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Francesco Botticini, The Assumption of the Virgin
Francesco Botticini, The Assumption of the Virgin

Laws of Being

The book Samael Aun Weor recommended most was his Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology.

He expressed how important that book is for anyone who wants to liberate themselves from suffering.

The first chapter of that book is called Level of Being.

Given his emphasis on that book, and given that the entire book depends upon understanding that first chapter, we're going to talk about it.

He said there that if we really want a radical change, the first thing we must understand is that each one of us is at one “Level of Being” or another. Whatever we are internally, psychologically, attracts the various circumstances of our life. Our external circumstances are the result of our internal condition.

That is our level of Being.

We need to understand the word being. The word being is very profound.

In this tradition, we talk about our Being, our innermost. This is similar to how other traditions, schools, religions, and philosophies use words like God.

The problem is that whichever word we use, we associate it with a form. We associate the word God or the word being with some type of form, some type of shape, some type of personality or character. When people think of God, they think of some human-like deity, maybe a bearded old man.

In truth, Being has no form. Being is a state of existence.

The reality of being is beyond the reach of our mind. Our mind is very narrow, very small,and has very little capacity. And truthfully, it's very disorganized.

To understand being, we need to use something other than our intellect, our mind, other than beliefs. We need to use our consciousness, which, simply stated, is awareness.

Awareness does not think. It simply perceives. All of us have awareness, but we do not use it wisely.

Awareness is directed connected to our inner Being. But unfortunately, our awareness has become trapped, conditioned, habituated to thinking, to emotions, beliefs, theories, structures, concepts, boxes. To understand being, we need to remove those cages from our awareness. We need to open our awareness to look beyond the limitations that we have adopted, like concepts and beliefs.

Let's say, for example, this concept of God. Anyone can experience the truth about what God is, but people do not because their mind doesn't allow it. We have veils in front of our awareness. Filters. We adopt beliefs and ideas and theories to give us a sense of security, to make us feel like we know something, to make us feel like our life is headed somewhere, and that some deity in heaven loves us.

The Law of Unity

Our word being or “to be” in English is similar to most of the other languages in the Western Hemisphere. It has a root in an ancient language that is closely related with Sanskrit. So our word in English to be or being is rooted in the Sanskrit word BHU.

Laws of Being Page 02

We're not here to study etymology or to become experts in exotic languages. We're here to learn about ourselves. Yet this Sanskrit word conveys meanings that we don't find in English or in any other modern language. Bhu in Sanskrit means be “to be” It also implies “becoming.”

It is also the number one. Philosophically speaking, the first thing that exists is beingness, a state of becoming, a state of potential. Asian religions have many words for this: Shunyata, voidness, emptiness, Brahma, parabrahma. Samanthabhadra, Adi Buddha, etc. All of them point towards one thing: our essential nature.

Being is a simple unity, the number one.

Being is totally pure, without any characteristics, except for being.

“The reason for the Being to be is to be the Being itself.”

Being has no name, no time. It doesn't have a beard, it doesn't have a gender. You can call it God if you want, but the name is irrelevant and the name unfortunately brings baggage. That's partly why I like this word Bhu. It doesn't have cultural baggage, unless you are a Sanskrit scholar.

This is the ultimate, deepest part of us: our being.

We often describe it as the absolute. It is an indescribable aspect of existence. You could say nonexistence. It is a state of absolute happiness, complete and utter joy. And if it has a defining characteristic that our mind could grasp, because emptiness is so vague and strange, we would say it's love. Simple, pure, unmodified, an expansive love, a state of happiness.

Beingness is so simple, an absolute unity. Our mind cannot understand that simplicity.
This illustrates how far we are from our Being.

We are not at that level of Being. Our current condition is very far from our true nature, the reality.

We need to study both our inner Being and our current level of Being.

The most profound part of our inner Being is a state of unity.

The Law of Three

At some time in the ancient past, that state of beingness expressed itself. It became something. It became three. That's why every religion has a trinity as its base symbol, three as one.

In Buddhism they call this the trikaya. Hindus call this trimurti, three faces or sides of one thing. Today, we're not going to talk about religious symbols. Our aim is to study ourselves, this level of existence in us.

What we need to understand is that for the unity to become something, it has to work with how nature functions. In every level of nature, creation depends on three forces. We call this the law of three.

Laws of Being Page 03

We're using a triangle to represent this. This triangle is not literal. It's not a triangle in space. This is a symbol of how the Being, unity, expresses as three in order for it to become something more.

One way to understand this is to think of this as forces. The urge to become would be that first force. It's projective. We could say masculine, which is why we often use a masculine God as a symbol. A god represents something powerful.

As soon as that masculine aspect arises, it immediately evokes its complement, which is feminine. You cannot have masculine without feminine. As soon as you talk about one, the other instantly appears. As soon those two appear, there is also that which joins them, the relationship between masculine and feminine. There are your three forces: freedom, understanding and wisdom. We talk about male and female because it is easier for our mind to grasp. But we're not talking about male and female in a literal way here. We're using male and female as a symbol to help us understand the law of three.

Our being, our inner unity, which is absolutely divine, pure, and happy, can only create by become three in one. That three in one is the first creation, the first manifested region of the Being.

If we were able to liberate our consciousness (such as in meditation) to such a degree that we experience this level of our Being, we would experience these qualities: freedom, understanding, and wisdom. These are not intellectual or conceptual qualities. They are capacities or qualities of consciousness.

So this level of Being related to the law of three is a psychological aspect of a subtle level of nature within us, very deep and very subtle. We all have it, but we are not conscious of it.

The Level of Six Laws

Laws of Being Page 04

Creation occurs by three forces. When the region of three laws creates a new level, that new level is within the region of the first three laws. Therefore, it is subject to the first three laws, as well as its own. This results in a level supported or influenced by six laws.

The forces are condensing, thickening, crystallizing, forming.

If you've studied the four worlds of Kabbalah, this is simple for you. For Buddhists, this is also simple, as it is just how nirmanakaya works.

So in this level, we now have six laws. We have the three that are subtle and another three that are a little less subtle, a little more concrete.

The world of six laws has the conscious qualities of unconditional love, courage, compassion, willpower. These are not earthly or terrestrial characteristics that are visible in our personality. These are divine qualities of consciousness deep within us, but that we are ignorant of, that we generally cannot access.

As these laws create, things are becoming more complex.

The absolute condensed into the law of three. That condensed further to become another expression of three, which results in six laws, like a prism modifying light. The light that is flowing through this is the light of the absolute, the being, divinity. As that light flows into more dense levels, it becomes these characteristics:

1: Divine Love
3: freedom, understanding, and wisdom
6: unconditional love, courage, compassion, willpower

Do you see yourself here?

No, we do not. This is within us, but we do not live it, because our consciousness is conditioned very deeply.

The Level of Twelve Laws

Laws of Being Page 05

That light condenses more. Within the space of the first law of three arose another law of three resulting in six laws. Now within that world of six laws another law of three creates, resulting in a world of twelve laws.

Now we have laws at work. This level is more condensed, more complicated. The light is becoming more particularized.

In the world of twelve laws, the light has the conscious quality of humility.

The very broad, abstract qualities of the higher levels are starting to become more particularized.

At this level there are more laws, so things are more complex.

The Level of Twenty-four Laws

Laws of Being Page 06

The law of three creates again, and since it is within the world of twelve laws, this new creation is within all the regions that gives it existence, resulting in twenty-four laws.

As we descend into more complicated regions, things become denser, more complex, less simple.

The conscious quality of this level is honesty.

The Level of Forty-eight Laws

Laws of Being Page 07

Once again a new law of three creates, resulting in the level of forty-eight laws.

We usually associate this level with the physical world and our physical body, and that is true, but in this lecture we are looking at the psychological aspect. In this case, the level of forty-eight laws relates to the conscious quality of non-attachment.

So now we have outlined a series of conscious qualities related to higher levels of being. We do not see these qualities very often in our lives or in our world.

There are people whose level of being corresponds to these levels. There are people whose level of being corresponds to the world of forty-eight laws. They are rare, and we likely do not know any. Such people do not have pride, anger, envy, or lust, so they belong to a different level than us.

There are people whose level of being corresponds to the world of twenty-four laws. These people have their consciousness awakened in the astral world; they have a solar astral body. Their residence is in the astral world. They might have a physical body, but their center of gravity, their home, is in the world of twenty-four laws.

There are people whose level of being corresponds to the world of twelve laws. These people have their consciousness awakened in the mental world; they have a solar mental body. Their residence is in the mental world. They might have a physical body, but their center of gravity, their home, is in the world of twelve laws.

There are people whose level of being corresponds to the world of six laws. These people have their consciousness awakened in the causal world; they have a solar causal body.

Now, just because these people have solar bodies, this does not mean they are pure. There are pure beings with solar bodies who reside in those levels. There are also beings with solar bodies who still have defects, imperfections, so they are split: part of them is trapped in the laws below.

Most of us are just average human beings, with our consciousness trapped in the more complex layers of nature. We have the virtues of the pure consciousness within us, but they are trapped.

The qualities of the superior levels of being are Freedom, Understanding, Wisdom, Unconditional Love, Courage, 
Compassion, Willpower, Humility, Honesty, Non-attachment.

When humanity was simple, very pure, these were the only qualities we knew. You can still see the pure qualities in the eyes of a baby. You see their purity, innocence and sweetness. They are simple, and give so much light. That is because the consciousness of a newborn baby conveys our true nature. Everyone of us has that inside, but it is conditioned, trapped, and almost impossible to see now.

We love to think we have all of these beautiful qualities in our daily life, but we don't. We have all these qualities, but we don't get to use them much. We don't have much experience with them because we've made a lot of mistakes.

The level of forty-eight laws is related to physicality, especially to our brain and our physical senses. Here, in our bodies, our awareness is conditioned by our brain and senses. We perceive through them, meaning our perceptions are modified by the forty-eight laws.

Remember, the forty-eight laws are not individual laws, rules that you could write out in a list, or laws of nature like gravity or magnetism or electricity. The forty-eight laws are simply the law of three, layered.

The level of forty-eight laws is just a crystallization resulting from layers of sets of laws of three, like a beautiful fabric woven together. The result is what we perceive physically through our senses and interpret through our body.

We perceive the world of forty-eight laws because of our physical body and being in the physical world. So, some people assume that means that our level of being is related to the world of forty-eight laws.

In ancient times, humanity had their level of being at the level of forty-eight laws. But we lost that. We lost it because the quality of psyche that relates to that world is non-attachment. And we lost that.

We developed attachment. We developed lust. We developed craving. We developed desire. Through our willpower, we used that law of three through our body, senses, and mind, and we created attachment, lust, desire, craving. Since those qualities do not belong in the pure realms, we created more complication. The world of forty-eight laws created another world: the world of ninety-six laws.

The Levels from Ninety-six to Eight Hundred and Sixty-four Laws

Laws of Being Page 08

Our physical body still in the world of forty-eight laws. Our mind is not.

You can find a few places in the world where the physical environment still has the quality of forty-eight laws. These are places where life is very simple. Life is not complicated. Generally we only find this in very remote places like rural places where there aren't a lot of people. Remote villages, remote farms where their life is very simple, where time doesn't pressure them the way it does in the cities.

When you go into the cities or places where there are a lot of people, things are very complex. There are so many rules and regulations and laws and behaviors that are expected of us. That is created by the collective psychology of those places. The collective psyche of those places is in the lower worlds.

There are places on this planet that are so incredibly complicated, violent and dangerous. People are under threat from moment to moment, not knowing if they're going to stay alive for another few minutes. And if they say just the wrong thing, they'll be shot or put in prison and tortured. This quality of environment is spreading worldwide. Such places are worse than the level of ninety-six laws.

96 192 288 384 480 576 672 768 864

Laws of Being Page 09

This list of numbers illustrates mathematically how the law of three becomes increasingly complex as the light flows through our mind. One becomes three laws, which becomes six, then twelve, then twenty-four, then forty-eight laws. Then, because we are asleep and fascinated by illusory desires, our psyche rapidly modifies that light into ninety-six laws, doubling nine times to reach the lowest region of creation, the world of eight hundred and sixty-four laws. This is the ninth sphere of the inferior worlds, the densest and most complication region of nature, and the place where the suffering is the worst. It is a level of unimaginable pain, and we have it within us. Some parts of our consciousness are trapped there.

There are places in the physical world that correspond to those very low levels: places where the suffering is unimaginable. Such places exist, but we prefer not to know about it.

What creates these levels of density is our mind. Our quality of mind.

When we are identified with Lust, Desire, Craving, our consciousness is bound by 96 laws.

When we are identified with Lies, Anarchy, Violence, our consciousness is bound by 192 laws. Lies relate to any untruth, any illusion or deception. Anarchy relates to any lack of order or law. Violence relates to any form of cruelty or harm, whether to others or oneself.

When we are identified with Gluttony, Pride, our consciousness is bound by 288 laws. Gluttony is a lack of self-control, unrestrained desire of any kind. Pride is self-love, self-hate, self-obsession.

When we are identified with Greed, Egotism, our consciousness is bound by 384 laws. Greed indicates wastefulness, whether by squandering or hoarding, selfishness, possessiveness, whether of objects, energy, attention, etc. Egotism is our sense of self, me, myself, and all the lies that support it.

When we are identified with Anger, Tyranny, our consciousness is bound by 480 laws. Anger is resentment, frustration, hate. Tyranny is the attempt to control the will of anyone else.

When we are identified with Fanaticism, Skepticism, our consciousness is bound by 576 laws. Fanaticism is any narrow point of view, especially theories and ideas. Skepticism mocks purity, chastity, divinity, religion, spirituality.

When we are identified with Violence Against Nature, our consciousness is bound by 672 laws. Violence against nature is harmful actions against our Divine Mother.

When we are identified with Blind Faith, our consciousness is bound by 768 laws. Blind faith is related to the confidence we have in desire and our false sense of self, how we worship our ego, our Pharisee “I.”

When we are identified with Treason, our consciousness is bound by 864 laws. Treason is how we betray our true nature, our Being, by acting on our self-will rather than the will of our Being.

What is My Level of Being?

This is how you can evaluate your level of being and thereby your quality of life. When we talk about level of being, we're talking about a quality of existence. How someone lives, how they experience being alive. All of us experience our moment to moment existence, not according to our physical circumstances, but according to our psychological circumstances.

Our quality of mind is our quality of being. Our psychological condition is our level of being.

Furthermore, our psychological qualities determine our experience of life.

An arrogant person has a quality of life that results from their arrogance.

A lustful person has a quality of life that results from their lust.

A patient person, a loving person, has a corresponding quality of life.

If we are suffering, it is because of our level of being.

When we have a life that is extremely rigid, with no real freedom of movement, but every day we are forced to work to earn a little money, to pay the bills, to fulfill our responsibilities, and to chase after our desires, that is all a result of our level of being.

From day to day, most people are like a hamster in a wheel, repeating the same behaviors every day, over and over and over. Their level of being is very low because their life is ruled by many laws. They have no freedom, no freedom of movement, no freedom of thought, no freedom to change their circumstances. They are restricted, bound.

If they want to change their circumstances, they need to change their level of being.

Changing jobs or moving to a new country will not change their level of being. They will continue to attract the same circumstances, the same sufferings.

Society is degenerating, which is rapidly accelerating the multiplication of the laws of three. Nowadays you must agree with the herd. The herd says, “We love these types of behaviors. We love it when you are sarcastic and cruel, so you must become sarcastic and cruel. You must mock people, talk bad about them, gossip, tell jokes, especially people who don't have our beliefs.” We demonize others who disagree with us. That is not the behavior of a being with free will. That is not the behavior of an angel or a Buddha or someone who has freedom of movement psychologically and physically. It is the behavior of someone who's in a cage or a prison, who, in order to survive that prison, must do what the other prisoners are doing, or they will be beaten or killed. Society is a prison filled with insane prisoners. If we want to escape the prison and reach a higher level of being, we need to change.

What are the qualities of modern society? Personally, in my experience, I can easily see all of the low qualities in society. Personally, I do not want to have those qualities, nor do I want to associate with them. But, since I have them in myself, I need to study them so that I can become free of them completely.

The least complex among them is attachment, which corresponds to the world of forty-eight laws. Society loves attachment, possession, acquisitions, gain, wealth, materialism, etc. Of course, the Buddha said this is the cause of all suffering.

From attachment, desire, all of the qualities of our daily life emerge: lies and anarchy, gluttony and pride, greed and egotism, anger, tyranny, fanaticism…

These are the qualities that we live with daily, psychologically and physically.

These are the qualities that our society is most recognized by the quality of our world. We do not live in a world of harmony and peace, a world that loves truth and that wants to ascend to a superior way of being. Our society loves violence, cruelty, and degeneration and celebrates it in every possible way and encourages it in every possible way. And if you don't go along with it, well, they will make you suffer.

The most important thing is for us to recognize this in our daily experience. When we are suffering, when we are in pain, when our mind is racing in circles, angry, discontented, we should stop to question that psychological environment, and consider, “What is my level of being right now?”

We never realize that we chose our level of being. If we were to take a moment when angry and recognize that that anger is a very narrow way of seeing things, it is very selfish, it is violent and it is very blind. Anger wants to inflict pain. That's it. Anger wants to inflict pain. It is so restricted. It is so far from divinity. And if we act on it, we make it stronger.

All of these qualities, psychological qualities, are like that. We have them all. And the problem we have is that we're not really aware of it.

The Hidden Truth

These levels, these qualities are inside of us. But they're in deep layers in our mind and we are unaware of them until some circumstance or another pokes it enough that we feel a little tingle from it, a little presence of it, but most of the time we're not really aware of it because we have our consciousness asleep. Only when somebody says the wrong thing to us or puts us in a situation that provokes something of one of these qualities that we then maybe get a glimpse of it. But we always avoid it. We justify it. We say, “Oh, no, no, no. I'm a spiritual person.” We lie to ourselves.

That's because many of these qualities are subconscious. Sub means “below, underneath.” That is, they influence us from below our awareness.

We also have qualities that are unconscious, meaning “without consciousness,” meaning that sometimes we act on them and don't realize that that is what is motivating us.

For example, Gluttony is the longing for more. It's not just about food. It's a craving to have more of something. Those who constantly shop, those who constantly look for attention are gluttons. Some of us have a personality that's entirely organized around making sure somebody is paying attention to us. That person is a glutton for attention. They are unconscious of that.

We also have infraconscious qualities that are so deep we would never accept that we have it. We would never believe it.

Every day we hear stories now of people killing each other, taking a gun to kill a bunch of people. And everyone always says, “We never expected this person to do that.” How do these cases happen? Because all of us have infraconscious defects capable of mass murder, qualities of anger, pride, and extreme violence. All it takes is a crack in our personality, just the right circumstances for part of our psyche to break, so these submerged qualities, out and take over our actions, and cause us to behave in ways that are reprehensible. Afterwards, the perpetrators often say, “It wasn't me, I wasn't myself. I just snapped.”

There are hundreds of thousands of young men right now who are committing acts of violence that they would have never believed they were capable of. In Europe, there's a war. People are being killed as we speak and in other places in the world where acts of violence are being carried out by people who never would have accepted they were capable of it, but put in just the right circumstances with just the right pressures. They become mass murderers.

All of us have the potential to become tyrants and cruel, terrible, because we have all of these qualities deep in our mind. Our level of being is very low.

The purpose of the book that we're discussing today is to give us the tools to change it.

The first step is to recognize it.


We need to learn Self-observation. Learn to observe your mind. Learn to observe the qualities that are percolating under the surface all the time.

If you observe the types of thoughts, feelings and impulses that are flowing through you all the time, you'll start to see some things that are really weird. If you observe the voices that you hear when you're falling asleep, you'll start to hear these voices that are not your voice, saying things and talking and having conversations. Those are the contents of your mind.

When you see a thought, let's say, for example, you feel really disappointed in someone, even angry. And the thought is there, even if it's just a flash of a thought to hurt them, this impulse to hit them or to hurt them, you might stop it, but that impulse is proof that you have elements of violence in your mind, and maybe in that moment you were able to restrain it. But there may come a day where you cannot. None of us want to hurt the people we love. None of us really want to hurt anyone until anger takes over.

So observing ourselves is the most important tool that we need to learn.

To begin these studies, learn how to observe, how to see the facts and not run away from them, but observe them and understand them.

Then we need to study those facts in a deeper way. For this, we need to withdraw from the conditioning of as many laws as possible.

That is why we learn meditation.


Real meditation is conscious perception of the truth. To have this kind of perception, we need to extract the consciousness from all conditioning. In other words, we need to withdraw the consciousness from as many laws as possible.

Our consciousness comes from our inner Being, which is one law. Right now, our consciousness is trapped in the physical body (48 laws) and our psychological cage, which is in layers from 96 to 864 laws. That is a lot of conditioning.

To meditate, we need to extract the consciousness from as much of that as possible.

Laws of Being Page 10

This man that we call the Buddha recognized these things about himself. He recognized that people were suffering, and he wanted to change it. He did not go out into the world and start telling people what to do. Instead, he walked away from everything. He renounced everything and began to meditate.

The world of forty-eight laws has the quality of non-attachment. That's where he began: renunciation. He renounced all attachment. He withdrew within himself and began to observe.

That is why we teach meditation the way that we do; we tell you to adopt your position and relax.
We're really telling you to renounce or let go of your body. Don't be attached to it. Let go of thoughts. Don't be attached. Let go of emotions. Let it all go. Leave it alone. Let it rest. This is non-attachment, renunciation. We want to extract the light from the cage.

Laws of Being Page 11

Here are all those laws lined up, from 1 to 864. When you sit to meditate, you have all of this within you, but you are unaware of it. Your physical senses only perceive a very narrow range of sensations and your capacity to observe thought and emotion only perceives a very narrow range of thoughts and emotions. The vast majority of what exists within us is imperceptible to us. If you learn to meditate, you can learn to perceive it all.

The way to do that is to become still. If this is a map of our mind, and when we sit to meditate, we don't see anything, we just feel tension racing, thoughts, surging feelings, darkness, then that's our level of being. That's our experience of being. That is what we are experiencing of life.

Consider this when you meditate next: observe your state of being, and compare it with the laws you have studied here. Where is your state of consciousness on this list of laws? What qualities of consciousness are you observing in yourself? Hard to tell, right? That's a problem.

We suggest you start with your body, the world of forty-eight laws. You can observe that, and verify it. The quality of that level is non-attachment, so begin by experiencing that quality, evoking it in the present moment.

What is non-attachment? It is to leave things as they are, to not desire to own them or change them, but to disassociate from them.

Place your body in its position. Relax everything. Do not move. Make everything still with deep relaxation. Your aim is to become one, the unity, the law from which all of this emerges.

But if you're sitting there and you're just feeling angry, frustrated, “I can't meditate. This is ridiculous. This is a waste of time.” That's anger. You can't meditate because you are trapped by that frustration. That desire to meditate has nothing to do with real meditation. Desire, frustration, anger, are qualities of the level of 480 laws. You are trapped there, so you first need to deal with that.

What if you're a fanatic about this type of study? You've adopted some psychological or spiritual theory or belief, and it totally limits your way of seeing. So you think, “no, no, this way of meditation is wrong. The way I know is better. My way. The way I learned from so and so, that way is good. Nothing else works.” That's a fanatic. That person's mind is completely conditioned into a narrow view in the world of 576 laws. They can't see anything else. They are trapped in a lower level of being. They will only reach a higher level by first seeing and understanding that cage they are trapped in.

The same is true of a skeptic, someone who believes none of this is real. They believe spirituality is just nonsense that we invented. They don't accept anything. They don't believe anything. They've conditioned themselves into the world of 576 laws. They've built themselves a little cage, and that is their level of being: the skeptic full of doubt and pain. They can't see anything new.

So when you're sitting to meditate or when you're trying to observe yourself through the course of the day, this is what you want to look at in yourself. Why are you not accessing the higher qualities of being? Why are you not accessing the world of twelve laws or six laws? Why are you not accessing the world of the absolute, the state of unity? It is because your consciousness is conditioned in some lower level of being.

Any one of us can escape conditioning and experience the superior levels of being, because they're inside of us. The way to do it is simple. Renounce it. Renounce it. Don't be attached. Relax. Let it go. Don't think. Don’t believe.

Learn to be.

Learn to just be.

Be pure awareness. Nothing else.

No mind. No thought. No emotion, no identity. No name. Become the being.

That's it.

When we relax the body and let it become still, we stop focusing attention on it. We withdraw attention from it. Eventually, the consciousness will leave it. We will rise out. The same is true of all the other conditions: if we leave them alone, observing but not engaging, eventually everything settles and becomes still, and our consciousness rises out of them. But this is not possible if we are impatient, or become involved with the images, thoughts, memories, sensations. It is also not possible if we do not see that which binds us. Ignoring our condition is the same as ignoring the chains that tie us down.

What keeps us trapped is our will. Attention is will. Learn to control attention with willpower, and you can change your level of being.

If you want to experience a superior level of being, it's up to you. You can do that.

To learn meditation, do not try to make meditation happen. Meditation will happen on its own the instant the conditions allow it. So, observe what is preventing it from happening: attachment, desire, frustration…

Observe, and withdraw.

Recognize what is preventing you from feeling freedom and peace.

Peace only exists in superior levels of being. The higher you go into the simpler worlds, the more peace you'll find. We don't have peace now because our consciousness is trapped in all of these qualities. We don't have serenity. We have pain. Conflict.

This is why meditation is so important. Real meditation has nothing to do with beliefs, not even theories. It has everything to do with paying attention inside and each thought that emerges. Each impulse, each emotion, each memory. Each image. We observe that, we are aware of that. And we let it go. We have to see it. We have to recognize it, but not be attached to it.

We need to be honest. We need to be humble. You see, within us, all of us, we have that state of unity, the law of one. Our awareness is rooted in that.

The method to meditate is to simply become that pure awareness without any conditioning. If you want to experience the absolute, you can do it today. Simply let go of everything that is not that.

You can learn to do this in meditation, to experience any of these superior levels of being, to experience the absolute. However, that is not liberation from suffering.

After that experience, your consciousness will go right back into its cages, because they belong to you. Permanent liberation is only possible when all of these cages are destroyed. The only way to destroy them is to know them. For that, we need to study ourselves.

No matter what you're experiencing, whether physically or internally, always be expanding your awareness, even if what you're perceiving seems vague or uncertain or uncomfortable. Don't avoid it. Don't turn away from it. Look at it.

Everything that's happening in you is part of you. It may not seem like it. You may see thoughts and voices and images that seem to have no purpose and not related to anything. But they're in you.

If your mind was already at a superior level of being, it would be empty. You wouldn't have that constant inner chatter, so many desires, thoughts, so many voices. You wouldn't have those memories and weird scenes and dramas and tragedies that are playing out in your dreams all the time.

And, if you do not remember any dreams at all, your level of being is very low. You are asleep.

When we start to raise our awareness, we also start to remember our dreams, until eventually, our memory of dreams is as full and complete as our memory of our daily life. Then, as we expand and strengthen awareness more, and liberate ourselves more from the lower laws, we stop dreaming completely. It doesn't mean when such a person lays down to sleep that they completely lose awareness of themselves for hours. No, it means they lay down to sleep. They go out of the body and they're active out of the body the same way we are physically. But in the world of 24 laws, or 12 laws or six laws, they are active, awake, aware, directing themselves by will, doing what they need to do. And then in the morning when they need to wake up, they go back in their body and wake up physically. This is the level of being of someone who is awakening, who is truly spiritual.

Don't lie to yourself and think that you are at that level. They go out of their body at will and traverse those regions and do the work they need to do and then come back into the body and continue here. If you're not having that experience, you're not at that level of being.

Humanity is asleep, and our level of being is very low, marked by our pride, laziness, and attachments to material things.

From moment to moment, our level of being drifts from craving something to feeling proud of ourselves for something, then from resentment to the urge to control someone else. In those moments, our level of being drifted from 96 laws to 288 then 480.

That is why we suffer, and remain in ignorance. If you want to change it, start paying attention.

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