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Personal Events

When dealing with the discovery of wrong psychological states, a complete intimate Self-observation of the “myself” is unavoidable.

Unquestionably, wrong internal states can be corrected with correct procedures.

Since our internal life is the magnet which attracts external events, we need with a maximum and unavoidable urgency to eliminate erroneous psychological states from our psyche.

The correction of mistaken psychological states is indispensable when one wants to fundamentally alter the nature of certain undesirable events.

The alteration of our relation with certain events is possible if we eliminate certain absurd psychological states from our interior.

Destructive external situations could become inoffensive and even constructive by intelligently correcting erroneous internal states.

When one purifies oneself internally, one can then change the nature of unpleasant events that happen to us.

Whosoever never corrects absurd psychological states, believing himself to be very strong, becomes a victim of circumstances.

When one wishes to change the course of an unhappy existence, it is then vital to establish an order within one’s disorderly internal house.

People complain about everything. They suffer, cry, protest. They would like to change their life, to come out of the misfortune they are having; yet unfortunately, they do not work upon themselves.

People do not want to realize that their internal life attracts external circumstances. Therefore, if the external circumstances are painful, it is because of their absurd internal states.

The external is merely the reflection of the internal. Therefore, whosoever changes internally originates a new order of things.

The external events are never as important as the way one reacts when facing them.

Did you remain serene before the offender? Did you gladly receive the unpleasant manifestations of your fellowmen?

How did you react to the infidelity of your beloved one? Did you let yourself be carried away by the poison of jealousy? Did you kill? Are you in prison?

Hospitals, cemeteries or pantheons, and prisons are filled with sincerely mistaken ones who reacted in an absurd manner when faced with external events.

The best weapon that a human being can use in life is a correct psychological state.

One can disarm beasts and unmask traitors by means of appropriate internal states.

Wrong internal states convert us into defenseless victims of human perversity.

You must learn to face the most unpleasant events of practical life with an appropriate internal uprightness...

You must not become identified with any event. Remember that everything passes away. You must learn to look at life like a movie; thus, you shall receive the benefits...

You must not forget that if you do not eliminate mistaken internal states from your psyche, then events of no value could bring you disgrace.

Unquestionably, each external event needs its appropriate fare, that is, its precise psychological state.