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The World of Relations

The world of relationships has three very different aspects that we need to clarify in a precise manner.

  1. First: We are related with the planetary body, in other words, the physical body.
  2. Second: We live on the planet Earth and by logical consequence we are related with the exterior world and with our personal matters such as relatives, business, money, office matters, profession, politics, etc.
  3. Third: We have the relationship of a person with himself. For the majority of people, this kind of relationship does not have the least importance.

Unfortunately, people are only interested in the first two kinds of relationships. They look at the third type with the most absolute indifference.

Indeed, nourishment, health, money and business constitute the principal worries of the “intellectual animal” mistakenly called the “human being.”

Now then, it is evident that the physical body, as well as worldly matters, are exterior to ourselves.

The planetary body (physical body) is sometimes sick, sometimes healthy and so on.

We always believe that we have some knowledge of our physical body; yet indeed, not even the best scientists of the world know much about the body of flesh and bone.

There is no doubt that the physical body, given its tremendous and complex organization, is certainly much beyond our comprehension.

Regarding the second type of relationship, we are always victims of circumstances. It is lamentable that we have not yet learned how to consciously originate circumstances.

Many are the people who are incapable of adapting themselves to anything or anyone or to have true success in life.

When we think in ourselves in relation with the Gnostic Esoteric Work, it is then imperative to discover if we are at fault with any of these three types of relationships.

A concrete case can come to pass that we become physically ill, as a consequence of being incorrectly related with our physical bodies.

It can happen that we are incorrectly related with the exterior world. Thus, as a result, we have conflicts, economical and social problems, etc.

It can come to pass that we are incorrectly related with ourselves. Accordingly, we suffer deeply due to the lack of inner enlightenment.

Obviously, if the lamp of our room is not connected to the electrical installation, our room will be in darkness.

Therefore, those who suffer from a lack of inner illumination must connect their mind with the superior centers of their Being.

Unquestionably, we need to establish correct relationships not only with our planetary body (physical body) and with the exterior world but also with each of the parts of our own Being.

Pessimistic patients, tired of so many doctors and medicines, no longer desire to be cured. Yet, optimistic patients struggle to live.

Many millionaires who lose their fortune gambling in the casino of Monte Carlo commit suicide, while millions of poor mothers work to maintain their children.

Innumerable are the depressed aspirants who, due to a lack of psychic powers and inner illumination, have renounced the Esoteric Work for themselves.

Few are the ones who know how to take advantage of adversities.

During times of rigorous temptations, discouragement and desolation, one must appeal to the intimate Remembering of the Self.

Deep within each one of us is the Aztec Tonantzin, Stella Maris, the Egyptian Isis, God the Mother, waiting for us in order to heal our painful heart.

When one gives to oneself the shock of “Self-remembering,” then indeed, a miraculous change in the entire work of the body is produced, so that the cells receive a different nourishment.