that if they have good intentions, they naturally must be awakening positively. They are ignoring the facts, not being scientific, but being asleep in their fantasies.

This power or this energy is a polarity and it can be utilized in different ways according to its conditioning. This is the important point. Moreover, like any energy, it has degrees of manifestation. We know, for example, that something can be more or less magnetic. Something can be more or less acidic. Gravity, so far we have believed it does not change much, but we have begun to realize that gravity even has levels. Gravity is not a fixed value like we used to think. All energy is subject to modification. Kundalini is no different.

When people talk about awakening Kundalini, there is an idea that you flip a switch and Kundalini is fully developed. Really, this is a sad joke. Nothing in nature works that way. What happens is that that energy can appear and disappear in the same way you light a match. When you light a match, the flame emerges seemingly from nowhere, we think, but in reality that light comes from liberated atoms in the matchstick. That flame will only burn as long as there is energy there. When that energy is exhausted, that flame is exhausted. It goes out, goes away. The Kundalini functions in the same way.

People who meditate or who learn Pranayamas or even learn Tantra can experience these types of awakenings, flashes. In meditation, you may have had a brief ecstatic experience, then it goes away. That experience is due to energy; we can say it is a brief flash of Kundalini. It is an energy that is briefly there and produces illumination and light, but it goes out, because there is no more fuel. That is why sometimes when we meditate, we have no experiences, because there is no energy. Maybe there is no fuel to light the fire. This is why in this tradition we teach you how to harness these fires, how to use them.

This is the basis of Tummo Yoga. It uses a what is called a vase breathing technique. It is a form of Pranayama which I cannot teach you; you have to be initiated in that tradition, but it is related to the Pranayamas and other exercises we teach in Gnosis. Through that practice the student harnesses forces in the body. Those forces produce illumination. That is why Milarepa told Gampopa: your meditation may be beautiful, but it is nothing compared to inner heat, because the inner heat Yoga provides energy that produces an illumination that a typical Samadhi cannot compare to. This why the work with energy is so important. Again, it is not to have powers or seek ecstatic experiences. It is to know the truth. To comprehend why we suffer. We can only do it by seeing the causes of suffering, not through theories, not through beliefs. The causes of suffering cannot be seen with the physical eyes. We need to go deep into the roots of the mind.

This energy is latent there, waiting for us to activate it. We have certain rules that we have to apply, in order for the conditions to be set. The basic rule is to work towards sanctity. Sanctity means purity, cleanliness. This is not physical, although it is related. We should not be a filthy pig physically. Our body should be cared for and clean. Yet, the sanctity we need is psychological. Why is that? Because our Divine Mother will emerge according to the conditions.

People who practice Tantra while enveloped in their lust and animal desire, invoke their Divine Mother through lust, thus she emerges as the impure force of Kali Ma, the Mother Death, and she will awaken them as a Black Magician.

The pure initiate, the white Tantrika, clears the mind of lust, fear, envy, pride, and invokes their Divine Mother who can emerge in them in sanctity as a virgin. Kali is virginal. Athena is a virgin. Vesta is a virgin. The goddess, the pure goddess, the real goddess cannot have anything to do with lust. Period. No exceptions. Yet to invoke her requires sexual energy. That is her power: sex.


We have to apply certain rules in order to create the conditions that will support our goal. This is why we learn to meditate, to observe ourselves, to watch our mind, to correct our behavior, to avoid impurities psychologically, to reject from our life, from our mind, from our heart all fornication, adultery, lewdness, pride, envy. All these qualities are impurities that prevent God from emerging, from appearing. In other words, we need to clean the temple, our mind, our heart, then God can emerge.

This power of Kundalini is the power of God. At one time in the past humanity knew this directly. Humanity walked with God, talked with God, and could see the heavens. This is symbolized in the Bible as the man and woman in the garden of Eden before the Fall, before the temptation to abuse the fruit. But when humanity was seduced by desire, humanity was cast out of Eden. We have discussed this at length in many lectures and books, but in synthesis we always look at ourselves and we see that Adam represents, in this context, our brain, while Eve, in this context, represents our sexual organs, and the serpent is the one who delivers knowledge through sex. The serpent is Lucifer, "the bearer of Light" in Latin, who is the servant of the Divine Mother, the representative of the Divine Mother, the attendant who does her will. People think Lucifer is the devil. He is a devil in us because we made him that way, but when he is freed of ego, he is Prometheus, our best friend, who gives us fire.


Eve is tempted through her own desire. The serpent does not even say: Eat it. The serpent just asks questions, but Eve sees the fruit and feels desire, she feels this desire to eat it and she does. That fruit is the orgasm of animal sexuality. We know and have explained this at length why this is the case. There are courses or lectures about Daath, about Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, many lectures. The result is that, having eaten, Adam and Eve discover that they are naked and God comes to them and says: "What have you done?" The woman says: "The serpent enticed me and I ate." This is the sexual organs who did this. God says to the serpent:

"Because you have done this, cursed be you more than all the cattle and more than all the beasts of the field. You shall walk on the belly and you shall eat dust all the days of your life. And I shall place enmity between you and the woman and your seed and her seed. He will crush your head and you will bite his heel."

When Adam and Eve were in Eden before eating of the fruit, Adam and Eve could perceive God directly and spoke with God which is in the story. God asks a question and Adam and Eve can answer. This represents humanity. Also it represents us. Once, we could see God and talk to God. But then we abused the fruit, so God says to the serpent: I curse you more than the cattle and the beasts. Why? Because the cattle, the beasts of the field, the animals, fornicate. Yet they fornicate only by instinct, by following the laws of nature according to their own level of development. But we fornicate because of desire, and thus God says: "You are worse than animals." We are worse, which is true.

Look at humanity. We are worse than animals. We are enslaved by desire. Enslaved, powerless, because of desire. We destroy not only each other, but the planet. No animal does that. Animals respect the law, yet we do not. We do not even respect ourselves. We destroy ourselves because of desire. Every pain, every suffering, every problem that you have in your life is because of your own desires.

So the serpent fell. Where we once had that energy active in us, that serpent fell, gradually, over time. This was not an overnight event, this occurred over generations, long ago. The result was that energy fell and became inactive in terms of the positive upright force. Instead that energy inverted itself. The opposite polarity emerged. This is represented in other stories of Cain and Abel and all the problems that came after that.

This is why God says: "You shall walk on your belly." That is how we conduct ourselves, how we move through life, how we go from one thing to the next. The serpent depends on the belly, gluttony, desire, consumption. The serpent is cursed as a beast with animal desire, who depends upon his desire and subsists upon desire. That is why we have so many desires. That is why we always want to feed our desires. It is that energy that wants to be fed, that serpent in us. This is why we are so addicted to the orgasm.

You see, what is interesting here is, as I mentioned, this energy is a polarity, it is a great cosmic force. Originally, when mankind made this mistake, this was the first time that the orgasm was discovered. Previous to this, the orgasm did not exist amongst humankind. It was forbidden. That is the meaning of not eating of the tree of knowledge. In the animal kingdom, when the souls or the consciousness was evolving up from the lower kingdoms, it reached the animal kingdom, the orgasm is part of the development of that level of nature, but upon entering the humanoid kingdom, the orgasm must be abandoned, in order to ascend to a new level. So that early humanoids did not commit that mistake. That is why they gave that commandment, “thou shalt not fornicate.” Thou shalt not eat of that fruit. Unfortunately, due to this temptation, which is, in details, a very long story, humanity discovered this energy, the orgasm.

When we enter the sexual act, we connect two very complex organisms. We connect them where the most powerful energies are in the body, the sexual organs. In those organs are the root forces of creation, the powers of God. Normally, when we are not in the sexual act, all the powers that come into us, the power to be alive descends through these three nervous systems, the three forces--Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Siva. Those forces come through our three nervous systems, but the ultimate expression of that energy is sexual. The ultimate expression of the creativity of God in us comes through sex on mechanical level. The ultimate level is spiritual, obviously. Merely physically, the highest degree is sexual creation. So when we unite two physical bodies sexually, man and woman, that fire is lit. This is when the causes are there for the fire to emerge. That fire is sex. That is the creative power of God. That power is sex. This is why we see Siva-Sakti, god and goddess, the Elohim, which means god and goddess. Abba and Aima, father-mother, Yab-Yum. These symbols represent the creative power of God which is reflected in us sexually.

Thus when we enter the sexual connection, all those forces charge the sexual organs and the chakra related to the sexual organs, Muladhara. That energy is intense. Moreover, it is the energy of Eden, which is Hebrew for “bliss.” That is why we feel pleasure. All those nerves, all those ganglia of the three nervous systems collect there.

The one who is managing that energy, the one who is pushing that energy, is the energetic channel of Eve (Ida), who sees that fruit and wants to taste it. What is that? Ida, the feminine serpent. The responsibility of that energetic, psychological channel is procreation. That is the root driver for sex. That is why nature pushes us to have sex, to procreate. Nature tempts us; in other words, the force of Kundalini, the Divine Mother, works through Lucifer to tempt our Eve, Ida, our urge for procreation. We join sexually and the creative energies emerge.

In the past, that energy was taken advantage of and utilized spiritually and returned through the Kanda, up the spinal column through Shushumna in order to enliven Adam, the brain. As the physical bodies of man and woman (Adam and Eve) worked together sexually, our own inner Adam and Eve (brain and sexual organs) worked together, in order for those forces to return back to God, for that woman (Isha) to be the fire offering (Ishe) that we discussed in the lectures on Daath.

Unfortunately, humanity a long time ago was tempted to have children on their own without the guidance of the Elohim. When that energy became very charged in the sexual organs and in the vital and astral bodies, and the Elohim were not present to guide the sexual act, the energy built up too much, and these energy transformers, the chakras and sexual organs short-circuited. You see, a conductor only has a limited capacity. Any conductor of energy is like a channel or a tube through which energy can move. When you put too much energy there, you short-circuit it. That circuit overloads and the energy escapes into other areas. This is what the orgasm is. It is an overcharge of energy.

The orgasm is an explosion of energy that escapes from the conductors that should manage it. That overcharge spills out of the sexual organs, out of the chakras, and into the surrounding ganglia, into the nadis. We think it is pleasurable, because the root energy is from Eden (bliss), but what we do not realize is that a short circuit destroys the organism. It destroys the organism, gradually. This is why people who have a lot of sex, gradually lose their sexual power. People who repeat the orgasm gradually lose the ability to have it. They become impotent or become indifferent to sex because their energetic centers become burned out. Now, this is why everybody takes chemicals to stimulate their sex drive. This is why pornography became so popular, because is an artificial stimulation for the sexual energy.

The problem is that people are so addicted to this sensation that they do not realize that the energy is destroying them. That energy is put in the wrong places. That energy which is extremely high voltage is put in places that cannot manage it. People go mad. The brain gets messed up. The nervous system is depleted. This is why people who are addicted to masturbation and sex develop all kinds of mental and emotional problems. Many of them end up in sanitariums. We do not talk about this in the media, but if you look into it, you will discover it. Anyone who has worked in a mental hospital will tell you that most of the people there are addicted to masturbation. Why? Because of desire run amok.

As the explosions of that energy destroy the nerves and organs, it takes more energy to feel anything. People become desensitized, so they seek greater and greater forms of stimulation, in other words, more extreme sexual practices, little by little, lifetime to lifetime, gradually. Subsequently, the mind degenerates, the heart degenerates. The person becomes more and more of an animal. You can look around in the world and you will see the evidence of this. Thus the serpent is condemned to walk on the belly. Worse, God says:

"And you shall eat dust all the days of your life."

What is this dust? This dust is the dust that Adam comes from. Remember that Adam is taken from the dust and will return to the dust. This dust not only relates to adamah, the ground, the body, it is also the archetypes of the soul. You see, the serpent is condemned. We cannot perceive the superior worlds, because our fallen serpent has consumed the potential to realize them. This scriptural quote is a subtle Kabbalistic phrase that basically says: The sexual energy, when polarized negatively, traps the consciousness in hell. The archetypes that we should be using to create the soul, are trapped inside the ego. Thus the serpent eats dust.

And it says: "And I shall place enmity between you and the woman and your seed and her seed." This is that painful eternal conflict that we have in sex because of desire, that enmity, that conflict that we always have sexually. We are in and out of relationships, in and out of love or lust or whatever we think it is. Satisfied for one moment and dissatisfied the next. Never finding what we are seeking.

All of this became heightened in the 1960's. When the age of Aquarius dawned and new cosmic forces were propelled against this planet, the Aquarian forces, which are very revolutionary, we saw the entire society turn upside down. Why? Two great things that emerged, the spiritual longing, rejection of the old ways spiritually, and sexual longing. This is because the two are totally related, you cannot separate them. You cannot separate sex from religion. When that Aquarian force hit humanity, all of a sudden humanity says: Where is the real religion? Where is real sexual satisfaction? These two questions emerged at the same time. That is because of the force of Aquarius which is pushing humanity to begin a new era.

Unfortunately, because the serpent in us is polarized in the wrong way, we began to experiment with sex and with religion and with drugs and with desire. We had this so-called “sexual liberation,” which in fact has caused more suffering and problems than any kind of liberation. There has been more pain created from that than anything else. The same is true of this misguided spirituality that has emerged since the sixties, for people think, since the 60's, that you can do whatever you want, you can think up your own religion and reach God, but this is a lie. The ancient religions are ancient because they have truths that cannot be avoided.

In synthesis, having understood some of the parameters of this energy, we begin to understand that it is possible to return to Eden. There is a method. There is a way. All hope is not lost. That method is entirely inside of us. It does not depend on anything outside. It is psychological. It is spiritual. To do it requires that we return to respecting the law: Do not fornicate. Do not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. We have to learn to utilize those forces with respect, in that way to invoke Divine Mother to guide us whether we are a single person or married. This is our work.

The single person can utilize all the spiritual practices, prayer, meditation, Pranayama, runes, many techniques. But if they avoid the psychological part, they will either gain nothing or just more suffering. We have to prepare an environment for Divine Mother to inhabit. That environment is inside of us psychologically.

This is why Jesus in the Bible said:

"Behold I'm sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves. Be therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

Both the serpent and the dove are the symbols of the Holy Spirit. To be as wise as a serpent is to have this wisdom or the knowledge of the polarity of Kundalini and to know how to use it. To be as harmless as the dove is to respect the law, to follow the guidance of God, not our own selfish will.

serpent-of-brassJesus also said we have to raise the serpent on the staff as Moses did. We do that by following the law. Moses raised the serpent, the fiery serpent, it says in the Bible, on the staff. This is how we work through Moses--willpower--to raise the serpent up Shushumna to the brain. As it ascends, it recovers all those lost senses so that we can see God again. This process occurs in degrees, many degrees, 33 degrees in each body. Only Adam and Eve in cooperation can do this. In other words, a married couple.

Only a married couple by combining their two bodies can create and originate enough energy to awaken the sleeping serpent. A person working by themselves cannot do this. It is impossible, because a person by themselves cannot rectify the mistake that we made in Eden. That mistake can only be rectified by a man and a woman who cooperate with each other.

Yet, either a single person or a man and a woman working together can experience this energy. There are many types of experiences that can emerge.

When we talk about awakening Kundalini in the Gnostic tradition, we are talking about spiritual birth. In some other traditions, Hinduism and Buddhism particularly, they talk about awakening Kundalini and they say even a single person can awaken it. In fact, even Sivananda says this, but he is not discussing the second birth. He is not talking about being born again, which is what we are talking about in Gnosis. When Samael Aun Weor talks about awakening the Kundalini, he is talking about the Second Birth. When Sivananda or Naropa or Marpa or any of those teachers talk about awakening Tummo or Kundalini, they are talking about experiencing that energy, much as you light a candle or a match. When you meditate and you practice, you bring those conditions together so that the flame can emerge, that is an awakening, but it is temporary. It will be there, if there's fuel and conditions. That is how you can have experiences in meditation. You can have comprehension, intuition, insight, experiences out of your body. All of these things are produced by that, but do not confuse the lighting of a match with the creation of a sun. The light that comes from a match is small and temporary. A sun, on the other hand, is a whole other level. That is what a second birth is. The second birth is the emergence back into Eden. That awakening is completely different from sparks or flashes of Kundalini energy activating a chakra. Be clear on that distinction.

There are a lot of people who talk about having experiences of awakened Kundalini, but we need to understand it in context. They may have experiences, but it does not mean they are positive experiences. They may be negative experiences. They may also be fantasizing. They may also be lying, yet does not matter. The only thing that matters is what you do, what you experience, what you create.

As a single person, you can create sparks of energy and have experiences of insight. For this, you must learn to save your sexual energy, which is the rule in all of pure traditions. There is no getting around it. If you have the energy saved, and you know the techniques to focus and utilize and direct that energy, you can have experiences, beautiful experiences.

We need experiences. Otherwise we won't believe in any of this. I promise you, if you apply the science, you will have them. This science is real. That is why Milarepa said that this practice is better than any Samadhi, any other typical tradition or technique like Zen or Chan or typical meditation practices. When you learn how to harness this fire, you will have experiences, but you have to know how to understand them and how to create them by will. That only happens if you know how to work with energy.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is there a specific diet, food we would incorporate to...?

A: Yes, there are some dietary guidelines. Each tradition has varieties. The basic idea in Gnosis is that, firstly, you shouldn't eat pork. The reason is because this flesh comes from an animal that has certain vibrations in it that can negatively influence your psyche. It is better to avoid it. You also should not take alcohol, drugs, smoke cigarettes, which put stimulants into the nervous system. Those stimulations prevent you from seeing the more subtle perceptions or the more subtle forces that are active there. They interfere with it. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs interfere with the normal function of the nervous system. So those need to be abandoned.

One should eat a very healthy diet, the best food you can get. Do not eat junk food, do not eat garbage. If you are putting things into your temple, you want to put the best things you can. It is not to eat expensive, but to eat well, to eat pure food, not chemicals. So we try to recommend you eat the purest food you can get. This includes avoiding canned food, grafted or hybrid foods, which are  “Frankenfruit.” You should not eat that, because there are things happening in that food that we do not perceive physically. Those foods do not contain the vitality that we need. (Like Frankenstein; Frankenfruit is a joke.)

You should drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

Before you meditate or sleep, do not eat heavy meals. Eat light at night.

Also, you have to learn for yourself the right amount of meat to eat, but in Tantric tradition, you eat meat. This is because in meat there are forces that you need, in order to work with this fire.

Q: Why is the process of awakening different for everyone since for what we call God respects cause and effect?

A: The question appears to be about implying that there's a difference in how everyone awakens. The only difference between the path that any person will take is determined by their own Karma and their own idiosyncrasy psychologically and spiritually. The path is the same. As an example, to light a candle, you need the air, fuel and the combustible element. This is true no matter where you want to light a fire, no matter what language you speak. But those elements can be a little different. You can use a rock and a flint, you can use two sticks, you can use a match, you can use a lighter. So there are different techniques. That is why we look at, for example, Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra, and there are differences in practice, differences in how they describe the occult physiology, but ultimately, if you apply the technique, you arrive at the goal. You see, each of these different groups has a slightly different idiosyncrasy, slightly different need and also different Karma. The path is one path. This is what Jesus said in the Gospel: There is one door. But the door might look a little different for us, just because of our own idiosyncrasy.

Q: You mentioned something about Lucifer, that once we get rid of the ego, Lucifer is our best friend. I remember in an earlier lecture a gnostic instructor saying Satan is liar.

A: That's right.

Q: I always had the impression that Lucifer and Satan was one and the same, you know, that Lucifer fell and became Satan. Would you clarify that for me?

A: There is a difference between Lucifer and Satan. The word satan comes from the word Shatan in Hebrew which means 'adversary'. Lucifer is Latin for “the bearer of light,” and is the cosmic force that carries the fire. That fire is Kundalini, but when that fire becomes trapped in the ego, that fire is polarized negatively and becomes Satan, the adversary or the opposite of God. As long as that fire is trapped in desire, in ego, it is Satan, it is the devil. It is not outside of us. It is our mind. But when that force is liberated, it is the bearer of light. It is the greatest angel in the hierarchy of our own consciousness. So it is our best friend.

Q: How can nature be suffering because of us if it only wants our energy?

A: Because we are destroying nature. In the past, humanity lived in harmony with nature. Humanity respected the law. tThis is symbolized in the garden of Eden, when humanity walked and talked with God and there was peace everywhere. There was no war. There was no hunger. There was no death in the sense that we know it. Nature always survives based on the energies that are created and synthesized by the organisms that are within it. We are one of those organisms. Unfortunately, our organism has become cancerous. We are destroying our host, which is nature. That is why nature is rebelling against us, starting to punish us for that, trying to purge itself from the infection. That's all nature's trying to do. Nature is trying to save itself from us.

Q: Why do need so many of these bodies when working...

A: We have many subtle bodies because nature has unfolded in levels in the same way that the ocean has great depths. So does our consciousness, our soul. Nature is not just physical matter, it is far more than that. Our internal bodies correspond to those other levels of nature. We experience those levels of nature when we dream, when we are not in our physical body, but we are travelling in other places, and maybe even other times, dreaming different things. Those are experiences of other dimensions. We experience that through other bodies that we have. Ultimately, our goal is to awaken and perfect those bodies so that we can travel throughout those regions consciously at will and be a conscious citizen of the universe, to be a conscious participant in the hierarchies that exist in the entire universe. This planet is a speck of dust in a vast beautiful infinite. There are intelligences and civilizations that we cannot even imagine, that are all around us. They are there waiting for us to become part of it. We can. First we have to return to Eden and respect the law. Having done that and having achieved the second birth, we'll have a choice. We have a choice of which path to take. How to go further beyond being restored to Eden as a normal human being. You see, right now we are not normal. We are very abnormal. That is why we are isolated from the rest of the universe. We get visited physically and internally by other intelligences, other races, but they have isolated us, because we are too dangerous. We are cancer. We are a disease in the body of the universe. Until that disease is cured, we have to be isolated for our own good and for the good of the rest of the body. That body is the body of Christ. It is all the races that exist in this infinite.

So, if we restore ourselves, we purge ourselves of the psychological and spiritual disease that we have, which is the ego, we can return once again to our rightful place, which is at the entry-way to develop ourselves throughout those regions. To do that, you cannot be limited to your physical body, because those regions are not just physical. Some of them are physical, and others exist in other levels. We need the capacity and ability, first, to see them and, two, to interact with them. A great saint or a great master or avatar has accomplished that. That is why they come back and tell us stories of all those kingdoms and paradises and worlds that they've seen and visited. If you listen or hear those stories, you'd be amazed, but as Sivananda said, most people here don't even believe that is true. They believe it is all fantasy. Yet ,it is the opposite. That is what is real; our fantasies are a lie. The reality is out there waiting and it is inside of us waiting.

Q: Along that same theme this could stem from a misunderstanding of Samael Awn Weor. He seemed to describe that in the previous rounds of creation and in the subsequent rounds to this one, that the physical reality did not exist, if only perhaps like down to the astral world or down to the mental world or something like that. You described in this beautiful lecture how we need the physical body, in order to achieve this type of development. How can that be accomplished?

A: Good question. Both are true. I was synthesizing to make it a little simpler. The physical world crystallized and emerged during the Lemurian age. This was the time when humanity was tempted and fell. The Lemurian age is the garden of Eden, it was that time. Previous to the Lemurian age were the Hyperborean and Polar ages, etc., which is when humanity was not physical. During the Lemurian era, humanity began to emerge into the physical world. In other words, all of creation was descending and crystallizing more and more into matter. During that process, what has to happen, is that the physical body is created and emerges. This is when the Kundabuffer organ was introduced. It was during that moment that the temptation occurred, when the physical body was starting to crystallize, when humanity started to enter the physical world. This is what it means when it says: "Their eyes were opened." They started to develop physical sight.

This is gradual process of cosmic evolution that occurs in every corner of the universe. Gradually, matter settles from more rarefied forms into more concrete forms. The physical, three-dimensional matter is the end of this process, and from this stage everything returns back upwards. At this time in the development of this planet, we are in a terrestrial (physical) stage, and thus need physical bodies. At other times, we need whatever body corresponds to the current stage of development.

Right now, we need the physical body both in terms of the cosmic evolution and we need it in terms of our personal evolution. So that body only emerges at that stage of the development of any humanity. Previous to that there are other levels of work there happening. And, in the next age, which will be ethereal, we will need ethereal bodies in order to advance spiritually.