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The Mantra FA RA ON

The disciple must enter into a slumber state while vocalizing the mantra FARAON, which must be chanted in three syllables, as follows:

Fffffaaaa... Rrrraaaa… Ooooonnnn...

The vocalization of the letter R has already been explained.

The disciple must lie down (horizontally), facing up. Without rigidity, the disciple must extend his arms to either side of his body and place the palms of the hands on the surface of the bed. The knees must be bent, and thus the soles of the feet will rest upon the bed. The entire body must be relaxed, limb by limb.

Thus, in this manner, the disciple must enter into a slumber state and by profoundly breathing, chant the mantra FARAON.

Thus, the disciple (in a slumber state) will inevitably come out of the physical body without knowing how or when.

Now, the disciple’s Astral Body will unavoidably be projected within the internal worlds, within the fifth dimension.  Here the disciple’s consciousness will fully awaken, in other words, his/her consciousness will become aware of the amazing experiences within those worlds and he will be able to dedicate himself to the practice of Theurgy.

Nonetheless, before lying down, one must perform the sign of the Microcosmic Star. To that effect, the arms are raised upwards until the palms of the hands touch each other above the head. Thereafter, extend the arms laterally so that they remain in a horizontal position, forming a cross with the rest of the body. Finally, cross the forearms (the right over the left) on your chest, touching it with the palms while the fingertips reach the front of your shoulders.

microcosmic star

Our adorable Savior of the World, the Christ Jesus, used this mysterious clue (that only now has been revealed to us) when He studied in the Pyramids of Kefren.

Master Huiracocha advises the burning of some aromatic substance, some incense, or simply impregnate your room with a good perfume.

The Mantra TAI RE RE RE

In this second clue, the disciple must enter into a slumber state while vocalizing the mantra: Tai Re...Re...Re...

This mantra must be chanted strongly by accentuating the vowel A: Taaaaaaiiiiiiiii.

The three remaining syllables are vocalized by giving onto the E (as pronounced in the word “red”) a melodious, prolonged bell-like sound. Do not roll the R; pronounce it simply: Reeeeeeee... Reeeeeeeee... Reeeeeeee…

Chant the syllable TAI in a deep tone.

Repeat the syllable RE three times in a higher tone than TAI.

When the disciple is already in a slumber state, (which is that precise state of transition between vigil and sleep) he/she must rise from his/her bed without hesitation, laziness, doubts, or reasoning; he/she must rise naturally as a reflected action or in an instinctive, automatic and absolutely childlike manner. For example, observe the birds: when they are going to fly, they do not reason, they do not harbor doubts or preconceptions, they simply fly away instinctively, we could say, automatically. The disciple must imitate the birds and proceed in this manner. Therefore, he must rise from the bed and leave the room and depart towards any corner, any place of the infinite.

When we state that the student must rise from the bed, this must be translated into effective and immediate action, without thinking about it.

Unforeseen and Reflex Astral Projection

We will now mention the case of a gentleman, who while sleeping, had to unexpectedly get up from his bed in order to open the door of his house (he overheard someone knocking at the door). When he returned to his bedroom he had the tremendous surprise of finding a man sleeping in his bed. By carefully observing the man, he became perfectly aware that the man was his own physical body, which he had left asleep within his bed.

Based on the former reference, the students will be able to realize that when a person gets up from his bed in the precise moment of entering into a slumber state, the outcome is inevitably “an astral projection.”

The gentleman of the former paragraph “projected himself into the astral” because he got up from his bed with the most complete spontaneity. The projection happened without mental analysis, fear or prejudgment. He simply got up in order to open the door, and that was all!

The Anahat Sound

A “still, small voice” incessantly resounds within the cells of the human brain. This is a sharp, hissing sound. This is the sound of a “chirping cricket,” the “hissing of the serpent,” the “Anahat sound.” The Voice of Brahma has ten tonalities that the theurgist must learn how to listen to. As the bee absorbs itself within the nectar of the flower, likewise the mind of the student should be absorbed within that sound.

Whosoever wishes to perceive the “Anahat sound,” must empty the mind, must quiet the mind, but not forcefully quiet it; we repeat: quiet.

Let us perceive the difference between a mind that is quiet because it has comprehended that it is useless to think and a mind that is artificially quieted. Understand the difference between a mind that attains a spontaneous, natural silence, and a mind that has been silenced by force, violently.

When the mind is quiet, in profound silence, the student can then inevitably perceive the sound of the cricket: a subtle, sharp, penetrating sound. Moreover, if the soul of the student is absorbed within such a mystical sound, then the doors of mystery open up for him. Consequently, in those moments, he can rise from the bed instinctively and leave the room; he can go towards the temples of the White Lodge, or to any place in the universe.

The disciple must learn how to play the lyre of Orpheus. This lyre is the Word, the Sound, the great Word!

The Mantra S

The disciple must enter into a slumber state while vocalizing the letter S like a still, small hiss: Sssssssssssssssssssss.

By vocalizing the letter S, the student will acquire the capacity to resound the still, small voice within his brain, the Anahat sound at will; this will allow him to consciously project himself in his Astral Body.

The Mantra LA RA

The sexual energy is bipolarized into positive and negative. The solar atoms from our seminal system ascend through the right ganglionic cord, which entwines around the spinal medulla. Likewise, the lunar atoms from the seminal system ascend through the left ganglionic cord, which entwines around the spinal medulla.

The Solar Atoms resound with the mantra: RA.

The Lunar Atoms vibrate intensely with the mantra: LA.

The sexual power of the two witnesses known in the Orient by the names of Ida and Pingala can be used in order for the still, small voice, the Anahat sound, to resound within the brain.

The Anahat sound is produced by the sexual energies in motion. It is already known that all motion produces sound. Therefore, if we compel the “Solar and Lunar atoms” of our seminal system to vibrate with intensity, then, the Anahat sound will strongly (and with more intensity) resound; this will grant us the capacity to consciously project ourselves in the Astral Body.

Therefore, enter into a slumber state by mentally vocalizing the following:

Laaaaaaaaaa... Raaaaaaaaa...

Laaaaaaaaaa... Raaaaaaaaa...

With these mantras, the above mentioned Solar and Lunar Atoms will intensely spin, forming an electric whirlwind. The spinning movement produces the Anahat sound, which will allow the student to consciously escape from the physical body. It is essential for the student to get up from the bed (while in a slumber state) and take advantage of the mystical sound.

The two witnesses of the Revelation of St. John grant the power of prophecy, because they produce the awakening of the consciousness. The Solar Fire rises through the right ganglionic cord; the Lunar Water rises through the left ganglionic cord. Fire plus water is equal to Consciousness. The fire of Phlegethon and the water of Acheron cross in the Ninth Sphere (Sex), forming the sign of the Infinite. This sign is the Holy Eight. If we carefully observe the Caduceus of Mercury, we perceive the Holy Eight, formed by the two serpents that are entwined around it.

Special Clue of “Discernment”

During the hours of sleep, every human being moves in the Astral plane, floating out of the physical body. Even so, unfortunately, during the hours of sleep, within the Internal Worlds human beings wander about with their consciousness absolutely asleep. Generally, they just perform the same daily routine of their life. However, if their consciousness was awaken, instead of dedicating themselves to those nocturnal tasks, they would have the opportunity to contemplate all the marvels of the Superior Worlds with their astral eyes; thus, they would dedicate themselves to study the great mysteries of life and death.

Therefore, here we reveal a clue to awaken astral consciousness within the Superior Worlds, precisely during the time of normal sleep.

Exercise: At any given moment during the vigil state, during the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is necessary to become accustomed to the exercise of “discernment.” For example, when a student gazes at the purple color of a beautiful sunset, the most logical question that he should ask himself is: “Am I in the Astral Body? Am I now wandering about out of the physical body?”

There, immediately after those questions, the student must execute a small jump, an upward leap, with the intention of floating. Evidently, if he manages to float it is because he is performing the jump in the Astral Body; his physical body (except all of its vital faculties) was left in his bed sleeping, inactive.

Gnostic disciples must remember and grasp the fact that during sleep, the soul see things in the Astral world exactly as those that exist in the physical world; thus, this is why, everybody during their normal sleep, firmly believes that they are acting in the physical body.

Notwithstanding, the Law of Levitation reigns in the Internal Worlds, while in the physical world the Law of Gravity reigns!

Consequently, the execution of a small jump solves the question: if one floats, it is because one is in the Astral, thus, the Consciousness awakens.

Therefore, every detail, everything that piques our curiosity, (i.e. every beautiful landscape of Nature) must be worthy of “discernment;” the student must ask the aforementioned questions and thereafter execute the jump.

The following is an illustrative example of the events of daily life. Our friend John, mentioned here many times before, used to do this exercise during his daily life, at every moment, before any detail that piqued his attention or curiosity.

One night John visited some friends, who welcomed him with great affection. Thus, contented, seated among them, he was enjoying the conversation. However, since John was habituated (before any important detail) to ask to himself the aforementioned questions, logically, such a meeting of friends was reason enough in order to question himself:

“Am I in the Astral Body? Am I now wandering about out of the physical body?”

Immediately, he looked around him, and evidently everything showed that he was in the physical body. Some of his friends were dressed in trench coats; while some were in suits and yet others were dressed in ordinary urban clothing. So, nothing indicated that John was in the Astral. Nevertheless, he said to himself: “I will execute my little jump!”

He, therefore, excused himself from his buddies and left the room. Thus, outside and with the firm intention of flying, he jumped as high as he could. The outcome was astounding, since he remained floating in the environment! He became perfectly aware that he was within his Astral Body and that his physical body was left resting in the bed!

See, if at that moment John had the initiative of asking such questions to himself, it was due to the fact that he formulated such questions to himself at every moment during his daily life. To sum up, this is why such practical questions were absolutely recorded within his subconsciousness. Thus now, during the normal sleep, his subconsciousness automatically impelled him to repeat such practical questions precisely when he was out of his physical body.  So, the end result was Astral consciousness.

Sequentially, John went back to the room and said the following to his friends: “Friends of mine let me communicate to you that we, who are reunited here, are in the Astral Body. The fact is that you, friends, went to sleep a few hours ago and right now, your physical bodies are in their beds! Yet, here, all of us are in the Astral Plane.”

All my friends touched and looked at each other and said: “That is impossible! We are in the physical body, in flesh and bones!”

They ended up laughing at John. They laughed like madmen. Therefore, when John saw the naiveté of his friends or rather, that they were with their consciousness asleep, he withdrew from the room. While floating in his Astral Body he thought to fly towards San Francisco, California; he wanted to visit a certain temple, which an Initiate founded there, and so he went.

An Unconscious Disincarnated Person

Once on his way, flying in his Astral Body, John glimpsed a man down below, who was traveling by foot. The man was a cargo man, who was carrying a huge load on his back; such a load was very heavy.

When John observed him closely, he could perceive that this person was deceased! He had physically died a short time ago! Yet, now, within his Astral Body, he restlessly walked along that road, convinced that he was within his physical body. He was not conscious of his death; he walked with his consciousness asleep! The load he carried on his strong shoulders was nothing but a mental image created by his mind. This wretched man had physically worked as a cargo man, yet now, after death, he continued on the same job, carrying huge mental loads on his back.

Therefore, with the goal of awakening this man’s consciousness, John said the following:

“Friend, be aware of your condition; bear in mind that you are dead; you do not have a physical body anymore.”

With somnambulist’s eyes the man looked at John, yet he did not understand what John was trying to make him comprehend. Then, by floating around him, John made another attempt. Nevertheless everything was futile! The man had his consciousness asleep, thus any attempt to awaken him was a complete failure.

If this man, during his physical life, when he was in possession of the physical body, would have practiced the clue of “discernment,” he would have then been capable of awakening his consciousness during his normal sleep; thus, now after death, he would have become conscious of his disincarnated condition and would have thus become a conscious disciple of the great White Lodge.

Therefore, John gave up any other attempts and continued on his way towards the main purpose of his journey, finally arriving at the temple.

After a while, John happily flew back to his home and returned to his physical body by entering through the pineal gland, which is the window of Brahma, the seat of the soul (as stated by Descartes).

We guarantee the effectiveness of the clue here revealed, since the disciples who have practiced it and attained the awakening of their consciousness within the Internal Worlds are innumerable. What is fundamental is to practice the clue constantly, during the vigil state, since this is the only way for our subconsciousness to register the clue and thus to automatically repeat it during normal sleep.

This practice is one of the ways that the subconsciousness can be placed under the service of conscious will.

Immediately after normal sleep, in the very moment of returning into the physical body (when the consciousness is returning again to the normal vigil state), the student must not physically move in his bed, since with the movement of his physical body, the Astral Body is agitated and the subconscious memories are lost.

So, during those still moments, the students must practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember the places where they traveled, and the things they learned about while acting in their Astral Body.

The Mantra Egipto

Our disciples must acquire the power of Astral Body projection. This power is acquired by vocalizing daily for an hour the sacred mantra Egipto. The vowel “E” makes the thyroid gland vibrate and grants the initiate the power of the occult ear. The “G” awakens the chakra of the liver, and when this chakra has reached its full development, then, the initiate can enter and leave the physical body any time at will. The vowel “I,” combined with the letter “P,” develops clairvoyance in the initiate, and the power to depart in the Astral Body through the window of Brahma, which is the pineal gland. Pronounce the letter “T” with force over the vowel “O, “ which is intimately related with the chakra of the heart; this is how the initiate can acquire the power to project the self through this plexus and thus travel in his Astral Body. The correct pronunciation of this mantra is as follows: eeeeeegggggggiiiiiiiipppppppttttoooooooo

Those who still do not have the ability to project themselves in the Astral Body with our clues, lack this power. Therefore, they must first acquire it by vocalizing daily for one hour the mantra Egipto. This mantra develops the chakras related with the projection of the Astral Body completely. This is how the disciple acquires the power of entering and leaving the physical body at will. Once the power for astral projection is acquired, the disciple will enter and leave the physical body at will.

The Mantra O

Many occultist students want internal illumination and suffer horribly because in spite of many years of study and esoteric practices, they remain as blind and unconscious as when they first began to read the first books. We, the brothers and sisters of the temple, know through our own experience that the cardiac chakra is definitive for internal illumination. The Siva Samhita, a great Hindustani book, speaks at great length about the benefits obtained by the yogi on meditating on the chakra of the tranquil heart:

“The yogi acquires immense knowledge, knows the past, the present and the future; he has clairaudience and clairvoyance and can go through the air wherever he pleases. He sees the adepts and the yogini Goddesses; he obtains the faculty called Kheckari (to move through the air) and bhuchari (to go at will to all corners of the world).”

Those who want to learn how to leave in the Astral Body at will, those who want to enter into the Jinn science, to learn how to place themselves within the Fourth Dimension with the physical body and travel with their physical body to any distant place in the world without the necessity of an airplane; those who urgently need to awaken their clairvoyance and clairaudience must concentrate their mind daily on the cardiac chakra and meditate profoundly on that marvelous center. To meditate on this center for one hour daily is marvelous. The mantra of this chakra is the vowel O, which is vocalized by prolonging the sound like this: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

During the former indicated practice, one must pray to Christ, asking him to awaken the heart chakra.

Excerpted from various writings of Samael Aun Weor.